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GlossyBox Subscription Box Review + Coupon – February 2017


GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription box. They have the best packaging in the business, their products are usually deluxe size or full size, and the value is usually good too.


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


FYI: GlossyBox sends out multiple variations of the box during some months. So, there may be some variation between what I review and what you receive.


The Subscription Box: GLOSSYBOX

The Cost: $21 a month (save more with 6-month or annual subscription)

DEAL: For a limited time, use coupon code EYEADORE to get this mascara for free with your first month of Glossybox!

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty products.

Check out all of my GlossyBox reviews and the list of the best beauty and makeup subscription boxes!

Ships to: US and Canada


Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included:


I love that they are now showing all item variations in this card!

Now, onto the items:


The Estee Edit Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack – .24 oz Value $7

(This item is in all boxes.)


This is a hydrating gel/cream mask that you wear overnight. It is scented with perfume, but it was subtle enough not to bother me. The formula is hydrating and my skin felt softer the next day. (I can’t say I noticed any difference between putting this on at night vs putting on a super hydrating moisturizer.)


Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat – FULL SIZE! Value $30

(This item is in all boxes.)


This is such an awesome item that I’m surprised GlossyBox didn’t use it as a spoiler! This gel coat helps strengthen nails, and it also provides an instant shine and pink hue that makes nails look healthier. (And it dries almost instantly, too.)


Jeanne Arthes L’Eau De Rose Perfume – Value $26

(This item is in all boxes. No product link because this item was made exclusively for Glossybox.)


This is a great sized perfume to get in a subscription box. If you like rose scented products, I think you will love this perfume. If like me, rose scents are not your favorite, this perfume will be a miss.


BC Repair Rescue Deep Nourishing Treatment – 1 oz Value $2.25

(Subscribers will receive this treatment or BC Excellium Taming Treatment, BC Smooth Perfect Smoothing Cream, or BC Moisture Kick Beauty Balm.)


This mask is designed to be applied to towel-dried hair and rinsed out after 5-10 min. I like a quick hair mask, so this one worked well for me and made my hair noticeably softer.


Eve by Eve’s Mattifying HD Loose Powder – FULL SIZE! Value $58

(Subscribers will receive this item or the Eve by Eve’s Cream Blush, Gel Eyeliner, Drama Luxe Conditioning Gel Mascara, Lip Definer, or Eyebrow Definer.)


This powder did an excellent job of absorbing shine and leaving a matte, blurred finish.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $123. I lucked out getting got the highest-value Eve by Eve’s product so the value of this box isn’t going to be this high for all subscribers. For comparison, the lowest value combination of products would be about $84. I think this is a great box for February. My favorite items are the Pink Gel Coat and the Mattifying Powder, but I’ll use everything besides the perfume.

Oh, and how gorgeous is the box this month?

What do you think of the February 2017 GlossyBox?


How do subscribers rate GlossyBox?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (124)

  1. Got my february Glossybox… I got the brow thing which I definitely don’t need. Was kinda hoping they would look at the profile you filled out to see what to send you. I have soon much hair stuff already and the other item was the one oz smoothing creme. At least the nail polish will get a lot of use and I got the sub for 15 for the first three months so I’ll give it another month before I decide to ditch them Gotta say the packaging is beautiful. That didn’t disappoint.

  2. I don’t know if anyone is still getting notifications on this post, but I discovered something kind of cool with the Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat. I had it on my nails and went to a birthday party for my son’s friend, and with their Ghostbusters theme the lights were off, and they had a black light on. My nails glowed as if they had been painted with white nail polish. It could be a neat Halloween or party thing and wouldn’t require you to paint your nails day-of.

    • Rebecca, that is fun to know! Thank you for sharing your discovery!

  3. For everyone who didn’t get an Eve by Eve’s product and really wants one,
    I left a comment on one of Eve By Eve’s Instagram posts saying i was so sad i didnt get one in my Glossybox and they asked for my email and said they would contact me an send me one. They did! They have excellent customer service! Then i ordered a lip definer for $11.40 with the 40% off discount code, its regular $20

    • I tried this with their live chat on their website but all they said was that they were sorry to hear that. 😞

      • Try commenting on their Instagram post, the one that says they joined with Glossybox for the month. Maybe u talked to the wrong people?

      • I posted on Instagram too but didn’t get any response..

  4. They shipped my box 2 weeks ago, still haven’t received it, arg! How do I go about joining the swap site?

  5. I also got the Vichy thermal water and Korres eyeshadow which I don’t mind because I’ve never tried either before, the thermal water has good reviews and the shadow is a pretty, pearly white. However, my eyeshadow arrived broken. I e-mailed Glossybox. How are they about sending replacements?

