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BoxyCharm November 2016 Spoiler!

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We have the first November 2016 Boxycharm spoiler!

The November 2016 Boxycharm subscription box will include:



A new Studio Makeup Eyeshadow Palette – Value $49.95


What do you think of the first November 2016 Boxycharm spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

FYI – if you sign up for Boxycharm in the month of October, you will receive the October box.

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  1. I love eyeshadow palettes, they’re my favorite makeup item. I’d love it if they sent one with bright COLORS, or really deep shades that aren’t brown or black. Like navy, hunter green, burgundy. I’m sure that won’t happen though, I am in the minority when it comes to bold eyeshadow.

    • You are so not alone! I would love some more daring colors! I have so many of these browns and plums. Let’s mix it up a bit!

      • Yes! We should start a petition. Lol Maybe one day someone will make a bold beauty box….absolutely no neutrals EVER. They could call it “the bold and the beautiful” like that cheesy soap opera haha

        • Yes please! Omg I always get stuck with all the icky nude colors when I want bright stuff! So I’m with you 😉

          • Ever try sugarpill? They have great colors and only like 3 neautrals. I love them!

    • I would love some bold colours too… Let’s be honest.. Who doesn’t like colours? Subscription boxes should include some bold colours for eyeshadows.

    • Same here! I would love to see a bold color or deep color palette.

  2. I had to drop BC and MorpheMe for about 3 months, started back with BC last month after I saw the dang palettes! I LOVE them! SO wish I had gotten the OFRA one. I always stockpile stuff I won’t use for making up birthday gift bags or to put in stockings for Christmas. Or I have taken boxfuls to the woman’s shelter. I have never complained about Boxy only that I was without them for 4 months or so LOL. I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t get the Ofra highlight but heck MUG is coming out with highlighters for 20.00 each and I’d rather choose my highlight from them anyway. Colourpop has them for 8.00 too. I LOVE BC!

  3. I’ve been looking at your reviews of this and am seriously tempted to get this. But I don’t know if I want to get this and drop Birchbox and/or Ipsy, or just get this and keep those too. Hmmmm.

    • Boxycharm is so much better than ipsy and birchbox!

      • I had Sephora Birchbox & IPSY but when I got my first boxycharm I cancelled all of the others!!! Loved my first BC and can’t get enough of neutrals I have a colorful anniversary palate from UD and they have their full spectrum which I’m sure im going to buy but still would prefer the neutrals for everyday.

    • This is by far my favorite box. Amazing items and the value is great. I’ve only been slightly disappointed with one box and I’ve been subscribed since April I think.

    • Boxycharm is the best box over Birchbox which is aweful and Ipsy. Ipsy is good for skin care and hair products. Birchbox sends items that are way too expensive to purchase the full size and the samples are very small.

    • I personally think that boxycharm would be better than both of those combined. Not to say that they don’t have great products and such and I’ve never had those two myself but I’m a makeup freak and spend loads of time watching unboxings and every YouTuber finds boxycharm to be their favorite or one of their favorites and the things I see in those boxes could not compare to what I get in my boxycharm! Incomparable in my opinion. Definitely get it. You won’t regret it for a second. Even liking just one or two products makes up for it because of the price for a lot of things in their boxes. You get over a hundred dollars worth of stuff every time. I’m the type of person that would never go out and spend that much money on myself so getting all that for 21 a month? Deal.

    • I dropped my Birchbox, without the points system it just didn’t seem worth it to me. I love my BoxyCharm and Ipsy!

      • I agree! I just go my last box as I too cancelled BB because of no points any longer. I seemed to be getting products lately that didn’t apply to me no matter what I did to “tweak” my profile. I had that one for over 4 yrs! I am hoping to start BoxyCharm in Novemeber!

  4. This November 2016 spoiler…didn’the we just get it in the September box? I hope we don’the get this huge duplicate.

    • I know I don’t like that I just got the exact same in September box and I don’t want another that’s the same! I can’t believe BC would do the same knowing we just got this in September box!! What’s BC, why again???

      • The colors were different in Septembers. They were more neutral browns/copper. This is Violets and Plums.

      • It’s the same brand but not the same palette. Different colors, if you look at the picture (I think the old palette was linked because the new one isn’t on their site yet). It seems like this one will be nice purples and cool shades rather than a brown/bronze palette. I’m pretty excited because I liked the September one a lot but it wasn’t really my color scheme. This one is much more in line with what I will use.

