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POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Fall 2016 Box Review


Ever fall, POPSUGAR releases a $100 POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Fall Box filled with fall favorites. (This box has since sold out).

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Fall Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: “It has a theme that stretches across fashion and beauty, and there’s also a big focus on a beautiful shade everyone is talking about…. Transitioning into next season is easy when you have a style kit ready to keep you looking your best when you’re on the go. You’ll always be cozy with just the right amount of shimmer.”

Check out my review of the 2015 POPSUGAR Fall Box, and my review of the 2014 POPSUGAR Fall Box to see what has been in past boxes!


Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.


This year’s fall box was fashion-focused.


Consider this your ticket to Fashion Week in a single box, because we’ve got you over with the very best of this season’s most buzzed-about beauty and style picks.


Time to go through the items!


Buji Baja – With Love From Eurostar Lavender Rib Scarf – Retail Value $70

This oversized knit scarf is so soft and cozy! It measures 14 by 82 inches, so you have plenty of scarf to wrap around you! Here is a closer look at the knit:


(The scarf is 90% Acrylic and 10% Mohair.)

I love the light lavender color of this scarf – it’s an unexpected color for cold weather! I paired it with a beige sweater and grey purse to play up that winter pastel palette:


This scarf is listed as “With Love from Eurostar,” and there was a Eurostar folded card with the scarf as well:



They included 10 tips for an effortless trip:



Jack & Lucy Faux Fur Pom Keychain – Retail Value $41

(FYI – you might have seen the Jack & Lucy brand in other POPSUGAR boxes before – this brand is a POPSUGAR Must Have exclusive.)

I know poms are very of the moment right now, so I’m not too surprised to see this in a fashion-focused Limited Edition box. Personally, it isn’t something I would go out and buy for $41, but it’s a pretty adorable keychain!

POPSUGAR also suggests using it as bag accessory, and as a “playful addition to your belt loop.” Let us know if you have any other creative suggestions!


Sloane Stationery Great Thoughts Notepad – Retail Value $52

This notepad is a seriously gorgeous desk accessory. It’s embossed with rose-gold text, and “produced using the traditional craft of bookbinding.”


Inside, there are 180 lined sheets:


And it is in Lisa Sugar’s signature color!


Caeden Linea No. 1 Faceted Ceramic & Rose Gold On-Ear Headphones – Retail Value $150 (On Amazon for $99)


They are stunning, and exactly the kind of tech item I’d want to see in a “style kit ready to keep you looking your best when you’re on the go.”


The rose gold metal detail looks perfect with the white vegan leather, and the detachable cord also has a remote/mic function.

The sound quality of these headphones is good, the style is gorgeous, but my favorite part is the comfort and fit. These headphones are SO light and the fit is low-compression, so I was able to wear them for hours without any discomfort! (That’s a first for me!)


Good to know – if you’re getting a new iPhone, it will come with a wired headphone adapter, but you can also buy one for $9.


Lancer Skincare Dani Glowing Skin Perfector – Retail Value $95

YES! I love when POPSUGAR includes a high-end skincare item in their Limited Edition boxes, and this one practically covers the cost of the box!


This formula is designed to give your skin a glow, blur pore visibility, and also boost skin firmness. I’ve sampled other Lancer Skincare products in the past, and I’ve been consistently impressed with the formulas.

This one works in a few different ways, too. You can apply this all over your face and neck, or just use it as a highlighter. It also works very well as a primer, and depending on the coverage of your foundation, you’ll still get some of the glow effects shining through, too.

I love any makeup product that gives my skin a dewy but NOT oily look, and this one gets an A+ from me. Plus I love that it has long term skincare benefits in addition to the instant glow and pore blurring!


Thrive Causemetics Triple Threat Color Stick in Joy – Value $36

This multi-use makeup stick is highlighting your cheeks and lips. This shade is a rose gold shimmer.


I like that you get a built-in blending brush, too! This formula blends really well, but the rose gold shimmer shade isn’t showing up too well with my skin tone, so I think I’m going to try using this stick for layering a little shimmer over my regular lip color.

Here it is swatched:


This formula is also all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and free of parabens, and sulfates, too.