  6. There is a mistake in this review: not all subscribers will get Eve by Eve.

    Also, this pink gel coat contains formaldehyde, which some people might want to avoid, me included.

    • Youre right, everyone doesnt get an Eve by Eves product. I ended up signing up after seeing this review thinking I was gonna get one, an was pretty disappointed when i got my box and didn’t get one.
      I ended up getting a VICHY water spray i saw was from a Junes box and a broken KORRES white eyeshadow that was all over everything in my box.
      I will be cancelling after this. Not a good first impression. 😔

      • You may contact Glossybox to have your shadow replaced. As for mine, I gifted it. I don’t like the word “fair”, but I believe in more or less the same value among boxes. After all, what’s the point in making your customers disappointed and jealous?

        I might not like everything, but I can give it away or sell.

      • My Korres eyeshadow was broken too. I e-mailed them and they gave me a list of products to choose from as a replacement for the eyeshadow.

      • Marie, did they ask you to sent pictures?

      • Yes, I sent a picture with my request for replacement.

    • I was disappointed to get some over priced eye shadow in a reddish brown color

      • At least yours wasn’t black like mine was.

  7. Like some of you, I don’t really care as much about the prices of the items and whether my box is worth more or less. It’s a sub box and the point is to try new things and see if I like them. I try just about everything, including scents I don’t like (because they can change on your body) and shades I don’t think suit me. Sometimes it’s an instant “wow!” and I fall in love with something that I didn’t think could work for me. Sometimes it’s instant dislike. And sometimes, I don’t like something at first, but then it grows on me.

    In this box, I didn’t get the $58 mattifying powder, and I am totally ok with that. I think I probably wouldn’t have liked it, since I like a golden, bronzey type of look most days, but I would have given it a try. Instead I got the $29 Dome eyeshadow in Bronze! it’s like they know me! And a hair taming mask for my huge hair. I have just gotten so many hair mask-type products and dry shampoos this month in sub boxes. I do use them and love them, but I only wet my hair once a week, and usually use dry shampoo on day 5 or 6. I’ll be trying my Glossybox products soon, but I love the box and the items inside.

  8. I JUST signed up because of the coupon alert I got for GlossyBox. 3 extra full size products with the Feb box. (Code: FEBTREAT) I just could NOT pass it up. I always wanted Boxycharm before this one…. But that deal. I can’t deal!!! Anyone have an idea of what the 3 full size products will be?
    My husband is gonna KILL me. I don’t think I can explain myself out of this one. Every time I get sucked into deals like this I always go in planning to cancel subscription after the box arrives… Why do I keep lying to myself?

    I’m gonna be grounded for months guys…. No phone, no tablet and NO internet! This better be worth it.

    • Oh good… I actually just signed up for a second account on another email a couple days ago. I didn’t know about the FEBTREAT promo code. I did use a promo code for a free mascara though, but of course… the 3 free items would have been so much better! Makes me want to sign up for a third account…lol. I won’t, but I’m tempted!

      • Omg i know right! And i would have been allot happier getting the 3 extra products especially since im not even getting one of the Eve by Eve’s products which is what ultimately got me to sign up after seeing the review of February’s box on here. Looks like it was wrong. Everyone doesnt get an Eve by Eve’s product. 😭 So sad! Im very unhappy with what Im getting, and its my first box ever from Glossybox. I’ll be cancelling and sticking with Boxycharm instead. I will be getting my first Boxycharm this month too.

      • Trust me girls….I was also tempted by these deals…..and now have three crappy glossy box subs….that ice contacted telling them to cancel all but one, to which I’ve gotten no reply…I’ve contacted them about broken items…no reply…..resist the temptation, you’d think 3 subs…3 options…1 lady’s hoise…OBVIOUSLY she gets 1 of each right? 2 out of the 3 and 1 repeat? NO..NO WAY SHE GETS ALL 3 CRAPPY BOXES EVERY MONTH….YES, YES SHE DOES! However, this month I did get two powders! FIRST TIME EVER I’ve scored twice in ALL THESE MONTHS…./glossybox went from being one of my very very favorites (boxy charm) but there are SO MANY to choose from that are awesome! (Ipsy, beauty and bling, lfb, lip monthly, allure,Walmart,target(starting to lose them to) play, benevolent beauty, just to name a few of my faves) but glossybox USED to be tied for my number 1 favorite…now…I’m about ready to cancel…I’ve tried to cancel at least two of my subs so I’m only getting one a month, but, it falls on deaf ears! So, I’d resist the temptation of ordering multiple boxes of THIS particular sub!

      • Oh boy… I just ordered a second sub of glossybox. I hope I don’t have such a hard time cancelling.

      • When I cancelled it was super easy to do online. They don’t offer that anymore? I don’t remember- it’s been a few months since I’ve had glossybox..

