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BoxyCharm April 2017 SPOILER #3!

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We have a new SPOILER for the April 2017 Boxycharm subscription box! The PUR items that all boxes will include are:


All current subscribers will be getting the NEW “Blend Squad” a 3-Piece Contour Blending Sponge Set

Any new subscribers will receive either the “Blend Squad” or “Brush Duo” which includes the Liquid Chisel Brush + the Airbrush Blurring Concealer Brush!

In case you missed the previous spoilers:


Spoiler image credit to Brittney:

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 1.50.22 PM

What do you think of the April 2017 Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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  1. I hope I get the brushes (not the sponges!). I already have a ton of those sponges, and I don’t use them :0 lol I know a lot of people love them, but I’ve never taken to them, and I have several already from subs. I use a pressed powder compact foundation, and just a tiny amount of concealer around the eyes that I blend with my finger quickly.

    I’m fairly new to Boxy, but it’s been great so far. This month’s might not be my favorite box of theirs, but I’m sure the next one will be great as the others have been!

  2. I just saw someone unbox theirs on Youtube! The last items are a cargo lip gloss and hairgurt strawberry banana yogurt shampoo. I’m not sure if everyone is getting that, though.

    • I hope not! I already received the hair mask.

      • Ugh, I’m saturated with shampoos, but I’d love a hair mask! I’d love a Cargo lip gloss also!

    • yes, just saw the video too of the April unboxing, glad it is a gloss and shampoo, as the 4th & 5th items as you can never have enough of these items! I assume everyone’s box is the same.

  3. If anyone gets the sponges and don’t want them, I would love to swap for them! I’m shells on the forum 🙂

    • If anyone wants my sponges, I am willing to swap for the brushes! I love brushes for my makeup.

  4. Does anyone know how many people are on the waitlist? I signed up April 1st and am really hoping to get this month’s box. I’ve never been on a waitlist before, for this subscription.

    • That’s what happens when a box gets popular! There wasn’t a waitlist last year when I joined!

    • Did you sign up by referral ? Or just on your own ? I’ve been with them since box one I admin a page on fb and found that if you used referral it sometimes goes a lil bit quicker. If not I did see nonreferrals off waiting list within 1-2 months if there is big demand for box after sneak peeks..

      • On my own.

    • I’ve been on the waitlist since March 3rd so I’m assuming it’s a lloooonnnng list 🙁

      • I was on it for 2 weeks, got off today after emailing [email protected] telling that I knew others that got off before me. I would really recommend doing this if you want to get this month.

    • Hi i signed up last month in march and im just off the waitlist so I think ima get the April box

  5. As much as I love boxycharm, I would give my left boob for a bronzer instead of another highlighter. I already have more hghlighter than I will ever use in my entire life time. I live in the desert, it is already 90 degrees and summer here. Really wish there was a bronzer in this box.

    • You could try to use one of the darker shades in the contour palette as a cream bronzer! 🙂 (but I agree, lots of highlighters flying around right now)

      • That is a good idea! I was thinking about using the darker concealer colors in this box as contour shades or eyebrow fillers. It could work. :b

  6. Boxycharm read my MIND this month!!!

  7. Desperately hoping I get off the waitlist since I signed up in late March, but not holding my breath based on others’ experiences. I hate that Boxycharm doesn’t warn you about the waitlist. I didn’t know about it until I got an email saying waitlisted instead of ordered.

    • Same here, I signed up on Feb 16, was not aware of wait list, so my first box was March, I really wanted the Feb box, oh well, so my wait was 14 days to be exact.

  8. I will have to watch a video in order to convince myself to keep the sponges…lol. I have never used them before. Other than the sponges, I am super excited about this month’s box!!

