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BeautyFIX April 2017 FULL Spoilers + $5 Coupon!

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We have the FULL spoilers for the April 2017 BeautyFIX subscription box!

Each box will include:

BeautyFIX April Full Box Items Revealed

What do you think of the April BeautyFIX spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for BeautyFIX yet, they are offering a special deal just for MSA readers. For a limited time, use coupon code BFADDICTION to save $5 off your first box! (Your first box will be the April box!)

BeautyFix is $24.95 a month. Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.

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  1. So I emailed customer support because since joining in November I have always been charged on the first. This was the response:

    “Thank you so much for reaching out to us. We are happy to confirm that nothing is wrong with your account, we have yet to release this months BeautyFIX box. You should be charged for this months box by next week. We apologize for the confusion.”

    So apparently we have to wait until next week! I’ve never seen spoilers take this long!

    • Thank you so much for the update ! I guess now I’ll quit stalking my email for the spoilers & just patiently wait 🙂

  2. I’m hoping someone will see this. Has anyone else not been billed for May yet? No spoilers still and haven’t been charged. They normally ship on the first. It’s making me nervous!

    • I haven’t been billed but I have a memo of when my subs charge. It says they charged last month on the 3rd. I’ve been waiting for spoilers too! I don’t think anything is up with your account. I’d give it til the rest of the week to charge and ship.

      • Thank you for your response! Feel better now!

    • I haven’t been billed yet either. I just looked back at my last 6 months history of their billing & the latest they have billed me was on the 3rd day of a few months. Hopefully today we can see some spoilers at least !

    • I am longing for at lest one spoiler but think because they are pushing Mother’s Day box we won’t get til Friday if we are lucky! Come on BeautyFix have a heart and throw us a tiny spoil!!!

  3. I wish boxes would learn not to include any items, especially facial creams in jars!

  4. I got my beautyfix a few weeks ago and I loved everything in it as usual they never disappoint & the lipstick was beautiful a perfect berry red that I think would flatter anyone just apply lightly for more of a lip stain effect . Looking forward to my next beauty fix

  5. Got my box today and love every single item in it. I love how they mix hair, skin and make up product. I have not tried lipstick yet, but I am sure I can bled it with something to make it wearable. Skipping mother day mystery box, because every month it is like a mystery surprise with BeautyFix, never disappointed.

  6. This was my second box and I’m canceling. I have dry sensitive skin and it seems the majority of the products are anti aging and too activating to work with my kind of skin. The bright red lipstick was pretty unwearable- seriously neon. They need to customize these boxes by skin type. Bye beautyfix….

  7. Can anyone tell me if the Juice Beauty moisturizer has AHA? I was reading somewhere that it did, but I’m kind of a skincare noob so I’m kind of struggling with deciphering the ingredients.

    • I think it does I went to the website and saw this:
      Rich in vitamins; potent tartaric alpha-hydroxy acid, rich in resveratrol antioxidants to help promote beautiful skin.

      I am very excited to try this, I got my box yesterday. I may even try the red lipstick after all and mix it with something else…though it’s up on swap for now. Everything else looks great!
      Love Beauty Fix!!

  8. I’m in love with VENeffects lip treatment. Willing to purchase your sample. I’m also selling the Juice Beauty for $20 with shipping included if anyone is interested.

  9. Received my box today…I love all the products. The lipstick is my favorite. I thought it would be to bright for me but it’s not like any other red lipstick. It’s a beautiful color with a great texture. And it just somehow looks fabulous on my lips. Love this. So excited. Thank you so much. One more thing. I just ordered this box on Wednesday and it was delivered today. Go figure. Love you Beautyfix.

    • Isn’t that lipstick amazing? I look awful in red lipstick…but somehow this one works. It’s the awesome part of beauty boxes, finding items I never would have tried otherwise. Unfortunately, that also somehow translated to my buying the full size By Terry rose lip balm from a couple months ago.

  10. I cannot find any web information on the Luzern products and the link from the spoiler takes you to Beautyfix, but only lists a sunscreen product. Any one have any information/comments on these new products?

    • High end Swiss products. I have loved every one that’s been in a box and traded for more. it’s luzernlabs dot com

    • It’s a luxe Swiss skincare line that’s used/sold in places like Canyon Ranch. I started using their products a few years ago on the recommendation of my aesthetician, and I absolutely love them. If you google Luzern Laboratories, you’ll find their website if you want more info!

