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POPSUGAR Must Have Cyber Monday Mystery Boxes – Launch Tomorrow!

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We have word that there will be a POPSUGAR mystery box on Cyber Monday (Thanks, lilyabolghasemi, for the head’s up!)


The Cozy Home Mystery Box – Price Unknown

Box Details: Packed with home decor, cool gadgets, tasty snacks, and more, this box makes the perfect gift for your favorite hostess or homebody. Boxes will feature products from recent and past boxes; boxes may contain the same items and duplicate boxes will not be refunded.


The Fashion and Beauty Mystery Box – Price Unknown

Full of cult classics, chic accessories, and more, this box makes the perfect gift for the fashionista. The boxes will feature products from recent and past boxes; boxes may contain the same items. Duplicate boxes will not be refunded.


The Ultimate Vacation Mystery Box – Price Unknown

These travel-ready essentials are perfect for your sunny holiday getaways and beyond. Boxes will feature products from recent and past boxes as well as Limited Edition boxes. Boxes may contain the same items and duplicate boxes will not be refunded.

Are you grabbing a box? (Or more than one?) Check out our reveals what’s been in the past mystery boxes (here and here). And if you haven’t taken advantage of the Black Friday Sale yet, today is the last day:

Use coupon code SURPRISE to save:

  • $20 off a 1-month subscription
  • $50 off a 3-month subscription
  • OR $100 off a 6-month subscription

(FYI – if you took advantage of the MSA Better Than Black Friday POPSUGAR 3-month subscription deal, you can add one of these subscriptions to your account to extend the length of your subscription! Full instructions on how to upgrade here.)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and POPSUGAR Must Have spoilers to see what you can expect from this subscription!  

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I ordered one of each, and received shipping confirmation on two of them, but I haven’t received shipping confirmation for the vacation one yet. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get all of my boxes!!! I just hope I get to the gate to pick up the packages before my husband does. 😁

  2. Liz, do you know for certain whether the vacation box will have the possibility of containing items from past limited edition boxes? Originally the link stated that under the description of the vacation box would contain “Boxes will feature products from recent and past boxes as well as Limited Edition boxes.” Now the vacation box states “Boxes will feature products from recent and past Must Have and Mystery boxes.”


  3. Omg what is wrong with me… I just purchased all 3 without even hesitating after seeing the retail values, well hopefully this will finish up for holiday shopping for me!

  4. Cozy home $24.95 Fashion and Beauty $29.95 and Vacation $49.95 hmmmm only one I would be interested in would be Vacation …. is it worth it ???

  5. You can enter your email address now (after 10 AM, Eastern) and get the message: Thanks! You’re on our list!

  6. Soldout already?

    • It looks like it. 😨

      • What time did they go on sale?

    • I don’t think they have gone on sale yet. I’m on Tokyo time & have checked several times today. Maybe they are waiting until the morning to give people from all time zones a chance to get one.

    • I already asked this on another thread, Liz replied and said they haven’t gone on sale yet, that’s why they’re appearing as sold out.

  7. I know everyone is in fear of Bingo (I had 2) but someone already said to donate them but also they would make a great gift to a teacher. They could use them for those last few days of school before holiday and summer breaks when not much is going on. Just an idea.

    • Definitely a great idea. I got 2 bingo games and donated them to a nursing home.

    • My kids love the Bingo set! Give it to someone with kids!

  8. Liz, remember last year they had the same, except they show us what the items were. I bought the one with the cook book, and wine pens and mustard tonsend to my aunt and they mustard busted and was all over the book and ps send the replacements to me. I could not find that post, but they were all different prices.

  9. ALL: Anybody getting board games they don’t want: DONATE them. Blue Santa, Brown Santa, Salvation Army, and many others. And consider any other items you may not want and can’t gift. There are plenty of families and women in shelters who would love getting things like this.

  10. Oh my. I don’t know if I can do this but boy do I want to.

  11. I want to order the vacay box but… I’m a bit concerned they’ll send me another LemLem coverup. I hate that thing. I’m a size 10/12 and it’s waaay too small. Otherwise I missed the summer and fall LEs, I’d love to get some of the items from them.

    I won’t order the fashion or home mystery boxes. I haven’t missed a month of Popsugar’s monthly boxes since the beginning, and I ordered two of the November boxes bc I loved the table runner and bowl so much.

  12. I am interested in these boxes but am afraid of more bingo games, bubble bath and hair masks from the last mystery boxes. I’m still trying to unload bingo games and bubble bath.

  13. I am a newbie to the boxes this year but I have found everyone’s comments so helpful. I keep hearing about a bingo game? Was this an actual bingo game in the box? Also, on the mystery boxes has anyone purchased one from the past and really thought it had value? Here’s to hoping anyone who purchases one gets awesome, great stuff!

    • Yes. There were real bingo games. I cannot give them away…

    • Welcome to our obsession! ☺️

      I purchased 2 mystery boxes last time and received duplicates, however, PS kindly replaced one box for me so that fixed it and came really quickly. I find their customer service to be really helpful!