    • You will love the sponges! There are tons of YouTube videos about how to use them and blogs as well. I will tell you that they work better damp. Squeeze it a few times under running water until the sponge has doubled in size and squeeze out all the excess water. Then dot your face with foundation and bounce the sponge all over your face until blended. It works much better bouncing it rather than swiping it. You can also use it to blend out concealer and cream contour and cream blush and you can even dip it in your loose setting powder and use the sponge to set/bake your face as well. Hope that gives you a rough idea how to use it 🙂

  9. I just LOVE Boxycharm!!! It’s my favorite subscription always A+ in my book!! So excited!!

  10. I’m glad I read the comments, I felt doomed to get more brushes. I’m very happy with what we are getting to far. I finally started messing with a bunch of my new makeup and found I mostly hated all the highlighters I have for different reasons. I’m dying to learn how to shade my face to make it look different so this will be awesome and I love sponges so I’m good 😊

  11. If you have not used a beauty sponge before it would benefit you to watch a you tube video on it. It teaches you a lot!

  12. I am a new subscriber and have not received marches box yet…. I was wait listed for a week then notified of being off ! So quickly ! I super excited to get two boxes in one month !! Never used sponges and not sure about the marches palette but REALLY excited !

    • Marchs palette is actually really pretty. Its not glittery at all its more metallic or foiled. Just keep in mind you don’t have to use all 3 together. When I just want something simple I’ll use my finger to put some of 1 color on my eyelids throw on some mascara and go. Its really pretty. I hope you love it 🙂

      • I agree. Today I used a shimmery bronze on my lids, then took just a bit of the olive green shade and popped it on the center of my eyelids. It’s a bit of color, but not too much and not glittery!

        • I poo poo’d that palette before but I think I would actually like the bronze and olive green if I tried it with a light touch. I’m very, very pale so I was more put off by the dark lip pencil and the lip stick, I think, than the palette.

    • I got off the waitlist the last week of March too! I’m super excited about getting both boxes, though I do hope I count as new enough for the brushes instead of the sponges – I’ve already got a silisponge and a blender.

  13. I got one of the PUR sponges after Kathleenlights said she loved it. Now the PUR sponge is my favourite sponge ever. At first I didn’t love it because it’s much more sense than the Beauty Blender & real techniques sponge but once I got the hang of how to use it, I’ve been so in love. Definitely the only sponge I’ll be buying from now on. If you don’t love it at first, give it a few more tries.

    • Do you have any tips to share with first time users? 😀

      • Run under water and squeeze it while you do. Then once it has doubled in size squeeze the water out. The sponge gets bigger and soaks up less makeup this way. It’s the best way to use it.

      • Also, you get a better application if you bounce it all over your face rather than swiping it. I use a RealTechniques sponge when I apply foundation and it looks so much better than applying with a brush in my opinion. And is faster. I’m excited to try the PÜR one. You can apply your foundation directly to the sponge or dot your face and bounce away. The pointy end is great for getting under your eyes and around your brows. I also use it to blend out concealer and if you use cream contour or cream blush, it’s great for blending out those products as well. Hope that helps a bit. If all else fails, Google “how to use a beauty blender” and you will find lots of helpful info.

  14. When will Boxycharm put out name brand products again that we know and love like Tarte? I joined for this reason and seems like right after I did I was back to getting brands that just aren’t on the same level like with other subscriptions.

    • Pur and Ofra are both very well known companies, Pur especially. Broaden your horizons.

    • Pur is a amazing brand sold at ulta.. it is a high end brand.. ofra is amazing as well but more of a YouTube brand..

    • Pur is a big brand.

    • Ok Pur, yes, but Ofra not on the same level. Same brand that Ipsy likes to send out. I am just saying I would love to see more brands that are known and trusted , but their new products so we can see if we like them. I am ok with “broadening my horizons,” but I am also wanting the things I joined for in the first place.

