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Play! By Sephora February 2017 – FULL SPOILERS for Box #591

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Sephora Play

We have FULL SPOILERS for another one of the February 2017 Play! By Sephora boxes!


Thanks so much, for the heads up, Tracey and Raychel!

These are the spoilers for the variation of box ending in #591:

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 7.18.22 PM

Source: roxyelizabeth6

These are the spoilers for the variation of box ending in #583:


And in case you missed it, here are the items from the box ending in #575:


And here is an Instagram photo of Box #575 from toria.zeitz to better show you sample sizes:

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 8.37.35 PM

There are still more variations coming! According to Anonymous, here are some of the brands that will be sampled in February:

Makeup: Lip (NARS Velvet Lip Glide, Tarte, Too Faced, Bite), Eyes (Sephora)

Skincare: Face (Clinique), Eyes (Origins)

Fragrance: (Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Prada)

What do you think of the spoilers? 

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details, you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Yayyyy!!!!! I got 575 and i love love love it. This is by far my favorite PlayBox yet! NARS!??!?! 😍💋My favorite, thank you Sephora! Also, TooFaced and the Orgins eyecream: my two other favs.

  2. I just checked and I am getting the 591 according to the item detail. I really wanna try the NARS lipstick though!

    If anyone wants to swap the tarte lipstick for the NARS I would definitely be interested. Might even throw in a couple other samples.


  3. My order says box 591 yet my play shows rhe products for.575

  4. If anyone’s intersted.. Pur is having their mystery beauty bags for $25 with a value of $125! So tempting….

    • Hi Liz! I’m Charlotte the one that has box 525 on Play! and gave the spoilers when I got them over the phone from Sephora. Anyways, 1st I have to laugh as I got my box today and just read the nice insert they put in and I think I put a blog about the pep start Clinique and it looks like what I wrote on the blog here as the description. After this I’m going to go look for it. I also got the eye cream from origins a long time ago as I keep a box with the packaging if I like something and did not realize it was the same one in my box this month (I’m excited!). Everything is new except I do wear the regular too faced lip injection and really had my eyes on the glossy! Yeah! I got it! I was going to ask a seperate question. I’ll try each month to get a sneak peek if you want and call me anonymous 2? Or you can say Charlotte? Whatever you want but they might not give me the info as I tried in January because I got it in December and the January rep couldn’t give me the product names she said. Also, to post a new post do I have to go through WordPress? Thank you in advance for answering my questions and letting me be excited about Play! P.S. I love the soft bag. It feels like a silk robe I have! The bags are getting better and better!!! I’m going to have to go look what the full meaning of smitten is written on the bag and I guess the months theme? Sorry about the long email!

  5. I got #591 and I love it! Just got it in the mail today! I already tries the lip plumper and my lips are still burning for about 15 minutes now… but hey, they sure are plump! Not sure if I could take the burning much longer though. I love everything in my bag. This is my second Sephora Play and I have been happy with both!

    • Oh no!!! My lips are still burning! I had to wipe it off and now my lips are all red on the outsides of them! I look like a Funny, but not! I’m wondering if this normal or I’m allergic to something in it? Anyone else try it out yet?

      • Get it off your lips!!! I had the same reaction yesterday and today my lower lip line is broken out

      • Mine burned for hours after I wiped it off. Today they’re still sore and reeaally dry and chapped. I threw my sample out, this stuff cannot be good for your lips.

      • I threw my sample out after trying it since it’s like putting fire on your lips, pretty much an unusable sample and waste of packaging.

        • Wow! I guess I’ll list it for swap instead of opening it! My lips are sensitive as is. : /

      • Yes, I also was thinking it was an allergic reaction! My lips swelled so much and I also had the red ring around them. I will never try that stuff again, my lips burned pretty bad!!!

