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Play! by Sephora Subscription Box Review – October 2016

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Play! by Sephora is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription. Each month they send you six samples, a PLAY! BOOK of tips and tricks, and a PLAY! PASS for in-store learning.

I used to work at Sephora so I naturally couldn’t resist this subscription!


My Subscription Addiction paid for this box.(Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


Every month they included all of the samples an adorable drawstring bag with a different design.

(FYI – there were different variations of this box sent out this month. Click here to see what the different possible boxes were.)


The Subscription Box: Play! by Sephora

The Cost: $10

The Products: Five deluxe samples plus a fragrance sample, a PLAY! BOOK of tips and tricks, and a PLAY! PASS for in-store learning.

Ships to: US

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Each box comes with a Play! Pass, which is a card you can use at Sephora (in-store) to get 50 extra rewards points, and you can also get one-on-one tutorials and tips of products from a Sephora consultant.

Although I do have to mention, you can walk in and get shown any tips and even a “mini makeover” (which is where a consultant will do a small demo on you like a certain eye look, how to do your brows, how to contour, matching you with a foundation, etc) anytime! So if you don’t have this subscription (or can’t get off the waitlist), you can still go to your local Sephora and try out all the products featured, or any other products you’ve had your eye on.


Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil – 1.7 oz, value: $14.50

I just tried this hair mask this morning, and I like it alright. The fragrance feels a little mature for me. I do love the application, though – after shampooing, massage this in from roots to tips, slowly add water to lather, and then let it sit for 2-3 minutes. I love a quick hair mask, and especially one I just use while in the shower since it’s more convenient! I like the results – my hair felt very hydrated after rinsing and my hair combed through super easily. After heat styling, my hair has a nice, strong feel to it. A little more weight to it, but not in a weighed-down way. Also, I can get at least three uses out of this jar.


Erborian Bamboo Crème Frappée Skin Reviving Fresh Gel – 0.17 fl oz, value: $4.30

This moisturizer is a whipped gel-cream made with bamboo! It actually uses both the sap and fibers from bamboo. This felt refreshing and light when I applied and absorbed quickly. Unfortunately, I have dry skin and just a few minutes later, my face felt like I hadn’t moisturized yet and needed something more hydrating. This is probably good for oily or normal skin, but if you know your skin tends to run dry then I probably wouldn’t recommend this based on my experience.


Farmacy Skin Dew Hydrating Essence Mist & Setting Spray – 0.68 fl oz, value: $9.07

I know Liz has recently discovered and fallen in love with Farmacy products so I was so excited to try one myself! I really love this product, but not the sample packaging. The liquid itself is fantastic – it feels cooling, refreshing, and smells uplifting. I love the Echinacea in it and this might just be my favorite facial spray ever. The sample packaging, however, doesn’t have a fine enough spray to make this perfect. It sprays a little heavy, but if you hold it far enough away you can totally make it work.

I’m totally keeping this spray in my purse… and tempted to buy the full-size.


Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick, Driver’s Seat – 0.043 oz? value: $8

I basically live in liquid lipsticks, and I’ve tried a lot. I love this one from Smashbox! The pigment is great, the formula doesn’t feather and wears for quite a long time (it says 8+ hours, and I’ve been wearing it for about 5 now with eating and drinking and it still looks great so I’d say that’s probably accurate).


Here’s a swatch. This color is described as a warm pink and it almost leans a smidge neutral-orangey, too. This color is so me, and I love it.


The Estée Edit Flash Photo Gloss – 0.1 fl oz, value: $7.40

This lip gloss has an iridescent blue to the formula, designed to make your teeth look whiter in photos. You can wear it alone or over any color lipstick.


Here’s what it looks like. Personally, I don’t care for the formula. It’s very thick and sticky, and I honestly didn’t notice any kind of dramatic difference in the way my teeth looked in selfies.


Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris – sample spray

I actually really like this fragrance! It’s a new one from YSL, inspired by Paris. The notes include strawberry, raspberry, bergamot, calone, orange flower, pear, jasmin, white peony, patchouli, white musk, cedarwood, and crystal moss. All the fruits and florals make this right up my alley.


It’s sweet but not young-sweet. It still feels sophisticated and grown-up but romantic too.


Here’s what the Smashbox liquid lipstick looks like on – I love it and will be wearing a lot of it this Fall!


Here’s the Estee Edit lip gloss I like the natural shine it gives my lips, but if it does make my teeth look whiter I’m not sure it’s enough to make me feel like buying the full size is worth it. I’d rather spend money on actually whitening my teeth, you know?

Verdict: I liked my October Play! by Sephora box and I’m happy I received the variation I did (click here to see what the different variations sent out this month were). I was happy to try some different new items, including some that are new and I had been curious about (like the two lip products). The value also comes out to about $43 so I’m happy with that, too.

What do you think about the October Play! by Sephora? What variation did you get?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered Beauty Army and Birchbox in 2012 and instantly fell hard and fast for the world of subscription boxes. Over the years of writing for MSA she has found many subscriptions to fuel her addiction, but her favorites include fashion, geeky, beauty, and mom/baby boxes to share with her son.

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. This might be a silly question but I dont normally shop at sephora. The only one thats near me in one is JC Penny. If I were to get sephora play Can I use the play points in a jc penny sephora or only in an actual sephora store? I am only wondering because I just saw that post about the jc penny sephora boxes (like the lip one and face one) that I thought have been out for awhile. Were those only available online or at an actual sephora and now they are available at jcp sephoras? Anyways Im straying away from my more important question. Lol. So can I use play points at jcp sephora? And get the demos and samples or whatever there? There is no actual sephora near me at all. Closest one is probably 3 hours away.

