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Reminder: Little Lace Box + Serendipity Cancellations

Little Lace Box

On March 27th, we posted about Little Lace Box canceling all subscriptions. It has now been a month. If you haven’t received a refund for your subscription, I recommend reaching out to your bank. If you purchased a Little Lace Box subscription through Gilt City, I recommend reaching out to Gilt City for a refund.

Little Lace Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (104)

  1. Man…really miss this subscription…I too still use many of the items I received from their creative curation…Two of my favorite items; My “vine street” ♥️ ♥️♥️ market bag, and my emroided bath wrap feels so luxe…I’m rooting for their comeback…they had the most thoughtful themes. ♥️♥️♥️

  2. For whatever it’s worth: I miss Little Lace Box so badly!!! I never had even one issue that wasn’t immediately and generously fixed. And, that was rare. I was cleaning house today and took note of how many fun and unique items I have because of those ladies. Thankful while it lasted. Appreciate of nice things. Internet bullies stink like rotten apples.

    • Man…really miss this subscription…I too still use many of the items I received from their creative curation…Two of my favorite items; My “vine street” ♥️ ♥️♥️ market bag, and my emroided bath wrap feels so luxe…I’m rooting for their comeback…they had the most thoughtful themes. ♥️♥️♥️

  3. Hello MSA community! I just wanted to share my experience with LLB. I never received notice that they were closing business. I only found out thanks to MSA. I had a year sub. for LLB and had received two of my boxes. I contacted them via email and received a response immediately. They were very friendly and helpful. They asked if I would like a reimbursement for the amount owed to me or if I would like them to curate a box with left over inventory for the value I was owed in-lieu of the reimbursement. I choose the box and received an email saying that they were putting it together and shipping it to me. That was in March. I never received a thing or any other correspondence. My attempts to contact them have come to no success. I contacted my CC company and filled a report. I feel very silly for believing they would honor what they had said. 🙁

  4. My card was credited with the refund almost immediately after I filed the complaint, 4/27. I had subbed at the end of January (more fool I!) for a year of Serendipity. It was probably easier for them to make the adjustment because I had never received anything from them. I wish all of you luck in getting this worked out, and behind you!

  5. My bank wouldn’t refund me for the unfulfilled half of my subscription because of the time limit but suggested I contact VISA directly. Has anyone else had to do this?

  6. I paid for a 6 month sub in Sept, got one box in Dec., after months of giving excuses as to why this month wouldn’t be sent.
    In the process of trying to get refunded – but it’s been so long – who knows??!!

    What a rip off.

    • Check your bank statements because they are fighting the credits from your bank. My bank took the credit from them back out.

  7. Found out about less than an hour ago. From this artical. I contacted them on April 9th to inquire about my not getting a box since forever. I prepaid in October 2016. No mention from them on the company tanking in their reply. Classy.

  8. If you’re having trouble explaining why it’s beyond the window for a chargeback, call it a subscription SERVICE and file it as “non-receipt of goods or services.” The bank should send you a shirt form that you fill out and send back to them.

    • That would be SHORT form. 🙂

  9. Please check with your bank about charges mine was refunded today 05/04/17 by my bank! The Serendipity was past 90 days & LLB was 60 days! I’m guessing this company is going to have all of our banks & charge card companies coming at them for money that they are refunding! I’ve sent emails and gotten no replies from LLB at all! Good Luck!

  10. Does anyone know how/what the charge would have showed up as on a bank statement? My purchase was back in 2016, so I don’t know what name to look for in my old statements to dispute with my bank. I think I was owed 2 boxes, but they were so off kilter with sending the boxes, I am not sure now what they still owed me. This was for Serendipity, and I know they’re only $10/month, but it’s the principle of the matter. If anyone know what name I should be looking for on my statement, I would appreciate it!

    • The name could show up on a bank statement as either milk money management, but for me it showed up as little lace box.

    • Hi there. All of my transactions read Little Lace Box.
      Good luck.

  11. I didn’t get an email from llb about anything. I only found out through MSA about the whole debacle. I contacted Discover Card and explained the situation. (Paid for a year of Serendipity and only got 3 of 6 promised and paid for boxes.) I briefly explained sub boxes to them. Guy got it. Started the dispute even though the charge was from last summer.

