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FYI – Little Lace Box is Ending

Little Lace Box

Dear LLB Subscribers,

For the past few years we’ve truly enjoyed having the opportunity to curate boxes for all of you. Few things came close to the rush we felt when we put out a box that seemed to find a place in your hearts. We received feedback almost immediately and it was like we had given a complete stranger a gift and that gift was returned in the form of a smile or kind word that totally made our day. The subscription box business is one that requires an immense amount of planning. In order to find the right new product and get it at the right price to make the bottom-line work, we had to be working on boxes eight to ten months out. With planning also came the capital investment to secure those contracts so far into the future. Venture capital would be essential to success, and as female founders, we knew securing venture capital would be difficult to do but we tried anyway because we believed in our business. But, unfortunately, as reported by, only just over 6% of all U.S. venture capital funding allocated in 2016 went to female founded companies (heavy sigh). Maybe our concept wasn’t unique enough, or maybe our consumers weren’t a desirable enough consumer segment (women are the most valuable consumers in the world), or maybe this female founded company was just, well, too female.

Ladies, we’re deeply saddened that we were unable to secure the capital needed to continue our mission to connect all of you with the wonderful women entrepreneurs who are building amazing businesses across the U.S. We held on to hope as long as we could, maybe too long, but at some point we had to ask ourselves if our tenacious desire to succeed was really sustaining life or just prolonging death. We knew the answer would guide our plan for the future. It is with that as our backdrop that we decided it was time to leave the subscription box business and wish for the other more capable business leaders in this category to win for all of us.

There is a reason why a woman wants a surprise gift every month, even if she purchases the gift for herself. And for one brief shinning moment, we were one of those monthly gifts, and I think we made a difference. I hope the others in this category go right on making a difference for women who love and need these little gifts. A small gesture can mean a lot to someone.

As of today, we have already begun to process refunds for subscribers and we will work to finish all of those in the coming weeks. We can’t leave without also saying thank you to the amazing women who have been kind enough to review our boxes on their websites and blogs. Without all of you providing the service that you provide, we would have gone nowhere. You told us what you liked about our products and called us out when we didn’t meet expectations. We’d like to say thank you to (in alphabetical order):,,, and, just to name a few.

We feel so blessed to have developed relationships with many of you. You’ve inspired us in so many ways and we’ve loved your life stories, cried with some of you, laughed with some of you and celebrated with many of you. We’re emotionally invested in LLB so this is particularly difficult for us. And to borrow someone else’s quote and make it our own, “forgive me if I tend to romanticize our significance to some of our subscribers, not every one of our boxes was perfect, but I remember each of them that way because our heart was in them and that was LLB at its best.”

LLB Team

(If you have any questions about your subscription, I recommend emailing [email protected])

Little Lace Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (289)

  1. Hello MSA community! I just wanted to share my experience with LLB. I never received notice that they were closing business. I only found out thanks to MSA. I had a year sub. for LLB and had received two of my boxes. I contacted them via email and received a response immediately. They were very friendly and helpful. They asked if I would like a reimbursement for the amount owed to me or if I would like them to curate a box with left over inventory for the value I was owed in-lieu of the reimbursement. I choose the box and received an email saying that they were putting it together and shipping it to me. That was in March. I never received a thing or any other correspondence. My attempts to contact them have come to no success. I contacted my CC company and filled a report. I feel very silly for believing they would honor what they had said.🙁

  2. Does anyone know another way of getting a refund if they purchased directly through the little lace box website? I paid for a year subscription and only got one box and never had the rest of the money refunded to me, even though the email said refunds would be issued. Any information is greatly appreciated. My credit card company will not give me a refund since it has been past 90 days from the original charge.

  3. I just got notice from chase that my credit that was temperorary became perminent, I did request $200 not the full 249 bc I received 1 box and 1 blanket. But now I am fully reimbursed!!