  9. So I am super upset!! I just signed up for Glossybox for the first time, after seeing this review. I wanted to get an Eve by Eve product. Thats the product i wanted the most, and I just checked what i got for products on the site, (my box will be here in 2 days) and Im not receiving any product from Eve by Eve. Instead, im getting KORRES Modern Greek Apothecary – Sunflower & Evening Primrose Eyeshadow, and Vichy – Thermal Spa Water. The other 3 are the same as in this review, the nail stuff, perfume an water pack. I am SO SAD!! I will be cancelling asap.
    If anyone has an Eve by Eve lip definier or blush they wanna trade or just dont want, please let me know. I also get Ipsy and my Boxycharm box is on its way.

    • Ouch. Looks like my first box is the same as yours. I was hoping for the powder but open to any of the eve items. I am less open to leftover eye shadow and thermal water. I wanted the nail product so everything else is a bonus. But it’s disappointing as a new subscription paying full price to receive the least appealing box. I’ll be watching for March spoilers but glossybox is on notice!

      • Completely agree!! What made me sign up was to get any of the Eve by Eves products and i didnt get even one! I will definitely be contacting them cuz it says that everyone would receive one and that was obviously a lie. Very disappointed! Looks like I’m learning right off the bat why people aren’t loving Glossybox.

  10. I am excited about receiving this box. But it looks like I will be getting the February box in March.. they haven’t even charged me this month 🙁

  11. My estee edit arrived and is not at all like the one in the review! Mine looks like bright pink gel and only fills 1/4 of the jar…’s not the creamy product Liz received. Ugh. I swear every month I’ve problems with glossybox. They must know me by name as each month I write them.

    Anyone else have this problem with their estee edit????

    • It’s supposed to be pink. I just don’t think it’s really showing up in the picture. As for it not being filled all the way… that’s correct also! Mine isn’t full either. I guess because it it’s only sample size? Not sure, but I do know, that most things don’t come full all the way. Big packaging with little product inside…

      • Mine is filled to the top.

      • Thanks each of you for the reply. I took photos and emailed glossy. There’s no evidence of a leak but comparing it to a similar sized (.24 oz pot), cream product my estee arrived about 1/4 full (that’s about .07 oz). I get these are samples however I’m paying for the items and expect them to arrive intact as packaged. I’m a consumer after all.

        If others have similar issues I suggest writing them. I’ve yet to hear back.

        I’ve been with glossy for over two years and am sad to say that March (paid by glossydots). will be my last box for now as I’ve just had too many issues and I think it’s time to try other subs.

      • I agree. I’m having a lot of issues too.

      • Oh good… we must have got duds then!

      • 🤓

      • I’m happy to say they’re sending me a replacement water pack. 🙂

        Here’s the email I received:

        Destiny (GLOSSYBOX)
        Feb 16, 17:50 CET

        Hi Carrie,

        Oh no! We are so sorry that your Pink Peony arrived in such poor condition! A replacement will be shipped out to you as soon as possible. Since we do not have an expedited shipment option, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

        If you have any further questions, you can reach us at 1-855-738-1140 or [email protected].
        Sincerely yours,
        from GLOSSYBOX

      • Wow that was a quick reply for a replacement. I’m happy their sending you a replacement. I’m not going to worry it for myself though because I don’t really care for the water pack anyway. I’m glad you contacted them though. It’s nice to know that if there is a problem, they will take of it!

  12. Their customer service… ugh. I emailed about a card issue and they emailed back about why they can’t cancel my subscription. I never mentioned canceling once. Sigh. I’ve gotten exactly one box in January and more hassle than I expected and even that box was on the level with my Allure box for less….

  13. This is my last box with glossydots after a year-long ride with Gilt voucher (if you are new, please search Gilt City Glossybox and you will see what kind of deals some of us got).

    The variation I got was Bonacure Hairtherapy Moisutre Kick Beauty Balm 1oz ($2,50?) and Blush Mineral Powder from Eve by Eves. The website has full size 15g and I received 7g, so half the size = $29.

    It is not Liz’s fault at all, but I think Glossybox is known for sending out reviewers/bloggers highest value/most popular valuation possible EARLY. So we all sign up with the hope of getting the same box. Since I received Glossybox for a year, here is my honest opinion. They claim that they send out variations based on our “profile” (when I asked customer service) which I vaguely remember it was not detailed enough for them to send out the variation. For example, this Mineral Powder is not matching my skin color… And sometimes they send out questionable products like the shopping mall kiosk skincare (thanks to MSA reader who pointed out). Some months the variation are very wide in values with totally different category.

