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FabFitFun Spring 2017 Box Spoiler #4 + $10 Coupon!

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FabFitFun Box

We have the latest spoiler for the Spring 2017 FabFitFun box! (Thanks for the heads up, Michelle!)

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box!

Each box will include:



This MILLY Zip Pouch

  • $45 value
  • It’s water-resistant, so it makes for the perfect bikini bag. You can also use it as a casual clutch or use it to store your liquid beauty products.
  • Dimensions: 10 1/4″ x 8″
  • It comes in 4 color and phrase variations.
  • In case you didn’t know, MILLY is a luxe fashion brand that’s all about contemporary fashion with a feminine edge.

And in case you missed the previous spoilers, the box will also include:


A RealHer Lip Kit! Select Members (annual subscribers) will be able to choose their shade between the Deep Nude shade pictured above or the following:


RealHer Lip Kit in Deep Red


RealHer Lip Kit in Neutral Pink

And all subscribers can now log in and make their choice on an additional item in the box:

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 2.05.14 PM

More details on each item:

Emerald Duv Cuff Bracelet: We’re obsessed with this cage bracelet. Inspired by the vibrant and distinctive nature of the West Coast, this handcrafted piece will add an effortless flair to your timeless look. UPDATE: this bracelet is gold plated brass. Retail Value: $80

Love AJ Earring Set: You’ll be smiling from ear to ear in this stunning set of rose gold climbers and studs. UPDATE: It’s made of brass plated rose gold. and adorned with sparkling stones, so these baubles will be great for any occasion. Retail Value: $85

And in case you missed the first spoiler:


A Gypsy 05 Roundie

FabFitFun Select (annual) subscribers will get to select the pattern of their choice!


If you aren’t familiar with a Roundie, it’s a thin blanket that can work as a picnic blanket, a beach blanket, a shawl, a wall tapestry, etc!


What do you think of the latest Spring 2017 FabFitFun Box spoilers?

If you are a new subscriber, and you sign up now, your first box will be the Spring Box. This box is regularly $49.99, but you can use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box!

Check out all of my FabFitFun reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Beach spare me with the printed puns already! To bad the pouches don’t have poppies or a beautiful floral print. That aside I am loving this box. I will use the pouch to hold my cell phone, keys, sunglasses & book when i go down stairs to the pool! and i love the roundie! (AND THE ADD-ONS!!! YESSSS)

    • I think they flooded social media with the crazy good fall box last year to get annual subscribers, and then throw in these REALLY unimpressive ones between. If my theory is correct, the summer box will be AMAZING to get annuals to renew.

      Really crappy marketing strategy FFF. 💩

  2. Man, FFF never met a cheesy pun they didn’t like, huh? That said, I’m still on board with this box. I’m in a perpetual state of getting organized and this looks like a nice-sized bag to assist with that. Everything else looks fun, interesting or usable, so no complaints there. I will say that since I’ve started doing add-ons, I look forward to FFF a LOT more. The add-ons really increase the feeling of giving yourself a nice gift.

    • I agree!! Love the add-on’s and choosing them. Lo

  3. I love the bags! So cute for spring break!

  4. I am completely in the minority on this one, but I love this spoiler! I actually have already swapped for another one. I think they are a cute cheeky fun item that I would never buy for myself but will use a ton!

  5. Wow… I’m so surprised at reading the comments here – as many are so negative. Geez. I think FFF tries really hard to put some really interesting items into their boxes and items that we might not otherwise purchase. I love how innovative the boxes are – even if you don’t use everything. It can’t be an easy task trying to please as many people as possible but I’m really disappointed that so many comments are negative. I LOVE FFF and want them to know that I think they are accomplishing amazing things – and I am so very happy when I receive my wonderful box every season. Thanks FFF!

    • I agree. I love the goodies that i would never buy for myself. I just pray i dont get red for my lip color. However if i do get red, my sweet mother who has demencia loves red lip colors! She always says that all ladies wear it so she must as well! Love her to pieces! God bless!

