Play! By Sephora April 2017 Box #575 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have a FULL SPOILERS for the April 2017 Play! By Sephora box ending in #575!

Box #575:



What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details, you can see the “item number” next to the image.


If you haven’t signed up for a Play! by Sephora subscription yet, the waitlist is currently open! If you sign up now, your first box will be the April box.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I wish this was my box!!! Anyone else 629?

    • How do you know what # you are?

      • Go to sephora website and to your account, go to online orders and the one for this month for Play, click that and it will have an item number, these go by the last 3 digits. It’s not the number on the order number, they are different. Hope that helps.

    • I’m #575, and tbh this is my least favorite sephora play so far, by kind of a wide margin lol. I’m really not interested in any of these, at all. =/

      • Ugh im completely underwhelmed as well

      • AGREED. a bit disappointed.

      • SAME. I’m also really tired of them using brands that test on animals in their boxes!

      • This is mine too. I wish we could select brands or products to avoid when possible. I do not like Kate Somerville at all. Everyone of their products I try makes my skin worse.

      • So very underwhelmed by this 🙁

      • I hate this box. All of it.

    • I’d be happy to swap with you. Super disappointed with this box.

  2. Phew! I’m glad this is not my box. I have #609. I don’t want the exfolikate, makeup remover or the smashbox primer. I

    • Same. 609 and glad I dodged this one.

    • I’m 609, too. First Play box – antsy to see what we get.

  3. Whew! Thank goodness I’m not getting this box! The last thing I need is yet another Smashbox primer sample or another black eyeliner. I’m getting #609, so my fingers crossed that it will be an awesome box!

  4. Apparently I’m the odd (wo)man out here :-p.. skincare products are my fav! I’d be happy w/ this box, but I’m getting 583. Can’t wait for spoilers!

    • Same:) I really hope it’s the Fresh nectar mask 😃

      • I LOVE the fresh. brand. The soy face cleanser is one of my favorite products.

    • 583 for me too

    • I have box 583 also and I am trying to find out what is in it this month. 🙂

      • yup ! 583 for me too!

        Cant wait to find out what im getting

      • I am also 583! SO SO SO glad the box pictured is not my box.

    • Nope! Not odd at all, I’m with you!

    • I have 583 and received my box today!

      • Ooooh! That’s my box, but hasn’t even shown as shipped. Care to share spoilers? :-p

      • Spoilers???!!

        • There’s a different post on the full spoilers, but it’s the same primer, eyeliner, and eye makeup remover. The skin care is the Peter Thomas Roth spoiler (Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream) and Philosophy Purity Made Simple face wash. The perfume is Miu Miu L’Eau Bleue. It’s pretty underwhelming… 2 cleansers/ makeup removers?

  5. Step Up? It’s a Step down for me. I like face care items just not a whole box devoted to them. I hope box 698 is better.

    • I wouldn’t consider this box to be devoted to face care. There’s an eyeliner and a makeup primer. :/

      • … And makeup remover, and an exfoliation product, and a face cream. The only thing that isn’t for your face is the perfume lol

  6. I’m getting 2 of the same boxes , though i have different profiles . It’s worth 10 $ , I’m just not super excited.

    • Same here. I just set up a new one for my sister hoping that we would have a greater variety together – some overlap makes sense but we have vastly different skin, hair, and coloring so I assumed we would have some variations and could swap back and forth. Unfortunately, we both ended up with the exact same box this month. I don’t hate it…but it’s just not very exiting.

  7. I’m getting 583, and I love this one! I hope mine is as good….

    • I’m 583 too!

    • I’m 583 too.

    • Same. Crossing fingers.

    • 583 too 🙂

    • Me too! It seems like the spoilers are really late this month! 😉

  8. What a disappointment!! This is my box…black eyeliner, same smashbox primer I’ve received a dozen times at least, makeup remover…SO.NOT.EXCITING!! I don’t normally complain but this box is pathetic. Of all the things Sephora sells they continue to have dismal sample boxes lately!

    • I agree–I’ve gotten this primer so many times, sigh.

    • Yeah, this is my least favorite play box by a WIDE margin =/ (I’m also 575 -.-)

    • I agree! Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, are you kidding me? Not what I expected from this box.

  9. This is my box, I am happy about the two skin care items but I am not excited for anything else. How many of the same primer can I get and i always think receiving stuff from their in house brand is just cheap of them— i personally subscribe to try out fun luxury brands–not their brand. I don’t wear eyeliner so that is a miss for me as well.

