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Beautycon Box Summer 2017 FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

Beautycon - Summer 2017

Beautycon has released the FULL spoilers for the Summer 2017 BeautyCon Box

The Summer BeautyCon Box Ambassadors:

Kim Thai and Aidette Cancino

Each box will include:

Beautycon Box - Summer 2017

Beautycon Box - Summer 2017

Beautycon Box - Summer 2017

Beautycon Box - Summer 2017

Beautycon Box - Summer 2017

Beautycon Box - Summer 2017

Beautycon Box - Summer 2017

Beautycon Box - Summer 2017

Beautycon Box - Summer 2017

Beautycon Box - Summer 2017

What do you think of the Beautycon Summer Box spoilers?

Beautycon Box is a quarterly beauty subscription box. They highlight different beauty influencer curators each season and send a mix of beauty and accessory items.

Save 10% off of your first subscription box with coupon code MSAbeautycon10Beautycon is $35.99 a box ($29 +6.99 shipping and it ships once a quarter).

Check out our reviews of Beautycon to learn more about this subscription box.

Beautycon Box

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Comments (89)

  1. Don’t know if you guys know but I just got this box for $8.75. Use coupon code FLASH on their site. It’s their last one and is available still.

  2. Hate red lip glosses or lipsticks…….went in trash can.

  3. I received two of the brilliant sheet masks. Did anyone else?

    • I received 2, too.

  4. I got mine today – the Doucce lip gloss is gorgeous! The picture above really doesn’t do it justice.

    And the eyeliner is a beautiful shimmery blue.

    I thought it would be more items, though. This is basically the size of a regular beauty box.

    • Did you receive two brilliant sheet masks or just one?

      • I received two. The spoilers did say “masks” though, plural, so I was expecting at least two, especially with the RV of $14.

  5. I got my box yesterday and tried out most of the products this morning… They are even more disappointing than I expected. 🙁

    • Why, what’s wrong with them?

    • Got mine yesterday. The mascara left my lashes clumpy and took awhile to dry. The eyeliner wasn’t very pigmented. Lippies and eye shadow went right into the donations pile.
      I do like the nail file and cuticle oil and haven’t tried the masks yet.
      Beautycon usually has better variety. Two lippies in one box? The mascara is valued at more than Better Than Sex? This wasn’t a very well thought out box.

      • I need to add that the silicone applicator is no joke. I’m glad I got to try it. You use A LOT less foundation. I still needed to do a little blending with my fingers, but worked out pretty well. Cleans easily.This may change my feelings about this box.
        Mascara was still a fail. Removal was weird, however, I found that it worked well as a light coat on my eyebrows.

    • Ditto on the disappointment. This is a bad box. I thought I’d be happy with the eye products but they are awful apart from only the colors. The shadow stick has no staying power, the color is nice but creases/melts. The eyeliner color is a pretty shimmer blue but melts, doesn’t last and ends up smudged on my upper lid. The mascara clumps lashes on the second coat but the color is such at beautiful deep black. I like the silicone sponge though it does tend to tug a little on the skin during foundation application. The colourpop lippie is too bright for my taste but mixed with the gorgeous Doucce lipgloss it is wearable. The cuticle oil smelled like a lemony sweet bathroom cleaner and the brush bristles were coming apart. 3 face masks were an ok addition and the glass nail file is ridiculous. Compared to the winter and amazing spring box this is a poorly curated box for my taste.
      So yes, this box was even more disappointing now that I have it in my hands.
      Beautycon, please make the fall box awesome

      • *whew* I’m relieved to see that I’m not the only one who feels that this was a sucky box.
        This was my 1st time getting the Beautycon box & I kept thinking, “For what I paid and all the hype surrounding this, this sure is a crappy box!!”

        I literally was on my way to cancel but thought I would check here first.
        Should I give it another chance?

  6. I’ve been a Beautycon subscriber for over 2 years and I just received Summer box! I can’t help but to feel disappointed compared to past boxes! Am I the only one who thinks it’s missing a signature item? Compares to competitors summer boxes in the same price range is a huge disappointment! I might cancel if they can’t redeem themselves in their fall box!

