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BeautyCon Fall 2016 Subscription Box FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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We have the FULL SPOILERS for the Fall 2016 BeautyCon Box! (Thanks to @86_t for sharing these pictures with us!


Each box will include

What do you think of the spoilers?

BeautyCon BFF is $35.99 a box ($29 +6.99 shipping and it ships once a quarter). Use code ADDICTION20 to save 20% on an annual subscription now until October 31, 2016. And while supplies last, use this link to get a free bonus box with an annual BeautyCon Box subscription.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. First I been reading horrible feedback. For anyone who actually think the faces of this box actually use any of this stuff amaze me. They use Mac makeup without a doubt. For all who says they don’t blame the faces of this box are so stupid. They know when their makeup is done they have none of the products on their faces. They get paid to lie and con us. They con us to believe that the makeup they use is the same in the boxes. I blame them as much as the company who distributes the boxes. Really expired products? What a joke. Stickers, pin and candy is a way of saying they have much more in the box than other boxes. More crap. If you actually receive one good item it doesn’t come close to $35 worth. As a makeup fanatic I tend to know my makeup bands very well. From what I have seen you can get this at CVS or Walgreens. So if anyone is reading this save up your money for professional products such as Mac. You will be more satisfied.


    • Well, the name is Beauty CON.

  2. My email I just sent to them “So now I just learned that I could have skipped the box for this month and just got the winter spring and summer instead. That’s upsetting because I told you guys that the box sucked and was for like 12 year olds with stupid stickers, a pin and candy, and no one mentioned I could skip it like others have. Not only did I learn that but I also learned that y’all gave almost expired stuff in the summer box. The Benzac is already expired and I had no clue. Received the box early august and had no clue it expired so soon. Barely got any use out of it so that’s also upsetting why you guys would do that. On top of that I also learned that the only few good products that were in the box already came in an Ipsy bag for $10. These were suppose to be full size samples like Kandee’s box not a lot of stupid tiny samples. Really only 7 simple wipes…why even bother??? So livid right now!!!”

  3. This box was a huge disappointment and made it easy not to sub again! The other boxes were great and thought out this was whatever they could find and put in a box. Where is the curation? Or the new products they always seem to find!?

  4. ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!
    Hi everyone I contacted beautycon about the ridiculousbox and for everyone that fills out the survey about their feelings of the box will get $10 off the winter box… I attached the whole email and the link. Just thought I would share…

    Vanessa Cooper (Beautycon)

    Sep 16, 21:54 PDT

    Dear Virginia,

    We appreciate your patience and communication regarding the Fall Box. Your input is exactly what we need to make sure our Winter Box is amazing for our entire community!

    We understand that you are frustrated and are absolutely listening to your concerns. We want to show you that your feedback and happiness are very important to us so everyone that fills out the survey sent when you contacted [email protected] will be receiving a $10 credit toward your Winter Box. You must reach out to [email protected] and complete (and submit) the survey by midnight (PST) Sunday (9/18/16) to receive the $10 credit for the Winter Box.

    Don’t worry, if you’ve already filled out the survey, great! No need to fill it out more than once. Our team is taking completed surveys and tagging respective accounts with the credit, which will be applied toward the Winter Box, so it is important that you fill it out; that is how we work together to build the perfect Winter Box.

    We realize that many of you have voiced your concerns on other platforms so please simply cut and paste those to the survey if that is easier; however, the completed survey is most important for us to keep all feedback in a format everyone on our team can access and apply the proper credit to your account.


    • It’s too late, today is the 19th.

    • Plus the link is for individual accounts. So unless emailed, the link won’t work for anybody once you submit your survey.

    • How about the people who STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED their box Like ME ? ?? Every quarter I have to email customer service to prompt them on the status of my box. If I knew the contents before I would’ve skipped this box.

      • You should be able to still skip if they still have not shipped it out yet. Unfortunately I didn’t know that skipping was an option and upset with this box.

