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GlossyBox Subscription Box Review + Coupon – September 2016


GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription box. They have the best packaging in the business, their products are usually deluxe-size or full size, and the value is usually good too.

We’ve seen MSA readers mention customer service issues they’ve experienced, so make sure to read comments if you are thinking of subscribing.


GlossyBox sent us this box for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


FYI: GlossyBox sends out multiple variations of the box during some months. So, there may be some variation between what I review and what you receive.


The Subscription Box: GLOSSYBOX

The Cost: $21 a month (save more with 6-month or annual subscription)

COUPON: Expiring Soon! Use code SPRING16 to new subscribers get the April box for $16

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty products.

Check out all of my GlossyBox reviews and the list of the best beauty and makeup subscription boxes!

Ships to: US and Canada


FYI – Glossybox sent me this box including both variants for the Korres item. All subscribers will receive ONE of the following:


Korres Twist Lipstick (Full Size) Retail Value $18



Korres Volcanic Minerals Eye Shadow (Full size) – Retail Value $18

Here are both of the shades swatched:


I’m really impressed with the formulas. The lipstick crayon gives subtle color with a little shine – it’s perfect for an everyday look for me. And the eyeshadow stick has tons of pigment, shimmer, and staying power!


MODEL LAUNCHER Brow Duo Pencil – Value $12

I wanted to swatch this brow pencil, but it’s really tough to get pigment from it. If you are worried about overdoing brow color, I’d recommend this pencil, because it will take a lot of pressure to get any color. But, otherwise I think you will be disappointed in the color payout – I was!


Borghese State-of-the-Art Mascara – .1 oz Value $6.50

This mascara does a great job at lash definition. I think the look is very natural though – I couldn’t get the volume I wanted!


Phyto Paris Rich Smoothing Oil – 1 oz Value $11.75

Unlike most hair oils, where you apply a few pumps to your hands, then apply to your hair, this oil has a fine mist applicator, so you can actually apply it directly to your hair if you prefer.

(Use it sparingly, though. I was so impressed with the shine it was adding to my hair I overdid it and ended up with a greasy looking hairdo.)


Sensyses Cleanser in Classic – 15 ml Value $1.50

I was experimenting with false eyelashes, and I needed liquid makeup remover to take off the glue, so this arrived just in time! I thought this makeup remover formula was gentle, and I liked the scent!


Sesderma C-VIT Serum – 3 ml Value $4.50


This is a tiny sample, but the tiny eyedropper makes it pretty cute! (And helps make sure you only use one or two drops at a time.)

This serum is a light gel formula, it absorbs quickly, has a light, pleasant scent, and left my skin feeling softer immediately.

I’m not sure this sample will be enough to see major results, but I like it!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $54 (just counting one of the Korres items). I think that’s good for a $21 beauty box. The items were mostly hits for me, but the brow pencil and mascara weren’t that impressive. I absolutely love the formula of the Korres items, though, so that almost covers the cost of the box .

What do you think of the September 2016 GlossyBox? Which items did you receive?


How do subscribers rate GlossyBox?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (98)

  1. I reached out to customer service regarding my half empty C-Vit serum and I received the replacement yesterday. Another half empty one, but I guess that will make a full sample, lol. They also gave me some points for taking longer than expected.

  2. First time subscriber to glossybox. I want to sign up for November box. Is there a promo code I can use? Also, what’s the first day I can sign up?

    • i was just looking at their faq’s because october was my last box, however i want next months limited box. anyway, it says if u sub after the 14th you are automatically signing up for the following month’s box as well. just so u know. now i’m stumped because i just wanted November. not December too. what to do? what to do? decisions!!!!

      • I signed up for October’s with a buy 1 get 1 free coupon. I asked customer service when the free one would be sent. To which they said they are sent out with your first box. October’s box arrived before the 15th, but the free box didn’t come with it. I contacted customer service and I got an automated response that said I had to wait 24-96 hours for a response. After the 96 hours I checked their facebook and saw that if you haven’t cancelled by the 15th you agree to pay for the next month’s box. This definitely upset me as it was now after the 15th, but would have been before the 15th if I received my items together and had decided to cancel. They finally responded. It was after 96 hours by the way. The free box has now been shipped as of the 20th. I feel forced into buying November’s box. I’m going to the bank and telling them that Glossybox is no longer allowed to take payments from my bank account. See, if you cancel and you haven’t received your free box then they won’t send it. So if I cancelled prior to the 15th I would of lost out of the free box (the only reason I signed up initially), but if I waited for my free box I’m forced to pay for November’s. It was more like buy 2, get 1 free and that isn’t what I agreed to. To me they broke their end of the contract when they didn’t send out my item in time for me to make a decision about wanting the next month or not. It appears that the free boxes not getting sent out when they are suppose to happens often.

