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Allure Beauty Box Review – September 2016 + $5 Coupon


Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription from Allure Magazine. Each month they send out a mix of deluxe and full-size samples from mostly high-end brands!


My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Allure Beauty Box

The Cost: $15 a month

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Get a free Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit (Full Size) with your first box! No coupon needed - just use this link.

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty and makeup samples.

Ships to: the US

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Each box includes an info booklet that details each item and why Allure editors decided to include it in the box.





Bvlgari Omnia Perfume Mini – 5ml Value $8.25


FYI – this mini is tricky to open! Make sure to follow the illustration on the lid!


I love a perfume mini! (Because they look gorgeous on my vanity, I love them SO much more than those perfume sample vials we frequently get in subscription boxes.)


This scent is described as having notes of “Bigarade Orange, Passion Fruit, Passion Flower, Brazilian Gardenia, Cocoa Beans, Vetiver Essence.”

I’m not much a perfume wearer, but I like this scent. It’s crisp and clean!


Supergoop! Shine-On Lip Screen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 – 1.5 ml Value $7.85

This formula has a ton of shine, no stickiness, and most importantly provides SPF 50 coverage! The only downside is that this sample is super tiny – I think I’ll only get a few uses out of it.


Avene PhysioLift Eyes – 2 ml Value $5.90

This is a tiny sample, but it’s for the eye area, so the full-size version is pretty small, too (15 ml). The formula itself is lovely. It feels rich, but it still absorbs quickly and left my skin feeling moisturized and smooth.


Purlisse Prevent Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk – 1 oz (Value $20)

(Good to know for swaps – inner foil seal)

If you subscribe to a few beauty boxes, you probably have received Purlisse samples by now! There are some brands that can start to feel overdone in subscription boxes to me, but this isn’t one of them because I really like the formulas.

I’ve sampled this cleanser before and it’s excellent. The creamy formula is gentle, and it doesn’t dry your skin out at all.


ORLY Breathable Treatment Color in Give Me A Break – FULL SIZE! Value $9

I wouldn’t have guessed it, but this nail polish is actually my favorite discovery in the box! It’s a new formula designed to strengthen nails and also allow you to skip top and base coats. (They had me at skipping steps!)

I would have preferred a more neutral color, but this purple shade was great for testing out the formula.


I got this coverage with only one coat! It dried pretty quickly, and the high-shine finish is still there a day later, too.


Grande Mascara – size? Value $8?

(It looks like some subscribers received the mascara and some subscribers received the primer from Grande this month. More on this below.)

This formula looked a little questionable on the mascara brush, but it went on well with no clumping issues. I’m guessing the results would be even better if I used it in combination with their primer!

I’m not sure what’s going on with Allure Beauty Box spoilers this month – their video showed both the primer, mascara and Estee Lauder serum, but they mentioned bonus items and that not everyone would receive the same bonus items. Based on MSA reader comments, it seems as though no one is getting bonus items, but some readers have had success on calling in and being told the bonus items would be mailed out to them.

 I’m going to reach out to Allure about this to try to get more answers. And for future Allure Beauty Box Spoiler posts, I’ll make sure to call out that there may be variation, or not all items pictured.


Verdict: This box has a value of about $58. That’s great for a $15 beauty box, and I like the brands featured, too. I’m happy with the value, but as I mentioned above, the spoiler issue has been a disappointment for this box.

What do you think of the September Allure Beauty Box?

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (117)

  1. Good news, the two items missing from my Sept box came in the mail today in an envelope, the Estee and mascara. So maybe for some of you others it will show up here soon. Over a month late, but better late than never. I am pleased they followed through.

    • Me, too! I received my October box and an envelope from RR Donnelly yesterday. It had the Estee Lauder eye serum and mascara. I was saving the primer just in case, and I am happy that Allure made it up.

      • Well, dang it! I received my box yesterday but did not get the envelope with the two missing products… i contacted them two times already. Hoping mine comes today…

      • Got it!!!!

    • I never got replacement products. I got a repeat of the shampoo/conditioner and another La Mer. Still would have preferred the Estée Lauder

  2. I was told my replacements were sent out on sept 23 and then sent out again last week! Still haven’t received either of them!!! So annoyed with allure!!!

    • Same here! I have gotten nothing. I think I am ready to cancel my subscription box with them! 🙁

  3. No replacement products yet, no spoiler for next month. What is going on, Allure?!

    • I was told on the 14th that they would be sending a replacement item and to allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. I haven’t heard anything since. A few months ago I didn’t receive the mini magazine in my box and they sent that out right away. It was even 2 day shipping which I thought was kind of crazy. It arrived via UPS.

