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GlossyBox Weekend Sale – 2 FREE Bonus Boxes with Subscription

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This deal is back! This weekend,ย use coupon code SUMMERHAIR to get 2ย free past Glossyboxes (chosen at random) with your first month of GlossyBox.

UPDATE: Cancellations for Glossybox subscriptions must happen by the 14th, so if you sign up today for the August box, you will also be getting the September box before you can cancel if you choose to.

Please note: the bonus boxes will ship separately from your subscription.

We recommend checking out to comments on this post before subscribing as some MSA readers have had issues with GlossyBox recently.

Full Details: *Offer valid through August 21st, 2016, 11:59 pm ET. Available while supplies last. Customer will receive two past GLOSSYBOX’s at random. The past boxes will be shipped separately once an order has been deemed successful. Valid only on the purchase of any new recurring subscription (Monthly, 3- Month, 6-Month or 12-Month). New plans will begin the date they are created and cannot be combined with an existing subscription/order. Apply code in the Enter Promotion Code section at checkout. If the code does not apply successfully before checkout, it cannot be added at a later time. One code per customer; cannot be combined with other codes/offers/promotions.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I signed up for their last B1G2 free promo and I’m so happy I did. All 3 came together and quickly. I don’t agree with other commenters…if you are going to subscribe to anything you are responsible to read the fine print. I fully understood their cancellation policy. It needs to be done by the 15th, so plan your sign up accordingly.
    The August box was a great one as well…I loved the hair oil-even though I have very thin hair, it smells great and didn’t make my hair at all greasy. I got the lighter lipstick shade, albeit it is very light, the packaging is super cute and I can def layer it over a darker color as I really like the feel. I really liked the Fango mask I got and love the smell of the after sun lotion. I can’t use the hair ties as I have short hair but they have already been requested in a trade. I can’t complain.
    I’m a happy & educated GB customer. As with any sub, read before you click and take advantage of all the info available here on MSA ?

    • What months were the two other boxes do you know?

      • I got the June “Tony Awards” collaboration box and the January 2016 box.

  2. I’m trying to put the promotion code within my order but it says “Sorry, your voucher code SUMMERHAIR is not valid for this product. Please select the correct product.” I am wondering if I was doing anything wrong. Thank you very much!

    • Try using the code Golden worked for me

    • I had the same issues last month. I thought I’ll get two extra boxes. Instead I got billed for a SE box I didn’t want. I sent an email ASAP, called but never got any reply. Very Bad

  3. Beware that there always could be problems. I never did until GB started offering these extra boxes. So far I’ve received only one out of the two I ordered on my regular account. My 2nd account I subscribed, then cancelled has problems. I ordered 3 of the extra boxes and they have not arrived. I’ve sent an email in both situations and they are looking. The really huge problem is is that my GB account said all of those boxes were delivered. So, a warning to all, you might want to save the box tops that have the tracking numbers.

    • I have the same problem. I took advantage of the Past GlossyBoxes on Sale for $14.5 each if you buy 2 of the same box and they only sent me one. I have been trying to contact them through emails and they never responded. I called customer service and used the call back option and when they called back it was an automatic respond saying that “Sorry it looks like we have just missed each other”. Apparently there was no human being calling me back it was just an automated system. Very disappointed.

      • I did the past box special as well and received only 1 of 2 boxes. I emailed and did not receive a response after a week. I did not email again based on the site threat that this puts you at the bottom of the list! I called and after holding about 5 minutes got a CS rep. She said there was a warehouse glitch and to expect it in 1-2 weeks. This is a really long time to wait, but she was pleasant and I did love the box I bought. I have been very happy with the past two months of boxes.

    • They are defiantly having some issues. I see nothing but left over items coming back, wired promos and very ehh products… I think they need to focuse on great times vs those “specials” ( get a box with all the left over we couldn’t sell before)

  4. I took advantage of the offer earlier this month, cancelled on the 14th and received 3 boxes this week. $180+ worth of items for $21 is a fantastic deal, especially if you can catch it during the first half of the month ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Agreed, I did the sand and thought I got an awesome deal! I believe I received the April, May and July

    • Agree! Have had no problems at all, either products or the mail. Mine should be here in a day or so, and I can’t wait! (I’m in LA.)