    • Hi Melissa W and anyone that’s lips are burning from too faced. Once in a while my lips burn on the regular one. Here’s just a few suggestions: Don’t put it on after exfoliating your lips in any way meaning by a toothbrush, product, or paper towel. Also, I sometimes tend to put on 2 coats or more like I do with lip gloss. Don’t with this just 1 swipe on each upper and lower. I did it tonight with the new gloss and my lips tingled more than usual. For some reason with this too faced glossy I want to put on more coats and not the regular too faced extreme plumper. Maybe because I’m looking for a color and it’s nude kinda. I hope this helps a little and you all might be doing what I said anyways. I guess because I was the one that gave the spoiler to Liz I feel bad too! I don’t want anyone’s lips burning including mine.

  6. I think the box #’s are just batch numbers. I may be wrong but I don’t see a whole lot of variation.

  7. I got box #575 today in the mail, I love that NARS lip color, it’s so pretty! The bag the items came in was beautiful as well this month!

    • Same box # here. Oddly, the bag is my favorite part this month, lol. It is really pretty! I don’t know what use I’ll have for it, but I want to find one. I really don’t like that Sephora keeps sending tiny samples of their own brand. I feel like they can be a little more generous there, but otherwise, it seems like a good bag. I’m going to list the Too Faced for swap, and I hope the Nars lipstick will work for me.

    • What’s the color for the NARS lip?

      • It’s the Velvet Lip Glide in Bound. 🙂

  8. Hmm, I wonder how the boxes were determined this time. In previous months it appeared to correlate with things like skin type, but this time the variations are down to lips and perfume?! Color IQ perhaps? I got 575 – I would have liked to try the Bite multistick, but the NARS in Bound *does* suit me better.

    • Same for me! I LOVE Bite products but I’m so pale that the Nars color probably does suit me better on the lips but the Bite Multi stick you can also use on the cheeks and eyes so it could of been used there instead. Next time they sample something from Bite, maybe the new lip liner!?!, we’ll get it!

  9. I got my box today (591) this is the first time since I subscribed six months ago that I’m underwhelmed with it. The samples are so tiny! And that lip plumper stung my lips something awful. Oh well, it’s only ten dlls. and can’t win them all.

    • My thoughts exactly. I was pretty bummed at the sizes 😏
      Very underwhelmed. And my lips were on fire 🔥

    • Yeah I canceled after this box and three months of not liking my samples. Not the right fit for me since I’ve been happy with other beauty boxes.

    • The samples have always been tiny, imo. I have considered cancelling due to that. I still like the items tho, so I haven’t done it yet. I just wish they were bigger. Especially the SEPHORA items, they could AT LEAST give us full sizes of their own brand.

  10. I love the box I am getting- #575. I could always use another Nars lip gloss! I am wondering why everyone got two lip products. Seems a little weird. I would have loved to see a sample size of Nars Blush in Orgasm! Can’t go wrong with that color & would fit in my purse! I also hear the mascara sample from Sephora is teeny tiny. No offense Sephora, but the store brand samples should be deluxe size at minimum! Otherwise I’m happy!

  11. Have to say I love the bag this month so chic👄

  12. Getting the Tarte but would really like the NARS.
    Would anyone want to swap?
    Let me know 🙂

    • I am happy to swap my Nars but how do the swaps work – via mail?

  13. In my work drawer next to me, I have 2 identical brown/taupe/nude lip colors by 2 different companies, sent by Sephora Play. They send a lot of taupe and red….

  14. I just received 575. I’m finding this month very disappointing. It’s not as though we’re being exposured to new and cutting edge products. This is the same old stuff! At least month I got that cool Tarte cleanser stick. I dropped Allure a few months ago and if it wasn’t for the 50 pts each month I’d probably have gotten rid of Play! already.