    • I love the fff box and if I don’t think I will use an item I ask one of my sons’ girlfriends and they always are happy will use the item . And I love the add one great for me as well as gifts

    • Agree

  6. I might be with the minority, but I really like the pouches and the print on it. I think they would look quite boring with nothing printed on it. I love the beach and kayaking and I think it will be a very cute item to protect my belongings. I almost hope the pouch will be an Albatross so I can swap for one of each color 😉

    • Agreed.

  7. Seriously? Another stupid saying? I am cancelling, I guess I’m just not girly enough for Fanfitfun

  8. It looks like a nice bag. Really nice size for this type of bag, water resistant, and looks decent quality.

    Not that I use bags like this often. Also I think this is a summer item… and the sayings are cheesy and kinda childish. Reminds me of VS pink’s spring break line lol…. I do still think it’s cute tho. I like the beach please one the best I think.

    Not excited about this spoiler but not really dissapointed. Very “eh”

    • I wish this was a select item! The only one I’d use is the blue one with the saying beach please. It’s the only one that can be interpreted differently.

  9. Hey! Question on the swaps, do you have to have a Facebook account to swap? I do not have one bc the last ten years (I’m 34) I’ve been so in and out of the hospital that it was/is so depressing to update. I hate being labeled the sick girl. Different areas of the hospitals like ICU ask to turn off phone and not use any wifi. I sometimes go back and forth from ICU to a regular hospital room. Currently, I am fighting pneumonia with two cracked ribs from coughing. I love this site, love my ipsy and sephora subscriptions that are all from excellent reviews I read here. I love this new box, would love to sign up but the annual membership is too high for one payment and I would like to choose my items at such a higher price. These subscription boxes have brought so much light into my life and I thank everyone for contributing. Sorry that this is so long but can you swap w/o a Facebook account?

    • Hi Jenn,

      You don’t need a Facebook account to join swaps, that’s just one of the ways to create an account.

      I’m so glad you love MSA, and I’m wishing you a speedy recovery! 💗

      • Thank you so much, Liz!

  10. Do you think the FXP hula hoop email today was a spoiler of the fitness item?

    • I wondered the same thing! That would be awesome in my book!

    • Would they have something in the box that they’re also selling as an add-on? I have it on my add-on list and wouldn’t be happy to get a duplicate in the box…

  11. I love the concept of the bags. We live at the beach so I think the beach sayings are cute and I honestly didn’t think of them being a substitute for b*tch until I read the comments. It is very odd that we cannot pick the one we want though. I’d rather pick this option over the jewelry or the round thing.

  12. I don’t think I’m a Spring or Summer box person…

    • Me neither! 🙁

  13. Resting Beach Face…hilarious but I personally would never pay $45 for it. 😛

  14. So far I’m not into a single thing they’ve spoiled. I’m going to give them a few more days to see if they come out with another spoiler that I actually like. Otherwise, I’ll have to cancel.

    FFF frustrates me so much! When their boxes are good, I’m SO psyched for them! But I think I officially dislike their Spring and Summer boxes.

    • I agree, waiting til fall to reactivate my subscription .

  15. The bags are cute, but I would be embarrassed to carry any of them around most places, except for the white one because of the sayings! Such a shame too because the color of the pink bag is really nice.

    • I agree completely. And we go to the pool every day during the summer so this would have been nice to have. I am planning to look for a patch to cover up those horrible sayings.

  16. Hate the sayings! I really wish fabfitfun would quit with the sayings on items. I’d love them so much more without them. I would have used and loved the towel and beach bag from last year if they didn’t have those sayings. But unfortunately for me they did! I just find them childish. Someone else will get to enjoy them I guess.

    I do agree with others that are saying this is a summer box and not a spring box though. We are still covered in snow where I’m from. No pools for us until at least June at the earliest. No beaches ever unless I hop on a plane lol.

    • I agree so much with the awful sayings on everything. Its tacky and very last season.

  17. This would be great as a travel bag or a make up bag.

  18. Ugh! Those bags are horrible. They look like something for a tween. I don’t think I’m gonna like the spring box much at all. I like the roundie bu the jewelry is cheap looking the lip set is boring and this bag is childish. I think I need to cancel.