      • Out of the blue today I received my October Allure box and a separate package from RR Donnelly containing the replacement Estee Lauder serum. It had been over a month and I had completely forgotten about it.

      • Congrats! Love surprises.

  4. Just thought I’d update everyone following this thread. I was missing 2 products from August and like most people, received no Estée Lauder or Grande mascara in September. Their customer service rep said all would be mailed out to me. I honestly had little faith they would after joining in May, not receiving the foreo, or the Malley highlighter – I got the lovely elf brush. Anyway, long story short, I just called and they actually read off what I was missing and said it was shipped on 09/23. Thought others may want to check on their replacements as well since when I called in August and was promised they’d send what was missing (wet brush and the freeze eye serum) they confidently didn’t enter it in my account.
    Here’s to hoping October will be without all these problems. If not, I’m moving on! Good luck ladies!

    • Did you get your missing items yet?

    • I was also told that the replacement items were shipped on the 23rd but, still haven’t received them yet :-/
      Have you gotten yours?

      • On Monday, I was also told mine shipped on 23rd. On Tuesday, I got my TryIt items that I entered for, so pretty sure that is what shipped on 23rd. Today, they told me they would resend the items 2-3 weeks….

      • I haven’t received my missing products yet either:(?

    • I called on Sept 20 and was also told my items would ship on the 23rd. I called again this week and was told there is no documentation about missing items, and that those answering the phones can only “pass” on information to someone that will then fill orders…I cancelled Allure for now and will re-sub when I’m not so frustrated. The have 1,000’s of subscribers, and a few complaints does not phase them.

  5. Wowww…….so not only did I not receive the mascara, but I also did not receive the Estée Lauder, AND my nail polish arrived busted, but customer service hasn’t responded to any of my messages since the 14th.

    I literally only got 5 of the 8 items promised — 4 if you count how useless the lip screen is, am I right? — and that’s just not good enough to keep spending $15/month. #girlBYE

    • I cancelled because I got only 4 products too and CS basically told me too bad so sad. I’m looking for a substitute sub to take Allure’s place, maybe Boxy it’s only $6 more and has full sizes ☺

    • They haven’t responded to me either…didnt receive two items. Very disappointing when.I had Ipsy they reolaced items within a week

  6. Email allure cs and let them know you were missing two items. I told them I didn’t receive the primer or Estée Lauder item and they promptly replied they would ship those items to me.

    • I emailed them today, I hope I am lucky enough to get the same response as you did. Their CS seems to be all over the place!

    • I know many of us have emailed and/or called about missing products. Has anyone received their replacement items in the mail?

      • No, but I think I found our missing eye serum! Just got an email from Allure – try it now where they give first 500 people a free sample. The eye serum is one of the items!!!! Seriously? I signed up for all 5 items but so far I have only got an email back for 2…

        I am trying to stay hopeful that we get the missing two September items but now IDK…. Very doubtful

      • Just went to the site…after filling out every box with info, address, email, questions on beauty and spending habits, I’m told that the free samples have all been distributed! Lol

      • Same thing, after filling out info for sample, says no longer available. same thing for every item listed. I’m really annoyed, I have never gotten any replies to my 3 emails about the missing serum. As a long time Allure defender, I guess it’s my turn now to see what everyone else has been complaining about.

      • I.emailed customer service on.the 12 and still no reply

      • I signed up for all of the free samples shortly after they tweeted out the link. I think I saw it within 15-20 minutes of their post. I received emails stating that I would receive three of the five items. The three I received were random. The two I didn’t receive were the first and last things I signed up for. I didn’t receive any notification that there weren’t any left. I just assumed I’m not getting them because I didn’t get an email like on the others.

    • I got my box on the 8th (I live near one of their distribution centers) and was missing the mascara & Estée Lauder, CS replied back to me promptly and said they would send me the missing items. 3 weeks later, nada. This company promises the world, you pay your money, they don’t deliver what was shown, you complain, they pacify you via CS, you’re left hanging until you forget about the initial complaint. I’ve yet to see anyone actually receive all the items in the promo picture, or the replacement products promised by CS.

      • It has been 2 weeks for me… I saved my chat session, and I was told 2-3 weeks. So, I will contact them again next Monday. I have only had to get one replacement item in past and it took like 10 days…. Not very hopeful…

  7. I’m SO confused.. I just read this post & I had to go look.. I didn’t get any mascara, primer or nail polish. I did however get the Estee Lauder serum. (maybe if you get that, it counts 3x?) As well as the Purlisse (which by the way I didn’t notice was a cleanser) do you think I’ve been wearing it to bed? OMG. Maybe..? but I’ve gotten so many Purlisse samples over the past 3-4 mo+, I don’t know what’s what anymore. I got the lip gloss/spf, Avene Eye Cream & Perfume in a different scent/color. That’s 5. Does this constitute as a “missing item”? I just don’t know anymore & I don’t know if it’s worth going through the hassle for a sample I can pick up at Sephora or Nordstrom, etc.. I think I’m just over it all & living on Barney’s (The Dinosaur) saying, “You get what you get & you don’t throw a fit”. No. Energy. Left. Subscription. Boxes.?

