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Julep Maven Subscription Box Review + Coupon– September 2016

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Julep Maven is a monthly nail polish and beauty subscription box. They make all their own products, so subscribers get a good value each month – over $40 retail worth of product for $24.99 a month.

And, if you sign up for 3-months up front, you get the $19.99 rate.

Each month Julep releases a new collection on the 20th, and you can decide which box you want, you can upgrade to the entire collection, or you can skip that month.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Julep Maven

The Cost: $24.99 a month ($19.99 a month with a 3-month subscription)

COUPON: Use this link and coupon code HEYSUMMER for a free Summer Brights 6-piece gift set with your first box!


Use this link and coupon code COLOR8 at checkout to get the 8 piece Beauty Set pictured here FREE with a new subscription.


Use this link and coupon code GIFTCOVET at checkout to get a FREE mini nail polish 12-piece gift set with your first box!

The Products: Nail polish plus beauty items.

Ships to: US and Canada

Check out all of our Julep Maven reviews and the Beauty Subscription Box Directory!

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Julep is celebrating their 5th anniversary this month. (Congrats, Jane and Team Julep!) Julep is one of my favorite subscription boxes and I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at some their special anniversary items at the Julep Maven Meetup in LA this summer. I was excited to see them in the September box.


Side note: Julep ordered the bag pictured on the info card to include as a free bonus anniversary gift in all the boxes this month, but when they received them from the factory, the bags were not up to their standards and so they opted to not include them in the boxes. I think this was a smart decision on their part and while I was a little sad to not receive the bag, I totally understand this decision. It was a nice thought originally and I do appreciate their dedication to quality control. But, don’t worry, there is plenty of other good stuff ahead!

Julep always includes a quote of some sort. I like this one.


This month, I opted for the Let’s Toast box because I couldn’t choose between the eyeliner set and the lip trio. I already knew I wanted both of them when I saw them earlier. This was a special anniversary box option that contained both items and which cost an additional $20 on top of the regular monthly box cost. 



Cheers to Five Years! Mini Lipstick Trio – Retail Value $40 

This is a full-coverage crème lipstick mini trio. This is the same formula as in Julep’s Light on Your Lips lipstick, but in three new shades and in a smaller size.


How cute is this packaging?! Love it.


Bubbly is a tea rose crème. Pop is an electric fuchsia crème. Fizz is a vivid watermelon crème.


These contain shea butter and antioxidant-rich botanical extracts. They are paraben-free and made in the USA. The lipstick goes on easily and stays on well. I did have to reapply it after eating several hours after I first put it on, but I was fine with that because the formula is not drying in any way.


These are lightweight and fun. I feel like I should go somewhere special when I am wearing them. I am usually more of a lip gloss kind of girl, but I really love these.


Very nice pigmentation. Even though they are much brighter than what I am personally used to, they are totally wearable.








Pop + Fizz layered.


Pop + Bubbly layered.


Fizz + Pop + Bubbly. So fun!


Get in Line Invisible Lip Liner – Retail Value $16

The box also came with this clear, waterproof lip liner. It goes on smoothly and can work with any lipstick or gloss. Julep says this item prevents fading, bleeding, and feathering. It tried it with the mini lip trio and didn’t notice a difference. The trio is a non-feathering formula so that makes sense.


I didn’t notice a difference with other options I tried either, though, so I am not sure how well it works yet. It is possible everything I tried it with was already non-feathering, non-fading, etc., on its own. It is made in Germany.


Cheers to Five Years! Mini Eyeliner Set – Retail Value $40 


Love the anniversary packaging. So giftable as well.


Julep’s When Pencil Met Gel eyeliners have turned into somewhat of a cult favorite. I was happy to see this mini set in 5 new colors. I believe this brings the total number of colors offered to 23 in one size or another. Keep them coming, Julep!


These are waterproof, have a smooth application, and last for 10+ hours. They are paraben-free and made in Germany.

From left to right: Galaxy Black Shimmer. Deep Seafoam Shimmer. Gilded Gold Shimmer. Lilac Shimmer. Ultraviolet.


Swatched in the same order. You can also see more swatches of these in the Maven Meetup review.



