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Ivory Clasp Handbag Subscription Review + Coupon- August 2016

Bekki Menzies
ByBekki MenziesAug 23, 2016 | 35 comments


Ivory Clasp
3.5 overall rating
17 Ratings | 1 Reviews

Ivory Clasp is “a subscription service which delivers a brand name purse right to your door.” When you sign up for your account, you do a full survey to give them an idea of what bags you would most like, and they offer a phone consultation as well. 


My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


The Subscription Box: Ivory Clasp

The Cost: $45.00 per month, or every other month with free shipping

COUPON: Use code MSA25 to save 25% off your first month!

The Products: “We offer totes, clutches, satchels, hobos, crossbody bags and other styles from a variety of brands.”

Ships to: United States

Check out the Women’s Accessory Box Directory and make sure to add Ivory Clasp to your subscription list or wishlist!


For my first month of Ivory Clasp, I received an Izzy and Ali tote bag. There are similar totes here but I can’t find my exact bag online. The similar Izzy and Ali tote bags are running anywhere from $149.00 to $169.00.  

Here’s a quick snapshot of the brand of bag I received: “Izzy & Ali is a Los Angeles based vegan handbag manufacturer with a commitment to produce fashion forward, animal-friendly designs of the highest quality for our customers. Our collection celebrates the effortless chic and dynamic landscape of Los Angeles by featuring a rainbow of hues, custom hardware, and designs. Izzy & Ali is a fun, affordable, quality brand that represents all styles from the Malibu cool girl to the downtown hip girl.”


Aaaannnnd here’s a picture of me being awkward. I’ve styled the bag here for daytime wear, and hope that this shows you how large this bag truly is. 

The bag is vegan leather. It doesn’t look too bad for vegan leather but you can definitely tell it’s not real. I am a handbag junkie, and I have to be very honest and say that I would never choose this bag for myself. 


Here’s a picture of the bag from above. 


Here’s a picture of the lining of the little clutch that comes attached to the bag. This is really handy for those items that you don’t want to fall into the black hole and disappear. I do really like that this bag has an orange lining opposed to a dark lining – it’s easier to find things!


Here’s a picture of an ‘evening’ look I used the bag with – I was headed to church, and decided to wear my pretty pleated midi skirt from Anthro, along with an Everlane tee (best t-shirt ever), and Corso Como sandals. 


(Hey look, there’s the Rachel Zoe watch from last fall!) 

Verdict: I think Ivory Clasp has potential, but I also think there is potential to mislead people based on the brands they mention on their front page vs. the unknown brand that I received. The brands they advertise are Michael Kors, Cole Haan, Vince Camuto, Fossil, Kate Spade, Sam Edelman, LeSportSac, and Jessica Simpson (a wide variety of price points there), and the brand I received is one I’ve not heard of (and again, I’m a bag junkie). Though, apparently they are sold at Nordstrom!

This style of bag is not what I would have chosen for myself, but it was nice to experiment with a new style a bit. I realize that I’m going to sound a bit snobbish here, but I rarely carry non-leather bags. The reason for this is that I am very hard on my bags, and leather holds up better to daily abuse.

I am interested to see what bag I receive next month for sure! Have you given Ivory Clasp a go yet?

Receive an on-trend handbag for only $49 every month, yours to keep, and personalized based on your style. Monthly and bi-monthly subscriptions available.
Bekki Menzies
Bekki Menzies
Bekki first discovered subscription boxes in 2014 and they quickly took over her life! (Not quite, but pretty close.) She started with POPSUGAR Must Have, then moved to Little Lace Box, Birchbox, Hamptons Lane...the rest was history. Her favorite product find is Beekman 1802 Fudge (so, so good) and her favorite boxes are Birchbox and Hamptons Lane...but she's always looking for a new subscription to try!

Bekki Menzies
Bekki Menzies
Bekki first discovered subscription boxes in 2014 and they quickly took over her life! (Not quite, but pretty close.) She started with POPSUGAR Must Have, then moved to Little Lace Box, Birchbox, Hamptons Lane...the rest was history. Her favorite product find is Beekman 1802 Fudge (so, so good) and her favorite boxes are Birchbox and Hamptons Lane...but she's always looking for a new subscription to try!
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I signed up in July. The first shipment was a fab tote from Splendid (like this but the insert and attached pocket were hot pink I chose every other month so I just got my latest shipment, and was this terrible Austin & York tote that looked like a knock off you would get in the fashion district. Luckily, they have some of the best customer service in the west and we’re getting the situation fixed right now. I’m curious to see what my replacement will be.