    • I have Chase as well, but when they emailed their letter. I changed my billing info to my debit card. I sent them emails about it and I never received any answers. I noticed that some of you have mentioned CC and Gilt I don’t want to seem stupid, but could someone tell what they are. I want to report LLB to the Department of Justice has anyone done that? Please leave me a comment. I am so upset with LLB.

  4. Wow I guess it’s good to know I’m not alone. I subscribed to all three. I would just like them to at least acknowledge we are not getting our money back. Something. I think the website is down now. Send some kind of communication saying hey, we’re sorry, we can’t do this. I thought though that they could at least send out the blankets or SOMETHING for our money.

  5. I received a temporary credit from chase bank but was just notified it would be reversed . I can’t understand how they based their decision. I believe the issue is the timing. These ladies are nothing short of con artists at this point and I’d hate to be them going forward as karma is ruthless.

    • Great. I have Chase as well. Did they give a reason for the reversal? I have all of the emails from LLB and this is well beyond a reasonable time for them to issue refunds. I just began the dispute process.

      • So has anyone with chase bank Actually been awarded the refund? They reversed the temporary credit they issued me. Would small claims court be the next route? It’s $229 they owe me. They seriously should be ashamed of themselves !

      • Citibank reversed my credit as well. I sent them all of the emails from LLB showing that I never received a single shipment. I am waiting to hear from them. I am very disappointed in the way they handled this as the only reason I used their card was to protect myself from this sort of thing. I wished I had used my Discover Card. Their cashback is not as good their customer service is excellent.

  6. Update to credit card dispute. I received a refund from Citibank when I first called about LLB going out of business. I had subscribed to both LLB and Serendipity in January and hand never received a single box. However Citibank reversed my dispute based on someone on LLB’s end rebutting my dispute. I don’t know if it is LLB or their CC processing company or paying bank as I am waiting for paperwork from Citibank. I will now have to dispute their rebuttal to see if I can get my refund.

    This is so frustrating as I cannot imagine what grounds they can use to rebut my dispute as not only did I never receive a box but to this day I can login to my account on LLB’s site and it shows both subscriptions as being unfulfilled. I am not going to give up as I paid for an entire year in advance and this is far too much money to lose without a fight.

  7. Has anyone received a refund yet? Still waiting on mine for LLB and Serendipity. And I had yearly subscriptions!

    • I subscribed to all three – LLB, Serendipity, and Kozy (whatever?) – and have not received a refund for any of them yet. I loved the service, but I feel frustrated and betrayed.

      • So I’m not alone! Thanks for letting me know.

  8. Are other subscribers receiving refunds yet? I ordered back in October so doubt I’ll be able to dispute the charges at this point.

    • I ordered too long ago as well (luckily only paid for a month) and have emailed three times in the past couple weeks. Each time, I’ve gotten the automated reply that they’ll send a response within 24 hours. Haven’t gotten a response yet.

      • Thanks, hope you get your money back too. I was worried because they won’t answer their email. Unfortunately I shopped at their boutique before I knew it was shutting down so am trying to dispute that charge also.

    • Sorry I didn’t hit “see newer comments” so didn’t realize a few of you had been speaking about this recently

  9. Yep.. in the same boat.
    Although they changed may account to say that my LLB sub was fulfilled even though I didn’t get my last box.

  10. Has anyone heard from them through email this past week? i am expecting a refund and lost my wallet last week…sent two emails with no response yet =( i already tried to update my billing info on their website and there is no place to do that =(

  11. I have not read all the comments just yet but was wondering if anyone has received their refund yet. I’ve emailed them twice and no reply.

    • Read the comments

    • im in the same spot! i got a response when they were first shutting down…….but now that i lost my debit card and had to replace it……i can’t get ahold of anyone =( i only got one box outta my full year paid subscription =(

  12. I received a refund today on my paypal and I don’t recognize the refunder:

    Maybe it is from LLB? Are they based in Georgia?