      • What coupon code did you use to get your October BOGO?
        The only free box I could find for this month was attached to a 3 month subscription- not a monthly option. September had an offer for a single BOGO but you got Sept box and then the free one shipped out at the very end of the month. They told you on the website that the bonus box was shipped separately and wouldn’t arrive with your regular box. They weren’t fibbing because I got it!
        I can’t image that MSA missed putting up an offer- they are as perfect as they come- but I also read at other sub sites and never saw this Oct offer. I’m bummed because I LOVE LOVE extra boxes!
        I emailed customer service because if possible I want in on the deal. If you can remember the code- please post!
        Oh and I’m pretty sure that you only need your account to be active if you are redeeming your GlossyBox dots to get next months box free. It’s in their FAQ’s about it cause so many subscribers had that Gilt deal and now they want to use up their points and not resubscribe. But double check on that for yourself- my info is 2nd hand but I’m pretty sure it’s accurate.

      • OCT16 was the code I used. It is buy one get one. When I went to their site a box popped up to enter my e-mail and they sent the code out in an email. I just double checked my invoice to make sure the code was accurate and it is. According to customer service the buy one get one is suppose to ship together and mine shipping later was an accident. But you might be right about having to be a subscriber only if the free product was redeemed with points. I would have to look more into it. I might not have been so frustrated, but I also signed up for Allure this month with a promo for $5 off. Allure charged me $10 for the discounted box and not even three days later prior to the first box being shipped charged me another $16.09 for a second box. Birchbox always offers a free product for first time subscribers if you want to check them out. I’m not a huge fan, but it was worth the $10 for the 5 products and the free one. Ipsy is my favorite and they usually have a code for a free product floating around too. Ipsy’s make up this month is super cute.

  3. Sorry Glossybox. I moved on to Boxycharm

  4. I received my September GlossyBox, and I didn’t get half of what you got in your box. I did receive the Korres Volcanic Minerals Twist Eye shadow pencil & Model Launcher Eyebrow Pencil. That’s about all. This is my first box, and I tried it out after reading one of your posts.

  5. I unsubscribed after the August box but they made SUCH a huge deal about it I decided to resubscribe.. however I’m not amazed.. I had gotten the 3 box day right before this and one of the boxes were a Holiday Box. This is my first year doing subscriptions. Does Glossybox always do a holiday one? I’m considering whether or not to cancel.

  6. I received: the eye brow pencil in taupe, Korres lipstick in charm (which is a very usable color for me), dry shampoo, lightening cleansing water and serum from Sesderma, and Vince Camuto mini perfume in Capri. My C-VIT serum was more than half empty. Mini perfume is pretty and smells nice. I just thought Glossybox got on track for doing the fair variations, here they go again, lol. Except the dry shampoo (I don’t use it as often), I am ok with my box.

    • I don’t know why everyone on this threads has customer service problems. I wrote GB a nice email stating that my serum vial was more than half way empty and the product seems to have dried out at the bottom. They promptly wrote back saying that they would ship a replacement in the next couple of wks. We’ll see how long I have to wait, but I’ve never had any problems with subscription boxes before if there has been a missing product or damaged they all have come through with a replacement. Allure even sent me a whole box (it was a duplicate) plus the product to say they were sorry!

      • I love this box, I wish I could have gotten the hair oil however, The serum which I did get was almost empty so I can’t really use it, so that’s a disappointment 🙁

      • I also contacted GB regarding the serum or lack thereof and they apologized and informed me they would send me another one. I am currently waiting on it.

      • i had the same issue with my serum – empty bottle , did you get a replacement and was it worth calling them? thanks

  7. I got the $350. serum and I must say it feels amazing. I was blown away when I saw the price and couldn’t believe it was in my box. It comes in a beautiful blue bottle too. I am almost always very happy with my glossy box but I don’t understand why it takes soooo long to ship. Mine was in transit for 10 days. I get 4 other boxes and each and everyone arrives within 4 days of shipping.

