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Little Lace Box

Dear LLB Subscribers,

For the past few years we’ve truly enjoyed having the opportunity to curate boxes for all of you. Few things came close to the rush we felt when we put out a box that seemed to find a place in your hearts. We received feedback almost immediately and it was like we had given a complete stranger a gift and that gift was returned in the form of a smile or kind word that totally made our day. The subscription box business is one that requires an immense amount of planning. In order to find the right new product and get it at the right price to make the bottom-line work, we had to be working on boxes eight to ten months out. With planning also came the capital investment to secure those contracts so far into the future. Venture capital would be essential to success, and as female founders, we knew securing venture capital would be difficult to do but we tried anyway because we believed in our business. But, unfortunately, as reported by, only just over 6% of all U.S. venture capital funding allocated in 2016 went to female founded companies (heavy sigh). Maybe our concept wasn’t unique enough, or maybe our consumers weren’t a desirable enough consumer segment (women are the most valuable consumers in the world), or maybe this female founded company was just, well, too female.

Ladies, we’re deeply saddened that we were unable to secure the capital needed to continue our mission to connect all of you with the wonderful women entrepreneurs who are building amazing businesses across the U.S. We held on to hope as long as we could, maybe too long, but at some point we had to ask ourselves if our tenacious desire to succeed was really sustaining life or just prolonging death. We knew the answer would guide our plan for the future. It is with that as our backdrop that we decided it was time to leave the subscription box business and wish for the other more capable business leaders in this category to win for all of us.

There is a reason why a woman wants a surprise gift every month, even if she purchases the gift for herself. And for one brief shinning moment, we were one of those monthly gifts, and I think we made a difference. I hope the others in this category go right on making a difference for women who love and need these little gifts. A small gesture can mean a lot to someone.

As of today, we have already begun to process refunds for subscribers and we will work to finish all of those in the coming weeks. We can’t leave without also saying thank you to the amazing women who have been kind enough to review our boxes on their websites and blogs. Without all of you providing the service that you provide, we would have gone nowhere. You told us what you liked about our products and called us out when we didn’t meet expectations. We’d like to say thank you to (in alphabetical order):,,, and, just to name a few.

We feel so blessed to have developed relationships with many of you. You’ve inspired us in so many ways and we’ve loved your life stories, cried with some of you, laughed with some of you and celebrated with many of you. We’re emotionally invested in LLB so this is particularly difficult for us. And to borrow someone else’s quote and make it our own, “forgive me if I tend to romanticize our significance to some of our subscribers, not every one of our boxes was perfect, but I remember each of them that way because our heart was in them and that was LLB at its best.”

LLB Team

(If you have any questions about your subscription, I recommend emailing [email protected])

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. WOW! Rough crowd. Hateful, tacky, and unforgiving.

    I loved these delightful little boxes. There were always high quality items and I honestly never once received anything less than outstanding and quick customer service. Perhaps I approached my requests with grace rather than being a jerk. Who’s to know?

    I am sad to see these go. I fully expect that in due time I will receive my refund for unsent boxes. And, I most certainly wish these ladies a successful future. Thanks for making my day brighter as a subscriber.

    Sad part is–People like to complain, turn sour, and gossip. I see the same folks on multiple sites spewing the same silly negative vibes. I find it most interesting to read comments from people who aren’t even active subscribers or who have no real knowledge of another person’s issue. What on earth? You just have to chuckle.

    Happy part is– there are many who saw value in your boxes, creativity, and hard work. You made our day brighter and let us learn about new brands and products. We thank you for your vision. Hope your shop will stay open for a moment so I can grab up a few of my favorite items before we say our final goodbyes.

    • Beautifully said, MemphisMom!
      If anyone is wondering what makes her comment so unique : It has class.

      • If someone had taken my money and promised a product, only to not deliver said product, I’d be upset. I believe that what you perceive as a “lack of class” is actually a series of responses to LLB’s violation of contract law (where is their money?).

        Also, MemphisMom, your “approach…. with grace” comment is quite ironic. Your holier than thou attitude wont serve you well in the long run.

        • Wow this comment kind of reminds me of something LLB would write. I can understand people on this post venting because a company they loved and pay alot of money too clearly lied over and over for months…. But to come on here and clearly belittle and straight up say some uncalled for ****. How rude… And not even use your name is cute too.