    Oh well, you win some you lose some, its only $10 and I was really happy the last two months–but this month is for sure a dud for me.

  10. I know the smashbox primer is total overkill to many people… I, on the other hand, can not get enough of it!! With the stash I have I could probably make about 10-15 full size bottles of it, lol. Although I do enjoy receiving fresh and new items from brands I have yet to discover, getting a product that’s a staple in my beauty routine is always a win for me! With that said, keep them comin’ 🙂 I will take all unwanted primers hehehe.

    • Would you want to trade??? I’m new here! But I have 575 and don’t need the primer… I can figure out how to set up a trade profile if you’re down!

    • Love smashing primer and am out of it!

  11. This is the box I’m receiving, and normally spoilers for my box number come out last, so I’m really excited to see this! I’m really loving all the spoilers this month and will use most of them (unlike last month unfortunately). I have so many primers, so I’ll probably just put it up for swap, but other than that, I’m really happy about the products this month. 🙂

    • Exactly what I was thinking about always receiving my spoiler last! 🙂 I am excited about the eye makeup remover, I know I like Daisy by Marc Jacobs, can never have enough primer & I like this one, & the water drench seems perfect for the heat coming. I don’t wear black eyeliner so that sucks, going to my sister or gift drawer. I have not tried the ExfoliKate but everyone seems to hate it. I plan to use it on my feet if it’s as rough as everyone says.

      • I got a foil sample of the ExfoliKate before, and I didn’t think it was too rough for my skin and mine can be a little sensitive. I was super careful to read through the instructions though. Their original directions are to massage onto skin for 30 seconds and let it sit for up to 2 minutes, BUT they note if you have sensitive skin to leave on less than a minute or use ExfoliKate Gentle. Hope this helps! And if you don’t like it, I’m sure people will want to swap for it!

      • Exfolikate is Kate Somerville’s signature product – a lot of people love it – including me! 🙂 I’m actually surprised to see so many people here expressing dislike for it. It’s not rough – it’s an enzymatic exfoliator. Totally different from scrubs. I can’t imagine it would do *anything* for your feet. Read the directions and give it a shot! 🙂

  12. Smashbox makes like 8 different primers. Why do they only do samples of this one? Geez! Anyone who has ANY makeup related subscription has gotten a sample of this already at some point.

    • Exactly what I said! I actually love their green color correct primer and the pore diminishing primer. I have gotten enough samples of this primer to make 2 full size tubes but I never use it, it’s my absolute least favorite primer. I’m hoping it’s not in box 583!

  13. I have box 417…. hopefully it’s better! lol

  14. Glad this isn’t mine. I’m 591. If I don’t like mine, I’ll probably cancel. I don’t use enough of the products to justify the sub. I’ll just save my $10.67 a month and spend it on something I use all the time.

    • I’m the same box. Cant wait to see what i got

  15. SEPHORA you and I need to talk.

    A. If you are going to send your own brand, make it FULL size.

    B. Enough with the repeats, you haven’t been around that long and you have a store full of stuff, Smashbox Primer is good, but really? Not at all imaginative!

    C. Get in the game and let us select at least one sample! Eyeliner this month? Let us pick color, or brand, or both!

    D. For goodness sake, quit having your Play parties in the same darn cities every month!

    E. Let us use the bonus points for on-line purchases! How does it hurt? This is a MAIL ORDER service!

    F. Do a NATURALS subscription! Natural and organic IS the future of beauty! Get on the wagon.

    That is all.

    • I agree with every point you have made! Overall I think this sub is worth it since the cost counts toward VIB status, and I am usually able to make it to the store to use my Play card.
      However, I have been less than thrilled with the last few boxes, especially when they send tiny in-house brand samples. Allowing sample choice and letting me redeem my Play card online would make me so happy.

    • I agree! I loved my Target Natural box this month and think a Sephora one could be great. And if I could use points online, I’d definitely use them every month! I have better impulse control when shopping in real life since I actually need to look at all the things I’m buying…

    • I bet they have some sort of study showing that people spend more on impulse purchases if they come into the store, so they’re trying to draw you in with the 50 bonus points. I just don’t have time to get to a store most months, so mine always go to waste. But I also find I have a hard time using my points. Selection isn’t the greatest most of the time when I make a purchase. The good stuff goes fast. I think I have over 1000 points just sitting in my account right now.