    Checked today and it says this: 04/27/2017
    Initial review of Dispute is resolved in your favor
    This case has been closed in your favor, as we have not received a response to our request from the Merchant. A credit will be applied to your account, and any temporary credit previously applied during our investigation will be reversed. Any interest or fees that may have been added to your account as a result of this issue have also been corrected.

    So Yay! Discover Card appears to have come through for me in this situation. I’m happy they didn’t get to keep my money. I wish they could have made it work. Try your credit card company and or bank. Won’t happen if you don’t at least try. 🙂 Good luck!

    • I had the same result, on the same day, also through Discover card. Mine was easy because I had subbed in Jan. and never received anything. But credit where credit is due (pun intended) – kudos to Discover card!

  12. Good evening ladies! So Little Lace Box owes me $328.91 (year of LLB, Kozy throw, 3 serendipity boxes). I actually work in banking so this is what I know…
    I made my purchases all in 2016 (except the throw club), well beyond the 90 day dispute deadline. Since I received the email 3/27/17 stating refunds are being processed, I had to give them 30 days to follow through. I was able to dispute the transactions based on non receipt of merchandise and failure to credit a promised refund. As a banker, the general answer is “you only have 90 days to file a dispute”. Just as many ladies have stated previously, ask to speak with a manager and explain you were promised a refund. You have statements to prove your purchase, that along with the closing our doors email should be sufficient to start the process. Not all institutions will give immediate provisional credit but in my opinion it’s all of our best chance on recovering out losses. Good luck everyone & thanks Liz for updating!

    • I’m having this same issue. I can’t file a dispute since it was so long ago that I bought my one year sub. I actually have a new card and the one I purchased it on is not even active at this point. I’m not sure how to go about getting my money back now??

    • I never got a refund nor an email stating I was getting one. I only got 2 or 3 boxes out of a year subscription to serendipity. Can’t believe those jerks.

  13. I had purchased a year of Serendipity AND a year of LLB…..only got one box of each! So I figure they stole around $275 from me! Thief’s! Does anyone have a address and phone number so I can perhaps do a complaint with the BBB? Or I’ll be happy to join any who wish to go to The Attorney General here is FL if that is where they are based.

  14. LLB was always pretty shady. Remember last year when they were going after MSA commenters that had negative things to say about LLB? It was so bad and unprofessional that Liz had to ban LLB from her site for a long while. They also were super nasty and snarky if you ever had any issues with their stuff. Given how unprofessional their past behavior was, this current behavior of absconding with subscribers’ money doesn’t surprise me at all.

    In my opinion, the LLB crew has been reduced to a scam and should probably be prosecuted. I agree with others’ comments about contacting the attorney general… maybe in Florida in their local area. Or even the local authorities??

    This kind of stuff is why I made the decision to only do monthly subscription to my boxes. There’s so many of these companies and they can go out of business at any time. So, I play it safe and only do monthly subs vs annual. Even though it costs a bit more sometimes for monthly subs, it seems less of a risk than giving these companies big bucks for a whole year. You never know if these companies will be there next month, let alone next year. Also, say you have a problem with one particular month’s box and get crappy service fixing it and want to cancel. But, you’re on the hook for the year. Not worth it in my opinion.

  15. Question about credit card chargebacks:

    Does Little Lace Box end up paying for the reimbursements that the credit card gives customers? Because they’re the ones ripping me off and they’re the ones I want to pay me back what they owe me. It’s not the bank’s fault.

    (They zeroed out the # of boxes left in my subscripton and then deleted my account entirely weeks before announcing they were closing–though I never contacted them directly or even criticized them online. They never reimbursed me. They didn’t even email to say they were closing.)

    • Yes, when you do a chargeback through your credit card, the credit card company generally takes the money back from the merchant (and their processor hits them with a ~$20 fee)

  16. I went through this with Relish when she, well, let’s just call it went out of business. I used the argument that since the product was never intended to be delivered within the 90 day period that the delivery date is what they should go by, not the purchase date. My bank did refund all my money, though it might just be because they were being nice and I had never done a chargeback before.