I am upset that this service did not live to my expectations.
I thought I would get a stylish purse and not have the headache of shopping as I work, and married with kids and go to grad school.
If they could guarantee a better quiz or a way to say not vegan leather with sponge paint ( that is how the dye on the purse sent to me looked) perhaps I will try again.


I’m starting to get worried with them they do have good service but the bags feel and look like flemarket bags .one came up on a wholesale site for knockoff bags.and they said that they too got swindled by the manufacturer. but then after keept selling them to people so that’s knowing that the bags were in fact cheap . Austinand York was just started and I kinda think it’s them because of the area and time it was set up you know the bags from flea markets and gas stations with a fake Prada badge well thats what I got.and stitches coming out hard plastic bag not a company wouldn’t sell that for 140. but now they can’t be in trouble if they sell a designer that they made up right? and I think they are using theses bags because coach and others we can look up and tell if they are knock offs.


I just tried Ivory Clasp and was somewhat hesitant due to the lack of reviews, so I thought I’d leave one. My first experience was a good one. I am not a handbag junkie but I am quite hard on my bags and find that certain brands stand up better to wear and tear than others. I’d like to add more of these bags to my accessories.

I received a direct email indicating that IC was ready to choose a bag from me but couldn’t find my questionnaire. Possibly a linking issue? I completed the questionnaire and they promptly emailed back and said that they would have my bag out soon.

My bag was a black bucket austin and york. I can’t seem to find this brand when search but my initial thoughts are cute and a good neutral style for me. The bag shipped and arrived SUPER fast. I found a 50% code (summer16) I believe. And I am excited to get another bag in two months.

I left feedback indicating that I don’t want any more bags with gold hardware, as I have several. The sytlist replied quickly thanking me and mentioning that she added a note to my account about the gold hardware. I really appreciate the prompt and friendly, personal service.

The only change I’d make would be the ability to leave a note, like stitch fix, with items that I am interested in at the moment prior to receiving my bag. I do understand they probably do not have the inventory to accommodate all the requests though.

If you love handbags and aren’t particularly concerned with well-known brands…this service is def. worth a try!


I believe I got the same bag as you then! I’ve gotten a bunch of compliments on mine so far at work. I really love it and their customer service is very quick… I got a reply back in a few hours! They said they’d make note of any of your likes/dislikes for future bags. I feel better knowing I can specify no fringe or no patterns, etc. It kind of takes the fear out that I might get something I didn’t like.


Update: The bag I got was a black bucket bag from Austin & York ( It says they were established in 2016.

According to Ivory Clasp’s website, they only sell current bags, not past seasons, which is why they can’t disclose what brands/bags they have because their licensing agreement prohibits them from competing with these goods sold at retail.

I could not find this bag anywhere online (not even on Autin & York’s site), nor could I even find their bags for sale at any major retailer. I would say the bag is comparable to what you’d find at TJ Maxx.


I’m going to take a wild guess, but in clicking on the HANDBAGS link in the upper right corner where you can choose to buy a bag outright, is that the selection of bags they have to send out for this month? I see her Izzy & Ally bag she’s reviewed on there.


Off topic: I love your Corso Como sandals! 🙂


Thank you! I grabbed them at Macy’s – they may still have them! I think they’re the Genni style.

They are my go-to shoe this summer!


I was gonna say… cute handbag, but lets talk about these shoes…


Dangit, now I wish there was a vegan accessories/apparel subscription! (or that Deux lux still did good mystery boxes) I’d rather get a new bag or 2 every year than wear leather, the process is just gross both from a humane and an environmental standpoint and I can’t look at the so-called status bags the same again.

Donna B.

I wouldn’t call myself a “bag junkie” or “bag whore” (ewwww), but I’ve been collecting bags and purses for 15 years, so i kind of know my way around.

Opposite to Bekki, I would never buy a leather bag – not worth the blood on my hands – but I have picked them up rarely at yard sales or accepted from friends who are on to the next, so long as they don’t smell too leathery. (yes, slightly guilty, and I feel bad.)

The reason leather bags usually look so much smarter isn’t the material of the product, it’s the art of the design. Big fashion companies hire real designers. For this item, I’m fine with the material, but the shape and the closure at the top just don’t do it for me.


I tend to disagree on the part that the leather bags are only better because of the designer, but I do understand where you’re coming from.