    • Yep! They function just like a regular Sephora, but smaller.

      • Awesome! Thank you for letting me know!

  2. Yeah, it seems like the boxes are all over the place lol! I did end up liking my box #122, except the Aquabomb (it’s not bad, its just an OLD item I’ve received many times).

    The Skin Inc was nice and totally loved the YSL! It’s my new favorite scent! I do like the perfume samples we get from Sephora-much better than anything BB ever sent lol!

    So, keep it to one variation or item variation, Sephora! You’re doing too much!

    • I got 106 and this was my first box

    • I got box #114 and I won’t use face peels…would you like to swap your aqua bomb for it…been wanting to try it.

    • This was my first box from Sephora and I have to say I am very happy with it. I also got box 122 and it was the one I was most interested in from the spoiler page. After 6 months, I cancelled ipsy and am surprisingly pleased with Sephora’s offerings. Hopefully it will stay strong.

  3. i really liked what i received this month it does vary from what you reviewed but I’m totally okay with that. the only thing I’m not too sure about is the lip stick and the gloss. The lip color is a little on the orange side and i’m not sure if that will work with my tone. The other thing is the gloss it’s a bit thick in texture. A little will go a long way but i do have to say it came at the right time i just throw away some other glosses that has been around a bit too long, at least i don’t have to purchase one now. that’s a win to 10$. I looking forward in trying the skin dew, and the perfume smells pretty.

    • I agree that the Smashbox lipstick is too orange for most skin tones. It looks like a good color for redheads, and maybe only redheads. I wish they went for something more universal, cause I like the formula.

  4. Just because it can’t be said enough: I hate box variations.

  5. Another update: I received a response from customer service. They basically said that the Play Profile is responsible for the variations in boxes. It seems like several of us have the same answers and different boxes though. I don’t think customer service actually knows. It’s clear that Sephora is experimenting with something new in the way they do things. Most of us didn’t recieve a tracking email, a lot of us had delays in receiving our boxes, the website shows discrepancies in the products we are supposed to get (if shown st all), and there are several variations on the box. They gave me 200 points for inconvenience, which I appreciate, but it doesn’t resolve the issue that I want the box that’s shown on Sephora each month and not a variant of it. If it is the Play Profile, o wish someone would tell me how to answer the questions to ensure I get the box I want–the box I’m paying for.

  6. I got the same box as the review. I am leery of bamboo products after using the bamboo shampoo/conditioner from OGX. Made my hair feel like straw. I love their coconut and argon oil products but the Bamboo-Full was so bad. I gave away the full size set. I don’t think bamboo type products do well on dry skin like mine.

  7. I just cancelled my subscription after receiving another box of stuff I can’t use – two lip items in nearly similar colors (earthy oranges, which make me look like a clown), an old-lady-smelling perfume sample, and two overly-scented hair and skin products. I can play with ONE item – and that’s not worth ten bucks. This isn’t the first month where I’ve tossed most of the products into my giveaway bag – I was really excited to try this sub, but it’s been a bust for me.

    • I agree. I cancelled too, I had the 106 box.

  8. I got 122 variation. I would have been happy with one other variation with Pharmacy mist and Drunk Elephant serum, but I am ok with not receiving two lip products. A couple of days ago when I was tracking my box, my Play! page showed default 072 products. I logged in today and now it is showing all of my variety with the short video. Now I am more excited about trying the Peel. I love Skin Inc’s leave sleeping masks which I used during the long haul flight and it kept my skin moisturized. So, I hope the peel is great.

  9. Still haven’t received my box. The estimated delivery date was 10-20. It was transferred from ups to USPS on 10-18 and still nothing! Ups can’t help me and neither can USPS. This is crazy I get packages all the time here and I’ve never had this issue. Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks

    • I’m in the same boat. There isn’t much we can do unfortunately, just send good vibes that it will show up. This is the second month I’ve had this issue out of 5 or 6 months. The other month they offered a refund, but no replacement box. I’m hoping it will be like the other month and just show up but since I never got a shipping email and I did the other month, I’m not as confident.

    • One time I had my box sitting in UPS facility for a week. I do not know what can cause this but I finally received my box a week later original delivery date. Good luck!

    • Had a similar problem this month except ups still awaits my box. Mine looked super cool too! I’m waiting to hear back from them.

    • Did your box ever come? The last time I heard from mine was that it made it to my city and was transferred to USPS. That was a week ago. Wondering how long I should wait until I contact CS.

      • The same thing happened to me for the September box. I called several times to UPS and to USPS. They both basically blamed each other. I finally did call my regional post office and they told me, that what happens is, everything gets put on a palette and delivered from UPS to USPS. It never got scanned into USPS system though and they said that happens all the time. It’s supposed to be on the palette, but ends up not being on it. So USPS never gets it from UPS. I hate they send these boxes that way. They need to send with one carrier.

  10. I received my box today (122), and I think it’s pretty great! I am excited to try everything. The liquid lip is a little bold for me, but sometimes it’s good to step outside of the ol’ comfort zone. One thing that surprised me was the YSL perfume. I am not a big perfume person, but this one smelled SO GOOD to me. I love it. I would totally buy it if it was more affordable.

  11. This is the box I got, and it’s the box I wanted (tied with the verb, nudestix, egg brand box). I’m most excited to try the hair mask and face spray – two of my favorite things. I’m not on the liquid lipstick hype train, but at least it’s a wearable color I can try!