        • I’m wondering how Memphis Mom’s refund status is going? How much of YOUR money did this company take? Did 2 weeks later and no communication or refund change your opinions yet? Hopefully you stay “classy” in your mind while you Belittle others.

          • Agreed!! I wonder if she got a refund???

          • Memphismom revised her comments, removed the “classy” remark. Having seen the way these folks operate, would anyone be surprised if that post came from the people behind LLB?

      • FYI: Calling others “tacky” does NOT make YOU classy!

    • I loved this box, it was my favorite. I cancelled fff so that I could buy a full year. I subscribed to both Serendipity and LLB. I renewed my LLB in November for $249. I did not receive a single box. I paid in full for Serendipity and am due a refund of 39.95. I filed a claim for the 249.95 with my cc. I have offered to take the Serendipity back in merchandise.
      I always got quick responses from them and was quite pleased with their customer service.
      My biggest issue with them is that if you are already failing, why in the world invest capital in another line? Why keep selling subscriptions you know you absolutely can not fulfill? Why keep telling paying customers ship dates that you know are not going to happen?
      Yes, I did love LLB, and maybe that is why I am so aggravated.
      I have tried to keep this classy, but I believe folks have every right to be upset with this company. Clearly, we were misled by this company.

      • That’s fair, Susan.

        That’s more than fair.

    • How I wish I had saved their “classy” emails to share with you. They had no issue engaging in gossip and trash talking about their loyal customers. It’s rude and insulting to dismiss other’s experiences because you do not share them.

    • As someone who ordered the Gilt City voucher – a contract Little Lace Box entered into KNOWING they were having trouble – I’m a little less confident I will be receiving a refund.

      Not to mention the fact that I didn’t even receive this e-mail, so I wouldn’t have even known I had to pursue a refund if I didn’t come on MSA. This company has been unprofessional from the second I decided to give them a shot, and I will absolutely say so on a public forum. There’s a good chance I and others could be out $99 here, and I’m allowed to be frustrated for that.

      • I just came from live chat on Gilt City and was helped immediately and politely. I gave my order # for LLB and explained that I never received anything. I was told that my refund should be back on paypal in 3-5 business days. Now I only have to worry about a refund for Serendipity. I am so disappointed that I held off in subscribing and then never got a single box.

        • Yes! I just received my refund from Gilt City this morning, they have been absolutely amazing.

      • I bet Gilt City is mad. lol

    • I would advise against buying anything in the shop at this time. I purchased an item going on 3 weeks now and it has not shipped. I’ve emailed several times but no reply. I received a confirmation email immediately saying the item was in stock and would ship right away but still nothing. I figure the one month mark I’ll put in a claim with my credit card.

    • Why should anyone forgive them…they never apologized. They just shifted blame onto others. This is why no one should cut them any slack!

    • I’m with you on this. LLB for me was like Jon Snow (from Game of Thrones) – lots of mistakes, lots of PR snafus but there is no doubt that their heart was in their business and I cannot help but like them. The things they sent and the way their inserts were written/designed are proof of that. Also, I always got a prompt and polite response to my emails. I sent them a compassionate and encouraging email and am sad for them that their business has folded.

    • MemphisMom – So it’s OK for YOU to call names and be judgmental about people that you don’t know that comment on here? Maybe it would be good to follow your own advice and not chime in on situations that you were not involved in either?

    • Thank you, Memphis Mom. You said it well. I loved getting my LLB at the door; it was a delightful gift.

      I am so sorry that this hasn’t worked well for LLB and so sorry for me.

      LLB is the reason I became interested in subscription boxes — but nothing measures up to what LLB gave us.

      • Mary- give me $250 and I will send you a “gift” (maybe) 😂

    • I hate to see them go as well. I sent a kind email letting them know that I was sad to see the boxes end and I was grateful they are refunding moneys paid that I did not receive any product for. So please, LLB, communicate personally to my emails. I paid for a subscription last early October of 2016 and received one box with items of way lower quality and presented in a beat-up small brown box, very different from the box I tried last June 2016. The subscription I paid for in Oct 2016 was for 6 months (3 boxes). The one and only disheveled box that I did receive from that subscription didn’t even get to me until mid December and I never received anything since. Just two notes it was delayed and then the going out of business notice.
      How long should I wait to receive a refund? I’ve sent at least 3 emails, the last detailing what is owed to me and asking several times when to expect the refund. No answer.
      Please, LLB, if you could give me some idea of when to expect the refund? It’s been too many weeks to not at least send a short comment about when I will be receiving the amount due back to me. Who do I contact if I am still not hearing from LLB for at least 6-8 weeks since I only got the one standard mass-email sent out, I assume, to all subscribers?
      Thank you for some kind of personal response to my emails and for the refund you promised in your general email sent out.

