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Oui Please Volume 5.2 Box Full Spoilers + Coupon!

Oui Please Volume 2.4 FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

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Full spoilers have been released for the Oui Please Box. The theme for Volume 2.4 is “Paris, Je t’aime”. Each picture specifies if it’s a variation or guaranteed item:

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-3-22-08-pm screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-3-22-17-pm


screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-3-22-24-pm screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-3-22-30-pm screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-3-22-36-pm screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-3-22-43-pm screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-3-22-49-pm screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-3-22-56-pm screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-3-23-05-pm screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-3-23-11-pm screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-3-23-18-pm

If you are interested in subscribing, use coupon code OUIPARIS to save 30% off a membership. 

What do you think of the spoilers? Check out our Oui Please reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

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Comments (95)

  1. Did everyone get this box already?
    when was it supposed to ship out? i have not received email with tracking info yet.

    • Nope! Still waiting!
      Emailed them twice… It took them almost 2 weeks to answered the first time, saying there was an error with my account and that they would put my order right away.
      It’s been a week now, still no tracking number. Emailed them yesterday morning. No answer yet. 👎🏻

  2. What is the Secrets de Miel Soin Eclat Contour Des Yeux Visage? I don’t know what it is or how to use it. 🙁 I’ve googled but everything is in French and I don’t speak french. Can someone help?

    • Basically – eye cream

      Translation of their website:

      Care Radiance Eye contour
      Formulated to preserve youth look, the Radiance Eye Contour fight effectively against fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Royal Jelly, Aloe Vera and Cornflower Floral Water work symbiotically for a look rested and sparkling.

      Directions: Apply morning and evening by light pressure on the eye.

      Active Ingredients: Royal jelly: anti-aging. Aloe Vera: moisturizing. Cornflower floral water: decongestant. Pippin apple: wrinkle.

      • EXCELLENT! Thank you, Maria. I could not get the french sites to translate to English for some reason. I tried several times. You are so helpful and I really appreciate you.

      • No Problem!

  3. Hi everyone!
    Does any Canadian folks got to paid twice for shipping and duties? It says on the OuiPlease website that shipping and duties fees is included at checkout. Although I paid 25$ USD for shipping from OuiPlease for the August box, I received an invoice today of 36$ from FedEx for the same box! What do I make of it?
    Also didn’t get any update for the October box yet… Emailed them but didn’t get any response so far.
    Frustrated in Montreal?

    • Just wanted to let you know I had the same issue with a $40 bill from FedEx. I emailed OP and here is their reply:

      Thank you for reaching OuiPlease.
      We are sorry for the inconvenience, FedEx made a mistake by billing you – as mentioned on our terms your tax and duties for Canada are included.
      Let me call immediately the custom and duties department and process the refund for you as we already paid it.
      I will probably get back to you with a case ID# or a contact information to process the refund.

      So please email them for a refund. I have no update on the October box either (and two other Canadians I know from the forum discussion don’t either) so this is an issue with their Canadian boxes.

      • Thank you very much! Good to know… Hope we”ll have a great box very soon! ?

  4. This is my second box from them. I have been fooled twice by the spoilers. Neither box contained either big variation items and was missing 2 items that were supposed to be included. I emailed them a few days ago with no response. My first box was with a discount code so I was not that heart broken. My second box I paid full price and after the spoilers was ok with that because they looked amazing especially the clutchvand the AM designs. But neither was in my box. As someone mentioned if you break it down it’s a good deal. But if you are going on the spoilers to cancel or not then they are being misleading and if one of their designers pulls out or changes then it is up to Oui please to make it up to us because we are paying them directly. I almost have the feeling that the “good” variations are very few of and the rest of are the ones mentioned. I hate to say that this is most likely part of their marketing strategy and it has been working. But sadly there will not be a third box for me. Greatly in part for the guaranteed missing items and the poor customer service. I guess they have enough customers and are satisfied at the moment.