  17. I paid monthly via a Chase Card and they credited me on my Chase account the charge from February but said it was an open dispute if the merchant responds. But they couldn’t get ahold of them. I did prepay the year of Serendipity but I don’t remember how I paid or what month last year. But I probably got 3 or 4 of those. Frustrating that they didn’t refund people honestly.

  18. I’m with Chase bank, I phoned earlier today (thanks for the reminder!) and they did it immediately (they did say that if in the end they determine I wasn’t right that they will cancel the refund, but I cant see why since the business is closed). Definitely try your banks if you haven’t yet, way more of a chance then waiting for LLB to refund.

    • I also have Chase and contacted them also immediately after LLB sent their email. Even though I purchased a sub back in October they refunded it right away. They also told me they would need to check with LLB before it was a permanent refund. At this point they haven’t changed anything so I bet you’re good.

      • I have Chase and the person I spoke to like didn’t understand sub boxes didn’t grasp what I was saying. I said I had two subs, one to LLB and one to Serendipity.
        Finally she said they could refund me maybe $38 but they’ll have to discuss it or something. I’m not holding my breath and so pissed at LLB.

  19. I received a refund from my bank within 24 hours of filing the dispute. I found out the next day they also suspended my debit card for suspected fraud, which I wish they would’ve warned me about over the phone, but I verified all my charges for the week prior and they reactivated the card immediately.

  20. Did anyone receive refunds for Kozy Klub? Kicking myself for purchasing that right now…

    • I subscribed to all three and did not receive any refunds from the company. I did get the Kozy Klub money back from my bank because the charge was made within the window.

  21. This whole experience is making me wary of ever doing anything other than month-to-month on sub boxes. Very glad I asked for a refund when they “skipped” Nov serendipity- they ended up cancelling instead and that worked out in my favor.

    • I did the same cancelled and happy I did!

  22. Ugh. Took them at face value that they would refund as promised back in November for that month’s box, as this was on my husband’s cc because he got it as my mother’s day gift last year. Just checked his card. They never refunded a dime, and I received 3/6 boxes. Hope Discover works with us since it has been so long.

    • Had no problem with Discover for an October purchase of this box. I opened the dispute roughly one week after the announcement. This post reminded me to check the status, and it was already cleared.

    • I also have Discover and was able to dispute the charge right from their online Dispute section; I didn’t even have to call them.

      To those of you having trouble, if you are told no by your c/c company, ask to speak to a supervisor. Squeaky wheel and all that. Good luck everyone!

  23. I unfortunately had placed an order for the Little Lace Box at $169.95, only received 1 box, I had $25 credit for that subscription, so when they announced they were closing I decided to use the credit and added $4.99 to purchase a scarf from their shop, they accepted my $4.99 but I never received the scarf! I also placed a recent order for $59.94 for a yearly subscription for Serendipity and have never received anything from that order! I have emailed them several times, but no response. When they sent emails explaining that the boxes were going to be delayed I was always understanding and patient. I am so disappointed in those women, who always claimed to be representing other women with company’s. Now I have no choice but to call my bank and file a dispute! Very sad they chose to go down this path!!!’

    • I am pretty sure they were entitled and spoiled based on past behavior. They did not even bother to thank the subscribers in the end. I am not surprised at the behavior of this group.

    • I feel the same way. I always felt I was very understanding, but now I just feel betrayed….and robbed. I also payed for both boxes and have not had them respond to any of my emails. I am really sad and now worried about all the subscriptions I have ordered. 🙁

  24. I had one month left of LLB and Serendipity, I haven’t received a refund for either one. I finally tried to file a dispute with my credit card, and they had a hard time grasping what a subscription box was. Not sure if I’ll ever get a refund, I sent two emails to LLB and only got an automated response that someone would respond soon, and I haven’t heard anything. Super disappointed at their behavior in handling the situation, tons of other boxes go out of business and issue refunds immediately. I wish I could write them a scathing review somewhere.

  25. I second the opinion of trying your credit card company again. It all depends upon the rep that you get and if you don’t like the response, call again. My credit card company rep (who was fantastic) told me that even when a company goes under, their bank is still responsible for refunds if they don’t deliver. It may take up to 60 days to see your refund from your credit card company, but LLB/Serendipity only sent their emails a month ago to say they were not delivering what we paid for. So if you present it to your credit card company that you paid for a subscription service last year and the company sent 6 months of emails telling you that delivery would be delayed but you would get it and then sent out an email a month ago stating that you would not, that may be the best way to present it to your credit card companies. Every credit card company will honor something that was problematic within the past 60 days. Your credit card company is supposed to protect you from bad merchants and you may have to explain it to them that the company misrepresented itself for months before admitting that they were not going to deliver the product. We all have the emails promising our boxes and making excuses for the delays.

