Allure Beauty Box November 2016 Spoiler + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the exclusive first spoiler for the November 2016 Allure Beauty Box!  Each box will include:


Bulgari Fragrance in Omnia Crystalline (Mini Bottle 5 ml version)

(This will be in all box variations.)

What do you think of the first November 2016 Allure Beauty Box spoiler?

(What is it about mini perfume bottles that makes them so much better than perfume sample vials? Check out my review of the September 2016 Allure Beauty Box to see a different version of the Bulgari perfume mini bottle size.)

This box is regularly $15 a month, but you can use this link to save $5 off your first box.

FYI – If you sign up anytime before 10/31, your first box will be the October box. Check out the review of the October Allure Beauty Box to see what you’ll get with your first box!

Check out our reviews of past Allure Beauty Boxes to see what you can expect with this subscription!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Does anyone know the cutoff date for Allure Beauty box? I’m getting this as a gift and can’t open them until my birthday. I believe it was ordered on the 28th or 29th of October. I assumed I would receive the November box first but I’m getting totally mixed messages. I contacted allure asking them this and they just replied giving me my tracking number. The box is already here I just cant look at it lol. They totally ignored my question and just was like, “Open it and find out for yourself!” I was going to reply saying that wasn’t my question but it took them so long to get back to me its not worth it.

    I just have to say Allure falls short on important purchase details. Before and after buying. Their FAQs are pathetic in my opinion.

    Oh and just so people know IM not trying to peek in the box before my birthday.. This is literally just to find out when to stop the subscription. I’ve got it for six months and I don’t want it to turn into seven.

  2. November box as posted on Allure:
    Red Flower Icelandic Moon flower Body Lotion
    Bulgari Omnia Crystalline
    Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner
    Bonvivant Botanical Mask Pack
    Eau Thermale Avène Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream
    Klorane Shampoo With Essential Olive Extract
    Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
    Seche Premier Colour in Goddess or Refined

    The only variation mentioned in the article was color of polish but we all know how allure is…

    • Still glad I cancelled.

    • Wth that was supposed to be this emoji ? Not the mad one lol

  3. I know people will be annoyed at getting a fourth Bulgari mini but this one is probably one of the most popular. I think it will satisfy a variety of perfume lovers. Every time I ask someone what perfume they’re wearing, it’s Crystalline.

  4. Annoyed as this is my 3rd box and will be another one of these. I don’t tolerate cologne smells well, and the last one was open in my box and it took forever to get the scent off my hands. I joined this subscriptions because I thought there would be more unique products. Rey disappointed. ?

  5. This has got to be a joke. SURELY they realize that this is just insulting. It would be one thing, I guess, if the Bulgari mini ended up being just a little bonus, throw-in “surprise” item when we got our boxes. But to lead with this mini reveal as the SPOILER?! Usually the spoiler items are more coveted or unique items to entice people to subscribe. This makes me worry that the rest of the box is crap (or that they’re still figuring it out / scrambling for a replacement product).

    On the other hand–to take an optimistic view–maybe Allure is planning to send us some SUPER epic item in November’s box, so are deliberately withholding that spoiler and underwhelming us, for fear of triggering another run on their subscription and overselling the month (like the month they spoiled the Foreo).

    I worry that it’s the first option, but will continue hoping it’s closer to the second option.

    Echoing what’s been said here: PLEASE no more Purlisse or dry shampoo.

    • Just cancelled Allure Beauty Box been dissapointed with them, Im sticking with Target and Sephora Play 2 boxes for $20.00 and get nice products, that and I have a huge stockpile.

  6. Yayyyyy I love perfume mini’s I have a little collection of them ,so cute

  7. Oh no…not again.

    • It does seem like all the beauty subscriptions are sending those out. Number 4 for me.

  8. Ugh seriously??? And probably a purlisse product again…

  9. I’m particular about my scent, but I’ve been collecting all these mini’s to make a great gift for my mom. She’ll love them!
    I’m personally waiting for the Jasmine Noir. That’s what I wear…common Allure!! Gimme my scent!

  10. I haven’t been a huge fan of the previous 2 or 3 scents from Bvlgari, so this spoiler sucks IMO. I think I would be more excited about the larger sized scent samples if they were packaged differently. I hate these weird, hard to open minis. The first one I opened (even after following directions) spilled like half of it onto me! Learning curve I suppose. Maybe the regular sized bottles of this would open easier, but I hate it based on shape alone. Based on how many people in this thread alone hate these samples, you would think Allure would get a clue.