  5. My box arrived yesterday, I signed up for the annual subscription with the 30% of coupon so I paid $75.83 for the box.
    I received:
    “Faux Poncho” (Turkish Towel) Mine is powder blue/indigo/white (I love it)

    Cheeky Panty and Mask – I had size medium in profile and received a medium but if this is a medium in France I would hate to see the small. Will have to find someone tiny enough to give to. If I can’t find anyone small enough it will be my new tres chic headband : ) I can use the mask but it is a bit flimsy.

    Maison Louis Marie #5 smells wonderful

    Secrets De Miel Eau Micellaire

    Skin Haptics Dry Oil – has a lovely scent as well.

    Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm in little jar

    Le Nougat De Paris – these are already gone (family descended like a pack of hyenas).

    And finally the tragically awful bracelet – I actually wore this to work today such awfulness needs to be shared. I have decided I will continue wear it. It is so ugly I feel sorry for it.

    Overall considering what I paid for the box and the items in box are new brands to me, I give box a B+ (missed A due to bracelet)
    So overall mostly please.

    • “And finally the tragically awful bracelet – I actually wore this to work today such awfulness needs to be shared. I have decided I will continue wear it. It is so ugly I feel sorry for it.”

      This made me laugh out loud 😉

  6. Received my box today and sounds like I have the same (more or less) box as everyone else. I actually really like the Turkish towel – the colors are gorgeous. I’ll put it away for next summer. I am unsure about the “gold” amour bracelet. I wore it tonight and it looks interesting – I can’t tell if it looks unique or cheap. I’m trying to be positive.
    Got the Maison Louis Marie in Cassis. I am afraid to open it because if I hate it I can’t gift it or swap it. I have a feeling I would really hate it given my history with scents.
    Got the fifth sense set. Needed a new eye mask so a minor score. The panties look uninteresting and would be better as a set.
    Nougats from Le Miel de Paris are gorgeous – the box with the bees inside are amazing. The perfect house gift.
    Finally the Sublimite MaskRub. I am not into doing much more to my lips than putting moisturizers on them so I am really unsure about this. It sounds painful to rub your lips. I’ll have to see.
    So overall I am intrigued by the box, nothing absolutely wows me but a few pieces I know I will use or gift. Nothing I absolutely hate – not even the bracelet which I think I can make work.
    Has anybody gotten a La French Pique clutch? I haven’t seen anybody mention one on here.

  7. This was my first box and definitely my last. They definitely didn’t deliver! I didn’t receive 3 of the items that were included in all boxes, the bracelet is awful and the panties came in med rather than lrg. The only thing I liked was the Turkish towel. I received a pink, yellow and blue one which will go nice with my spring decor. I really wanted to like this sub but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

  8. Anyone else still waiting to receive their shipping information yet? I haven’t even received it yet and by the sounds of it this box is a disappointment. I’m doubly disappointed.

    • I contacted customer service and they provided me with a tracking number. They got back to me the next with the tracking number and I got notification of shipment a couple days after that. My box arrived today.

      • Thanks, Denise. I just sent them an email.

  9. I feel bad for oui please getting so many complaints, because the fact that they’re able to do what they do for the price is pretty amazing to me. The nature of this box is simply to get a taste of France and receive a fun curation of various French items at a great value. I’m sad to see comparison ruin so many people’s joy, even though–please hear me–I totally understand it at the same time. The truth is, most of us got this box using a coupon code, so we paid between $75-$120 depending on which coupon we used and which subscription we have. Based on that, we get to have all of these nice French products at 60+% off. I’m pretty over the moon about that, and very, very thankful they’re able to pull that kind of return off when many other boxes aren’t nearly as generous for the price. Perhaps they just shouldn’t spoil anything anymore, because it leads to a sense of entitlement that wouldn’t otherwise be there. They already said there was one brand that had to back out on them, and I suspect the poncho thing was a similar situation to that. I highly doubt they intentionally misled anyone or wanted to have it go the way it did. The towels are beautiful and great quality–I am extremely happy. 🙂

  10. OMG, this box was awful between the plastic bracelet and the towel, not a poncho, I’m so glad I’m done with this subscription. DO NOT be fooled by signing up; you will be disappointed.

