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GlossyBox August 2016 Spoiler + Coupon

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Thanks to Traci for letting us know about the firstΒ GlossyBox spoiler for the August 2016 box!

Each box will include:

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A sample size of Too Faced Mascara Melt Off Cleansing Oil! (Full-size pictured)

What do you think of the first spoiler? I love Too Faced, and this seems like an innovative product – I’m excited to try it!



FYI – GlossyBox is $21 a month with a monthly subscription. Use coupon code DOUBLE to get a free bonus box with your subscription. Check outΒ my GlossyBox reviews to learn more about this subscription.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Just got charged today for my august box, and STILL waiting on my July box. Really Glossybox? really? Plus I ordered two of the off boxes and they havent shipped yet either.

    • Me too!!!! I just sent CS an email requesting why I am being charges twice. UGH not pleased

      • Call your credit card company- they will get it handled faster- Never give any sub company your debit info. Buy a visa or amex gift card if you don’t have a credit card. It’s just easier and better protection for you.

    • I got charged for a box even though I canceled. :/ Honestly, I remember why I canceled the first time around.

      • I had subscribed via paypal, so the only way to cancel was via paypal. I cancelled my subscription in plenty of time, prior to the 14th of the month as Glossybox requires, and they still tried to charge my paypal acct, also sent me emails asking me to update my payment info. I wrote back informing them that I had cancelled, and they informed me that they had not recieved notification on time. Paypal of course denied the payments, which was good, so they were unable charge me. I am glad that I did not provide them with my direct credit card info. Now if I could just get the items missing from my last box, I would be happy.

  2. For people wondering why everyone does not get the same items, this is from their faq-

    >We have several variations of GLOSSYBOX each month. The version chosen is based on location, preferences and possible GWP options. <<

    It says it is based on location, which is interesting.

    • Location does seem like an odd factor. Maybe they have multiple warehouses? But still…

      Again, I don’t have a problem with variations, as long as they are comparable in their objective value. This month, with upwards of a $55 disparity between variations, was not objectively comparable.

    • I was a little up set that I did not get the perfume in April’s box. I like glossy box but they need to send out what is advertised.

    • I’m wondering what the “GWP options” means.

      • I think it means gift with purchase

    • Ethnicity/skin color also is a factor. I emailed them once because they sent me tanning lotion and I’m african American… I can’t do anything with tanning lotion. They were very nice, and let me pick a new item (whatever I wanted from a list of 16 items). Glossybox never sent me anything tanning related again. I saw that most girls received a box containing tanning bars for june 2016. I didn’t get that, instead I got mineral face water spray which was more valuable anyways. So I was very happy to see that in my box instead of versaspa samples.
      If you cannot use a certain product, email them and let them know.

      Although ethnicity is a factor, I’m not sure they care too much about hair texture considering I’ve gotten sea salt spray and I filled out my profile saying I have curly hair. I have curlllls galore! But that’s okay, at least I can play around with hair sprays (even if they’re not made for my hair type specifically) sometimes they work, so I don’t mind that at all.
      I’m glad they send out different boxes. Otherwise I wouldn’t still be subscribed if I literally could not experiment with the products (like tanning lotions).

  3. Oh I got the shimmering oil and hate it.
    My boxes were as follows:
    Beautiful Nutrition- Lemon Rinse
    MeMeMe-Lip glide -(Peach)
    417- Foot Cream
    Emite’ Make Up-Primer
    Royal Apothic -Cream Cream
    Icona Milano-Mascara
    Sinful Colors- (Black)
    La Splash Gloss-(Red)
    Tan Towel
    Sebastian Professional Whipped Hair Cream
    Caolion Pore Pac Duo
    Leighton Denny Mist Accelerator
    Sinful Colors- (Gray)
    Eyeko Fat Stick -(Satin)
    Sabon- Shower oil-(They didn’t send the lotion)
    Glov- Make up Remover-(finger)

    4) Current
    Nuxe Shimmering Oil
    Leighton Denny Miracle MIst Accelerator
    Too Faced Lipstick (Chihuahua)
    Fango Essenziali (Mask)
    Eyeko Fat Stick (Satin)
    Glov Make up remover(Finger)

    • Omg I will take the shimmer oil if you don’t want it! I didn’t get it and was so upset.

  4. I signed up for a 3-mo sub, with the code SUMMERFUN, for the two free boxes. I received all three together this week. Two were pink, and one was black, with “June” and “Tony Awards” on the cover. The contents sound like the July box, though, so maybe they ran out of boxes? I don’t know if my sub has started with June or July, though; so I wrote and asked. They do seem to reply quickly, though not always to the point.