      • I don’t know, I do most of my impulse shopping online…frequently from MSA.

        • Ha! Isn’t that the truth.

        • Me too…my self control is pretty poor around midnight/1 am and I often go online to Ulta, Sephora, Ebay, and many other sites and shop. In-store, which doesn’t happen often because there is no Sephora within an hour of me, I don’t buy as much because A) I feel pressured and rushed, B) the selection is never as large and easy to find as it is online, and C) in-store I keep to a budget by using cash almost always. Online, I can’t do that so I tend to be looser. I too wish those points could be applied online. I would be MUCH more likely to shop more often, and they would be more likely to get me to buy things that I might otherwise buy at Ulta, where my rewards points can be used to buy anything I want instead of just pre-assigned rewards.

    • Agree 110% !!!! Maybe then I will resubscribe — not until all of these things happen.

    • My goodness, yes, with the points online. I hate having to go to the damned mall just to use that card. Uggh.

    • bravo.Handclap! I am emailing this link and THIS response to Sephora.

    • I am giving you the hands up emoji for this. I am so tired of eyeliner and SMASHBOX PHOTO PRIMER. STOP TRYING TO MAKE THIS PRIMER HAPPEN. I don’t understand the reasoning behind this. I totally agree that if Sephora sends their own brand, they need to make it full size. I am stoked about the Exfolikate, though. I love that product. But I can’t stand eyeliner. And yes, let us pick a sample!

    • on the Points card. I’m over an hour from a store, I understand they want you in for the impulse buy, but for me, it us goes to waste every month.

    • I’ve never understood the full size wish. I get that sometimes people use the retail price/cost to justify that it should be more than a sample. But what if it’s something you end up hating? Or already dislike? Then you have a full size item that’s going to waste or you force yourself to use it.

      To me, the beauty of a sample service is getting to try things without commitment or excessive waste. It’s also a business with a goal to get you to buy the product. If these businesses constantly provide full sizes, they’re not going to sell much. We’d all pretty much just use what they get from subscriptions instead of buying full sizes of the samples we receive. (A lot of subscription addicts already do that imagine if non addicts did too!) Subscriptions would go out of business.

      Samples should be enough to make sure it work or doesn’t work for you. Smaller than that is no good but the full-size bandwagon doesn’t make sense to me.

      • I think we have very different ideas of what customers should receive.

        – “Sometimes people use the retail price/cost to justify that it should be more than a sample” – well, of course we do. That’s how it works – I expect to get something fair for my money. If I’m getting full-sized products from similarly priced boxes, it’s not unfair for me to expect a $10 eye makeup remover to be a deluxe or full-size sample.

        – “What if it’s something you end up hating… then you have a full size item that’s going to waste or you force yourself to use it” – what I don’t get is just throwing stuff away (except tiny foil packets) when you could donate it or give it to a friend. I hate the sparkly pink lipstick I tried from last month, but I have nieces who might enjoy it. Most makeup and skincare items can be passed on. This is just a strange argument imo, because plenty of people toss half their box every month.

        – “It’s also a business with a goal to get you to buy the product. If these businesses constantly provide full sizes, they’re not going to sell much” – maybe if these were free samples. But we are paying for them. They are already making money with these boxes! I think the creators of the box share your perspective, which is probably why I’m continually disappointed. I’m already paying for a positive experience, not an ad from Sephora…

        – “Samples should be enough to make sure it work or doesn’t work for you. Smaller than that is no good but the full-size bandwagon doesn’t make sense to me” – except no one is asking for full sizes of expensive brands. People are complaining about unreasonably tiny samples. And that’s where the “full sized Sephora products” complaint came from – being tired of super small mascara that you can barely try.

        • Completely agreed! Before subs, I spent probably $30 on new makeup a year. Now I spend $200+…obviously that’s not all passed back to the brands, but still, it’s a good reminder that we all subscribe for different reasons! This makeup newbie is still going to go back and buy full size of products she likes…but first, they have to convince me that I like them! And for Sephora brand products, they have that ability and get to reap 100% of the benefit.

          And THAT is why I want full size/deluxe. Personally, my expectation is that I should get 5+ uses out of each product, if I’m paying for the samples. I don’t need to be using it forever! But for me, for makeup, that’s one time to test, one or two to make sure I’ve applied it right, and two more to try it in the real world and make sure that I love it IRL/maybe experiment and see if I can make it work better for me. For skincare, I think it’s even more reasonable–if a product needs regular use for two weeks to see an effect, why give us just one use worth?

