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POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Resort 2017 Box SPOILER #2

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We have another spoiler for the POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Resort box! (FYI – there are fewer than 300 boxes left!)

Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.31.42 PM

POPSUGAR sent me this spoiler, too, so I can answer any questions you might have about it.


CC Skye Coral Beaded Bali Necklace with Antique Gold Charms – Value $95


This can be worn long or doubled up. Here it is on:


And in case you missed the first spoiler:


Roberta Roller Rabbit Beach Shrug – Retail Value $95


It has an open front, and the back has a strap across it.


It’s made with 100% cotton, and the fabric is sheer and lightweight, so it has a flowy vibe!


POPSUGAR sent us this spoiler early so I can answer any questions you might have about it!


Here it is on to give you a better sense of how it looks on:


And I recommend you check out their tutorial on this shrug, too! (Lots of ways to wear this piece!)

What do you think of the latest spoiler?

More on this box if you are interested in buying one:

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Resort Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: It’s the season to relax and reinvigorate. Start by planning a dreamy getaway. Then kick off your luxurious lounging in style with our curated box of travel essentials. Whether it’s a beachside resort or your own backyard, feel and look fab wherever you go.

Boxes will be shipped by March 20 via FedEx SmartPost.

Are you going to grab a Resort box? Check out my review of the 2016 POPSUGAR Resort boxmy review of the 2015 POPSUGAR Resort Box, and my review of the 2014 POPSUGAR Resort Box to see what has been in past boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Learned my lesson (the hard way) with the Christmas NM box. The wallet and bookends are still in NM box unopened.

  2. I just clicked on the link for the necklace which led me to the CC SKYE website and I must say I am shocked at some of the prices for pieces that look so cheap. I keep wanting to try popsugar, but every spoiler I see is a no. I’m so glad I keep waiting for spoilers to come out. I would never blindly buy this box after seeing the past ones

  3. I’m glad I ordered it, and I loved last years box! The jewelry designer always makes nice and long lasting pieces, I’ve got a few other things from her. I happen to just love coral jewelry and I’ve got a few other things made from coral that I’ve had for years. I also happen to wear orange well and lots of shades of blue which I frequently do during summertime, so I’m looking forward to getting this piece. The price really isn’t really overinflated. I can take or leave the cover up but it’ll get some wear, I like what Liz did just popping it on w her jeans… can’t wait to see what else is inside… mine shipped

  4. I guess I was one of the few who loved last years Resort box and also loved the LE summer box. I wear last years Pom bracelet everyday and love the high quality of it and how well it has lasted me for a year!im so excited for this years cover up and love this necklace that I plan to wear as a bracelet too! It may seem over priced but I’ve learned that the products are of the highest quality! It is a Resort box so I expected beach products and have a trip to Florida coming up so I couldn’t pass up on this box and am so excited to get great items to rock on the beach. They are also perfect for the pool and for summer time. I can’t wait for the Limited Edition Summer box to come out as it was amazing last year! They are pricey boxes but I would have never have otherwise purchased these items for almost $100 a piece! The box may seem light but these two spoilers only weigh a few oz. can’t wait to see what else is in the box!

  5. I see why they don’t send out spoilers too early. Not very enticing, I’m glad I passed on this.

  6. I’m a little worried y’all! My box is on the way (exciting), but it’s lite. It’s only 3.6 pounds. I feel like these two items above are going to be the high value items, and I like them, (they are light) but what other light weighted items are in the box? The boxes themselves weigh 1 pound lol. Overall, I’m excited and I’m going to love this box. I’m not keeping any of it, I bought the box to give as a gift, but if there was something really heavy or just super amazing that I could use, I’d keep it. Hope you all get yours soon! I’m excited to get mine next week.

    • Maybe we will get a gift card for swimwear?

  7. I almost got this box because I missed out on the great winter box but yikes. The RT value on these 2 items is laughable. If this were a regular monthly box it would be one thing, but a LE? If I bought it I would be so upset.