    If you paid for it with a gift card from another company, you can just note for the future that when you do that, keep a file with the gift card number and code so that you have it for a reference if needed. If you paid for anything else using that gift card, see if the other vendor(s) have any of the payment info on file so that you can go to the gift card issuer to ask for a refund. AmEx and Visa gift cards are good about things like that. Also, you can register your Visa and AmEx giftcards online or over the phone so that they have a record of it as well and you can track what it was used for online. I did that once in a similar situation and when an item arrived broken, the gift card issuer provided me with an instant refund when the company was reluctant to do so. Just a couple of tips that I hope are more helpful than frustrating.

    • Just letting you know called my bank and they refunded in 2 minutes

  26. PayPal rep told me when he put in the dispute that LLB has 2 billing periods to respond – that was about 3 weeks ago. I received a 29.99 refund on my account last week something based in Georgia – I don’t know if that was LLB.

    • They are in Florida.

      • Thanks for the info. I’m not sure what that refund of 29.99 was then – maybe paypal put it through and Georgia is where that Paypal dept. is based.

  27. it’s so sad. I can’t get anything from my credit card company because the purchase was over 90 days ago. can’t believe I’m out $60 🙁

    • Did you call your bank? I thought I was out of luck with my Wells Fargo credit card because online it said I could only dispute transactions made within 120 days, but when I called the rep said she would request an extension since the company just went out of business in March. I’m not sure if I’ll be successful, but at least there’s something in the works.

      • hmm I didn’t call. thanks for the tip!

      • I was unsuccessful with WF. When I explained to the man again the circumstances and even that other WF customers had received refunds he basically said that it was a federal regulation preventing them from refunding me and that just because you all were refunded, doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t take it back??! Ridiculous, honestly, when I stop being mad about it I’m going to try again.

      • That is an ABSOLUTE lie. The reg gives a minimum period but there is no maximum. Ask for a manager and rage baby!

    • oh and fwiw, I did receive a response from them yesterday! not kidding, they basically said “please do file a chargeback. it’s the only way you’ll get the money back.” happy to pull up the actual email quote if anyone is curious.

      • WTF! 😱🤦‍♀️ All of their customers who have purchased subs outside of the 90 day deadlines for charge backs and that’s the attitude! Wow! What horrible people! 😠 I guess we all should’ve know better since they have shown a lack of personal responsibility before with the whole drama a year or so ago. 😒🙄😑

      • Please provide the email. It now seems appropriate to contact the florida attorney generals office of consumer protection and file a complaint. I would like all documents that indicate that they deliberately misled subscribers and thus delayed many of us in filing claims. The complaint form is on the office’a website if others wish to file. The more complaints that are filed the more likely they will be to pursue actions against the LLC and potentially even the individuals behind the company

      • Kat Taylor (Little Lace Box)
        Apr 24, 1:52 PM EDT

        “Hi Nicole, please do charge back your credit card company. At this point, it may be a faster refund for you.
        Thank you,

        Supervisor, Customer Service
        (from sunny Florida)”

      • Can you please forward this email to me? My bank needs proof and I can’t get a response from LLB at all. I never even got the closing email. Thanks! [email protected]

      • Can you please forward me this email? My bank needs proof and I can’t get a response from LLB and I never even got the closing email. Thanks!

      • sure – what’s your email address?

      • Hi Nicole, can you also please forward me the e-mail. I’m at [email protected]

        Thank you very much.

      • PLEASE forward me this email! I need it for my bank dispute. My email address is avonjen1000 at aol dot com. Thanks so much!

      • Wow!!?!

  28. My question is–is there anyone that actually DID get a refund directly from LLB?

    • NO. I had two active subscriptions, and I never even got the email that they were shutting down, let alone a refund.