      • What exactly did you join for? I joined to get full sized makeup items for $21 a month. You never know what brands your going to get and frankly, for the products we get every month, $21 is a steal for these! That makes each item cost us a little over $4 a month for over quadruple what we pay in value. Ofra is a great brand. Their formula is amazing! I reach for my ofra liquid lipstick and my ofra highlighter over my Tarte products anyday. These sub boxes are about exploring brands and products you haven’t tried before and falling in love with different things. You may not love every single product every month, but that’s the fun of sub boxes and I’m sure if you don’t love a product, you can give it to a family member/friend, swap it, or sell it on eBay. Those ofra highlighters retail for like $35 so if it’s not something you’d like, sell it on eBay and that just paid for your box this month. Try to be optimistic. Its supposed to be fun!

      • I like how everyone is getting upset about YOUR opinion. I joined beauty subscriptions because I only grab brands I know and would like to try different things. But I totally get your statement my signing specifically to Boxycharm was because I liked the products in the march box I wasn’t aware of a waiting list, so needless to say I was upset. I do hope we both start seeing more well Known higher end brands Like smashbox, Tarte , Anastasia. Lets pray for May 🙂

        • Sorry, not trying to sound rude at all, but the whole point of sub boxes is to try new brands and products you wouldn’t normally buy yourself. And to fall in love with new brands and products. And I don’t want to bust your bubble, but I’ve been subbed since September last year and have never received a Tarte or an Anastasia product. The only smashbox I’ve received was that small primer last month and I didn’t even like it. Although I hope to see brands like mentioned above, I don’t expect it at all and am not upset at the products I’ve received or the products I will receive because I’ve found tons of new favorites thanks to boxycharm. Its all about stepping out of your comfort zone. 🙂

          • If you all are really wanting name brands, the box you might want is Sephora’s Play! box. I just received a small Tarte item in that box. That box always sends out name brands. Always.

            I don’t recall ever seeing Anastasia in a sub box, but my memory could be mistaken, that does happen sometimes 🙂 The PopSugar Must Have box had a TooFaced eyebrow palette once, a year or two ago, I believe, unless I mistaken?

            Often, if you want a specific name brand, you might as well order it, instead of paying for a few months for a sub, and receiving random items.

            I’ve been very pleased with my Boxycharm sub in comparison to my other subs, it’s an incredible value. I’ve been with Ipsy for over 5 years, and I’m pretty disappointed lately with their lack of customer service and not responding to emails.

            Boxy is exceeding my expectations. I also love Sephora Play!, but I really enjoy the name brands–you might also. That’s also why I love Boxy, it’s a great value. The brands they include are pretty high value, and cult favorites. I really loved the Makeup Geek palette and eye shadow pans a couple months ago – I didn’t have any yet, and was really excited to try those. That is the kind of stuff Boxycharm has that I love!

          • Thank you for the other sub. suggestions. I will have to check them out. I have a couple now and have had Boxycharm for a few years, but back then they DID send Tarte and other name brand products (why I joined) not just you tube cult faves so it is a bit disappointing. Anyway, going to check out your suggestions and again thanks.

          • I have had Boxy for a few years now and they used to send out Tarte and such products in the past. I am all for trying new brands, but if we are getting the same brands every other month or so is it really new? Also, I have no problem with stepping out of my comfort zone, but I would like to do it with different brands and their new products😉

        • Thank you! I hope May is amazing. I would love the brands Boxycharm used to put out mixed with the ones that are totally new. Like I said in another comment these brands put out new stuff all the time and I would love to see some of that in our boxes like they used to do.

  15. I’m definitely getting the sponges (Boxy subscriber for over 2 years) and I am curious about their performance. Would have preferred the brushes but I’m hoping I’m pleasantly surprised!

    • Same! I could really use those brushes, but it’s already an amazing box with the other spoilers!

  16. I’m a current rather than new subscriber, and my ideal box would’ve been combination of brush and sponge rather than three sponges…but it’s certainly generous. Thank you Boxycharm.

    • At first I just saw the picture and thought maybe everyone would receive one sponge (colors vary) and a brush/duo. You’re right, value is always insane with Boxycharm!