          To me, the point of subscribing is to be able to try surprise new things. But I want to be able to properly try, ya know? The assumption, to me, is that since everything is a surprise we’ll like 2-3 things per box. I keep finding that, for Sephora, it’s more like MAYBEEEE one, since 2-3 are things I’m on the fence about, and probably 3-4 are tiny enough that I can’t be sure if I like them enough to buy them. On the other hand, if they gave us bigger samples, like ipsy does, and we hate them off the bat…we can just give them away and then they’ve advertised to TWO people!

    • Yes! I subscribe to Play because I’m 30+ minutes from a pretty terrible JC Penney Sephora. It feels dirty, the staff is rude, and I’d rather be able to look up products as I browse anyway, so by making things in-store only (and never giving me a reason to WANT to be in that store, like a Play party), they’re definitely losing out on any extra business from me. I subscribed so I wouldn’t have to go to the store, haha!

  16. What happens if your card is declined? My billing address is incorrect and I just went in and updated it but it’s not showing as updated for my Play box (still showing as the old). Thanks!!

    • If you changed it before the 7th then you should be ok. After and you may have missed April but I am not 100% sure. I changed banks and had to update my card but I did it on the 3rd and my box is listed under my pending orders.

      • I just went in and made sure my CC account had my old address on it since that’s what my billing address is for Sephora Play. I think I should be fine.

    • This happened to me when I had a CC expire and had to get a new one. You miss out on the box that month. They won’t ship it to you even after you put in your new CC info. You have to wait until next month!

      • Noo!!! I better go back in and change my billing info for that credit card to my old address :/ Thanks for the heads up

    • When my card expired and the payment declined they cancelled my Play subscription. I was able to activate it again the next month but I missed out on one month. Hopefully you caught yours in time.

  17. I think this is the first box I’ve been disappointed with. I’m getting the 575 and the only thing I’m excited for is the exfoliKate because I’ve used it before and liked it, but refuse to pay so much for it.

    Other than that, my Boxycharm last month had the same primer in it (which I’m meh about) and I guess the eyeliner I’ll use eventually. I’m a little bummed out, but at least I’m not getting another hot pink lip item that I’ll never use haha.

  18. This is my box and I’m okay with it. Out of the 4 skincare spoilers they showed, the PTR was the only one I hadn’t tried, so I am looking forward to that. The smashbox primer is a crazy duplicate as it seems to be everywhere, but I actually really like it so it will continue to hold me off from having to buy full size. The eye makeup remover and perfume are meh. Kate Sommerville is a great brand and I know tons of people love Exfolikate but it was just okay for me. I have so many scrubs though because they take forever to go through.

  19. Well, I for one am excited for this box. I haven’t tried any of these items 🙂

  20. I am so happy I left. I feel like this would have been my box. Just another sub par one

  21. I’m getting box 591.

    • Me too. It seems like there are a lot of different boxes. I’ve seen: 591, 583, 575, 417, 609, and 629 talked about so far. 591 will probably be the last shipped and spoilers will come after the box arrives. LOL (never fails for me!)

      • My box is 456. That is yet another variation. I deeply dislike the Smashbox primer. I really hope it’s not in my box. Box 575 only has 2 items that interest me. ENOUGH with the repeats Sephora!!

        • My box is 884

      • I’m getting box 637, so far no one has mentioned that one!

      • ….and I’m 577! I’m thinking the thrill is gone?!? 😢

      • I’m a 591, I think it’s the first month I haven’t gotten the first spoiled box.

      • I’m 103!

    • Me too! Thank goodness. I hope it is better than the one pictured. I wasn’t happy last month, but decided to try it one more month.

  22. I didn’t realize the theme of this box was “leftover samples from 2015.” How boring. I’ve been swimming in samples of this smash box primer for well over a year. Even if I wanted to buy it (I don’t) it will still be at least another year before I run out of sample sizes, and now this. Come on. Also, daisy? That scent is a full decade old. Don’t even get me started on a plain black eyeliner by MUFE and the same sample of their eye makeup remover that I got in a favorites set back in 2015. There are so many exciting releases happening at Sephora, which to me is the point of this subscription. Every month it gets more and more clear that unfortunately Sephora is just using this program to get rid of all their old 100 pt sample stock.

