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Beauty Report Limited Edition Beauty Box FULL SPOILERS (Box C)

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UPDATE: Several readers have reported receiving products that are expired in this box. Please check your box when you receive it. I’ll update when we know more.

Thanks, Cindy, for sharing these spoilers for theΒ Beauty Report Limited Edition BoxΒ (Version C)

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The Box:Β Beauty Report Limited Edition Box

The Cost: $29

The Products: More than 15 full, deluxe and travel sized products. (Items may vary from what is shown in the picture.)

  • Supplements: Lumity, Nutrafol and Biotin Bursts
  • Airelle Skin Care
  • CBD for Life (full size but low value item)
  • Colorscience Sunforgettable (sunscreen powder)
  • Dermelect Cosmeceuticals
  • Epicuren Discovery
  • Eufora International Leave-In Repair Treatment (full size)
  • Go Smile
  • Grande Cosmetics Bat your Lashes (full size)
  • Meder Usa Sheet Mask
  • Meg 21 sample kit
  • Obagi Medical Retinol
  • Parodi Hand Cream
  • Purlisse
  • Skin Inc.

What do you think of the spoilers? If you get Box A or B please share the spoilers with us!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. How many full-size products were in this box?

    • I really need some help…my original payment was declined on 4/11..I still do not know why, I called on the 19th, and my payment went through…I haven’t heard a word since. When I called I got a very vague response until today. The rep I spoke to said she will not hear back with a tracking number til Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.. I am frustrated to say the least, really want to cancel, but figure I will have to do battle for my money back. Really wanted this box…Grrrr..any advice..

      • I had the same thing happen to me…but my credit card was correct, went from “A” box to b…nice…… I now have tracking number, but still haven’t received my box……keep on them, you will get it, I think it lies with the company they have doing this promotion, they suck. ps. I sent emails instead of calling it seemed to get a better response than calling, and I attached copies of my billing ect…ect…

  2. If anyone does not want their Lumity supplements, please contact me as I am going to give them a try. cpl 100 (@hotmail. com) Remove spaces and parentheses.

  3. Hey Liz
    I’ve been trying to order this box for three days now. Every time time after I press “o.k.” on the final screen, I get a message saying they are having problems with their credit card processing system. I’ve tried 3 cards, debit and credit and tried from both my phone and laptop and get the same message. Their website was no help, either. Do you know is there any other way to order?
    Thank you kindly,
    Jess Balliet

    • You should probably try contacting them directly using whatever means they provided (if any, i.e., chat, email). They’ll have to address the issue either way.

      • Ladies if you got box A then you was one of the first 500 I just received email confirming Box A is is first 500!!!!!

      • I couldn’t find a contract email. Does anyone have a customer service number? I can’t be the only person having this problem since I’ve tried both phone and laptop and three different cards.

        • OMG they are sold out was sold out the next day. That’s why they won’t take your money they are sold out! Not trying to be mean but that’s just the facts.

        • I’m pretty sure they sold out long ago. There’s a post (several, in fact) on one of the spoilers pages where someone indicated they contacted CS and were told there are no boxes left.

          • Thanks. That could be the reason for many problem and why muy email went unturned.

        • 1-818-487-4500 or 1-818-487-2049 tell them you are calling about the New Beauty- Beauty Report Box.

    • I know a couple days after I ordere maybe two days I was checking to see if my box shipped and they was sold out it said so on the screen maybe they took it down or found a few more boxes. I would think your cc would go thru if they had boxes to offer I had no problem with ordering

    • This box is sold out!!!! I even emailed them to make sure. I’m not sure why their order form is still up, but don’t bother.. their sold out. They were sold out the next day they went on sale.

  4. My box says it weighs 4.5lbs and I’m getting box C. I’m not even getting my hopes up till I get my box on Thursday.

  5. Is this a one time purchase? If so I’m definitely interested.

  6. I am not at all satisfied with my box. Why are there 3 different boxes? They should have said that boxes will vary. Aparently B is better than C and we havent even heard from A + their dermaflash. This sucks

    • If you like box B better than C, there are a couple of items I’d love to swap with you! I like both, but prefer C to B. I’d love to get your:

      Grande mascara
      and perhaps the Skin Inc items depending on what they are

      for items in A, or other stuff in my swap list. Particularly if you are interested in the Farmhouse Fresh Organics Island Elixir Shea Butter Hand Cream, Michael Todd Beauty Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub, Trufora Titanium Day Cream SPF 30, and either or both lip treatments!

