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Facetory SEVEN LUX Subscription Box Review + Coupon – March 2017

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Check out our review of the March 2017 Seven Lux Box from Facetory!

Facetory is a monthly sheet mask facial subscription. The company aims to provide its members with the latest cult faves from the Korean sheet mask trend.

Check out our review of the March 2017 Seven Lux Box from Facetory!

This is a review of the SEVEN LUX subscription level ($15.95 per month + shipping), which includes 7 curated sheet masks with slightly higher-functioning ingredients (think hydrogels and other more sophisticated ingredients). They also offer a FOUR-ever Fresh subscription level ($5.95 per month + shipping), which includes 4 curated sheet masks made from traditional fabrics like cotton and cellulose.

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Check out our review of the March 2017 Seven Lux Box from Facetory!

The Subscription Box: Facetory

The Cost: $5.95 + $2.95 shipping for the FOUR-ever Fresh subscription (4 masks per month), or $15.95 + $3.95 shipping for the SEVEN LUX subscription (7 higher-functioning masks per month)

COUPON: Use coupon code EMAILSIGNUP10 to save 10%!

The Products: 4 or 7 sheet mask facials representing what’s new and popular in the Korean sheet mask trend.

Ships to: U.S. and Worldwide

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Check out our review of the March 2017 Seven Lux Box from Facetory!

I have combination skin that tends to be dry on my chin and forehead and oily everywhere else. As the weather warms and I dive back into a more active lifestyle, my skin is being particularly pesky. Sweaty workouts followed by skin-drying hot showers are leaving my skin confused and in need of some TLC. I’m not sure sheet masks are the answer there, but I am eager to see if just doing these masks can at least help me slow down and de-stress (and hopefully give my skin a breather at the same time).

Check out our review of the March 2017 Seven Lux Box from Facetory!

I really appreciate that Facetory includes so much detail about each mask. Since the copy on the packaging is usually in Korean, having these descriptions is key to helping me know what to expect from each product.

Check out our review of the March 2017 Seven Lux Box from Facetory!

This note from Facetory is included, too!

Check out our review of the March 2017 Seven Lux Box from Facetory!

Ariul 7 Days Mask in Lemon – Retail Value $2.50

This mask was one of my favorites from an experience standpoint. The more opaque essence (Facetory‘s word for “serum”) is light on the skin and has a smooth finish (it felt great rubbing the excess into my hands after I applied the mask). The gentle sweet lemon scent is really refreshing, too.


The mask claims to have a lot of B3 in it, as well as vitamins and fruit extracts that help exfoliate and cleanse skin while nourishing it. I didn’t experience too much of the exfoliation aspect, but my skin did feel moisturized after. Not super supple, firm, and bouncy, but definitely less dry than it was.

Check out our review of the March 2017 Seven Lux Box from Facetory!

Belborn Intensive Bounce Ampul Mask – Retail Value $4.95

This mask is packed with a slew of vitamins, collagen, and other extracts that deliver skin-firming, smoothing, awakening effects to your skin.


The mask left my skin feeling smooth and silky. The info card mentions that this mask makes a great first prep step for your makeup routine. I can totally see that—the aftermath of the mask felt a lot like how a primer might feel sitting on the skin. The only bummer is that the sensation doesn’t last very long. Within about an hour, the smoothness faded, and the moisture felt more like a residue that I wanted to clear away.

Check out our review of the March 2017 Seven Lux Box from Facetory!

Dearpacker Smart Solution Nourishing Mask – Retail Value $2.95

I really liked this lotion-like mask. The info card mentioned that it includes argan oil, which has been really lovely on my skin in the past. I had a little trouble putting it on, as the eye holes were super small (my eyes are pretty big, too), so I had to stretch and smooth the mask around a bit before it sat comfortably on my face.


This mask didn’t have a lot of “wow” factor, necessarily, but it was a nice big drink of moisture for my skin. The taught parts felt less so, and the oily, break-out-prone parts seemed to calm down for a spell.

Check out our review of the March 2017 Seven Lux Box from Facetory!

Holika Holika Skin Rescuer Mask Sheet – Retail Value $2.95

I was particularly excited for this mask since its claim to fame is apparently soothing red, or otherwise unruly skin. This is just the kind of thing my freaked-out face could use!