  23. What’s the theme of this box? Super old an unexciting products? Daisy? This smash box primer? A plain black eyeliner by MUFE? Ugh, ipsy sends me plenty of misses but at least they’re not giving me an entire bag of left over samples from 2 years ago..

  24. 583 here also. I hope it’s a good one it sounds like a lot of us are getting it 🙂

  25. Really?! Smashbox primer??!! They couldn’t think of anything else within their thousands of other products?! Cancelled so fast and NOT resubscribing ever!!! So over all of these repeat brands and products! What a disappointment this sub has been! 😠

  26. This is my bag, and I and very excited! I almost cancelled, so glade I didn’t! Can’t wait to get this one!!

  27. I would mainly only want the PTR I’m hoping for the best for box 583

    • I’m getting 583 too so I’m hoping this means the Kate Somerville won’t be in the 583 variation. I did want the PTR as well so since there are two of those spoilers in this box I am hoping their will be two in ours and that will be one of them.

      • I’m getting 583 too. Anxious to see what we’re getting!

        • Come on 583!!!! 🙂

    • I’m getting 583, as well! Hoping for spoilers soon!

    • Another 583 here. Crossing my fingers for something good!

  28. wow, they are really pushing the smashbox photo finish primer lately. I got it in boxycharm, then a sample in an online order from Ulta, now its in sephora play too.

    • I couldn’t remember where I had gotten it recently so it must have been boxycharm. Very recently. I just used it this morning and I actually like it, however.

    • I get a foil pack sample of the Smashbox primer EVER TIME I order from Ulta online. I don’t even use primer!

      • This happened to me last year too! About one month ago, I finally was able to finish using the ~35 sample packets I received from Ulta purchases over the past year. In the very near future, I will begin to start using the 10-15 mini tubes of the same primer. Fortunately, I like the primer, so I always welcome receiving more. I haven’t had to buy a full-size yet!

  29. I’m not crazy about this one. I thought we were just getting one of the skincare items? I’ll be fine with two, but it’s a little annoying to get boxes with many items from the same category (guess I’m still annoyed at the box of highlighters lol).

    Otherwise, the box is kind of dull. I have multiple samples of Daisy and the Smashbox primer, and more black eyeliner than I could ever use. And eye makeup remover is possibly the most boring item they could send. The items aren’t terrible, though. The high end skincare samples definitely redeem it, assuming they are not incredibly tiny.

  30. Ooo glad this won’t be my box. I’ve already tried (and not loved) most of it.

  31. Aaaaaand subscribed. I’ve been wanting to try the cloud cream and the eyeliner, so that made me pull the trigger.

    Back up to two subscription boxes, sigh. I wanted to keep it down to one. I had like 5 going at one time awhile ago! Now I have only had A Horse Box for several months.

    • You probably won’t get thiss month’s box if you just subcribed. May will most likely be uour first:(

      • No worries, my friend offered to trade me her box this month since she owns all the products already! She also has horses so I can trade my Horse Box. 🙂 Just excited that Sephora Play finally tempted me to give it a go, as May is my birthday month!

    • Allison, I’d be happy to sell you the box for retail price + shipping

  32. I finally cancelled last month after not really liking this sub for a while and I’m so glad I did after seeing these spoilers. Just wasn’t doing it for me.

  33. This is the box I’ll be getting and I’m disappointed. I’ve already tried the Daisy perfume, Sephora eye makeup remover, and Smashbox Photo Finish primer; all good products but not super exciting. I’ll be glad to try the Exfolikate and Dr. Jart+ moisturizer. I’ve tried lots of highly rated eyeliners and every single one ends up smuding or bleeding down under my eyes. I’ll be impressed if this one doesn’t.

    • Have you tried eyelid primer or applying setting powder at the end? I couldn’t wear eye makeup at all until I used primer. But I still get some movement that I think must be from the shape of my eyes or something. If I’m going to be out late, I just carry q tips in my bag so I can swipe off any eye makeup that migrates under my eye. It’s that or I’d even have to skip mascara. 🙁

    • I’ve tried zillions of pencil eyeliners and all of them have smudged thanks to my freakishly oily skin – except for this one. And it’s reasonably comfortable to put on.

      I don’t often wear pencil liner, but when I do, it’s MUFE Aqua Eyes.

      • Thanks for letting me know! I’m more excited to try it now 🙂

        • Yay! 😀

  34. i am box 609..cant wait! glad this one isnt mine….lol…but only because i have almost everything in it!!!