    I’m not sure how much I like that there are so many variations in boxes now. One thing that made me unsub from Ipsy was being so jealous of what other people got.
    But I guess since the brand recognition is there for every item in every box with this sub, I guess it’s not the worst thing.

  12. #114 you gotta read
    No way…I just did the math for box 114 and you’ll never believe the value…it’s actually $47-$48 when somebody said it has the lowest value…nope.
    The Nudestix is FULL SIZE….Whattttttt… .088 is the size I got and it’s the same size on Sephora for $24 out of stock for belle.
    We also got (we all did) an $8 or so Smashbox matte liquid lipstick
    Like $3.50 for a 1 oz Verb spray (Christopher Robin is 1.7 oz and $14…so I’m jealous)
    Like $4 for a small .21 oz Egg Mellow Cream
    Like $4 for a small .17 oz Skin Inc peel (not into peeling)
    and Last and very least like 4 for a horrific smelling .05 oz Tom Ford Orchid Soleil perfume

    • So I also did the math for the box I also wanted which was box #122 and that has a value of about $39 Not including the Blinc mascara because idk if it is full size or not. Full size is .3 oz for $26…if it is full, half, 1/3, or a 1/4…just add that to the $39 and you get the total…if it’s full size I would like to know because $65 is way over my $48ish dollar #114 box.

      • Nevermind Blinc mascara is 1/3 of the full so almost $9…so like $39 + $9 = $48 just like my #114 box because of the full size Nudestix that costs $24. I still want 3 items from box #122 so I still want to swap. let me know.

  13. How do you tell which number of box you got? I’ve been receiving PLAY! For about 5 months now and I wasn’t sure about it at first but now that I cancelled birchbox I’m much happier with this sub. It’s gotten better. But this month has thrown me off bc it seems there were so many different boxes ppl are getting. In my box I received:
    Smashbox lipstick
    Skin inc. revival peel
    Belief aqua bomb (already sampled and love)
    Christophe Robin hair mask
    Blinc mascara amplified (already sampled & not a fan)
    Yves saint laurent mon Paris
    Did anyone else receive this box variation??

    • Yep! I got the same one. I’ve had a full size of that Blinc mascara for months, from Boxycharm and haven’t used it with the tubes that it creates on your lashes. I think that will freak me out when taking it off. lol. I was hesitant to use the lippie, due to the color, but after seeing this review I tried it and really like it!

      • I’ve used the blind mascara and it makes your lashes so long or at least it made mine ridiculously long. Taking it off though makes it look like your loosing your eyelashes. The only problem I had was it seemed to make my eyelashes thinner. I thought I was imagining things but then I read reviews and people were saying the same thing. Watch out for that!

    • Jraewebb, you can tell what number box you have by logging into your sephora account on a computer, going to your account, and looking at your order history. If you click the $10 charge for the October Play! box then you can view the item number, and the last 3 digits are what everyone is referring to their box variation as.

      • Thank you Haley! I looked it up and I wasn’t even supposed to receive 3 of the 5 items I got! So I emailed customer service to see what was going on. Who knows? First time I’ve had a problem with PLAY!

    • that’s box 122! it shows the last 3 numbers on the bottom sticker of the play box!

  14. I received box 106 and it matches in my Play account. I have tried the CJ Walker coconut oil before and I didn’t like it so it goes to my niece. That Smashbox color on me is awful! I wish they would quit sending colors with pinks in them, especially now that it’s fall. If they can send out boxes based on skin/hair, why can’t they do it for makeup colors? It will be going to my niece as well. Love the Derek Lam and looking forward to trying the Farmacy and Drunk Elephant. I sprayed the Farmacy on my arm to see what it smelled like and like others have said, it shoots out, not sprays. Much better box for me than last months.

  15. Is there still a waitlist? If there is when will it be open again?!!

  16. This was my first box, and I got the Drunk Elephant, Flash Photo gloss, coconut oil, Farmacy skin dew, and the Smashbox liquid lipstick, Derek Lam perfume.
    I hated the Smashbox liquid lipstick, it was a horrible orange on me, I’m not sure which item shot super hard out of the bottle like a gun, it might have been the Drunk Elephant. One of them was super sticky when I put it on at bed time and was still sticky when I went to get in the shower this morning. Was this a good box? IDK…you ladies tell me since it was my first.

  17. When I was first looking through the confirmed spoiler posts, I was having some FOMO and wasn’t happy with which box I was getting (106). BUT when it arrived yesterday I was actually pretty happy with it (although I’m still meh on 2 lip products in 1 box, but at least I’ll use them). I got the Derek Lam perfume (I was surprised not to hate it, although I’m not sure I’d need a full size), Estee Edit, Smashbox liquid lipstick, Farmacy mist (yay, excited to try this one), coconut oil (pretty sophisticated packaging for a sample, and at least I’ll use this), and the Drunk Elephant night serum (excited to try this one too).

    The “shop full size products” section of my Sephora Play page is not accurate as to what samples I actually got.

  18. Has anyone figured out how they divvied up the boxes?
    I’m getting 122 and have:
    Skin: combo
    Concerns: acne, ageing, dark circles, dullness, pores, puffiness, redness, sensitivity
    Skin tone: light
    Hair: blonde
    Hair: chemically treated, curly
    Concerns: curl enhancing, frizz

    And based off of what I’ve read it seems like its multiple factors…

    • I got the 122 box too, and I have the exact same skin and hair concerns.
      So, I am assuming it’s got to do with that.