  5. Got my box today and I’m cancelling. This was a big letdown after the summer box, which was loaded with full size and usable products. Not really interested in a self tanner for fall, stickers of this nature, fake eyelashes for Halloween, 5 sugar candies, and 7 wipes. The other items don’t look bad but I wouldn’t have ordered this box on those alone.

  6. This is my first Beautycon BFF box and….I am beyond disappointed. The value is not there for $36. I feel like I totally wasted my money. Will definitely not repurchase this subscription box.
    There wasn’t anything special about it, many of the items went to my 7 year old.

  7. Their worst box yet. Really disappointed since it’s my favorite subscription and I was looking forward to this.

  8. I haven’t actually picked this box up from the post office, however I’m not that impressed with the spoilers. I’m canceling, but I was planning on canceling after my year sub ended anyway.

    I thought the Winter box was pretty good, the Spring box was AWESOME and the Summer box was really good. I was excited to receive all of them, but I’m not excited about this one.

    I got in on the half off deal in Feb – Even with shipping, I believe it works out to about $20 per box, which is a good value for what I received in the past. I think if another offer like that one came around, I wouldn’t say no based on the Fall box. I may say no, if the cancellation process is difficult, but the other guru’s boxes most definitely made the half off deal a fantastic value for me, even with stickers that I’ll give to my daughter. (At least Bunny gave us that weird little keychain she designed!)

  9. So, I’m pretty sure I commented on this earlier but am not seeing it. Anywho, I emailed them a couple days ago asking if I can skip this box (1year subscription, signed up for Kandee’s box) and get the 3 after that because this box is sub par and they agreed and said the next box I’ll receive will be winter instead of fall. Mine had not shipped yet though so keep that in mind.

    • I tried to skip this box but they wouldn’t contact me back at all.. You are sure lucky they skipped it for you.. Their customer service sucks big time.. You can’t even get a contact us message to them.. I finally got chat to work and the person canceled my subscription and said my last one would be the winter box but dammit.. had they contacted me back and allowed me to skip the fall box I would have 2 more to go.. Pisses me off!

      • Wow, that sucks. I’ll bet they had a lot of people cancel for this one too especially if they signed up in the last 6 months. I wonder if it’s because I’m a reviewer? I mean I’m not important like MSA or anything but because of my email they may have looked me up and didn’t want the bad PR. I even told them afterwards that I was super surprised they agreed to let me skip. They keep telling me you can do stuff like that on their website but I don’t see it. In fact, on there I can’t even access my account as it tells me I don’t have a subscription with them even though I paid for a year. IDK I heard bad things before signing up but I already wanted that Smashbox eyebrow stuff and that alone was more expensive than the price of the entire last box with the discount from here.

    • Damn I wish I would have known since this box sucks.

  10. I cancelled. Did anybody put any thought into this box? It does not appear so.

  11. I signed up for Beautycon boxes when Bunny (grav3yardgirl) did her box and I loved it. It had all kinds of goodies and that $20 gift card was amazing because I was able to buy a dress on clearance for only an additional $10. So I basically got a dress with that box and a ton of products that I enjoyed so much I repurchased. I really liked Kandee’s box too. Needless to say I was very excited for the Fall box and all I got was a huge disappointment. I am probably going to giving most of the stuff in it to my 13 year old cousin. I hope the Winter box is better and I don’t end up regretting my decision not to cancel my subscription after the subpar fall box. In the meantime I hope they make it right and maybe send everyone a free gift or a gift card or something to make up for the fail. I’m not going to hold my breath. This company has a lot of room to improve because I see people with a lot of complaints and now this box and I’m starting to question whether or not I should keep giving them my business.