    Overall, I felt that I got a fare share of good and not so good boxes throughout the year in terms of possible variation (not suitable for my needs or not). Either it is random or they kind of rotate high and low value boxes. So, if you subscribe for a short time, you might experience good boxes in a row or opposite. However, I wouldn’t subscribe at a full-price and I am glad my little box envy/drama is over! I hope this helps for newer subscribers.

    • I agree 100%. I got the Gilt City deal and had my last box (using Glossydots) in November. I had basically the same experience as you. Very much done with Glossybox. I did buy this box as a one-off because I want the stuff that’s in every box, and so the price of the box more than covers the price of the items. I expect the rest to be cheap stuff but honestly only care for curiosity’s sake.

      • Thanks Rebecca! I just wanted to share my views in case there are new people. I would also like to add that their customer service is slow, but they do respond. I use email so that there is a record. Most of the time, my issues were resolved. I asked about the numbering on the eye cream from January box and they just confirmed that it is a manufactured date, but without confirming with the manufacturer. It had “21014”. Since it is an European company, the date should read 2nd of October, 2014. So, this product is over 3 years old and there is no inner seal. I think I am going to contact the manufacture myself before using it. If I get any answer, I will forward it to Liz.

      • I had this problem with Glossybox (sub for 1 year) in 2015/early 2016 I will never buy with box again after that. If its expired dont send out the product!!

  14. Does anyone know what variation I might be getting? I bought myself a month’s gift sub the day of this review (2/6), then redeemed it. My box still hasn’t shipped yet, and I’m impatient. The SKU on my box is “g.2017.02.s”

    I was just wondering if anyone else had the same SKU and, if so, what variation you got.


    • I’m glad you are getting yours so soon. I ordered a box on the 3rd and I probably won’t get one this month. But that’s cool because next month is just as fine by me. I just like getting sub boxes.

      • It says it will arrive between 2/14 (today) and 2/26, but I have no idea when it will ship. Right now it is in the “pay” status, after which is “pack” and “ship”. I better get this month’s box because the stuff that is in every box is what I wanted and the only reason I paid $25 for the one month’s gift sub! I would not have spent the money otherwise, as Glossybox was generally a bust during the year’s time that I was subbed.

      • Im a new subscriber, I subscribed on 2/8 and i got my email this afternoon saying my box was shipped this morning with tracking number. My sku is SKU: g.2017.02.s . I clicked on surveys, an i have 5 new product survey feedbacks, so they must be the products im getting, an im very upset. I am not getting an Eve by Eve product at all!! 😭😭 thats the product that got me to sign up. These are the products i have surveys for:
        02.2017 Vichy – Thermal Spa Water
        02.2017 Estée Edit – Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack
        02.2017 Perfect Formula – Pink Gel Coat
        02.2017 Jeanne Arthes – L’Eau de Rose
        02.2017 KORRES Modern Greek Apothecary – Sunflower & Evening Primrose Eyeshadow
        I will be cancelling and sticking with Boxycharm. Ive heard that these 2 products the eyeshadow an spa water are from old previous boxes 😰😡

      • Boo ☹️ I also got my shipping confirmation today, and I have the same SKU. I thought the letters in the SKU were indicative of the box we’d be getting. I guess not. I’m getting the three guaranteed things (perfume, nail stuff, and water pack) plus:

        NutraLuxe MD – Retro Brow – Prime & Extend Duo

        Schwartzkopf Professional SMOOTH PERFECT Smoothing Cream

        I also wanted to try that Eve by Eves powder, but that’s not why I paid $25 for the box, so I am a little sad but not overly upset. Your variation would make me sad, I think. That looks like old leftovers. And that’s why I didn’t resub with GB when my year was up.

  15. Got my box today and am very happy with it! I did the Black Fri deal for a year and that brings my box to just a little over $13. I had subscribed to GB mon to mon earlier last year, as I was checking out several boxes at the time. Liked them enough to do a 6 mon sub and also picked up some boxes that were on sale!
    The only thing I received that I don’t need is another cream blush. I keep getting those in sub boxes but am lucky enough to pass along some to one of my three daughters.
    If anyone wants a blush, I’d love to exchange for the gel eyeliner as that is one product that I don’t have! :). I have never done swaps before.

  16. My box arrived today. I received the mascara ($38), and the Moisture kick beauty balm. I love to try new mascara, and I like that it also has a base coat built into the cap. My box value is $103.

    I’ve been fairly happy with this sub with one big exception- my November Glossy box arrived with the Lycopene crema rinnovante open with the screw cap off and the product spilled in the box.

    I emailed Glossy Box but I never heard back.

    I also put it in my reviews on their site- I was surprised they didn’t catch it. Really disappointed at the lack of response. My sub is up for renewal soon. Haven’t decided if I’ll renew.

    • I would try contacting them again. That’s really not cool, and they will try to make it right. Hopefully they can replace the lost product rather than give you a random other item.