    • I got 122 also and the ones I have in common with you are:
      Eye color – blue
      Concerns – aging, dullness, pores
      Skin tone – light
      Hair chemically treated, curly, frizz

    • I got the same box as you. and our profile concerns , hair color , etc are exactly the same.

      • I have the same skin color, hair concerns eye color as y’all….but I got entirely different box…I think it’s AGE! How old are y’all? I was dying to try Estée edit….I think they think I’m too old..all I ever get is treatment all I ever want is makeup! Lol!

    • ok here’s where I throw you for a loop, I ALSO got 122 but my info is:
      Eyes: Brown
      Skin: Normal
      Concerns: Uneven Skin Tones, Aging, Dark Circles, Pores
      Skin tone: olive
      Hair: brunette
      Hair: dry, wavy
      Hair concerns: Damaged, Dandruff, Frizz, Curl Enhancing, Volumizing

      I’ve been a subscriber since January, and I’m 30.

      • Maybe it’s the ageing concerns. I also always get the skin treatments when I’d really like more makeup!

  19. I had to ubsubscribe from Play Sephora they kept my debit card on file and over the weekend someone placed an oder worth $519.36 in frick’n makeup. Never again will I subscribe to them. My bank cancelled my card issued me another one a big pain in the butt. Anyone else have this issue????

    • OMG that sucks, sorry to hear that. It is a total PITA. Been there. Had checks stolen out of mailbox years ago despite telling bank NOT to mail them, I’d pick them up for this reason. Duh. How frustrating. This is also why I try not to save debit or cc info on sites (and I just double checked this one, thank you for the fyi but sorry you have to deal with this). Hope things get better soon, hang in there.

    • As an employee in a banks fraud department, I would strongly encourage you to NEVER use a debit card online. If the site gets compromised or your card does, then they have access to your actual funds. In the future, try using a credit card online, that way, in the event that something like that happens, they will not have taken hard money out of your account. Yes- you will still need to file a fraud claim and get a new card. But your rent or mortgage money will still be available. Credit cards are much more secure for online purchases.

      • I completely agree, I only use a credit card never debit and always try to tell people exactly what you just said, plus I get cash back from using my card.

  20. I got the same box, and I had filled out my questionnaire with Dry Skin too.
    I cancelled my subscription right after I opened this. I didn’t like any of these items, The lipstick is way too orange, I didn’t like the smell of the perfume, the mist or the hair mask. Last month I only liked one thing. I think I should just use my rewards points for a few items I like rather than spend $10 on things I won’t use. My daughter gets Ipsy and she has been much happier with her products.

    • When I looked on my play page to see what I was getting. I was we excited but when I actually got my box it was nothing that was on my page. I can say I hate everything I received so I will wait to see what happens next month. I did notice that from the beginning it said sold out. So I’m guessing they ran out and just gave me whatever. Not pleases at all.

      • I feel the same way, pondering over if I should just cancel my subscription. I hated everything in this box and gave it away to someone else.

  21. My box is a little different. I am not impressed with this month box. This is my third box, though. I liked two previous way more. And this month they have larger variety of boxes that they sent out. It seems that usually they have only two versions that do not differ that much from each other.

  22. I don’t know about anyone else but I am extremely unhappy with the variations of products I received in this month’s box. I got #114. I have many beauty subscriptions and this by far HAD been the best subscription box because it was CONSISTENT. This month however, the products I received are NOT in the monthly video, so there is no visual guide (which was fun to watch when the products matched up) no review as the sephora pros walk a guest through the box. Instead this month’s video is about products I don’t have. I could understand if you had variation of one product or two monthly as a way to cater to a profile, if that’s what they actually do (I have some doubts) but to have ALL of the products be different and varied per box promotes what we beauty box subscribing veterans call BOX ENVY. BOX ENVY is an ugly thing that creeps up when you feel like you’ve been slighted because there are amazing products you don’t get a chance to try but see others who pay the same price you do and pay for the same service you do, get to receive these said products YOU wanted, hence the envy. Box Envy has been known to cause fits of disappointment,tears,whining,tantrums, and in some extreme cases canceled subscriptions. I am still in the disappointment, whining and tears phase.

    • I totally agree with you! I got box 114 and the only thing halfway decent is the lipstick but I don’t want any lipstick. If next months box is like this one, goodbye Play. And the samples are super small this time. Disappointing

    • I feel the EXACT same way!! I got box 114 and was terribly disappointed. I emailed Sephora to say so! I hate that they didn’t tell me what products I was getting online until the day after I received it. I really wanted the hair mask and Estee edit gloss as well as the farmacy face mist. I was reading the comments above and someone that got box 122 has almost the exact same answers in their profile as I have. I’m wanting to know what the people that got the main box have in their profile! There was one other month I had box envy–it was the month where I got Benefit’S liquid hoola bronzer and the other box got a powdered bronzer–can’t remember which one, but I remember wishing I had received that box instead. I’ve loved my boxes, for the most part, until this month–I hated it this month. I wish they wouldn’t do box variations at all!

