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Target Beauty Box Review – December 2016


Every month, Target launches a beauty box, and it sells out very quickly. FYI – this box is currently sold out, but you can still buy the Target Beauty Mystery Box for $15!

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My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Box: Target December Beauty Box

The Cost: $10 (SOLD OUT) Target Mystery Beauty Box is STILL AVAILABLE!

The Products:

  • Nivea Soft Creme
  • Derma e Firming DMAE Moisturizer
  • Almay Non-Oily Makeup Remover Pads
  • CoverGirl Outlast Lipstick in Ever Red-dy
  • TRESemmé Pre-Wash Conditioner and Shampoo
  • Modella Black and White Purse Kit
  • Goody Ouchless Headwrap and Elastic
  • La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Sunscreen*
  • Vichy Pureté Thermale One-Step Cleanser** Box includes either La Roche-Posay Mineral Sunscreen or Vichy One-Step Cleanser.

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Each box comes with an info card and a Target coupon good for $3 off a beauty purchase of $15 or more.


FYI – you can use this coupon with Target Mystery Beauty Box!


CoverGirl Outlast Lipstick in Brazen Raisin – FULL SIZE! Value $8

(The product description of this box originally listed the shade as Ever Red-dy.)


I’m thrilled that I got this Raisin color – it’s my ideal mauve shade!


If you aren’t familiar with Outlast Lipcolor, it’s a two-step process. First, apply the stain. Here it is swatched:


Great pigment and it will dry almost matte. And Covergirl is serious about the 24-hour lasting color promise – this swatch turned into more of a tattoo!

Then apply the moisturizing topcoat:


This is your basic lip balm. It provides moisture, shine, and it has a great flavor, too. (The color should last a long time, but you’ll need to reapply the balm throughout the day.)


Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads – 15 count Value $1


These worked well and are oil-free, too. (My only complaint is the scent – they have a bit of an alcohol smell.)


Derma e Firming DMAE Moisturizer – .5 oz Value $5.60


This cream looks rich in the container, but it actually absorbed quickly into my skin with no greasy feel – just soft skin!


Modella Black and White Purse Kit – Value $2.95


I can’t find this bag on Target’s site, so I’m assuming it was made just for the Beauty Box. It’s a well-made little bag! It has patent leather detailing along the zipper, and a bright pink lining, too!


Goody Ouchless Headwrap and Elastic – Value $.25?


I love the print, but unfortunately, this headband doesn’t work for me since it doesn’t have a grippy side (AKA – slides off my head in under a minute). The hair tie is always good, though!


Nivea Soft Moisturizing Creme – .84 oz Value $.60


This is a lightweight body lotion that absorbs quickly and leaves a subtle, powdery scent. (FYI – if you avoid parabens, you’ll want to skip this.)


TRESemmé Pre-Wash Conditioner – 1 oz Value $.30

This TRESemmé set is meant to be used with the conditioner first! (The idea being that conditioner can weigh your hair down.)


TRESemmé Shampoo – 1 oz Value $.20

I can’t say I noticed a major difference in volume after reversing the shampoo/conditioner steps, but my hair definitely felt clean. (I’m also wondering if you can just reverse the steps with any shampoo/conditioner or if this version is formulated differently. If you condition first, let us know if you recommend it!)


La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Sunscreen – 3 ml Value $1.50

(Customers either received this or Vichy One-Step Cleanser.)

This is a tinted sunscreen that is very lightweight and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy like a lot of sunscreens can. The only downside about this sample is how small it is! It was one-time use for me.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $23. I think that’s a good value for a $10 beauty box, but it seems a little low compared to other Target Beauty Boxes. (I would have loved to see at least one more full-sized item in this box.) This box is still worth it to me for the Covergirl Outlast Lip Duo and the Derma E cream, but this isn’t my favorite Target Beauty Box.

What do you think of the December 2016 Target Beauty Box?