    • Praying to the subscription box gods that box 609 does not have Kate Somerville or Smashbox Primer in it as I have been getting samples of those products for the past year. Please, please, please have something new and exciting in our box lol

  35. 609 for me

  36. I love getting skin care more than make up. My box is 583! I hope there is no eyeliner in mine. I rarely use it. And I got three full size eyeliner from my first three boxes with ipsy this year.

      • Same here.. 583. Anxious to see what we’ll be getting!

    • I’m getting 583 and the app gave a spoiler yesterday for the eyeliner, so unless they messed up, we’re getting the eyeliner also.

  37. I know this was explained a million times but I forget, how can I tell what PlayBag I’m going to receive? How do I find the 3 numbers associated with my Bag?!!

  38. The “item number” I see is 7 digits, is it the last 3 I should be looking for?

    • Yes, the last three digits is you box number. 🙂

  39. I was on the wait list for months for sephora. Finally got off last month. I’m not overly impressed. I will probably drop this and birchbox, I’ll always keep Ispy, boxycharm, and beautyfix. I just joined Luxor tonight. The DH is gonna want to kill me, lol!

  40. My box, I’m so so about it. I’m excited for the peter Thomas Roth!!! And the smashbox, I love getting primer samples (will always use and never need to buy a full sized one) and smashbox is a good one. Not really excited for the eyeliner because I only use liquid eyeliner, and I already have a lot of gel and non gel black pencils I don’t use. I don’t really care about the exfolikate, I already have an exfoliator I love and don’t need more of anytime soon, and this one has really mixed reviews. I will try it tho because I recently got a deluxe sample of the eradikate cleanser, and I’m really liking it. I guess I’m happy to try it, but wish I would’ve gotten the fresh mask but I’m happy to get 2 from that spoiler and not just one! And the perfume I already know I like.

    Not my favorite box, but at least its practical, everything (besides probably the eyeliner) will be used. A good box just kinda on the boring side.

    • Forgot about the Sephora makeup remover, another practical but boring item. I’ve tried the wipes version of this product, and liked it, so I know this will get used. Just probably not for awhile because I prefer makeup remover wipes to just the liquid, and have a lot of makeup remover liquid samples already.

      Again, not bad, just not exciting (besides the ptr😊)

  41. This is my bag!

    I’m a little meh, though. I’m happy to see the PTR since I haven’t tried it yet and am interested. I like Exfolikate and the MUFE liner, but I already have plenty of both. Kinda bored by the Sephora eye makeup remover and SUPER bored by the SB primer. It’s such an incredibly common sample and it doesn’t work for me.

  42. I wonder if this means that all the boxes will have two of the four skin care products that were in the sneak (the KS, PTR, Fresh, and Ole). That’d be fun!

    Also, hasn’t Smashbox run out of samples of that primer yet? LOL. (Apologies to those of you who really like it! I just feel like it has been everywhere already.)

  43. This is my box! I love it all but the eye liner! Yay!

  44. I wish they could have included the MUFE hd powder instead. So far seems like a so so box. Maybe time to Goodbye

  45. The peter Thomas Roth is the only thing I would want from this box. Don’t like the makeup remover or exfolikate. Don’t use black eyeliner. Have so many samples of the SB primer that I will never run out. Hopefully my boxes will have some things I’ll use. I see much more “common” than “step up” here. I have 591 & 609.

  46. What a bummer! This is my first Play box and I was so excited, but the only decent product here looks like the eyeliner. I bought a full-size of the smashbox primer before, and its useless. And the Exfolikate smells so rancid it made me throw up the one time I tried to use it, it is truly disgusting. This is really disappointing. But it is $10 and I guess you get what you pay for. 🙁

    • I’m pretty sensitive to scents on my face so that’s not what I want to hear! I really do like skincare, but I prefer no fragrance or something very mild. Hair products are usually somewhat fragranced (much more pleasantly) and that’s plenty for my head….

  47. Nice bag, but glad it’s not mine. Can we get the spoilers for 591?

    • I’m sure she’ll post them when she has them. 😉

    • Yes that’s mine too!!!!

  48. Exciting, this is my number! Yippee!

  49. Yup, that’s my box! Haven’t tried any of these except I own the Daisy perfume, so this’ll be an interesting box for me, at least.

  50. Love it!! I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed my Sephora selections. A few times I’ve been a bit jealous after reading the spoilers, then I received my bag and love my items. Sephora is hands down the best of the low end priced subs in my opinion.

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