    • I did the same and got the same, yr subscription started in July with the June box. (They were July items)

    • Glad you got a reply. I emailed a question about my 3-mo. sub in early July and never got a response. The Tony box is June. They are sending their old stuff.

    • The free boxes are leftover past boxes. It states that in the information. Free boxes usually come on the same day as your first box.

  5. I’m still waiting on my shipping to work… I called them a couple days ago and she said a few people had called with my same issue and that they were waiting on a response from FedEx because possibly the wrong tracking numbers were given or something along those lines. She also said she would email me today which is Friday with an update. I just looked and I’m also not getting the Nuxe oil. It says I am getting:
    Leighton Denny Expert Nails Miracle Mist
    Vichy Thermal Spa Water
    fango ESSENZIALI PURIFY Treatment Sheet Mask
    GLOV Glov Quick Treat
    EYEKO FAT STICK in Satin
    Tree Hut Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil

    • Good for you Asia, that’s a marvelous box. It is interesting that some receive oil and others don’t. I thought the powers of GB didn’t plan accordingly and ran out of the product, but now that idea has proven incorrect. Then we surmised that only new subscribers received the oil, and that has not proven true. The mystery of the oil continues… Does the secret lie in our personal surveys or a total breakdown of their beauty management staff?

      • I’m new and didn’t receive the oil. That’s why I promptly cancelled. My 3-mo. sub. ends in Aug. Now I have to worry about all the posts I’ve seen elsewhere that they will randomly use your credit card # months after you cancelled to bill you for a box … some people have had it happen repeatedly. I’m thinking maybe I should call my card co. and claim I lost my card so I get a new number and pre-empt GB at their deceptive and childish business practice/game.

    • I was in that same boat! I got mine on Saturday but the eyeshadow was melty πŸ™ Not my color was I’m going to let it go but when they emailed that a “few” people had the same issue, it made me wonder. I am looking forward to the too faced spoiler but hope it isn’t a tease like they did with the Nuxe oil

      • I received the two face mascara stuff tried it out for the first time last night. Awful! It burned my eyes, I will try again maybe I applied too much. I was charged for another box well after I canceled my subscription. I emailed them two weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything. I have screen shots of GB saying my subscription was canceled so they better not try me again.

  6. If you received regular Nuxe oil (not shimmery one), did your bottle have small white sticker on the side saying “Happy Holidays” or something? If you peel it off, it says “Not for Sale”. I ordered holiday LE box which had this Nuxe oil with this sticker. I have seen on other blogger’s review of this box, so I thought about worth the mention here.

    • Kay, I did! Lol. I had to laugh at that early holiday message. I am glad to have received it, as those that received the shimmer oil don’t seem to care for it.

    • If it says “happy holidays” it is left over from a holiday LE box from 2015. That being the case, I think I am glad I did not get it (though I am peeved about the value discrepancy) because that stuff has to be pretty old by now.

      • I am going to check on my oil later today. I haven’t used it yet last winter as I already had an open body oil already. It looked fine lat time I saw it.

      • I was a little up set that I did not get the perfume in April’s box. I like glossy box but they need to send out what is advertised. The nuxe oil is left over from the holiday 2015 box. I have it.

    • I received the “Happy Holidays” oil! It has an expiration date of November 2016 so I’ve got just a few months to make it through the stuff. ::grr::

    • I got the same “tester” bottle in my Holiday box! I thought how can they seriously think we wouldn’t look under a non manufacturer label? Crazy

    • I know the sticker you are talking about I had the same sticker from the one in my holiday box but for the July box I received the shimmer oil and the spray pump was broken so product leaks out from under the cap instead of spraying, lol. Mine also says it expires in November 2016 and the fragrance smells off like it is already going bad.

    • I received luxe and mine didn’t have any sticker on the side. Are they mixing old with new?!

  7. Is anyone else still waiting for their July box? I received the shipping confirmation email on July 13 but tracking simply shows that the label has been created. I reached out to Glossybox via telephone and the numbers do not work and via message through their site and have not received a response. So I called FedEx and they said the label was created but the box never shipped. They charged me for the box with no problem and they have even charged me for August already but I’m still waiting for the July box. I am very disappointed in this company.

    • I have not received my July box either. I was able to chat with someone from Glossybox several days ago. She said my box was in the finishing stage before shipping. She told me I would get an email when they sent it. Still nothing. It has not been marked shipped on the website either. No one there has ever responded to my email or phone call in the past. They haven’t this time either. The chat box is not there anymore. I really hate to be one to complain, but they should not call it a July box if I receive it in August (if I even receive it then).

      • I ordered and was charged on July 18 for the buy one get two boxes. I only received and email over a week ago that it was “packed”, but have heard nothing since. I just tried calling and phone is not working, so I emailed and will now wait.
        I’ve already canceled going forward after August box. Just wish the service was better.