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Target Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (105)

  1. I was supposed to revive my box last week and it showed as delivered but it never ame. I contacted Target and they refunded me what I paid for it plus a discount 🙂 I got the box today from my post office and it looked like it was run over by a truck 🙁 I was only able to save the bag, makeup wipes and headband.

  2. My box sat at the USPS location for 5 days before my mail man delivered it Saturday, and I just opened it today ! I was hoping for the sunscreen, but I will try the VICHY. I literally just got into make-up buying my first foundation so I am excited to use the VICHY & make up remover wipes! I just purchased a hand cream, but I’ll give my mom the Nivea so she can keep in her purse. Will be trying to cover girl lipgloss today. Overall, I’m satisfied ! Only thing I won’t use is the Derma-e, I read reviews and it doesn’t appear to be good for sensitive skin, not to mention, I’m 25, I don’t want to use anything too harsh on my skin and speed up aging signs! 🙂 the shampoo/conditioner, I can save for a trip and the cosmetic case is perfect to keep in my bag as I start buying more beauty products. Excuse my expression, but these have to be the most illiterate people I’ve ever seen !! Regardless of what was shown whether full size or sample size, you received that product ! If you thought you were getting ALL full sized items for $10, you’re crazy ! It would cost at least $20-$30 if they included all full sized items if not more !

    • I was going to ask what ingredient in the Derma-E moisturizer is perceived as causing premature aging, but then my illiteracy kicked in und no I kint maik teh werdz kom owt rite ! !

  3. I don’t understand how so many of you can be disappointed after you receive the box when the purchase page clearly shows you exactly what items are in the box before you buy it. If you don’t like the items then don’t buy the box.

    • Lolololol!! >.<

    • I know! I don’t get the mindset. So what if a spoiler showed a nicer bag. The box wasn’t even available at that time. When it was, the products clearly showed what was in the box and exactly what the bag looked like. And everyone received the exact same bag. Some people don’t like that some subs have many variations in the boxes yet they know there will be before they purchase. Many subs show what a full size product looks like in their spoilers but the actual product may not be. These are sample subscriptions but people tend to forget that. There is always value in the $10 subscriptions

      • ACTUALLY it WAS available still. As soon as I got the email notification that the target beauty box was available, I googled and you can see whats in it. I only ordered BECAUSE i was impressed with the bag shown.

      • But the order page didn’t even show the expensive bag. It clearly showed the black and white bag. I just don’t understand why this is so confusing. This must have been your first Target box and possibly you are new to subscription sample boxes. Liz provides a lot of detailed descriptions. That’s what is so great about MSA.

    • Yes, the images did show exactly what was being sent and then they switched out the 24.95 make up bag with a 2.95 one. not cool. I am currently emailing with Target about this issue.

      • Hi Emma,

        Sorry for any confusion about this. When we post spoilers for this box, it’s based on the full-sized items showing up on the Target Beauty Box page, but not a guarantee from Target. On this spoiler post here:

        I made sure to indicate that I wasn’t sure if the makeup bag would be included based on its retail value.

        I’ll try to make these spoiler posts clearer in the future to avoid any confusion. And I recommend basing your purchase on Target Beauty Boxes only on the description of the product of the Target Beauty Box in the future to be safe.

        Hope that helps and sorry again!

      • The problem I have is that I ordered both boxes, was charged for both and they only sent one. When I contacted them they refunded me for the cost of the box they did not send but they KEPT the sales tax. If Target does this to all their customers; they are earning a ton of money. I am pretty sure that another large retailer of the same type was in the news recently for the same issue. Shame on Target! I am looking at where to file a complaint so they are investigated for this activity.

      • OMGosh: It’s TEN DOLLARS! Surly your time and effort are not worth such energy?!