Verdict: This box has a retail value of about $444. I think that’s one of the best retail values I’ve seen for a Limited Edition box from POPSUGAR! Even if I might not pay retail prices for some of the items like the pom, that’s what makes these boxes so great – the cost per item works out to $16.67! Definitely worth it!

What do you think of the POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Fall Box? What is your favorite item? (And how are you going to style your pom keychain?)


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (228)

  1. So, how do I get this if I’m not a subscriber? Do I have to wait until a later date, or just subscribe now?

    • You cannot get this box anymore. It’s from last year.

  2. So, I’m obviously a couple months late to the party, but thanks to you all, I checked my headphones. Sure enough, ripped ear pad. I emailed Popsugar with a pic, so hopefully they can still replace them. I have a habit of saving things instead of using them right away, so thanks for posting this issue and saving me some disappointment before it was too late!

  3. I have been a loyal Popsugar customer and have purchased many LE boxes. I am pretty disappointed because my headphones were defective out of the box. I received them on September 23, 2016 and its now November 1, 2016 and I haven’t received replacements. I have received periodic updates with the last one on October 10. Also, my pom pom broke because it was attached to the keychain part by a string.

    I am very unhappy because it seems like the headphones were the hero item and I got a defective pair and nothing in over a month. I will update if anything changes – but this is ridiculous.

    • I received new pair immediately after I emailed them with photos.

      • When did you send in the request? I sent it the same moment I saw it and received it on 9/23.

      • Anne, the first wave of customers who got theirs and complained received their replacements a while ago. It’s those of us who got our boxes late, opened them late, and didn’t report immediately that are now stuck waiting for new inventory. Did you at least get the heartbeat necklace as an apology?

  4. Still waiting for my replacement headphones. Anyone else?

    • Yes!

    • Yes! Over a month now.

  5. I just read someone had an issue with their skin cream. So I opened my box and the cap (did not pump). There is a very strong scent. Does everyone’s product have a very strong scent (even without pumping any product)?

    The code on the bottom of my box is: A7216A

  6. I just opened my box containing the headphones. I was not going to open them as I plan to gift them. However, I read someone’s post stating there was damage so I thought I had best check. Mine are damaged also! On one side the pad is only attached by about 1/4″ and is otherwise ripped off.

    This is my first LE box from PopSugar and I am so disappointed. The fact that this problem is so widespread makes me think that these headphones were not a ‘first quality’ batch but rather returns or a batch that didn’t meet quality control standards.

    I sent an email and hope they will make this right.

  7. My original headphones were damaged…bad ear pads. They sent a replacement and wouldn’t you know it
    …damaged ear pads!!! There is serious defect with these headphones. Popsugar should really watch the quality of the products they send out. Maybe offer a substitute item or gift card. I am going to try to use the two sets to glue together a decent set. I haven’t even listened to anything with them…just kinda disgusted at this point.

  8. I’m so bummed! I’ve waited for my box since August. Constant emails with popsugar support telling me it would be here soon. Today I received an email that it’s out of stock and I won’t be getting it. Seriously?! I ordered it for my daughter’s Christmas and I’m upset. I wonder if all the replacement issues caused them to stop sending out remaining stock?

    • That’s crazy! I can’t believe you’re still waiting on it! That is not right at all. I’m so sorry to hear that. They should give you a free regular box or something to make up for it.

      • It was such a bummer when I got the email. Thank you! I guess I just needed someone to understand because my guy was not getting my upset! Lol

      • Of course! I was impatient enough waiting a week past when this review went up, I feel really bad! I wish I could sell you my box, but my headphones are damaged (waiting on the replacement, but then I’m going to swap or sell them). I have a bunch of the items up for swap, but I realize you want to gift an entire box. So upsetting.

  9. Second pair of headphones came in the mail. Seemed to be fine. Left them in the box. A week later when I went to remove them the cover came off again!! The rubber was cracked. I guess it is a defect in the manufacturing. I am just going to glue them back on carefully and hope it fixes the problem.

  10. I have had issues with 2 items in the box already. My pom fell off the chain. I emailed they said they would send another.
    More concerning is my Lancer product. It was moldy! One of the most disgusting experiences ever! They said they would replace that. As long as I get the replacements, I will be ok. I needed something else replaced in the past. They said they would but I never received it.
    Did anyone else have a broken pom or moldy skin care?