      • It’s the same but it is different shades

    • It’s the same brand, different pallet.

      • 2 colors maybe but that palette is way close to the one in the past box. It’s not like a nude palette and now we are getting a smoky or limited edition. I compared the colors maybe 2 look different but it’s pretty much the same. Anyone wants a pic let me know

    • That’s what I just commented on Its the same one. So glad someone else noticed.

      • Same brand, different colors.

  5. Did anyone receive another blush/bronzer other than the Temptu item for their October box?

    • Yes, I received the Cargo Beachblush as well as that big ol’ jug of Temptu.

      • What didn’t you get out of the products?

        • Katy, although I’m not the person you asked. lol. I did see that a girl who received the Cargo and Temptu did NOT get a lipstick. Many are saying the formula on the Starlooks is horrible (patchy, doesn’t fully dry, sticky), so anyone who doesn’t get it…isn’t missing much!

          • There is a Japonesque lip variant as well, according to their Instagram.

          • I agree! I liked the color of the lipstick. It felt fine when I applied it, but then instead of drying it just became really sticky. I could feel the stickiness on my lips even when I wasn’t pressing my lips together or anything. Such a disappointment.

          • I got the lipstick and its horrible. It last all day, but doesn’t really dry.

        • Hey! Sorry I didn’t catch your response in time!

          I didn’t get any cargo item. I got the temptu (uggghhh)’s alright. Received the other items. Everyone loves the lippie on me. The hair stuff smells great, cant wait to try it out! The brushes are great and loving the eyeshadow trio. What did you receive?

    • I got the Ofra Highlighter and Cargo Bronzer. No Temptu. I didn’t get a lippy, which is fine. I also got an eyeliner instead of the blow dry cream. Also fine by me.

    • Im getting the Ofra highlight, cargo swimmable water resistebt bronzer, Luxie brushes, iby palette and cuticle oil so I didn’t get the lippie or the briogeo 🙁

    • Yes got the waterproof cargo bronzer and Ofra was sooo happy!!! It was like early Christmas??

    • I got the cargo bronzer….

  6. Sweet tap-dancing Jesus.

    I had to let BC go for a minute back in August, so I missed the Sept palette. I was very sad, my cc was very happy.

    But, I was not missing out this one with those fun colors. Not today, my friend. Not today.

    • You are hilarious!!!! You made my day. I love the image of Jesus tap dancing!!

      • LOL, so glad it made you laugh. Sadly, I have to admit that I *actually* said that out loud when I saw the spoiler!

  7. This spoiler alone makes up for the crappy October box lol. I don’t say boxy charm sucks ever but that October box did, for me, at least .

    • Agreed!!

  8. I just got my box, Temptu….ugh. I gave it a fair shot and tried it on. I look like an Oompa-Loompa, I’m not kidding. The shade of lip was a purple in the tube, I put it on and it it’s brown, it’s so gross looking. And it left a pretty good stain, so yeah for those who get a good color. I had to use a lip scrub to get it off. So between the Oompa Loompa shade no this brown side I looked like……I don’t know what actually. I’m not passing either of them on, they are both in my bathroom garbage. Sad…….

    • Oh they tried to sell that Tempting bronzer like it was the best thing ever on instagram. It made the girl, who was beautiful mind you, look like she had gone outside and rubbed some dirt around her hairline etc. it looked muddy and awful. And then she started using a stipling brush and I was like no no no I’m out. That stuff should be used for airbrushing ONLY. ONLY. DON’T care what anyone else says.

      • Autocorrect hates Temptu as well.

    • My lip shade was orange. UGH & Temptu, of course. Loved the brushes. 🙂

      • Same! Mine was like hideous pumpkin puke orange ? But I LOVE the brushes.

  9. Im only half excited for this. I really liked the matte shadow formula in the last palette but not the shimmer ones. I do like the colors though. The Costal palette did not work for me for my face but its working out nicely for eyeshadow and these shades will be fun to mix with them. I really hope we are getting skin care. I want a full sized eye cream or primer. Or anything from Clark’s Botanicals. I feel like Im starting to stockpile too much makeup and I will have a hard time justifying during the holiday season if there isn’t one or two things I need in there. Does anyone know if Boxy does Black Friday specials?

    Early spoiler months make me happy. Boxy is my favorite and I got so impatient waiting to start finding out what was going to be in October’s box.

