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Play! By Sephora February 2017 Theme Spoiler!

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We have the Spoiler Hint the February 2017 Play! By Sephora box! The theme is the The Soft Side and we have an item hint:

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 9.30.40 AM

Any guesses on the lip product?

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  1. Kinda hoping to try Tarte’s whitening stick…they did say it’s something to “smile about”. Aside from that the Bite lip mask/scrub or hopefully one of the chrome lippies!!!

  2. These are my guesses

    Makeup: NARS velvet lip glide ( most likely) / Burberry liquid lip velvet / Sephora
    Lip balms
    Milk blur stick new product and I think it goes along with the theme
    Of the box ( unless the don’t use products they had as weekly
    Face: Moisturizer
    Perfume: Dior Poison Girl or YSL Black Opium Floral Shock

  3. Come on anonymous, the public needs you!

    • haha….I wasn’t planning on releasing spoilers this month, but waiting between boxes is even hard for me!

      Why don’t we try something different. Anyone want to venture guesses at these categories? I’ll fill one in because most people have already guessed it. Expect multiple lip and scent options.

      Makeup: Lip (NARS Velvet Lip Glide), Face, Eyes
      Skincare: Face, Eyes

      (Sidenote: Despite some conspiracy theories, I have nothing to do with Sephora, so confirming potential spoilers is only possible once boxes start rolling in. Everything is subject to change.)

      • Anonymous, you are our goddess! Please tell us more!
        My other guess for a lip product is a new Sephora balm. They are in 3 colors, very cheap ($6) so we could get full size. And they are great. I would wish for Dior glow balm, but I don’t think it’s possible. Skin and eye product – no idea! Help here ;-D

  4. # Box 575 here. The suspense is driving me crazy

  5. Alright Sephora, enough suspense….we desperately need a spoiler or two or three. I check back here every few hours, I definitely have issues with FOMO. Haha

  6. There are a lot of 575 boxes here. Mine is 575 as well. I hope it isn’t a crap box or something.

  7. So is my box # the first 3 numbers of my order # which is 586 or the last 3 of my item # which is 575?

    • It should be the item #.

    • 575

  8. 591 is what i’m getting cant wait !!!

  9. I am getting 575.

  10. I hope it’s the dior addict lip glow featured on their home page. 575 here!

  11. My # is 586 this month

    • How do you find out the number?

      • On the website, go to your acct info and click online orders, and view details..The last 3 numbers of your item # is your box number..Not of the order number 😉

  12. its ciate liquid velvet matte lipcolor! I guarantee you! they just started carrying it and then this spoiler…. at least I hope so- that stuff is amazing!

    • oh sounds like it with the whole velvet hint. Nice. I’d love that too.

  13. Just checked and I’m getting box 905.

    • Never mind I read that wrong it’s 575.

      • how do you know which box you’re getting?

      • I’m getting 575 too!

  14. Signed in January but saw my first box will be this month box 591.

  15. I just signed up a few days ago , will I be getting February or March’s bag ? It does not show any order details yet.

    • They usually charge on the first of the month, so your first bag should be March.

      • they charged me on the 4th, but I’d look on your account page and see if you have an order listed.

  16. 591 here

    • 591 here too. This is my first Sephora play so I am excited to know what I am getting

  17. 497 here..

  18. My number is #645

  19. 575 here too. Wish anonymous would leak spoilers soon.

    • #575 here too! Waiting for those spoilers!

  20. Box numbers are coming out, #575 here. Ready for them to start leaking spoilers

    • Just checked my account and I’m #575 also. Looking forward to the spoilers!

      • How do you find out your box number?

        • Go to the Sephora site (not mobile). Go under my account, and look for order details. There you should find the recent order of your play bag. It should have a number after the bag. The 3-digit number we are referring to are the final 3 of the larger number. Hope this helps :-).

      • Same here 575

        • 591. This is my first play.

      • Mine says 783…. I’m way off, lol. My first three are 585, though.

    • I have 583. Can’t wait for spoilers!

      • I am a 583 too!! This is my first one.

      • 583 also! : )

      • Yay for 583 and my first Play!!

        • 583 here also 🙂 I got 443 last month

  21. Also, Sephora Favorites just launched a line of lip balms. I’d love to try one of them.

  22. Has anyone else not been charges for their Play box yet?

    • Paypal just sent me an email that 10.70 was charged by Sephora.

      • Still nothing for me …thank you maybe they’re behind this month

    • Just got charged tonight. I’m box 575

  23. I hope to get the bite beauty lip mask and would prefer more reds.

  24. Does anyone know when we will see item spoilers for Feb?

  25. I think the new sephora brand one they just released.

  26. Yes! I’ve been on a real lip-product kick for the last few months so this sounds great. As long as they don’t promise “soft” and suddenly throw in another hot pink or red lip, I’ll be happy. I’m not a red lip or bold pink girl, but I think the vast majority of lipsticks I have from these Play boxes are one of the two and PLEASE, SEPHORA, NO MAS.

    • SAME. I never wear super brights and I always end up with a bright red gloss/stain/lipstick that is nothing I’d buy to begin with.

