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Serendipity by LLB Subscription Box Review – January 2017

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Serendipity by LLB is a bi-monthly subscription by Little Lace Box. The regular Little Lace Box subscription is a bi-monthly themed box, and it ships on the off months of Serendipity (so, if you subscribed to both Little Lace Box and Serendipity by LLB, they would trade off every other month as far as which box you receive). Serendipity boxes do not have a theme – they’re just some fun product finds that LLB wants to share!

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Serendipity by LLB

The Cost: $12.99/bi-monthly

COUPON: Use code MSATen to save $10 off an annual subscription!

The Products: 5-7 sample or full-sized items that don’t follow any specific theme.

Ships to: US

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This box comes with a booklet detailing all the items included:

Serendipity-january-2017-0006 Serendipity-january-2017-0007

Now, onto the items!


Modgy Expandable Vase – Value $8.95


This is a reusable plastic vase that folds flat when not in use.


It seems perfect for keeping in a drawer at the office. (I may keep this in the glove compartment of my car as an encouragement to buy someone flowers next time I’m at Trader Joes!)


And the base allows this to stand completely flat.



Xtenex Accufit Laces – Value $9.99


These laces are designed so that you don’t have to worry about tying and untying them.


(You just slip your foot in and out of the shoe, and the elastic in the lace holds everything in place.)


And unlike some similar products, you can just tie these like regular laces:


I like these a lot, but I think I’ll end up buying them in black and giving this pair to my husband, Eric. His favorite color is green, and I like a shoelace that is a little less bold!



Beekman 1802 Jasmine and Heirloom Rose Hand Wash – Value $20

I love seeing Beekman 1802 beauty products in subscription boxes! (This hand wash is sulfate and paraben free!) It’s made with Goat Milk, so the soap is a little creamy and moisturizing, too.

The only downside for me is that I’m not crazy about the rose scent, but otherwise, I think the formula is great. (And I love that it has the type of packaging that makes me want to put it out on display!)


Doxen & Hue Face Wash – Value $6

(Subscribers will either receive Pink Grapefruit or Watermint) The Watermint facewash is exfoliating with microbeads and has a refreshing scent, too.

UPDATE: This version of the face wash has Polyethylene, but the Grapefruit version does not have the micro plastic beads. If you received this version, you can contact [email protected] so they can address this with you.

The Verdict: This month’s box has a value of about $45. I think that’s great for a $13 box. My favorite item may be the shoe lace discovery, but we’ll use everything!

What do you think about the January Serendipity by LLB box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I refuse to use the face wash they sent too. So for my area we passed one of the toughest laws on microbeads well over a year ago, But then the fed gov passed a law. What that did was actually cause issues for any laws passed as local cannot be in effect unless they are the exact same and in our case I guess it was not, parts of the law become null and void. We already had the stores pull products with it with the local law but For my area I guess it can’t be enforced now, it became challengeable in court. That goes for ANY other state or county that passed their laws…..The federal act gives manufacturers until July 1, 2017, to stop making products containing plastic microbeads and gives retailers until July 1, 2018, to stop selling them. our county law forbids local retailers from selling these products starting Over a year ago.

  2. GREAT Box once again….how do they give such wonderful finds for ten bucks? its amazing! such cool things too…LOVE, would love more of the hand soaps for sure!!!!

  3. I had no idea how bad micro beads were until I read the comments on this post….yikes! I got the grapefruit face wash, so I’m happy. As for the rest of the box, I like it. I bought a year subscription back when it was $10/bx, so I’m thrilled with the contents and everything will get used.

  4. Did anyone get an email that the box shipped? I didn’t get an email or any type of notification at all.

    • I get a text when it ships, it also shows up in my USPS account

    • I haven’t received my box or any other communication. I’m kind of worried!

      • I haven’t received anything yet either. Hmmmm.

        • Me neither and it’s February now!!!

      • I sent an email to them questioning where my box was on Monday the 30th and, lo and behold, it was just going to ship that day! I haven’t got it yet but maybe tomorrow. I did receive a tracking # and it is on the way.

    • You might want to check with them about it. I subbed last spring, and I have had to remind them EVERY MONTH (LLB, too) to send my box.