      • I totally call them when I have an issue AND amazingly ALWAYS get an answer, might not be the answer I want but better than email! In fact I’ve been trying to redeem my GLOSSY dots for 3 freaking months with always a problem! I really don’t like their policy on redeeming those! ‘Makes me oh so pissed!
        I got the brow Liner boooo probably lowest value

  17. I got my box today! I got everything Liz got except for the Powder. I got the Gel Eyeliner instead, with the value of $35. I don’t care about the value as much as I do as if I use the items or not. That being said.. I never used a gel eyeliner before and am happy to get to try it out. I was also scared I wouldn’t like the Perfume, as I don’t usually like flowery scents, but I tried it and I actually like it and will use it. Overall, I’m happy with my box except for the Pink Peony, as there is fragrance in the ingredient list, but I noticed it is low on the list, so I may try it. Not sure yet though.

  18. My box was a little different, the powder was smaller and much darker. It says blush, had no shimmer.I’m sure I’d love it if I weren’t a pale redhead. Still, that’s the risk of a sub box, not a deal breaker; however, that perfume is awful. Whether you like roses or not, it smells very strong, with a baby powder and bathroom aerosol combination. I’m sorry if someone else likes it, but it is the epitome of the stereotype of “old lady perfume.” It lingers. Works well for vacating a room, though. I tossed it.

    • That’s funny! I BOTH loved the perfume AND it does remind me of my grandmother when I FIRST put it on. To each her own, no?

  19. Does anyone who got the powder know if its supposed to come sealed? Liz?

    • Mine did not arrive sealed.

  20. My box arrived today. Eve by Eve’s products were not listed as an option at all. In addition to the Estee Edit, Pink Gel coat, and the L’eau de Rose (which everyone receives) my insert said I would get two of 5 items listed. One of the five is the Schwarzkopf hair products that Liz listed. Oddly enough I received the one for course hair which I do not have.

    The four remaining possibilities are: thermal spa water ($14 value), Korres eye shadow in white ($18 value), Nutraluxe brow prime & extend duo ($29 value), and Dome Beauty diamond shadow (colors vary, value $29). I received the Dome eye shadow in Quartz. No high value possibilities.

    This is my last box. I cancelled last week before the box even arrived.

    • Zo, I would be so disappointed. When my daughter’s last of a year’s sub box was received, she was given a mish-mash of items. I wonder if this is GB way of saying goodbye.

    • Those four products are leftovers from previous boxes. Only took until the second box of the new year for glossybox to go back to their old ways. Not cool Glossybox if you want to retain customers.

    • I received the same box except my Dome was marble. I was so disappointed in regards to not receiving the Eve by Eve products. Then to read on here that the products listed on our description sheet are actually basic left overs was a huge bummer. This is my second box, and I will say I love our three full size items!!!!!! But Is it normal for newer subscribers to given basic left over products like that. #glossyboxsounderwhelming

      • Welcome to Glossybox.

  21. I got the BC Moisture Kick Beauty Balm. I got a powder, but mine is Eve by Eve’s Flawless Finish Mineral Powder.

  22. I just received my Glossybox today and I was so happy to see the same box that Liz received ❤️ Love the powder and the pink gel coat. The rose perfume smells really good too.

  23. I’d really like to join to try it for a few months but the free mascara for signing up does not interest me. I’m sad I missed the 3 boxes for $15.99 promotion. That would get me to sub instantly.

    Does anyone know how often they run a discount code promotion?

    • I think it depends on how popular the box is at the time. From what I read, it seemed like the quality of the products that Glossybox included in last year’s boxes were inferior to what they had included in prior years, so a lot of people were cancelling. As a result, it seemed like they were offering discounted subs every 1 to 3 months throughout the year. Even though they just did the 3 boxes for $16 each deal, it wouldn’t surprise me they do another one soon, and attach it to some random holiday…. like having a “lucky you” St. Patrick’s Day sale on subs or something.

  24. I would actually prefer the lip liner or eyebrow product over the more expensive powder. I have several unused powders already. An $84 value for a $21 box is a good value in my opinion. I’ll use everything but the hair product. Just waiting for that pretty pink box to show up 😁

    • I got the lip liner and would prefer the powder. If you would like to, we could swap-if that’s what you receive 😊

  25. I sometimes get the same box, and sometimes I don’t. While I sometimes feel disappointed, I have never felt like the box was a poor value. The thing I hate about Glossybox is that I’m so low on the shipping rotation. I get them a long time after others do. But, other than that, the boxes always have things either I want to try or make good gifts. So, it’s worth the $21 for me.

  26. Strangely enough, I got the Eve by Eve’s powder, except I got the Flawless Finish Mineral Powder in Blush instead of the Mattifying Loose Powder. Both retail for the same price ($58), but, instead of getting a full size, I got one that was just under half size.

