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Play! By Sephora October 2016 – CONFIRMED SPOILERS

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Sephora Play Spoilers

We have CONFIRMED SPOILERS for the Play by Sephora October 2016 Box!!!


Box ending in 072:


Source: katherineann83


Box ending in 114:


Souce: klb3745

Box ending in 106:


Source: achoyg

  • Madame CJ Walker Beauty Culture Coconut Oil
  • Esteem Edit Flash Photo Lip Gloss
  • Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum
  • Farmacy Skin Dew
  • Smashbox Always On Liquid Lip
  • Derek Lam IO Crosby Perfume

Box ending in 122:


Source: pamy_skincarelover


What do you think of the spoilers? There may be more variations coming. Let us know what you get!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I actually wanted box 122, but I’m getting box 106.

    I’m both really EXCITED and super bummed at the same time. I’m excited about the Drunken Elephant and Farmacy because I am trying to move towards cruelty -free, more natural porducts and these two are thigns ive been dying to try. I’m really DISAPPOINTED in my box have 2 lip glosses. Ugh! I dotn even wear lip gloss and I’m getting 2. Man, why couldnt my box have the Smashbox liquid lip like the rest of the boxes.

    • I am disappointed that mine contains literally ANYTHING lip related ever. I don’t want lip or perfume EVER. I really need them to find a way to allow us to check a box to remove those entirely.

      • I know what you mean. Every box has either some sort of nusish or fuscia lip color. I never end up liking any lip color I get in a box. I used to hate getting purfumes, but I have to admit al lthe ones Ive gotten in Sephora Play I like.

      • There will never be a beauty box that leaves out perfume and lips. I have been subbing to various boxes for nearly 6 years, and lip and perfume items are staples of beauty boxes. The most any box does is Birchbox, which gives the option of only 6 perfumes a year. If those products bother you this much, beauty boxes like this may not be for you! Many of the Korean boxes rarely include lip stuff and I have never seen perfume in a Korean box. I think LookFantastic might also be less lip/smell oriented.

        And just FYI, Play considers the perfumes as extras, not part of the box.

      • I used to subscribe to the Allure beauty box, you might like it more than Play! By Sephora. When I subscribed to their box, I rarely got any lip stuff. Last month they gave me some lip balm type stuff to protect the lips. No color to it at all.

        I like to have some lip items, that is why I have switched subscription. Looks like I might like the Play! box more. I will see what my first box from Play! looks like. That is this month.

        Allure is a great box, I just decided its not what I want. Allure is a good suggestion for you, but you can decide what works for you better :).

    • They all contain the smashbox liquid lip I believe… Drivers Seat is the name of the Always on Liquid lip color. I’m almost positive!

      • Oh I hope you’re right. The 106 caption lists Lip Gloss and my heart sank.

        • I looked at the smashbox lip glosses and the color drivers seat isnt a lip gloss shade, only a matte liquid shade! so unless the color was listed wrong im pretty sure the lipgloss caption was a mistake. this isnt my box but im happy for you not getting two glosses, i hate glosses too!!

      • That color looks nice! I was worried, because I got a brown liquid lipstick from a recent Sephora Favorites set that I don’t really wear.

        I don’t understand most of the products I’m getting in my 106 box, but at least they’ll be new to me. I wish I were getting that Nudestix thing. I have been wanting one of those so bad.

    • Hey btw the smashbox is a liquid lipstick. If you search by the name it shows you. I think they got confused. ?

    • YUP! SAME HERE! Of course I’m getting the box where two products are lip glosses, two items I won’t even use! Thank you Sephora, really. -.-

      • There are always months with any type of sub box where you’ll get things you don’t like. It is part of the gamble!

        • I got the 072 box and love everything but the YSL cologne. Double yuck! I can have a reaction to certain scents and this one floored me. I had to scrub it off my skin or take a trip to the ER. Lol! I’ll know better next time to spritz it on a price of paper before spraying myself. I love nearly all my Sephora boxes but I’d prefer not to get cologne at all. Wish it was an option.

    • 106 does have the smashbox. They all do.

    • Ugh right? I HATE LIPGLOSS

      • It’s actually matte…if that helps.