  5. I’m kind of excited to get this. Haven’t gotten an email, I often don’t. I’ll use all the items (barring the microbeads). My 10 year old daughter will steal the case for her room; hopefully I’ll get a fun color of laces, the hand soap will look great in my guest bath and I can always use more face wash. For $10, I think this is a great value.

  6. I like everything but the shoe laces.

  7. I audibly squealed when I pulled the Beekman soap out of this box. Very excited to try this brand! The vase will be great for traveling! (I’ve always wanted flowers in my hotel room.) Can’t wait to try the laces and the face wash.

    Serendipity, congrats on nailing it! So happy right now. 🙂

  8. I had not heard about the problems with microbeads but I do not get out much. I was lucky to get the Pink Grapefruit so it was a non issue for me. Anyway, the river our water runs into is pretty polluted already. I would like to respond to those who are upset over the products in this box. The box is only $13.00 every other month and regardless of which box I subscribe to there is always at least one product I do not like, cannot use, etc. and I have also learned that regardless of the subscription there will periodically be a box that does not have much in it that I like. It is part of subscribing to these boxes.

  9. I am excited about my box which came today. My vase has a very modern, funky design on it. I can’t wait to try it out. The Beekman hand soap is awesome, and I like the scent but still think it could be too strong if it lingers. I received grey laces which will match a lot of different shoes. I lucked out and received the grapefruit face wash. It is also a very generous size. I have never heard of the brand, but will try it out. I love that you never know what could be in a Serendipity box. This is my third box and every one has been very different. For the price, this mystery box has been really fun to receive.

  10. I’m excited about the Beekman soap. Neutral on everything else. I received the grapefruit wash so no issues there. I’d be happier with the vase and laces if I received different colors. the laces are safety-cone orange and the vase is a print that doesn’t match my home or office decor. But overall, it’s still a tremendous value. Can’t get too bent out of shape for $10.

  11. Liz, I implore you to add info about microbeads to your review. I’m sure plenty of people only read your review, not the comments, and lots of people still don’t know how bad they are.

    And they’re reeeeeally bad.

    • I never knew about the microbeads before today. I definitely learn a lot reading the comments! It is refreshing to see how many actually care about the environment 😀

    • Thank you for the suggestion. I was waiting to hear from LLB. I’m updating the post now. Thanks, again!

      • Awesome!! 🙂

  12. I am genuinely shocked that LLB sent out a product with microbeads in it. I think of them as a more responsible company than this. Maybe they didn’t know the Watermint version has them??

    Mine will be thrown away. In the garbage.

    Fyi: You can’t always SEE the microbeads. The best way to tell if a product has them is to read the ingredients. If it includes polyethylene or polypropylene or any other kind of plastic, you’ve got microbeads.

    • Here’s what LLB wrote back to me after I said that I couldn’t believe they sent a product out with that in it:

      We’ve notified our vendor, Doxen & Hue, and they have agreed to replace your product with the Pink Grapefruit Face Wash which does not have the micro beads. Please note, these micro beads are still in many popular brands and are to be phased out by 2020. That said, we were not aware of this particular environmental issue so Doxen & Hue has contacted the appropriate organization to dispose properly of the product we receive back from our customers. In the next few days we will send your replacement along with a shipping label to send back the current product. We thank you for your patience with this process and apologize for any inconvenience.

      • That’s great news for everyone with watermint wash.
        It’s true, you should check your stuff, microbeads are everywhere, from toothpaste to body scrub. You can Google it. Thanks to Barack Obama for banning them, pity it’s still will takes few years before they are gone for good.

      • I sent them an email asking to trade for the grapefruit. I am on a septic system that really does not tolerate stuff that does not decompose being added to it. I am waiting to hear back. I initially had planned to put it up for swap, because I don’t use mint based products on my skin (too irritating), so this solves both of my issues if they trade!

  13. This is my first Serendipity and I love it! It has the perfect balance of practical yet something I would never have bought for myself and all for only a few dollars more than a Target beauty box. I got purple laces so there are variations (glad I didn’t get the green) and grapefruit
    ( would have preferred the watermint but luck of the draw.) I live on a well/septic so if there are any fishies living under my house they already have many more issues than microbeads 🙂

    • But once in the water system the beads travel to many other places than under your well…

      • My husband is a civil engineer with a minor in groundwater engineering. It would take a lot more than a little tube to disrupt a leachfield.