  10. I have enough pallettes to last a lifetime, but I’m still looking forward to this one. Ive seen so much backlash on social media over the temptu/ofra deal. It is impossible to curate a box that is going satisfy everyone 100% every month. Whose to say they won’t have an even better highlighter in a future box, or send the ofra one to the ones that didn’t get it this time, when they are able to get more? I do feel like they are trying to make it up to their subscribers by sneak peaking this awesome palette so early, and now they are getting backlash for sending too many pallettes. I am subbed to quite a few boxes, and there are definitely items I receive that don’t always work for me. What makes me feel better, rather than getting upset about it, it is giving them to someone less fortunate that can’t afford to pay full price for makeup, or can’t even afford to pay $21 a month for over $100 worth of products like we can. There are women’s shelters that it can be donated to. Women who have lost all of their belongings in floods, hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, etc… I’m not trying to attack anyone, just trying to help people see a different perspective.

    • I’m with you. Give your unwanted items to someone who needs it. The point of these boxes is to sample. Although I really like this particular pallette. I think I will order this even though I have tons of shadow. Mine are mainly loose pigment shadows with a few solids and creams but these colors look like they will work for me as neutrals that for once not all tan and brown or bronze. Give me pinks and purples any day, just give me color.

    • That is so sweet of you to say. I dealt with loss from a tornado a few years ago. I went to a church pantry to get just some food, and some church ladies had stockpiled makeup and girly stuff to give out. Having makeup after losing everything really can help you feel human again. Little things like that give you a sense of normalcy. There are plenty of ladies out there who’d love to have the stuff we don’t want. I cringe every time I see someone say they threw something in the trash. It’s there’s to do what they want with I guess, but still…

    • Yes, you are so correct my friend. Your heart is definitely in the right place.

    • Thank you!!! I totally agree. I’m subbed to a few different boxes/ bags and Boxycharm is by FAR the best. All full size, the value is amazing and the QUALITY of the items is great! The point is to try new things, you’re not going to like EVERYTHING. So you get something you don’t like? Ok, gift it forward for someone else to try, you don’t freak out and threaten to unsubscribe. I hate to say this, but some of the people griping sounded straight bratty. There was actually a woman who addressed Boxycharm directly, and told them it was not fair to her specifically, that they sent her something she wont use (the bronzer obviously). I’m very surprized this month at the way some people have handled this. I’ve only been subbed for three months and I’m totally amazed at the effort Boxycharm obviously puts into getting us there awesome full sized products. Normally full sized equals not that great, that’s why the full size is available…but not with Boxycharm. Personally I love it. Great job Boxycharm 🙂
      Sorry…rant over lol :/

  11. Nice!
    I have a lot of palettes but I love them.

  12. I can’t believe it another palette! WoW so excited!!!!

  13. Palettes are expensive. If there’s a lot of colors, I’m happy. This is my third month with BoxyCharm and although I was not as excited about the October box, I’m ultra stoked for November. Whatever else is in it, I don’t care because I’m getting a $50 palette plus extras for $21.

  14. I am liking the colors and I am excited to get it but I haven’t gotten my October one yet. I am still worrying/dreading getting a bronzer that I know I won’t use……

    • Same! My box is due Monday. I am dreading getting the Temptu and will keep hoping I didn’t, until I open it!

      • I don’t even have a shipping notice……….

        • No shipping for me yet either. Im hoping this is a good thing and I will have something other than Temptu in my box.

          • I didn’t even think of that. Trying to keep my reactions in check. I am now almost looking forward to the October box.

    • I got my box today – Temptu (ughhhhh)

  15. I am SUPER excited now!! I just discovered this subscription, never had one before. I was a little bummed I didn’t find it in September because I would have loved that box. October will be my first box, and I’m stoked!! Now I’m beyond happy that I signed up for Boxycharm, I wanted this pallet!! ??

    • Jennifer, I’ve pnly been with Boxycharm for a few months, but it’s one of my favorites. The value is amazing! And for Oct, I un-subbed on 9/29 b/c of no spoiler….glad I did, I DO NOT need bronzers. But if I liked the box I could re-sub in Oct and get it. Great company. Hope you enjoy!!

  16. I am happy to see some different colors from them! The last palette we got from the brand is a nice quality, so I hope this one is just as good. I really hope the rest of the items are great! I’ve been debating about cancelling them for the last few months but would like to stick it out through the end of the year. They do have a great value in them but only so much of the same thing, same colors, I can use. lol

  17. Ooh these cool colors are pretty and much more suited to me than the warm ones they’ve been sending! I’m very tempted!