    • Oh my gosh! That’s gross about the Lancer product. Your comment prompted me to take a closer look at mine and I noticed a “code” on the bottom that said A07216A…which makes me wonder if the expiration date is 7/2/16 (?!). I did not see any mold, but I did email the Lancer customer service email to ask if that is in fact an expiration date. If so, I will request a replacement from Popsugar because a $95 is less exciting if it’s expired. I will reply back to you ladies when I hear from Lancer.

      • Correction it reads A7216A

      • That’s a good idea to look at your number. The number on mine is A1896C. I am guessing mine didn’t expire in 1996;). I Will be curios to know what they get back to you with. Keep me posted!

      • I also had the A7216A code on the bottom. I feel better after seeing your code – A1896C. Also curious as to what it means. I have been mixing the Lancer with my makeup and like how it goes on and works well together.

      • Haha well that certainly makes me feel better Melody because I am sure it didn’t expire in 1996 too 🙂

      • I just heard back from Lancer’s customer service and they said it is just an internal code, and NOT an expiration date… Still kind of gross that there was mold in yours!

  11. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY. I think I am the last person on the planet to receive my box! I’ve tracked it about 57 times. It was supposed to come yesterday and it didn’t. Thank God it came today! I’ve been trying to avoid all spoilers so I’ve even been scared to look at the swap boards! I figured out that there’s a notepad and I suspected the pom-pom, but I managed to not see the scarf and the two cosmetics items until I opened the box. Now I’ll read the review 🙂 Goodness. I waited way too long for this.

    • You are a strong woman! I said I wasn’t going to look but I didn’t last. Enjoying the box though!

      • Ha, thanks 🙂 It was really hard work!

    • You are definitely not! I just finally got my box today!!

      • That’s crazy! Hope it was worth the wait!

  12. I wanted to share my experience with Popsugar customer service and the Caeden headphones. I used the headphones for 5 minutes and the padding came off/unglued. I contacted customer support and they told me this was supposed to happen (they are re attachable). However, this is NOT the case. The other side is firmly glued and no matter how many times I try to “reattach” it, it does not work.

    They will not replace it.

    So if you have a problem with your headphones, here’s a heads up that there’s no need in contacting Popsugar customer service as they will not do anything about it. It’s a bummer because it was the only reason I bought the box. Live and learn!

    I’m disappointed in their BS reply, though. If you don’t want to replace the item, just say so, don’t make up an excuse.

    • I emailed them and received a response the next day telling me that they are replacing them and will notify me to when they receive stick for replacements.

    • Mine were completely off too. I emailed pictures with my request for new ones. I received my replacement headphones today. Maybe if you email again with pictures it might help??

    • Joy – I emailed Popsugar with photos of my damaged headphones and they told me they would replace them. Try that and hopefully you will get a better response.

      Sarah – Do you remember the date that PS said they’d send you new headphones? Did they send tracking, or did the new pair just show up?

  13. This is my FAVORITE PS LE box I’ve ever received! I always buy 2 and give the other to either my Mom or daughter, for whatever holiday/occasion is coming up. This time I decided NOT to buy 2.. Really Popsugar? I’m dying for a 2nd one now. Literally, THE PERFECT box. If anyone wants to sell theirs, I’ll buy it in a second! I would LOVE to send one to my daughter for a surprise, as she’s in her freshman year of college. I think she could use a pick-me-up right now, as homesickness is starting to set in… I wish I wouldn’t have been so selfish & ripped in to everything so quickly?… xo.??

  14. I’m so bummed!! My cute little pompom keychain broke within 10-15 minutes of being hung on my purse… and it was just sitting there! Boo!! I suppose I should be glad I didn’t pay $41 for something that broke before I could take it outside. I’ve contacted customer service. Maybe mine was just damaged in shipping. I hope all of yours are more lasting!!

    • Mine too! First there was a defective link (broken so it would scratch my purse) that I removed from the chain and then the thread that attached the pompom to the chain broke. Not sure it’s worth asking for a new one or if I should just try to sew it back on. If it comes apart just hanging from a purse it certainly wouldn’t survive long as a keychain!