  8. Emailed allure 5 days ago….no reply as of yet…about missing items…..figured as much

  9. I sent Allure an email stating that as a long time customer I was disappointed that I did not receive the Estee Lauder product or bonus items that were mentioned in the spoiler. I got an email back that there weren’t bonus items in the September box and that they would send a replacement item. This is the first month in over a year that I have really truly been disappointed with an Allure box. I will wait to see the spoilers for next month before I decide if I’m going to cancel or not.

    • hi
      I want to do the same but not finding an e-mail address. if you have a moment, pls post it

      • Thank you Kelly – I appreciate that- Kathy
        Have a nice weekend

      • Thank you:) I have a complaint also. I received a product specifically for Asian women? I am not Asian… Also, I didn’t receive the Supergoop product either. I stopped getting birch box, and it looks like I will be canceling the subscription also if they can’t make it right. I’m emailing them now.

    • I also sent an email, they said the same to me but did not say they were sending a replacement product :(- just that there were no bonus items.

      “Dear Subscriber:

      Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Box.
      We don’t have a bonus item in the September Beauty Box.

      We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. “

  10. I just got an email from Allure and the title was What’s inside the september box. It shows a huge picture of the box with all 8 items inside including mascara and primer and estee lauder. REALLY. I mean obviously all those items were supposed to be in the box. I emailed them and said I didn’t receive the extras and the response was Replacement items will be shipped out. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Sorry for the inconvenience. I think I will wait and see what next months box will be before I cancel. They need to send a great box to make up for their incompetence.

    • That’s what I said LAST month. Needless to say, I cancelled my subscription! I hope they make it up to everyone. Birchbox looks really good…and its only $10/mo. Testtube looks really awesome, its double the price of Allure, but its only every 2 months. Check those out! Personally, I’ve stopped all beauty boxes (except Walmart free box). I have sooooo many deluxe samples to use! I just got a free Glow Box from Estee Lauder (w/ $40 purchase) and I am awe-struck!!!!! Its divine. Good luck to you!

    • I never get their replacements they are awful I cancelled after months of issues with shipping and damaged boxes

  11. I emailed customer service about the missing items. I basically got back a “are you sure?” response. Of course I am sure or wouldn’t waste my time emailing customer service. It is a small box, not the wardrobe to Narnia. So we will see what happens after my response back to customer service saying that “yes” the items were missing. Hard being polite when customer service is so sarcastic.

    • Hahaha!!! You just won this entire thread.

      • yes, she did. and thanks for all of this. I was thinking about getting allure, but I don’t need the hassles.

    • ?

  12. I got septembers box today but it was missing the extras. The supergoop is so tiny and it is less than a quarter full. I liked the bvlgari omnia coral and the purlisse is a good size. I received the grande mascara and the purple nail polish. I got mascara in all of my sub boxes this month and really wish i had the primer. I don’t even know if it’s worth it to contact CS. I doubt they will send me the extras.

    • I contacted them yesterday and she said they are sending me out the extras! I got just the primer and not mascara. Plus I was annoyed the Estée Lauder eye serum wasn’t in there, she said there are different versions of the box and my version didn’t have that one but she said she’ll send it out to me anyway along with the bonus items. So it pays to call about it, hopefully this stuff actually does come!

      • I was stalking the Allure Beauty Box hashtag on instagram and NOBODY got the Estee Lauder! Everyone had the Avene. It’s weird because when I emailed them they said they would send the EL and the mascara, but I wonder if it’s true. I wonder if anyone actually got it?

  13. This was my first Allure box! I bought it mainly for the Supergoop lip sunscreen, as I’ve never tried lip sunscreen, and it’s super important. The photo here doesn’t have any reference to size, but it’s so tiny, it’s the length of my pinky – and I have small hands. Not only that, when you squeeze it, there’s no product until you’re down to 1/4 inch of the lid. Extremely disappointing, and really almost misleading.

    Same as others have said: mascara without the primer, no EL, no extras, and something else missing, besides the extras. Very glad LIz is taking action: we have a right to expect that Spoilers mean the truth, not just maybe!

    I got my first box for $10 with the coupon, but would never pay $15 for this, so will be cancelled shortly.