    • I was beyond disappointed in this box of tiny samples. I am going to cancel this subscription box. I thought Sephora would be much more impressive that it has been…

  15. I got my box last night, #583. I love the little pink satin bag this month, and I’m wearing the awesome Too Faced lip gloss and the Tom Ford perfume which smells like heaven today. I think the sample sizes were super tiny this month though – especially the size of the Sephora mascara but still happy. 🙂

    • Yeah that was my reaction too. I laughed when I saw how small the mascara was! The eye product as well.

      • Definitely not deluxe…the store sample jars contain more product lol

        Didn’t think the mascara could be as small as a perfume sample! ….But I do want to try everything in the bag this month.

      • I thought the mascara was a perfume sample at first glance! I was shocked! 😂😂😂

    • This is my first Sephora Play, so these tiny samples are not the norm??? I was wondering!

      • The size varies depending on the product and brand. They’re usually pretty small though. It’s important to remember with Sephora you’re getting more “luxury” beauty products vs. some drugstore brands like ipsy does (and probs some other sub boxes). If you want big samples this is not the subscription service for you.

        • The Play box does have smaller samples than some other boxes, but usually we get one or two decent sized sample that can be used for a week or so…thinking of the Dr Jart Water Drop moisturizer, Becca primer, all the Caudalie and the Dry Bar samples I’ve received in the past are pretty good size, like a 100 point reward sample. This was the first month that ALL the samples were super small, and there is really no excuse for the mascara being so tiny, its not like that was a high end product that cost a huge amount of $. But overall I get the most excited for my Play box (even over Boxycharm) so I chalk it up to a bad month. Still love Sephora.

  16. Oh, Sephora, you are the shining star of my sub boxs! I’m especially excited that the NARS bound is a rose gold pink yayyyy.

    BTW, I just found out that you can use your play card repeatedly. The rule is only once per day. I guess some of us knew and some didn’t like me. So, don’t let them keep your card and if they give you any issues show them the back of card that states once per day.

    • You are an angel!!!

    • Whoa! Thanks for the great tid bit!

    • Hey! So I literally just tried this at the Sephora store and they said it’s also not true. They ripped my card and I also read on the back… there’s no where that says one per day? I’m a little confused… help! Lol

      • I think Monique may have gotten this news from me. It really does work, but it seems like it depends on if you get a Sephora employee that is willing to give the card back to you.

        Just to repeat my experience. Ever since December, Sephora employees continued to give me back my card. Assuming it was a one-time use deal, I’d throw it away when I got home. Last weekend (or maybe two weekends ago), the guy checking me out gave it back to me and told me it could be used once per day until it expired. Being cautiously optimistic, I went into a Sephora the next day and purchased an inexpensive item to test it out. Sure enough another set of 50 bonus points were added to my account by the next day. I have since used the same card four times with 50 points being added each time.

        Today, I went again and when I told the lady I wanted the card back (after I could tell she was going to keep it), she did say they’re supposed to discard it because we’re really only allowed one set of 50 points, but she said “go for it”, and that she would now give the cards back to her customers.

        Since getting only one set of 50 points does seem fair (I think the guy just exposed a loop hole in their systems), and I don’t want to deal with the stress or hassle of explaining to the Sephora employees every time I go in about how it technically can be used multiple times (this was my 2nd back & forth with an employee about this, and it does take away from the “fun” of shopping at Sephora for me, and the extra points aren’t worth it to me), from now on I’m just going to cross my fingers that they give the card back to me like they have been doing each initial time I’ve used the card since December, but if they don’t I’ll just chalk it up to it’s a sign that I shouldn’t buy anything more at Sephora until the following month. 🙂

        • Yea, it felt a little off putting to me having to argue with an employee about the 50 points. The girl who was checking me out was very sweet but when the “others” over heard my conversation there were just too many back handed comments like “oh… once a day? that’s excessive” “I don’t think so.. where did you read about that..?” It just left a sour taste in my mouth. lol. Which is probably why I prefer trying it in the store then buying online.