    I’m so dissatisfied with Oui Please trying to scam everyone with the towel as a poncho. BE ADVISED.

  11. Is $302 a correct value for this box?

    I got the throw/poncho in navy/light blue/white,
    Panty & mask,
    Plastic bracelet (sad face, the thing is hideous,)
    Perfume in cassis (black currant – yum,)
    Nuxe balm and chapstick,
    Moe soap in patchouli,
    Micellaire water (with a fairy on it!)
    And Skin Haptics Massage oil.

    This box would have been a huge win if the bracelet had been metal. Or if the panty had been a lingerie set instead. I AM excited for Christmas though if the jewelry is actually attractive.

  12. I am totally disappointed. I had cancelled this box awhile ago because of all the issues but I really liked the spoilers. What a mistake. I got the “poncho” which the tag says is made by Barinehome and labeled MADE IN TURKEY. This is NOT a poncho it’s a towel. I found a similar one online at Barinehome ( Also got a plastic bracelet, NO accessory item, underwear, perfume, both nuxe lip products, Secrets de Miel water, massage oil, and nougats.

    Total inflated retail value $332

    Never. Again.

      • I didn’t get the block one. I got a different design but they are both definitely towels.

      • I take that back after opening it up completely. I’m putting up in the swaps since I am not a Turkish towel fan.

    • Did you get a Moe soap too? your box plus the Moe soap is my box. Boy that bracelet is BAD. Sure looked like a funny poncho to me. I have the gray one that looks exactly like the ‘beach towel’

      • Yes I got the soap too. I just forgot to list it.

  13. Wow, I’m so disappointed with this box…First of all, they sent me the micellar water which would have been great, except the bottle was completely open during transit and soaked everything 🙁 The rest of my box was:

    – The towel they’re calling a “poncho”
    – Sad plastic bracelet
    – Cheeky panties and night mask (I just can’t get excited about the night mask…It looks like something you’d get for free on a long flight…)
    – Bar soap & both the Nuxe lip products (Happy with this! Can never have enough lip stuff.)
    – Nougat candy (Not super tasty, but at least the packaging was very pretty & luxe)
    – Perfume in Vallee de Farney (I don’t care for the scent, but again, beautiful packaging)

    *Sigh* I’m super bummed about this one. Which is too bad because I LOVED the last box (the first one I received out of a year-long subscription). I’m glad that at least I bought this sub at a heavy discount. (As someone mentioned below, buying a full year with the 30% off code brings it down to about $75 per box). I certainly wouldn’t spend $75 on this box, but hopefully next month will make up for it!!

    • I received the same, except different scent for the perfume and an additional “massage oil.” The packages of everything, including the booklet, were completely soaked. Your feelings about the included items mirror mine. The retail value of mine according to the booklet is $347.00. I’m not enthused about the products and nothing is giftable because all the packaging is ruined 🙁

      • Oh yes, I received the massage oil too. Forgot about that.

        You should definitely email customer support. I sent them photos of the ruined products and they’re sending me a replacement box! 🙂

      • Oh, yes, I emailed customer service and was promised a replacement box. I was told it would be shipped in 5-7 days. I just emailed them (10 days later) asking where the replacement box was and got some nonsensical email back that implied I am stupid because I should know the products need to be shipped from France. Uhm, THEY are the ones that said it would ship in 5-7 days, so excuse me, but my follow up email inquiring when I would receive shipping information was a reasonable request. I get the feeling this is NOT going to be made right and we are back to more empty promises from Oui Please.

      • I got a shipping notification today for replacement items so hopefully all will work out for all of us!

  14. I’m a first time subscriber and I received:
    wall hanging
    turkish towel in blue
    parfume No. 9
    small jam jar
    lip balm
    sleep mask
    plastic bracelet

    A total of 8 items. 2 high value but the last 5 to me are all filler items 🙁 I subbed for a year on a discount code, which is probably why I got these leftover items. Or because the wall hanging and perfume are valued higher so they needed to give me less. I’m confused about how they do things. I was soooo hoping for skin care items since that’s what i love and i subbed because that seems to always be included in these boxes. I’m not sure what to think, but I will dial down my expectations for the next box and i’m not believing any spoiler they put out. On a positive note I LOVE the wall hanging and the perfume is great and the bottle lovely (love this brand as well, props for including them) but I was really hoping for fragrance No. 4.