    I did call, and she said mine was the first complaint they got. 🙂 No real response, said someone would call me back.

    • That’s hilarious they said you had the first complaint they heard of! Since I live like 10 miles from one of their distribution centers, I got my box the 8th-ish. My box was missing the mascara and Estée Lauder. Emailed them that day and got the “We’ll send you the missing items right away.” response.
      You were absolutely not the first complaint, that’s pure b.s.
      I like my Allure box very much, I’m super disappointed in them personally for the first time. Not since the Foreo debacle have they p’d off so many subscribers! No Bueno!

  14. Didn’t need Ipsy, Allure AND Sephora play, so I canceled Allure last month and got Julep instead. So happy I did.

  15. This was my first Allure box! I bought it mainly for the Supergoop lip sunscreen, as I’ve never tried lip sunscreen, and it’s super important. The photo here doesn’t have any reference to size, but it’s so tiny, it’s the length of my pinky – and I have small hands. Not only that, when you squeeze it, there’s no product until you’re down to 1/4 inch of the lid. Extremely disappointing, and really almost misleading.

    Same as others have said: mascara without the primer, no EL, no extras, and something else missing, besides the extras. Very glad LIz is taking action: we have a right to expect that Spoilers mean the truth, not just maybe!

    I got my first box for $10 with the coupon, but would never pay $15 for this, so will be cancelled shortly.

    PS. When you sign up, they offer you the magazine, 6 mos for $5. Now, I used to make a living from selling cartoons to newspapers and magazines, but haven’t subscribed to a magazine in a few years. Still, when I thought of new hairstyles I could cut out, , all the extra fun of getting a magazine in the mail, etc, I took the offer! So there went my $5 off! No regrets on that.

    Who knew I would look forward to that more than a box that doesn’t deliver the goods…

  16. I got 6 items with primer, Avene eye cream and coral color nail polish. It seems Allure sends out nail polish every 2-3 boxes. I don’t wear nail polish often, so I am glad I received a gift-able color. I wonder if anyone received other 7 colors mentioned on the info card, but not pictured…
    I called customer service asking for the “missing” 2 items from the spoiler and was told that my order will be in. Let’s see. I think Allure’s business model for their beauty boxes are not acceptable… if they cannot handle new subscribers, don’t open it for them until they can handle existing subscribers (don’t charge us and have us wait until whenever). Deliver what they promise to be in their box. Make their website more user friendly. Improve customer service to be consistent on their responses in all areas of telephone, email and chat… I can go on, lol. But I am glad to know a lot of people are contacting customer service.
    Liz – thank you for reaching out to Allure. I hope you also mentioned that you received a repeat of the same perfume. I understand we receive exact same products across different subs, but receiving it from the same sub within a year is… didn’t they think we wouldn’t notice??

    • Ugh that website is so terrible.

  17. Anyone looking for more Purlisse at a great deal, I have gathered a big bundle from all my subs and I’m putting it in the swaps for sale section under my eBay store vinc.emer

  18. Glad I skipped this month. This box isn’t worth $15. Never use up large bottle of polish, prefer smaller bottles and the rest, samples you could pick up at a beauty counter for free. One of Allures worst boxes IMO.

    • Completely agreed

      • Same here. Not regretting cancelling whatsoever.

  19. I wasn’t too disappointed with this box. The Supergoop Lip Screen sample was soooo tiny I barely got 2 uses out of it. But I have to say I did like how it wasn’t sticky at all like almost every other lip gloss

    • Ahh I forgot to mention the mascara. LOVE IT. It’s not thick/doesn’t clump. The formula feels thick when you take the wand out of the tube but it applies thin enough to look natural. It’s more of a lengthening mascara than a volumizing one

  20. This is one of the rare times that I actually like the nail polish I got. The light coral color.

    The Supergoop…..the packaging probably cost more than the (lack of) product which is the whole point of trying it! My take away opinion on the Supergoop is what a cute little tiny tube! The stuff inside? Not enough for form an opinion, so that sample was a waste.

  21. So to be honest I defend the allure beauty box a lot because you can’t please everyone all the time and people love to complain. However, this box really annoyed me. It’s incredibly stupid of them to reveal all the spoilers for the box and then send out a different box missing several of the products originally mentioned. The Estée Lauder eye serum I was most excited about and didn’t get. There were no “bonus” items and what was there was a huge letdown. The nail polish I liked the best but got a bright purple which isn’t even a fall color. They would be smarter to send neutral shades as those please more people but if they are to send a darker color at least have it coincide with the season of when the box is coming out. This was a huge miss for allure. Revealing spoilers in their own video and then just randomly removing the best items from each box is unacceptable.