    • I am super bummed wanted the one with Farmacy and drunken elephant moving toward all natural beauty products hate my box 122.

      • 122 would be my dream box. Wanna swap for 072?

      • There are many subs now with all natural or vegan products. Why not try one of those instead?

    • FYI I just bought the Farmacy honey mask and it’s life changing so if you are looking for a good cruelty free mask it’s the best. I’m a mask fiend and it’s my favorite one I’ve tried out of all of them, even better than Glamglow (bought that one back when I still used the non cruelty free brands) and so much cheaper since you only use a tiny bit each time. Plus the packaging, even the box it comes in, is totally adorable 🙂

      • I tried a sample of the honey mask because the ingredients are sensitive skin friendly and actually good for your skin (unlike a lot of masks). My only gripe is that it is super messy. I wish they would put it in individual packets. It is a huge jar, and I am planning to purchase soon.

    • If you are looking for cruelty-free, try Good Being, they are also all natural. I do the no make-up box and the skin care stuff is great. Lots of smaller brands.

    • I’m getting 122 and wanted 106. Are you in any facebook swap groups Rceli?

      • me too!

        • Can you give me the link to the facebook swaps…I thought everyone only did it on here.

          • Me too! Where are some swap sites? I have product overload.

    • I’m really upset. I would’ve preferred ANY of the other variations ( I’m box 106). I was really looking forward to the Christophe Robin mask as I am in love with their shampoo scrub….. does anyone know why some people get these variations?

      I meant to cancel this month, but forgot they bill so early. Definitely canceling now!

    • Where can I find the # of my box?

    • It does

    • I also got 106. I’m semi bummed because I already have the DE serum in full size. I absolutely love it and can’t live without it, but I wish I would have gotten something I’ve never tried before. I’m going to save the mini for my honeymoon in December! I really wanted that Christophe Robin hair mask. I’ve heard amazing things about the line. Oh well!

    • funny how that works out- I think I’m supposed to be getting 122 and my first choice would have been 106 out of the bunch.

    • Farmacy skin dew smells amazing and is so refreshing. You will love it. I’ve heard great things about the smashbox too. It’s a matte lippie, not a gloss so that’s good.

      • Are all of the smashbox lipsticks in the 4 different boxes matte lippies not glosses?

        • Yes, all boxes contain the Smashbox liquid lip (matte, not gloss). Was excited because the color is described as “pink” on the website, but is more of a muddy orange…not pretty at all.

    • It does have the Smashbox Liquid Lip in your box tho.

    • I got 106 too. Maybe you’ve gotten your box since you commented … but that Smashbox product is actually a liquidllipstick not a lipgloss 🙂

    • I was supposed to get 106.. I am actually get getting 72. Weird right?

      • Not necessarily. My order # also showed I was getting box 106, but my unboxing video showed I was getting 072. My box arrived yesterday and it was actually 106 as first expected. If your order #shows 106, that’s what you’re getting.

    • Box 106 did contain the Smahbox liquid lip. I received mine today and the pic above shows 206 with the Smashbox lip.

    • You aren’t missing anything. That Smashbox lippie is UGLY. Matte, dry, dead looking lips.

      • I like mine.

        • me too – I love the smashbox lippie – its a lovely deep peach-brown.

    • How do you know which box number you’ll get?

  2. hello ladies! mine’s 122.
    Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel- very curious to try
    Belif the True Cream Aqua Bomb- heard its a good one
    Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil- dont mind it
    Smashbox Always On Liquid Lip- i love this formula and want to try it again
    Blinc Mascara Amplified- dont want another mascara. someone swap with me .
    YSL Mon Paris- its okay. nothing fancy.

    i compared this 122 with the 3 other box variations and i realized i liked the most number of things in my box . however i wish i had gotten the drunk elephant one. if anyone is willing to give that one to me and exchange for a sample from any previous sephora box im open to it. inbox me at instagram. blairtoyourserena

  3. I am getting the box ending in 122 and am happy with it. I love skin inc, and I actually haven’t tried the peel yet, I also really like the belif product. The other items will also be nice to try, I’ve actually never tried that blinc mascara yet.