      • I still haven’t heard anything either and I am trying to get in contact with them as well and having no luck

        • Has anyone heard anything yet? Since I’m only a Serendipity subscriber, I didn’t even have the pleasure of receiving this mass notice. I emailed them the beginning of April (without knowing they closed shop) to find out if my sub was still active and what was going on. NO RESPONSE. I loved this sub despite the many complications and it’s very upsetting to see that their communication has gone downhill as well.

          • I’m only Serendipity too & never received an email. From what I’ve read here, I believe only one person has gotten a refund without having to dispute the charge with c/c itself. LLB seems to have completely disappeared. I’d suggest filing a dispute with your c/c.

          • No refund and it’s been months now! Since I paid through my cc months back there is no recourse. I wrote LLB using their email and it came back undeliverable

          • Other than the blanket subscription, I also paid months ago. I wonder if they are filing/have filed for bankruptcy? Maybe someone here knows a lawyer and get a class action lawsuit filed so we can at least recoup some of our losses.

            I think what bothers me most is they began a new subscription service and accepted payment for it, when they must have been already struggling with the business. This seems fraudulent to me.

          • I finally went ahead and contacted my credit card company. They are disputing the charge for me. I explained that I waited so long because I was told by the company that they were going to issue refunds and once it became clear that they were not going to I felt this was my only recourse

  2. This was in the works since the first year.The first three boxes were great,Prices were good,and the boxes were filled with items unique and usable. Then suddenly we get a email stating that if you are unhappy with us,and over thirty…its because this box was not made to interest you.Thats what you sent out to your paying customers.Then began the insults and cancelling of accounts of anyone who had a problem with them.Serendipity I think was just started to help a company that was bleeding out.A last ditch effort to keep people interested.Funny thing is,after they said they were trying to please a younger crowd..They turn around and start sending things that would be of more interest to the very people they insulted.And many of us said at the time…we are the ones that buy the boxes the most and can afford the price increase more than others,It started at around thirty and ended at sixty.That is a big price change.Whoever was running things the first three boxes had it right.

  3. I have been emailing them since the first delay email in February. I even emailed twice this week and based on their response but lack of answers I anticipated them going out of business. When I saw their email early this morning confirming my worse suspicion I couldn’t help but wonder if they did not have the funding to continue their business how would they have the money to refund everyone’s payment. I for one prepaid an entire year’s subscription for both LLB and Serendipity and having never recienved a single box I had a lot of money at risk. Rather than wait any longer only to find out they could not refund my money I called my CC company to dispute the charges and request the refund from them.

  4. I have so many issues with this email, but the most glaring thing is that they are incapable of apologizing or taking responsibility for their own failures. They were not sending us a “gift” each month, we paid for each and every box we received (and several were not worth the money I spent on them). They make it sound as if we should be thanking them for their precious gifts, when it is them who should be thanking their loyal customers for sticking with them and keeping their business afloat until now (which they pointedly did not do in this email). Finally, what is with that plagiarized, unattributed quotation at the end?! What a strange way to end an email.

    • I was never a subscriber, but yes, that “gift” thing really stood out to me. That attitude seems kind of infantilizing, plus, if it’s a “gift” I bought for myself, then it’s not technically a surprise now is it? 😉

      I subscribe to boxes because I like to try new things, not because I need a package in the mail to make me feel “special.”

  5. I still haven’t received this notice from them and yes I checked my spam. I had the Gilt deal too and serendipity prepaid.

  6. I didn’t receive this email and I sent them an email a week ago.

  7. Wow this is absolutely ridiculous. Communicating with Gilt City now to get a refund. I purchased before knowing about all the past issues and the delays with the Feb box and how they were communicated to us left a very bad taste in my mouth. I’m almost glad I can get my money back rather than supporting this business and the frankly, unpleasant people who run it. Learn to take some responsibility, ffs. Ugh.
    Also, I didn’t even get this e-mail. Thank goodness for MSA posting the update.