      • A lot of confusion comes when people don’t read through the posts. You still knew what you were getting when you ordered it. When I saw the spoilers I thought how cool would that be to get that makeup bag. As I said in my earlier comment many subs show pictures of what full size products look like but it doesn’t mean you will get the full size. For a $10 sub it’s not a reasonable expectation that boxes will include $25 items. While some do from time to time, Target boxes do have full size items but they are generally on the lower end priced items such mascara, lipsticks, lotions, and such.

      • She did say the bag was pretty pricey for the bag. I hoped for the bag but knew we weren’t getting that bag. Only beautyfix shows actual size for the box every other sub shows the full size pic. And Liz said right under that she didn’t think it would be that bag. The sales tax is another issue

      • I don’t even care anymore. I did chat with a Target person and they sent a 10 dollar gift card which is not usable unless you give your CC info.. grumble. even though I only used 8.88 cents.. its laughable now. she did however say that the large make up bag i saw WAS accidentally posted and… well.. if you pick up an item at the store in person and its tagged wrong.. you get it at that price. (no I don’t do that either as I tend to shop online )

      • I’m not sure what happened with the sales tax not being refunded, but I seriously doubt Target does this as a way to make more money. Target’s subscription box must be the only one who will refund the cost of the box for no reason, allow you to exchange lipsticks because you don’t like the color. They sent out expired coupons but gave people new ones, and more. They have much better customer service than a lot of other subs. I think some people need to curb their expectations for a box that is only $10

      • I wholeheartedly agree!

  4. My box was lost in transit and Target says they do not have any left😢. It is the post office fault not Targets. I see it made it to the P.O. 9 days ago.

    • Have you called the post office? My PO puts on a tracking something before it leaves for delivery. One day a package showed it was delivered but it wasn’t in my box. I called them and they were able to track where my package was. It had been delivered to a house up the street and they sent sent a carrier to go get it. I live in a suburb so the post office here isn’t brand new, high tech or anything

    • Are you SURE it was lost in transit? My tracking number for the men’s and ladies’ boxes was exactly the same…. but they never shipped the men”s box.

      • I never received my men’s box either

  5. I’m not mad that I skipped this box. The only thing I’m really interested in is the lipstick which is only $8 anyway.

  6. I received the really red Cover Girl lip gloss and I was able to exchange it for a color that better suited me. That said, I thought the men’s box was a better deal this month.

    • How did you exchange it? I hate the color I got.

      • You should be able to go into a Target store and exchange it at customer service. You don’t need a receipt to exchange if it’s in the original box. It’s a full size, so they won’t have a problem.

    • Sarah, did you exchange it at Target? Once again I received a horrible fuschia color. That seems to be my luck every time a lipstick is included!

      • I am not Sarah but I wanted to say that I exchanged it in store. You will need the order number or receipt barcode. You can get that online.

        The cashier put it on a gift card then used the gift card to pay for the new one.

  7. hey ladies! was wondering if there is anyone here that won’t be using their beauty $3 off $15 i can possibly use? i would totally appreciate it, thanks in advance!

    • Dhr73txyfk3bxml. Enjoy! And let everyone know it was used.

      • thanks so much! i appreciate that

  8. Liz, I actually already owned the makeup bag in that exact size and print (so now I have two). It’s possible that the reason you can’t find it on the Target site is because it was part of a set, and it came with a larger makeup bag. (If I could post a picture of both bags in the comments, I would do so.) I bought it this past spring at Target, and IIRC it was on clearance at that point, so it might not be available anymore.

    • It’s a very cute bag. I however don’t need it. So I stuff as many products that will fit in it (the ones I don’t like of course haha) and give it to my friend as part of her gift basket. I think it’s a good idea to give that to a woman as a present.

      • I think it’s a great Idea. I do this too with my Ipsy bags!

  9. I didn’t like it and I don’t like how they put in the picture a mask laniege that they later deleted to not send it. It’s alright but compared to other boxes it’s not the best.