  14. Liz, where did you get the 5-7 items? I don’t see that anywhere on the LLB website for this box.

  15. I am really pleased with this box. All the items I’ll be able to use this month. I get this box because it contains items that I like (or did not know I needed), but would not ordinarily buy myself. Its a real treat especially for the $10 it cost me.

  16. I really like this box and for $13 is a steal

  17. This is the first one I’ve received since signing up in September. I have to say that I’m happy with the products that I received! I will use all of them. I received the black and white vase, grapefruit face wash and green laces. I’m excited to try the hand soap as I desperately need something that is moisturizing! I was a little disappointed in only receiving 4 items, but I’m okay with it since the hand soap is such a good value. I do understand that some are disappointed in regards to the microbeads in the other variation of face wash, but I don’t see that as a reason to cancel. Overall, I think the value of the January box is great!

  18. FYI, the plastic bag that the Beekman hand soap came in is the perfect size for placing the face wash in to dispose of it. I taped the bottle shut, then resealed the bag with packing tape as well, and it’s going to the trash.

    And if anyone’s wondering, the microbeads in it are way too small to be filtered out (which makes it even worse for the environment). I had read that you can use a coffee filter to remove them, but the face wash is too thick and there are too many horrifically tiny beads. They’re smaller than flakes of fine glitter and barely visible. I’d recommend just leaving the bottle sealed up 🙁

    Also, if you google “what to do with products with microbeads” you can find several non-profit organizations to mail them to that will study them and make sure they’re disposed of properly, if you don’t want to send it directly to a landfill.

    I’m super disappointed that they’d send something that contains microbeads, and now I’m really wishing I hadn’t pre-paid for an annual sub. I had been impressed with LLB before, but I really hate to support a company that is so environmentally irresponsible. I hope they at least acknowledge that it was a terrible decision and do something to make up for it.

    • Thanks for letting me know about the companies to send them to. Disappointed as well, but at least they will no longer be in washable cosmetics products starting this year.

    • I used the Watermint face wash last night and it wasn’t filled with many “horrifically tiny beads”. They were easy to see and feel. Anyway, I liked it. The microbead issue has been addressed and goes into effect in 2020.

  19. I’m not sure the complaints have to do with the value or the items in general. I signed up when they were sending cute kitschy type items. Which others may have not liked, just like now. But I loved that it wasn’t another beauty type box and for $10 I received unique-ish items. So for $10, it was well worth it. Now since they seem to have changed it’s no longer worth the $10 to me. Ive cancelled my sub. But I’ll definitely keep an eye on it just in case they go back to the old formula in the future! 🙂

  20. It was my last box of annual subscription. Does anybody know if it automatically renew?

    • I had asked them this question today and they said their annual subscriptions do not auto renew.

      • Thank you, Amanda!

  21. I received my box today and really like everything. Not a huge rose scent fan but hope it is subtle. Received the pink grapefruit wash (happy) and purple laces which my granddaughter has already placed dibs on. Great idea from other subscriber to put vase in car for your trip to Trader Joes. I think LLB did a great job for the price point.

  22. I haven’t received my box or any form of shipping notification for it. Normally I get both a text and an email when It ships. Anyhow, I have no issue with the items listed in the review. The vase is a cool idea, i’m always on the lookout for hand wash that doesn’t dry out my skin, and I’ll be very excited if I get the pink grapefruit face wash. The shoe laces aren’t my thing, but the other 3 items make up for it.

    I’m just upset that mine hasn’t shipped yet. Following the complete lack of a November serendipity box, the lateness of the October LLB, and the disaster that was the October LLB (listing plus size options on the personalization survey, but not sending out anything larger than an XXL), and the difficulty i had getting a billing question answered by customer service, I’m not a happy customer at the moment and I doubt they will be able to get me back to the point where I want to resubscribe.

    • Have you checked your account? I didn’t get an email either but mines coming today.

      • I just contacted customer support with my concerns and they sent me the link to track the package and assured me that it would be here today. I checked it and USPS says it was delivered. Yay!

        I got home all excited. Checked the mailbox, no package. Checked the front porch, no package. Asked the roommate if she brought it in, no. Checked the link again and saw that this s package was indeed delivered… to Arizona. I live in Pennsylvania.