    • Can you possibly let me know what happens at gilt city? I bought mine through them too and haven’t heard anything.

      • I emailed Gilt last night and they responded this evening confirming they are processing my refund. Send them a note – at least that part was well handled by Gilt!

  8. I never subscribed, but I’m super offended by the blaming of everything on being “female”. I work in a male dominated field and am successful – you just need to be capable of doing the job at hand. They clearly were not with all the delays and excuses. You will never get respect from colleagues or investors if constantly whining and not getting your work done. I find it hard to believe they were capable of making a case for their business model with how poorly it seems to have been run. I’m glad I never spent a dime on them.

    • Agree! Some people refuse to look in the mirror when assessing responsibility.

    • Amen! Also…they didn’t financially back the subscription. As Victoria accurately pointed out, their dad backed the business and from what I read was very involved in it as well. If you google “Reddit Little Lace Box” you can read for yourself what their dad is like. 😒

      • Or even look on here. Go back a couple years for reviews…..

    • thank you! I was thinking the same thing! I may need to file a dispute with my credit card. The last time they said they would automatically refund us, I had to email them a couple times to get mine.. So.. this is really nice.

  9. I’m really sad for the women behind this box. Whatever mistakes they made, this was a labor of lost for them. I can only imagine how crushing it is to have their dreams come to an end.

    I really think the subscription model is pretty unsustainable, at least for lifestyle boxes.

    • I meant labor of love

    • Nana, I agree. I loved their boxes. Always received prompt, courteous replies from customer service. I’m very sad for the owners and employees.

      • Nana and Brenda I completely agree! I’m so sad for all of them and I hope the best for them. I also only received great customer service with every single interaction!

  10. Oh come on – blaming it on the fact that they are women who are supporting other women business owners is not a valid excuse for a business failing. Fact of the matter is, a lot of businesses fail in their first 5 years, businesses owned by women AND men. Crap like this doesn’t help anyone’s cause and it just makes it look like women not only can’t run a business but choose to blame other people for a failure.

    • Amen!

    • Agreed! I’ve been subbed in with them off and on for a year and theyre always having vendor issues or shipping issues. It’s their fault for not knowing how to run a business and are blaming it on others!

    • Fun fact: women who alienate their customer base through poor planning and atrocious customer service that belittles subscribers are more likely to go out of business than women who don’t. The more you know ladies.

      • Agreed, MS!

    • I thought the same thing. Not a fan of the victim mentality…

      • Exactly. The victim mentality is extremely strange. And, let’s be real: The company was apparently largely run by a man (aka the dad, Darth Vader) who can’t use the “I’m just a poor widdle woman” excuse.

    • I never subscribed to LBB, but I’ve been watching the drama unfold over time. I am incredibly offended by them blaming everything all around on sexism. Can we make a list of every successful subscription box run by women? Maybe every business in general run by women? They are only hurting the cause with this obscenely long statement. They behaved poorly, treated customers poorly, started a business without knowing what they were doing, and blamed society for their failures. Take responsibility. Their poor practices are what caused this.

      And yes, the BS about it being a “gift” they bestowed upon women every month – no. Subscribers paid for goods and they did not deliver. Calling it a gift makes it sound like refunds are going to be in issue – and the giant statement only seems like it’s trying to get subscribers to sympathize and not raise a stink when they don’t get their money back. Sigh.

      • In all fairness, they did use the word “purchase” when referring to the surprise “gift”.

    • I definitely had an awful feeling in my mouth reading all of their statements that blamed their business failures on being women who marketed toward women. Aside from their own company failings, they need to take a look at how many other subscription boxes have failed! Shark Tank is occasionally on in my house, and when I’ve seen other sub boxes try to get funding, I feel like they’ve been laughed at for trying to market a niche box to a small group of people willing to pay for it. I’m pretty sure Birchbox’s founder didn’t point to her uterus when her subscribers started drying up, and that company is far larger and older than LLB. Now I’m really glad I never got this box.

  11. If anyone wants a new subscription box that supports women entrepreneurs, check out the Mission Cute box. They also donate $ every month to a charity that is voted on by members I have NEVER had a problem with this box, Samantha the owner is very responsive, and everything inside is great to keep or give as gifts.

    • so is luxe pineapple.. much better!

  12. I have two Serendipity subs and one LLB that I renewed in December. Totally bummed about this, I really liked both boxes.