  8. Well it looks like this year’s resort box is going to be just as terrible as last years. I wasn’t subscribed to Pop Sugar in 2015 but that resort box was amazing and I guess I purchased this one because I keep hoping they’ll go back to that type of box, something more vacation/travel oriented instead of just beachy. Not everyone goes to Jamaica on vacation Pop Sugar.

    More often than not, I keep giving away more of what I get in my Pop Sugar boxes than I keep but, as it was my first subscription box ever, I can’t seem to bring myself to cancel :/

    • I never keep my psmh boxes. I store them until Christmas and give everything away, except food! My kids keep whatever food items come. I bought this box in hopes of adding some fun to the boxes I send to family, and I will. I’m not disappointed at all. I hope you find your silver lining because psmh really is a great sub box company.

  9. Well, I’ve learned my lesson this time! I’ve been planning to cancel but then Black Friday deals came along so I signed up again. I also can’t resist the LE boxes but really should have waited for the spoilers. Between what I would consider the worst monthly box ever (the snack wasn’t even good!) and this resort box, I’d say March has been extremely disappointing when it comes to Popsugar. I get that we don’t all have the same tastes or styles, but neither of these $95 items look worth more than $20 each and considering these are clearly the high priced items in the box, I doubt the rest of the items will be better. The pattern and colors on the coverup are unattractive and the charms on the necklace look childish. I usually enjoy these boxes and love trying out new trends but I’m really not feeling it. I normally wouldn’t complain like this but I feel like I’m out $100 this month and I’ll have nothing to show for it. 😔

    • I agree. 🙁

  10. Hard pass.

  11. I really like both items!!! I may be wrong but isn’t the point of the spoilers to let you know what is in the box so you can deceide if it is for you or not.. Pretty simple if you don’t like them dont order it 😀 Has a beachy feel to me

  12. Not my style at all so no FOMO for me. Glad I decided not to purchase after the first spoiler. I actually find these items ugly lol. Hope those that did purchase enjoy though!

  13. Is it just me or does the red on the cover up look like blood stains? I may be wrong but I don’t think wearing “the blood of my enemies” is trending this summer haha that necklace isn’t really vibing with me either. Really glad I decided to hold off buying this box. Based off past LE Resort boxes, I was really tempted to buy this one but my wallet told me no and I’m glad I listened! XD

    • Ok, get out of my brain. I thought I was the only one who sees the blood stains…

  14. This is a box I might buy for the regular subscription price but not for this price point. I don’t spend money on coverups because I only wear them for about 5 min and they get wet and covered in sand. The necklace is not my style but if it was I would not pay that price, I feel I could get something similar at world market for $5-8.

    • Ohhhh ive never shopped there!!! And they have free shipping on alot of stuff! Thank you (for further corrupting me)

  15. Love this necklace, but I don’t love the first spoiler, so I’m going to hold off ordering this box.

  16. I’m pretty disappointed, some of my favorite things ever came out of the 2015 PS resort box (the leather passport holder? The white dot train case? I use those all the time!) Last year was okay because I loved the photo frame, but I don’t like either of these spoilers! Nothing about this feels like a resort to me

    • Agree. These two items are not at all worth this price for the box. Both items are ugly.

  17. Purchased this box since it was marketed as a Resort box but this is not the type of items I can use at resorts I visit

  18. Ugh. I regret buying this box. The necklace and cover up are HUGE misses. Didn’t they just have a cover up in a different box (NM box)? Also, both of these items are $95 each?! Get the heck out of here. I can go to Target and get a better cover up and necklace for a fraction of those prices. Please please please let the rest of the box be decent. Knowing my luck, they’ll include a salt hair spray. My hair is way to thick and heavy for that nonsense.

    • I totally agree! I’m feeling like I never learn my lesson with these boxes, especially when they dump them at a discount on Gilt City a few months later. Granted, not all the boxes make it to Gilt but … I can’t see wearing the necklace and the shrug looks like something I could pick up for a few bucks!!