        LLB, I’ve tried so hard to be patient and understanding through your recent issues, but after this I have to say… you guys just suck.

        • I live I Pennsylvania and I am awaiting to hear from them. I also didn’t receive any tracking info. I have my fingers crossed.

      • They got in touch again today, apologizing for the mix up (apparently the girl in Arizona has the same first and last name), and let me know that my box is shipping out today. i then received the shipping confirmation.

      • Finally received my box today. I’m pleased. I will use 3 or the 4 items. The soap seems very nice, I got the pink grapefruit face wash and recently ran out of my last bottle of face wash, so this was well timed, and I love the black patterned vase. i might not keep the vase for myself, and save it as a house warming gift for my little sister. My parents’ house burned down a few months ago and she lost everything. I’ve been putting all of my normal swap items (as well as a few i wanted to keep for myself, but think that she’ll love) aside for her and her new bedroom when it’s built. The shoelaces I got are brown. Almost all of my clothing and my shoes are black, so any color would have worked for me, except for brown. Figures.

  23. That vase will be perfect in my office! I’m not thrilled about the other items but will put them to use. It’s sad they decreased the number of items this month, though, especially since the November box didn’t happen 😑

  24. I am very happy about hand soap! Always need more and this one is a good quality too 🙂
    My laces are black and I will use them for my four years old son shoes.
    I got a face wash without microbeads. Pink Grapefruit variation.

    • I got the black laces and pink face wash too! Much happier with the items since they were different from the ones in the review..and oh my goodness I’m in love with the vase print I got ☺

  25. I got the rose hand soap (really nice), grapefruit face wash, a red, beige and black vase and fun royal blue laces. I am happy with my box for $12.99. All will get used.

    • Please don’t use the facewash, it contains microbeads, which are extremely harmful to ecosystems.

      • Pink Grapefruit variations DOES NOT HAVE microbeads.

      • Victoria…please stop posting 500 times telling people not to use the face wash. The grapefruit DOES NOT contain microbeads. Please get your facts straight.

        • I second this comment

        • Why would you discourage this? Most people do care about polluting the water.

      • There are no microbeads in the grapefruit face wash.
        Already opened and poured some out to see. It smells really nice. I have not used on my face yet though. Used just on my hands mainly to see if it had the beads.

  26. Wow, seriously bad choice with the microbeads. I wonder if they’ll do anything to make up for it.

    Other than that issue… why is it that every box like this gets so many complaints about value? People want five things for under $13, but then complain if you could get something similar at the dollar store. The items aren’t all going to be super high value.

    It’s completely fine to complain about the choices (like with the face wash) or the overall curation (like two beauty products – though I believe hand soap is a home item). I just get tired of the complaints that this doesn’t have the value of a much more expensive box. If there are other, better lifestyle boxes at this price, let me know! I’d love to subscribe.

    Personally, I love nice hand soaps and will at least try the vase. It’s a useful idea for people who don’t have a lot of storage space (especially apartment dwellers like me). I probably wouldn’t have picked out the laces, but will definitely use them.

    • I completely agree about people complaining about value. I’m not sure what people expect for such a low cost. Not only do they have to pay for the items but we also don’t pay shipping. And they have to make some money…. most people paid $10 for this box, even if you take out the face wash, it still has a $39 RV. You also have to factor in that you most likely won’t like all the items, just based on the fact that they can’t make everyone happy all of the time. The reason we ONLY pay 10-13 dollars for a $45 box is because of the risk that you will get things that you may not want. If you don’t like the risk, take your 10 bucks and buy something you know you’ll like.

    • Amen! Except for the legitimate complaint about the facial wash (which I used before I knew and it was great. Ugh). I am so tired of the complaining. The shoe laces are not dollar store, they are really happening at the moment. I received the purple. The vase I received was the black, can’t wait to try it out. Love the hand soap and the rose scent💕I love how soft my hands are🙂 For ten bucks what a deal!! I love how innovative LLB/Serendipity can be, with the Oprah’ fave with the little pot, the rain bag for designer purses, and the shoe laces, etc. which swell with your feet.😉

    • That’s the wonderful thing about a forum Julia. We all have our own thoughts and are allowed to write them here. (as long as we are not rude to other posters) You like the box, I don’t. So I’m wrong for not liking the box and you’re right for liking it? Doesn’t make much sense does it? I live in a house and have plenty of space, so just because one thing is useful for you, it’s not necessarily useful for some people.