    • I missed out on Bunny’s and I’m real upset I did…they even put micro mini beauty blenders…such a good box :/

  12. I’m not putting the blame on MakeupShayla or Mac_daddy. It’s on Beautycon. It’s on them to set this stuff up. Heck yeah I’m gonna compare boxes.
    Only 7 simple cleansing wipes? Grav3yardgirl box had a full size if of Garnier wipes that I now continue to purchase.
    The bronzer doesn’t suck. Really wish I knew it was a self tanner before I tested it on the back of my hand.
    I can use the BrowGal for more than one thing
    Jouer in general is the !sh
    The brush is ipsy quality- take that how you want. Not that bomb!ss brush in the Kandee box.
    Glad the colors are neutral enough and compliment various skin tones. I’m a lighter skinned Latina but my more olive toned cousins will love that Ofra.
    Those aren’t lashes for your average Tuesday, on Saturday night? Bam! For those whole complained about lash glue, I’d only agree if there were no lashes in the box.
    Candy, stickers and a pin? Now I remember why this box is geared toward teens and pre-teens
    Tl;Dr? Not a bad box, but if you were used to getting a butt load of stuff like you got in the Spring and Summer boxes then get this… This was the last of my prepaid subscription. I will not renew. That wasn’t a $30 sub box. There was good stuff, just not for a $30 box.

    • Im with you about the wipes. But the luxie brush I found it more better quality on this box than ipsy. I have received luxie brush in my ipsy bag and it doesn’t feel the same. The Ofra lipstick idk but it was super sheer. Im a latina I have a tan color but it had to show on me still but it didn’t had any color. Smh…. I went on the Ofra website the mocha color looks different. So im totally confused. But idk this box for me wasn’t worth the 35ish dollars. ? Hope the winter box it will be better I really dont want to cancel it. Kandee Johnson was ok for me. Wasn’t the best either. Honestly Bunny did it better job than all of them…

  13. Beautycon FALL box… More like Beautycon FAIL box! When can I cancel???

  14. Definitely not loving this box. I signed up for the last one which I liked but this one is pretty bad. I’m cancelling.

  15. Received my box today…all I can say is it was very light and not a good value this quarter. My first box was winter, Bethany’s box, while some juvenile items, still a great value. Bunny and Kandee’s boxes were both loaded and an amazing value. This box was a huge disappointment compared to the last 3, but especially the last 2. My year is up so I cancelled.

    • This box is the worst! The other boxes were so heavy, this one weighs like an once. I thought this was for fall! Why am I getting a bronzer ? Also, those make-up wipe samples were being handed out at a display in a drug store. Those stickers aren’t even cute and the pin makes no sense (the candy was good though).

      I’m canceling my subscription. If the winter box gets good reviews I may start again.

      BTW.. I agree about the last two – Bunny’s was the best because it introduced me to some new brands.

  16. Wow….all I can say.
    I LOVED the first 2 boxes….talked so many friends into signing up & now they’re gonna get this $30 piece of crap. Sooo very disappointed…

  17. Yeah no I am not excited about this box. I subscribed when Bunny curated her box then summer it was Kandee and I was so pleased with their boxes now this. I don’t know either of the curators and I felt like most of the products were samples. I don’t pay 99 a year to receive candy and a pin either. The duo eyelash glue is such a tiny little sample. At least we received full size products in Bunny’s and Kandee’s boxes.

    • That lazer kitten pin is $12

      • I’m sorry for anyone that would pay $12 for that pin on purpose.

        • Lol I agree I don’t get the hype about Lazer kitten the pins are cute but the prices are crazy and it is a pin. I don’t need them I don’t use them. This one will probably get lost in my junk drawer.

    • Crazy thing is that I paid an annual subscription during the summer and now they want to do a free bonus summer box with the fall..wth

  18. My summer box was great. Now after seeing this fall box… I need to hope that my winter box will be a whole lot better…. I’am in my 50’s and just love trying new stuff. But after looking at this sneak peek, What happen!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Do you have to purchase a yearly subscription or can you purchase one box?

    • You can do seasonal renewal or annual subscription. If you just want 1 box you can sign up, then cancel.

  20. The beauty con summer box was my first beauty box that I received and I was super impressed. I was able to utilize all but one item (which i gifted to a neighbor). I thought the value was fantastic. I’m signed up for the year and was so excited to get my fall box from these guys as summer was so great, but I can’t say I’m loving this in any way. I hope the next box will be better.

  21. The products don’t even add up to more than $80 total. This was my first subscription and all the other boxes had great reviews. I’m not too disappointed though because some of this stuff I do not have and am excited to try it out.