    • I got the $350 serum as well. I wonder if it’s because this is the last month of my 3 month sub and they want me to re-up, lol

      • What is the $350 serum?

      • It’s the Premier Dead Sea Prestige Eye Serum (I might have gotten some of those words out of order as I don’t have the bottle in front of me.) It was full size, and Glossybox listed its value as $350. But…that is a HUGE overvaluation! It’s one of those overpriced items that they sell at mall kiosks, where they accost you and get you to try it. Then they spring on you that it’s normally $350, but just for you they’ll greatly lower the price, yada yada yada. It’s available on Amazon for $45…a far cry from $350. It gets mixed reviews…I haven’t tried mine yet but taking a glance at the ingredient list it doesn’t look like anything super special or out of the ordinary to me. But still, full size, and high (even though overinflated!) value is ok by me. 🙂

    • I got the $350 Prestige eye serum from Premier Dead Sea, too. A little afraid to try it, I don’t want to love it…

      • Don’t stress too much about loving it…it’s available for $45 on Amazon, which isn’t bad. 🙂

      • Good, because I’m fretting over where to put a glass bottle where I won’t knock it off the shelf and break it spilling “$350” worth of product!

    • What serum are you talking about. I didn’t see anything like that unless it was the vit c serum?

  8. I think that the Customer Sevice at Glossybox is horrible. A few months ago I ordered ‘past boxes’. I ordered two, one arrived. I was given extra points, and the other one eventally arrived. When the Fighting Pretty Box came out, I ordered 3. Again, 1 arrived. I contacted GB and was told that their system had trouble with multiple orders. Seriously. Who is running their operations, a child? I was given points, and the other two boxes did not arrive until after a month after the initial order. I wrote to Customer Service – not the chat- and was told they cannot expedite orders- period. Even if the error is their problem. That this is how their system works. Period. Truly, they should not be in this business.

  9. The Korres eye shadow came out in the summer of 2014 and has already been discontinued. You can find it on their website as part of an eye set that’s on sale, but nowhere else. I guess I always thought subscription boxes were to try to new things and be able to purchase the items again if you liked them, so this seems like a cop-out (taking dead stock from a manufacturer) and a cheap way to inflate the box value when the item is essentially zero value since it’s been discontinued.

    • I’ve never seen or heard of it (the eye shadow) so I was unaware of it being discontinued. Doesn’t matter to me – I love it!

  10. Wow! I must have lower expectations than most people cuz I’m always thrilled with my GlossyBox. Usually at least 2-3 items are a hit with me and that makes the box more than pay for itself. And I love the boxes themselves. They’re gorgeous–especially this month.
    I got the Borghese Mascara, Dead Sea Eye Cream, Model Brow Pencil, Korres Eyeshadow, and Sesderma Lightening Cleanser. I loved everything except the eyeshadow. I’m positive the eye cream is worth more like $40 (I’ll never understand why GB goes along with the over valuing thing) but I really liked it.
    I am super happy with what I received–as usual!

    • You’re not alone. I looove glossybox so much I get two a month. Whatever I don’t use I have no problem swapping. Before I was on the swap site I would re-sell the unwanted items or gift them so nothing is ever disappointing. I would have been disappointed back in July if I didn’t get the nuxe Or but I did so I can’t complain.

    • I love Glossybox too! I always end up using at least 3-5 or the items I get. I guess it helps that I’m pretty new to subs and only have four in total including the occasional target, so don’t have a ton of samples yet; everything I get is exciting. This is one sub I can see myself keeping for a long time.

    • Ha, ha! I think my expectations must pretty low too then, because I’m always happy with my Glossybox even though I never get the highest valued box. For me, it’s more the personal value that matters, and whether I feel I’m getting what I paid for.

  11. Slightly off topic, but I was wondering from those that ordered the recent Fighting Pretty LE box…. how long did it take you to receive your box?

    I ordered mine ~2 weeks ago and haven’t received a shipping notification yet. If I remember correctly, the the Mother’s Day LE box took a while to ship too, so maybe I’m just getting overly anxious. I was going to give them one month to the day from when I purchased it to being inquiring, if I haven’t seen it ship, but I thought I’d ask anyway. Thanks!