    • Are you on swaps? A lot of the beauty items are listed there. But if you didn’t get a secrets de miel skin care item, just email customer service and I can pretty much guarantee they’ll send you one for free since it was supposed to come in all the boxes. They are really really sweet and respond pretty much right away. From my interaction with them, I can tell they really care about their customers and value customer satisfaction.

      • I’m waiting on being approved on swaps so I’ll definitely check that out thanks 🙂 Yes this is true, their customer service is amazing.

  15. This was the most disappointing box I e ever received. I cannot even talk about it right now, I am so upset. Sorry, I hope I don’the sound too dramatic.

  16. Here is what I got:
    poncho? –
    perfume – as shown in spoilers
    “amore” bracelet – plastic version 🙁
    cheeky brief and mask set – brief is size small, size on my account is large.
    popup candle – I think the art work is really cute, guaranteed, and appropriate for a “Paris” box
    Secrets De Miel mask
    Nuxe “lipstick” – a clear lip balm
    another Secrets De Miel item that I cannot identify and is not in the magazine
    Elissance powder foundation – not a shade that I can use.

    This was my first box so I don’t have a point of reference, however, this seems inconsistent with the unboxings that I have seen. The spoilers were misleading and seem to set us up for disappointment. I don’t understand how the variation items work. I was shocked to get a plastic bracelet after seeing a metal bracelet in the spoilers as a guaranteed item. Most upsetting is the powder foundation which makes no since for a sub box. Better luck next time?

    • Same here, I am so upset i am about to cry.

    • Hi Misti! I am looking to swap for the stick lip balm and/or the foundation. Are you on the swap board?

      • keeping the lip balm, swapping the foundation.

  17. I received my first box yesterday: amour yellow plastic(!) bracelet ($40)–I expected metal as shown in the spoiler pics so this was kind of a disappointment; lingerie night mask ($25); a Turkish towel/wrap in shades of blue and white instead of the poncho shown in the spoiler pics ($40??)–seems very much like a summer/spring item and not fall-themed; Maison Louis Marie No.9 ($85)–beautiful bottle, unusual scent; nuxe moisturizing lipstick ($7)–love this brand, so it is always a win for me; mini carrot vanilla passion jam ($10); miel de paris nougats ($15); AM wallhanging ($130)–my favorite item in the box. Total value of this box: $352 using retail prices from the mini mag. I am not an annual subscriber and I purchased this using a 30% off coupon. I’ve been tempted by OuiPlease since they launched and the spoilers for this box were wonderful. It’s not an A+ for me because of the plastic bracelet and the towel/wrap in lieu of the poncho. I also didn’t get any secrets de miel products which were listed as being in all the boxes when the spoilers came out. I’d have to give this box a B/B- for those reasons.

  18. First time subscribing and I liked everything except the plastic bracelet. I was really excited from the photos but very disappointed when I opened it and saw it was plastic. And as others said the poncho is not really a poncho but more like an oversized scarf. It’s nice but not a fall/winter item. Overall the box gets a B. Would have been an A gorgeous me if not for the plastic bracelet.

  19. I received my first box today. I received:

    Black-Gray-White “poncho”. Great colors for fall, but not sure how to wear it yet.

    Fifth Sense night mask (I didn’t know to enter my sizes before, so no lingerie for me). I love masks, so will use this.

    Amour gold bracelet- may have been cute if just metal, but it is a plastic covered wire.

    Secrets de Miel Supreme Mask. I will try this once I find instructions in English.

    Le Miel de Paris Honey pot. Cute box and bow on jar. Will give it a try in tea if I get a cold I guess. Or will add to a gift for my mom in law.