      • If you’re on the swap site, click on my name for my profile. If not, email me at mystic @ gmail . com (delete the spaces)

    • I agreee. Very misleading and i had been charged 2x for one box. Grrrr

  7. I just looked mine up and it said i’m getting box A. Should be here on Thursday.

    • How did you look it up?

  8. Do they also own BeautifiedYou or is it just a coincidence that they both use those organza bags for smaller samples?

  9. Hi Liz, I have received my box b and would like to share the info with ppl who are anxious about the box content.
    Is there a way I can email you the pics? Thanks πŸ™‚
    @Liz Cadman

    • That would be awesome! Can you email me? [email protected]

      Thanks so much, Dayan!

      • Just sent. Hope it’s not too late πŸ™‚

    • Please share πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for sharing! Are you happy with it?

      • TBH, I’m not familiar with most of the brands, but after a quick research, at least just 3 of the contents are worth more than the cost of the box.
        Babo lip tint (4.2 g) full size?
        Farmhouse island elixir hand cream (71 ml)
        Gavee gold peptides (8 ml) deluxe size?

        • That sounds promising! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • Ahhh so excited!!!

  10. Why does the CBD for Life say (full size but low value item) in parenthesis? It’s a $35 cream which more than pays for the box. I am super stoked to see a box promoting CBD products!

    • Lol I think Liz just copy/pasted what the commentor who posted the spoilers wrote as her own commentary/opinion without realizing it. Good catch though!

  11. I am getting box A and it weighs 3.7 lbs. I have also confirmed that I am one of the first 500. My box should arrive Thursday.

    • How did you confirm that you’re one of the 500? I ordered 3 boxes and all of them are Box A. Curious to know if I’m also one of the 500. Thanks!

    • Was wondering if the beauty report boxes are still available to order? I went to go order and it said boxes will start shipping out on April 10th. So does that mean the boxes are sold out? Idk what I should do. It doesn’t say sold out. Hmmmm…

      • Why don’t you fill out the order form and submit, if they charge your card that means it’s not sold out.
        Although they didn’t charge my card until a few days late When you get were ready to ship.

        • Ok thank you.
          Did you get your box yet? If so,how long did it take?

    • My Box A weighs 3.6. I wonder if I made the top 500? I purchased within minutes of Liz posting about it. I can’t wait to get my box!!!

  12. I wonder if box b is just the free gift beauty tool and maybe your real box will ship after? 1.8lbs seems so small for 15 items πŸ€”

    • Mine says 1.7lb. It does seems so light compared to the other ones πŸ˜”

      • I’m also box B – 1.9 lbs. Should arrive Thursday.

        I think C looks great and now I’m worried…

    • I emailed customer service awhile back and they told me I wasn’t one of the first 500 to get the free gift, and I’m getting box B….

    • I’m getting box B and customer service told me that I was not in the first 500 and would not be getting the freebie. Hopefully as people get their boxes they will post what was is there box and the curiosity can stop killing us!

  13. I have box A. Got shipping email the other day but there is no update at the FedEx site so I have no idea when it’s coming. Not sure what to think of box C. I don’t know a lot of the names. Fingers crossed it’s a good box

  14. box a weigh 4 lbs , not b and c.

  15. Does this box ship via USPS?

    • Please disregard. I found my shipping confirmation. My shipment is 7.5 lbs. I’m assuming that’s because I ordered 2 boxes.

      • I emailed after placing my order and I am supposed to be getting the DermaFlash

  16. I think it looks great for $29!!! I’m getting B, surely it won’t be a dud πŸ˜“

  17. I tried to order this box but got an error message. It said that they had a connection problem with the credit card processors and to try again later.

    • Sold out, arent they? I thought they were…..

      • Not sure. I didn’t get a sold out message.

  18. I am getting Box B – it says it only weighs 1.8 lbs. I am also confused. I ordered this a really long time ago. So does that count as the first 500 boxes? Anyone? When I got the email I had totally forgotten that I had ordered this box.