  13. STOP USING THE “WE’RE WOMEN” excuse. Just stop. You (LLB creators) didn’t secure funding because of YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE. You ladies are the reason your business failed. Daddy didn’t want to fund you anymore. Get it? YOU failed because you would prefer to unsubscribe people (and refund them, thank you) rather than fix your problems. YOU failed because you couldn’t get boxes out on time. YOU failed because you were arrogant. YOU failed because you can’t take criticism and continue to act childish. GROW UP. Daddy saw the way you were bleeding money. It’s not because you’re female. GET OVER THAT. I am a female. I have never once blamed any of problems on the fact that I am female. YOU FAILED BECAUSE OF YOU. *RANT OVER*

    • I completely agree. I am so annoyed after reading their letter, throwing the “because we are women” card. What a bunch of BS. They are the ones to blame, and nothing else.

      • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
        So well said!!!

    • Thank you for saying this!!!

      I only wish they would have stopped my sub and refunded me. Wonder if I will ever see my money, I prepaid for a year for Serendipity (6 boxes) in August I think and I received 2 boxes (September and January)

      Didn’t we all kinda have this feeling anyway? I just wish I would have went with my gut and cancelled.

  14. Does this mean Serendipity is ending too?

    • I am wondering the same thing. I didn’t get any emails from them about this or my box shipping 🙁

      • I messaged them on Facebook yesterday morning to ask about billing and shipping for Serendipity since my card hasn’t been charged. They saw my message, but haven’t replied, so it’s not looking good for Serendipity either.

  15. All this email sounds like to me is “nobody would fund us because we are women” even though they’ve been funded by all of these customers for years…who are women! Sheesh. My question will be do they plan to deduct their 4% in CC fees from customers when they are refunding them when customers are not at fault?

  16. Whine whine whine – “evil men sank our company!!!” Maybe your business model wasn’t good enough. Maybe you should have hired a man to go talk to venture capitalists. Maybe you didn’t “look outside the box” for funding. What a self-pity wallow of a letter.

  17. I do not know why they needed capital. we prepaid, either by the month or longer. They have been in business for a while, like I said they are generating cash to fulfill the boxes, meaning that they have used up all the cash people paid up front for longer term subs. I only liked 2 out of the 6 boxes last year and since I have the old rate I am willing to stick it out. But I do not like the lies and the excuses, they knew they were in trouble back in Feb when they charge our account for Feb boxes. There was never a Feb box.

    I think the same thing is going to happen to OuiPlease, which I quickly got out after the first 6 boxes. They lied again and again, when I subbed the description was one item in each of the different categories, then my box became more of a beauty box, then annual subscribers never got the discount to purchase in their shop. I can deal with shipping delays but not lies after lies.

  18. I will miss this sub, it was one of my favorites. Bummed

    • Sad. I signed up with the infamous giltcity deal as well, never saw a boxand sadly saw this coming as well. Their past boxes looked great I was sooo hoping this wouldn’t happen. Can anyone spam me with their favorite lifestyle/cause boxes??

      • I currently sub to Popsugar, FabFitFun, Luxe Pineapple home, Robb Vices, and Rachel Zoe Box of Style. I have my eye on Sugarbash as well. I believe most of those are female owned lifestyle boxes. There is a more extensive list on this site that you can look at too.

  19. I was not able to use my Gilt City voucher before it expired as the sub box was “temporarily unavailable”. I asked Gilt City to look into it and this is the reply sent 3/21, just six days before the email of the sub ending.

    “Our vendor management team have been in touch with the vendor who have advised that the items will be available again the first week of April and your voucher will be extended to be used until the end of April. “

    • This is very nefarious

    • I forwarded the email to Gilt City as proof LLB is closing.

    • I should have added that Gilt City gave me the option of a refund when they sent me the email which I took as I had a feeling…

  20. I find it funny and telling the way they thank the sites that reviewed their boxes and somehow forgot to thank the people that BOUGHT their boxes.

    • Amen. Weirdos

  21. Ugh. Number 1: I didn’t get an email (Serendipity prepaid member) AGAIN. #2: I agree that there could be more funding for women, but this is NOT the problem they had. I really wonder if these women think that’s what happened? It started with bad customer service and tactics. It is because of poor planning. They obviously had the subscription base but yet they couldn’t get the profit margin right. I do not blame anyone for not providing them capital–they didn’t conduct their business well and that would have been true if they had been men or women. Are these grown women? Are they still young? Because everything I’ve read about them seems like they are either very young, very sheltered, or very spoiled–or a combination.