      • Agreed, so glad I cancelled right before they started all these variations. I think it sucks. Now you never know what you’ll get, end up comparing to others who paid the same but got better/different stuff, tiny samples, do profiles even mayyer, it all leads to major box envy, etc. Glad I opted out. No regrets. Seemed to start out well, now it sounds like more and more are disappointed each month since all these variations started. Sounds like there’s not as much fun to be had with Play! anymore 🙁

        • *matter, not mayyer, what the….? LOL

      • So update: I had emailed Sephora to let them know I was unhappy with my box. I got this automated response that basically answers all the stuff in the FAQ section of their website. It went on to acknowledge that it was an automated response and that if said automated response didn’t answer my question I should email again. I find this terribly irritating! I used to be a manager at a major retail company’S corporate office in their Customer Care dept.. we used automated responses but strictly instructed our reps to use them as templates and to change the verbiage to meet the needs of the customer. I find it irritating that they don’t read responses and just send an automated one requesting the customer to contact again. Is it really good customer service to make a customer do more work to get an answer they need?? I don’t want to cancel this subscription but may consider so after this. I don’t want to have box envy anymore either!!

        • Kathryn, I also got the automated response at first. I also found it irritating, but I noticed near the bottom it said, to reply to the automated response if it did not answer your question. Its annoying but give it a try. I was hesitant thinking it would take me no-where, but I did get someone from customer service who replied to my complaint and they actually handled it very well, much to my surprise.

      • FYI – Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil was the variation/counterpart to Benefit’s Liquid Hoola Bronzer 🙂 Lovelovelove this as a bronzer and it smells amazing.

    • I have so much box envy for the 106 variation. The crying wanted to start when I read about people throwing the coconut oil and night serum away. I adulted myself through it without actual tears but it sure was real. I will have Ipsy today to help me carry on.

      • ?Who are these crazy people?!

    • I completely agree. The consistency is one of the main reasons I liked Play. I almost unsubscribed when I saw the box I’d be getting. I think it’s worth sending an email to customer service about it. It’s not like the box will miraculously be replaced by something better…but since the box is technically still in a test phase (it better be, with all this waitlist bs), I think it’s a good time to speak up and say we don’t like all this variation. I even mentioned that “box envy” has been my number one reading for unsubscribing from similar beauty boxes like Ipsy, Birchbox, etc. and it could very well happen to my Sephora sub as well.

      • I also got 114 and just emailed to let them know I was unhappy, thanks for the suggestion. It just seemed really unfair that we got a teeny tiny face peel sample and a small moisturizer that’s mainly just full of air anyway when other people got to try these new “cool brands,” that face mist and hair mask look amazing.

    • So update: I had emailed Sephora to let them know I was unhappy with my box. I got this automated response that basically answers all the stuff in the FAQ section of their website. It went on to acknowledge that it was an automated response and that if said automated response didn’t answer my question I should email again. I find this terribly irritating! I used to be a manager at a major retail company’S corporate office in their Customer Care dept.. we used automated responses but strictly instructed our reps to use them as templates and to change the verbiage to meet the needs of the customer. I find it irritating that they don’t read responses and just send an automated one requesting the customer to contact again. Is it really good customer service to make a customer do more work to get an answer they need?? I don’t want to cancel this subscription but may consider so after this. I don’t want to have box envy anymore either!!

    • UPDATE: I’m glad that other folks felt the same way….that variation is unfair. I sent an email to Sephora Customer service and explained in the same manner as here just how disappointmented I was. To my surprise they sent me an email and apologized. They confirmed that at least 1-2 items are typically based upon profile preferrences. They also wanted me to know that they apologize for the discrepancy in the products I received and the video showcasing the products I obviously did not get in my box. They refunded me the cost of my box, which was above and beyond in customer service, as they could have easily thought ” Too bad. Life’s not fair. Move on.” Instead they valued my feedback, and tried to make up for it which is in my opinion a big deal. It shows me that my satisfaction in their services/products matter and that they do care if they have unsatisfied customers.

  23. My least favorite Play box, still an OK box just meh on the it. Oh and beware of the skin mist. It comes out like a gun. It may be min but it shoots out a lot of product very fast and it will pool your makeup.Resorted to just swabbing it with a cotton ball. Its one powerful spray.

  24. Absolutely loved my bag again. I received the same one that is reviewed #72. Play is one of my favorite subs and I always get products that I never get from other subs.

  25. Ahh.. love my Sephora Play! So glad Birchbox made their changes that turned me off to them and turned me to Play! My boxes have been back to back awesome and I don’t mind the perfume vials since they don’t count as a deluxe sample and they are well known brand perfumes that I’ll actually use.. cough couch.. shots fired. Yes. This month was jst perfect.. got Drunk Elephant night serum (great since I have the day one already and love!) the same lippie in a dusty rose.. again love.. the gloss, the spray which I was crossing my fingers to get.. Derek lam vial and a new fave to me madam cj walker coconut oil.. loved everything and all the brands I got ???. I appreciate the diverse brands and I haven’t had any of the same items shipped back to back. Yay! Keep up the good work Sephora. This beauty junkie appreciates ya!

    • Box twins! I was amped when I saw was getting the Drunk Elephant serum, and Sephora could have a subscription box of just lip products and I would buy the crap out of it! I like Derek Lam fragrances, but I was a little disappointed not to get the YSL, I really wanted to sniff it and I live too far from my nearest Sephora to just pop in. All hair things go to my sister, I have an aggressively short hair cut, so anything in that category is good! I’ve consistently liked my boxes, not been blown away, but I’ve liked everything, and I’ve been subscribed since April.

  26. My items that it says I’m getting doesn’t match my variation number, kind of strange as the numbers are usually never wrong. Guess we will see, still haven’t gotten mine…

    • A lot of people’s have the contents for 072, I believe. Mine did, and I got box 106 in the mail yesterday. They may need to make a few changes to the way they do their reveals, since they started doing so much variation.