          It was definitely one of those “choose your battles” situations… hah

          Side note:
          I know a few people who work in Sephora or have worked in Sephora (I should have just texted them and went when they were working, it’s my own fault. I asked them after about it and corporate hasn’t really given them a clear yes or no answer as to if it can be used multiple times). They get soooo many products to “try out” on a monthly basis (FULL SIZE mind you) along with a 20% employee discount. So when they get stingey about things I feel some type of way… Especially as a regular customer, you’re paying full price for these products.

          • But I’ll be honest.. I’m still going to be spending money in Sephora on a regular basis regardless of the extra 50 points or not… Because…well… I’m addicted to beauty products :’D

      • I’ve noticed that my Sephora inside JC Penney is a tiny bit clueless so she just keeps giving it back to me since now they can accept them. Regular Sephora usually takes it, but one time the woman was nice and I guess didn’t either know or thought it was my beauty insider card but she gave it back. So it depends, luck of the draw. I would try JC Penney’s Sephora, maybe more luck. Hope this helps. 🙂

    • I’m looking at the back of the card right now and it does not say once per day (also doesn’t say one time use only though) so who knows

  17. Where do I find the number that indicates which box is coming?

  18. I am getting 575, which is a great box, but I already have a deluxe sample of Nars Bound from a recent 100 Point Perk redemption. I may try to swap for the Bite multistick; otherwise I will just have an extra Bound for my purse or ID pouch. It is a great neutral shade that is easy to apply without a mirror.

    • Hey! I would totally switch my box with yours I’m getting the bite stick and really want the NARS!

  19. I’m getting the #591.. I have been eyeing Nars lipglide in Bound ever since Thanksgiving LOL.. (You can judge me but $26 for a lip product is like a life time commitment to me lol) would anyone want to swap Nars with Tarte?

    • I would but how do the swaps work? I would have to go to the post office to mail a package? Because then it may not happen 🙂

      • LOL!!! Yes, that’s how a swap works, unless maybe you live near the person you are swapping with… otherwise mailing is the only way! You can register on the SWAP side of this site and swap that way — that’s a lot of fun!

  20. I’m obsessed with lip products. This is the best month for me so far.

  21. Just got an email saying my box shipped, clicked the tracking link, and it’s actually out for delivery, so i’ll have it today! I’m getting the NARS and i’m excited to try it. It looks like a lovely shade

    • Same here…surprised there’s no video yet

    • Lucky!!!!!

  22. I got excited about possibly getting a Tom Ford or Nars item… And instead it’s a Too Faced (way overrated company) lip gloss in Cadaver. Oh well. I’ll use everything else.

    • Would you want the n\Nars in exchange for the Tarte lipstick or the Bite Beauty multistick?

      • If she doesn’t, I’d be happy to swap the Nars for the Tarte. I bought a Tarte set on Black Friday, and it came with the Tarte balm. It’s nice, but I’ve been wanting to try the Nars. I’m on the swap site. Can you search me there? It’s been awhile since I did any swapping.

      • Wanted to let you know I listed my Tarte lipstick on the swap page. I’d love to swap for the NARS if you’d like to. Thanks!

  23. Ehh I’m kinda underwhelmed this month. Two lip colors and another mascara? Also, I just took inventory recently and found out that I have a ton of eye cream (and I’m young enough to convince myself I can skip it haha).

    I guess I’m just getting a little bored of the basics you find in every box. 🙁

    • I do like the pink pouch, though.

    • You won’t look that young much longer if you DON’T use eye cream – prevention is everything! Use it!!!

      • Jules, that’s probably true! I am going to make an effort to improve my skincare routine, since I could really benefit from it. I’m just so lazy, especially before bed…

    • I know every month its a lip product and a mascara. I wish they would throw in an eyeshadow or a blush. I have only had 2 boxes in the past year that didn’t have both these items. I love the brands we get, I just wish they would mix it up a little more.