    • I’m agreeing with you. Full disclosure – Generally speaking I absolutely LOVE their box. I’m rarely disappointed by the contents each month – Yes, some boxes are better than others, but overall, I’m never let down.

      With that said, their customer service/marketing leaves a LOT to be desired. Whenever I’ve emailed them, I’m met with short, seemingly borderline rude responses, with little or no acknowledgment to the original concern. And I think it’s a bad practice to either not mention that there will be box variations, or to mention it in a reveal video so quickly that the info is very easily missed. Sending out thank you boxes randomly to subscribers who have only been subbed for a month, while others subbed for a year or more get nothing and taking memberships (& charging) for subscriptions when they’re aren’t enough boxes to go around. And did anyone receive the bonus item mentioned this month?

      In this day of highly prevalent social media where we can all find out if someone got more for their $15 than we did, it seems that Allure will continue to shoot themselves in the foot and driving away loyal customers without overhauling their CS & marketing ploys.

      • It’s true I usually love allure and have defended them on here in the past, I don’t expect to love every item each month but not getting the items that were revealed to be in the box is totally unacceptable. I actually called a bit ago and said it was pretty annoying the box didn’t contain the things they said it would, especially the Estée Lauder eye serum, I’ve been a subscriber for a long long time and never complained or called before. I wasn’t expecting much based on the bad customer service I’ve read about people getting but the girl said there were different versions of the box, some with the Estée Lauder eye serum and some with the avene, same with the mascara and primer. So she said she will send me out an entire new box and will send me a totally sepesrate package with the Estée Lauder eye serum. So that’s awesome, it almost sounds too good to be true lol. If that actually happens I receive a whole other box and the Estée Lauder serum separately that would be amazing. I guess we’ll see if these things ever actually show up now lol.

      • I agree with the both of you. I have been pretty happy for the most part with this box, and because I work in a service industry too, I feel for customer service people and don’t ever complain just for the sake of complaining. I did email them last month about the Mally eye brightener because it was mentioned in the reveal video AND was the subject of an entire email after the reveal with tips on how to use it. I just said that it seems as if this product was supposed to be in each box given the amount of time Allure spent highlighting it, and while I understand sometimes things happen, I wish they would’ve been honest about why it wouldn’t be included in each box, or if they really were planning to send alternative products all along, that the value was the same. I even said in the email that I didn’t want or need a replacement item, I just wanted to share my thoughts as a customer for future boxes. The response I got back was curt and rude, and stated they didn’t have any replacement product to send me. That just proved to me that they didn’t even read it. It was disappointing. I considered cancelling based on that experience (my first with their customer service) so to have another box with a similar issue the very next month is a big bummer too. It’s fun to get a box of goodies in the mail and the price is affordable so I don’t really want to cancel, but geez what a sour experience.

      • Does anyone know if Allure monitors the MSA threads? I’ve seen in the past that GlossyBox does.

    • Neutral nail colors? Nope, nope, nope! And purple can definitely be a fall color. Gemstone colors usually go hand in hand with fall.

      But I agree with you about the spoilers.

      • Well the polish I got was definitely not a gem stone color purple. It’s a bright bright purple, not AT ALL a fall shade. Which is whatever, I don’t expect to love everything in the box. I would’ve preferred a neutral shade or like you said, gemstone colors that fit with the fall season would have been perfect. But a bright bright purple is not that I’m afraid.

    • Also…I swear Allure already sent this perfume….because I loved it and started buying it.

  22. I still haven’t received a replacement item for my June bronzer that was smashed to dust. I’ve contacted them three times about it, and each time they’ve said they’ll send something. Nope. Nada. I wouldn’t hold out too much hope that they will make good on these bonus items. 🙁

    • I have a yearly subscription and a monthly sub to Allure, I didn’t get the bonus items in either box. I used the chat online option for customer service to inquire about the missing itemS, the mascara primer and the Estée Lauder item. The CS rep asked me how many times were in my box and I said 6. They stated that was all any one would get in their box. I stated the spoiler was misleading and got the ” sorry you feel that way” response.

    • I received a L’Occitane shower oil and it leaked on everything. I even had pictures. CS said they would replace it but its been half a year now, I don’t think that they still plan on replacing it. Not to mention they said they would replace it with something else since they no longer have the shower oil but CS would not commit to the item that they would randomly replace it with.

      • I love the brand but that shower oil was awful… Smelled like fried chicken when you washed with it and made my skin feel gross… Also hardly lathered at all.. Just my opinion, but it may be a good thing you didn’t get this?

  23. I’m so glad I skipped this month. I feel like they’ve been going downhill since the Foreo Luna debacle. The last Target box made me happier than this would have!