        • This must be a new thing I received all 3 boxes together without issue. The problem came when I canceled my subscription well before the cut off period and was still charged for the next month. Wonder if they have new management or something.

      • Contact:
        For further questions, please contact our customer care service.
        Mail: [email protected]|Twitter: glossyboxushelp|Phone: 855-738-1140|Beauty Trend USA Inc|401 Greenwich Street 3rd Floor|New York NY 10013|

        FYI. They only have 10 days to ship after payment is processed.

    • I’m still waiting too and my FedEx tracking hasn’t updated either. This is so ridiculous. I am used to receiving my box late in the month, but it’s unacceptable to be receiving it in August and weeks after the box was supposedly shipped. I haven’t bothered to reach out to their customer service since I have only heard bad things about it. I am going to give it a few more days and see what happens.

  8. I am new to Glossy, just signed up because of the promotion (buy 1 get to boxes), and I just received the 3 boxes all at once. I wasn’t even expecting it. There was no email, no tracking, nothing. It was just there on my doorsteps. And, I feel incredibly lucky to get the box everyone wanted, the one with the Nuxe oil. I have never heard of this stuff before, but I am really excited to try it.

  9. My Subscription Addiction, it is my opinion that you should not list Glossybox’s spoilers because the company fails continuously to actually provide the spoiler items in their boxes. They play the bait and switch game continuously. Would MSA consider boycotting listing spoilers and reviews until Glossybox honors their spoilers? They do not listen to us customers as individuals, perhaps that will do something if MSA spoke/acted on our behalf!

    • Hi Carol,

      I’m so sorry about this. I’ll reach out to GlossyBox with this feedback and I’ll make sure future spoiler posts indicate that the items are not guaranteed.

      • Thank you for your site! I absolutely love the work you put in, I get so excited. I agree with the comment above. The Nuxe Oil wasn’t there last time. I love BoxyCharm, and am considering dropping my Glossy. Do you have a recommendation for a great make up box?
        Thanks so much!!

        • If you’re into natural/cruelty free products, Benevolent Beauty is pretty good. They’re like BoxyCharm’s ‘natural’ & nicer (to animals) sister. They offer only full-sized products (4-7 products/box), and they mostly offer only makeup products with the occasional non-makeup item thrown in. Also, their boxes are always over $100 in RV like Boxycharm!

          They also offer a Mini box where you get 2-3 full sized products too!

          • I love Benevolent Beauty Box! I have all the boxes since they started and have not been disappointed yet. The customer service is amazing as well. Definitely worth the money, plus you get a 20% discount on anything they have for sale on their page including past boxes once you sign up.

      • Glossybox is now all edging that due to technical difficulties, they cannot receive incoming calls. Furthermore, the automatic reply states we can leave a message, but when attempting to do so, the phone line hangs up. I don’t believe for 1 second that there are technical difficulties, but rather Glossybox has chosen to disable incoming calls from their upset customers!

      • Thanks Liz for adding future disclaimers!! πŸ™‚

    • I agree, I was so excited in getting the nuxe oil, and I felt so dissapointed and lied to. They need a disclaimer that it’s only for new subscribers or that boxes may vary. πŸ™

      • I am a new subscriber and I didnt get it πŸ™

      • Did u have to cancel before they took payment of the August box? I was gonna cancel (up to 90$ in various boxes) lol, and they had already taken payment. I wonder if they would reimburse.

    • Totally agree, please talk to them.

      I was waiting like crazy for my dry oil and nothing.

      So dissapointed

      • I didn’t get the oil either. Instead I a sabon shower oil that wasn’t sealed and leaked all over the box. I called and email a week ago and haven’t heard back. I used to love Glossybox and always defended them but once my sub through Gilt city runs out never want to hear from this company again.

        • I’m on Gilt and also got the shower oil. It leaked everywhere for me too. They are sending me a replacement palette, as I am 100% certain that the reason that sample is breaking on EVERYONE is how cheaply it is made. Had they spent 5 cents on adding a foil closure, I might not have complained (though still have been disappointed to receive a $2.30 product instead of a $90 product).

          I hope GB realizes not to completely cheap out as it creates very disappointing experiences. Nothing worse than having to wash all you items because they are covered in soap πŸ™

    • I agree. I saw the spoiler for Nuxe and reached out to GB customer service when I didn’t get it. They said “oh, follow this link, THESE are the spoilers’ and the link had the nail stuff, the eyeko, and had a mask instead of the Nuxe. The only place I could find the Nuxe listed as a spoiler was on MSA, GB cleared out their site.

    • Good point.