    • I ordered mine August 11 and it was shipped August 23, so it took them just under two weeks to ship it. I love the box so much that I’ve been thinking about ordering a second!

  12. I got the same box as Liz, with the Korres lip variation. At first I was a bit bummed, because in my profile I specifically said I don’t want lip products, and preferred eye products. So you would think that if there was a choice, my profile would be aligned with the eye product box variation, right? I guess not, haha.
    But I really do like the Korres product and color I received (“Grace”), and I may actually use it.

    Also, I wonder about redeeming Glossydots. I have enough for one box, and plan on canceling after October (so before 10/15) due to product overload and the need to slow down my boxes… plus I read the KonMari books and the clutter is stressing me out.
    GB CS has been wishy-washy about me redeeming my dots. First they said you have to have an active membership to redeem, and then in another message they said I could redeem any time by emailing them. This second response was after I inquired about redeeming for December’s box after taking a break in November…. does anyone know the real answer??

    • Hi CMB,
      A representative from Glossybox once posted either on this site or on MUT that they do not use our profiles to select which products subscribers receive. It’s used for more general market research. Several of us pointed out that’s not what their website says.

      • Thats funny, when I just asked GB CS why my box did not have the products I was shown in a sneak peek they said that the box variations were chosen based on subscribers profiles.

      • I had that same question re: profiles. Asked GB about it a while back and they said they do their best to match profiles up, but it isn’t always possible. Needless to say, I got the Korres eye instead of the lip – so someone was listening to me when I said “No more lip (and hair oil) please;I have enough!”

    • I just had trouble redeeming for a free box on the website, even though I have an active 3 mo. subscription which ends with the Oct. box. I emailed customer service and was told that the only way to redeem your glossydots was by emailing customer service, even if you have an active account. So CS went ahead and redeemed my glossydots for the Nov. box, it was noted in my glossydots use history, and I promptly cancelled per their cancellation policy for my subscription to end in October.

  13. Maybe I’m just not good with special relations but does anyone else feel like the hair oil is larger than the 1 fl oz as per the label? This seems much closer to the 3.4 fl oz full size to me…but maybe I’ve had one cocktail too many on this Saturday night and I’m imagining things!! 🙂

  14. I got my shipment info. (finally) a couple days ago. So, hopefully I’ll get some good items. Fingers crossed. 😉

  15. My eye shadow pencil is black. With glitter. Besides that, I got the perfume, makeup remover, Vit. C, same brow pencil and orange lip crayon. I like the perfume.

  16. I really liked the color of the lipstick although it doesn’t wear that long. I’ll use the hair oil once I finish the one I’m using.

  17. I got the Twist Lipstick, C-Vit Facial, lightening cleanser, and brow pencil. Instead of the Phyto and mascara I got 24K Sally Hersberger dry shampoo and Capri perfume mini… This gives me a grand total of $48.70. I do like the smell of the perfume and love the bottle. The 24k got horrible reviews. I like the lipstick and can use it, so am happy enough. They used to be a lot better boxes though.

    • Box twins…this was an ok box for me. Honestly I think I like the box more than anything.

      • The box is so pretty I have it as a decoration.

    • This is what I got. I am really happy with the lipstick, so counting this as a win even though I don’t use dry shampoo or perfume.

  18. This month I got the “$350” eye serum. Even adjusting it way way down to the $45 Amazon price, my box still had a pretty high value…especially since I’m on the Gilt City deal from last year, which made my box cost around $9, I think it was. At $9 a box, I’ve been pretty happy with the boxes I’ve received…the items can be hit or miss, but I always end up getting what I feel to be good value. That being said…I agree with everyone else that Glossybox has MAJOR customer service issues. Classic examples are the Nuxe oil fiasco, and the vastly differing box values. Unlike other people, I’ve had ok experiences the few times I’ve had to deal with CS; when I complained about not receiving the Nuxe oil as promised, nor having a box value as high as was stated on the website, they offered for me to choose a replacement item. I chose the highest value item…the Aerin Kaleidoscope Palette…and figured it would never get sent to me…but was pleasantly surprised when it showed up in the mail. I know many other people weren’t as lucky, though. Bottom line is…their customer service is super inconsistent, and their business practices seem on the shady side (ie not delivering what they’ve promised.) If Gilt City comes up with another screaming deal like they had last year, I will most likely renew, but otherwise, at the full retail price it’s not worth the hassle.