    • I received the powder as well, but mine was the Warm Nude Mineral Powder. It’s pretty dark- almost like a bronzer on my complexion. And oddly enough the spot on my cheek I put it on looked oily a few minutes later.

    • I also received the Blush (tan shade) mineral powder foundation at 1/2 the size (7g). Too dark for me, so will put up for swap. Bummed as it otherwise seems like a very nice product. Would have loved to try it.

      • I got that, as well. I can’t use the shade, thought maybe for contouring, but it is tricky to use for that. I am so pale, I wish they used profiles or anything so. Oh, well, makes the choice to cancel easy

  27. The box (re: packaging) looks beautiful…I’m not over the moon excited about it though…I hope I get the powder…that really interests me, but I probably will get something else. The perfume is a definite miss for me. The nail coat will work…there are items I will USE, but nothing I’m chomping at the bit to get…I have a really great rate locked in on this or I would probably stop…I am getting bored with Glossy…but every few months they shock me, and I DO use a lot of it, so I will keep trying…

  28. I have been with GB on and off for less than a year. This looks like a good box! I never expect to love everything. I agree…I don’t like all the box variations because it’s only natural to want something you didn’t get or believe other people received better products. It’s probably silly but I stay with GB because I love the actual boxes and if I get 1 or 2 products I can use each month, that’s great.

    • But $21 is a lot of money for a box and one or two items. In my 9 month subscription, at full price, I actually got a few boxes where value was less than the cost of the box. And then my free box had broken and dried out products and customer service never responded. GB charges a lot but won’t deliver.

      • Hi Lola! I am so sorry to hear of these previous issues. There is a possibility that the Customer Care team did not receive your message, as they do respond to all emails.

        If you write in today to [email protected], I will make sure you get a response to your concerns within 24 hours. Just put “LOLA EB via MSA” in the subject line, so we can find it and address right away!

      • So Anna, I followed up like you said but now they want photos. When I never got a response the first time after contacting GB I dumped the items after three weeks. So what apparently I get is lip service to make glossybox look like they care about their customers but now want to make me jump through hoops two months after the fact when all I did was follow your request to fix my issue. Thank you for effort but no results.

      • I was missing one of my boxes during their past box sales and I called but there was a lot of hold time. In a more recent box, I received a broken eye pencil. Someone gave me a tip to use FB to communicate with GB. FB is by far the best method to communicate with that I have tried. I have never received an email response and calling took too long.

      • Lola, a couple of years ago I received a GlossyBox that was unusable because the nail polish bottle broke and there was nail polish everywhere. I took a picture of the box with the broken polish and the mess it created, and emailed it to GB’s customer service. I received a prompt response and a replacement box.

        I’m sorry to hear you had a different experience.

      • Thank you for the support. Much appreciated.

  29. Some of y’all are being a little too hard on Liz. She did a good honest review even though she got the box for free. It’s not like she lied and said she loved the perfume when she’s not a big rose scent person. She kept true to herself and that’s all I could ask for her to do. Thank you Liz for the review, it was helpful like always. <3

    • So glad to hear you found the review to be helpful. Thank you, Amanda! 🙂

    • Nobody was being critical of Liz. What was criticized was her saying she lucked out. We can all agree that Liz does a great service. Calm down please!

  30. Is there any way to get just a February box without signing up for a recurring sub? I had a year of Glossybox through Gilt City and did NOT want to sign up again. I seem to think there isn’t but figured I would ask others who might actually know. I don’t want to get roped into next months box as well.

    • You can do a gift.

      • Ah, I didn’t think of that! Will be trying now! Thank you!

  31. I am so unimpressed with the Edit line and $30.00 topcoat. Really? I would love to see the stats on how many of those $58 loose powders went out and to who, vs the Cream Blush, Gel Eyeliner, Drama Luxe Conditioning Gel Mascara, Lip Definer, or Eyebrow Definer.
    I think I am about done with Glossybox.

    I think the reviews are great and I have learned so much and been given access to so many great subs because of this site. I read each one whether I am interested or not.

  32. This box is NOT exciting for me. I do love the introduction of the Estee Edit products but you can go into your local sephora and get this same sample for free. I’m not impressed this month, so much I don’t think I will be renewing. I really will miss their beautiful special edition boxes that I use to store things on my shelves and the lower price that I have locked in ($12.00) but the last few boxes have just been a miss for me. At this point I’ve wittled it down to Sephora Play, Ipsy and Popsugar and that being said Popsugar could be next on the chopping block. This was after I let go of Allure Beauty and Boxy. I think I may try some newer ones or just hold off for a while.

    • I am feeling this way about almost all beauty boxes these days.

