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Play! By Sephora October 2016 – CONFIRMED SPOILERS

Sephora Play Spoilers

We have CONFIRMED SPOILERS for the Play by Sephora October 2016 Box!!!


Box ending in 072:


Source: katherineann83


Box ending in 114:


Souce: klb3745

Box ending in 106:


Source: achoyg

  • Madame CJ Walker Beauty Culture Coconut Oil
  • Esteem Edit Flash Photo Lip Gloss
  • Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum
  • Farmacy Skin Dew
  • Smashbox Always On Liquid Lip
  • Derek Lam IO Crosby Perfume

Box ending in 122:


Source: pamy_skincarelover


What do you think of the spoilers? There may be more variations coming. Let us know what you get!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (369)

  1. I got the 072 box and love everything but the YSL cologne. Double yuck! I can have a reaction to certain scents and this one floored me. I had to scrub it off my skin or take a trip to the ER. Lol! I’ll know better next time to spritz it on a price of paper before spraying myself. I love nearly all my Sephora boxes but I’d prefer not to get cologne at all. Wish it was an option.

  2. I was supposed to get box 114. Since it was supposed to be delivered on 10/21 I checked the tracking & it said that is was transferred from UPS->post office. But the post office site says awaiting package from UPS. I called UPS & they said they gave it to the post office for final delivery & to call them. I called the post office & they said it shows they haven’t received the package & to check with UPS. So it got lost so where in the middle gray area so knowbody can tell me anything. I contacted Sephora & they can’t replace it because they are sold out of the boxes, couldn’t they just pull together 6 samples. I wouldn’t be so mad except I can’t get a straight answer & cant even replace the box. This month was gonna be my best box too. Super excited for the Smashbox, only way I could afford would be through Play.

  3. Has anyone else not gotten their October box? Says shipped but ups still awaits package.

    • Mine was supposed to be delivered 10/21. I’m assuming it got lost because UPS said they gave it to post office, post office said they’re waiting for it from the UPS. And now Sephora can’t replace the box. No Smashbox this month, or Play pass, that’s probably what I’ll miss the most.

  4. I’m getting box 114. I’m happy about getting 2 lip products. When I first learned about the Sephora Play box I thought it was a sub. box were everyone got the same products. Does anyone know where to find our box numbers.

  5. This was my first month, and it must be beginners luck but I LOVE all my items. I got box 122 and I absolutely love every single thing, even the perfume sample. My ipsy this month was more than disappointing, so I am glad sephora wasn’t a dud as well.

  6. I got the top box, which I’m happy with (and is my #1 pick) because face mists and hair masks are some of my favorite things. The lip gloss is the only thing I don’t care for.

    I would have been excited to try the box below that one too :/ that egg brand has been intriguing me for a while, and I LOVE the Verb brand. Also a pencil lippy suits me more than the gloss I got.

    Glad I didn’t get the other 2 boxes. Drunk Elephant would be cool to try, but the 2 boxes as a whole don’t seem worth $10 to me.

  7. Is it just me or does everything look bigger in the pictures, because some of these samples are small as hell. The egg mellow cream you might be able to only get like 2 uses out of it. Box 114 seemed decent in the pictures but is disappointing in person and the smallest value. I really wish I would have rather got 122, even though I don’t want the skin inc or blinc mascara. I really wanted the Belif aqua bomb, christophe robin hair mask that basically has a $10 value because it is 1.7 oz which is not fair that I did not get it, and the YSL perfume because I am not a fan of tom ford’s orchid soleil. If someone wants to swap with me let me know. 😀

  8. I was super excited to get the second box (matches to my order number) but received the first one instead 🙁 this happen to anyone else?

  9. If it’s helpful to anyone, the items in the box I am listed to receive (and will be getting in the mail today) are now listed under the Play by Sephora link in the My Beauty Bag section, and it matches the items above for box 106.

  10. Anyone looking to trade? I’m getting the 122 box but would love the 106 box. Really I’d trade for any of the other variations! Let me know!

    • I really want the YSL perfume and the christophe robin hair mask and the belif aqua bomb from your box…I got 114 and I am not that happy.