  17. I’d like the highlighter and concealer palatte. Looks good but I don’t have boxycharm. I’m sure I’ll find something on swap. 😉

    • I will b swapping mine.

  18. Oh wow… I need off the waitlist!!

    • Write them it really does help😃

      • I have, I keep getting an auto response saying they can’t tell me the wait time. Ugh.

  19. I have one of the sponges, and it just not working for me. I hope I receive brushes even so I am not a new subies.

    • It says only new subs get the brushes. You deffo won’t unless you unsubscribe and try resigning.

      • Is second month considered as new subs ?

    • i’m hoping i’m new enough that a brush arrives. I already have the sponges, they’re great! You never know 😉 If anyone wants to swap let me know! Also don’t wear concealer but it would be interesting to use them as eyeshadow primers.

  20. What’s considered a new subscriber? This is my 5tg or 6th box in a row? Seems like tge ones that stick around should get the brushes in my opinion.

    • A new subscriber would be if this is your first box.

    • agreed!!!

    • It seems like we get a lot of brushes from Boxycharm. I’m sure these brushes will come by again for those of us who aren’t new subscribers.

  21. Yay, this is a great spoiler. The beauty blender 3-set is so cute.

  22. I’ve never used beauty sponges before. They look really cute, like Easter eggs. Can these be used with the concealer?

    • Yes! Concealer, foundation, cream blush, highlight, powder, contour… everything! 😁👏

      • Great! Looking forward to trying these.😃

    • Me neither! So I’m super-excited to try these.

  23. Oh, those sponges would be soooo cute in an Easter basket! Is there any hope to get these before Easter? I just got last months, it shipped pretty late.

    • Im hoping to get this box before Easter. I think we got our boxes so late last month due to that crazy winter storm and it threw off their shipping groove. Hopefully everything will be back on track this month.

  24. I would be super excited about this spoiler but not even 2 minutes before I saw the spoiler, I ordered the 2 pack of Real her blenders from the FFF warehouse sale… Oh well, bad timing on my part.

    • FFF was kind enough to cancel my order since I ordered the palette what was on the fall box. So, now, I wont have too many sponges or a duplicate palette. Yay for FFF cancelling my order and yay for Boxy including awesome products that, evidentally, I would,have purchased anyway!

  25. Love all the spoilers so far. I was actually looking forward to the concealer palette. Hope that was a true spoiler & will still be included in our box. <3

  26. I think the sponges look like Easter eggs. Love it <3

    • I was thinking the same thing. 🙂 If was a subscriber, I’d want those just for that reason (then I’d gift them since I don’t use makeup sponges. haha)

  27. I would be happy with the brushes or the sponges.

  28. Excited for either one…love the spring colors!

  29. I’m crossing my fingers for the sponges but would be able to use the brushes if I get them.

  30. really hoping for the brushes! boxycharm is so worth it in my opinion!

  31. I received last month’s box late and I’m set to receive this month’s box on Wednesday, just two week’s after the March box. I’m not complaining.

    Are these sponges only for contouring or can I use them for something else?

    • Dang! You already got shipping notification for April? So jealous!! Lol

    • Sorry forgot to answer your question. These sponges can be used for so much! Applying foundation and blending out concealer and blending out cream contour or cream blushes and even for setting/baking your undereyes. I have the RealTechniques sponge now and after I do my foundation and concealer I use the pointy end while it’s still damp and press it into my loose setting powder then press it into my undereye area and leave it sit until I do my eyeshadow then I sweep away the excess powder and eyeshadow fallout with a powder brush. If you didn’t know, the sponges apply best when they’re damp. Hope that answers your question 🙂

  32. Never used, but that’s what these boxes are all about, trying get new things!!

    • Right? That’s how I feel too. I don’t want to just get everything I already use, in the colors I’m comfortable with, from all the brands I already know. It’s the discovery! Otherwise, I would use the $$$ I spend on sub boxes to just buy stuff.

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