  10. I agree the box is okay but not one of the best or very exciting. I can’t use the shampoo or conditioner or anything that increases volume so again I have to give it to someone else which defeats the purpose of this being a treat for myself. 🙁

  11. The box is fine. Not the best Target box I’ve received but I don’t expect a lot from this box. If I can use 2 or 3 products I’m happy. I give the rest to my nieces. I would never return or exchange it. I kinda feel like when you buy these boxes you are taking a bit of a risk. That’s part of the fun. The surprise factor. Have fun with it and donate what you don’t like.

  12. does anyone have a $3 off $15 code they would so kindly give up? thanks in advance!

  13. Awesome news…I got fuchsia and I hated the color so I went to Target and told them the order number and got a gift card of $8.65 that I used to get the shade wine to five…this lipstick is amazing.

  14. I received the same shade of the lip product as Liz, and it’s no joke that it settles in like a tattoo! (Perfect description Liz(!) as this is exactly what I said this week when I noticed it wasn’t budging 🙂 ). I haven’t tried it yet on my lips, but I did swatch it on Monday (when I got my box). I forgot about it, so didn’t bother to remove it, and on Tuesday it would. not. budge. So, in the evening I tried to remove it with a makeup remover wipe, and just the tiniest bit removed. Then on Wednesday, I used a hand scrub (as part of my semi-weekly hand treatment), and about half of it finally gave way (leaving an outline of the remaining product). Today, I noticed there’s just a few tiny little dots/remnants left. During all of this, the color stayed true to it’s original swatch too! I’m so happy I got a color that will work for me, and am interested to find out how long I’ll be able to go without re-applying it.

  15. I’ve been waiting to post a review about the women’s box. Got 3-one for me, one for granddaughter and one for her mother. When I got my box was surprise by how light it was. Opening it and have NEVER seen such a small sample as the shampoo/conditioner and that was the ONE thing I wanted to try! Lol I kind of felt dumb in buying 3 boxes. Then when the men’s box came I felt a little better in that the sizes and items will all be used by the guys I got them for. It would have made me feel better if the guy’s were the $10 price and the women’s $7. Just my opinion. Haha I really will think before getting more than one next mont. Same with coupon expiring before box even got delivered. Will take time next box before getting and if I miss out will just look at the TINY bottles and laugh.

    • On the plus side, you got enough shampoo and conditioner to use and decide if you like them! I have super long hair and should still get two washes out of the shampoo and one use of the conditioner. That’s enough for me to know if I like the system and would want to buy them. Some months are better than others. Is it Target, or the brands that are responsible for such small sizes?

      • More like 2 conditioner and 1 shampoo…mine got used up and I have medium length hair

      • I haven’t tried it yet. Does it lather well? I always go through conditioner faster so I thought for sure I would get two washes.

      • I really enjoyed my gift box and the products were super great

      • My hair is shorter now, but even when it was long, I could get about a week out of the hotel shampoos and conditioners (longer for conditioner than shampoo), and those are smaller than these 1 oz samples. Between travel and samples, I never have to buy these products directly! (Still just bought full size Oribe Gold Lust – love that stuff.)

  16. I wonder if I’m the only one who got 2 Almay eye makeup removers, but no DermaE? I also didn’t notice anyone else getting the lip color I got which was a strange grey-brown. Hubby hates it, but I had fun trying that new formula, and just put a pink lipgloss on over it instead of the top coat, to brighten the grey. I’ll use everything in the box and gift the makeup bag. It was $10 and I got to try things I normally wouldn’t have bought so I’m pleased. Also, love getting Nivea creams as they’re perfect size & always use them.

  17. I always get the Target box because I can usually use whatever it offers. Covergirl Outlast Lipstick is the only lipstick I wear because I apply it in the morning and have to take it off in the evening with makeup remover, no reapplying needed and I never have to reapply the topcoat either. I received the red color and Braisin Rasin is my usual color!! But I still like the box! 🙂

  18. I took a look at target’s site and you would be amazed at the products they have for $1. If you have a redcard, they ship free. I got Revlon nail files (15), shower puf, elf sharpener, etc. for a dollar a piece and the order was well under the $10 and as said, ships free and the 5% discount. A lot of elf products are around a dollar and I think they are pretty good.
    You can make your own beauty box for $10.