    • Are you saying that the EB5 Eye Cream Repair is worth $350? Seriously, it’s not, plus the 4oz jar is on sale at Target for $25.

      • She is talking about another eye cream.

      • She’s talking about the prestige eye serum by premier (the mall kiosk ambushers). It’s what I got I was excited until I read the reviews ?

      • Thanks Anna- hahaha- love that you called them “ambushers”! That’s exactly what they are too.

        I had that same approach while visiting Scottsdale Az by some beauty salon clown. He chased me up the street telling me my skin was wrinkled and so dry from living in the desert… It was my 1st time ever visiting Arizona & I’ve always lived in the chilly northeast!

        I’d rather they offer those celebrity products like Crepe Erase and Cindy Crawfords line if they are going to promo a typical face/eye product.

      • Trish that’s so funny and infuriating! It reminds me of this one time I was walking down the mall and this kiosk guy let a few younger women walking ahead of me pass by, when I came close he pounced and said he had the greatest cream ever for wrinkled, dry skin ? I was like “ex-queeze me?” S/O Mindy. Needless to say, that’s one sale he didn’t make ???

      • No, I didn’t get the EB5…I got a full size 1.2 Oz Premier Prestige Dead Sea Eye Serum. Glossybox listed its value as $350…which I guess technically is the retail price…but it’s one if those mall kiosk gimic items where they start you off saying it’s $350, then work the price way down. I put the $350 in quotes as a way of trying to show that I didn’t think that’s the true value, even though it’s the value GB listed. The lowest price I found on the Internet for the serum I got was on Amazon, where it was $45.

      • Janet- I actually kinda like the Dead Sea products & buy them all the time @ TJ Maxx & Marshalls. The hand creams are great- regardless of the brand.
        I didn’t mean to throw shade on your item- I’d have been happy to receive it, but I agree- the retail price is overinflated.

    • I got that eye serum too! I was soooo happy! I love my glossy boxes.

  19. I got my box on Thursday. Several differences. I got the Korres twist eye shadow. The brow product, rosewood reviving mist, Lierac cleanser miscellaneous water, and eb5 eye cream. My total value is $62. That is roughly 3 times the value of the box at full price. I do not get the box to resell the items, so honestly I don’t even care about the monetary value. i am very happy with the eyeshadow. It is a great color with a bit of sparkle to it. It goes on right where you want it, and you have to really rub it to take it off. I would say this will wear morning to late night and still look as fresh as when you first put it on.

    • I got the same box as you and I think this is the first time in months I will use everything.

    • That was my box too, and I am so happy that I got these exact items. Agree that the eyeshadow crayon is a fabulous color and texture!

    • I received the same box as you. The eye shadow is beautiful.

    • Box twins with you all!

      I’m really pleased with everything I got, plus the snazzy box that is so pretty.

      I might give away a few items here and there if I’m not too crazy about the brand, otherwise I try everything. The main reason I resubbed to Glossy Box was because I always got my money’s worth. If one month was a miss, then they pretty much made up for it the following month. I simply got into product overload and had to stop for a few months. GB is definitely my most fav sub, then Ipsy…

    • Same box here and very happy with it!

    • What is miscellaneous water?

      • It’s a combo of all those near empty bottles of facial cleanser that you add just a “bit” of water to in order to savor every last drop ( cause you’re cheap like me). Mix ’em all together and… Boom…miscellaneous water!!

        Nah, it’s an auto- correct mis-speller- try it yourself.

      • Gotcha, thanks. I thought maybe it was one of those canned waters. I know a lot of folks complain about those, but as a lady of a certain age, I love having them on hand for hot flashes.

      • I think she meant “micellar” water. Darn, auto-correction.

      • So funny…. Love reading reviews. The good, the bad, and the really really ugly. Spell check is really a nightmare for me. Specially when I am upset and just send it and then when I go back to read what I wrote I can’t even understand what I wrote… ??

      • Ha ha! 😀 My issue is when I’m on my tablet writing a comment…. the emojis never transfer correctly! When I’m trying to do a simple modified smiley face, it translates to an angry or annoyed face which totally doesn’t match what I just said! After that happening twice, I quickly learned to stop using emojis on my tablet.