I felt like this mask was a little run-of-the-mill though. It didn’t do too much for my skin, though the experience of the mask on my face was cool, refreshing, and relaxing. One thing I noticed was that this mask has little tabs at the temples, presumably to help you more neatly apply the mask. Sounds good, except they kept flopping back over my hair line when the mask was on!

Check out our review of the March 2017 Seven Lux Box from Facetory!

DewyTree Whitening Deep Mask – Retail Value $3.95

This mask is a pleasant pistachio green color—a nod to the “Green Enzyme” it mentions on the front of the package. I’m not at all concerned with “whitening” my skin… but maybe it would help “brighten” my skin or eliminate dullness.


This was actually a really pleasing mask experience. The essence absorbed into my skin in a way that other masks hadn’t, and I think it did kick off a bit of exfoliation action—when I was massaging the rest of the essence into my skin, I noticed bits of dead, dull skin rubbing away, as if I’d just done a very (very) low-key chemical peel. Nice!

Check out our review of the March 2017 Seven Lux Box from Facetory!

Oka Recipe Moisturizing Sheet Mask – Retail Value $3.95

When I first saw this mask, I thought it was a lip treatment, just based on the packaging!


This mask also had smaller spaces for the eyes, which was a little awkward when putting the mask on, but otherwise wasn’t a huge deal. I liked the lightweight feeling of the mask on my face, and the watery, effortless essence. The moisture it provided felt refreshing and soothing, though it was a fleeting feeling (my face was back to normal in about an hour).

Check out our review of the March 2017 Seven Lux Box from Facetory!

O & Young Clear Coating Hydrogel Mask – Retail Value $4.95

This mask was SO slippery! It was very much a gel that you peeled off of (or more accurately, slid off of) a plastic backing. It was kind of like laying a piece of gelatin on your face, then trying to keep it there while it worked its magic. Not the greatest experience from a technical standpoint, but definitely unique!


I liked the outcome of this mask, though. The moisture felt soft and supple on my skin, and it stayed for what seemed like a pretty long time.

Verdict: Facetory gives you about $26.00 of sheet masks for about $20.00 (the price of the box plus shipping). I liked being stocked with masks for whenever I needed a moment to destress. However, not all of the masks were all that effective. They felt nice to put on my face, but only one or two had results that were really noticeable. I do wonder if using just one of these masks on a regular basis would have more impact… Long story short, I liked this box, but I didn’t really love it.

What do you think of Facetory?

Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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  1. In case you don’t know, “whitening” is the Asian and Korean way of saying brightening. It doesn’t mean actual lightening or bleaching although it makes sense why one would think that but it seems like you get it based on the review. Growing up, my mom had Philippine “whitening” products for face and I thought that’s what it meant at the time too

  2. Ooh, this sub is right up my alley! I do a KBeauty routine (minus maybe one step) so this is exciting! You are supposed to do mask about 3 times a week (for the Korean routine, but I kind of bad at making sure I actually do!) and the price point is pretty good. I might do the 4 box once my current load of masks and sheet masks slim down. Being able to pick your skin type or get animal base like snail or caviar are my two dislikes – being able to skip months would be a good feature too.. 🙂 Great review!

  3. I wish Facetory offered separate options for different types of skin (oily, dry, aging, etc). I have oily skin and 2 of the masks in the 4 mask packet gave me pimples the next day. I unsubscribed and bought oily skin masks at the drugstore the next day.

  4. I’ve been subscribed to Facetory for a couple of months, and I absolutely love it! I have the smaller subscription though, and I received a mask this month that contains caviar extract in it. Am I the only one who is a little nervous to use this one? Has anyone else tried this type of mask?

    • A friend tried it and told me it was great. She said her skin looked amazing for a few days after. If you like it, they sell it along with some others of the same brand in a pack on Amazon for super cheap. I think it was 12 masks for $15 or something.

  5. Anna, I really like reading your reviews. Great writing style, and very practical reviews. Thanks 🙂

    • Aw, thank you Vicki! I really appreciate you reading!

  6. I’m pretty sure this is the March box. I got this one last month. I haven’t used all of the masks yet, so I really appreciate your review.

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