  19. I want to return mine does anyone know if I can return it in store? Total impulse buy and now that I have it in my hands I’m just not feelin it LOL ok ok I’m guilty it’s a $10 buyers remorse!

    • When you go on your account, it says some where, return and you have to go to the store with the barcode they give you online, so the cashier could scan it. I don’t know if it makes a difference if the box is opened. HTH

      • Thanks Lunalee! 🙂

    • I don’t know of any sub box that can be returned, especially for no other reason than “buyer’s remorse.” It was only $10 and you certainly had the opportunity to check out what the items were before buying. I’m sure you can donate it to a non-profit and they would love to have little treats for women. There are people out there who can’t afford the luxury of spending even $10 on frivolous products. It’s Christmas, be thankful and gift it!

      • What Mona said 💓

      • Monah (autocorrect is so nosy and annoying).

      • No doubt!! 😀

      • You can return any Beautiful box. Just go to your account. But I never have,

      • Yes, you can totally return it. You see what you’re getting when you purchase anything at Target, and can change your mind. Why not with this box, especially when you get a different color/product than advertised?

    • I did an impulse buy as well. Not returning, but will look twice from now on. “it will sell out quick” is what got me. from now on I will take my time.
      There will always be another Target box next month:)

  20. FYI for anyone who ordered the December Men’s Box: I ordered two and opened the boxes and they had expired coupons in them. All the women’s boxes I ordered(stocking stuffers) have coupons that expire on 1/7/17, but the men’s expired on 12/3/16. I called customer service, got thrown back and forth between two departments and they issued a $5 gift card for each men’s box I ordered. So check your boxes! I always open them up(I order 2 every month so I can gift one to my sister in law) and check the contents and dates.

    • Mine was expired too. I will email them, thanks. Maybe this will make up for my disappointment with the women’s boxes.

      • Hell, you could probably complain about the lack of Laneige in the women’s and they would give $5 cards, as well. I think the guy got confused with calls and thought that’s what I was calling about before I corrected him about the coupons. I am very happy with the women’s box and I didn’t feel duped at all. I read the list of items on the website and except for the raisin colored lip color, I got what I expected. Guess my lips with be reliving the early 90s trend!

      • I got the the $5 gift card! Thanks. I was just unhappy with the boxes because I got 3 women’s (2 for gifts) and one men’s. The men’s was great, I felt like I wasted about $33 and I could have purchased something better.

        The last target beauty box (October) everything was bigger. I was just shocked by the size, I knew what I was getting. I just didn’t expect them to be so tiny, lol.

      • Yay!

        I do agree that this box is not as great as past boxes. And my derma-e has like a tablespoon worth in it. 🙁

    • I only got a $3 credit for my expired coupon.

      • That’s terrible! It amazes me that they have been plagued by these issues for a very long time(missing items, early fake launches, expired coupons, etc.) and heads have not rolled to the point that they have fixed them. $5 in gift card form is a drop in one of many Olympic sized pools for this company, but DAMN. Target customer service is getting tied up, Target is pissing off customers and wasting people’s time…I just do not get it. $3 credit is just silly. At least give you the extra $2 for the inconvenience. Yeesh, Target. Having worked in some form of customer service all of my adult life, I just find this shockingly bad.

      • I’m guessing that the gift card is a minimum of $5 because I was offered the $3 as a credit or gift card and I said gift card and then they upped it to $5.