    I was hoping to get the travel size of the TLC drunk elephant, since I use the full size everyday and wanted to have one for travel. A warning to anyone getting it (if you haven’t tried it before) it might break you out at first. I love this product it really helped my skin when I kept breaking out (I also stopped using making that had talc in it).

    • what did u mean by using making that had talc?

      • I think she meant *makeup

      • Yes I meant makeup oops ! I realized it was causing me to get clogged pores.

  4. I’m trying to find my box number..and I need some help. I don’t think it’s my order number because I have a number that’s not on here. But at the same time there are no other numbers for me to go by. Please help.

    • Go to your overall orders for Sephora (not just play) and click on the day you were charged. It should say something like “October 2016 Play” and under that item#_____

      • Thank you. I did that but it still doesn’t have an item number just an order number. When I click on the pic of the box if I go in through my account it makes the sound like there is something that should open with more info but it doesn’t. I’ll keep trying. Maybe the site is having an issue.

        • They’re definitely having an issue! I just tried to look up mine and it said I had no purchase history at all.

        • That happen to me. Try on Google go to order and you will see your number
          I thought it was 160 but then I realized that is 106

    • Click on My Account, then Orders, then the Order # of your Play shipment. That will say Play – October 2016 and have an item # below that. That’s the number you need.

      • You may need to change the display of prior orders from tiled to list. That worked for me.

    • If you go under your order and it shows the Play by Sephora October box, underneath that is an item number. It’s the last 3 numbers. At least I’m pretty sure-my last 3 numbers are 122 so that matches with one of the boxes they are saying.

    • I always need to log on to the Sephora website, not the app to see the number.

    • Go to the sephora site and click on the three bars in top left corner. Then under the drop down go to My Beauty Bag, then click on purchases. It will show you the sephora play october box with the item number. It works fine for me on my android.

    • You have to go to and go to your orders. I had the same issue using the app. It wouldn’t give me the correct number on the app.

    • Go to “my account” then “order history”. It only works in the desktop version of the website if you’re on your phone.

  5. I resubscribed about a week ago. I get next month’s. This month looks good spot better than Birchbox.

  6. I’m getting 106 and very happy, much better than the September box with the 2 repeat items for me. But I agree with a lot of people about the variations, not a fan and it was one of the things I liked most about the box.

    • How do you know what box you’re getting?

      • I would like to know how you know what box you’re getting, also… I logged into my Sephora account but don’t see anything regarding the new box. Could someone help us!?

        • When you look at your order history you should see the October play box. The order number is what you want, the last 3 numbers will match one of the above box numbers! 🙂

        • When you log into Sephora, got to my account (upper left hand corner), then it will have a list of your orders and click on the order # the it will show Sephora Play with an item #

          • Does this not work on mobile devices? Because I swear that’s what I’ve been doing and the only number that’s there is the order number. I click on details and there is no other number…under the details of the play box. I click the pic of the box itself for info and nothing happens. Iguess sephora just wants me to be surprised. I’ll keep trying but I don’t think I’m going to get any more info than what I’ve got now.

        • Log in to your Sephora account. Go to order history. You should see an order placed on October 2nd. Click on it, then look at the item number next to your bag.

        • You can also find it by going to My Beauty Bag then select purchases. It will show you all your play boxes with the item number.

        • I had the same issue. The app doesn’t show you the #, but the website does. Hope this helps!

      • if you go to your orders and click on the order for your playbox the last three numbers on the item number correspond to a box above.

  7. Oh well. Better luck next month.

    20 years ago, YSL Mon Paris was simply named Paris, and smelled like your great-aunt.

  8. Yay, 114 is perfect for me! I’ve been wanting to try egg mellow cream moisturizer. the Verb leave-in mist sounds like just what my hair needs. Happy to try that too. Everything else is a great bonus. Yay again!

  9. Nice! I like quite a bit of this stuff. I’m getting 122, which is a good fit for me. I already use two of the products (the Belif Aqua Bomb and the Skin Inc. Peel) – but I’m always happy to get travel sizes.

    I also use the Drunk Elephant product (which is not in my box).

    The only product I’m not getting that I wish I could try is the Erborian gel.