      • How do you find them on gilt? I’ve never done this before, do they have the whole box up for sale, or the individual components?

        • In the past, when they have had leftover boxes, they put whole box up on Gilt. Liz announces here.

          • Thanks! I’ll keep an eye out!

    • I may dye the cover up with rit dye in light blue…… or may just cut off the red part and hem it .
      Necklace may just glue tiny glass beads on the charms and add my own embellishments . My yoga teacher will love it! I still have hopes for the rest of the box!

      • Don’t use RIT. Use Jacquard dye. Better colors, more professional…You can get it at art stores. 😊

        • Will do! I will keep you posted girls !

  19. I’ve already purchased this box. The necklace looks cute though not really my style. I wonder why boxes include clothing items since people’s sizes and tastes differ immensely. I realize this item is “one size fits all” but that’s never the case when you’re 5 feet tall 105 lbs. Oh well, I always like getting my gifts in the mail and I can always gift what I can’t use. Hopefully the remainder of the box will be more my style.

  20. I wonder whether I could use wire cutters to cut off the charms without damaging the necklace/bracelet? The charms really aren’t something I’d wear, but I think it would be a cute, simple piece without them.

    • You would need flush cutters if the jump rings holding the charms are soldered (wire cutters wouldn’t fit in there). If the jump rings are not soldered, two pairs of roundnose or chain nose pliers (one in each hand) would open them right up.

      But, you would still have the loops that were holding the jump rings. If they stick out (it is hard to tell from the picture) you could remove those with heavy-duty end cutters but would need to file them down or they would probably have sharp ends.

      Moral of the story: it’s cheaper to buy some beads and make your own than get all the tools required to modify the necklace if you don’t already have them and wouldn’t use them again.

      • Wow – thanks for the detailed response!! According to my husband, he does have all of those tools in his arsenal.

        After I get the box, I’ll have to see whether its worth performing the “surgery” or if it goes into the swap stack along with the shrug.

  21. We’ll see, but I don’t think this box is doing it for me. . .a lightweight piece of fabric with armholes and a simple beaded necklace (seriously, you could throw something like this together in 1/2 an hour with items from the craft store. I just don’t see the $95 value here).

    I’m not sure if I will ever wear the necklace, it’s just not my style with all the charms. Last year they sent a beaded bracelet that was supposedly a $95 RV, and I think lots of people complained about it (I actually like that bracelet better than this necklace). Anyway, I’m surprised they included yet another simple beaded necklace after the complaints from last year.

    That’s all the risk of buying a box sight unseen, and surely there will be at least a few things in the box that I’ll use. I think Rachel Zoe’s box has spoiled me with all the luxe, quality items and consistently high values.

  22. Lol…change of topic from the above spoilers😬….What other luxe boxes does everyone recommend? I like lifestyle boxes and already have FabFitFun, Rachel Zoe, Popsugar. I have been eyeing Robb Vices and Luxor. Anything else out there? Will another high end popsugar box be coming out anytime soon?

    • The Robb Vices one, my first one, was terrible for me this month and I cancelled. If you like “hot” you would love it though! I wish there were more high end lifestyle boxes. Liz should curate one again! I would by every single one.

      • buy not “by” lol

        • If Liz ever curated a box, I would buy one or two immediately (even without a spoiler!!!)

          Note to Liz- I think Popsugar is needing some help after this month. I think you should do a special LE box….PLEASE! 😀 Can we start a petition??? 👍👍

          • I second that as well, her taste is fantastic.

            This box is very Mrs. Roper from three’s company, just add some self tanner, press on nails, and you’re set for Halloween..

    • I recommend Luxe Pineapple Post. It’s not as big or expensive as these other boxes but I love there lifestyle items!

      • Great suggestion! I have bought both the Luxe Pineapple home boxes so far. I really do appreciate the curation and reasonable price point on those.