  21. Some Target boxes are better than others which is pretty much true of any subscription box. Generally value is more in the “eyes of the beholder”. Everyone takes a chance when it comes to color, but maybe you find a formula you like. Even though Target showed a nicer makeup bag when spoilers were first released I don’t consider it switch and bait since everyone knew exactly what bag they were getting before they bought the box. How many times have you seen spoilers showing what the full size item looks like but it’s just a tiny sample in the box? Birchbox is good at that, their pictures are always deceiving which is why I only subbed for a couple of months. The bag in the box had the tag on it so even if you didn’t like it you know what the retail value had been. When I saw the spoilers I doubted that would be the actual bag.

  22. Will be my last Target box unless I can’t stop myself. The whole misleading photo of traincase and Laneige, the ridiculously tiny bottles, the strangely labeled Derma-e (not the usual purple label) and looked like someone just scooped a spoonful into the jar. And like Liz, headbad won’t stay on my head!

    • Derma-e just recently changed their packaging. I actually fell in love with the derma-e hydrating day cream from one box and ordered the full size and saw something about “same formula! New packaging!” for their products.

      • Also the last Derma E was “Hydrating”, this one is “Firm” and they have different descriptions on the jars.

      • Oh thanks, that explains the different label!

  23. I had the same feeling with this box. I liked the color of the lipstick I received (I think it is rose or something like that, a pinkish color that is not too dark nor too bright), and the moisturizer will be nice, but the rest was just “meh”. It is more like what I would expect from the Walmart Beauty Box at the $5 price point.

  24. I was disappointed with this box also. I ordered it mostly for the Derma E and for the headband but I would’ve been better off just buying those items outright. I received the fuchsia lip color, which is a little bright for my taste but I will try to exchange after the holidays. The upside is I was able to use the coupon when I ordered the mystery box. Fingers crossed that it’s much better than this one.

    • Just take it to Target to get a gift card like I did and then buy the color you like

      • Amanda, you did not miss out on anything with the Deama cream.. I put some on my face last night and it stunk of chemicals. I was plain old nasty.

  25. I am bummed I didn’t get the outlast lipstick in the color of Liz’s. I got the red. I received the Vichy cleanser which works great. The samples are all too small and the value is really low. Not very happy with the December box at all.

    • Just exchange the lipstick at Target for the color you want

  26. I was really excited to get the notification that the Target Dec box was a go. The first thing I saw on the spoiler was (Sophia Joy Double Zip Train Case Cosmetic Bag) This did NOT come in my box. THIS is what gave the box value. The make up bag they sent had a 2.99 price tag on it and it was garbage. Thanks Target for the bait and switch.

  27. I regret buying this and will think twice before I get another Target box. The lipstick came in a sparkly fuscia rather than the red I was hoping for. I already tried it so I can’t exchange it unfortunately. I had hoped for the sunscreen but got the cleanser instead. I really didn’t like the off scent of the Derma E lotion and can’t see putting it on my face. The shampoo and conditioner didn’t provide enough moisture for my hair but maybe it would be better with humid summer air rather than dry winter air? The sample was too small for a second wash so I’ll likely never know. The makeup bag was cute but too small to hold my stuff. The hair elastic is probably the only really useful item for me. Needless to say, I feel like I wasted $10.

  28. I was really pleased with this box (of course I knew I would be since they revealed everything prior to releasing for purchase). Even the lip color I got was appropriate for me (a lovely rose). Everything here is perfect to throw into a travel/gym bag.

  29. My box was missing 2 items & im not thrilled with the lipstick color. I wish they’d use colors that were a little more neutral & would suit more skin tones. I feel like I always get something that’s really orange or an ugly shade of red.

    • My lipstick was a deep dark red latte color. So dark for me. I look like a Gothic kid.

  30. The makeup bag was not specific to this box. I bought that same bag about a year ago from a Target, it held up for quite a while, but I ditched it once I got my first Ipsy bag in August, which is the best bag I’ve received since.

  31. I bought three of these. One for me, two for gifts. I opened mine and I was disappointed. Everything is so tiny. I also got the sunscreen, but I got the Outlast in Ever Red-dy.