      On their mystery box before that I only purchased 1 and kicked myself afterwards. I wish I had gone for atleast 5 or so variations in that one as it seemed like all of them were pretty much home runs

      As for value, that’s an easy YES! The first round of mystery boxes were $20 and boy was that a deal. The second round went to $25 and I would say not as coveted as the first but still outstanding for the amount of items vs cost!

      Bingo…Yes, it’s an actual board game that you get and it’s actually a really nice one. You can see it in some of the past reviews for the mystery boxes. I’ve seen the same ones on the Target store website also. I really like it BUT I received 2 already (1 I kept and 1 I gifted) so I dread getting another only cuz I don’t know what I’d do with it lol

      On a side note you’ll see multiple comments on here tonight for me and that’s cuz every since I saw this post I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the boxes and how many I want – I’m literally stalking this post at this point and here I thought all of my excitement was over with Black Friday sales

    • I’m a newbie too, and I ordered the fashion and home boxes, the vacation was sold out by the time I got out of work. I’m hoping for some great items?!?! Good luck!

  14. If only the Claire V color block clutch was guaranteed to be in one… I have tried so hard to to swap for that baby!!
    Depending on price I’ll probably order at least one anyway.

    • It’s a great clutch! I carry mine all the time still. 🙂

      • Me too! It’s timeless and such good quality it will last for years.

  15. I’m reading a few comments about not getting this box because they received duplicates last time. Although I agree it sucks to get duplicate boxes, you can avoid that by only purchasing one box. Problem solved!

    • Don’t blame the people who bought multiples for believing PSMH would honor their promise to do everything they can to avoid sending duplicates. The reason why they allowed exchanges last round is because they acknowledged that they messed up, and they’ve changed how it works this time around so that customers have a clearer picture as to what to expect.

      I’m glad to see they’ve found a way to ensure you can buy up to 3 boxes and be certain that they will not be identical and that you can select the category you’re most interested in if you just want a single box. There are very few items from the last several boxes that I’d want an extra of so I’m sitting this round out.

      • I read my original comment & it’s not what I meant. For those not ordering because they are worried about duplicates, the obvious answer is to only order one from each category. So yeah I think that sounded rude & I didn’t mean to.
        I agree they have come up with a great way to separate the items so we have the option to buy more than one without worrying about duplicates.

  16. I just heard that there are 3 different boxes too. One around Home, one around Beauty and the Fashionista, and one around the Vacation lovers. All past thing from others must have boxes. No refunds.

    • I would think probably 20 dollars because of this deal below… One box for 20 and 20 seems like a really really good deal. Many were to happy that is went up 5 dollars last time for the same dollar value as the first Mysterybox. I think I am gonna go for the home box? What about you guys?

      • I feel like they will each have a different price point. I’m pretty sure the Vacation one will be higher since it includes some of the items from past LE boxes but of course we all have the next 14hrs to wonder. I’m preparing myself for them to possibly in the $40-$50 range but that’s just a wild guess on my part and I’ll be really happy if they are much lower 🙂

        • That’s my guess, too. LE box items seem like they would warrant a higher price tag. (Very excited to see Limited Edition items in a mystery box!) 🙂

  17. ALL SOLD OUT!!!

    • Sorry for any confusion – these haven’t gone on sale yet, so they’re currently marked as sold out. Look for them tomorrow morning (Probably around 10 AM ET – that’s when their Black Friday sale launched.)

      • Oh okay thanks for informing me, I was surprise at first. Lol

  18. Really wish they posted the time and price.

  19. The right side of my brains is thinking I will be skipping this one.. coming from previous boxes?? That’s scary.. how many more bingo games could they have, let alone those black and white scarves? But the left side of my brain says Kendra Scott bracelet.. wire bowel? Hmm wonder which side will win?!?

    • Guess the left side won!!! 😭😭😭😩😩😩 SOLD OUT!!

      • They just say that now, they don’t go on sale until tomorrow.

      • I don’t think it goes on sale until tomorrow… so the left side can still win

    • Your typo cracked me up! Could be really painful too 💩

      • Lol…oops! **bowl

  20. I have really enjoyed the last two PSMH mystery boxes (but I’m not a subscriber and I only bought one box each time) – I’m excited to see they’re doing them again but I’m afraid I can’t choose between the three of them, haha!

    I definitely don’t want to get all of them…I’m leaning towards the fashion and beauty or the vacation box. Any idea how much these will be going for??

  21. Anyone know what time these will go live? I need to know how many hours I’ll have to flip back and forth on how many I’m getting LOL

    Definitely getting 1 Vacay box and I really want one of the Home boxes too but I’m dreading another Bingo game. I love that they separated categories this time but wish the Fashion and Beauty box was separated too cuz I’d love a Fashion one but don’t need anymore makeup…Dilemmas of an addict.

    Between the His & Her LE boxes I bought and the 15 months I added I’m already over $500 to PS this month!!