  7. I cannot believe how many people are dragging this box in the comments! I think it will 100% depend on your preferences but for my tastes I am loving it. I absolutely LOVE red lipstick and I’ve wanted to try a lip product from Colour Pop for a while but just haven’t taken the plunge yet. So glad it’s the ultra satin and not matte bc I’ve heard that formula is insanely drying. I think the red lip and blue eyeliner are screaming 4th of July look to me. The only products I’m not excited about are the two masks and the silicone sponge. My best friend got me the Silisponge for my birthday back in January and I still have yet to try it out. I’m always hesitant with masks since I have sensitive skin. I’m also not jazzed about the cuticle oil but it’s not at the bottom of my list. This will only be my second Beautycon box and so far I’m so happy I dropped Play! and switched to this. I think I’m getting mine in the mail Tuesday and can’t wait to crack it open and review it for my blog!

    • I don’t know, I think this box is so much better than several others combined (yes, Play included, I unsubscribed from that one after only one month, they never send stuff I actually want to try), that I really don’t understand why everyone is so down on it, either. The nail products in this are a “meh” for me, but everything else is exactly on point!

      • I had Play! for about a year and then canceled because I, on average, only liked maybe 2/6 items and it just did not seem worth it to me. I actually really like the nail products! The cuticle oil smells really good and actually worked for me and I like that the nail file isn’t too gritty since I keep my nails really short. I’m not the most thrilled about the beauty drop but everything else seems pretty promising to me.

  8. This box is nothing but a box full of disappointment. It’s like they threw a bunch of crap in a box that was last minute and put absolutely no thought into it. Some of the items are ok but there is no wow factor to this box. I almost feel cheated.

    • I feel the exact same way and I’ve been a Beautycon subscriber for over 2 years! So disappointed!

  9. Yes it’s two sample packages of charcoal face masks, not just one. And one sample package of the cucumber mask.

    I just received the box this morning. I’m excited about trying out the items, but I agree that it seems the number of items and actual value keeps decreasing. The shadow crayon is shimmery and a pretty neutral. Nice for summer. The red liquid lipstick is rather bright, but will pop really nicely with a tan and summer outfits. The other liquid lipstick is a good neutral. The blue eyeliner looks fun and I’m looking forward to lining the corners of my lower lid with it.

    I originally got this box because it advertised full-size items and not samples, and the winter and spring boxes had several items that I would use regularly. But I agree that it looks like previous boxes were even better. It’s disappointing 🙁 Looks like I should maybe switch to Ipsy.

    I’ll stay on this subscription for another season but if Ipsy still looks better I’m going to drop it…

    • Also, I calculated the value of this box. According to their quoted retail prices, the total retail value is $152. However, the silicone sponge is their own brand and they have it priced at $20. Comparable silicone sponges online are $6.

      If I purchased a similar alternative at my local drugstore for each item I estimate I would spend approximately $55. I personally will regularly use at least $42 of my $55 estimate. So this box is still worth it for me although I’m not as impressed with this one as previous seasons even though they may have assigned this box a higher retail value.

  10. I always look to see if it’s a good box each season ,hasn’t been good since last summer or was it spring

  11. Wow this box sucks thankfully unsubscribed. They better not sneak attack me and still charge my card!

  12. It’s a no from me. I’m glad others are happy with it though! 🙂

  13. I just switched from a monthly box to BeautyCon hoping that the items would be more seasonal. And for the most part it looks like I’ll be happy. Summer to me is about being on the go and being outdoors – concerts, festivals, barbeques, and beaches. So I can see that the cuticle oil & nail file will keep my toes looking pretty in my sandals. Since I really simplify during the hot and sweaty months my hot and sweaty skin will love the masks, but I could care less about the makeup applicator. I’m even on board with the bright blue eyeliner – keep the rest of the eye nude, swipe on the mascara and lip gloss and you‘ve got yourself a fun pretty look. The second look from this box would be the gold eye chubby (always a good summer choice!) with the red lip color – and it’s the red lip color that I’m iffy about – it just makes me feel like the girl in the room who’s trying too hard.