    • For my Serendipity remainder of 29.97.

  13. Like most of you here, I still haven’t received my refund. I had 2 active LLB subscriptions (one for me, one for my mom) and am owed a refund for 8 boxes total.

    While I will be contacting my credit card company, I’m wondering if any legal action can be taken against the owners. They are obviously delaying issuing (or will never give) refunds. They also knowingly took money from new subscribers with no intent of delivering the ordered boxes. Seems like fraud to me.

    • What exactly would you hope to get out of a legal action? This is a company that did not have the money to be able to put boxes together to send to their customers to stay in business so how would they have money to issue refunds? That being said if you were to sue them what could you get from them if they have nothing? You cannot get blood from a stone.

      • I would not be pursuing money. Fraud is a criminal offense. I work in cyber security where we pursue criminal charges against people trying to cheat people out of money (via phishing, 419 scams, malware, etc). It just seems to me like they knowingly victimized a lot of people.

  14. In October I renewed my Little Lace Box for another year and bought my daughter-in-law a years subscription. I received the December box but they said that they could not start my daughter-in-laws subscription until February. And we all know what happened to that box. So I am out the money for 5 boxes on my subscription and a whole year on my daughter-in-laws. Plus 4 Serendipity boxes owed to me. My credit card company said that they will not dispute a charge after 90 days. There has been no response to any e-mails to them. It doesn’t look good. My son says that I’ve been scammed.

    • Patricia, what company is your credit card with? You’re the first person I’ve seen have a problem with a dispute. Don’t take no for an answer. Ask to speak to a supervisor & explain it’s a delayed dispute due to the nature of subscriptions. Surely they will understand that? Good luck & please report back!

      • Mine said no, too. Also visa.

      • Angie, I would suggest calling them back and asking to speak to a supervisor. Usually, if you’re persistent, you’ll get your way. Good luck!

      • I’ve called my bank 4 times now. And Visa directly, although that got me no where. I will be hesitant to use my bank ViSA for anything other than groceries from now on.

      • Oh dang, I’m sorry! I was hoping persistence would pay off, but you’ve already tried 4x.
        Maybe try reaching Visa or your bank via social media? That’s my last-straw tactic when getting shut out by Customer Service. The public exposure often prompts them to act. The whole point of c/c (other than the obvious) is to have buyer protection if something goes wrong with the sale. How much money did LLB take off you?

    • I also called my CC company (Visa) through my bank. Was told the charge couldn’t be longer than 120 days ago (6 mos). My charge was 6.5 months ago and they couldn’t help me. Even though it’s a subscription.

      Any helpful advice?

      • Angie- I would call again and talk to another rep. I also have Visa through my bank and was able to get the refund from a package that I purchased In October, 2016. The rep I spoke to used the expected delivery dates since it was a prepaid subscription. So it can be done!

      • my prepay was in sept. and i called my cc (visa) earlier this month (so more than 120 days) and explained the situation. they had no problem issuing the refund. I got the letter and everything. the refund is temp. while they pursue the charges with LLB. if there is no reply the refund is permanent. i would check again. this should not be a problem for you. ask to speak to the dispute center. explain when your boxes were supposed to arrive and give dates of any contacts you have with them.

  15. Has anyone else never received their refund? I was charged February 5. It’s April, I had to contact my cc comp to dispute the charge. I tried emailing LLB twice with no response. Maybe I just got lost in the shuffle.

    • Cc is credit card company and Gilt is kinda like Groupon. I received notice from Citi that my $249 credit has been made permanent. I lost 3 shipments or so of Serendipity, so I guess I am better of than a lot of folks. These women should be ashamed. Opening up the throw subscription is particularly infuriating. I am thankful I didn’t jump on that one.

      • I contacted Gilt since I saw that their website is selling LLB only to new customers? I was told they had no information on how to contact LLB, but give me a website [email protected]. I tried going on this website, but nothing came up. I so mad!

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