      I am down to Julep, So Choix (because I can get points to use for discounts on Chanel products), and Yuzen. Plus whatever I review for MSA (OK, kind of a lot — Vegan Cuts, Glamorous Chicks, TutiiBag, TutiiMask, Mask Maven, Orglamix, but most of those are a little off the beaten path at least).

      I am finding myself more interested in non-beauty boxes these days. I have recently gotten into houseplant subscriptions and I get a few more bead subscriptions that I don’t review right now.

      • Houseplant subscription? Please tell us more!

      • I second that! Houseplants – I’m curious!!!

      • I have Miroja now, that has air plants and succulents (and some home goods, dishes, tea towels, etc.). Have received twice and really like it.

        I have the Desert Box (haven’t gotten my first box yet), more succulents and cacti.

        And I just found out about Garden of Esperidon, which is carnivorous plants (again, haven’t gotten my first one yet). I have had mixed success with carnivorous plants in the past but I’m going to give this a go. I just learned you can feed them blood worms (sold as betta fish food) if you don’t have flies and such.

        These seem to be popping up on Cratejoy regularly. Had high hopes for an orchid one but they disappeared after charging me twice and not sending a box, so I had to go through Cratejoy to get a refund.

  33. I thought a rituals product was supposed to be in the February box, according the e-mail sent. Maybe March??

    • Hi Jen! The Rituals announcement will be happening very soon! Stay tuned!

  34. In all fairness, when it comes to Glossybox, I’ve seen Liz get a lower value variation than me a few times. I was also on the black friday from 2 years ago where I paid less than $10 a box I believe

  35. I hope I get the blush or brow definer. I would never use the mattifying powder.

    Of course – I’m still waiting for my January box to arrive. The warehouse lost the first one and I’ve been waiting on the replacement box for over two weeks!

    • Hi Jaclyn! Sorry to hear you are waiting on a replacement! Please send us a follow up email to [email protected] so we can find out the ETA of your box arrival.

  36. Here’s to hoping I get the mattifying powder! I have really oily skin. I feel like I get a lot of moisturizers and primers for dry or normal skin in all of my boxes. So this would be a welcome item. And for some reason I’m on a rose 🌹 scented everything kick that even I can’t explain, which makes me happy about the perfume.

  37. I hate variations in boxes – it is one thing to have a variation based on a profile, such a skin tone, but to have such wide values in price is not fair. While I hope I get the same box as Liz, this will be my last Glossy – customer service isn’t so great and other boxes deliver what they promise. Thanks for the ride, Glossy, but I get off after Feb.

    • I agree with you about the price variation. How is it fair that we all pay the same amount (or some people even less because they signed up with a deal) but some of our boxes are worth $80 while others are $125? I’m OK with shade variations or something for oily skin vs dry skin (or hair) etc, but they should keep the value as equal as possible. I have major FOMO so that’s kept me from cancelling, but this month’s box has me so frustrated. I got the lowest possible value and I’ve been a subscriber for 2 years at full price. I actually will use everything I got in my box except for the red lip liner — I would have loved every other option for an Eve by Eve’s item than this. Anyone want to swap for a powder?

      • Did you notice it only took until the 2nd box into the new year and after the December debacle for the vast price and product variations to start up again? Not promising for future boxes. It’s like “we fixed one box so we are good so now we can be cheap again”.

      • I agree. Glossy and Boxy are kinda like the same! Its like “this month will suck for this subscriber, next month…we will see if a lot of subs will complain” Why dont they just make all the boxes with same value? I understand that they have “variation” boxes, but at least make ALL variations same value! How could a small one piece eyeshadow be $29?😒

  38. Well, too much in needed skin care. I’m glad about the Drbrent coming in boxycharm this month and that’s all the skin care I need for now. I just don’t get it, why only skin care.
    Also, what was the point of me doing a beauty quiz if everyone gets the same products….
    Very deceiving. In ipsy I get different veriations and boxy never promise a personalized box even though I alway like it better then all my other boxes

    • I got the February box…got at lease SOME of liz’z products. Used my points for a 2nd box…and got a box with old items—things that were in the december box. I wrote them…they gave me the option of. Choosing another past box item. Was it so hard to send a proper box? I was upset I wasted 1000 points on a box that they wouldn’t admit was completely different.

  39. I like the box it’s cute. But I don’t need anymore skin care or makeup yet. The products are great and the value is great. I’m still waiting on Beauty subcriptions until I run low on products or I want it. I’m keeping Ipsy and this month is the last Beauty Box 5. I’m looking at other subcriptions but haven’t found one I’m interested in yet.

    • 100% with you on holding off! I stopped my GlossyBox and after this month my BB5. WAY TOO MUCH!