  18. I love pallets!!! Really I am happy with all things Boxycharm!!! Best subscription hands down. Whatever they give is great. You definitely can’t beat the price. If you don’t want certain things your probably better off not doing subscription boxes. Liz you are great too.

    • I so agree about being better off not doing it if you’re not open to different things. Overall, I wish sub boxes would give more variety in lip shades (not just red), but they are working on it. And I tend to get too much liquid black eyeliner. Boxycharm is great so far, lots of different things to try. November will be my 4th. Haven’t received October yet but I know it’s coming. I do sub boxes mainly because I look forward to the fun of it all, the unboxing and the trying new things, even if they look a lot like the old things after a while. It’s just a pick-me-up when those packages are on the doorstep.

  19. I’m so glad to see a palette that is not only from a pretty good company, but one that is not just neutral browns! I just October’s box and I was so disappointed. Even the brushes, which I was originally excited for, really let me down. Almost plasticky feeling, and the bristles were all different lengths. Even my 99cent wet n wild brushes are better. Oh well, even if the rest of the products for November are duds, this palette should be worth it!

    • I agree, the brushes weren’t that great (and I got the temptu – horrible as I am a pale redhead)

  20. This will be my first month with Boxy, I have subscribed to IPSY for almost a year (LOVE IT). I am not cancelling IPSY, I am actually looking to subscribe to another one or two. ANY SUGGESTIONS?!?!?!?!??????

    • BeautyFix ($25) for really great skincare deals, totally worth it. I will usually wait for spoilers, decide if I want it and then sign up, get it and cancel and wait for spoilers again. Kind of a process since you call in but not a hassle they’re fast. It’s also definitely worth it and you can skip dud items. Though they trade well usually.

      Allure, good $15 box with a usually high value.

      I quit Birchbox but some people will suggest it. I had it since maybe the third month they started. It was amazing. Now you’ll get the same brands constantly. No rewards system of any type, not even a scaled down one. Not worth it to me.

      Sephora Play. I. Love. ($10) I mostly love that the value is there for trying items they carry. I got the Dr Jart moisturizer and it’s 1oz, full size is 3.5oz for $36. There is value, some people are never satisfied with anything though. Each box comes with a perfume sample but that’s just an extra not one of the items that counts.


      • I quit Birchbox too. I also stopped getting sephora play box. Even through they both are only $10 a month, they only give tiny samples. Ipsy at least gives some full sizes and so does Allure so I kept them.

      • Glossybox is actually my favorite of all the beauty boxes. I cancelled because I have too much product right now that I need to get through. i had no problems cancelling (no charges extra). So i’m sorry for those folks that have had issue with GB, but just putting it out there it was no problem for me.

        • If I remember correctly, Glossybox is one of those subs that if you do not cancel BEFORE the 15th of the month, they will charge you for the next month’s box before you are officially cancelled. If you do not want this to happen, you will have to be aware of that.

    • If you are a lover of color & all things makeup, you may want to look into Deck of Scarlet. They are a spin-off company from Scent Bird (which I subscribe to & LOVE). They have not officially started yet. It’s a subscription that ships every other month. The palettes provide 2 makeup looks for daytime & night time. I’m going to try it as soon as it launches.

      • Off topic…but I won one of their palettes #00. I am really excited to try it and see the quality. I am a little put off not knowing who the maker is ie:brand quality.

    • I have actually had great experiences with Glossybox. Good products, and the review process is easy and lets you earn points which are not just good for buying stuff, like Ipsy, but once you have enough, you can redeem them for a free month. I just did that and no, I did not get charged for my free month, and yes, I received the box on time.

      My fave sub is LipMonthly, followed fairly closely by LipLove. Both of these give you 3 lip products and one other product, usually also makeup.

      Boxycharm, Ipsy, LipMonthly, and LipLove all lean heavily toward makeup each month. Glossybox, Look Fantastic, Birchbox, and Allure all seem to include only 1 or 2 makeup items most months, if that, and focus on skin and hair more. And I only got one month of Sephora Play so I can’t judge that. **I messaged Ulta and asked if they were going to do a sub box since Sephora has one, and they said it was coming!!

      • So excited for the prospect of an Ulta sub box!
        Sign me up and take (more) of my money!

    • I really like the Sephora Play Box!