  10. I just made it home to open my Glossybox and I am so pleasantly surprised. My box was the exact variation I gave up hope on receiving!

    Nuxe Shimmering Oil
    Leighton Denny Expert Nails
    Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Chihuahua
    Fango Sheet Mask
    Eyeko Fat Stick in Satin
    Glov Quick Treat

    I still don’t know how I got so lucky, but I haven’t been this pleased with a box in a while.
    My shipping weight was 1.7 lbs for anyone out there still waiting to receive their July box πŸ™‚

    • Ohhh, I hope I get this variation. I’m still waiting for mine.

      • Fingers crossed for you Michele!!!

    • There is still hope…lol. Look at how giddy we are for the “winners” of good boxes! When we all should be receiving them. I hope other ladies are happily surprised. ?

      • I’m happy for you too, but I think that glossybox shouldnt have a lottery for their boxes. We should all be happy with our boxes

        • Exactly. Well, they’ve lost me as a customer, so how did their lousy business practice work for them?

      • Just trying to put some good box juju out into the atmosphere, hoping it works πŸ™‚

        • Think how much fun we would all have if we were celebrating great boxes for all! GlossyBox has the power to make this happen!☺️

      • There is most definitely still hope, hoping that your box has everything you’ve been hoping for! I hate the “variation” thing, especially when it causes a wild variation in box value. Everyone should at least receive the spoilers that are released, it would make for a much happier customer base!

    • I got the same things as you, I am a new subscriber also.

  11. Does anyone know if glossybox is supposed to sub items in your box?

    My box is disappointing, and the one interesting thing I should have gotten (a stick perfume) isn’t in – instead I got a $2 bottle of shower oil

    I would email them but I feel they will probably say substitutions happen. Just so disappointed πŸ™

    • Alice,
      But on the other hand, if EVERYONE that is frustated emails GB, changes may happen!

      • Oh my you have a good point.

        • Thanks!! I think it’s worth a try, let’s flood their customer service inbox every time we are frustrated – post when you do this. If we stand united, and share the frustrations and passion that we do on MSA we are bound to make a change!!

          • I love you guys… this is absolutely genius. It made me smile. If they hear us when we are disappointed then things may change. I think it is so important to stand together and stand up for each other. Tactfully and kindly of course.

          • I didn’t get a reply when I emailed them… But when I called, I had SOME resolution.

      • I joined the gang and emailed Glossybox customer service about variations and significant value differences among subscribers. I think we all want to like Glossybox and do a good job, so hope more people will call or email. Great idea.

    • Call Glossybox. That’s what I did today and they are sending me out 3 items. They are sending me the Too Faced Melted Lipstick, a Face Palette that she said they sell at Nordstrum for 70 dollars and a Face Primer and I got to choose the items I got. She said they were out of stock of the Nuxe Oil I don’t know how true that is I’m just happy to be getting replacement items because my box was crap. I got the cheapest box you could get. I was very upset.

      • Thanks for posting this! My box is set to arrive some time today. If I receive it and its the cheaper variation I will definitely contact customer service. Although I don’t know how eager they will be to assist me since I cancelled on the 14th!

        • Crystal, I received my box on Saturday. Body shower gel and kardashian polish…yes, the cheap box! It was the last box on a 6 month subscription. The CSmsaid they understood my disappointment and sending me a product of my choice from a list of past boxes! EVERYONE – call and express your thoughts and disappointments! GB will listen. 855-738-1140. ?

      • I got the cheapest box too and when I chatted with CS to complain she only offered me 1 item and that was after a lot of back and forth conversation about the value of the variations. I asked for the Face Palette also but have not received it yet. She may have offered me less because I have a year sub through Gilt City deal so technically I can’t really cancel even if I wanted to. I was so disappointed I didn’t receive the Nuxe oil. The Too Faced melted lipstick I was okay with not getting since I just got it in the previous box and don’t really use it. Glad their customer service is responding to people however they need to get on the ball with making equally valued variations!

        • I am getting a replacement for my broken $2 shower oil, but the email reply I got explained how there is no guarantee of the nuxe oil (even though my gripe was getting a $45 box when the page says a $90 value, and the fact that I received a broken product that leaked on everything — not missing out on the nuxe). I asked for the palette – it looks nice, definitely a good substitute for the nuxe oil

          as long as I get my replacement, i’ll be happy enough.

      • Tiffany, I received the same junkie box and I sent Glossybox a FB message with my concerns. I still haven’t received my box even though it’s almost August, but I the contents of what I will be receiving is listed on my account. I am hoping for the same outcome as you. (Getting three replacement items is the ideal outcome lol.) However, I have seen other ladies mention that Glossybox will only send out one product, rather than three! Hoping for the best… otherwise I will cancel and stick with Boxycharm. THAT subscription box is actually worth my money. #fuming #ripoff #happyending

    • Me too, horribly disappointed with this months box. Shave gel, an eye shadow stick, nail polish and spray, a sheet mask and a finger sized make up cloth. ?? nothing I would have bought. Def not worth the price.