Gel Eye Glider Sharpener – Retail Value $10 

The box also came with this sharpener for the eye gliders. I had not tried Julep’s sharpener before, but it makes sense that they would include it in this box option. 


The top pulls off to sharpen cosmetic pencils for more precise application. The bottom also comes off easily when you want to empty the sharpener. Both the top and the bottom stay on securely until you want to remove them which is important for travel.


I really like this! It sharpened the lip liner nicely, too.

Julep also had a bunch of new nail colors this month. My box option didn’t come with any of those, but what is a Julep review without polish? I decided to add on one of the new colors this month.


Julep Nail Color in Peggy – Retail Value $14

This color is charcoal with rose shimmer and totally outside of my wheelhouse, but it looked pretty interesting and definitely fall-like so I decided to give it a shot. This nail color cost $6.99 as an add-on.


The color kind of reminds me of a penny for some reason.



In the sun.


Indirect light. Perfect for fall!


Julep included the SEPTEMBER10 promo code for $10 off your next purchase of $20+ on their website. This has the standard exclusions and expires October 31, 2016. It can be used twice per customer.

Verdict: This subscription box cost $24.99 + my $20 upgrade for the special anniversary box option + my add-on nail color ($6.99) for a total of $51.98. Based on my selected options, it includes $120 worth of beauty items and nail color at retail value (or $96 if you are a Julep Maven and can enjoy the pricing discount). Either way, I think this is a great value! 

I’m so happy with my selections this month. What do you think of the September 2016 Julep Maven 5th anniversary box? Which items did you pick?

Written by Chris Acree

Chris Acree

Chris is a moderator on the MSA forum. Her current favorite subscription boxes are Box of Style, RawSpiceBar, Julep, and My Pretend Place although the list changes frequently. She cannot resist a spoiler.

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I used to subscribe to Julep. The nail polish is nice but the price is too high and CS is not great when dealing with a mistake on their part. I’m so glad to be with glossybox now; less money and way more product.

  2. I’m going to have to get that Peggy color – I love it!
    I was rather disappointed that there wasn’t a bag as promised – and then that they never sent anything out about it annoys me. And no candy 🙁 what’s up with the missing candy/extras this month? BOTM usually has something, but nothing this month

  3. I bought the whole she-bang and it was awesome!!!! I loved the entire collection.

  4. the gilded gold shimmer is so pretty! i think i will get that next time. with Julep, I find that i like very specific products and really don’t like others. I like their whipped liquid lip colors, their eyeliner, and their konjac sponges. I could do without the rest.

  5. I’m in Love with Julep Nail Polish! I started my subscription last month when I got the free 8 piece gift set valued at $150 (which I loved) it included a coupon for 50% off which I took full advantage of and began a collection of Julep polishes. I just customized this months box today, and I love that I am able to do that. I am an OPI polish addict (I own over 300 bottles) but after trying Julep, it blows OPI away!

  6. Wow, surprised at all the Julep hate, everyone’s entitled to their opinion naturally but I’ve never had a bad experience with them, in fact they are the only beauty sub I kept out of the 5-6 I recently cancelled. I opted to skip this month as I didn’t need e/l or more l/s but ordered a few other items, the np thinner, two nail treatments and one polish, a holo deep blue that is gorgeous (the name escapes me but it was new this month I believe)! I personally love Julep Maven b/c the option to customize or skip, plus a bonus point system works for me and very few items have been duds or didn’t work for me. YMMV, but I would recommend them, based on years of personal experience with them. So sorry others experienced such problems, thats really unusual for them, IMHO.

  7. I’m so surprised at MSA for such positive reviews on this box. I also feel that your review is not accurate because this box DOES NOT come with all that was shown in your box. All I got was a box of shredded paper and the eyeliners and sharpener. This was just another month of disappointment with Julep. I cancelled them straight away. The value and especially the QUALITY of these products does not equal the cost of the box.
    I stopped getting the nail polish a few months ago because it’s terrible! It either never dry’s or it chips immediately. You need several coats to get the polish to look like it should and the amount of product you get is so small. Way better and cheaper drugstore options out there.
    I often use MSA to determine if I’m going to order a box subscription and every month they rave about Julep. If your on the fence about this box, don’t get it. Get a box that has quality products worth your money. Boxycharm, Birchbox, Cate &Chole are some excellent options and I believe are less expensive then Julep.