  11. Overall this box has been a good value for me so I don’t mind sticking with it for the price. But this is kind of a strange choice for the spoiler. Even those of us who like the Allure box are like “really.. again..?” I don’t care for any of the Bulgari minis we’ve received but it’s not expensive and they’re not hard to swap or just add as a swap extra or gift. Not a big deal, just a really odd spoiler since they’ve kinda done this Bulgari mini thing to death now.

  12. Hi Liz!
    Another off topic deal to mention….
    Macy’s now has sampler sets available (similar to Sephora’s Favorites kits).
    They are:
    -Mascara Sampler Set (6 piece): $20 ($57 value)
    -Lip Sampler Set (5 piece): $20 ($71 value)
    -Women’s Fragrance Sampler (6 piece): $20 ($50 value)
    If you search “sampler set” you should be able to find them. 🙂

    • I just ordered the macys sampler, thank you for posting it, what a great deal!

  13. What a horrible spoiler lol Man that stuff stinks. I love the Allure boxes, but I hope this isn’t the best part of the box. That mini will tossed in the donation pile.

    • I totally agree. My first instinct is to cancel because I don’t even want that in my house.

  14. NOT ANOTHER BVLGARI PERFUME. I don’t care how cute the bottles are they all smell like pre-teens and bad decisions. Although that being said…at 26 I couldn’t very well be a grandma to Allure’s target market. Regardless, I’ll be cancelling this month with hopes that next month will be better because I have truly loved most of the products Allure has sent out. Better luck next month guys!

    • “Bad Decisions” is a GREAT name for a teenybopper perfume by the way, ha!

  15. Phew! Glad I cancelled. I keep looking every month, to see if they heard the complaints and got better. Guess not. I’ll keep my money.

  16. Not excited about this. Glad I cancelled.

  17. Loved this box in October – excellent value for the cost – and it looks like this one will be as well. The tiny bottle is so cute.

  18. Yay! I love these cute little bottles!! And I have loved all of their scents so far, so I am excited! 😀

    • Same here! I love Bvlgari perfume, and I wouldn’t mind at all establishing a full collection of their mini perfumes through the Allure box. 🙂

  19. I received the Bulgari Omnia Coral in my September box. I’m curious to see if they send me a different one. Here’s hoping for no Purlisse or dry shampoo.

  20. I’m so annoyed with this. I’m annoyed that they’re sending this out again and I’m annoyed that I don’t have the courage to cancel and I’m annoyed that it’s only $16.10 a month, so why am I even thinking about it?

    • I agree!!!!

      • Lol! I’m in the same boat. I finally put it on hold, I normally don’t look at spoilers cause I like being surprised but this time I’m looking at the spoilers to see if I want to restart haha

  21. I was seriously considering this box. But this spoiler sucks. I’ve gotten those little perfumes for free before and they don’t even smell good. And after reading the comments I’m not so sure I want to sign up

  22. Well I have recieved 2 of the green one. One in like Jan and the other in Aug I believe. I sent an email for the hell of it and said that I already recieved that one and that I thought I was getting the red colored one. They said they would nicely but I still waiting ?. After the 2 dry shampoo and the same perfume in one box so I cancelled last month. I truely can’t believe they are gonna send out different perfumes with the high likelihood of getting the same one for the 3rd time in less then a year. Not cool Allure…. Booo.

    • I’m so mad too!! I have a million hand creams, same perfumes, and dry shampoo for a year!

      • Right grrrrrr. I could see if they were only sending out the newest one but Liz said perfumes with be different so I could really get that same mini 3 times in less then a year and many other things too. The perfume is crazy strong too. I love mini perfumes alot… I I would love one in every box but not of this brand… Mix it up….. Is that to much to ask. Allure you are slowly killing my love for you. With mixed boxes now and same brands and products alot I have moved on and I never wanted too…. Heartbroken

  23. Seriously, again with the Bulgari perfume!? This month, I got yet another Klorane dry shampoo (2nd time from Allure in the last few months, and this will be my 3rd Bulgari since my first box this last spring). It seems like they’ll have a few great months, then once they get a bunch of new subscribers the quality goes down quickly. Heading over to cancel right now. There’s just too much repetition of brands (Klorane, Mally, and Purlisse. . sometimes the same brand two month’s in a row!