      NOTE: according to my emails, last time they started out in FedEx, and then the USPS mailman delivered them. This is very common with deliveries now, and it works great. I love looking forward to these boxes. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I just got my 3 boxes today. No issues. All 3 were in a larger box together. I got December 2015, May 2016 and current August box.

      • Can I ask you when did you place your order? I placed mine on August 12 and it has been stuck at packed since Monday.

        • I placed my order on 8/8. At the time I canceled (8/14) it still said “Packed” and I had not received tracking email yet, but I canceled anyway because I was pretty confident I would at least receive something since I paid for it already. I’ve subbed to Glossybox before on and off and never had any problem with them.

          • Thank you! I appreciate your quick response. I have ordered with them before and it was not a good experience.

        • I ordered 8/8. Cancelled 8/13. Received all 3 boxes today. Mine showed packing for several days maybe even a week. Once shipped they arrived in 5 days.

          • Thank you! I appreciate it.

        • I also placed my order in early August and cancelled before the 14th. And got Dec and may boxes as well with august. I kind of regret it, thinking I could have gotten better stuff for $20 … even @15 products.. there is only like 2 things I liked and would pay $1-2 bucks for. Tiny samples of cheap no brand overpriced products ?.
          Know I know to stick with sephora play, it’s the only box I truly enjoy

          • These are the same boxes I just receive. Honestly out of all three, I only liked a hand lotion and nail polish I received. The rest did not seem worthy of the twenty dollar price tag per box.

  5. They do these deals after the 14th on purpose lol but at least the new subs always get the higher end boxes. And it’s great they let you resub with same email. But I really need spoilers lol

  6. I haven’t had any issues with double charging or not receiving the boxes – I’ve done this deal twice with previous codes and I think it’s a great one.

    HOWEVER, Glossybox is not really transparent with their cancellation policy, so people should know that if they sign up for this, they’re signing up to pay for not one but two months of Glossybox, so they’ll receive four boxes for $42 instead of three for $21. Cancellations have to be done by the 14th, so since we’re on the 20th of the month, you’re signing up for both August and September. It’s still a good deal, but since it’s not super obvious that’s the case, people can (in my eyes, justifiably) be upset about that. I feel like MSA should note this in their posts.

    • Ditto! MSA and GlossyBox should be more clear about this. I signed up for this deal thinking it was buy one box get two free and cancelled 2 days later only to find out that I would have to purchase the September GlossyBox at full price because it was after the 14th. Still a decent deal (well, depending what I get because I haven’t received any of the boxes yet) but would have been good to know before I ordered so I could make an informed decision. Really, who actually reads the terms and conditions that are linked from the order page? Very few I’m sure because we trust they tell us all of the important details upfront in the order page and the t’s and c’s are extra details their lawyers make them include. Anyway, lesson learned.

    • I’m glad you pointed this out – I tried to cancel on the 18th of August (the day my 3 boxes shipped) and it said September would be my final month. It wasn’t a HUGE deal, but it’s definitely annoying to feel like you’re forced into multiple months.

    • Added and bolded that information. Thank you, Molly!

    • My suspicion is that GB has purposefully designed its cancellation policy this way to generate additional revenue and inflate its “continuing subscriber” count. They are counting on subscribers not bothering to look up and read the cancellation policy, thus unintentionally committing to another month. While I agree that this is a shade underhanded (particularly when a new subscriber automatically commits to 2 months if they subscribe between the 16th and 31st) there’s also a case to be made for being an informed consumer. The policy isn’t only “hidden” among the legalese in the Terms and Conditions – GB’s FAQ explains the cancellation policy in several places, with details regarding month-to-month, 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions, and how one can make changes to their subscription plan without overlap. Also, the “Contact” area of the website is updated every month with that month’s cut-off date to avoid the following month’s renewal charge.

      I say this not to point fingers nor to defend Glossybox (hardly; they’re big kids and can take care of themselves), but to 1). dispel the idea that this is esoteric information that only a select few people hanging out on this thread have access to; and 2). encourage us all to take the initiative to be shrewd and informed consumers, thus making it harder for companies and corporations to take advantage of us.