  15. Hi ya’ll….has anyone had any success with getting a missing box replaced? I am so sad – my tracking info said that my limited edition box was delivered today but when I got home, it was not there 🙁 I contacted fedex and they said they were not responsible since it was “delivered” via USPS. Of course USPS is not open to take calls. So my box was either stolen or delivered to someone else 🙁 Wanted to use those headphones tonight. I emailed popsugar support as well but who knows how far that will get me.

    • Sometimes USPS will mark things as delivered, but they won’t actually deliver it until a day or two later. Wait until Monday/Tuesday and hopefully it will show up. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to call/visit your post office and see if they can give you any additional info.

      • Thanks! That’s what happened – I received the box.

  16. Anyone else think the charm looks like a Tribble from star trek or am I the only geek out there…

  17. I’m sad to say that after receiving the box, I’m underwhelmed. The scarf is nice, it’s not itchy even with mohair so I’m definitely wearing that. I already have a pompom from another brand so I won’t be using that. I was very excited about the headphones until I had it in my hands and now it just feels “meh”. Lancer is good, although it made my skin shine, not glow from within :), I haven’t tried the color stick. The notebook will be used for groceries list.
    Maybe this is not Popsugar’s fault, more like expectation vs. reality. Somehow, I feel like there is no heft or luxe? Maybe I’ll change my mind tomorrow. Oh well…
    After last year’s fall box, I think pretty much everything else will pale by comparison.

  18. Is anyone else’s box still stuck in the dreaded ‘shipping label created’ status? Mine has been there since last Thursday…

  19. I’ve been waiting to get on the swap site for over a year! Ugh.. but if anyone wants to sell this box for full price and shipping please let me know! 🙂

  20. I received my box today. The headphones were destroyed! One ear pad was completely torn off, it wasn’t even attached and the rubber part was torn away from the pad. The other ear pad was already ripped. I emailed customer service and attached pictures. Hopefully they will replace it. I love the look of these headphones and was really surprised that they were so damaged.
    The rest of the box seems to be great.

    • My headphones were the same way! Hopefully PS will replace them or credit us or something. I was really looking forward to using the headphones too!

      • Mine came damaged as well 🙁

    • Mine were torn too! Love the box but disappointed that the headphones are damaged because they were a major highlight for me. Can we all keep each other posted in PS’s response? I’m hoping that they’ll be able to replace this item.

    • Mine came torn, any one get a response back from Popsugar yet?

      • I got a reply a few hours ago that says that they are sending me another pair of headphones. Hopefully they do, and didn’t just send me that reply to shut me up lol.

    • same. i sent pictures

    • Got my replacements today. No damage. Hopefully they will last awhile!! It seems like they are pretty delicate.

  21. If anyone is interested in selling a complete box for purchase price plus shipping, I would love to purchase. I’ll check for replies. Thanks.

  22. Hello! Great review, as always. I haven’t received my box yet, but I’m curious if anyone knows if the headphones are just for listening and NOT noise cancelling. Weird question, I know, but the noise cancelling ones make me seasick. I want these to work for me! Thanks!

    • They are NOT noise cancelling.

  23. Oh wow, this box is pretty hot on the swap site! I’ve already had 3 offers for the things I thought I’d have trouble getting rid of (the pompom and the notebook).

  24. oh my, this post review explains why i got an crazy amount of swap requests for the headphones over the weekend! (i already have the exact same pair)

    kind of giddy about the pom! cant wait to get the box!

  25. I am still waiting For Popsugar to Process my box and ship it. Anyone else still waiting? I am so excited to get this box and they didn’t ship mine Friday

  26. I love the headphones. Wireless or not, I don’t care either way. Earbuds cause me to have ear aches so I try not to wear them.

    The scarf, as pretty of a color as it is, will more than likely go up for swap. It’s never that cold here in Florida for a scarf that big lol. The pom pom is probably going to be swapped as well. I’ll wait until my box arrives before I decide about anything else. Overall, I’m definitely pleased with this box!