      • Brittani, I got that same box. And it was second month in a row with the nail polish a la Kardashian (cheap). That’s also what stinks. You are correct. Def not worth the price. And they are dumb as a business because I am gone …. they just charged my card yesterday for my last box – Aug.

      • If someone posted the box we got (cheap nail polish and shave oil) they’d never buy it πŸ™ I have gotten two bottles of that kylie polish and can’t donate it fast enough!

  12. I got the Nuxe oil but it is the plain oil (no shimmer or color ) It is also the big sized bottle.

    • Nicole, I’m so happy for you! You I’ll fall in love with the Nuxe oil. I received the exact same box that had a weight listing of 1.7.

  13. Strange! I submitted a post yesterday and it is gone! Hmm! Anyway, as I said in the post, in regards to this new product, I will believe it when I see it as Glossybox tends to give first to beauty bloggers and then to some subscribers.

  14. I got a full-sized melt-off when it first came out. It’s ok but doesn’t work as intended. If you use waterproof mascara. it takes a lot of product to “melt it off”. I think the applicator is the problem. A spoolie would work a lot better so that you can actually brush the remover into the lashes.

  15. I just signed up for a new monthly Glossy subscription with the get 2 free promo. Does anyone know how that works? Is the first box charged to your credit card, then you receive another box each month for 2 months, then they begin charging your card again? I just signed up for a month-to-month subscription.

    • No, I think you get a box this month, along with 2 past boxes. Then you are charged for August.

    • They seem to run this special when they need to get rid of crummy past boxes. April, May, and June were all bad.

      • Exactly. I signed up July 1 for a $14.99 promo price and they sent me the crummy June box.

  16. I just received my July box today and this spoiler was on the info card. Here is what I received in my box:
    Leighton Denny Expert Nails Miracle Mist – Even though it was a spoiler item for June, I don’t think any of us got it. So, they decided use as one of the spoilers for July and here it is.
    Tree Hut Bare Shave Oil – No Nuxe Shimmery Oil for me. Much more practical product and I am ok with this as I probably won’t use shimmery oil. I just don’t like the idea of getting shimmers elsewhere like on clothes and hands, etc. And I received the small bottle of Nuxe shimmery oil from another box and I am not so crazy about the scent. Too sweet and powdery for me. But I am not happy with the price difference in between this oil and Nuxe as full-size goes for $54 or so and this shave oil is listed $10 ($12 at Ulta).
    Eyko Fat Stick in Satin – Spoiler item
    Fango Essenziali Purity Treatment Sheet Mask – Spoiler Item
    Sinfulcolors Kylie Jenner Nail Polish – Mine was Kafe Latte. I didn’t receive one last month. While I am not a fan of Kardashian/Jenner clan and don’t like to see their products in sub boxes, I got lucky with the color. I have similar colors.
    Glov Quick Treat – reusable makeup removing microfiber.

    I am excited to see Too Faced featured in August, but I am not so excited about the product… it feels like I am adding another step to my night time routine…

    • What was the weight of your July box? Mine still hasn’t moved in a week and says 2.5 lbs. I better get that Nuxe oil or I will be so irritated. I already got screwed on the Lip Monthly sub this month.

      • What happened with your Lip Monthly bag? I was supposed to get mine yesterday, but it was just sitting at DHL until today. Now I’m supposed to get it on Thursday.

        • It was my first month and apparently anyone who subs to lip monthly from now on will get a mix of older products and not the entire new current bag as their first bag. Most people received the May bag as the July bag. All they did was changed the card to say July instead of May. Basically subbed based on the spoiler and got old products. You should be fine if this isn’t your first bag.

      • My shipping says 1.8lbs, so you might get Nuxe! Please do let us know. However, to point out… my shaving oil is 8 oz/237 ml in a plastic pump bottle. Nuxe is either 3.3 oz, 1.6 oz, or tiny travel size in glass bottle.

        • Got my July box today eventhough the shipping never showed it moved. I am thrilled that I got the 3.3 oz nuxe oil, eyeko, sample melted lipstick, nail spray (felt pretty empty), mask, and glov!! Honestly felt like I won the jackpot on this! My box said 2.5 lbs if that helps.

      • My first box was 1.7 and I received a full size Nuxe. My 2nd box weighs 1.4. They were both mailed on the 13th, I received one yesterday and the 2nd box is still sitting in a USPS facility. Who knows how the shipping works? Lol.