  10. I am OVER THE MOON. I am getting 106.
    I already own and love smashbox, I’ve been searching for a new serum, I have natural African American hair so the madam cj walker is perfect… best Sephora play EVER!!!!

    • I’m black too and got that box. First box in a while I enjoy!

  11. Oh, I’m excited for my box~! All the products are new to me~! 😀 I getting the 072 version~!

    • Same 072 but this is my least favorite out of the selections. Seems a lot less of a value compared to the others.

      • I’ll swap if you’re interested! I’m getting 114.

        • I have 072 and would like 114 if you’d still like to trade? aeg5627 at gee maildotcom

    • Very happy with mine (072)! I can use it all; first perfume I’ve liked, too. Hope you like it!

  12. I’m getting 106 and I’m thrilled. I was hoping for the Farmacy and Drunk Elephant items. And the lip gloss isn’t bright red or super dark. Such a win, this box. ❤️

  13. Actually, I LIED. I don’t like my pick #122. Mostly because I have a bunch of Aquabomb samples and was looking forward to trying some of the other skincare items:( The make up stuff is ok (more mascara?) but no Farmacy, Drunk Elephant or any of the other good stuff. Time to redo my profile!

  14. Huh. I still don’t have this month showing up in my order history. I wonder if something is wrong.

    Figures! Just when I really like the products!! Lots of newer brands that aren’t the same old stuff.

    • Try looking for it by clicking on My Beauty Bag then select purchases. It will bring up all your play boxes and item numbers.

  15. ugh… I’m really not liking these variations.
    I’m getting 114 which is the one that I of course want nothing from.

    I wanted 1 with Farmacy (and drunk elephant, but would have been happy with just Farmacy). I’m probably just going to end up canceling.

    (sorry, don’t mean to be negative, but its been a long few days at work and this just doesn’t help)

    • SAME ugh. i got super excited and then when I saw which box was mine…crushing disappointment. I hate that they are introducing variations. Box envy is the biggest reason behind every single sub box I’ve left in the dust.

    • Same. I am getting the same box and it’s the worst out of all choices for me, really upset. :/

    • I like the variations this month. I think it is one of the best boxes since I started in May 2016. They are all great brands and no Sephora brand products. I would be happy with any of them. These variations are much better than ipsy or birchbox this month. Sephora play hasn’t disappointed me yet unlike ipsy, birchbox, glossybox and boxycharm which disappoint me at least 50% of the time. I hope the variations continue. We will have to agree to disagree.

    • I’m getting 114 also which does not make sense for my profile. I don’t think the variations are cool either….so disappointing to see what you could have gotten. Value wise, 114 is not in the same ballpark as the rest of the boxes and that is truly irritating.

    • I’m getting 072 but would rather have 114. Their algorithm for matching profiles with boxes must need tweaking. Anybody want to trade?

      • I am getting 114 and would prefer 072.

        • By all means email me at aeg,5627 at gmail to arrange a swap!

    • Same here. Got 114 and I’m really disappointed – to the point that I considered cancelling. But it’s only my second box so I’ll give it a couple of more months.
      And let me add, I have a very bad allergic reaction to Orchids and what did the perfume sample smell like…? :-/

  16. I’m getting 106, which is what I wanted, so I’m happy about that ? I think maybe hair type and skin type were considered here. Basically, that is where these differ. I have dry, chemically treated, textured hair, the hair oil I’m getting in my box is perfect for that.

    • Nope – I have the same hair type and I am getting 072, lol.

      • That one has the regenerating mask. I suppose that could be for a similar hair type.

        • Good point, maybe so then!

    • Hi Chanttee..where did you find your box number?

      • Hi Lindsay, it’s in your account under ‘Orders’. Hope that helps ?

    • Do you know what your profile for hair and skin in? I got 114 – I think this is the combo box. And I’m bummed 🙁

      • I have dry skin and I’m getting the same box

      • Hi Tarah,
        My profile has the following…

        SKIN TYPE:

        YOUR HAIR:
        Coarse, Chemically Treated, Dry

  17. More mascara. 🙁 Makes me want to cancel.

    • Blinc is super weird mascara that creates little tubes. 122 would have been the perfect box for me as I really like the stuff.