  11. Got 114 and dislike it. Was hoping for the 072 box or even the 106. Was also very disappointed that they are featuring the best box on the Oct Play page and not showing the other boxes that were sent. I would have like to receive all those featured products.

    The Tom Ford perfume smells vile on me, instantly smelled like moth balls!! Blech!!
    I was hoping for the YSL Mon Paris.
    Not a fan of egg products. And 2 lips products that are similar in color!! Really??!! The smashbox driver’s seat and nudestix belle are so similar and both matte. At least send the gloss with this instead of 2 similarly colored lip products. Extremely disappointed with that.
    Wish Sephora would go back to one type variation boxes for all. I hate this box envy and unsubscribed to many boxes because of this issue for me. If this happens again in Nov, then the Play box will be on the chopping block. Sad really, as this was the only remaining subscription I had interest in receiving.

  12. Does anyone know why I’m supposed to get 106 according to my order # but I got an email with a sneak peek confirming I’m actually getting 072?

    • Everyone is seeing that. They didn’t tailor that page.

  13. I jsut wanted to update…. My item no was 106 and I recieved that box yesterday.
    I got the reveal video today too and it was 0072. So to confirm what other have been saying, I think everyone get the reveal video for 0072, but the Soilers are accurate.

  14. How do you change to a different number?

  15. Ugh, I’m so disappointed with 122. I just bought the Soko to Tokyo kit in September and that had both the Skin Inc. Peel and the Belif Aqua Bomb. Apparently I shouldn’t buy their sample kits, since they’ll just send me the same samples in next month’s Play….

    • I’m lol’ing at this because it’s so true. I was thinking the same. Sample kits and all the free GWPs. I’ve tried or have all the things I’m getting in my box, 114.

  16. So my box comes tomorrow but I just received my confirmation email, the box it says I am getting is 114 according to website but the email shows 072. Happy but confused. This is my first order, is it always like this?

    • It looks like everyone gets the same video/email which only showcases one of the boxes.

  17. I’m so confused. According to my order details it says I have box #114 but on the preview on the Sephora play page it says I’m getting the products for box #072 ???

  18. My 072 box just came in today and wow- loving the size of the Christophe Robin Hair Mask! I’m totally out of mine and have been waiting for the Nov sale to buy again because it’s so $$$.

    That Farmacy Skin Dew actually evened out my undereye crinkles although the strong scent was surprising. It dissipated really quick tho, so I’m good. Something is wonky with the sprayer on it- it doesn’t spray a fine mist- more like a stream! I was forewarned so I sprayed into my palm and applied from there. Not bad- I do that with other toners.

    I’m not seeing a label as to what color the matte lipstick is, but it’s one of those mid orange nudes. Meh, I put the Estee gloss over it and just had lunch and it’s all still on my lips. Yeah!

    Happy happy with everything I got this month in my Sephora Play. This is one of the best subs!

  19. I just got my play bag and I love it. It’s #72. The smashbox matte lipstick is Driver’s Seat and it is a copper color. You can use the estee edit gloss over top of it and it really does make my teeth look whiter. The Erborian gel is great and makes my face very smooth. The Cristophe Robin hair mask smells great. I love the Farmacy skin mist. It can be used as a setting spray and leaves your skin dewy. The Yves Saint Laurent perfume is now my new favorite and I will definitely will be getting a full size. This is the best bag yet.

  20. My box said I was getting 122 but my spoilers show box 72 and I still haven’t received it yet.

  21. Hopefully this won’t get lost in the comments but getting 072, would love to trade a product for someones egg cream from 114 🙂

  22. My box number is 122, but I just got the email about my box and I’m getting the contents of box #072. Kind of bummed, I was excited to get the contents of #122. ?
    I need to stop looking at ‘confirmed spoilers’!

    • I don’t wear much lip product, don’t use setting spray, don’t wear perfume. This box is a complete miss for me!

    • Mine was 122 also, but what the website said was in my bag was not what they sent. I never got an email at all. I try not to put much faith in the spoilers, better for me to be surprised and happy than disappointed lol. For only $10 it’s a bargain for me either way.