    I had a feeling they would send out different colors, and I love the one you got. I am returning both extra boxes as soon as I can. Maybe if they cost $7.00 like the men, I would not mind.

    I got a men’s box for my husband and that one was so heavy! I opened it and it was great! Deluxe sizes. I would have loved a box like that for women. Thank you for the review!

    • Yes, this definitely feels much lighter than the men’s box (review coming soon!). A few readers have mentioned Target stores allowing them to exchange unused cosmetic products from these boxes for different colors if that helps with the Covergirl product!

      • It does. Thank you!

    • Actually, I just noticed I got the color fuchsia forever. I have no idea how that would look. I need to find a swatch. 😊

      • I got that color, and tested it out….it’s a very ugly shade of pink. I gave it to my 7-year old. I wish I hadn’t opened it so I could exchange it for a different color.

    • I agree I ordered two of the men’s boxes for gifts and they’re SO heavy!! I was like what the heck is so big in it. But it was just big travel size samples. I haven’t gotten a women’s box for a loooong time.

  32. I love this box! Wasn’t sure when I ordered it but once I went through everything I am very glad I ordered it.

  33. This is the first Target beauty box which I have been very unhappy with. The Outlast lipstick I received is a very bright orangy red. I cannot even find a friend who wants it. The firming moisturizer was open in the box and nearly empty. The little beauty kit (black and white bag) is useful however it does have a tag with the price of 2.95 on it. I do like the Tresseme samples and will probably purchase the product, but overall, I am disappointed this time around.

    • it was supposed to be Sophia Joy Double Zip Train Case Cosmetic Bag which is a 24.95 item. bait and switch

      • No, it wasn’t. Target releases spoilers for this box by updating the page with “full size” items you’ll get samples of. Then, when the box is available to buy, you can see exactly what you’re buying. The purchase page clearly showed the small bag. I mean, I can’t expect them to send a $25 train case along with a full-size lipstick and other samples for the price of $10….

      • Did people really think that Target would send out a $25.00 item in a $10 beauty box to all the people who bought a box? I assume that whatever pictures Target puts up before the boxes go on sale are placeholders to show you what the products might look like. Once the boxes are actually up for sale, you know what you are getting.

  34. My box was missing the either/or item. Not impressed with this month’s box.

  35. Loved this box— everything ready to throw in a bag for Christmas holiday trip! One small complaint was the bright sparkly hot pink/ fuchsia cover girl lip instead of the ever reddy. Really looking forward to that color for Christmas !!

  36. My cosmetic bag actually has a price tag on it for $2.95 I think (it’s not right next to me to confirm but it was just under $3). I got the red lipstick, which I won’t use. I wasn’t too thrilled with this box but it was okay. It would have been better if they had included the Laneige mask from the picture. I like their products.

    • oh…and I got the cleanser instead of the sunscreen. Can’t use it due to an ingredient allergy. oh well.

    • Yes my bag had about the same price. $2.95 or $2.97. I can’t remember either, lol.

      • $2.97

  37. I bought two boxes and didn’t receive the sunscreen in either… since I was gifting them I fortunately had some sample size on hand from other boxes.. it states it’s included on the card and didn’t want it look like I excluded it when I gifted it.. very disappointed all around.. I always buy one.. for 10 dollars I feel ripped off.. plenty of other boxes around the holidays more worth the money..

  38. I always condition first! That way I can do all the other steps in my shower routine while I let the conditioner set. My hair always feels great and looks great when I do this 🙂

    • That’s great to hear. I might need to make it my new routine! 🙂

      • I used to do this because my hair used to be quite oily before I had my daughter. This was also before I figured out how to skip washing my hair (every other day now!). The conditioner first worked well, no matter the brand.

        Now I use Soapbox Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner, and they work so nicely, I can use them in the ‘correct’ order and still have volume.

    • If my hair is feeling really *meh*, I’ll shampoo, condition, and shampoo again.

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