    • Hi Lori!

      I am the person who has been mostly reviewing Julep for the past several months. I do my best to give my honest opinion of the items I received in my box as well as including lots of photos and clearly stating the price paid, etc. Since Julep is one of my favorite subscription boxes, it is entirely possible that my opinion of the items in the box usually skews positive, but if that happens it is because I actually feel that way.

      Each month, there are several box options to choose from. Additionally, boxes can be customized. My box did come with what I included here. The box that you are describing that came with the mini eyeliner set and the sharpener was one of the options this month. That box was called Sprinkle the Confetti and was $24.99 (or less if you prepay monthly). As I stated in the review, I couldn’t decide between the mini lipstick trio and the mini-eyeliner set so I opted to pay the additional $20 for the Let’s Toast box to receive both. Also, I added on the one nail color because I wanted to try it. The add on price for that one nail color was $5.99. The total for my box was $51.98. Hope that helps!

      Everyone can put their own opinions about the items, value, etc., in the comments here. Sometimes people agree, sometimes people don’t. It is okay! If you are not happy about your box and/or prefer other boxes, that is totally fine. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!


      • Hi Chris!

        Thank you for your reply. Let me say that my personal opinion is that you do an excellent job of showing the products and I understood that you paid extra for what you received (I do feel like $50+ is way to much) for what you got compared to other boxes. I just wanted to give my personal opinion on this box as a subscription because I feel completely ripped off by Julep, furthermore people do look to MSA for advise on boxes and deserve both interpretations of the subscription.
        I appreciate everyone’s opinion, and I’m happy that your experience with Julep has been a positive one.

    • Agreed. Their polish is awful. Chips on the second day with base- and topcoats.

  8. October preview’s finally up at Julep.

    Hope you like DARK colors. (I do.)

  9. Last month was my first julep box, when I got it it was a larger box filled with shredded paper and there was a smaller box that had literature in it, that’s it, no products, called them, they sent another one, and all I got was a nail polish a facial sponge and something else totally forgettable. I had paid for a 3 month subscription so I still have 2 more boxes but I’ve already canceled, that first box was such a let down that I couldn’t see looking forward to any others, if I paid for one month, that first box was have been 24.99 for 3 things? I get boxycharm for 21 a month and get way more way better items.

    • you’re supposed to get $40 (at Maven prices) worth of products. How disappointing that you got such terrible items!! My first month wasn’t that great either. I chose items, then swapped for something else, but received my original choices. I contacted CS, and after about 2 weeks, received a replacement polish as a consolation prize. Kind of a bummer, but I did end up liking my “mistake” item.

  10. While I’m disappointed about the lack of candy and makeup bag, this was the first time ever where I’ve upgraded to The Whole Shebang and I’m really liking all the products! I never use lipliner, but I figured I’d try this one since it goes with any color. I find that it kind of acts like a lipstick force field and saves me a bit of clean up after applying (but maybe I’m just a messy lipstick applier ?).

  11. The window for customization opens tomorrow….any idea what the October collection will be? This will only be my second box, so not sure if they have a big reveal every month. Although I am disappointed that there was no bag this month, I don’t really mind. I have too many bags anyway. The makeup seems really great so far, and has been worth the $25 cost. My friend is allergic to most lip balms and lipsticks, and their formulas have worked for her, so we will stick with it for a while!

    • They used to release information a lot sooner than they do these days. I was wondering about October too (except eek, I just realized I’ll be 39 next month) but I can’t find spoilers anywhere.

      • P.S. Totally not upset about not getting the bag in September. The last thing I need is more makeup bags. I just donated about 50 to Goodwill.

      • October colors are up! Loving the dark colors. I really hope they are as rich as they appear in the photos.

        • Thanks, Amber!!

  12. I have canceled Julep. I never needed more nail polish in the first place, only makeup. After the unavailability of the SPF lipstick and face cream in Canada, no bag and no candy in September’s box, I decided it was time to go.