  24. My box — sans bonus item — arroved with the nail polish busted, and had leaked all over everything. It was the dark purple shade. I contacted CS. They said:

    “Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Box. Please verify if you want the nail polish replaced and what color would you prefer: Nourishing Nude (Neutral), Light as a Feather (Pink Creme), Nail Superfood (Birght Watermelon Creme), Beauty Essential (Red/Coral Creme), Love My Nails (True Red Creme), Just Breathe (Perriwinkle Creme), Feeling Free (Iris Purple Creme), Pick-Me-Up (Deep Plum Creme), Give Me a Break (Bright Magenta Creme), TLC (Bright Orchid Creme)”

    I responded with: “Yes, I would like the polish replaced, and I would prefer the shade Love My Nails (True Red Creme).”

    THEIR response? “Unfortunately, we cannot replace with a certain color, but we will send a replacement polish.”

    …….um… Okay… Why ask me to choose one in the first place??? Which is what MY next question to them was. Yeah, haven’t heard anything back. It’s been awhile.

    • Oh my gosh, this is just too much!

  25. I got my box today, and I’m pretty happy with it! I got the mascara instead of the primer. I checked, and I had actually received the full sized primer in a Test Tube. Fortunately, I haven’t used it yet, so I’ll be able to pair them up. I also received the Coral perfume which I’m so happy about since I received the blue one earlier this year. I really liked the scent! I also received the reddish/pink nail color. This will my 3rd Super Goop lip balm this month since I’m getting two from Birchbox (one in the curated box, and one in the sample pick box), so at least those three will make one deluxe sized sample. I’m also using my first Avene product right now (the micellar water), which I love, so I’m really looking forward to trying out the eye cream. I’m also currently using the Purlisse eye serum & moisturizer w/SPF which I love, so I’m looking forward to trying the cleanser. The missing Estee Lauder item would have been nice to try out though.

  26. The SuperGoop samples always are very small so I do not know enough about them to be a fan. For me, Allure is never a disappointment. Maybe I dont have high expectations or I just have different wants. So far to me the box gives me a fair assortment of items for the price. Now the nail polish was an great discovery. I have consistently had issues with nail polishes Ive had in boxes but this was perfect. No smudge or chipping! I am kind of tired of Purlisse products; I will try it out to see if its worth the hype. I got the mascara primer and it really makes my lashes pop.

  27. I have already commented on this box but one more thing , They did not send me a information book on the products. Not a big deal but I love to read about the products.

    • They left mine out a couple of months ago. I contacted CS and they sent one with 2 day shipping.

  28. I like the perfume and the lash primer I got, but everything else is kind of meh. The lip treatment is cool and so is the eye treatment, but the sample sizes are so tiny. I am on beauty product overload and this box is one of my least favorite, so I’ll likely cancel.

  29. I swear every month I say “if this month sucks Im cancelling.” But I havent and I keep giving them chances because Im afraid that once I cancel the next box will be an amazing one… Im starting to think that isnt going to happen anyway though.. You’d think that with Allure being so big and popular that their box would be the greatest thing ever. I see them post pictures of their giant beauty closet. They must get sent a stock pile of all the newest and best items out there. Why arent we getting that stuff?

  30. This is my first box and I must say am completely disappointed. Samples were so small and missing bonus items. Contacted customer care, they put in a request to send missing items. Not sure if I should give them a second chance.

  31. I got the primer, which I really like, and Bvlgari in Coral which I also like. No bonus for me either.

  32. Did anyone actually get the Estée Lauder serum?! After reading this I realized I didn’t get mine and am now officially angry. I knew it was missing something! I’m going to email them and ask what’s going on, and ask about those bonus items too.

  33. I’m with so many other women here. We keep giving Allure more and more chances because once upon a time ago they were good. I’m thinking that I get items I’m excited about maybe 4 times a year. That’s not enough. Every month I say “this is it!” and then I continue. I shouldn’t.

    • Yep, I signed up based on past boxes aka Allure Golden Era. Alas, that seems to be over now ?

      • I just forced myself to open up the reviews from the past 12 months. There were 12 items that really intrigued me. TWELVE out of an average of 6 x 12=72. I also pulled out the items I liked and have used, and calculating all those items was about $150, and the sub costs $194 for the year. I just keep thinking about the Foreo Play, the Tangle Teezer, the Burberry product I love, and the wet brush, and forgetting all the months that are just so, so boring. Four items in a 2-year span is not enough to keep me subscribed. And yet I am. HELP ME. If I don’t love the spoiler next month, FORCE ME TO UNSUBSCRIBE.