      • P.S. If a few of you ladies are so sick of the complaining you know you don’t have to read the comments right? You can just read the review. 🙂

        • AMEN!

        • If you have the right to complain, we can complain about you complaining. 😉 AMEN!

      • Reading the comments is helpful. I’m pretty sure people know about the microbeads now, for one.

        It’s strange that people think that I’m offended by negative comments / want to enforce censorship. I’m 100% okay with people disliking boxes and posting about it! I’ve definitely received a lot of sub-par boxes and usually a mix of positive and negative comments is the most helpful.

        I specifically think that it’s annoying when people complain about the value of items in low cost boxes, when the products are substantial and have some quality. If you think you’re actually getting ripped off, that’s one thing – that’s why I quit Birchbox with its tiny samples. But it seems a little silly to expect higher priced items, like what you’d get in popsugar or FFF, in a way cheaper sub.

        Obviously I’m not saying you can’t share your opinion. I was sharing my own, which is that some people seem to expect a lot for $13.

        PS: it’s weird to bring up that you live in a bigger house than I do. I was just pointing out that the product could be especially useful in smaller spaces – not that everyone will love it for that reason.

    • THANK YOU. I really don’t get how people can expect a hundred dollar value on a box that costs $13, including shipping.

  27. I’m a little surprised by so many negative comments, even at the full 12.99 price tag (I’m sure a large percent of subscribers payed less), this is a pretty nice box. I agree that it’s unfortunate about the face wash, and that there is only four items but the other 3 items I think are really fun. I like the vase, would make a good gift (flowers included of course). The shoe laces seem like a fun inclusion, my husband will probably love these. I also really like the hand soap, fancy soap is something I would never buy myself but is nice to have. I’m not wowed, hoping March is more exciting (birthday month) but I’m still pleased for the low price payed.

  28. Did anyone try applying a gift card for new serendipity subscription ?

  29. Could the review contain instructions on how to safely dispose of the facewash with microbeads?

    • Here’s the best way to get rid of the product, copied from the Sierra Club website.

      So–the safest way to get rid of the stuff is to leave it in its container, tighten the lid, and send it to the landfill with your regular garbage where it’s quite unlikely to escape into the environment. But NEVER, ever, not ever, pour it down a drain or flush it down the toilet, because that’s exactly how it spreads into the watershed.

      • Maybe an alternative would be to use it and then remove by wiping face of with moistened paper towel and tossing that into a waste basket instead of rinsing product off in the sink…. or do paper products get mixed withnout water sources in the landfill?

  30. I think this box always delivers cool products and it is only $12.99. I don’t know what people expect for that price point. I think it is always awesome. Sometimes I can’t use all of the stuff, but I give it to people who I know will, or donate it to a shelter. Maybe add be more giving to your list of resolutions. It feels good to give and makes you a better person.

  31. Billions of microbeads wash into our streams and oceans every day. Fish and other wildlife ingest them and we, in turn, end up with them in our own bodies. They’re bad news all the way around and more women who use beauty products should be aware of how bad they really are for us, our kids, our wildlife and the entire environment. Ban the bead!!

  32. Love Beekman products. I tend to get bumps and body acne, its one of the few brands that doesn’t break me out very gentle.

  33. I like it. I like pretty hand soap so that makes the box worth it for me. The vase is fun.

  34. I got the black vase, black laces, and the Pink Grapefruit wash, which does not have microbeads/polyethylene.
    My puppy immediately chomped it, must have smelled delicious to him……

  35. I just emailed them about the microbeads and to cancel. I had been on the fence anyway but it’s just so irresponsible to send out a product with microbeads in it, it’s not just the oceans, all the rivers and even the Great Lakes are inundated. I just feel it was a conscious choice on their part, there’s no way anyone could not know about the issue, especially in the beauty industry. Probably it explains why the face wash is such a “bargain”.

    • I definitely had never heard of the microbead crisis. It is absolutely unfair to assume “there is no way anyone could not know about the issue.” It seems highly unlikely LLB deliberately sent out a controversial product.