    • I absolutely LOVE Benevolent Beauty Box, which is a cruelty free box that started this past spring. They have two size options & focus on cosmetic/ makeup w/ a bit of skincare as well; products are full size w/ the # rec’d varying based on which size box you receive. I like it b/c, in addition to being cruelty free, it includes mainly brands that aren’t easily accessible @ local stores.
      The customer service is FABULOUS, w/ great communication on Instagram & via FB messages; they really go above & beyond. I truly cannot recommend them highly enough! Check out the boxes we’ve rec’d so far on Instagram or YouTube.

    • Beautyfix is great if you want skincare. They give several deluxe or full size items and most are high-end products. If you want to try some super expensive skincare, I like Sisley. For $10/month you get 5 of their products but the sample sizes are tiny. I think everyone has different experiences and wants different things. I like GB and haven’t had any trouble with them. I agree with the people who say BB tends to give repeats so after 2+ years with them, I’m dropping them when my sub expires in Dec. Sephora has been just ok for me. I personally don’t like a sub that gives variations because it seems you always get the variation you least want. Although, getting a box every month, even if you don’t love everything, is a lot of fun!!!

  21. Love this spoiler! I love palettes and this one looks great. I personally hate having a drawer full is single eyeshadows that I need to depot so this is wonderful!!

  22. This and Sephora Play are the only ones I’m keeping. I’m unsubbing Allure and Glossy who has been very disappointing of late. The value of BoxyCharm is hard to beat.

    I agree with others, though. Much as I like these palettes, a palette every 3 or 6 months would be fine with me.

    • Unsub glossy fast or they won’t let you out without charging you for one more box.

  23. Well, unlike everyone else on here I have ZERO palettes ? that’s right ladies not a one. I’ve been subscribed to Glossy and Birchbox for a year and SephoraPlay for three months, dropped Allure after three months so I’ve decided to drop Glossy and Birchbox for this. Bring on the palettes I’m more than ready Boxy! ?

    • Glad to know I am not the only one put there without a palette! I do feel for those who have tons of them and just won’t use anymore but I am also the minority when it comes to palettes.. this is also my first month with a sub box and with all the comments I have seen about this month’s box I’m a bit nervous it is due to arrive tomorrow so I guess I will just have to wait and see. The Nov. Pallette looks incredible. I figured even if I hate some of the items I get this month, maybe in a few months I will warm to the items and end up happy I ordered after all…

  24. The spoiler cycle has been really weird for boxy this month. We didn’t get our first October spoiler until the second and now it’s the 14th and we already have November spoilers?

    That said, I liked these colours and I have way too much eyeshadow already. But if anything else speaks to me in this box I’ll probably grab it.

    • I honestly think they did it because of how much everyone is roaring about how they hated this month’s box. I haven’t received mine yet, but the comments on Instagram are awful.

      • Ive been with Boxy since June and their spoiler reveals vary. October was the first month since I started subbing that we had to wait so long to start seeing the box contents.

  25. For me personally, I have enough makeup to stock a chain of stores for a decade. But that being said, this has become one of my favorite subscription boxes around just because of the quality, value & full size products being offered. I got the fall palette a couple of months back & was floored by the amazing pigmentation & colors in the palette. And soft as butter!!!
    I’m psyched to receive another palette from the same company . These colors are amazing!!! Even if I didn’t need them, it’d be a great holiday gift. Thank you Boxycharm!!!

  26. Yay! I loved the last one and these colours look amazing!?

  27. SO EXCITED! Loved the browns version of this palette and this would be perfect for my collection and daily use. LOVE Boxycharm, I’m so glad they changed up the color scheme for the eye palettes this time! Hopefully no red or bright pink lipstick in the box…

  28. PERFECTION!!!! I was really hoping for some pinks and purples!!! I’m in love with this palette!! I wear the Sept palette on the daily, so I know I won’t be disapointed! They can send me eye shadows every month!! I can never have enough!! Hands down my favorite subscription box!

    • I must not be great at eyeshadow… Actually I know I’m not. I’m new to makeup and can’t figure out how to wear the shadow palette from September.

  29. If I waited until black Friday to see if they have any deals would I receive the November box? Do you think it’ll sell out. These are sooo my colors.

    • From my experience and what I’ve read, as long as you subscribe by the last day of the month, you get that month’s box. My experience: I subscribed in August 29th. I paid that day and then got charged again right away in the beginning of September. I got my September box around 9/20, and the August box a day or two later. Not knowing August was still coming, I started to stress that I paid twice and wasn’t getting the older box, but I got it. If you like makeup, you’re gonna be glad you did this, and you should get the November box if you subscribe by 11/30…just be patient!