    Having said that–I hope they are reading these comments. I liked the Serendipity box very much and I’m sad to see it go. I do hope I get my refund for the remaining boxes–4 more I think? I thought your taste level for the boxes was nicely done and curated. I hope you can learn from these experiences and learn to accept what failed and learn and grow from it. Good luck!

  22. I find it very irritating that they are blaming the failure of the box on being female. Um ya, no. Everyone commenting here could tell you what you did wrong and it had nothing to do with being female.

  23. I was on the 6 month Gilt voucher that I purchased in December…never received a single box. They claim that they will be issuing refunds, but I’m not sure why I would believe them…so far every other thing we’ve been told by them has been a lie, so why would this be any different? I just filed claims with both Gilt and Paypal…hopefully I can get my $79 back this way. What a disappointment. And, like others said…way to blame everyone but themselves.

    • I requested a refund last month and ended up with gift cards. I did use them and consider myself lucky that I got something for my money spent.

  24. I think I’m a subscription box killer. I subscribed to the Popsugar Mini during a sale. I got my first box, and then they closed almost immediately after that. Then I subbed to Serendipity during a sale and never even received my first box – now they’re closing. Sigh…

    • Awe! You’re not hun. This box/company had so many issues that nothing, not even some venture capitalists, could’ve saved it. I miss the Popsugar Mini box! I loved everything they sent!!!

  25. The lack of taking responsibility for their actions or apologizing for their mistakes in this going out of business letter makes the problem with these people so clear. I hope I don’t have to file a chargeback to get my money back.

    • I never subscribed but I agree, they are trying to pass the blame on to someone else. That’s all I’m getting out of the letter.

  26. The funny thing about the closing post from them is they never said sorry to their subscribers who they have been giving the run around too. They did say thank you to the reviewers but never said were sorry for all the excuses and postponing the boxes over and over while paying customers waited. They wouldn’t of lasted this long if it wasn’t for their subscribers. Starting new boxes to pay for their excuses and knowing full well you weren’t gonna send out throws. Always dancing around what’s really going on …karma ..

    • Oh! I forgot about the throws! I so wanted to subscribe to that but wasn’t willing to put that kind of money into a new box without seeing reviews or spoilers first. They knew when they started that they were on the way out. Good grief! I doubt we’ll ever get our money back!!!

    • I got my throw in the mail right when I subscribed. So I am confused, are we getting any boxes the promised to send out? Jan? Feb? Serendipity and LL.

  27. If you go to their site and click on the various subscriptions, each one says temporarily out of stock. This makes me think they are shutting down completely.

    • ….I also prepaid for a year on 6/2016. I looked at my shipping email and I recieved 3 boxes (7/2016, 9/2016 and 1/2017). I am not holding my breath that I will get a refund for the other three boxes.

      • Same here, and yes they are closing. It’s really frustrating since they’ve done nothing but lie to all of their customers (and probably their employees too) for months. I’m not surprised, just mad at myself for subscribing again. 😒

  28. I have been getting LLB since the 4th or 5th box and for the most part have really enjoyed my boxes–there have been some truly unique items that were sent. With one renewal I was able to choose a huge blanket that we have used for the last 2 winters. I noticed that there was no mention of Serendipity– could it be possible that they will be continuing with that, or is it more than likely that that sub will generate its’ own cancellation email? I had just renewed for 1 year (6 boxes).

    • I just signed up in January for the one year subscription to Serendipity, to start in March. They didn’t mention Serendipity at all. It wouldn’t have taken much for its name to be mentioned; so now we’re left wondering.

  29. So were they hoping to sell enough overpriced blankets to keep their other sub going and then sell more subs to get enough blankets? Sounds like a Ponzi scheme. Are they sending out the boxes that were “delayed” or was that all a scam too?

  30. The second I opened the email I knew it was going to tell me they we’re discontinuing the box.

  31. I, personally, didn’t care for how they put responsibility off of themselves. It seems like they were making excuses. I, again, personally, find it tactless to use their message telling subscribers that they are ending as a way to go on a bit of a rant about how being female was to blame.

  32. So If we had a prepaid sub and February was supposed to be our last LLB do we get a refund for that? And I requested to add on a month of Serendipity after they canceled November’s, will that be refunded too?