  23. I didn’t get this box but I think the necklace is really pretty. For those of you that are so adamant about it looking bad and claiming it looks like a kid made it, does that mean you’ll swap it to me for a “kid jewelry” RV 😆

    • I was thinking the same thing. People are quick to be upset and degrade something, but want big bucks or high trade value for that item.

  24. Really surprised that they felt that that necklace would be a good inclusion in the LE box, let alone a spoiler to entice you to buy it! One more sign of PS’s ongoing decline….

  25. Holy appropriation, Batman!

    • DING DING DING!!!! I would not feel comfortable wearing Hamsa hands, since I have no Muslim heritage.

      • Thank you! Right?? I won’t be wearing this……

      • Hamsa hands aren’t specifically Muslim. They are seen throughout the Middle East and North Africa, including Israel (my Israeli Jewish friend brought me a decoration incorporating one as a souvenir last time she visited her family) and are also found among some Middle Eastern Christian populations. Early use of similar/related symbols may predate any of those religions.

        • Jinx, Ragan. You owe me a coke!

      • Hamsa is commonly used in jewelry throughout the middle east and north Africa and is a sign of protection that pre-dates Islam by about 3000 years. I am confused as to why this is seen as appropriation? It also has some traditional use in certain Judaic traditions. It was adopted and adapted by early Islam but it pre-dates it back to Mesopotamia.

        • Some people just look for any reason to be offended. Especially things they aren’t educated about.

        • Nelliebelle, you are awesome.

  26. Well as a newbie to the subscription box world, I broke rule number one, always see a spoiler before buying a limited edition box. 😣

    • Especially with Popsugar spoilers are crucial. Popsugar has had amazing fantastic boxes both limited edition and monthly and some not so amazing ones. Sorry you’re disappointed with your first box!

  27. The boho cover-up has grown on me and I’m looking forward to wearing it this summer. I also think this necklace/bracelet is darling and I’m already thinking I’ll get a lot of use out of it as a bracelet wrap, or wearing it on my straw hat. It’s a resort box, and both items have a fun, vacation-y feel that I love. I doubt I’d pay full retail for either but for a mystery box this box is certainly awesome so far. I’m not sure where some of the negativity is coming from because I’m not usually this far off in my taste from others on here?!

    • I think the negativity comes from the RV of these items. It feels like we’ve probably now seen the two “big-ticket” items in the box, and while they are not terrible, they haven’t wow-ed a lot of people. I think the expectations for a spoiler are higher 🙂

  28. I really like both pieces and am very excited!

  29. That’s an unflattering and waaaaaaay overpriced necklace. Its charms’ finish (gold plated?) will not last long in a pool. The shrug is also the ugliest pre-stained hospital gown I have ever seen.

    I’m so disappointed with PS lately. March box was awful and this box is headed in the same direction. I think I’ll let my sub expire unless they significantly improve.

    • LOL… my first impression was stained hospital gown too!

    • I’m cutting mine off then it will look more classic . I just looked at jewelry site . Some items were unusual (?) just saying……

    • You wear jewelry in a pool?’

  30. I maybe the only one that absolutely loves this and the first spoiler. I have a boho style so this def fits and I love everything with slight Buddhist twist.

    I also have to say I loved the last 2 years of this box and so far this one looks fab!

    • I agree. I like both items and they totally fit into my style!

    • The Hand of Fatimah is not Buddhist.

      • STRAIGHT FROM WIKIPEDIA: he Hamsa (Arabic: خمسة‎‎ Khamsah, Hebrew: חַמְסָה‎, also romanized khamsa, Berber: ⵜⴰⴼⵓⵙⵜ Tafust), is a palm-shaped amulet popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and commonly used in jewelry and wall hangings.[1][2] Depicting the open right hand, an image recognized and used as a sign of protection in many times throughout history, the hamsa is believed by Jews and some Muslims and others to provide defense against the evil eye. It has been theorized that its origins lie in Ancient Egypt or Carthage (modern-day Tunisia) and may have been associated with the goddess Tanit.[3]

        Khamsah is an Arabic word that means “five”, but also “the five fingers of the hand”.[4][5][6] It may also be taken as a reference to the primary number itself.