      • Thanks so much! I’m definitely resubscribing!

  30. Didn’t we get this exact palette in September? I am confused…. or maybe this is a variation for those who did not get it in September? Regardless, enough with the palettes! How a nice cleanser or glossy lip stain …..

    • Same brand, new colors. (I linked the previous palette, for reference since this new one isn’t on their site yet.) Sorry for the confusion!

      • Thanks for the research and clarification, Liz. Appreciate all your hard work!!

        • Thanks, Donna! Glad I could help 🙂

          • I thank you too! I was wondering the same thing!

    • The last Boxy I got was the Ofra z palette, then there was the cheek palette? Then a shadow palette. Now another shadow palette. Correct me I’m wrong anyone. That’s a long if dang palettes. I’d rather spend the $84 on one palette with more than just nudes and shimmery nudes and spent the rest on other makeup.

  31. Well I love it! If you are tight on space on your counter, repeat subscribers have the recent OFRA magnetic empty case that’s just itchin to be filled – remove the pans from these palettes and you’ll have a big single set. 🙂 If you’ve already filled your OFRA case, you can make another from a dvd case — there are tons of tutorials on youtube — they are customizable and cost next to nothing for glue or magnets and a dvd from the dollar store – it won’t cost a thing if you have an old dvd case on hand and old magnetic calendars or business cards (or just glue / tape if you don’t need to reposition the pans often) – happy crafting!

    • I tore mine up two days ago and now my Orfa palette is full. I need another one so I call pull apart the Costal Scents blush palette. Ill have to look up those tutorials.

  32. Well I was not excited to see this but omg the colors!!!! And I don’t have these colors in my huge collection of eyeshadow palettes yet lol but it would be nice for them to change it up a bit. I would love to see something that I have to buy often like a primer, setting spray or setting powder. There are so many options that I feel like they are not using that I really wish they would. Still I love boxycharm, it’s so much fun seeing what we will be getting every month!

  33. I am so in love with this !!! This one is making my decision about canceling all my other subscriptions so easy!

  34. This makes me want to sign up so bad!!!!

  35. No way!! Why getting other boxes?!? Why?! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?

  36. Finally a beautiful color pallete!!

  37. I got a little time for that!! ??? love love love the colors!!

  38. FINALLY some colors that will look good on me!! I love Boxycharm but I have been stockpiling colors that don’t look good on me for so long, I need to purge. I’m super excited about this one!

  39. Bring it Boxycharm ??????

    I take it all for $21 a month I can’t complain the holidays are coming so I know it’s going to get very serious. ? ? Muah!!

  40. I cannot WAIT to get this! The pallet we got in September is my FAVORITE and this is the same brand so I know it will be amazing!!

  41. Beautiful colors, I love it. I personally can never have enough palettes- I think I have about 15… Yikes! “Girl you have too much makeup.” <——- Said no girl ever. Hehehe I crack myself up. Boxy is one of my favs 🙂

  42. I love receiving palettes. I rather a palette than single eye shadow samples that I just toss away so I’m super excited!!

  43. OMG…I have more pallets than I can really use…but these colors are SO pretty! Super excited for this one!!!

  44. I didn’t get the previous box with the other palette from this company, so I am really excited for this one. The colors are perfect I love purples and taupes. Hopefully the shadows are good.

  45. My husband got me a boxycharm box for My birthday this Oct, but I was wondering if I bought another box now will it be for Oct or the Nov one? So excited!! Thanks everyone!

    • You have to wait till Nov 1st to order the November box. Any additional boxes you order in the month of October up until October 31 they will send you an October box.

      • Thanks so much!

  46. Love this pallet! So pretty!

  47. At first I was thinking it’s crazy that they’re sending another palette (even though I love them), but these colors are SO pretty!!!

  48. Love it!

  49. Another palette?! Boxycharm needs to lay off the eyeshadow palettes IMO. The colors in this one a very pretty bit seriously a palette every month is getting ridiculous.

    • I agree eye shadow’s again. I can’t wear those shimmery colors. I am so disappointed.

    • …… said no one ever! Ha! Other boxes give us one eye shadow. I think this rocks!

      • Not everyone wears eye shadow daily or mixes up what shades they wear often, so palette overload can be a real thing for other subscribers.

        • Great gift for the holidays then. And best there, there are 4 more items! 🙂

    • Speak for yourself! They are consistent unlike GB. So enjoy! 🙂

  50. Those colors are GORGEOUS. I am so happy right now.

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