  22. I have already commented on this post a few times but I am just baffled!!!! CANDY STICKERS and a PIN!!! WTH

    • Right? Is it for twelve year olds

  23. I really wish I waited for the full spoilers before subscribing!! I don’t like anything in this box!! Now I’m stuck for a year!!! Ughhh
    Does anyone know what is in the additional box yet???

    • What additional box? Please and thank you

      • When you sign up for an annual sub they are sending out and additional box. Not sure what box it will be yet.

        • I’m 99% sure it’s the summer box since they didn’t sell out…which sucks for me since I started my annual subscription in the summer and could have got it free.

  24. This was my second box & after having summer be missing 2 items I had high hopes for fall, but very disappointed. Water space on (stale) candy, stickers, & a pin. Only like 4 things I’ll use. Just wish I had a friend I could pawn the junk items off on. After seeing Bunny’s box I decided to do an annual subscription, big mistake.

    • Totally agree!! Wish I waited for the full spoilers before subscribing!! This box is a total bust!!!! Not excited at all!
      I can only hope that the additional box will make up for this box!!!
      I’m sure this is exactly why beautycon decided to offer an additional box because they knew this one was so awful!!

    • I’m not stoked about this box at all either. But just so you know you can get the missing products from your other box, you just have to contact beautycon. I sent them an email after not receiving my nail decals from the spring box and they sent me some about a month later ?

      • I did contact them & they gave me some bs excuse and it & that they wouldn’t replace 1 of the items. Then 1 of the products missing was the LA Fresh face wipe, I got an email saying it was shipped 9/1/2016. But tracking says that only the shipping label was created, not actual shipped. So hopefully it doesn’t take months for them to ship out a tiny face wipe.

        • My summer box was missing the Benzac & 1 of the LA Fresh wipes. I emailed customer service the day my box arrived about it & I got a response that they would be replaced at no extra charge, I thought no duh at an extra charge I already paid for it as part of the box fee. But then a couple days later I got an email saying they weren’t going to be replaced because the Benzac was expired, this made me think of 2 things; 1. Why would they be selling a product on the verge of expiring, the Benzac was 1 of the full size products so it would probably be used for a couple months but during that time it’ll expire & the customer most likely won’t know. 2. It also made me think that if the product is expired, then why not just get new ones that are not so that way they are not advertising, selling, & shipping incomplete boxes. I did not see any social media post or it stated on the website how the summer box would be missing items. So then I started not liking BeautyCon because of them being untrustworthy & the false advertisement. I had to chat with customer service a 2nd time because the email just talked about the expired Benzac, not if the LA Fresh wipe would also be sent. The person in the chat said it would be & I received an email saying it was shipped at the start of September. I never received anything and all tracking says is that a shipping label was printed, but never shipped. So I chatted with them today just to figure out when it’d actually be shipped. She said they ran out so it no longer would be. I then thought why would they tell me it would be shipped & create/email a tracking number if there was never an intention for it to actually be shipped. Now it seems that BeautyCon doesn’t understand simple supply & demand. They are selling a seasonal box that is to be sold & shipped for months at a time, yet they run out of products.

          I saw the spring Bunny box & really liked the products in it, but didn’t have the extra cash at the time. I saw Kandee’s video on the summer box and really like all but 1 product so I thought I’d get it & sign up for a year. Big mistake! Summer box was missing 2 products + the mascara is kind of clumpy & drying up so it’s hard to get an even layer. Since BeautyCon was selling practically expired face cleanser it isn’t surprising for them to also sell old mascara. I’ve had Birchbox, Ipsy, Sephora Play, & Boxycharm-never had this problem with any of them.

          TL;DR BeautyCon is a terrible subscription box!

          • Son of a biscuit…the Benzac expires this month…now I’m upset.

          • Yup Amanda. When I contacted them at the end of August about the missing Benzac they said it was already expired. So when I used the mascara & noticed it was dry & clumping I realized they probably sold old mascara too.? Seems like BeautyCon is a good convention, but needs a lot of work as a sub box.

          • You can buy all the Benzac products at the dollar store and I was missing the face wipe too.