        The Hamsa is also known as the Hand of Fatima, after the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.[7]

      • @LizCadman, please help, no matter what I comment, even just saying “love it” to a spoiler, non of my comments post without me asking… Please help. Thank you!

        • I’m seeing all your comments, but please email me if there’s a specific comment you are looking for and not seeing. Sorry!

  31. I’m not getting this box. But I actually like the necklace! If anyone wants to swap theirs my swap profile is attached

    • Hey girl! When I get my box, if I dislike the necklace as much in person as I do in pics, I’ll send you a request!

      • Ha works for me :p

  32. Are those real coral beads? If yes, don’t they endangered and not allowed to be harvested. If not, then where the value of $95 come from?

    P.S. So happy that I was not even considering to buy the box. At least once in a while I make a wise decisions.

    • Maybe coral implies the color?

      • May be, but then if it is a plastic beads, where the value of $95 came from? Brass charms, may be?

    • This is probably bamboo coral, which is not one of the endangered species. It is dyed to match the look of red coral.

      You find this kind of language use all the time with beads and jewelry. You’ll see “cinnabar” which is most certainly not, since real cinnabar has mercury in it. Etc.

    • I think they should clarify whether it’s real coral. There’s no way I’d buy coral jewelry.

  33. I think it’s a great box.. the necklace matches the Shrug. Liz wears both very well. I bet there’s one more hero item. Excited to see the rest of the spoilers

  34. I don’t care for either spoiler. Why oh why did I purchase this box? My gut said to skip. No more PS LE boxes for me.

    • The Fall and Winter PS LE are always great though. Every year I STILL buy the Resort and Summer and usually don’t care for them. Still bought though. I cannot resist PS. I guess I have to see it in person first but I don’t care for these spoilers much either so far.

    • I feel the same way. I am actually embarrassed that I bought this. No more Popsugar for me!

      • I didn’t buy this LE box but I’m still trying to get over my embarrassment of buying the over priced plastic child’s purse in the March box.

        • 😀

        • Give the purse a chance! I put a small makeupbag with wipes, mascara, dry shampoo, and tiny post gym essentials inside, AND my water bottle AND a few granola snacks inside and use it to go from office->gym->starbucks/smoothie -> back to office during lunch break every day. I love it bc i dont have to lock it up in the gym since nobody will steal that, no lugging around big bags, and get to walk hands free plus have the essentails with me!
          Its not the coolest pretties most valuable item ever, but i hope you can find a use for it 😆
          ….that necklace and cover up…idk though😣

          • Too late. I put it in the giveaway box at work and someone took it. She said she was going to use it to put doggy doo-doo bags in when she takes her dog for walks. Somehow that seems like a perfect use for it.

            I’m glad you enjoy yours and found a great use for it!

          • I love the optimism! ‘Give the purse a shot! At least no one will want to steal it.’ Made me chuckle.

        • I’m using the purse for keys and little stuff to toss in my pool/beach tote

        • It was so horrible! I’d even recommended a friend at work try Popsugar. She got it and was so irritated! She cancelled her subscription immediately. So embarrassing! At least I’d also convinced her to get fabfitfun, and they really pulled out all of the stops, so she’s not too irritated. 🙂

          • 😂 lmao

  35. I like it. It’s not something I would buy myself but I think it’s fun to get things that’s not normally in my essentials list. But then again this is my first box ever so I might just be excited to get it.

  36. So glad I held out and did not buy.

  37. I’m actually pretty happy neither spoiler is my style. This makes it much easier to pass on!

  38. So a cover up that looks like a hospital gown and a necklace that looks like a 3 year old made it at camp? Epically bad!! I feel sorry for all of you who spent money on this junk.