      They use a lot of botanical ingredients and the products are free of what they call the “toxic 12” ingredients (Benzoyl peroxide, DEA, MEA, and TEA, Dioxin, DMDM Hydrantoin and Urea, FD&C Color and Pigments, Parabens, PEG, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Butylene, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sunscreen chemicals, Triclosan)…

      I use the Force de Vie cream & Alpine toner every day, and love all the serums I’ve tried so far. Their lip treatment is that only thing I’ve tried so far that I wasn’t crazy about.

  11. I am loving this box so much!!! I have a deep brownish res lipstick and it really works well wirh the lipstick! A surprise since I share skin tone wirhvLupitw Nyongo. am so glad I subscribed and this month is a real winner. I have much nerve since I have a drawer full of cleansers and mositerizer ma but I am happy for this new box. Woohoo!

    • You must have beautiful skin. She is so lovely.

  12. Gave in and signed up yesterday, and got my tracking email today!! That was fast. So happy they realized I’m impatient lol.

  13. I got mine yesterday! Not my favorite BeautyFix ever but I’m not a fan of that Alterna cream or Juice Beauty so the full size jar doesn’t excite too much. And I just can’t do bright red/orange lip colors.

    The rest of it I’ll use though. I’ve liked the other Skyn gels I’ve tried.

  14. Got my box! (almost said got my fix but that sounds wrong). Fabulous box, brand, value and usefulness-wise. Each month I’m torn as to weather I should look at the spoilers and the comments or resist and let the box be a surprise. I resisted this time but it was difficult.

    If you can’t find the Luzern mask right away, it shares a box with the other Luzern item. My lipstick is Poppy. And the cc cream is for hair not skin (hence the lack of tint, puzzle solved).

    • I love that Alterna CC cream. I use it every day!! So happy to have a deluxe sample for travel 🙂

    • I got mine today too! With the same Poppy color. I also thought it would be CC cream for the skin. Still love the box though.

  15. Disappointed. The first three spoilers – juice, honest, 100% pure – made me think this was going to be a natural themed beauty box this month. Nooooope.

  16. I got my box today and for those asking, I got the lipstick in the color Poppy. It’s a very bright orangey red. It’s the only item I’m not crazy about simply because of the color. It’s ironic that the “anti-aging” lipstick came in a color that I’ve only ever seen on my 90 year old Great Grandmother. Lol. I soooo wish it had came in a nude or a pale pink, or even a nice rich wine color…anything more wearable than orangey red. Oh well, maybe I can tone it down with a brown liner. Everything else in the box is awesome!

    • Try on the lipstick first, you might be surprised how good it’s going to look. That’s what happened to me. I love it so much now. It last a long time too. It’s very beautiful.

      • So true. The poppy lipstick is surprisingly attractive on. Got serious compliments today. This month’s box is amaze.

  17. This box looks fantastic! I love Juice Beauty and I can’t wait to try all the other items. So glad I settled on this box over the others offered at the same price point.

  18. I’m getting two boxes. I usually get more excited when I see the goods in person. Hopefully there is a variety of lip colors handed out. If anyone ever finds out, please post!

    • Omg your going to love the red poppy lipstick. Your going to be surprised how beautiful it is.

    • I got poppy and tried it on- horrible orange red !

  19. I must be the only one underwhelmed. Juice is hit or miss for me me but I hope I get that red lipstick. BF is still my favorite box but this month was just “eh” for me. Maybe I’ll get it and fall in love, just not now. Not to mention I hate my box getting shipped before spoilers!

  20. pretty darn excited for this box!

  21. Way to make it harder for me to resist, BeautyFix.

    I will continue, but this is the BF I love but have been missing as of late. Last few boxes have been a bit of a miss until this month.

  22. Wonder_of_glam,

    If you are reading, or if anybody else who received their box is reading….. what color of the 100% Pure lip product did you receive? On the website, it looks like all of the color variations have the same color case, so you wouldn’t be able to tell from the pic above…

    • I got my box today and got the shade Poppy. It’s a very bright orangey red :-/

    • I received the Poppy shade as well.