  33. The comments have me dying laughing! I loved their first few boxes so much and after their price increase, i stayed with the locked in starter price for just an additional month.. I thought we would be getting better quality items and curation after the price hike and they all kept going down hill. I cancelled a month into the new pricing and never looked back. Every review i saw gave me another sigh of relief. Anyway, i do agree that not taking responsibility for your business going downhill is a little cheap. =/ The subscription world is tough! There will always be a shinier box popping up, and another one folding.

  34. My last box of LLB was the one with the Robe, Towel, brush ect.. & honestly I was not happy with that box so that’s when I cancelled. That was my official last box. I’m glad I stopped after that one… it seems to me nothing was like it used to be. My all time favorite box was the Picnic theme one. They did put out some good boxes & for that I’m thankful. I guess what upsets me the most is to blame it on “Woman” that’s messed up! If they don’t have the Capitol I get it… just say it but to blame “Woman ” just left the worst taste ever!! It sounds to me this was almost a Political statement?! Anyway enough with my rant…. to all my fellow Woman & gals ect… we all Rock! Bye LLB.. 🙋🏻

  35. I emailed them a week ago to find out when/if we would be getting the March Serendipity. I haven’t heard back from them and I didn’t get this email. So disappointed in their lack of response.

  36. This is pretty ridiculous. How does a business send an email saying that two boxes (LLB Feb. and Serendipity March) will be shipped at the end of March and then LESS THAN 15 DAYS LATER say, “Oh wait…..we are going out of business instead?” There is no way they didn’t know that they were not going to fulfill those boxes. I suppose they needed to buy extra time to raise the cash to refund pre-paid subscriptions. I had a monthly renewing sub so I won’t be losing any money but I really hope they refund everyone’s money who pre-paid. Good luck, fellow subscribers……I am thinking you may need it!!!!

  37. I really hope that they at least send out one last Serendipity box which should have been due this month. Is there any word on what they will be doing about the latest Serendipity box? I’ve been eagerly awaiting it and will be really bummed if they don’t deliver on this one.

    • I was thinking the same for LLB, I don’t know what the chances are but I’m hoping we still get the February box.

  38. Disappointing, but not entirely surprising. They just never quite seemed to be able to get it together. Hopefully they’ve learned a lot they can use in their professional lives going forward.

  39. I guess Darth Daddy told them he wasn’t fronting cash to the princesses anymore? That’s all I see from it…

    • Hahahahahahaha!!!

    • How incredibly tacky to blame it on sexism.

      I find it interesting they phrased it as women founded rather than women owned or women run/managed. Speculation all along has been daddy runs it (and probably mommy pitches in too!) – the girls don’t all live in FL, one’s in college, etc.

      When they couldn’t deliver at the end of last year and then had a Gilt deal (usually see that as a cash grab if inventory wasn’t the issue) you knew they were floundering.

  40. Yeah, they lost me when they blamed it on venture capitalists not giving money to women. While that stat may be true, I guarantee that it was more like they know how risky subscription boxes are and didn’t want to touch that market given how inventory heavy these things are.

    Hopefully those who had pre-paid subscriptions get their refunds quickly!

  41. Oh….one second, I know it’s around here somewhere, ……please hold one while I search for my surprised face. :/

    And on another note, how lame is it to blame your business’ failure on the fact that your women and basically weren’t given a fair shot. Please, your business ethic and the way you treated customers had a lot more to do with it than your gender. So let’s just call a spade a spade and keep it moving. #BYE

    • Agree!! Totally lame.

    • Yeah, I had a problem with that, too. Way to take responsibility, ladies.

  42. I’m not sure how I feel with them trying to say it’s somehow related to fact that they are women? They had a great subscription concept but the execution was lacking. I think the worst move a business can make is not providing the promised product…and they’ve skipped shipments before. It’s sad but probably best for the customers.

    • I agree. I don’t think this had anything to do with gender and all to do with their business model (obviously a bad one). Their message sounds like its all “their” fault rather than their own. Doubtful.

    • So true! Look at Julep, it’s a woman founded company they has grown by leaps and bounds, has their own cosmetics, skincare and nail care production and distribution lines and yet Little Lace Box just can’t manage to put stuff in a box and put a label on it??? Give me a break!