      • Think of it this way though, instead of wasting that much money a year on Allure who does NOT deserve your money, you could buy full sizes of the items you actually like.

  34. I didn’t get any bonus items either. I thought this box was pretty disappointing. I think I will give them one more chance. If next months box isn’t good, I will probably cancel. It’s too bad because this used to be one of my favorite boxes. Now it’s just like they are tossing anything they can find in a box.

  35. Again Allure. So many times failed to deliver what they promised and I’m still giving them chances. I haven’t received Estee Lauder item as well and it was the main reason I stayed (just like last month was Mally item that I didn’t receive). I had hard time removing the white primer with my makeup removing oil, how do you take it off?? Although I feel like it can make any mascara waterproof that can be useful sometimes. I also spilled like half bottle of my perfume while opening (pretty packaging but awkward to use). I’m sad about my box. Again. Going to cancel right now while I’m determined.

    • This is exactly what I’ve been going through each month. I always have an item I really look forward to getting, then never get it. I’m getting one more box for my birthday month, then canceling if that box is not the most amazing thing I have ever received for $15.

    • Hi Elena! I know of 3 particular eye makeup removers that work with this primer. 1-Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover Lotion ( cream)
      2- Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (cream)
      3- Klorane Floral Gel Eye Makeup Remover w/ Soothing Cornflower (gel)
      All remove waterproof formulas and formulated for sensitive eyes.
      I squeeze some on a tissue, massage onto my lashes to soften mascara/primer, and wipe away. All are gentle on lashes. I love them all. Hope that helps!
      BTW, I cancelled this week too. ( I too spilled my perfume while opening… LOL, and was also upset about the Mally!) I too kept holding on. I thought Allure would redeem themselves with this month’s box, but NOT!

  36. My box was missing the primer/mascara and no bonus item for me either 🙁

    I contacted their customer service via chat and they promised to send out replacements within 7-10 days. We’ll see. If i don’t get the full box contents pretty quickly, this might be it for me. I got hit with the May oversold box debacle, and it took 6 or more weeks to get our make good replacement boxes as well. I’m pretty frustrated by the ongoing CS issues from what should be a reputable company.

  37. After seeing the spoilers for this box I suspended my account for a month but SURPRISE I was charged and received a box. (Annoying) No bonus items either. (Even more annoying) I contacted allure, they are sending me replacement items i guess, but I was missing an item in my first box (The July box) and contacted them about it and I have still never received that replacement item.. so we’ll see. Im getting fed up with allure. Between always having items missing, their crappy customer service, terrible beauty box website…. like why is it so boring? No point system or anything.. but anyways I am thinking about cancelling and getting a new subscription box or something.

    But, on a lighter note. I received the mascara primer, which I wasnt thrilled about but I actually love it. It was my favorite item in the box and I got the nude colored nail polish which doesnt even show up on my nails. Which is disappointing because the nail polish was the only thing I actually wanted in the box. But whatever I guess. Oh, and another thing. That avene eye cream. Tiny! And I feel like it was mainly filled with air…. Such a bad month with allure.

  38. Did anyone else get a lash primer that doesn’t close tightly? The wand wasn’t closed tightly when I received it, and no amount of pushing or twisting would get it to close. The darn thing just spins and spins. I’m hesitant to use something on my eyes that won’t close all the way.

    • Yes! Mine wasn’t closed tightly either and I was worried about that. But I’ve been able to close it now.

  39. Didn’t the Bulgari come in a previous Allure box?

    • The Bulgari I received is the same shape but the bottle is coral colored. The box says Coral on it too. They must have run out and replaced with the one they sent a few months ago. They smell very similar if not identical.

    • It did! The blue one Liz got anyways. I was excited to see that we’d be getting the red one since it was different, but I guess I’ll see what I receive when I get home today.

      I’m usually very easy to please when it comes to beauty boxes, but one of the very few things I don’t like with boxes (besides bad CS), is when I receive a duplicate product from the same box within the same year. I don’t mind receiving duplicate products when they come in different boxes, because that’s understandable that could happen, but from the same box? Uh uh. But having said that, I did like the perfume, so I will happily use it if I get it again…

  40. This is the box that finally made give up Allure. Not because the items are bad; they’re fine. It’s just their continual overall shadiness and not living up to their promises that has gotten to me. I can think of much more satisfying ways to spend $16.

    • Agreed. Cancelled immediately after getting it.

      • Missing items from my box this month & the samples are teeny-tiny! What a waste of packaging. I cancelled Allure & have signed up for BoxyCharm. Really good reviews abt them & full size products. Can’t wait!