      • Micellar Water is like a toner.

    • Box twins! I am actually very happy with this box, probably in the top three of the boxes I’ve gotten over the past year. After the Nuxe oil fiasco, the boxes have been better. However, I still don’t feel like it is worth the full cost of the box. I still think I’d think twice about reupping for a year if they had another ~$9/box deal. If I weren’t on product overload I would more strongly consider it, but I still hesitate because I would not want another major disappointment like getting a $2 nail polish two months in a row.

  20. Does anyone have surveys to complete for September?

    • No survey, I received my box about nine days ago. I thought it odd not to have it posted . I usually see what my box contents are on the survey site before they are received.

      • Lol, that’s what I do as well. I filled out the surveys, but I just cancelled today, so I won’t accumulate enough points to redeem anyway. I finally got my box today and I’m not sorry October will be my last month. I was hoping for the lip crayon and received a dark brown eyeshadow. Out of 5 items, I’ll use 2, maybe 3. I basically paid full price for the items I’ll use and neither are ones I’d buy. I’ve received a TON of eye creams lately and they last a long time. My box contained: Korres twist eye shadow, the brow pencil, rosewood reviving mist, Lierac cleanser micellar water, and eb5 eye cream.

    • I was worried when I hadn’t gotten my August survey and glossybox told it would come at the end of August so I am assuming the same will occur with the September box and hopefully the fighting pretty box. I sent an email about the survey for the limited box but haven’t heard back yet.

    • I got my box on the 21st and still no survey for me… 🙁

  21. Hi Karen! I remembered after I posted my comment, that I received a shipping email from Glossybox when they shipped it. I was able to track and confirm its being delivered today. I’m crossing my fingers it’s better than I expect. Terrible when you have to lower your expectations. Companies should strive to over deliver. I’m stuck through October and actually considered waiting until the 14th to cancel in hopes I wouldn’t get the crappiest box next month. Not sure if being active has any bearing on what they send, but reading about the Gilt City subs and what they receive from Glossybox, I think it’s a real posibility.
    Did you ever get a shipping email? Mine came in on 09/16. I hope your box arrives today as well. I’m in Colorado, it always takes a week or more to get to me. Btw, Beautyfix offers 2 day shipping for $6.95. I signed up for the 30 day free trial, so both my Sept and Oct boxes should arrive quickly. AND, I received a 20% discount bringing the box to $20.83!!!! How can you beat that? $150+ of quality products for $20?!!!! Excited I switched and stoked that everyone raves about their customer service. That’ll be a refreshing change from Allure and Glossybox!

  22. So, my box has been in transet for TWO WEEKS now, totally not GlossyBox’s fault. It’s still moving, but extremely slow. I’m in California so it’s traveling at a snails pace across the country. I like GlossyBox! I’ve had good customer service so it’s weird that other’s haven’t received the same good service I’ve had. I’m hoping for the lip crayon and the really expensive eye serum! Fingers crossed!

    • At least yours shipped! I’m in CA and they are still “packing” mine. 🙁

  23. This company should give up. They don’t send anything good. The only thing I liked was the actual box, everything inside sucks. I had given this company few tries and never liked it. I don’t know I keep on spending money on something it’s not even worth it.

    • It’s the hope that it will be worth it one month. Lol. I subbed to Glossybox for about 6 months longer than I should have before I finally gave up.

  24. WOW! Instead of the Phyto, I received a 350 DOLLAR!!!!!! eye serum. I’m sure plenty of people will be upset with the price discrepancy. I know I would be. 🙁

    • You can get that eye serum on Amazon for around 50; it’s the same stuff the Dead Sea kiosk guys in the malls push and will come down on. They’ve inflated the price just a tad on the value. That said, yeah, there’s a bit of value discrepancy with the boxes. They’ve got me hooked for one more month since I didn’t cancel until after I got my third horrible box. The last one was a month late (had to contact them five times, phone and email), and they sent a different box than was on my reviews page. Not really feeling the sneak peek for next month either. Got my first Boxycharm this month, though, and I was super impressed!

    • That’s awesome. I know there has been so much frustration with this sub lately so it always makes me happy to read when someone else is happy with what they received…at least Glossybox isn’t disappointing every customer! 🙂 (lately it’s been nothing but headaches for me!)