  18. Wow I really DISLIKE all the variety… not cool at all Sephora. I always look forward to Sephora the most because I don’t ever feel I’m missing out on other great products. But now I’m getting the same disappointment that I always get with Ipsy… I hope this doesn’t become the norm…

    • When you unsubscribe, I have been told, and then resubscribe months later, the quality and assortment improve. I found this with Ipsy and Birchbox, as well. I discontinued both. Now, with Sephora, if I find this happening, I will discontinue it, as well. I suggest BeautyFix from the Dermstore. It is ALWAYS worth at least $300 and may cost approximately $24 including tax, but it never disappoints.

    • Feeling the same! Super irritated about this. They don’t even appear to be equal in quality or value.

  19. I am getting box 114. At first I was sad I wasn’t getting the box with the Drunk Elephant product, but then I looked at the ingredients/reviews for all the products in my box, and I think I will use everything in my box this month! That will be a first! So, I am excited now to try a bunch of new products. Still, I wish there hadn’t been so many variations. When they vary 1-2 products in color, skin-type, scent, that seems ok. At least more variations might mean more swapping! 🙂

  20. 072 here, I am pretty happy except for the lip and perfume. Want the egg cream!!

  21. Now that all previously posted product and brand spoilers have been confirmed, does anyone want to know what ‘glow’ products will be in November’s box? 🙂

    In all seriousness, though, Sephora is supposed to be posting Sneak Peek videos going forward. Assuming they do, it should make it easier for everyone to sleuth the products each month (and easier for me to watch from the sidelines!).

    • Yes! I want to know about the November glow! ? and Thank You x1000 for your consistently accurate info. I don’t know what kind of sorcery you possess, but I’m grateful you share it with us ?

      (Totally off topic, but “November Glow” would be a great name for a post-apocalyptic themed Guns N’ Roses cover band.)

    • Omg YES, of course I want to know the sneak peek of November ‘glow’ products! You definitely saved us all with your spoilers, thank you! 🙂

    • Hopefully that is where the Milk highlighter and Becca concealer spoilers were from! When I think glow, I think Becca.

  22. I’m pretty happy with mine (122). I was most excited about the smashbox and happy I’m getting it! The aqua bomb is probably the one I’m the least excited for (aside from perfume). Moisturizers and my skin rarely go well together. I think the drunk elephant is the only thing I wish I was getting outside of my box. Pretty happy ☺

  23. I had been hoping for the Farmacy Dewy Mist, but I’m getting box #122. I’m excited for the Skin Inc. Peel and the Smashbox Liquid Lipstick.

    • Where do I see my box# ?

      • Sign into your Sephora account, go to my account, go to orders, and click the order from the beginning of October. The item number will be what box you’re getting.

  24. Thanks for the update! I got 72 and pretty happy with that!!

  25. The thought of putting egg on my face totally turns my stomach! I’ve avoided kits with this brand because the ingredients turn me off. So if anyone wants to trade, I’d be interested.

    • Would you be interested in the drunk elephant?

    • I am dying for the egg mellow cream! I would love to trade you for it, I believe I am box 072 if you’re interested anything! Will double check later.

      • If she isn’t interested in trading the egg I will trade it for the gloss…email above, I will let you know ASAP ?

        • I would love to trade the gloss for the egg cream! Much more interested in having the cream than the gloss.

  26. Where can I find my box number???

    • if you go to order status on the product number is listed there.

    • I have nothing? It says Sephora Play! with no numbers. My card was charged a full two weeks ago too. Cool Sephora.

      • You can’t access from the mobile app. I checked the regular site and saw I’m getting 114.

  27. I’m glad I’m not the only one who isn’t super excited….. like seriously two lip products? They always send lip stuff. 🙁 Can we actually get makeup? I’m overloaded on skincare and my skin is sensitive as hell!

    Now we know why they waited until the day of to release spoilers even with confirmation, I do not see them getting good feedback. At this point until they give me makeup I’m only subscribed for the 50 extra points.

    I truly don’t think they care either way if people come or go, being a million dollar+ company.