          • Really the Dollar Tree store or a different one? I thought it cost $8.

  25. Uugh so dissapointed w this box… I’ve literally got all of this already, none of this is new or exciting at all for Fall! Sooo bad. Not at all worth it to me,?

  26. Ofra, milani, luxie. .. Ipsy has had them all for $10.00. Already have the angle brush thanks to Ipsy! This box sucks to me. Not excited at all. Loved all my past boxes including Bethany’s.

  27. I am super excited. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MakeupShayla. I cannot wait to get my box.

  28. Thank goodness I cancelled before I got this box. Regards they charge even after you cancel . They do . But my solution was resolved extremely fast and got my money back as well last month free box. I haven’t been charge since then.

    • Really well that’s ridiculous and should be against the law since you clearly cancelled

  29. Stickers, candy and a pin in a curated makeup subscription box? No wonder makeupshayla only has a few hundred thousand subscribers. Why did beautycon even collab with her? Because of the Jeffree Star drama or because tarte was nice enough to let her help create a contour palette for woc? This whole box is a hot mess and very doubtfully worth over $100. Seriously with duo lash glue? If I didn’t have an annual subscription, I would not have gotten this box to begin with for who curated it but for the people who chose to buy it because of the curators, beautycon is going to have a lot of very mad consumers on their hands. They need to keep working with people like grav3yardgirl, who put real thought into their boxes and the people who will be purchasing them. I can go buy candy myself and stickers are for children.

    • AGREED!!!

    • I am so with you. I loved the last two boxes. They were really well put together and had exciting products. This is … disappointing. And I’m being kind.

      • I’m totally with you! This box is an extreme disappointment. The last 2 boxes were amazing.

      • I hadn’t even gotten my hands on the box when I wrote my comment. Now that I have, disappointed is beyond an understatement. A sample size of duo lash glue and 7 simple face wipes? Are you kidding me? The only things worth anything I’ve already gotten in an ipsy box. This box isn’t even worth $10. I will be writing customer service about a refund for this crap!

        • They seriously need to do something about this box. I’m really regretting signing up for annual supscrition ?

    • I totally agree with Brandy.. Not a box that knocks my socks off.. I have most everything in the whole box… I was loving my annual subscription box until this one. sucks! Can we skip a box???? If we could I would so skip this one… It is NOT worth it. I loved the last 2 boxes. but this one?? No way.. why don’t they collab with Shaaanxo, twilighchic143 or Tati?? I think they would do a good job.

      • Ooooo Tati would be awesome!

      • Would love tati and suggested it in the summer and then they give us this crap.

    • Omg exactly!! This sucks and they took $36 from me even though I cancelled. This company is not very professional.

      • They did the same to me. I found their cancellation email and replied to it that they better refund me because I had canceled. They wrote back that they would process a refund and I could keep the box since it already shipped so I’d contact them if I were you!

    • i agree. I lucked out in that the card number on file for me is not good anymore so they couldnt charge me. lol I’ve heard that is the only way to get out of the sub with them, they are awful from what I am hearing. I by mistake ordered two of the same boxes last quarter and even when notified they refused to refund the one and sent me two boxes. Luckily that box had some good items I could use, glad I didnt get two of these or I would BE LIVID> lol

      • My card doesn’t expire for another 2 years…dang it.

  30. I am soooo disappointed by this. Wish I could of canceled before they took the money out.. I already got a contour brush last month, a bag of candy… Seriously? Wish I could say one thing caught my eye but this box is a joke this season… I just can’t believe beautycon allowed this.

    • I meant last box, not month

    • You can only cancel within 7 days of receiving your box. They are extremely shady.
      Make sure you cancel right away when you get your box or you will be stuck.

  31. Wow I’ve just looked up this company and they have been scamming a bunch of people and charging them even when they have cancelled. People have to contact their banks to block these people from stealing their money. Wow…. And look there my previous comments seem to be missing…. Just wow.

    • Wait nevermind they’ve just popped up now what the heck, my internet must be slow lol….

    • Wow, good to know. I was interested until I heard about this.