    Skin Haptics Dry Oil. Soft kind of powdery scent. Seems to moisturize well. Comes boxed with instructions in several languages.

    Maison Louis Marie No. 09 Vallee de Farney. Boxed with plastic wrap. Cute bottle. Smell, eh. We’ll see. May grow on me.

    Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm in the jar. I already have this. It is okay. Nothing works better than my CortiBalm. Will likely swap this.

    La French Pique Pochette in darkish teal and light purple. Will be up for swap. Not a fan at all.

  20. I received my box today and I’ve got to say, I’m a little disappointed.

    Amour Bracelet – per the mini magazine, these are handmade from metal wire. This is plastic coated wire. It looks so cheap. There were other bracelets pictured that were metal, but this is just terrible.

    Fifth Sense Lingerie – a pair of ivory “cheeky” briefs and the night mask (which according to the spoiler above was supposed to be silk. It’s not). Again…no.

    Poncho (it’s not; more like a turkish towel). I received Forest Green-Moss-Beige. I actually ordered the box because I really wanted a poncho, not a towel.

    Maison Louis Marie – I received Antidris, which is ok. I think I will like this scent.

    Nuxe Lip Balm – the one in the tube ($7 value).

    Secrets de Miel – I received a mask and an eye cream. I’ll enjoy using these.

    Elissance Paris – The mini mag showed options of lipstick, eye shadow palette and blush. I received a powder foundation in a color that is very orangey and dark. Won’t be able to use this.

    Le Miel De Paris – honey, $26 honey. It doesn’t taste as good as the stuff in the plastic bears from my grocery store, tbh.

    Popup Paris Limited Edition Love Candle – one in every 50 candles has a diamond inside. The candle smells great, but I’m not a fan of the art. It’s very valentine’s day-ish. Naked angel with heart pasties, anyone?

    I purchased an annual sub with the sale. I’m hopeful that I’ll like the upcoming boxes better.

    • Maria SPOT on. not a happy camper. I didn’t even get a poncho I did get a towel that would be GREAT for spring!! it’s lemon yellow baby blue and baby pink color blocked with white fringe? WTF we are in FALL and I live in MN!! And the candle will NOT be displayed any where but my bedroom…The kids would have 50 shades of grey questions about the art which is more suited to another holiday and I believe another type of box.

    • I think it is likely that those of us who purchased the annual sub with the discount will not get the quality of boxes as those who purchased at full price. I pretty much expect that is the case. Not exactly fair in that by paying ahead they profit in locking us in for a year without option to cancel. I am hoping for at least a few “exciting” better quality items through out the year. It seems they like to pad there descriptions of some of the items. The poncho is an obvious example: Poncho a garment of a type originally worn in South America, made of a cloth with a slit in the middle for the head. Why not be honest and state it is more of a wrap? The plastic jewelry however upsets me. One does not expect plastic jewelry in a luxury box. However at this point i haven’t even received notification of shipment. Does not bode well for me, I get a feeling i am going to get a box of whatever is left over.

      • Oh, I hope that’s not the case. How disappointing if so.

      • Denise, there are a lot of people on the forum who have one box subscriptions, and they are getting the same items as the annuals with the deal. If you read through the spoilers you can see that there are some items which everyone gets and some which are variations. You don’t get all the variations but they try to put together boxes of somewhat similar values. And everyone is getting the towel, which is not a poncho. I imagine that they couldn’t get the ponchos they wanted, and the supplier substituted the Turkish towel. I am very happy with it, but certainly understand that people buying because they wanted a poncho are upset. The bracelets are all plastic coated wire, it is gold colored and I actually think now it’s the version that was spoiled, just one was expecting it.

      • Hi Sara,

        Well I will give them credit for the boxes being similar whether they are one box purchases or annual subscription. From tracking appears my box will get to me on Friday. I am somewhat disappointed by the poncho but can find a use for the Turkish towel (perhaps strategically draped across the couch or a dresser runner or if the color is not terrible could work as a wrap). And there or a number of item variations that I would be pleased if I get one or two of. Will post about my haul once it arrives : ) I think perhaps if they included more of a description along with the pictures they would mitigate some of the disappointment being expressed on the forum. But it is only the first box I am sure those of us who signed up for the annual subscription will get a least a few items throughout the year that we will be pleased with.