      • +1

        I signed up in January for a regular no-promo sub and cancelled in late June. I failed to fully read the FAQs when I joined and discovered upon cancelling that I was locked in for July. Totally my fault.

        But, now if/when I resub anywhere, I am a psycho about researching that vendor’s membership guidelines in detail.

        Lesson learned and noted, lol.

      • You are so right. Glossybox has a cancellation policy in place.


  7. I subscribed for one year in February. There weren’t any coupon codes at the time so I emailed them to ask if they had any coupon codes I could use. They gave me a coupon code for 30% off for a year! How awesome is that!?! They responded right away, too. Amazing customer service!

  8. I did post this on the other comment section for GlossyBox but I think it’s ok to repost my info.
    I ordered this deal the end of July for my daughters birthday. She received 3 boxes within 10 days all in one larger box.
    Inside was the July box with the Nuxe Shimmer, the Tony Awards box and the one with the Norell perfume.
    Then when Haley, maybe? Posted her August review, both mine and my daughters boxes came in when hers did. Our boxes were carbon copies of the review ones. I did look at when the charges were put thru and there was a 5 day space between them. No problem that I could see with double billing on my card.

  9. I have done this twice and I think it is a great deal for $42 for 4 boxes. I have been super pleased with the contents and for $10.50 per box I feel like it has been an incredible deal. I received very high value boxes. I have already received 2 August boxes and had cancelled before the September billing cutoff so I am going to wait and see the Sept spoilers before re-subbing. If they do another BOGTwo in Sept. I will definitely sign up. I love GlossyBox!

  10. has anyone signed up previously? if so which boxes did you receive?

    • I received the June Tony box and January, I believe. January was great.

      • thanks!

  11. I’m glad you said to read the other comments. This looked like a good deal but I see they are not sending the extra boxes out & double charging. So in light of reading all the Comments it’s a #NoThanks for me!!

    • I signed up for this deal and received my 3 boxes. I have been changed correctly as well. You have to cancel by the 15th to avoid the next month. I think that’s why so many people think they are being charged after they’ve cancelled. I could be wrong, but if you pay through PayPal and are charged incorrectly, it’s simple to correct. I’ve discovered several wonderful products I never would’ve found without Glossybox, and their actual boxes are INCREDIBLE.

  12. Is this for new customers only, or can I redeem it if I am cancelled with an existing email address? Anyone know? Thanks.

    • I was able to use the last code for BOGO and it worked

    • I have used these deals 3 times and it applied to re-subscribers who had previously canceled using the same account/email address.

  13. For $7 per box, I am SO tempted. But I’m scared lol. I’ve never subbed to Glossy before. Did people finally get their July boxes?

    • I did – but, be forewarned.

      Their cancel policy can be a bit misleading – you must cancel for the next month before the 15th of the current month. Since today is the 19th, I believe you would be billed today for the August +2 and be committed to a September charge, as well.

      So, technically, you will pay $42 for 4 boxes. But, you might want to confirm that with them.

      • So…in July, I signed up for 3 months. What are they going to do when my 3 months ends? Put me on another 3 month membership? Or month to month? And when would I need to cancel? I actually don’t want to cancel Glossy. I love it but I may try to get in on one of these deals. Thanks for any info.

        • The subscription is recurring.

          So, you are locked in for July/Aug/Sept. They will charge you for the Oct-Dec 3-month sub around 10/1-ish. If you don’t want that, you need to cancel before 9/15.

          If you like the service but don’t want that long of a commitment, you could always cancel the 3-month before 9/15 and re-sub as a month-to-month.

          But, if you choose to do that for the October box, re-sub after 10/1. If you re-sub 9/15-9/30, you would get another September box AND be locked in to October’s charge, since it would be after the 15th.

          Whew. I think I’m right but if not, hopefully someone will correct my post. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Wow!!! Thank you so much. So happy to have acces to people with so much knowledge. I’m putting those dates in my calendar and going month to month.

          • You’re absolutely welcome! Glad you are enjoying it. ๐Ÿ™‚

            I’ve loved almost all of my GB boxes, with a couple of frustrating exceptions (I’m looking at you, Nuxegeddon). And, I haven’t had many problems with their customer service, albeit slow to respond at times.

            Good luck!

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