    • Since they didn’t name the shade of the Colourpop, I’m not sure everyone is getting red. There might be some variation. And I agree on that bright blue eyeliner. I think it’s going to look amazing with a tan, and just some mascara on the eyes. I actually love, in summer, a bright liner layered on top of a black one, with just mascara.

      • Scratch that…I just saw that they did name the color.

      • Where do you see that?

      • It says “London Fog”

      • Oh my god, that is so awesome! I am so glad it’s not “Cozy”! Doing a little dance, lol.

        Sorry to all the folks who don’t care for red lipstick. 🙂

  14. Okay–I get tired of *boxes* always sending out RED when it comes to lip sticks. Why can’t it be a more medium color that maybe *everyone* would try? RED is not a color that just fits everyone. maybe a more mutual color would be nice. I have like a whole drawer of REDS that will never get used because its not me. (I have tried to give this stuff away–its not any of my friends either) thanks.

    • I LOVE reds… but hate liquids 🙁 Man I’ll be happy when bullet lipstick comes back into fashion.

      • You are probably alone in this. 🙂

  15. Such a disappointment in this box. By far my least favorite Beautycon box. These are beauty professionals curating these boxes. Stop with the same stuff. Let’s think out of the box. Fake lashes or some type of bronzer/ strobing product. This is summer! Thankfully I’m getting the FabFitFun box.

    • FabFitFun is a HUGE value and such an enjoyable box filled with variety of things. They are so thoughtful in the included items and themes. BeautyCon is becoming redundant and trendy.

      • It’s a matter of preference, really. I think the “lifestyle” boxes are pointless, I’ve never seen a review for one where I liked or would have used at least half of the box. I can just imagine my reaction if I received something like that “roundie”, for instance.

        Besides, this is a beauty box, it’s supposed to have beauty items, I am not sure how that’s a valid comparison.

      • I’m so disappointed in this box that I wish I had FabFitFun instead!

      • To each their own. While I do feel this Beautycon box is not up to my expectations after the last two, I do prefer trendy. FFF just isn’t for me. I had it and cancelled, although it does seem to have gotten better since then. I have thought about resubbing, but then I realize I already have most of the stuff I want from them in other boxes. I would rather spend more $ and have a better quality lifestyle box like BOS.

    • I ABSOLUTELY AGREE! where is the shinnneee?

  16. I really wish Kim Thai would have included her lashes or wanderlush. But I guess the box has certain sponsors and companies that they have ties with that they have to include for exposure. I just wish the curators actually fully curated.

    • Notice that they weren’t called “curators” this season? They were called “ambassadors”!? Like what’s that about? Past “curators” put a lot of thought and personalization into their boxes!

    • Did you notice that they weren’t called “curators” this season, but referred to as “ambassadors”? What is that all about? Past curators put a lot of thought and personalization into their boxes!

      • I just read a post today that during Kim Thai’s unboxing video of this box, she had no idea what was in the box other than the Colour Pop lippie. I haven’t watched her video, but if that’s the case, then how can she even be an ambassador for this season’s box if she doesn’t even know what’s in it?

  17. I am kinda happy with the contents of the box. It’s a full eye and lip box. The other products are just a strange curation. I have wanted to try the gimmicky silicone sponge. I also have enough masks to last me a year or so and the cuticle oil and nail file are ok. Will see how I feel when I actually receive my box since it shipped today

  18. For the most part, I like it. I wish we’d gotten an actual nail polish instead of a nail file, though.

    • I wish it was one of those nail buff/polish blocks instead because the one I have is wearing out. 😃

  19. Womp, womp. Pretty disappointing. I have been curious about the silicone sponge though so that’s nice. And I go through cuticle oil like water so it’ll definitely get used. But the rest are all meh. Oh well, you can’t win ’em all.

  20. What! I could blindly throw 11 items from my vanity into a box and it would be more cohesive than this.

    Can anyone tell me how to cancel? Is it still call within one week of receiving the box??

  21. Yikes. It has a nice value, but it just seems like such a jumbled up mess of stuff. I always seem to be disappointed in the ones that have 2 curators because you end up with 2 of a lot of stuff and if you don’t like that item there isn’t as much variety.