      • Yep. I just have sooooo many mascaras from my boxes, and you can’t even give them away if you try them and don’t like them. Lip products come in different colors, so it’s not as bad. Still, I can’t get really excited about them (especially 2 in one month). This month’s box would be great for someone who needs an intro to beauty, I guess? I just prefer when we get something a little different that makes me feel like I’ve discovered something new.

  24. I was really hoping for the first two boxes…this one is definitely not what I would use. Oh well thems the breaks.

    Anyone looking to trade their ginseng Clinique?

    • Sorry I meant the Origins***

    • Um…both the origins ginzing and the clinique pepstart have been in every variation so far.

      • Awesome! I’m blaming pregnancy brain 🙂

        • Congratulations!!! 🙂

    • All but two items are the same in every box so far.

  25. The Nars lip glide is in the shade bound! 🙂

  26. Haven’t checked what number box I’m getting I actually want it to be a surprise but honestly I’m totally digging the first 2 575 & 583 not so much the 591 cause the Prada. I’m am very excited about this Box once again this month! I’m really really getting into play lately and I have over 20 subs!!! I have found I use every single item which is huge! And I’m always excited about the products & brands. This is the one box that I truly get excited for because they always have newer trend type products and aren’t replaying items used in a lot of other subs. They’re new hip cheap & cool. Their info book is always cool too! Plus Sephora is just awesome! I’m thinking about getting another sub to them so hopefully I can get more variations! The value is there for me for sure especially for 10$! & the points are a good bonus plus customer service is awesome! I’m always happy with this sun every month like Boxycharm! Lol

  27. That tarte lip quench is AMAZING! I’m getting box 575 but can’t really complain because I already have the tarte in all 4 shades 🙂

  28. Booo I got 591, I wanted the lip gloss, not whatever it is that I got 🙁 I hate lip sticks, I only like glosses

    • The too faced that everyone is getting is a gloss.

    • I would be glad to exchange the Nars Velvet Lip Glide or the Too Faced for the Tarte lipstick .

  29. This is my box. Once again I’m happy with everything. Nice to see two lip products. it’s the 15th and my box hasn’t even shipped yet.

    • Same

  30. How the heck can you answer questions to get a certain box number? I keep getting colors that look horrible on me

    • They don’t really vary colors between boxes for most products (except the foundations last month), so there’s not really anything you can do about that. No matter which box you’re getting this month, for example, the lip products are neutral/nude shades. The NARS is in Bound, Bite is Cashew, Tarte is Nude, and looks like everyone gets the same shade of the Too Faced gloss, which is Milkshake.

  31. I’m already excited about this box. I don’t think I’ll like the Prada candy scent (i would have preferred the Tom ford perfume) but I think l’ll like everything else so I’m really excited to get this and it already looks better than my Ispsy was.

  32. I’m so excited to get box 591! I’m in desperate need of mascara and can’t wait to try the perfume Sample! It’s my first box too!

  33. So I guess the Nars isn’t in every box as was originally suspected. Huh.

    Well, I’m 591. Wish I wasn’t getting another Prada Candy sample but oh well. The rest looks fine.

    • I’m getting the Marc Jacobs sample. If you want to trade message me at ms dot otg 2010 at gmail dot com

  34. This is my bag. Was hoping for the bite lipstick 😔 Since I already own tarte lip rescue.

  35. YAY! I am really looking forward to this box!

  36. FYI, the colors for the lip products in box 575 are Bound for the Nars and Milkshake for the Too Faced. I like both colors!

    • Thank you so much for the shades, raindrop!

  37. I own that Tarte lipstick (more of a glossy balm with a hint of color) but I LOVE it. It make my lips so soft and the subtle color is really nice and easy to wear everyday.

  38. Anytime Liz, anytime! I feel like a little detective each month trying to hunt down clues for different boxes. So fun!

    • Haha I love it! 🙂

  39. YES!!! i love sephora play this is what i was hoping for

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