      • I had a Serendipity sub and I never received the going out of business email or any of the emails when they would skip a month. I just relied on MSA for those announcements, but now I don’t have much of a paper trail to report 🙁

      • That’s my problem, I don’t have a paper trail either! I never received any of the delay emails, or the out of business email. So outside of screenshots of MSA, I have no proof of their shenanigans.

      • I was also only a Serendipity subscriber, and I just submitted the MSA web page as proof that LLB went out of business. I was able to get a refund from my Chase credit card. Hope this helps!

    • I received a refund for both LLB and Serendipity a week after the email. My mom also received her refund very quickly.

      • ok, susie.. Guess you(and your mama) are one in a million.. lol, llb trolling.

      • Wow. I was simply answering a question wondering if anyone received their refunds. Both my mom and I did. I received mine March 29. If you want to send me your email addy, I will send you a screen shot it my bank register online. I am not a troll, nor a liar. I live in Texas and don’t have a dang thing to do with LLB!

      • SOOOO rude! Wtf Michelle.

    • No replies. No refunds. Nothing.

  29. I called GILT City right away and they gave me an immediate refund. Excellent customer service.

    • Donna, I had the same experience. Makes me think Gilt is the way to go, although I realize not all boxes are available from them all the time.

    • Me too but it is in store credit. Guess I get to buy myself a gift!

  30. Thanks for for following up Liz. I was wondering if we were ever going to hear about refunds from anyone.

    I reached out to LLB when the news first broke on MSA. They replied and said they will be processing refunds shortly. I’ve been checking my bank account and no refund so far.

    I subscribed to an annual subscription to Serendipity in end June 2016. Looks like I only got 3 boxes (wish they had sent the November box). Si I guess I have $30 due back to me.

    I wish they just paid us, because it is going to be so hard to get the money back from the bank. Has anyone been successful getting their money back from their bank? Please share.

    • I called Amex and they gave me a refund right away and told me to hang on the email. They also blocked llb for future charges. Honestly I do not think they have the money to refund us, that was why they were stalling on the shipping, in reality there was no February box.

      • Wendy, may I ask when LLB charged you? I also used Amex to purchase a year of Serendipity back in July. With all of LLB’s “shipping delays,” I only received two of six boxes. I didn’t have hope of a refund since the charge was so long ago.

  31. So far no refund from LLB and no way to contact them. I purchased two annual subscriptions – one for the regular box and one for Serendipity. Since the purchases were made last Summer, it will be difficult to obtain refunds via CC.

    None of LLBs links, including the “Contact Us” one on their website, are working.

    I’m SO disappointed with this company. Loved their products and gave them the benefit of the doubt at every turn.

    Shame on them for stealing from their loyal subscribers. I am disappointed and bummed 😕!

    • I just emailed them through their “support” button in the bottom left of my screen (when I was logged into my account) and received the standard “thank you for your email, we try to answer all questions within 24 hours…” email. We’ll see if they respond at all. I got a yearly Serendipity sub last Apr (May was the first box) and have only received 4 of the 6 boxes – so they owe my $19.98. I’ll have to contact my credit union to see if I can get a refund if I don’t hear from them….

      Very disappointing!

      • They do not reply.

    • I can’t even find their website! If anyone has a good address, please share!!

  32. Liz, thank you for this reminder post. I almost forgot about it. I only had 1 serendipity box remaining (wish they didn’t skip November, then I would have been done with). However, my issue is that I used AMEX GIFT CARD to pay for it over a year ago. I used up the card, so I don’t have physical card with me anymore. I asked if I can get refund via PayPal. In the worst case they can send me a check. But reading from other comments, I am not sure if I get lucked out. I am going to look up my payment info to see if AMEX can help, but I would appreciate any advice.

    • I also used a gift card to purchase my annual subscription and of course that thing is long gone. Lesson learned – I’ll never do that again!

      • file with your state attorney general. The lack of responses, lack of refunds, and the email that another user received prove they have zero intention of refunding unless forced to do so, and are probably relying on people forgetting, or being given the run around by their cards or banks, or simply hoping that you don’t have recourse. Don’t let get away with blatent theft. Hopefully in future, the online and court document trails will prevent them from stealing from others for future endeavors or prevent them from being hired.