    • That is why I did mine through PayPal. They charged me again after I canceled and I disputed it with PayPal and had them cancel any further charges

      • Wait there was PayPal…I don’t think I saw that checking out.

  32. I tried to cancel months ago BC I didn’t want anymore and apparently they charged me and I didn’t even know it and omg what a waste, this box does not look appealing to me at all, what a waste of $36 omg, I might be sick now ughhhhhh

    • Does anybody know their phone number so I can call them to cancel?? I did not even want this box nor was I expecting it, and after seeing these spoilers I’m astonished!! How bad this one is…

      • Nicole- You can chat live and cancel, I did that earlier today. She was very friendly and cancelled it quickly. Plus, it’s nice to have the chat saved as proof that it was done.

        • Ohh thank you good to know, I’ll look into that

  33. I could tell by the lack of hype on this season’s box that this wasn’t going to be good. This is by far the most disappointing box from them so far, but since I got my annual sub for 50% I can’t be too upset because the previous 2 boxes were well worth the $50 dollars I paid for 4 boxes.

    • I agree, I had the 50% off deal, the first box Bethany was juvenile, but gave most of it to my 13 year old niece, but the last 2 were awesome. This is my last, I cancelled my sub so it did not renew at an annual rate. We will see if they really cancelled it, but I am saving my email about it.

    • Whoa whoa whoa I never got 50% off…that would have been amazing…when was that? I only got 5 off when I signed up 🙁

  34. I’m not too impressed with the fall box. Kandee’s summer box (my first box)was way better.????

  35. This is more of a $15-$20 box for me. And if I had the spoilers I wouldn’t even pay that. Cancelling as soon as my 7 day window opens up. 🙁

  36. I don’t hate it, but this is definitely my least favorite box that I’ve received from them since last Winter’s Bethany Mota box.

    I can’t really complain, I got my annual sub when they had that Valentine’s Day glitch and only paid $56 for the year.

    I am looking forward to that Ofra lip color, looks like the perfect color for me.

  37. The one thing I’m disappointed about is the fact that there isn’t an Artist Couture highlighter sample! I was hoping there would be as soon as Mac_Daddy was announced. I knew there was no hope of a full size lol! Otherwise pretty excited to get this box, I love Luxie brushes!

    • Agreed! That’s what I was really hoping for as soon as I saw him. This box sucks, and I’m cancelling ASAP.

  38. I was prepaid so I’m getting this box. I think Grav3yardgirl and Kandee spoiled me. Beautycon really pushed those boxes. Even offered Kandee’s box if you sir up for an annual sub. They don’t seem too keen on this box. Neither do I. I’ll have to have it in my hot little hands first.
    This is the last box in my prepaid sub. If they get Wayne Goss then I’ll be all over that. Or one of the YouTubers who use just e.l.f. cosmetics. $150 worth of e.l.f would be the mother lode!

  39. I’m I the fence with this box. I’m mainly excited for Luxie brush and Ofra liquid lip. Other than that dosent seem like too good of box compared to last few.

  40. Looks great! I’m excited…especially for the pin, lashes, and Ofra!

  41. Kind of bummed the Jouer product is the lip conditioner and not one of their lipsticks. I have the lip conditioner already. I do love it though.

  42. Bla……. nothing to exciting. Seems like a much lower value than prior boxes.

  43. Wait, ate those pink and red things the sugarfina spoiler? …I was hoping for another little cube… ): Well, probably wasn’t going to happen at this price point, but a girl can dream! (:

  44. Hmm I like this. It’s a lot of products you don’t usually get in other beauty subs.

  45. This looks great! Can’t wait to get mine!

  46. I’m kinda glad I cancelled, it’s not that the items are horrible, it just doesn’t seem as though much thought went into the curating. The other boxes felt like you knew the person making the box. This is a hot mess. Maybe because 2 people worked on it.

    • Oh I disagree. Even Kandee, whom I like, she didn’t know the Garnier product she showed us and had never used that brow product in a tutorial.

    • How did you cancel successfully?? I cannot seem to

  47. I’m so excited to get mine! Love this box so much, always so fun and great products!

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