    • I just checked, I’m getting Box A and my shipping notification says it weighs 3.6 lbs.

      • I’m getting box A and it says it’s 3.8 lbs. I wonder if I was one of the first 500…

        • Maybe you are because mine is only 3.5 pounds.

    • My box B says it’s only .58 pounds :/

  19. I’d be disappointed with this box. I’m getting Box B so I hope it’s quite different. The brands seem disappointing to me. I wouldn’t expect that any box would have all the brands shown in the promo, but I think the retinol is the only thing that’s included in this box?

    • Im getting box B too. This box c spoiler isnt really wowing me either, so im curious to see what a&b are gonna contain.

  20. Does this mean Box B is gonna suck? It only weighs 1.8 oz and I will be disappointed if it is mainly little samples.

    • Ugh oh… I’m getting box b too…
      Didn’t realize it’s so light until you pointed it out…
      Especially box c weighs over 4 Ibs…
      4+ vs 1.8… Seems like box b receivers like me are pretty much deemed doomed… Dxxg it… 😩

  21. I’m getting box A yaaay maybe that’s the best one meaning the first ppl to order get A because their was supposed to be a expensive gift for the first 500 ppl!

  22. Considering that I almost ordered the travel size of Colorscience brush on sunscreen for $25 at Sephora to give it a try, I am pretty pleased to be getting this box for $29!

  23. FYI the Euphora alone is selling for $27.49 on eBay!

  24. I’m not to impressed with box C.. I’m getting Box B and have my fingers crossed that it’s amazing. , I’m so happy they were sold out because after realizing there are 3 different boxes, I was going to order another one, for box C. I wouldn’t have been a happy camper..

    • I’m getting A but would have been very happy with this one. Incredible RV and lots of new stuff to try, as I’d expect from new beauty.
      Why are you disappointed?

      • Well.. for myself, RV is not as important as if I would actually use the items or not, and out of this box.. I would probably only use 3 or 4 of the items. So, I just hope Box B will have more of the items I’d be interested in.

  25. FYI the Euphora alone is selling for $27.49 on eBay!

  26. Wow! A lot of items for $29! This is what I am getting. No wonder it weighs over 4 lbs.! A really nice variety!

    • Now it’s making sense. I’m also getting c and it is 4.5lbs. I was so confused.

  27. I don’t know, I think it looks pretty good! Those items in the organza bags look like multiple samples from meg21, purlise, and whatever that brand in the bag on the right are! Yeah they look like smallish deluxe samples, but there are 2 or 3 of them for each brand, meaning I think there’s a total of 19-20 items total, or think of them as together each a large “deluxe” sample. I’m also pretty sure that Obagi is 1 oz and full size, which puts it at $61. And there’s a TON of value in those supplements.

    • Obagi is $32 @ walmart site (1 oz)

  28. I think this box is amazing… I am happy I took the chance.

  29. I have yet to even receive shipping πŸ™ I called customer service and was told I would get a shipping notice by the end of the week. I don’t know what to expect, as I ordered as soon as it was posted for sale.

    • Me too Anna. I have emailed them last week and they replied that it has been shipped and I will receive a tracking soon. My order was#6527-1 and reading back on the past reviews people in that range were the first 500? I have not had great luck with getting any response back from them lately.

  30. Thanks Cindy! Are you happy with it?

    I was not sure what to expect. I’m box A. I wonder if the other boxes will be the same?

    • I have mixed feelings about it. As a skin care box, I don’t really love it. Quite disappointed on the full size moisturizer. However, after reading about the Lumity supplements, I have decided to try them. If I love them, the box will have been worth it because of the value of that item alone. I wish the sunscreen powder was in ‘light’ so I could try it. Even with a tan, I am fair.

  31. Was hoping this was like the newbeauty awards box. A little dissapointing.

  32. I didn’t realize it said the box on our email, I just looked and I should be receiving box A. I want to see the spoilers for box A! πŸ™‚

  33. How do you know which box you get?

    • It says it on your shipping confirmation email. It’s listed following the name of the item you bought.

  34. Me too

  35. Finally a pic! Yeeiihh! (Im getting this box)

  36. Eek, I hope box A is better than C.

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