    • I won’t be upset b/c I know there is a lot of info online about how (allegedly) shady those eye cream companies are, the ones with the Dead Sea minerals. They are super expensive with no actual proof that they work (allegedly).

      • I don’t really NEED the eye cream yet (I’m 20) most of them I’ve just used for moisturizing purposes, or as gifts for my mom (who is 40). She enjoys them!

  25. Was the bottle of VIT-C Serum full? Mine was 3/4 empty when I opened it. Didn’t appear to have leaked, or spilled, at all in the box so I’m wondering if that was how it was supposed to be. If so it’s not much at all, only enough for maybe 2 uses.

    This is my 5th glossybox and honestly the only one I’ve been a little disappointed in – but only a little.

    • My VIT-C was also only about a quarter full. I was planning on contacting them, but not really sure how they respond to these types of things…

      • I contacted them. They sent me another sample. It was also about 1/2 full, but Glossybox did respond to my request without pushback.

    • Mine was almost empty as well. Should we contact cs?

      • My serum sample bottle was darn near empty too. I wrote to CS and a few days later got an apology and the CS rep wrote that they would contact the vendor to let them know about this issue and they would be sending me a replacement. So I’ll see how that goes. I’d suggest that everyone who received a scanty amount in their sample contact CS – they ought to know what their customers are actually receiving in their boxes.

    • Mine was about 1/3 – 1/4 full. I assume that’s the way it was supposed to be, but subtracted one ml in the size just to be safe in estimates. Hope that helps.

    • Yes mine was empty also .I was happy with my box but that’s kind of a let down .I cancelled after the crapola box of July ,then signed back up with the two free boxes .August was a great box but the two freebies weren’t.I was hoping like others I would get the wanted oil but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.I will say I received the coveted eye surum so I’m happy.The hair oil looked nice and the perfume I saw a couple people get sounded nice also .So I’m happy with my box ?

    • Mine had like 2 drops in it, not enough to even be able to use the dropper to get it out or enough to cover my face once. This was worse than a foil.

      • Mine was almost empty also . I think this will be my last glossybox as the last three boxes have been a lot of crap.

    • I got 2 bottles of the Vit C stuff. Both looked half full so I was thinking they shipped 2 on purpose.???

    • My Vit C serum was near empty and my mascara was dried out… lol…. I’m glad it is not just me.

      I posted pictures on reddit/beautybox if anyone wants to take a peep at the pics to compare what they received.

  26. This is the third month in a row that Glossybox has missed their own advertised retail value of the box. Their website still lists the September box at being valued over $60, yet it came in at $54. It’s not a huge difference this time (unlike July) but three months in a row? I hate to slam boxes because I know managing a subscription box with all of us subscribers with high expectations must be unbelievably challenging but I just wish they would do a better job of setting our expectations appropriately. Right now they are just setting us up for disappointment with the repeated false advertising. 🙁

  27. STILL have NO sept box yet! I tried to contact them yesterday to find out why my tracking info went away and why I have no surveys to complete. For the first time, I wasn’t able to reach anyone live and had to fill out the email request. I’m done with Glossybox! Tired of the low values and lame products. I’m SO much more impressed by Beauty Fix! Signed up today and will get the sept box. Because I’m new, I received a 20% discount, so I scored the box fo just over $20 with the tax. I prefer skin care vs makeup so Beauty Fix will be a great fit. Love Boxycharm, but wouldn’t use all the fabulous makeup they send out.
    Best of luck to all you Glossy girls, you have far more patience than I do!!!!

    • That’s so funny, I’m having the same issue. I never got any surveys on the limited edition box and my sept box is still listed as being in the “pack” phase. How much do you want to bet that by the time they actually ship ours they will have run out of everything decent and we’ll get another $2 nail polish and some hotel soap.

      I agree – It’s very hard to justify the price of this box, especially if you get the low value boxes (which I always seem to do!). There seem to be better options out there at this price point.

    • No September box for me yet but then again I canceled my box last month so they have no reason to send it in a timely fashion.

      I signed up for the 2 free boxes (both poor) 1 good box and 2 more poor boxes. I’m going to try beauty fix I like that you can no what you getting and sign up or cancel each month.

      • I got the septmber beauty fix I love the products just seems real tiny for the price but its all skin care so loved it but…big box little items

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