    • Want to swap for the small bottle of nude oil? That’s what I reallllllllly wanted :-}

      • Sorry!! NuXe oil.

        • Hi, my Nuxe shimmery oil is a tiny sample size which I got from Lookfantastic July box. It is 0.33oz = 10 ml which is about the size of nail polish. I tested it on the back of my hand. If you still want it, you can have it! I am not on the swap board. I spend enough time reading MSA posts and between work and family, I just don’t want to spend more time with stuff I have… so I usually gift or donate πŸ™‚

          • Yess Yess please

          • I cannot comment below yours, so I am writing here. Please write your email here and I will contact you to get your mailing address.

    • I finally received my July glossybox today:
      1) Nuxe Shimmering Huile Prodigieuse Oil-3.3 Fl Oz
      2) Leighton Denny Expert Nails Miracle Mist
      3) Too Faced Melted Liquified Long wear Lipstick in Chihuahua
      4) Fango Essenziali Moisturize Treatment Sheet Mask
      5) Eyeko Fat Stick In Satin
      6) Glov Quick Treat-Makeup remover fiber sheets

      • I am a new Glossy sub, I hope I get exactly the same box as you! I thought everyone got the same things in Glossy. I signed up precisely for the promotion, but since it is so inconsistent, I don’t know if I will keep the subscription afterwards

      • I got the same. Full sized shimmery oil but my nozzle on my nail spray is missing. It was my first month. I was very pleased with it.

    • I received the same box only my Sabon Shower Oil had spilled out on the masks and was about half gone. When I emailed them they told me to send a picture. I just wanted a replacement sample. Wrote them back that was all I needed. I knew this box would be a dud when it was so late shipping out and Glossy sent out the spoilers. The nail mist I am happy with and that is about it. I would love to have gotten the Nuxe oil.

      • I have the Nuxe oil from the holiday box and used it a little but it’s just there now. I think there’s a learning curve with getting used to using oil over other products. I’m happier with the nail mist too but I had a similar issue with the eyeshadow being melted. I thought about contacting them but I didn’t get my box until the last day of July and didn’t want to deal with sending pics for something I was going to donate anyway.

  17. Weird product, but definitely something different to try!

  18. If you haven’t received your July glossybox yet don’t worry! They are shipping the 2-3 week of July and they will send you an email with tracking when yours ships. As to this spoiler I too am afraid my eyes are waaay….. Too sensitive for this! I’m also sick of all the mascara products in Aaaallllll… The boxes! It’s a cheap filler but I could start my own store I have so much! Time for something new like lip balm or bronzer or hair products for summer before it’s over! I will say this however GlossyBox customer service is Great! Unlike ipsy and allure. I will be cancelling IpsyBag after my first totally ridiculous bag and lying customer service! They told me they cancelled it and sent it anyways and got into my account after I told them not to! Allure made a Total mess of my account when the banks changed us over to the chipped cards and it took over 50 calls and emails before they finally got it straight! If it happens again I will cancel it immediately, no more b.s from them! For me I am going to do 3 subs because I like the higher end stuff and full or deluxe size samples. I will keep allure, GlossyBox, and the dermstores box “beautyfix”. I will also continue to pick up the target boxes when they are available and my seasonal Walmart boxes. I’m pretty new to subs, I’m on my 2nd GlossyBox and 4th allure box. I’ve not yet subscribed to Beautyfix but plan to this month or next. I’ve also been a
    Walmart box subber since the winter 2015 box and have purchased all of the last 5 target boxes and i loved them all. Watch out for boxes who list no cust svc. phone number and who try to send you more fillers than product. I have turned down many for those reasons alone! They can do better and should, so vote with your wallets wisely ladies ?

  19. I wear eyelash extensions, only use mascara on my lower lashes, and therefore can’t use oil-based eye make-up removers. So while this might be a great idea, it’s not for me.

  20. Nice spoiler. Kinda makes me wish I’d opted for this instead of Allure to take the spots vacated by Sephora Play and Ipsy when I cancelled those, unless not everyone receives the ‘spoiler’ item. I wanna try this, I just don’t want to actually go out and buy it, if that makes sense! Guess we’ll see how well Allure does then, compared to this one for me.

  21. August? I don’t think I’ve even gotten my July box yet!

    • Me either. Mine hasn’t shipped. I paid for it on July 2.

    • Me either! I just checked my account to make sure there wasn’t anything wonky on my end. They must be late shipping this month everywhere (I’m in MN).

    • Same here. It’s so inconsistent for me–sometimes I get it at the beginning of the month, sometimes mid to late month. What bugs me is they usually don’t send me a shipping confirmation email.