  22. I think this box is nice but I wish that they would include non-beauty items such as jewelry or even candy. Also, it seems like they’ve been including less items inside their boxes. This box has only 10 items; this year’s Spring box had only 11 items; the first three boxes I got when I first subscribed had 12 items in each box.

    • Just shows how different everyone’s preferences are. 🙂 I’d be truly pissed if I received candy in a beauty box. And jewelry… for me it would have only been okay if it was an extra item, and was not included at the expense of beauty items.

    • Maybe that’s why I thought this one was weak. I don’t count the items often, and certainly don’t remember the count, but yes, it does seem lighter. Personally, I don’t want jewelry or candy instead of beauty items in a beauty box, but I do feel like they could have done more with beauty items.

      • I agree with you about the fact that they could have included more beauty items inside this season’s box, but I believe that this box started out as a teen lifestyle box (hence the reason for the jewelry and candy preferences, although a makeup bag would be nice too since it is a beauty box) before it strictly became a beauty box. But it does seem to me that when BeautyCon decides to curate the box they skimp on the number of items that they put in the box, although the Fall 2016 box was extremely disappointing as far as the box volume was concerned. I liked the items in that box, but I feel that more items could have been included in that box. Also, I understand that not everyone would want candy or jewelry in their beauty boxes but I would rather get either one of those than a measly sticker in my beauty boxes.

      • No, please, no more makeup bags! 🙂
        I already have too many from Ipsy and all the Ulta gifts. 😃

    • I tend to agree with you, this box was originally marketed as a lifestyle box, and not just a makeup box, and that’s what I liked about it.

  23. I’m definitely canceling this box after seeing this. The value continues to decrease with each box. I can pay $15 more for FAB box and it has at min 200-300% more value than this.

    • I’m thinking about switching to FabFitFun as well! These boxes have been pretty lack-luster, anddd they can include more full-sized items. Like the Freeman Beauty Renewing Cucumber Peel-off Mask full-sized tube is literally only $3 more…why not just give the full size instead of this sampler? #disappointed

  24. I’m looking forward to trying the silicone makeup applicator and the ColourPop lippie. I seem to have a small collection of rose gold eye shadow sticks from other subs of the past few months – DLS will be the 5th one! But, otherwise everything else while not exciting will be used by me or one of my daughters.

  25. Wow. This made the MakeupShayla box look good.

  26. Will there be more than one Feel charcoal mask? I noticed mask was plural.

    I personally feel this is their best box since last summer’s box. I love that there is no highlighters or dry shampoo or other hair stuff I have no use for. And blue eyeliner makes my eyes pop like no other so that is definitely up my alley. I’ve been wanting to try a silicone sponge as well. My only real dislike is the red Colorpop lip satin. But the Doucce looks like a pretty shade and I do have a friend with teenage daughter I’ve been saving some stuff up for. I’m sure one of them would like the Colorpop. I dare say that I am actually impressed with this box.

    • Those DLS crayons are gorgeous, btw, just make sure to use a good eyelid primer.

      And I, too, love funky color eyeliners, so the blue will be a hit for me if it goes on smoothly and has good staying power.

  27. Ugh.

  28. What a lame box for $36

    • Agreed

  29. I hope BeautyCon people read these comments. This is the most disappointing box they have ever put out imo. It really seems like there was no thought to it and even the lack of hype the company had in launching this box season’s box tells me they know it sucks. I am pretty bummed.

    • What kind of selection would have indicated a lot of thought to you? Honestly seems to me like any other beauty box, certainly not worse, and not any worse than what I’ve seen in the previous reviews for Beautycon.

      • I guess in the past their box curators have made videos and hyped their box a bit more before hand. I contacted the company early this week to inquire about the lack of information/ marketing on this year’s summer box. I’ve subbed this box about 2 years ago and the only other time they did pretty much zero marketing before the box launched the box was also disappointing and felt like they were sort of “throw away items” The Spring box was outstanding and I feel like the quality and value is not always consistent. Some seasons I think ” How the heck did they give me all of this for 36 dollars?” and then this season I feel like “seriously, this is it for$36 dollars?” So When I say they put thought into it, I mean it’s always fun when the people who contribute and curate the box can tell us a little bit about why they wanted to include those particular items.