      • Sara…do you have the box yet? That plastic bracelet was not spoiled in any photo that I’ve seen. It is truly hideous. All of the Amour bracelets that were spoiled (at least in the photos I saw) were gold metal wire with a chain. The one that I (and many, it seems) received was entirely made of plastic coated wire.

        The way I look at it is, I paid about $75 for 8 items I will use. The other 2 items, I’ll give to my daughter. That’s less than $10 an item, so I feel ok about what I spent. Am I still a little disappointed? Yes. Am I sad that I subscribed? No, I’m sure I’ll get my money’s worth. And it is the risk of subscribing to a mystery box.

  21. Anyone get shipping notification yet?

    • Nope, nothing yet. After reading everybody else’s reviews I’m not nearly as excited to receive this box now.

      • I emailed customer service last night and they answered back today with a tracking number. I suspect they may just be shipping out w\o notifying subscribers of tracking as they seem to have fallen behind with the shipping. If they haven’t contacted you with shipping info I would contact and request to be sure.

  22. Hey swappers. There are several variations of the bracelet (I got a plastic version) and 3 different variations of the poncho (which is actually a turkish cotton towel, but still pretty). You may want to wait until you receive your box before you post the items you don’t want.

    • I’m glad you’ve received yours. Mine hasn’t even shipped. Contacted customer support and they said it will ship “soon”.

    • Ahh what all did you get in yours?

  23. From Facebook:
    Shipping update: The first batch of boxes went out on Friday and shipping will continue through Tuesday. Thank you everyone for your patience, we can’t wait for you to receive Vol.2.4! #ouiplease

  24. Over on instagram they had the following posted it was dated from yesterday: Packaging in progress! We will keep you updated as soon as we start shipping tomorrow! Stay tuned! I am anxiously waiting as well this will be my first box with oui please.

  25. Has anyone been notified that their box has shipped? I know, I have the patience of a 5 year old but this is my first box and I’m excited!

  26. Does anyone know of a new coupon code? The one posted here appears to have expired.

  27. This is my first Oui Please box. I am so excited for it! Does anyone know when we can expect to receive our boxes? I emailed a customer service rep and she said Volume 2.4 will be shipping sometime this month, but does it take a long time to receive it? I just don’t want to be checking my mailbox every day hoping for it if I’m not getting it til December or something lol

    • Hey! You are going to love it!! I believe they said it would be the 26th. They shipped at the very end of August as well, so definitely don’t start checking your mailbox until after the 26th! This is my second box and I’m pretty obsessed. It’s sooo hard to wait! 🙂

      • Thanks! I’m super excited for it 🙂

  28. OH! That’s a wall hanging? I thought it was a necklace!

    • So did I! Kind of bummed; it would’ve been an awesome necklace!

  29. Did anyone else notice that the 1st spoiler we were given (jewelry) is not here?! What’s up with that? That was the reason I signed up :/

    • Yes! I liked so much the first spoiler and i really dislike the “amour” bracelet featured now… Liz, would you ask them if they are still including the AM jewelry? Thank you so so much!

    • I know!! All those Instagram pics are now deleted! 🙁 I loved her whole brand. And I can’t even find the AM brand because google doesn’t understand that word as a brand, and I’m not very good at using Google for advanced things like this ;). if anyone knows how to get to her shop let me know! I’m sure their order/deal just fell through. It happens, unfortunately. I still love the other spoilers, though!

    • I emailed them yesterday and just got a response back:

      “Unfortunately, the designer Audrey Mestdagh decided to go with her wallhanging collection for the Vol 2.4. It happens that the designer changes their mind between the 1st spoiler and the last one – that’s why we send out the last one.
      I understand your frustration and we apologize for the inconvenience (the designer is planning to present the jewelry collection for the Christmas box with OuiPlease).
      I will be more than glad to process a full refund of your membership if needed. ”

      (I had mentioned that the jewelry was the reason I pulled the trigger.)