      • Agreed. My account showed three out of six items as totally different than what I got. When I asked the chat why that was, they said it wasn’t normal. They emphatically denied there were box variations too. I said there were at least 4, and the rep said he was positive I was mistaken. All that said, this box was better than all my Ipsy bags combined. The Blinc mascara alone was worth the$10, the lipstick and YSL perfume were my fav, and the Belief cream is fantastic.

  27. I got the Derek Lam fragrance….it is kind of awful. Very old-ladyish. I really regret putting it on before work this morning. I hope the mid and bottom notes are better smelling than the top cause it’s terrible

    • I’m in the same boat, I love most perfumes so I did a couple sprays, now I’m sitting at work with this awful Grandma smell. The musk is way too strong.

      • I love the Derek Lam! Care to swap?

    • I love the Derek Lam! Care to swap?

      • Sure! Anything else in the box you would want to swap so it’s not just the perfume? I would swap my Farmacy spray and/or coconut oil…

  28. Like others, I didn’t get a shipped email, but it showed up yesterday right on time. I also didn’t get the box listed in my purchase history – I got a FAR superior box instead. This was literally the best box i’ve had all year of any of my subs, even though I honestly have never had even one complaint about any box/bag i’ve gotten from Ipsy or Sephora. I use to death every single sample i’ve been given and I could not be happier. I will also pitch a fit if Sephora stops with the fragrance samples. It’s like they’re in my head with these scents. I use them sparingly because I will have to buy the full size of most of the ones i’ve been sent.

    • What were your box’s contents Jennifer?

      • Belle lip + cheek crayon(intense matte INDEED), Egg Mellow Cream, Smashbox lip (Driver’s Seat, same as pictured above), Verb leave-in mist, and Skin Inc reviving peel. Was supposed to get the lip gloss which I would have given away immediately, and the setting spray which I also would have tossed. I won big this month.

        • Box Twins. While I like the Smashbox liquid lip, I just can’t wear the color. Some people were saying it has hints of rose. I was hoping maybe it was more a mauve. Nope. The color leans hard to rusty orange. The NudeStix is a better color, but not by much.

          I wish there was a way to at least specify colors which DEFINITELY are a no go. I’m a medium to fair blonde with grey eyes. Don’t care how much it’s in fashion, orange shades or muddy colors will just never ever work for me.

          (Tom Ford perfume smells like Hipster Grandma. Was hoping I’d like it.)

    • If you receive a nice scent you like, another (more reasonably priced) alternatively to buying the full size, is to purchase a rollerball of that fragrance for ~$25 to $30. I did that when they had the Nest fragrance in July. I wasn’t a fan of the scent that came in the box, but I went to the Play date for that month, and the lady gave samples of complementary scents. I loved Paradise so much that I bought the rollerball, and they last a pretty long time. I love Sephora’s huge rollerball fragrance selection. 🙂

      • Also Scentbird subscription is amazing! They don’t have every single perfume i have wanted but they have a ton, all nane brands, and get more in daily. My queue is filled up on there until winter of 2018 so they definitely have more than I could possibly try! It’s only $15 a month for a spray the same size as a rollerball.

        • Good to know! I’ve been keeping my eye on some of those fragrance subscriptions, but it was kind of hard to tell if it would be worth it to me to subscribe. I know there’s one where they only send you three little samples for $18/month, but you get an $18 discount if you decide to purchase the perfume…. sounds good in theory, but for me I have a feeling I would most likely just be paying $18 for samples (however, just receiving the samples could still be worth it (to me) since I believe they sample unique/hard to find fragrances). Anyway, I knew there was another fragrance box that provided a single, large sample of a fragrance at a reasonable price, but I couldn’t remember which one. I think this is it! Thanks again. 🙂

  29. Total noob for asking, but do you condition your hair after a hair mask? ?

    • I personally wouldn’t. It would probably weight your hair down since most masks are essentially a deep conditioner.

    • In the Play! video, they say you can skip your conditioner after this mask

    • I have a version of this mask (possibly the same one) from another box and I use it instead of conditioner. Works very well but I find that my hair gets greasy faster than if I were to have used conditioner. I generally try to only wash my hair every third day and if I’ve used the mask I definitely need it by then!

    • thanks you guys! 🙂

  30. Try taking a flash photo with the gloss on. It made a difference for me. (:

    • Katherine – I did, and still didn’t notice a difference. =/ comparing the two (with flash and without flash, shown in the review) my teeth actually look whiter in the one in the review!

  31. I didn’t received a shipping email this month so I called customer service today. They said they didn’t know why but that bc my account was active I’d still definitely receive my box. She couldn’t find any proof of shipping but said boxes are sent out thru the end of the month so not to worry. When I got home it was in the mailbox. Go figure! I was looking forward to this month so I was happy to see it ?

  32. Has anyone else had no movement on their tracking? I called customer service this evening and frankly, I felt like the representative lied to me. She said she pulled up my account and box and it should be delivered tomorrow (I had this issue one month prior to this and it seems the 20th is the deadline for delivery every month). I asked for the tracking number and once I got off the phone, I pulled it up. It’s the USPS number and it only says pre-shipping info sent to USPS, awaiting item. Why on earth would she tell me it was going to be delivered tomorrow? I understand the deadline, but she did not acknowledge there has been no movement. I also have not received an email this month saying the box is on it’s way and my sephora account has not updated to show the October play items, Sept is still at the top. 🙁 I understand one time, but this is becoming a reoccurring issue for me

    • I got an email saying my box had shipped but it literally never updated so I could check tracking (box arrived today).
      My account showed items from a different box and when I got it today, had completely different items that what are shown in my account as being in my October box (but in my favor!).
      I’d say hang tight and see if it shows up tomorrow!