    • Actually, if you’re using your play! pass, you’re getting 60 points per box because you get 10 points when they charge for the box.

      • How it works the points?

  28. Of course I get the one box I thought “ugh, I really hope I get any other box but this one.” Oh well, more stuff to swap. Thanks for all your detective work, Liz!

    • Yes, Liz’s posts are actually more entertaining than the box itself!

      Thanks for all you do Liz! 🙂

    • You’re not by chance getting #106 and were hoping for #122 are you? I got 122 and REALLY want 106.

      • I got 114 and wanted 106 or 072 🙁

        • I also got 114 and wasnt what i wanted. Not worth the $10. Bummer…

  29. Ugh I loved Play because it didn’t have variation and then they do this, and of course I end up with the one that has TWO lip glosses in it?!?! WTF SEPHORA?! What a rip-off. Definitely going on the cancel list. There is no makeup or beauty product that I LOATHE more than lip gloss GAH.

    • The smashbox is not a lip gloss; it’s a liquid lipstick that dries down matte.

      • Well that is marginally better (although I still don’t like the color) but I still can’t believe they put TWO lip products in a box with 6 items. That’s crazy!

        • I love lip products so I was happy! And I dot that setting makeup spray dewy stuff, and the elephant stuff, shows 90 percent saw decrease of pores. So I need that, but I agree sephora needs to send more makeup, like foundation samples, bronzers, blushes, eyeshadows..etc. Thats why I kept IPSY and Sephora. The IPSY bag this month was the bomb to me, I got a nice size makeup forever foundation, lipstick,eyeshodow set, liquid fine eyeliner and a face product. But sometimes ipsy sucks, its hit or miss =(.

    • At least you’re not getting another mascara… cause ya know I always say to myself “gee I wish a sub box would send me more black mascara…”

  30. I was so excited about Farmacy Skin Dew Mist then found out I don’t get it. why, sephora????

    • SAME!!!

      • If it helps, i got one over the summer and the spray nozzle jets the liquid into my face soo poorly i end up drenched with just one pump and ruined my entire makeup trying to be cool ? #fail.
        It doesnt spray, it squirts??? Anyway, my sample was horrible and the bottle is flimsy plastic, but i also got the jurlsque mist sample and it came in a very nice glass bottle which i will either refill with the pharm mist, or plain rose water and maybe dissolve a vitamin capsule or something.
        I hope you dont think youre missing out on much. Also, idk why but mists seemed like a summer trend no? Fall/ winter def requires a bit more aggressive moisturising.

        • I’m sorry, but thanks so much. I won’t feel disappointed that much anymore lol
          Do you mean jurlique rosewater mist? I have that sample/deluze sample, and I agree jurlique make nice sample with all glass/high quality plastic.

  31. Darn. I got #114… not as exiting as some of the other boxes. Jealous of whoever gets the Drunk Elephant serum!

    • I got 114 too and it’s such a letdown compared to the others. I’m so sad and I really want to know what was the determining factor for getting this box so I can adjust my profile!!

      • Totally agree! This was my least favorite of the boxes and it’s the one I’m getting.

      • Me too! I think the only thing I’ll be happy about is the lip gloss. I already own the verb spray (bought to try out) and its okay but not that great. I can already predict I’ll hate the perfume, which I tend to in every box I get. I guess its good I was happy with my Ipsy this month or else I’d be pretty bummed.

        • Hey Teresa, do you want to swap something? I actually like that perfume (you got the Orchid Soleil, right?)
          I have plenty of Belif Aqua Bombs, and I also really don’t need another mascara. Let me know!

          • Hey Amanda…nice name btw. I want to swap my box #114 with #122…I just really want to try the belif. I am not off the waitlist yet though. What do you think?

    • Same here. I was really disappointed that we didn’t get any Drunk Elephant OR Farmacy. I’m willing to give everything in our box a shot.. but I’m also considering changing up my profile

    • I saw the spoilers first, then went right ahead to check my #, hoping plz don’t be 114, and of course, I ended up with 114……
      So sad, I would be happy with any of the other 3 variations, but of course I got the least favorable one… ?
      I would be happy even if I get more mascara!
      And seems like 114 has the lowest value as well? Totally not happy with this box! ?