      • OH that’s the same designer? I hadn’t even realized! That’s really nice that she’ll be doing jewelry for the Christmas box though! A lot of people seem to like the wall hanging. I’ll have it on swaps if I get it, but I will definitely be crossing my fingers for the jewelry in the Christmas box! Nice to know she’s coming back and we didn’t just totally miss out!

  30. Wish I could afford the annual but had to treat myself to a box. I’ve been lusting after this box for awhile.

  31. I went with the annual subscription. $650 before coupon, $455 after coupon. $455 for 6 boxes will come in at $75.83 a box. So even if some of the boxes are disappointments. Still a great bargain.

    • Where do you see that it’s 6 boxes? I thought this was a quarterly sub.

    • Nevermind I see it!

  32. This box looks amazing but is soooo out of my price range ?

  33. Definitely giving it a try with the coupon! LOVE that wall hanging and either of the crochet purses…hope I get one of those items.

  34. Oh man, I love everything in this box and would be happy receiving any of the variations. This is my first Oui Please box and they are making a great first impression!

  35. I’m excited, i just ordered my first one! I’ve been watching the spoilers and was bummed I didn’t order when they had the Labor Day special. I was really happy to see the 30% off again. I hope it’s as exciting as it looks and I’m not disappointed.

    • Me too! This box wasn’t on my radar until after Labor Day. Now I want to get it. Is this box still available?

  36. That blue and white clutch is gorgeous.

  37. I am so excited! I got an email from them with the spoilers and I couldn’t help but notice my email indicated that the Fifth Sense Lingerie was included in all boxes – not a variation item. Did anyone else get an email like that?

    • Hi, I received the same email, but it had an asterisk stating that it was included in all boxes for people who had filled out their sizes. I am hoping that is the only variation they mean, as that would be a main item I want in my box!

      • Ah – yes that makes sense! I hope you’re right as that is the main item I want too! Fingers crossed!

    • I got the same email and I sent an email over to oui please confirming I was going to get it (and asking a sizing question) and within a few minutes they responded and said I was. So I assume that’s for every subscriber who puts their size in! It might not be guaranteed for single box purchases though. If anyone finds out for sure let us know!

      • THANK YOU for doing that!! It never even occurred to me to ask, and now I’m even MORE excited!!

      • Of course! Their customer service is phenomenal. 🙂 Since I only asked specifically about myself, I would still recommend shooting an email over just to doublecheck. I guarantee that if you personally request it, they will send that in your box. 🙂

  38. I’m really interested in this box! Can any subscribers tell me how many of the variation items you usually receive? Thanks!

    • There isn’t a great way to answer that. In the beginning they didn’t even give spoilers. Then they started spoiling one items that only some people got (without saying that not everyone would get it). In Edition 2, they’ve started spoiling a lot more items, and for the last two boxes, identifying which are for everyone and which are variations. So, that’s a long way of saying there isn’t much data yet. I’d say 1-3 is a decent guess, but who knows.

      • Thank you. Even one still makes the box worth it. I signed up but there’s something wrong with the site. When I added my address it didn’t allow me to select a state. I though my zip code would default it to AZ but instead it made it TX. Not adding a sub until it’s fixed.

      • UPDATE: Let me just say that their customer service is fantastic. My email was answered in less than 10 minutes and the rep fixed the issue.

      • I live in AZ and the same thing happened to me a couple of months ago when I subscribed but Customer Service fixed for me too…

      • I received my “missing items/wrong size” box. I was missing 3 items that were guaranteed to be in all boxes and the wrong size lingerie. I received a box yesterday with only 1 of the 3 missing items and the wrong size lingerie again. Sub CANCELLED!

  39. This sure makes up for the luxe Provence box.

  40. I couldn’t be more thrilled with this box! Oh my gosh!

  41. This box looks amazing! Can’t wait!

  42. Oh man. If the only variation item I get is the lingerie, I’ll be such a happy camper!!

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