      • I agree. I did not know and my daughter is a vegan, an animal rights activist and runs her own TNR program. She was the first to use it before I read about it on here.

  36. I’m actually excited. I need more face wash and hand soap. Since I paid ten bucks for this box, those 2 items more than cover the costs. Especially if the face wash works.

    • Please don’t use the facewash, it contains microbeads, which are extremely harmful to ecosystems.

  37. I’m like many others….I waited this long…for…shoelaces and a flat vase. This is another sub I used to think was quirky and fun but now it’s going in the cancel pile.

  38. I’m literally only excited about the soap. I paid for a year of this sub before recurring month-to-month was an option and now I really wish I hadn’t.

    • Same. I’m not a fan of any of this, but usually the items are better for swapping than these are. Serendipity seems to be going downhill. White elephant gifts for next Christmas?

  39. THIS is what I waited months for? Very disappointed. And like another poster said, there’s only 4 items and 2 of them are beauty items not home items. Dollar store shoe laces, dollar store plastic vase which I see getting moldy with no way to clean properly, face wash (like all of us don’t have enough face washes) the only thing I like is the hand wash.

  40. I like the concept of the shoe laces but I don’t like the green…I would have preferred black. Maybe the vase will inspire me to buy some flowers. I’ll use the hand soap and the face wash as well.

    • I received grey shoelaces FYI

    • Please don’t use the facewash, it contains microbeads, which are extremely harmful to ecosystems.

  41. This box is weirdly perfect for my current state of life, which is great. My only complaint is that the description says “5-7 sample or full-sized items” but I only count 4.

    • I was just thinking the same thing

  42. This will be my first box. I’m not excited but the laces are cool and actually match a pair of fila shoes I have.

  43. I signed up recently but won’t get my first box until March. While I wouldn’t be excited about this box I’d still use everything. I bought one of those expandable vases at an art museum and it’s a pain in the butt to wash, not as easy as a glass vase. I still love it though because it’s pretty and it stores flat.

  44. IMO awesome box for ten bucks! 😍

  45. Cute. At least I will use everything, but I was hoping this subscription would be less about beauty products because I get plenty of that from everywhere else. Home decor, serveware, jewelry, snacks, accessories, fun items is what I’m hoping for in the future.

  46. Time to cancel. Not one single thing in this box I’d use😞

  47. I like the hand wash and laces (great for kids!. I can’t see myself ever using the vase, and I thought those plastic microbeads in the facial wash had been banned- they’re ending up in rivers and oceans, are ingested by fish and killing them.

    • They are banned from manufacturing, not sale of stock I believe, but I’m sure there is still a lot of product on the market from before they were banned.

      • Very poor choice for LLB to send something like this. I signed up to get the next box, but may try to cancel before I get it.

  48. Nice box imo! I’ve never seen a vase like that. Great price point too.

    • I’ve got mine up for swap if you’re interested.

  49. Do we know what the exfoliating microbeads are made of? If they are not natural and instead are plastic like in some washes, those are horrible for the environment (wildlife).

    • Here are the ingredients: Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Coco Glucoside, Polyethylene, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Benzoate, Propylene Glycol, Mentha Piperita Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, Hydrated Silica, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid, Disodium ETDA, CI 42090, CI 47005

      Hope that helps!

      • Polyethylene is a bit of a red flag especially in conjunction with microbeads… sadness.

        • Thanks for letting me know. 🙁

    • It’s the polyethylene. Here’s the best way to get rid of the product, copied from the Sierra Club website.

      So–the safest way to get rid of the stuff is to leave it in its container, tighten the lid, and send it to the landfill with your regular garbage where it’s quite unlikely to escape into the environment. But NEVER, ever, not ever, pour it down a drain or flush it down the toilet, because that’s exactly how it spreads into the watershed.

      • Thanks for the helpful information!

      • This is great to know. I am disappointed that this subscription would include a banned product with microbeads that is so detrimental to wildlife.

      • Thanks for the advice! I have another microbead product (bought before the news came out), but I didn’t know how to get rid of it. I’ll toss them both now.

  50. hummm… very underwhelmed by this box. I’ll be listing the entire box up for swap if anyone wants it.

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