    • Same. So bummed, this happens to me again and again, I keep getting the crappiest choice box of all picks. I just sent an email to Sephora complain. Doubt they care, but hey maybe if enough of us complain they start making the boxes more of the same value.

    • Hello, getting 072, would love to trade a product for the egg cream if anyone is interested 🙂

  32. Getting the 106 variation and not too excited.

    I would love to try the Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask. Urg! I keep trying to be excited over this sub, but ever month’s a let down or a meh for me. Giving them two more boxes and parting ways unless my boxes get real good, real quick. 🙁

    • This the last box for me before I decide whether to keep or cancel. I was so excited when I was off the waitlist, but this box is usually disappointing for me. I am seeing a lot of people feel that way too.

      • Yes I decided that I would give it until the December box.

        I was really unhappy with the sizes, but as someone pointed out, they’re samples of higher end products. Decided to give them another chance, but I just haven’t been that happy with the selection.

        I usually open Play! with at least one other subscription box, and I’m always WAY happier with the other box(es).

    • If you are on the swap site, I would love to swap the Christophe mask for your drunk elephant!

      • What is the swap site?

        • Look up from this post, there are little tabs. To the left of the search icon, you will see a link labeled “swaps”. Click that. You will need to sign up.

          • Thanks!

    • I wanted 106, but I’m getting 122. This is the first time I’ve wanted to swap – if you’re interested, let me know!

  33. Surprised by the degree of differences and thankful I’m getting the 072. I’m sure I’d like products from several but most pleased with the 072 variation. I’ll be swapping the Estee Edit product unless I hear incredible things about it.

    • The reviews aren’t that great for that Estee Edit lip product. I do wonder if it would make a red lip color more skin-tone friendly, though.

  34. I’m excited for everything, BUT the mascaras! I have way too much mascara! I’ll just give it away to someone else. Everything else looks amazing!

  35. I am not happy to see so many variations. Box 3 is the best, also $ value. I have nr 72, hope it’s the first one. The last box I already have Blink mascara, Inc peel and around 4-5 belif cream deluxe samples… Box 1 would have all 5 new items for me. But if I could choose it would be box 3. I want to try any Drunk Elephant serum…

    • Ok, getting the first box. Happy I didn’t end with mascara, peel and belif cream I already own 🙂

  36. Where do you find the box number? Is it available in our Sephora account?

    • I am wondering this myself

      • If I’m correct, the box number is the last three numbers of the item number when you click on your box details.

    • I just figured it out, after all these months. So, you check your billing/orders section – and when you click on the purchase for this month’s box, it shows an Item #, I am guessing that’s the one because mine ends with 114 (which is one of the options mentioned).
      Hope this helps!

  37. I’m getting 106 – I’m not sure how I’ll feel about it just yet. I’m irritated that there are 2 lip glosses in there, but at least there’s no mascara.

    I liked it better when there was a small or no amount of variation, personally.

    • Smashbox isn’t a lip gloss, it’s a matte lippie

  38. Is it just me or do the sizes look a little bigger this month?? That’s been one frustrating thing with this sub, the tiny samples! If I wanted itty bitty samples, I’d sign up for Birchbox. 😉

    My version ends 122, waiting to see which one that is!

  39. Well this is very disappointing. These are mostly items that were given as samples or were promos for the VIB Rouges. I have 4 of the Pharmacy Dew mists and they maximize my pores. The Estee Edit Flash gloss is very drying. The Smashbox Always On Liquid Lip cracks, cakes and transfers on my lips. The All In One Egg Mellow Cream is also very drying for my skin, plus irritating. And oh dear does that Tom Ford Orchid Soleil smell like vintage old lady at the casino. If you have been getting samples or promos over the last few weeks these all have been available. This is the first time since I joined last January that not a single one of these items makes it worth the $10 or the effort.

    • Thank you @shamrockjulie … I desperately needed a laugh today! “vintage old lady at the casino” … nearly makes up for the box. Nearly … And you’re correct, I have received most of these items in one form or another.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I used to jump at the chance to take advantage of the GWP offers (I have to admit, most times I’d make a purchase just to get the GWP… but in the end it was still worth it to me since I was purchasing something I’d eventually use anyways), but now I’m a lot more selective in what I take advantage of because I figure I’ll see it in a Play box in one to three months anyhow.