      • Women owned businesses do have a harder time/less success getting business loans and capital. I don’t know if this is their situation, but I no reason to believe it’s not an issue. I thoroughly enjoy their boxes – and we box addicts have high standards and want to pay the lowest price (of course we do😊). That being said, I hope we get our one last little lace box and serendipity. And I was glad to hear about refunds! I have both subs, but it is a tight budget. I wish the girls well and thank them for some special boxes. You did succeed In that Maybe next time your dream will be more fully realized.

        • Guys, their dad was the cash behind LLB. Also, he said “There are millions of women in America so losing subscribers is no biggie!” Paraphrased.
          Hence my earlier comment…

          • I have no doubt that you’re right but…how do you know that?

          • I read that email from the little lace box psa post on reddit. That guy was rude, so unprofessional. I can’t believe one of the owners asked their dad to take care of it in the first place. It was so inappropriate. I can’t believe he threatened to vilify her on webpage, too. That kind of unprofessional behavior and the tone of mudslinging in their closure notification really explains key reasons the business failed.

        • Money wasn’t an issue with LLB. They had people sub’ing constantly. Their inexperience, poor business practices and tendencies to blame their customer’s for their poor behavior. Owning a small business is hard, blaming other people for your shortcomings…that’s easy!

      • Hasn’t LuxePineapple too? It’s run by one woman isn’t it? She appears to do everything and she’s grown her business and supports women owned businesses.

        • Yes, Luxe Pineapple also has their own branded cosmetics too. I see her on social media all the time. She’s very sweet and friendly!

        • And hello..Popsugar was started by Lisa Sugar..a woman!

      • Fantastic point about Julep! Julep creates new things for every month, produces them, and (best of all) ships them promptly!! Somehow still managing all that despite being “run by women”.

        Giant eye roll for that ridiculous claim, but not surprising given every other excuse they’ve given for problems.

  43. So does this include Serendipity too? Sadly, I bought a year of both and so far had only gotten 1 Serendipity box. Can’t believe they started that throw box knowing they were having capital issues already.

  44. Is this for Serendipity as well? Is that next? Will we still get Marches Serendipity? I cant say I’m too surprised, they seem to have been having trouble for awhile now. I subscribed in Late Oct. they canceled Nov. Christmas box, got Januarys box…. so in almost 5 months, 1 box >.< I do feel for them though, I cant imagine this was an easy decision.

  45. Wow! Super disappointing. Serendipity was a subscription that was so much fun. Very sad to see that one go. I’ve never been subscribed to a box that has closed before. How long should I wait to see a refund for the part of my subscription they have not filled? I’m not quite sure what to do in this situation.

  46. I got the 6 month deal from Gilt City…should I contact them for a refund or will LLB be processing the refund? I know I could probably just email them and ask, but I thought I’d ask here too since I know many others also got the gilt city deal.

    • through gilt since thats where you purchased it.

      • Thank you!

    • I emailed Gilt as soon I read this. What jerks! My voucher expired on March 19th and they wait until the 27th to send this! This is absurd! They probably waited until today to turn off sub purchases! UGH!

      • Well, guess we won’t be getting the money back then? What a bummer!

        I really liked both the Serendipity and LLB subscriptions. Thought theirs was unique enough to beat out the rest. Guess not.

        • It’ll be interesting to see how Gilt handles this. I haven’t heard back yet. I paid for the Gilt deal via PayPal and have also filed a claim with them.

    • I am also really confused since I also got it through gilt city. I also got a $20 credit to use on the LLB site which I already used. I just emailed gilt city about getting my 74 dollars back – would they take 20 dollars out of it to compensate for the 20 dollars I used to buy plates on the LLB site? I wish I never bought this stupid deal…

    • I filed both with Gilt, and also submitted a claim with Paypal. I figure one of the two should come through…

  47. I’m going to miss their boxes. I was subscribed to both. I truly enjoyed them very much.

    • Same here. They were my favorite subs. I’m sad to see them go, but I kind of figured it was coming, given the problems they’ve had lately. I’m assuming this means that they won’t send one last box. I need to figure out how many unfulfilled boxes I should get refunds for–there should be quite a few. 😔

  48. How much time should we give them to process offer refunds before we start a charge-back process with our credit cards?

  49. Jerks! They kept taking money all this time fully knowing they were closing. We all saw it coming! Ugh! I guess I’ll never see my money!

  50. Wow. Guess I’ll have to keep an eye on my bank account for my refunds!

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