    • The SPF lip shade is awesome (although the SPF expired within a couple weeks of delivery), but the product is still one of my favs. But they haven’t had it on their website since they offered in the monthly box this summer…it’s such a bummer.

    • It’s true. If you live in Canada, Julep won’t ship the sunscreen to us as it’s a restricted item (guessing that’s not their fault of course but probably something to do with the border). It sucks because I really wanted to try the sunscreen too because I have yet to find a lightweight one that doesn’t make my face greasy or feel thick. Might have to change my address to my WA postal box for an order so I can get it sent there, hahaha

  13. Did every Julep Maven get The coupon spend $20.00 and get $10.00 off? Because I didn’t get it and I would of really enjoyed that…. 🙁 sad…..

    • Ashley, anyone can use it even if you didn’t get a box this month (hense I already used it and didn’t get a box lol)

      • I agree. Everyone is supposed to get it. It must have been an oversight. Go ahead and use the code! 🙂

  14. I was really annoyed they never even contacted subscribers to tell us about the bag (or make up for it in some way). It seems like such a 180 from last month’s debacle with the sunscreen-$50 credit is overly generous IMO, but I appreciate being told I’m not getting the box I expected.

    • To be fair, this was only mentioned in Jane’s video before the boxes came out as far as I have seen. I don’t think it was listed in the email they sent out on the 20th announcing that the Maven window was open and boxes could now be customized and I don’t remember seeing it in any of the box choices themselves.

      I don’t know when Julep discovered the bags were not up to their standards and I can’t speak for them obviously, but I would guess that if this happened sometime between Jane’s video and when the customization window opened up (which is what seems like must have happened), they might have thought it would be more confusing to first tell everyone about the bag to begin with and than immediately after tell everyone that they wouldn’t be getting it after all.

      I have no idea how many people watched Jane’s video before this time period. I don’t think Julep would easily be able to identify these people either. I know I personally learned about this after the fact and went back to look into it/follow up with Julep on what happened. I was not expecting to receive a bag and the first time I ever saw a picture of it was in the photo on the info card in this box.

      I am not sure what the best answer is here, but I do think it makes sense that they wouldn’t have wanted to send out a bag that was not up to their standards.

      • Update: I see a picture of the bag in this post here so I must have missed it before:

        I am not sure if this picture of the bag is from Jane’s video or somewhere else, and unfortunately, for the first time in forever I actually did a massive deletion of my email about a week ago so I can’t go back to see the original email from Julep to confirm what they said there either so I am going off of memory…

        • The bag itself was on the Julep website. It’s still pictured in the card they sent out…. but radio silence on the issue.

          • Yeah, I’m not willing to give them any kudos on this one. It doesn’t matter if only a few customers knew about the bag (I’m pretty sure it was way more than a few) – they should have let customers know it wasn’t coming. People have asked them about it on their Facebook page, and I haven’t seen them respond to it in most cases.

            I also haven’t gotten any extras in my boxes in over a year – I can’t remember the last time I got candy.

            I’ll see what they offer over the holidays, and then I’m cancelling. It’s not worth it to be a Maven, in my opinion.

  15. I changed these options to the moisturizer with the weird applicator, and to the “night shift” night cream. Two good products. I am very pleased with the customization options that Julep provides. Next month I’m going for the glycolic scrub and the hand cream. Has anyone tried them?

    • I like Night Shift, too. Not sure which moisturizer you are talking about; I must not have tried it yet. I agree that Julep’s customization is great! I think you will like both the glycolic scrub and the hand cream as well.

      • Thank you.

    • I’ve tried the glycolic hand scrub, and I loved it! So much so, that I’m no longer a Maven, but I will happily pay full price for it when I need to re-stock. 🙂

  16. I was more bummed about not receiving the candy than not receiving the bag.

    • I didn’t even notice this! I wonder if they were going to skip the candy because the bag was supposed to be the extra? Next month! 🙂

    • I thought it was a mistake when my box didn’t have candy. I was really bummed too. I was missing an item so sent them an email and mentioned that I missed the candy.

      • There was candy???

        • There is usually candy. 🙂

          Once in a great while they include another bonus item like a special nail color or holographic topcoat instead.

      • My kids were upset about the missing candy. I usually give it to one of them lol.

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