      • Luna you hit the nail on the head! I’ve noticed this too, that the GWP or rewards items have been showing up in the boxes later on.

  40. I hope I get the 1st or 3rd variation. Don’t really like much in the 2nd.

  41. My favorite item is the Smashbox liquid lip and that seems to be in every box so far so should be a win for me no matter the variation!

  42. Ooooh, so exciting! I like all of the variations! I wonder which sku goes with which package? I got 1850072… Light skin, dryness, blonde hair, blue eyes 🙂

    • I have the same but I’m getting the 122 variety… who knows. Maybe they picked out of a hat

  43. I’m hoping for the 3rd variation. I’ve always wanted to try Drunk Elephant, and I think that’s the only brand I’ve never had in my stash of samples to try. However, all of the variations look pretty decent to me, so I’ll be happy with any of them.

  44. I want them all? They look so good!

  45. Yay! Confirmed spoilers! Thanks for letting us know ASAP, I knew I could count on MSA! I can’t wait to see what the variations are and learn what is in my box.

  46. too much variation. noooooooooooo. do not like.

  47. I really like the 3rd one. Are the variations random or by box number? I think mine was 72. Im excited. I really enjoyed unboxing Play last month. Im hoping it will be here by the end of the week.

  48. What number variations are these though?

    • I’ll add the variation info as soon as I get it!

      • According to someone on the forum, #106 has the:
        Madame CJ Walker Beauty Culture Coconut Oil
        Esteem Edit Flash Photo Lip Gloss
        Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum
        Farmacy Skin Dew
        Smashbox lip Gloss in Drivers Seat
        Derek Lam IO Crosby Perfume

        • YAAAAASSSS!

      • And box #114 has:
        Same smashbox lipgloss
        Nudestix BelleLip and cheek pencil
        Too cool for school all-in-one mellow cream
        Skin Inc pure revival peel
        Verb Leave-in mist
        Tom Ford Orchid Soleil

        • Thank you!!!

  49. Ugh I’m hoping for the Farmacy dew mist!

  50. Dang! I wanted to try that holographic highlighter!

    • Me too! The fake spoilers were so good and on par to what they normally send out. Not to nit pick but one of the reasons I love Play is the name brands that they send out tend to be on the more expensive side. With the exception of Smashbox which I loathe mostly everything they put out, these seem more birch box indie than Sephora. I guess they can’t all be winners but I sense a visit to my trash can upon opening for most of them.

      • A lot of these indie skincare items are very high in value though?

      • Hmm, that’s an interesting take. I don’t mind nitpicking, so I’ll bite: Christophe Robin, YSL, Tom Ford, Derek Lam, Drunk Elephant, Erborian, and Skin, Inc are all luxe “name brands” with very steep price tags – much more so than benefit, milk makeup, and Becca -some of the brands featured in that nonsense fake “spoilers” video. The only brands from this month’s actual Play box that Birchbox carries are Smashbox (which I join you in loathing), Nudestix, and Too Cool for School.

        I’m not trying to dictate how you feel about the box – personal preferences and not liking stuff are totally fair, and not everybody will be happy each month, even with multiple variations. But the brands included this month, while perhaps lacking the exposure of the falsely spoiled brands, are indeed high end (and expensive)!

        • I should clarify, YSL, Derek Lam and Tom Ford are all fragrances which I do not usually wear. Also I have super fine wavy hair so most hair products I also get rid of. So I am grateful for any mascara, skin care or highlight, brow product or eye shadow that they give. I love the Drunk Elephant line just have the deluxe sample that they gave us as VIB promo in August. I haven’t found a Becca product out there I didn’t like and yes I wanted oh so badly to try the Milk highlight for free. I’m just going to buy one and try it out. If it doesn’t work thankfully they have a great return policy.

      • If you’re just going to throw them away I’ll buy them from you or trade you. Or you could donate them. To just throw something away seems a little extreme 🙂

    • That really was the item I got the most excited over. ?

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