      • Funny enough mine ended up coming today…but I did not get a shipping email.

        • I didn’t get shipping email either on the two boxes. Seems like they promise more than they deliver in every aspect of their business.

    • Well … I subscribed in July and they sent me the June box … so go figure. Not a very well organized company, methinks. Oh, and they’ve charged me for “July boxes” twice this month. I guess the incentive offered to get me to sign up so was so they could boost their cash flow by charging me for product I won’t see for some time. Not going to renew with these folks.

  22. I’ve been thinking of trying Glossybox and this spoiler is tempting. The remover is kind of a neat idea, but I’ve always heard you shouldn’t use oil based cleansers on or near your eyes. I don’t remember *why* you shouldn’t but it stuck, so I do tend to go oil free with my eye makeup remover. It’s a great idea though, so now I am thinking why not use a clean spoolie from my makeup brush set and my usual oil-free cream eye makeup remover to help remove my mascara? Coating the lashes that way seems like it would less of a hassle than hanging out in the bathroom holding a remover-soaked pad over my eyes.

    Ya know, I think I shall try that tonight to see if it works! Gimmicks can be fun and inspiring sometimes, but if that’s all this is – a gimmick rather than a product breakthrough – I’ll gladly take the idea for the technique and spend my play and makeup money on transitional fall colors instead. πŸ™‚

    • Let us know how it works out πŸ™‚ I think that’s a great idea! Could also keep my grabby hands from the TF one, if it works in the same fashion. Its just an oil based remover in mascara packaging, I think…?

      • I looked the ingredients up on the TF site and that’s exactly what it is – an oil based eye makeup remover in a mascara tube with a bristle-free wand. I’ll try the spoolie-with-remover idea tonight and let you guys know how it works. My eye makeup remover isn’t a miracle product or anything, but it is gentle and I am familiar with how it usually works, so if it performs better tonight using a spoolie to coat the lashes with remover, well, there we go. πŸ™‚

      • Well, I did try it using my regular eye makeup remover and a spoolie to help remove my mascara, and it did help – a little. I still had that eye liner to deal with so I still had to use cotton pads as well, but coating each of the lashes with a spoolie seemed to help with breaking down the mascara. It did not help enough that I’d buy something like this TF product because quite frankly, it wasn’t enough of a help that I’m going to switch to a spoolie with any kind of remover on it every night. The instant I picked up the cotton pad to finish removing my eye makeup I realized all I was doing was adding a step – which I knew anyway, I just hadn’t realized how utterly pointless it really was.

        To be fair, the TF product does have ingredients in it that claim to condition your lashes and I’ve not tried any of their removers. It could be MAGIC or something. But if it’s not just the best eye makeup remover you’ve ever seen in your life, you’re probably just adding a step and a conditioner the remover you already use may or may not already have.

        I’ll stick to my Neutrogena Cream Eye Makeup Remover, a Swisspers cotton pad and some Simple Micellar Water to clean it all up. It’s just more comfortable for me anyway, because brushing a cleanser on your lashes feels weird and a tad disturbing. That might be a personal thing, though.

  23. Here’s what came in the July Box!

  24. I’ll believe it when I actually see it in my box. Glossybox has a tendency to only give to some subscribers and not all subscribers. Beauty bloggers will definitely receive it, I’m sure.

    • I agree that they put their best foot or box forward in efforts to entice new customers instead of keeping the ones they already have happy. I have so many duplicates (I will never need to buy smashbox primer or Benefit pore perfect-never ever- I’m swimming in those samples) that I’m feeling a little box fatigue which makes teases like this of a new product hurt more because I want to try something new! Even if it didn’t work for me- I’d like something different from the primer, mascara, non 3 free nail polish and lipstick/gloss/stain in a color not found in nature mix I’ve been getting πŸ˜‰

  25. I’m glad I canceled. I don’t need anymore eyelash products. It seems most subs this month were inundated with them.

  26. I’ll reserve judgment until I see how much product is actually in the tube. Glossybox seems to make a point of sending me a half-empty or eighty-percent-empty product each month, along with boasting that it’s full size. The CONTAINER is full size.

    Agree with the person who worried about contamination from the mascara you’re taking off. Probably a “nifty idea, not so in execution” gimmick.

    • Did anyone get the sabon shower oil – the card makes it seem like you should get both items but only got one- at least that’s how I read it
      I have Encountered the same issue with partially filled products, seems deceptive
      And I’m really unhappy that I didn’t get the nuxe
      This used to be my favorite but quickly losing interest i’ve seen a lot of disparity between boxes and I am always on the wrong end of that

      • Yes! I got the shower oil but not the lotion. The card did make it look like I should have gotten both. I’d email them but I have a glut of travel size lotions so I really don’t need another. Although it does smell nice.