  24. I canceled last month . I wasn’t too happy with allure and when I called bc I had an issue with my box in October they didn’t charge my card for a November box and I never received one. Never had an issue with them until now so I was surprised . Instead of making it a bigger issue I just logged on and canceled .

  25. I’m happy to try a new scent. I really like the Coral one from a couple of month ago. Though, I didn’t like the green or gold one.

  26. Lol.

    • Lol at your lol. My reaction was NO.

  27. Still glad I cancelled….to many repeats…next spoiler, a Purlisse product, a dry shampoo, a Mally product….

  28. I’m pretty excited about the mini perfume, even if you don’t like the smell, the bottle looks great on a shelf, and I’m always excited to smell new perfumes. If you consider we usually get 6 items and pay $15, that’s only $2.50 per item, we got a $20 full size mascara in last months box AND an exclusive lux bath sponge (and 4 other items…)! I feel like a lot of people expect WAY to much from beauty boxes these days. Your not going to love every box and your definitely not gonna like every item, but honestly with allure I usually LOVE at least 3-5 of the items and can not wait for the rest of the spoilers!!

    • I agree I don’t understand all the hate for this box as it is by far my favorite beauty sub, I have cancelled tons but will never let this one go. To each their own though.

      • I think it has less to do with the products and more to do with being jerked around. Poor customer service and poor communication.

        • I agree to some extent, they definitely aren’t winning any CS awards. Though any problem I’ve had with them has always been resolved, I just received the serum and mascara from the box a couple months ago when they did those variations and didn’t advertise it. They also HAVE CS you can actually call and talk to, a lot of subscription boxes don’t, like birchbox.

          • To be fair, Birchbox responds immediately, courteously, and always makes things right. I’m good with not having to talk on the phone! Allure CS was rude so that was a short relationship.

        • Exactly my opinion! I have enjoyed all of my boxes and most of the products but when the day comes that you have to deal with CS all that greatness quickly fades away!!!
          I was supposed to receive a couple of different items that were left out of my box a few months ago and I was told three separate times that they were shipped although I never received them! That and being double charged one month pretty much and the crap I had to go through to get the charge refunded has completely changed my love for allure! I keep an eye out for anything that may such me back in but, it’s just not happening! ?

      • Its not the box because their contents are often good but the horrible customer service. Which makes me think its why they believe they can get away with their awful customer service.

  29. This is my no. 1 scent of all time (or at least the last few years!). I love how clean and sexy it is without being overbearing. I always get compliments on when I wear this and I’m happy to get a mini since I’m on bottle no 2 of this scent.

    Thank you for this spoiler, Liz, I totally needed it.

    I’ve put the brakes spending on advent calendars and new subs so I can save some money and hopefully take advantage of Great deals come Black Friday/Week.

    • I wish I liked perfume sample but I just don’t…I feel like all the samples have that older lady perfume smell. Yuck . In the 6 years I’ve been subbing I liked was in Play, the blood orange. I actually bought the full size but these ones from Allure…gross!!

  30. Man, did Allure make a deal with Bulgari, or what??

    Ah well. Fragrance minis are always cool.

    • My thoughts exactly. THIS will be their third or fourth mini in less than a year.

  31. I’m sooo close to cancelling, but have serious fomo!! I’m definitely not excited about a perfume sample (oversensitive to scents and get migraines) so hopefully the next spoiler will help me make a decision before they charge my card!

    • OMG me too!! FOMO for me is a serious mental illness!!

  32. Can we just stop with the Bvlgari, Purlisse, and Klorane products for a little while? Please.

  33. I love perfume minis, but even though the one we got a couple months ago was a different scent it seems weird to send out such a similar product so soon after.

  34. Love the miniature bottles of perfume, they are so cute and unique on the dresser.

  35. Yaaassss this is one of my favorite cheap perfumes. I am very excited to receive this 🙂 🙂 🙂 All smiles 🙂 🙂 🙂

  36. This is an awful spoiler! We JUST got this sample 2 months ago…

  37. Didn’t we just got one of these perfume samples in September? That is not very exiting.

    • Different scent, different color. For those of us that love miniatures that look like the full version it’s great. In April they had a gold mini of a different brand and even though I don’t like the scent I love the bottle

  38. Loved my box this month and will love it November due to this spoiler! I really like the little bottles of perfume! So far so good since I re-subbed for October.

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