  22. Fiiiiine popsugar, fine. Just have all my money.

  23. I still haven’t received the replacement for my duplicate box from last time so…no.

    • I haven’t either. I’d be interested to see if anyone here has gotten their replacement or gifts?

      • I got 2 of the same small (4oz) body lotions. I don’t remember what brand they were but I didn’t recognize it. They came in the same envelope. I will be honest, I was a little ticked to get 2 of the same item to make up for getting 3 of the same boxes. (my box was the dreaded #10, nobody would swap for it, LOL.) I had seen other people mentioning getting vases and jewelry boxes, but I got the lotion.

        • I got the ugliest tea towel I have ever seen and it’s rough after being washed a few times! I don’t even know what to use it for? Terrible terrible terrible!!! It did however get to me fast.

          I would have loved to get a vase or jewelry box.

    • I also sent my duplicate back with their fedex label a few weeks ago, and have not gotten a replacement yet.

      • If you haven’t received a replacement box by now, I would contact CS and ask for the tracking information or more info. I got my replacement box two weeks ago but it happened to be the same box, so I am now waiting on a gift for duplicates.

    • me either very frustrating

  24. I thought I was going to escape any Cyber Monday deals because nothing seemed to tempt me until now……Then somehow I went from reading the post saying I’d only grab one box to reading the comments and hearing about the choices to deciding to go all in! I hope the prices aren’t crazy cuz I already spent sooooo much money during BF deals.

  25. I wonder if they have unloaded all the poo they sent us last time and we will get boxes of different items. God knows I don’t need any more black scarfs or or containers scrub with a broken seal.

  26. I will probably be too busy at work to score anything this Cyber Monday, but I will definitely get a cozy home box if I can!

  27. I think I’m not taking any chances on mystery boxes for a while. The last burn was enough. The disclaimer states that duplicates will not be refunded and the boxes will be comprised of recent and past boxes. Sitting this one out unless I hear otherwise and they are fantastic.

    • Exactly! No chance of me getting one of these!

  28. Tempting, but I’m pretty maxed out from the past week, and I’m worried I’ll get the items I would dislike the most. How much do these mystery boxes cost, or is that unknown at this point?

  29. I was going to skip this one… happily. I got duplicate boxes that I didn’t even like that much last time. BUT, I clicked on the link and see they have 3 different kinds of mystery boxes. Oh no! How can I pass up the cozy home and fashion beauty boxes? And what kind of stuff would be in the ultimate vacation one? They sure know how to reel me in! 🙂

    • I didn’t even see the different categories… now this is dangerous

  30. After last time, I think they may have fixed their issues with duplicate boxes. Even after receiving four of the same box, I will still be ordering more than one again foolishly hoping they will not be duplicated.
    They did have awesome customer service when it came to resolving the issue last time.

  31. I bet this is all the duplicate boxes people sent back from the last round. 😂

  32. I think I’ll be grabbing just 1 – I went a little overboard with their Black Friday deal 😉

  33. I really wish they would put some of the items from last years’ Neiman Marcus box for sale…or do a luxe edition mystery box with items from the LE boxes…I would be all over that..

    • Love the idea of a luxe edition mystery box!

    • GREAT idea!!! I’d love that too!

    • The vacation box “will feature products from recent and past boxes as well as Limited Edition boxes”.
      Hmm, I wonder if all 3 will the same price?

      • I’d put money on the Fall headphones being one of the products from an LE box.

  34. As much as I’d like to say I’ll skip this one… pretty sure I’ll cave. But I’ll probably just grab 1 or 2, instead of 4 or 5 like usual.
    My luck, after the last round of these, they figured out they better improve and these will be amazing

  35. 💀I have 6 bingo games, not looking to add to that 💩

    • This made me laugh! (I’m sorry, though….) 😀

      I’m sitting this one out since I just dropped about $300 (shoot, wish I hadn’t added it up) for 15 mos. of PSMH. It’s tempting, but I gotta draw the line somewhere….right?? lol

    • I posted about this above. Donate those bingo games! And anything else, like scarves, etc. Not everything needs or can be swapped and there are plenty of women, girls, and children who will love these things.

  36. I’m afraid I will get another scarf, bingo or hair mask (got 3 of the same mystery boxes last time) so I think I’ll pass!

  37. Skipping this round, unless they are including items from LE boxes. Then maybe.

    • I am going to take a swing at the Ultimate vacation mystery box. I really love all the summer items and maybe, oh please, a hat. 😉

  38. I wish they would just do past boxes and not more mystery boxes. *sign*

    • Yes! That would be great. They have done that at some point in the past, I bought the November 2015 from Gilt for $25. Would be happy to pay that again. Too many bingo games from the last go-round, and I ended up with 2 small crappy tubes of body lotion in exchange for my duplicates. Everyone else was getting the little vases or jewelry boxes and I got 2 of the same thing in compensation for my 3 of the same thing, the hated #10 box no one would trade for. LOL

    • Yea wouldn’t it be easier too?

  39. I think I’m gonna skip this because I’m afraid I will get the hat lol. Plus I’ve already spent so much on black Friday deals.

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