  30. Wowzzza! I belong to the minority, I will assume, who thinks this box is the bomb! Sure it is low key but the items are very practical.

    I signed up for subscription boxes so I can try things that I wouldn’t even think of trying if I’m just buying them on my own.

    That silicone sponge made me so excited. And I never had a glass nail file so that will be new for me. Who needs another sea salt spray anyway? And I own a lot of Colourpop lippies but only had a sample bottle of London Fog so I’m so stoked to get this in my box too. The masks are all bonuses for me. I love using them while taking a warm bath. This box made me really excited!

    • I agree with you. I am excited to get my box too! I own nothing similar and these colors just my best color! I can’t wait to use them everyday this summer!

      • Besides, I don’t understand why so many people are complaining, as if these aren’t the same items you would receive in any other makeup box (lipsticks / lipglosses, mascara, eyeliner, etc).

        In my personal opinion the masks are a nice touch, and I am excited about that makeup applicator.

    • I agree with you….very usable items…I got my box today and love it….Def worth $35…2 lippies, 3 masks, Blue eyeliner, mascara, cuticle oil…silicon thingy, nail file and eye shadow…I had considered dropping this box in my “cutting back mode” but was so thrilled today I’ll stay on….

  31. I love Beautycon and am always excited about this box.

    But this one seems weak compared to the last two. Can’t put my finger on why. Maybe it’s that the last two seemed more well-rounded, with a full face of makeup and a few other items. Or that they had more recognizable brands, even if they were drugstore. Not that I don’t like these sub only brands (Doucce, DLS, even Manna Kadar) but I get them in other boxes. Beautycon was different, worth the three month wait.

    This is just okay, and hopefully I will fall in love with most of the items, but it’s not a wow for me.

  32. This box is more ‘meh’ than Summer.

    Both of those eye pencils will get tossed. I won’t be able to give those away!

    • You could give them away to me! 🙂
      I love eyeliner. All colors!
      I’ll pay for shipping! On a site like this, I’m pretty sure you can find a taker for any beauty product. One woman’s trash is another one’s treasure!

      • @Beka, sold!!

  33. I came here to see what might be in a box, to see if I would want to subscribe… I’d give away every single item in the box so looks like I wont be subscribing lol

    • I know. I just signed up and this is my first and probably my last one. So disappointed.

  34. Hmm, this seems light compared to their past boxes. It’s also pretty boring, I wish they had something in there that was more SUMMER.

    Maybe a hair item would have rounded it out?

  35. Btw, I saw more than one review of this box here on MSA state that the box is geared at teenagers. Uhm… how so? I am a grown-a** woman, and I love it.

    • I think it was when it started – it certainly isn’t anymore.

    • I’ll be turning 30 later this month, and I’ve been subscribed to this box since last summer. I believe that it was geared toward teens when it first started, but then somewhere along the way BeautyCon decided that they wanted to attract young adults to their brand as well, hence the reason why the boxes became more beauty-oriented than the teen beauty/fashion/lifestyle boxes that they started out as.

    • Lol! I am a grown A** woman too! I don’t think that we even care! That was great to read! The one thing with the Colour Pop lip, I was so looking forward to it, then I seen the color finally and was so bummed because I am not a red lip wearer, little bummed!

      • If the color really is “cozy”, then it won’t suit my skin tone either, I look good in cool reds, not warm orange reds. Since they are not specifying a shade though, I am hoping that there is variation.

  36. Not really digging this box although I love the last four items & colourpop lip

  37. Nope. Big nope

  38. Not bad! The only item I don’t care about is the cuticle oil (I just don’t use them), and I actually already have the Dirty Little Secret eyeshadow crayon (got a set of them on Ipsy offers – I love eyeshadow sticks). And I wonder how many sheet masks they are sending that the value is $14.

    • Oh, I really wonder how a silicone makeup applicator works – would really be curious to try.

      • So much better than a beauty blender whwre you can cut down on foundation to where you only need about two pea size drops although it can be a little tough to blend so I don’t recommend using for liquid highliter

      • That makes me even happier then. 🙂

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