    • Right?? Its so bad. This is my first LE box and next time I will not buy till I see something that is worth $100! Im so disappointed that I bought this box. These two make uo so much of the worth.

    • I amone of tne people you can feel bad for… i wish i had my $100 back. I don’t like either spoiler 🙁

    • Wow. That is terribly unkind. Just because you dislike something is no reason to be so downright unpleasant.

    • I would think, as adults, we should be a bit more tactful and practice more social etiquette when adding our commentary. It’s one thing to say that the box isn’t for you, but to write that it is junk and describing the items like you did, is disrespectful to those who purchased it.

    • So true! 😂

    • This getting really interesting :). I am poping popcorn to watch the drama unfold LOL

    • I echo the comments asking for a little more respect and chill, especially from those who did not purchase the box, but feel compelled to make highly critical observations about the items and judgments about someone who would enjoy things that are a little quirky.

    • I didnt but this box (yet), but being a sbscription addict, i buy junk all the time 😣 and can appreciate the empathy.

    • Nothing can be worse than that Lem Lem split cover-up from last year!
      PS LE and PS March were terribly disappointing.
      I actually liked that inflatable swan most people hated last July. I loved the July PS box.

  39. I love this box so much already! I really love how the resort box last year and this year have more of a boho, wanderlust- type style rather than just straight up typical beach box- because they can always do that in the summer box. Love it!

  40. I’m so bummed I spent my money on this box! 😞 I really dislike both of the spoilers. Hopefully I can swap them for something…but I have a feeling both these pieces will be flooding the swap site…

  41. Ugh oh, another thing I probably won’t be able to wear……
    So far this year’s resort LE spoilers have been a total bummer for me…
    Really hope the rest of the box contents can justify my $100…… 🙁

  42. I still haven’t bought this box, I’ve acquired just about every LE box from Popsugar but somehow, I can’t get myself to go for this. I want to but I just can’t. ☹️
    I know I won’t be using the beach shrug and this isn’t my kind of jewelry. Ugh. Popsugar! Make me spend my money. Give me a spoiler that I want! Yes, yes, yes…first world problems. 😖

  43. This spoiler just confirm I did good no ordering this box 😉

    • Same.

  44. Neither item is my style. Very boho. I have not liked the last two resort boxes but still ordered one as soon as it was available. Can’ t seem to help myself. I obviously have a sub-addiction problem 🙁

  45. Not so interested. It doesn’t seem so special. so far I’m very happy I didn’t order the resort box.

  46. This type of beaded jewelery always pinch my skin and pull my little peach fuzz. Ouch! It is cute though, so I might suffer through 😏

  47. So, now we have about two thirds of the value of the box accounted for. Neither of which I would go spend the retail value on for myself, but also neither of which I am upset about. I’m just kind of meh right now. Please let there be something in there I can say oh yeah about. Mine has already shipped, should be here in a couple of days so I guess I will see….

    • I agree with you. Both spoilers are ‘ok.’ I don’t love or hate either item, but neither is exciting either.

    • that’s exactly what I was thinking! $95 for a beaded necklace + $95 for a beach top..I get that’s what they are priced at, but it still seems a bit misleading if you ask me

      • How is it misleading if those are the retail values?

        • When you pay $100 for a box that’s valued at $300 you are expecting to get a good deal. These items are from brands that, I, as well as many others, have never even heard of. $95 for a beaded necklace that isn’t even a pure metal? Come on. They are overpriced. $200 of that value went towards two items that most people wouldn’t normally spend half of the retail value on. Misleading.

  48. No FOMO here! I’m glad I passed on this for the RZ Box of Style!

  49. Its okay. I’ll wear it but I’m easy to please when it comes to jewelry. I received shipment notification of my box but it hasn’t actually shipped yet. the LE boxes are the only boxes that I won’t look at full spoilers so I’m hoping mine gets here before the full review comes out because then it’s torture not looking and waiting.

  50. Alright… I kinda like it!

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