      I’m on product overload and need a 4-6 month break to get thru what I already have.

      I’m keeping my Ipsy and Sephora- love those and they are relatively inexpensive.

      GlossyBox is awesome- and I never worry about what others get compared to me. It all works out in the end. I’ll miss it- but… it had to goooooo.

  40. When it comes to box value variations its always hit or miss with any sub. My best friend subs to Glossy and some are good and some are bad. I compare her boxes to this site and another and between the three, Ive decided it would be too big of a risk with Glossy. At least with my other subs, namely Boxy, the variations are all of comparable value. I like to make an informed decision from as many sources as possible and if I’m not happy, I cancel. But I also pay month to month for that reason.

  41. I really like your reviews. But when I subscribed Glossybox for 3 months last year, and found my items were always cheaper/worse than yours or completely didn’t match my preferences. I decided to unsubscribed. I think Sephora play is a better box the Glossybox.

    • And once again the difference in values is vast. A $39 value difference and when you add $26 for a perfume that only some will be able to use the difference is $65. Had I received the lowest value box as I seemed to always get when I had this sub, my value less a perfume I couldn’t wear would be $58. While still double the cost of the price paid, it iwould still feel like a slap in the face. Get the message Glossybox and even out the values.

  42. Lucked out? Lol Liz you are awesome but come on! You know as well as we do that it’s not luck. You can ask to get the same thing as paying customers til the end of time. It’s not going to happen. But saying you lucked out is just silly.

    • I’ll edit that out and update this post also when the box I pay for arrives to see how they stack up. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Will we get to see the review…to see the difference and to see another version of the box?

    • Agreed. I think I would prefer to see reviews of boxes that paid for versus boxes that are sent for promotional purposes. Otherwise this site feels more like an extension of the subscription box providers versus an independent review site.

      I really enjoy the candid comments from other readers.

      • Liz provides full disclosure on every review. It’s stated at the very beginning if a company sent it for review. She’s also very honest about value variations. Idk what else you want from her lol but certainly you can chose not to read the reviews with boxes sent for review.

      • Yeah but that means I have to click every single article to see if it’s promotional or real. I wish it’s written clearly on the title or in different color, so I can sort out the fake promotional boxes.

      • Thanks for the thoughts on this. I never want any review on this site to feel “promotional,” so I’d love feedback on how we can improve.

        First, to provide some background: We never accept payment for reviews, and we never allow box companies to see the review before we publish it either. All reviews of boxes we pay for (or receive) are the honest opinion of the reviewer.

        One of the reasons that we accept boxes at no cost for review purposes, is that companies sometimes send these boxes to us early. That allows us to get the review up when the box it is still available for purchase – something that I think is beneficial to MSA readers if they want to see full spoilers/review of a box before purchasing.

        That being said, I don’t want any of those reviews to ever feel misleading, so please let me know if you have suggestions on how I could make this review better.

        Some of my first thoughts:

        I could ask subscription box companies for the full list of box variations and include that with this review so readers can get a better sense of what all the boxes shipping look like. (Not sure if this would be possible with all boxes.)

        For boxes that send out variations, I could also request to not get the highest value variation. (I haven’t done this in the past because I wasn’t sure if it would actually have the result we’d want. For example, there could be an item that has a high retail value, but to lots of MSA readers that item might be a miss or over-inflated, so even though it’s a high-value box, it might not be the “best” box.)

        Let me know what you think!

      • I agree. Liz’s reviews have always been very helpful and honest to me whether it is regarding a purchased box or one sent for review. And I have to say there have been a few times over the past year or so that my box has had greater value than Liz’s promotional box. I don’t know what I would do without this site. Between Liz’s reviews and the comments of many others, I have been able to make great purchases and avoid other riskier ones.

      • I meant to say I agree with Jen. I enjoy the reviews even when it is for a promotional box.

      • I think the reviews are beautiful and very professionally done. I do try to give a grain of salt to the promotional reviews. I was just noting that my favorite and preferred reviews are the non-promotional reviews. Just like in a magazine – I tend to skip articles that are labeled as “promotional”. I just wonder if priority is given to promoting promotional reviews and spoilers….

        Overall the site is great – and addictive! I’ve just found that I really benefit from the photos and comments I see posted in inatagram and Reddit. So I guess I utilize a variety of different outlets to get a full picture of beauty subs/impressions.

  43. Did you really “luck out”? This box was sent to you by Glossybox to review… 🙂

    • Fair question! We always ask to get the exact same box a paying customer would receive, and technically this is one variation, so it meets that request… but I felt it was important to call out the value of the lowest-value variation in the verdict, too.

  44. Really love the estee edit line and would love to try and swap for the pink peony. Im on the swapping site!

  45. That box is beautiful.

    • It’s a keeper! 🙂

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