    • It looks like everyone gets the same video/email which only showcases one of the boxes.

  23. Omg I am so frustrated. I just received my box (122) and the Blinc mascara is missing! Instead, they have me 2 Belif Aqua Bombs. I was looking forward to trying the Mascara! I wonder if it would be worth it call customer service. This is extremely annoying! The info fold out still has the mascara listed ??

    • I send an email but call them also. They will either send a replacement or give you reward points. Never hurts to contact them.

      • Thanks, I’ll try today. In the meantime, if anyone had their heart set on receiving a Belif the true cream aqua bomb I would be willing to trade (preferably for the mascara)

    • Ooooo give me one…I’ve been dying to try the belif aqua bomb and I am not into the skin inc peel. I know it’s in your box as well, but I really won’t use it and I’m bummed that I didn’t get the belif in my #114 box.

      • Hi Amanda, would you be willing to trade for the egg cream!?

      • I know the egg product is a newer brand so sephora doesn’t have too many reviews…i kinda wanted to try it once and see if it’s any good and if it’s not for me then sure…but then it would be slightly used…it’s a decent size sample but the only product I know I won’t use is the skin inc peel…I’d rather swap that for the aqua bomb. Unless you’re okay with a used egg product if it doesn’t work out for me.

      • Ehhh, no I don’t want a used sample.. I’m sorry 🙁 I’m going to try and swap for the mascara.

  24. Got my box 114 today and I love it. Nice to have a matching liner and lipstick and some new skin care I have never tried before. The hair product isn’t for because my hair is only about two to three inches long and is fine textured with a slight wave and no damage. This is my 4th box and I have been satisfied with each one even with the variables. In the August box I got the Caudelie eye cream. Lots of people have commented on how small the samples are but I am using it twice a day and still have some left in my tube. It’s almost out but it has lasted two months. There were a few days I needed to use a thicker eye cream but otherwise definitely got my money’s worth. The box is only $10 plus tax if you have to pay it. It’s a fantastic deal even if you don’t use all the products. These are top quality items. Huzzah for Sephora!

  25. Got my box and opened it, then came here to see all the boxes. I’m pretty bummed. I have not tried anything from Drunk Elephant yet, but I soooo want to. So that was #1 on my list. Didn’t get it. Other than that, it isn’t so much that I wanted to try something, as it was that I got stuff I’ve already tried. Blinc is my favorite mascara, but I use the fiber version, so I won’t use this stuff. Then there’s the Aqua Bomb…I just bought the mini set of it and I have a couple other samples too. Nice, but I would have preferred to try something new like the Bamboo Creme. Oh, and the Farmacy Mist? I love that stuff. I got 2 samples of it and would have LOVED an extra. (Though I admit, I think it is too expensive to justify buying the full size). Even the perfume–which I usually don’t care about–I was looking forward to the orchid scent but I got the YSL. The Skin Co sample is nice. I will use it eventually. But right now, I have been doing lactic acid peels, so it will have to wait. The only item that really excites me is the hair mask. So, though this month had potential, it was a miss for me. I can’t feel too bad though, as most boxes only had one or two things I wanted and didn’t get. I mean, it wasn’t like they had one super box which had all the good stuff in it, like Ipsy often does. But, I am still upset about missing out on the Drunk Elephant. I bet I’m not the only one either.

    • I don’t want my skin inc because I am not into peeling but I really want to try the belif aqua bomb and YSL perfume but I got the Tom ford one that you want…I really want to swap those 2 items.

  26. I have the estee edit gloss, anyone want to swap??

  27. I was gonna trade with someone but cant find their comment, i dont want the estee edit gloss so does anyone want to trade?
    reply back

  28. How long does it take to get off the swap waitlist? I got 106 and want to swap for 122

    • Usually a few weeks. Make sure to add [email protected] to your email contact list, and keep on the lookout for an invitation email! 🙂

  29. Got my box today!! I got 072 and am sooo happy with it. Everything is pretty decently sized!

  30. This is my first month with Play…and I am not entirely sure how I feel about it.
    I assumed there would be more makeup products in the bag…and although I did receive the 114 box that has the smashbox and the nudestix, they are both matte and similar in shade. Not the same…just simply similar.