    • I received Poppy as well. Not impressed with this month’s box at all. Actually, very disappointed since the last 2 boxes were excellent. Going to stay on board with bf, since it really is the best beauty box for the money.

    • I received poppy. I thought at first it was to bold. Until I tried it on. It’s a different kind of red. And has a creamy texture that last awhile. The poppy is this beautiful red I’ve never seen before and I’m a make up artist. It also comes in this very cute lipstick tube with a pomagranite on it and you open it up and out pops the beautiful red lipstick tube. The lipstick is a must. Really is.

  23. Yaaaaaas. Can’t wait to try those skyn patches!

  24. Well I was gone for two boxes but I am back! Things looked blah for a bit but I hope this is just a preview of what the next few months will be like. Beautyfix was always my fave! I am thrilled about April’s box.

  25. I so wanted to subscribe, but they don’t accept Canadian credit cards. So, even with the American shipping address, I am still out…

    • Hi! I think they take PayPal, and I’m not sure how that would work but if they take PayPal and PayPal takes your card I think you’d be able get it. Only risk is PayPal charging you some kind of conversion fee? Just an idea, not sure if you tried that!

      • Thank you!

      • I tried to check out today with PayPal and the function is not working. I contacted customer service and they said its “glitchy” and I could call but they do not accept PayPal over the phone.
        Does anyone know how easy it is to cancel the sub? I hate to sign up without PayPal….

        • My understanding is that they will not accept paypal for the ongoing subscription. The paypal button disappears when you add the ongoing subscription to your cart. I asked them why and they told me that they will not accept paypal for the ongoing sub. 🙁

    • They won’t accept paypal for ongoing subscriptions, just the one time box orders and those are $10 more =$34.95. You can often get 20% off codes that can work on those though.

      What I did (i’m Canadian with a US mailing address too) is buy one of those prepaid USA Visa gift cards when I was over there. I registered my USA address on the gift card website (free to do) and now my subscription fee is subtracted from the balance on the card monthly. When it is zero balance i will buy another. I use these Visa gift cards on the sites that will not take a Canadian address.

  26. Beautyfix had me at Full Size Moisturizer because I ran out and it costs more than the box, plus all the other skin care products in it – wow such an amazing box. Might just be my monthly favorite box now.

  27. Does beautyfix have a points program thing like ipsy has where you get points for reviewing that you can use to get other items?

    I really want this box!

    • Yes! You have to sign up on the website under rewards. I got 125 pts for this months box and another 150 for sharing a post on fb.

  28. Omg this box is so good. I can’t wait!

  29. Love it!!!

  30. Wow. That’s a great box. I’ve wanted to try the Juice Beauty moisturizer, and that lippie looks great for summer. And I’ve subscribed.

  31. Awesome box!!

  32. Can’t wait!

  33. Happy with the box. Always something to discover. The only thing is missing – beauty tool.

  34. I love every single one in the box! This is my second box and I am so glad I subscribed this box~

    • It’s a great box and I’ve honestly never been disappointed. Now saying that I will say this, I am not excited for the juice beauty moisturizer. We got it several months back and I still have it almost untouched because it breaks me out for some odd reason. I really want to love the product but it just doesn’t do it for me. But that’s OK because I know this awesome swap site and I’m sure somebody will love it 😉

      • Jenn you can always use it on your body and neck. That’s what I do with all the creams that I do not use on my face. My body needs some TLC too 😉

        • That’s exactly what I do with facial moisturizers that don’t work well for my face. I’m using a Tatcha moisturizer(another box) on my neck and arms that was way too oily for my face.

          I got this box today. I’m not a Juice beauty fan so will be using as body lotion. I always love to try new eye creams and Dermalogica is a great brand. I’ve tried the Alterna CC cream and it doesn’t work well for my hair. The Honest balm is ok. Normally I enjoy Luzern but this cream doesn’t smell very good. I’ve used the Skyn eye patches and they’re great so I’m excited to try these face gels. My favorite item is the Veneffect lip treatment. It feels great and smells nice too!

  35. Liz do you or anyone else know if the honest item is fullsize?

    • it is full size

      • Thanks so much ❤️💜💚💙💛
        I’m excited now!

        This is a good, solid box that doesn’t disopoint.

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