    • this was my last holdout on the more popular beauty boxes. Also disappointed on missing 2 items I was expecting. I was thinking that we (me including) have been complaining on the tiny samples from Birchbox, I think some of these samples were as tiny if not smaller than what i have rec’d from birchbox. There are so many new brands/products out there that we could be receiving. On to different types of boxes for me,

  41. So glad I got the primer, because I am really liking it – best discovery in the box so far! I haven’t used a primer before but it makes the black tone stand out so much more and my mascara seems like it’s lasting longer too. I got the purple nail shade which I love, but got the Bvlgari Omnia Coral like the pamphlet– wasn’t the regular Omnia just in the March box? Kind of bummed we didn’t get the extra items and they made it seem like we’d be getting both the primer and mascara, but oh well. I still think it’s a great value for $15.

  42. This was my first Allure box and it was nice , I got red finger nail polish and unlike most of everyone I don’t like the smell of the perfume. I’ts a beautiful little bottle and I love perfume, but this one was so bad i had to wash my arm where I dabbed it on. Other than that its a great value. Once I get enough courage to try to swap I will try to swap it , Of coarse letting them know I opened and dabbed a bit on my wrist.

  43. How can anyone be OK with a company that pulls the stuff Allure does?!!! Bait and switch, false promises of bonus items when they can’t even get their boxes straight? Variations that are nowhere close in value to the spoiler item being substituted? Then rude customer service reps that either give bad info or don’t do what they say? It doesn’t matter what the price point is, these issues are unforgivable. Especially for a company the size and with the reputation Allure has. They have the funds to ensure customer satisfaction and a smooth operation!

    • I agree after May’s debacle you would think Allure would get they’re act together I was really bummed I didn’t get bonus items I emailed allure we’ll see what happens.

  44. I finally got a box from them last month and then cancelled as I didn’t want to push my luck with them Lol I just can’t trust allure and they seem to be ingrained into their practice of borderline bait and switching every month.

  45. I really liked my box this month. I got the middle corally color of the polish. I got the lash primer, which works great! Excellent definition, length, no clumping, and dries quickly. Would have been even better to try with the mascara like the spoilers showed, but I digress. The eye cream is very nice-creamy and absorbs quickly-only wish there was more ? Supergoop lip screen is tiny but I really like how it’s not sticky at all and super shiny and just a bit of minty tingle. I’m always happy to get Purlisse (I’m fairly new to this and I’ve gotten 4 of their products already). I will save this for colder weather as I have oily skin. My final item is the Bulgari Omnia Coral and I def will wear this perfume. I would have liked the other 2 items shown in the video, but I am happy with those I did, and I will use them all.

  46. I received this Bulgari as well but it is not the correct one! The booklet says Omnia Coral which is a red bottle. I emailed them because we already received the original Omnia in a previous box- I didn’t renew an ANNUAL sub to just be given a bunch of products they already sent me last year. /rant lol

    • Same here! It took a few days but I finally got an email saying they’d send me the Omnia Coral, so I guess that’s good. Still annoying though.

  47. They sent augusts box to me on september 7 and i had to contact them and ask if they were planning to charge and ship septembers box at all. They immediately charged me for septembers once they got my email. However augusts box was missing 2 items and they haven’t bothered to respond about that complaint at all. Septembers box better have everything in it but it probably won’t so i will have to contact them again. Augusts box had the extra shampoo and conditioner so september was definitely supposed to have mascara and primer and estee lauder as extras. I am definitely going to cancel after i get septembers box. Allure is the only sub box i have had problems with.

    • No bonus item. No primer or mascara. I thought the box was a little on the light side.

      • Call or message them on chat! They shouldn’t have forgotten about the mascara or primer, maybe you can get both. Don’t forget to mention the Estée Lauder serum too if you didn’t get it. They’re probably hoping everyone will forget or not complain so they can save on shipping.

  48. So glad I skipped this month! I hope they pick it up or next month I may need to drop. I don’t understand what Allure is doing anymore! They should have it together! To not even have all the items or say bonus and not send any is pretty wacky! They should really be pushing harder now that Sephora Play! Is pushing out strong lately. Right when I think I understand the ups and downs of these boxes they just throw more of a curve ball of wakyness???

  49. No bonus items for me either. 🙁 I received the same box as you except a different color polish. I was HOPING for either that nude or soft coral color pictured in the booklet, but alas! lol I LOVE that they sent another Bvulgari though! They are so pretty and always smell so good. The supergoop lip is great, but as you said, SOOOOO small. I had to squeeze and squeeze to get any out. I think I will probably buy the full size of that though, I really love it! I’m excited to try the face wash too! Yay for an “average” box, but I really like everything in it and will use it all (except the nail polish) so really I think it’s a win. 🙂 Great review as always 🙂

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