    • I thought the same thing Becca, seems like everything is for a super young person. You can get a roundie on Amazon or Ebay for around $10.00 and get to choose the pattern you get.

  19. …Did I just manage to age out of the FFF demographic in one season?

    • lol I was thinking the same thing.. So funny!

    • Haha, I feel the same way!

  20. I LOVED the fall box. I joined just for that and was excited for new boxes…Winter was okay….. but this box seems dissappointing. Yes it’s great deals..but the products are not very impressive… I hope other items are good…. the bags are the least exciting followers by the roundies… 🙁 very sad so far

  21. So looking forward to this box. The winter box was my second and after the amazing fall box I was totally let down. Thank goodness so far this one looks amazing. I feel so much better about my yearly subscription.

  22. You can buy similar roundies on Amazon starting at $12.99.

    • And they have better, more detailed patterns. I was really looking forward to this box. The earrings look like $7.99 on a card at Claire’s.Very cheap costume jewelry. I have been having fun with the addons though.

    • Thanks for this comment! Just bought one I like better than these for $7.70!!

      • Where can you see the jewelry?

        • I was just wondering the same? I haven’t seen any spoilers of the jewelry? If you find out, post a response!

          • I just looked it up on the designers website and found one that matches the listed retail price.

  23. Don’t really think I can take a bag that says “Resting beach face” places with my family. Pretty disappointed in this spoiler

    • That’s exactly what I thought. I don’t want my 7-year old to read it and ask me what it means. None of the spoilers were great for me, but this last one actually pushed me to cancel.

    • I would love to swap for it! Or beach please! My swap profile is attached to my name. I don’t get this box

    • I agree that they would be better served to recognize that some of their customers like you and me are parents of young kids and find foul language (even plays on foul language) obnoxious. That said, I am keeping my subscription and crossing my fingers I get “slay all day.”

  24. 4 Spoilers… adding up to $228 in retail value what can else can they throw in there? Please don’t let it be a jump rope or water bottle. I have so many water bottles…

  25. I loved the Winter box so much, but this one just isn’t speaking to me. I think I’m going to have to cancel.

  26. I’m kind of disappointed in this box… I feel like I’ll never use this bag unless it’s thrown in my bag or something (aka hidden). I don’t love the sayings and with the lip color I only like the pink/nude. Ugh. Hopefully the other items will be better! I love my add-ons though 🙂

  27. Pretty excited about this box! I might even get my daughter one. Love the roundie, the lip product, I always like jewelry and this bag would be great for wet bathing suits. Looking forward to getting it!

    • I agree with you. So far I am happy with this box. Not sure why everyone else is so disappointed. Thumbs up on the roundie, lip kit, bag, and jewlery. The vitamins are what they are, but still this is my fave subscription box. Its nice to get full sized products, and i love that the youthful items keep us mommies on trend.

  28. Nope, not the box for me. Beach Please…lol.

    • 😂👌

  29. I’ve logged in to my account and selected 3 of the custom options, but there is no option for the bag that I can find. Has anyone else tried to log in and make your selection on this clutch? It is not one of my options. Thanks everyone

    • There is no option to select the clutch. Only selection was for roundie and lip color and earrings/bracelet

  30. Im a bit underwhelmed….. where are the candles and skin care and all the fun stuff?!

    • Exactly! I don’t want any of this stuff. The lip kit is sort of ok but the rest just falls flat. I usually love this box but I’m not feeling this one at all.

  31. This box seems geared more towards younger people to me. I haven’t been excited about any of these items. The bag maybe, if it didn’t have those sayings on the front. Oh well, money saved.

  32. Perfect after using the hot tub at the gym!

  33. So this is not an item Select Members can customize? I thought the whole point of paying up front was so we can pick our own variations! 🙁

    • I don’t recall them saying we woild get to pick variations of all the items. I was under the impression we would get to pick 2-3 variations of specific items. I’m happy with the items we did get to choose on. I’d much rather be able to choose the roundie and lip kit. I do not really care which one of these I get as I’m just going to use it as a travel makeup bag.