      • I’m glad yours ending up working in your favor Heather! And I totally hope you are right and it will just show up! I’m okay with my box variation, but that’s kinda crazy you got a different one than your account showed. I guess I’m just frustrated because of the representative tonight. When I called the other month, the woman I spoke with totally acknowledged there was no tracking update and explained I could be issued a refund if the box never showed up because there were no replacements to send again. I was upset I could potentially go without a box, but I felt she was honest and knowledgable about what was going on. The box eventually showed up the other month thankfully. I’m wondering why I’m having these issues and receiving my box later than everyone else as well.

        • Mine just showed up a couple days ago, too, no tracking updates.

        • You’re not receiving it later than everyone . Mine consistently ships around the 14th or 15th, gets here about a week later. Mine should be here by Saturday. It’s been exactly the way every single month for the 10 months I’ve been subscribed. It’s actually very consistent.

    • The shipping on this doesn’t go JUST through USPS, so if the post office system has received the tracking info, it most likely will get to you in 1-2 days. I hate this method of shipping, I find it really slow (like Birchbox). But I’m guessing they have to do it some super cheap way to get away with a $10 box.

      I just got mine yesterday. I typically receive it somewhere around the 20th-23rd every month.

      • Krista – you are totally right that it doesn’t go just through USPS, and the reason I specified which tracking number she gave me. I somehow found a FedEx number I believe through the desktop site and it never updated which prompter my call to them. I’m hoping you are also right that it shows up in a few days after USPS gets the info. Tomorrow will be day 4 going off the little info the tracking number gave me. At this point, I have no box envy of the variations, I am just hoping a box shows up since I know they will only offer a refund if it doesn’t.

  33. Love, love, love that lipstick color! My coloring is similar to yours, I need to check if I’m getting that variations!

  34. This is only my second box with Sephora but I’m not sure I will keep it much longer. I got 2 dark colored lipsticks that I’ll never wear. The hair product is ok. I’m interested in trying the skin peel but the egg cream, no. Maybe next month will be better.

    • The Nudestix can be used anywhere for color. It’s an all-purpose stick. I have a few of their shadow sticks and another lip/cheek one and got same variation as you this month. Try it as a cheek tint and see, I like how blendable their products are.

  35. Did anyone get the same box but a different color smashbox lippy?

  36. I got Box 22 and I’m pretty happy.

    The Smashbox liquid lipstick is amazing. Good matte formula, stays on and it’s not as drying as Stila or Kat Von D. Love this, will be buying the full size.

    I’m excited to try the Belif Aqua Bomb, the Skin Inc peel and the Blinc mascara.

    • This is good to know! I love the Stila but not really any of their colors except Patina so it’s good to know this is better than that & has a bunch of colors! This is apparently the color is will be getting which will not work for me but I will have to wear it one day just to see if I do like it the same or better than Stila.

  37. I cancelled as soon as I got my box today, the value just isn’t there for me. I never get good samples.

  38. I got the 114 box and at first I was disappointed. I really have been wanting to try something by Drunk Elephant so I was sad I didn’t get that box. That being said, after reviewing the different boxes again, I actually think Sephora did a good job choosing the right box for me with the most products I will actually use. I’m excited to try the Skin Inc peel, although with my back stock of exfoliants it will probably be awhile before I get to it. I used the Verb hair mist last night and it worked great! It did a really good job detangling my long hair and today my hair was shiny and soft. I’ve used the Egg Mellow Cream before and it’s ok. I don’t really like the smell and it feels heavy going on but it sinks in and makes your skin hydrated and soft. The perfume was fine, it smelled more like something my mom would like so I passed it on to her. I was kind of surprised that there were 2 lip colors but I like that they are a similar color and decent sized. I don’t wear liquid lipsticks so I will likely include these as a part of my Secret Santa gift at my work this year. Overall, not my favorite month from Sephora but not bad. I’m looking forward to next month after seeing the theme. I really hope there is something from Glam Glow!

    • Are you me? Lol

      I was also disappointed that I got the 114 and no Drunk Elephant. But after reading through the booklet and some bad reviews on the other samples, it made me feel better about the box.

    • The nudestix is lip or cheek tint. Multi use and blends nice. I got same box.

  39. This was my first Play box and while I wasn’t overly excited about the stuff inside, I was surprised to discover that I LOOOOOVE the little bag. I was all set to put it up for swap, but it’s actually way bigger and more useful than I thought it would be. Those silly little bags may just be enough to keep me subscribing for awhile. Haha. They will come in super handy for packing jewelry for travel. It’s the little things in sub box life. 😉

  40. I want to get this when there is no waitlist again! I need to find a good face moisturizer!! BADLY. That is one of the main reasons I sub to boxes. My face is always so dry and I cant seem to find anything that works well.

    • I would try beautyfix if you’re looking for skincare! Or beautydna if your looking for products for specific needs 🙂

    • Beauty fix is great the past 2 month small but expensive samples and eyelash growing thing lol

    • I have the same problem. Extremely dry skin but it is sensitive too. You should try Pink Vital Water Emulsion. It has done wonders for me. It is a Korean brand from Etude House. You can get it on Amazon also. I just bought a full size. It lasts a long time and costs between $15-$17 dollars.