      • Kathy, I got the shower oil even tho my card says I should have gotten a perfume?

        Almost all of my samples are worth less than $7, the shower oil is worth $2.30 And the nail polish worth $3. And of course no NuXe oil for me. My ipsy bag is literally worth more.

        So flustered.

        • I’m a Sub newbie – 5 months. Hearing frustrating and disgruntled comments month after month concerning contents makes me wonder if a proactive approach was taken – would there be a change in our boxes and what we refer to as “fairness” of contents. What if everyone that writes a MSA post sharing their concerns with box equity would send the same comments to Glossybox, or whatever Sub they have a concern? Maybe changes would happen – or has this been done?

        • Email them and tell them your perfume was missing. That’s what I did. They have none left so they gave me a list of items to choose from. I picked a $70 Aerin palette.

          • The heat must be getting to me, and GB is getting my full steam. I have only been a SUB Addict for a few months. My first month there was an uproar with Allure and the lack of Foreo in all the boxes. Next came the Birchbox fiasco with the loss of points and potential bankruptcy. This month is the Nuxe Oil vs Kardashian nail polish- which by the way is being sold for $1 on clearance tables in Seattle!

            So what did I do? After emailing twice, I called. When I didn’t feel I was receiving equitable box compensation, I sent Better Business Bureau screenshots of GB’s promises and a pic with retail value listed of what I received. I cc’d GB and BBB. Within ten days I received three full size products (of my choice).

  27. What a cool product,finally something that most people will look forward to receiving,I hope every box gets it

    • I, for one, sure could do without a product like this. So sick of mascara and anything eyelash-related.

  28. Yay! First exciting Glossybox spoiler in awhile. Also thinking you might be able to refill the tub with cleansing oil when you’re out and just continue to use the applicator.

    • OMG! You just made me think I should use the extra spoolies I bought on Amazon with my eye makeup remover! No contamination and I already have stuff for sensitive eyes…Thanks for the idea

  29. Yess!! ? I hope EVERYONE gets this and not be just one of the variations for the month!?

  30. I almost bought this the other day, but after looking at it, it seemed like it was just cleansing oil in a mascara tube. It was also pretty messy looking (i.e. oil seemed to easily seep around the opening, resulting in oil on the tube. But, I’m sure it could be because it was the tester, and after being handled by many people….

    Regardless, I’m still excited to try this, and hoping it’s not too gimmicky (I hope this isn’t a variation in the box!). I have to admit, I’m afraid of getting it into my eyes, and I’d love to hear from anybody who has already tried this!

    • Oops, I just noticed the name of the actual product (thought it was just called Too Faced Mascara Melt Off), so it makes total sense that this IS just cleansing oil in a mascara tube! πŸ™‚

    • I’ve tried it, and it didn’t work well for me. Admittedly, I have fairly sensitive eyes…but my eyes still felt irritated the morning after I used it. I gave it a try 3 times, and had the same response each time, so I returned it to Sephora. It also didn’t fully remove all my mascara. The Sephora reviews seem to be all over the board on this one…some people love it, others hate it, and quite a few in between…so with any luck it will be a hit for at least some Glossy subscribers.

      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! πŸ™‚ I have a feeling I’d have the same reaction, because while I don’t have sensitive eyes per se, I’m such a baby when it comes to anything getting into them.

        Also, I would think I’d have to wipe the wand clean immediately after swiping my lashes so that I don’t contaminate the “clean” cleansing oil in the tube. I would think this would then quickly diminish the number of uses I could get out of it. But, like someone else said, maybe more cleansing oil could be poured into the tube. Anyways, I’m still excited to try it out, but I’m almost positive I already know I won’t be purchasing the full size.

      • I am half in love, half in hate. The directions seem to indicate you should swipe up with the wand like applying mascara, but I have better luck swiping down and then keeping my eyes closed. If I apply this, wait one minute, and then wipe with a makeup remover wipe (I like Cetaphil), then this seems to work really well. In my opinion it works by clumping the mascara, which you then wipe away. But it’s pretty messy, a little slow, and requires a separate product to remove. I do think, however, that it keeps its conditioning promise, as well as being effective. I bought this from Sephora a few weeks ago and probably won’t return it. May or may not buy it again. My chief issue, as well, is seeing how many uses I get out of the tube.

      • I love it! I works really well for me and no irritation. I originally thought it was silly but the assoc at Sephora talked me into it because I have issues getting mascara completely off since my eyelashes shed easily.

        I’m not saying that dipping a spoolie brush into remover wouldn’t work as well, but this does work for me, so I’m happy to get another if it’s in my box.

  31. i am so excited to try this new product, what an innovative idea!

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