  34. Now that we have basically 5 spoilers I wonder what else is left. The winter box had 7 items plus the Barre 3 membership. They were 3 home (candle, planner, cards), 1 fashion item (necklace), 1 fit item (Barre3), 3 beauty items (lotion, mascara, mineral peel).

    So far for spring we have 1 home item (roundie), 2 fashion items (jewelry choice item, pouch), 1 beauty item (Realher lip set). There will be a fit item. The other items may be by the brands they are selling as new add-ons. My guesses are the following:

    tech/home item(s) by Bentgo, My Tagalongs, Stone Cask, Buqu

    beauty items(s) by Dr. Brandt, Bodipure, Juice Beauty, Purelisse, DPHue, Fatco, Mullein and Sparrow, Yuni, Living Proof, Sol de Janeiro, Patchology, Sweetcheeks

    • Someone mentioned vitamins in a previous post. Perhaps that’s the fit item. That same poster said she’d learned this via live chat with FFF, and they also told her there’s 8 or 9 items.

      • Vitamins would be cool, i’ve been meaning to buy more so that would be perfect!
        I hope it’s 9 items that would be great!
        I was looking at Ann’s list and now I want one of those cute power banks lol(my faves are penguin, pineapple and puffball – all p’s! lol)
        What do u wish we get?

    • Huh, so there was a fit item in the winter box. Too bad international people didn’t get a fit item.

  35. Where is the “Swap Shop” I have read about? I have a box on the way and there are a couple things I would I like to swap. Thank you 🙂

    • Here is the swap section:

      It’s free to use, just create an account, and you’ll be off the waitlist in typically 3 weeks or less. Hope that help! 🙂

      • The swap site is amazing. I only got added recently and I’ve already ready done three swaps. It really make sure all this subbing worth it. You can get just what you want.

        • Yay! So glad to hear you’re enjoying swaps! 🙂

  36. Honestly, it really looks like they are really trying to please everyone! A lot of people on the forums wanted travel things but some don’t and I think everything here can work for both! I don’t travel but this will be used at the pool and picnics! Super excited for this box!

  37. Huh. I’ll have to see what it’s like in person.

  38. Love the colors!! I could take or leave the sayings, but I’ll mostly use it for travel and my pool bag.

  39. Very happy to be getting one of these. Feels like a spring break box and I’m looking forward to it!!

  40. For me this is actually the first item I’m excited about . It does seem like a summer item , but I’m still happy to get it . Maybe they included it in the spring box because a lot if people going away in the spring .

  41. I don’t have anything like that right now so this will be perfect for throwing in my wet bathing suit after a day at the pool. I don’t care what it says as it will just stay in the pool bag.

  42. I want the green on 😂

  43. I NEEEEEEEEED the Resting Beach Face bag! I have RBF so bad lol!

    • I thought the same thing….

    • Me too!!!!!

    • So far a lot of us really like the green one. I love the Patel pink color, just not the wording. I know it means (basically) beauty mess. Rough translation. But I don’t know what it is with me, it just seems negative (haute) to me. Call me weird. Anyway, I’m loving the concept and looking forward to it arrival.

      • It is negative. All the other sayings are sassy/confident. That one just announces that you’re a hot mess. Not usually a compliment. I’m hoping for one of the beach ones

  44. If only those bags were plain I would actually use mine.

    • Same. Don’t love the sayings.

  45. not seeing anything I really want. Glad I cancelled.

    • Same here, not sorry to be missing out.

    • Me too, I haven’t really liked one of their boxes in forever.

    • I kind of like the bag, but hated all of the first three spoilers (and I normally LOVE jewelry in boxes). Money saved.

  46. Interesting select can’t choose which bag they get!

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Maybe they have 80% of one of them so didn’t want to let people select.???

  47. Not digging the clutch, it’s a little young for me. Will be going up for swap. I like everything else so far though!

  48. I don’t like those bags at all, but thank you for the recommendation to use them as bikini bags. But… I will totally take all those rings she’s wearing!

  49. This box is shaping up to be amazing!!!

  50. I’m only annoyed because this is a very summer-y SPRING box. Hopefully there is at least a “fit” item I can enjoy.

    • Agree! Hoping the summer box isn’t more of the same.

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