  33. Thankfully, I only had three boxes of Serendipity remaining. I’m still out $30 and not happy about it, but between a newborn, moving, and trying to sell my old house, it’s just not worth the effort it would take me to find time to talk on the phone and provide dates and other info with my baby and toddler in the background. Sigh. Completely irresponsible and immature on their part.

    However, I am glad that this is the only sub that I’m aware of that’s ever done anything like this. I have 8 other subscriptions (yikes) and they have been stellar. There are many other good companies out there! And I have to say, MSA does a great job presenting them to us!

  34. Did anyone pay with PayPal? I may be the lone wolf.

    • I ordered something from their store (not subscription based) via paypal and paypal had no problems issuing me a refund within a day. No calls to be made.

    • I ordered with Paypal. For some reason (and I suspect they were able to scrub this) it is not showing up on my Paypal statement. I looked back at my bank statement and it shows a web authorized Paypal charge for $77.94 (which is what I paid for the subscription) but no NAME of the company. I am just sick about this. Somehow they were able to scrub emails, I SAVE EVERYTHING…My subscription confirmation, it’s gone. These people knew what they were doing. I doubt I will be able to recover anything as they have already covered their trail in my case.

  35. Ditto, no refund, no response to emails. So much for a reputable business!

  36. Thanks for the update Liz!! I ended up filling a dispute through my bank and got my money back. I did have to reach out again after receiving a no from the first rep. However, the second REP did file it even though it’s more than a year old as item not received.

    If you run into a no response people please try again. This is your hard earned money they’ll keep if you don’t file a dispute.

  37. I filed a disputed charge with my credit card company. They asked for a few details, and I told them that the company had acknowledged it was closing down. As someone else had posted earlier, when they can’t get a response from the company via phone or email, they’ll probably provide the refund due to no contest. Let’s hope!

    • I’m more than a little concerned because I had almost a year’s worth of serendipity subs left and I don’t think LLB ever mentioned serendipity in their email announcing these fake refunds. Hopefully my bank will accept that LLB was the parent company? I hope these people get sued. Taking customers’ money without giving a product is theft.

  38. I never received a response to my multiple attempts. I am so frustrated b/c I signed up for the new throw sub so I am out $100. I am trying to work with my cc….no word yet. So sad that this happens. I am beyond upset over this.

    • Horrible that they boldly started up yet another sub (throws) when they couldn’t keep up with the ones they had!

  39. This is out outrageous! Had anyone actually received a refund from LLB? Thanks for the reminder, Liz.

  40. I’m pretty sure they’ve just ran off. No emails ever answered and certainly no refund. They shut down their Facebook page. Luckily my bank was great about filing a dispute for my 1 year sub I purchased in October. If you haven’t filed a dispute yet, do it! I put the chances of Little Lace Box fulfilling their promises on refunds at exactly zero.

  41. I only had 1 LLB box left in my subscription, and somewhere between 1-3 for Serendipity. No refund issued. I e-mailed them a week ago and haven’t heard anything.

  42. Sadly, my bank has refused to refund as my purchase was a little over a year. At least I’m only out $60 instead of a hundred or more like some poor folks. Shame on LLB is all I can say.

    • Contact your local attorney general. They will investigate and file charges as necessary. They can’t just close down and run away with your money.

    • If they don’t refund which it looks like they won’t I’ll be out about $350. I had a yearly subscription to little lace box that was never fully fulfilled and I had a year of serendipity and only had one box from them that I ever got. I also purchased another year subscription that they said they would start once that year ended and I never got one box from that because it hadn’t even started yet. My bank wants to give me a hard time about it because it’s been since last year when I did the promo so no help there. If they don’t refund though I am definitely OK with submitting the multiple emails that I have sent and received from them before they shut down. It’s not right that they can steal so many peoples money and get away with it.

  43. Has anyone gotten a refund from them? I called my bank last week to do a dispute to get my money back. All the emails I sent them went unanswered and they won’t answer the phones either.

    • I haven’t received a response from them either and it’s been weeks, unprofessional in my opinion 😔

  44. I purchased the Gilt City year sub and they refunded right away once they confirmed LLB was closing but my remaining 2 Serendipity boxes haven’t been refunded yet…that I know of. I’ll have to double check to be sure.

    Gilt City was super easy to deal for anyone else wondering how they’ll handle it.

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