    I’m the first to admit that my skincare routine needs improvement…but I didn’t really want two skin products in one box…and the verb spray I’ll have to try out tonight.

    I did absolutely fall in love with the perfume sample though!

    I’ll definitely be trying everything, and who knows, maybe I will fall in love with everything after I use it.

  31. Mine said 114 box showed up today was 72 yeah!!!

    • I’m intrigued to see if this will happen to me. Either way, I’m fine with the box, but my page on shows the contects for 72 (I think). Since my box is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, I’ll update with the contents (if they are 114 or 72).

      • Sorry the update is late, I had issues with shipping (my own fault). Can confirm that I got the items that were listed for box 114. I’m pretty happy with this month. The lip colors aren’t my favorite, but they’re wearable. I wish they didn’t have such an orange undertone to them. the color could’ve been worse, but it’s not my favorite for my fair skin and dark hair/eyes. :p

  32. At first I was a bit disappointed with the 114 spoiler. But now that I look at it and compare to the other variations, I’m happy I’m getting it. 114 is really the only box that I’d use most of the products. I guess Sephora made a good match for me this month! At first I think I was a bit underwhelmed because I already own the verb spray and have foil samples of the too cool for school cream. But I am looking forward to the lip products.

  33. I got my box today – 122. I received everything in that pic above. I’m pretty happy with the sizes of most of it this time. Not as tiny as they’ve been sending. Not sure how I feel about the lip color yet. It looks like a burnt orange, which I guess fits October/Fall. Not sure about it on my lips!

  34. I got box 114, not too bad, I will use everything and the two lipsticks I will give to my sister 🙂

  35. Mine arrived today!

  36. Got box 072-very happy with it! The perfume is amazing! Love the ester edit gloss! The smashbox gloss isn’t a color I would choose-but tha is fine.

  37. I think I am going to cancel and I’ll tell you why… I am a big fan of the sephora favorites kits. So much that I buy just about all of them because I think they are a great value and usually include some favorite items and some new items I’d like to try. Maybe it’s my own fault but I’m getting 122 and in recent months, I’ve gotten 2 of the belif (one in the VIB appreciation bag and one in the soko to tokyo– which also had the pure revival peel!). I do love the perfume but I do not need another lip product or mascara so I’m really only excited about the hair product. I’ll stay through November’s box and then I’m done.

  38. These companies that market coconut oil as a beauty product for a premium price really annoy me. They bring nothing of value at all to the beauty world or market place… it’s pure greed.

  39. This will be my first box and mine shows 114, I have not received a shipping notification but when I logged into my account this morning it shows it shipped and it showed everything from 072. however after reading this thread I logged back into my account and now it shows nothing as far as what is coming to me

  40. Super bummed to see that box #122 is giving me Belif Aqua Bomb YET AGAIN–Sephora already sent this product out in one of their boxes. What is up with the repeat products? That’s three times now:Kat Von D Tattoo liner, Ole Henriksen moisturizer, and now Aqua Bomb. Get your act together, Sephora. Feeling a lot of envy for boxes #106 and #072. How is it that being a Play member for a longer time gets you worse boxes?

    • Ill trade you my estee edit gloss for anything but a gloss!

    • Someone in the comments above wants to swap for your box, but isn’t off the wait list….might want to check

    • If you don’t want the belif I would love to try it…I got box #114.

  41. Got my box today, 072, and the Smashbox gloss is a nice neutral. The Estee Edit is clear with a sheen. I even like the perfume! I am pretty pleased and feel this is def. worth my $10.

  42. I am 425 and my box is not on here….thank stinks!

    • Jen, are you looking at the item number or your order #?
      Everyone is referencing the last 3 of the item. Haven’t seen your number on here before.

  43. Gosh, so many people complain on here.

    I am getting 114 and I am pretty excited about that!

  44. i like 072 the most then 106 but i’m getting 122. well for me i think it’s better than 114.

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