The shape and closure on this bag is the biggest reason it wasn’t my favorite! I like bags that hold their shape and have structure to them (and that I can zip shut), but this one has it’s place for some days.

Donna B.

I am not kidding when I say that most of my storage space is filled with handbags. I had to force myself to stop. Most are vintage, but i do have a current bag that is also a bucket bag, that is pretty stunning. Designers have to work hard to keep the bucket shape, yet also be casual and flexible, but it’s possible!

I know you think leather lasts better, but I have stunning purses from the 60s and 70s that will outlast you and me! Vinyl? Almost all of them are manmade, and I think it’s before polyurethane, but don’t know what to call them. I get compliments on these all the time, but it’s true that I don’t use them every day.


I don’t even get the whole vegan “leather” thing. I mean if it’s vegan it won’t be leather and if it’s vegan why even associate it with a word that is far from the definition of vegan. Is it a status thing to say: it’s vegan leather. Isn’t it really just vegan pleather?


I’m with you on this. I think they need to come up with another name for it to be sure!


“Polyurethane” doesn’t sound so fashionable…


Bekki – thanks so much for the review. I’m not loving this bag so much (or the subscription really – like others, I prefer saving up for a FABULOUS bag instead of getting a bunch of less expensive ones) but I LOVE your pleated skirt! Thanks so much for styling the bag for different occasions and for providing details on the outfits!


I agree with you, I tried and did not like the bag , the customer service was great.
I canceled I will just save up for a Fabulous bag.


Karen, thanks for the comment! I have to admit that I also save up for bags too. Right now, I have one on my radar and my husband is scared that I’m going to take the plunge. LOL.

The pleated skirt is one of my favorites! It’s from Anthro last fall I think. It’s so fun to wear.

Nancy Su

Bekki you’re gorgeoussss! Way too chic in those sunglasses. I was interested in this sub but I’m picky about my bags and what I want out of them…plus the advertised brands on their page does seem misleading. 🙁


Awww, thank you Nancy!

I too am picky about bags – I have a pretty carefully ‘curated’ collection of about 4-5 that I use for different events based on size, style, etc.

I know some people love new bags though, and love to swap them out regularly. I think this one would work for them!


I went ahead and tried this because i do like purses and I like the mystery aspect (what are they going to send me). I did like my first purse they sent, but as the reviewer above stated it is probably not one i would choose for myself. I’m going to give it one more go round and see what a second purse brings. they do have a shop where you can just buy a purse at full price and they do have some of those more famous brands. So I think perhaps you have a possibility of getting one of those at some point. But the reviewer above is correct- it is mentioned in small letters “brands like” so if you are expecting one of those known name brands you probably will be disappointed. I saw the heading, so i knew to probably not expect something off that list. these guys are a new company so I think they are still finding their legs. On a side note, what sold me was a blogger who tried a bag from them and it came with a slight defect. they sent her a brand new purse and instead of asking for the old one to be sent back they told her to donate it to whatever organization she choose. I found that policy to sit well with me so that’s why I tried them.

Theresa Hoffer

After speaking with customer service getting on of the listed brands or bags in their shop is a very very slim chance.


thanks for the update. that’s good to know. while i do like some name brands, it’s not a must have for me if I like the bag enough.


That is a wonderful policy to have. I’ve had Zulily do that for me before!

I am interested to see what other bags they have to offer – I think this sub could be very successful, but they may need to tweak their marketing to manage expectations.


Nordstroms doesn’t sell Izzy & Ali but you can get them on Amaxon or Forever 21. I would be pretty upset with this if I had thought like you I was getting one of the designers listed as I consider myself a bag whore. I don’t think I will waste my money on this.


Says “product not available.”


That’s interesting that Nordstrom doesn’t sell them. Izzy and Ali link to them from their page. That is a little deceiving of them if Nordstrom doesn’t actually carry their bags. Maybe it is a recent development though!


I too am a bag junkie, but I prefer one good one than a bunch of cheaper ones. So I tend to not buy for a whole year and save up for a LV. This sub caught my eye, and I looked it up. Above the name brands that you mentioned above are little small words that said “brands similar to” Michael kors, Vince camuto etc. So that is deceiving I think. Nordstrom has a lot of vegan leather bags in the $35/45 price range, but I do not buy vegan leather either bcause they do not hold up and I am not vegan.


Wendy, I am actually closer to you in terms of my bag purchases – I like to save up for a bigger purchase that I will keep for years!

I think this sub would be fun though for someone that loves switching out their bags!

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.