  27. I didn’t order this box, As the spoiler was the headphones and I’ve had those exact headphones on black for a year. For once I’m not disappointed that I skipped. I switched from Lancer skincare to Charlotte Tilbury (I wear her entire makeup line and fragrance), bc Lancer quit working with my skin. I don’t like acrylic, my skin is sensitive and it irritates me.

    However I am thrilled for those who have not had Caeden headphones before. They’re gorgeous headphones and absolutely lovely. If anyone missed this box, Caeden is frequently on I purchased my headphones for $44 last year, and this exact pair was recently featured for only $50 on gilt city.

  28. If anyone else is interested in selling either the headphones or the whole box, please let me know!

  29. It anyone is disappointed in this box I would love to buy the whole box from them. Contact me if you’re interested!


  30. If anyone would like to sell me the whole box I would love to purchase it from you!



  31. Wow trying to leave a comment takes a minute to get to the bottom, wowb. Anyway sweet review Liz and holy crap I thought the goodies in this box was never gonna end. I can’t believe all that stuff came in this box. I know you always get your moneys worth but 450 dollars worth. I loved everything except those head phones. If I had to have a pair I would love to have these?

  32. I’ll have to wait until I receive my box before making full judgments, but right off the bat I know I won’t use the Pom Pom key chain thing. The notepad is meh. Especially since we’ve received similar items in the past that I still haven’t used. I know paper products are practical items, but I use my phone for all my notes and get the things I use at work for free through work funds. I know this is probably fancier than the paper products received previously, but it’ll sit unused. I’m unsure about the scarf. I don’t usually go for pastels (my wardrobe is strictly dark colors – burgundy, black, navy blue, plum, and forest green), but I’ll wait until I have it hand.

    I will use the headphones, lancer and color stick. I was actually running low on my illuminating product and needed a lighter version of my bronzing stick for the cooler months. While the value is there retail wise based on these products, the scarf will make or break this box for me as I wouldn’t pay retail for these products alone.

  33. Had to peak. Could not wait, as my label was finally created yesterday. Looks to be another great LE box. There is usually one item in every box that is not for me, and this time it’s the awful Pom Pom. I do not know who decided that tassles and Pom Poms were the hot thing, but I can not stand this trend. I hope that I can dismantle the ugly Pom Pom from the rest of the key chain and attach something else.

    • If you would like to sell you pon pom, I am willing to buy. Let me know!

      • Hi Leslie,

        I received my LE box today and I am looking to swap/sell the pon pom. Unfortunately, I am waitlisted for the swap site. Let me know if you don’t mind doing a swap through PM. I’m ok with waiting until you receive the item to ship yours. Thanks! You can find me in the forum under MarianaK.

      • I will trade my Pom when I get box on Thursday. It will be a good thing to put on your suitcase to label it.

  34. Lots of people seem disappointed with wired headphones… I’m not! Perfect for work – my laptop doesn’t have bluetooth 🙂

    • Agree!! We are not all running out to replace our electronics with wireless and it’s rather arrogant to assume everyone can.

      • I don’t think anyone is making assumptions or trying to be arrogant. It’s just how technology progresses. Maybe you didn’t run out to replace all your VHS tapes with DVDs, but at some point, you did have to stop buying VHS because it became an obsolete technology. Same concept. No one’s telling you to replace what you already have, but if you’re going to get something new, it might as well be the most up to date product available. Furthermore, if you can afford to drop $100 on a surprise LE box, I don’t blame you for expecting the latest technology.

  35. Worth it for the Lancer and the headphones. The rest is gravy. Except the notepad which Popsugar needs to stop trying to make happen.

  36. I’m happy I got this box 🙂 I can’t wear earbuds so I like these. I’ll use all of these items- I just would have never bought any of them. I buy cheap notepads because I use them constantly and have had the same headphones for the last 5 years since I don’t replace what isn’t broken. This is a forced upgrade 😉 I keep looking at the poms at Marshalls/TJ Max and couldn’t do it at $14 so now that crisis is solved! I’m a little worried about the scarf being itchy but overall I’m looking forward to the new skincare items to try.

    • I would love to buy someone’s box if they don’t want it!! Or we could trade, I have tons of LE makeup products and a good amount of items from subscription boxes.

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