  27. I’d love a liquid lipstick and a treatment! Urban Decay just came out with a liquid lipstick finally and I’d love to try one. Or any other decent liquid lipstick – I love that type of formula lol!

  28. I have a few guesses!

    Maybe the NARS lip crayons or the newer NARS Liquid lipsticks? I also wonder about maybe the new Urban Decay liquid lipsticks or maybe the Marc Jacobs? Initially I thought of the Sephora brand matte lip creams, but I don’t think they’d give us that again so soon?

    I would love a lip treatment and the NARS liquid lip.

  29. I hope it’s not the Nars Lip Glide. I tried some and they had the WORST staying power. I returned them and the woman working at Sephora told me she had the same issues with them! I know a lot of people like them, but selfishly I hope it’s a different brand that might work better for me.

  30. I’m guessing NARS velvet lip glide. I’m not a matte lip fan but I wouldn’t mind trying one of those out

    • I was thinking of the NARS pencil. It used to be Satin and now it’s velvet. I find I don’t use the pencils very often, so I’m hoping for the glide.

  31. I would love a ciate london velvet liquid lipstick maybe it will be featured since they just came out with a bunch of new shades or maybe a new limecrime velvetine liquid lipstick. hmmm.

    • I don’t think it will be limecrime since that’s not a Sephora brand.

    • I have one of the ciate velvets and it is the absolute worst liquid lipstick I’ve ever used. It ends up everywhere and is super messy. I was so disappointed because of the overall reputation of the brand

  32. How exciting… Like they tried to get us excited for the January bag with a hair product, which turned out to be a teaspoon of Ouai… LOL.

    • Too funny! I didn’t think of that until you said it. That Ouai sample was shameful, LOL!

  33. Yay, lips are my favorite! 😗

  34. Hope it isnt Kat Von D that formula dried my lips out worse than anything I’ve tried. I hope its a scrub.

    • Mine too!!! I bought one and it is unfortunately awful. 🙁 even with chapstick underneath. Boo

  35. I’m hoping for the poutmud from Glamglow!!

    • Love that stuff, especially the lip balm. When my lips get winter dry I have had to use medicated Blistex or Carmex until I discovered the Glamglow. In love with it. They had a Christmas stocking stuffer set that I got half price after Christmas and the little silver ball is so cute. I love taking it out. I’ll refill from my big jar when my little one runs out.

  36. I would love it if it was a lip treatment/scrub. I’m getting tired of liquid lipsticks, I’ve tried many different brands, haven’t liked a single one and eventually chalked it up to not being my thang. I’m a fan of the classic cream lipstick.

    • Same! My lips get dry easily, and while I like the look of a matte lip occasionally, I don’t need it all the time and my lips especially don’t handle the matte lip colors well during the winter. I would love a lip treatment. I even love the Fresh Rose lip treatment that comes in a bunch of different boxes, lol. It feels so nice on the lips and adds just a pinch of color. I wouldn’t mind if they included a Fresh lip treatment, in any color, even the transparent one. I want to try the Too Cool for School Dinoplatz lip balm too. It smells like fruit snacks. 😋

  37. I’m loving this theme! Here are my guesses:

    Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick
    NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil (hoping)
    Ciaté London Liquid Velvet Moisturizing Matte Liquid Lipstick (don’t want)
    NARS Velvet Lip Glide (hoping)
    NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil
    BURBERRY Lip Velvet Lipstick (very unlikely, but hoping!!)

    • I was thinking the hourglass one too. I saw it as a featured product.

  38. I’m loving this theme! Here are my guesses:

    – Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick
    – NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil (hoping)
    – Ciaté London Liquid Velvet Moisturizing Matte Liquid Lipstick (don’t want)
    – NARS Velvet Lip Glide (hoping)
    – NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil
    – BURBERRY Lip Velvet Lipstick (very unlikely, but hoping!!)

  39. Ciate does a velvet liquid lip too, and I adore the formula! Maybe a romantic pink color?

  40. What ever happened to last month’s spoiler with a famous person? Did we find out who it was?

    • i think it’s supposed to be during the unboxing….do they post videos for that?

    • It was the creator of OUAI — that was the hair mask in this month’s box.

    • I believe it was Jen Atkins, “celebrity hairstylist to the stars”

    • Her name was in the Play fold out brochure.

  41. Maybe a lip treatment, like the lip masks from Bite Beauty? A girl can dream!

    • Yes please!

    • Oooo or the new Bite agave lip balm.

    • I think it’ll be the new Agave balm. It’s a Sephora-exclusive brand, and Bite has been hyping it up like crazy.

    • Something in the bite beauty products makes my lips peal terribly after only an hour. Even the mask. Anyone else experience this?

  42. I think it’s definitely the Nars velvet lip glides because at least one neutral shade comes in a sample size. I don’t think there’s anyway we’d get a full size product. They’re nice though!

  43. Sounds good. I’m all for the soft natural look.

  44. NARS? I did a google search for “Velvet Soft Lip” and the first thing that popped up on my search was NARS from Sephora. Retail is $26.

  45. I would die if it was a kat von d liquid lipstick. But I think some kind of liquid lipstick!

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