    • I have dry skin as well~! Ipsy and Sephora play have both delivered great samples for my skin. Don’t forget to exfoliate as well, before moisturizing. I find it’s as important in the skin routine to take away the dry, flaky skin and makes it smoother~ 🙂 I’ve found some great moisturizers, but I haven’t bought them full sized yet since I still have a large sample stash of skin care to get through~

      • Becca Marie I will definitely look that up. thank you!

        Tess I have Ipsy too and have never gotten a good moisturizer from them, I used to have allure and same thing. They seem to work well then all of a sudden I break out or my face gets super greasy. I do exfoliate. A few times a week. But still my face just remains dry and flakey. This happened after i had my daughter. Ever since my skin has been sooo dry and nothing helps.

    • I agree with Rachel, try BeautyDNA. It’s full size products, and you just have to customize your questionnaire to say that you want only facial products and make sure your top five concerns are all about dry skin. I have gotten 2 moisturizers in 3 months, one was Algenist lifting and firming, and the one I just got was GM Collin Sensiderm for dry and sensitive skin, the third month was hydroxatone for eyes. All of the products have been great and match my concerns. No parabens, no mineral oil, no fragrances I don’t like. I can’t recommend them enough, but you have to take the time to complete the questionnaire.

  41. Box twins! I don’t wear lip color regularly, so the Smashbox went to my daughters. But I loved the lip gloss, not for the whitening effect but just as a gloss. Hopefully will try the hair mask tomorrow, if the scent washes out and I get a good effect, it’s all good. I was shocked I liked the fragrance as well! I don’t wear perfume but I liked this, had a hint of sweetness.

  42. Once again, not happy. Hair oil, face mist, serum, 2 lip products, which I don’t use at all. Cancelled my sub. Love sephora, but not sephora play.

    • I’m not a fan either. I’ve had problems every month since I subscribed in May. This time the lip gloss was empty. I’ve called every month, and they always tell me they’ll be sure nothing will be wrong next month. But it’s been lather, rinse, repeat! This month was better than most re what I received, but it’s frustrating to get a damaged, broken, or empty product every single month. It really takes all the fun out of it.

      I also was excited to read about how long-lasting the Smashbox liquid lip is, but on me it didn’t last long at all. Super-drying also. 🙁

  43. Thank you for another great review Haley ?I received the same box; I already tried the hair mask and wow it is amazing! I have fine, limp, color treated, mid-back very damaged hair and after using the mask it looks shiny, bouncy and full! The smell isn’t great though, but luckily it doesn’t linger. I also tried the skin dew and loved the scent and how it hydrated my dry skin. I gave the two lippies to my niece as the shade makes me look dead. I haven’t tried the other products yet but looking forward to ?

  44. I got the 114 box and I’m so happy!

    The skin peel is ON POINT!!! Buying full size product ASAP!!!!

    Love the Smashbox lipstick although it was the item I was least excited about. Wearing it right now…8 hours and it still looks good.

    Love the detangler spray as my current one is worthless.

    Excited to try the egg moisturizer and the nude stick.

    I love the Play box because it pushes me to try products I wasn’t aware of or wouldn’t consider on my own. Not upset that I didn’t get the items I “want” because I can always go to Sephora and ask for samples.

  45. My box is different! I got Madam CJ Walker coconut hair oil and Drunk Elephant night serum in place of the hair mask and face gel. My fragrance is different too, it’s Derek Lam.

    • Me too and I love it! I’m so glad I got this version! Drunk Elephant finally! I’ve neve rtried any of their products and I’m so excited

  46. I got this box too and Im pretty underwhelmed. The only things I like are the Smashbox lippie, which is a stellar formula, and the perfume sample. I might like the hair mask results if I could get past the smell long enough to try it. The mist is okay but Im not a big face mist person and it really doesn’t spray very well at all. And the bamboo creme is too tiny to really tell if it would be a good fit for my skin or not. It seems okay, especially paired with the mist. And the gloss is just blah for me. Ill have to experiment with some of my lippies to give it some color. I might like it more if it turns out to help some of my other lip colors stay on longer. I just got mine yesterday and I already want next month’s. I think it will be more to my liking. Hopefully.

  47. I was so excited about the Farmacy skin dew, and it did spray me kind of hard in the face lol. I thought it left my skin feeling sticky. I definitely like other facial mists better.

  48. Great products and lip colour! I wish they would ship to Canada and just charge$14.95 including shipping. They already have warehouses here so hopefully soon =(has anyone heard anything?

  49. Great review, Haley!

    What did you put down as your skin preferences on your profile?

    I want to tweak mine to receive different samples.


    • I put combination skin to get this box. My other box has dry skin and has the too cool for school egg moisturizer.

      • I received the too cool for school variation and my profile is for combination skin so I don’t know that they’re curating all that specifically/technically. I have every one of the samples already so this was another lackluster month for me. It’s also my last.

      • I put combo skin too, and also am supposed to get box 114 with the too cool for school egg cream. I don’t understand how they pick out products for us with no clear criteria!
        Still bummed that my box still has no movement and it shipped out last week allegedly!

    • I received this box #72 and my profile is for dry skin.

  50. Actually super in love with the fragrance. Wanted the full size until it said 92 dollars…maybe for Christmas. It was gorgeous.

    • Taylor – click the link I hyperlinked to the name of the perfume in this review! I linked it to a rollerball… only $29! 😀

      • I can’t wait to get this sample, it’s about the only thing I’m excited for in the box. Love the original Paris but it’s a tad strong.

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