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Today Only – Bare Minerals Mystery Box + Free Shipping!

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Thanks, Ronda and Keisha for letting us know about the latest Mystery Box from Bare Minerals!

The Box: Bare Minerals Surprise Box

The Cost: $32 with free shipping

COUPON: Get a free 2-piece mystery gift with any order over $50

The Products: $159 value (11 items)

Are you grabbing a box? Check out our review of the last Bare Minerals Surprise Box to get an idea of what you can expect.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So upset with bareminerals!
    I ordered this bundle in JULY
    I was missing an item and one item was damaged beyond repair! I have been trying to contact CS for almost 3 week but, never get a real response!!!! I love there product but I can not order from a company with such terrible customer service!!!?

    • Keep trying. I had a problem and could not get a response via email so I called and got a useless rep after a looong wait on the phone. So i kept trying and finally got a good rep by email, but when I replied to her, she didnt respond! It was strange, A reputable company with such poor cs. I kept copy and pasting my previous emails into a new one, and finally it was resolved in about three weeks.

      • Oh my goodness I have the same exact issue and it has been about three weeks! I keep copying and pasting and replying! I got ONE response so I replied to that response but then no one got back to me so I am back to copy and pasting! Ughh so frustrating!!!

  2. I was disappointed with my box. I received exactly the same items others did. This is my second box; February was the first one. I received two identical items: the foundation primer and the espresso eye liner.
    I also hot three almost identical brushes. Also, I did not appreciate that the mascara was a sample and not a full size. I didn’t read anyone else’s comments about this.
    I sent an email you customer services to see if there is anything that can be done. Has anyone had experience with reaching out to the customer service about the mystery boxes?

    • Yes you’re right. In the past they have sent full size mascara. And several times full size Moxie lip gloss too, rather than deluxe sample size. So that was disappointing. And it’s my 5th or 6th mystery box and Every Single Time there’s been two eyeliners, usually my least favorite big &bright. So I always just expect those. But it was still a good deal for the primer and face powder alone. So I will probably still buy these.

    • I was disappointed as well. This was my first mystery box with them and I can’t see doing it again. I expected better. Even the brushes were like travel sized and the Pink handled brush that I was excited to get from the free gift was even smaller than those. Thankfully I used all those promo codes or else I’d really be kicking myself. I guess maybe I’m spoiled with all the great deals that MSA finds for us!

      I need some more PSMH mystery boxes! Should’ve bought more of those instead of scattering my chips out across the table. lol

  3. box today. happy with everything BUT two of the brushes are exactly the same except for the color of the handle and all 3 brushes are pretty much the same. blush on one side, eye shadow on the other. from reading other comments I see the same brushes I got so it’s not just me.

    • I thought the same thing. If they’re going to give us brushes, why three almost identical ones, when they have so many? But really happy with the pink face powder, it’s bigger than I thought. (Anyone else’s have fingerprints all over the compact, though?)

      • I wasn’t in time to get the pink powder brush…which is the one I really need. Oh well I love the other products for sure so I’ll put one in my travel bag and at my office for powder touch ups.

      • Mine did, but I just assumed it was from me! I didn’t pay attention until I had handled it a little trying to figure out which side to open it from. When I closed it after swatching it, I was thinking… wow, that’s a lot of finger prints, and they really show! At least there weren’t already any finger prints/markings from somebody else swatching the blush!

    • Thanks for letting us know.

      I tihnk Bare Minerals is probaby discontinuing thier double ended eye/blush brushes… alll of them. Oh well… I think they’ll probaby make good gifts.

    • Soooo many brushes!!!

    • Same here. I kept one of the angled and gave the other away. Everything else in the box was great!

  4. Does anyone know if the Chandlelight Glow Rekindled Bag will include the eyeshadows, blush, brush and lipstick? That’s what was in it a couple of years ago! I hope it’s included!

    • No, it was just the bag….

  5. The mystery bag itself was suppose to be 11 items but it looks like we are getting 12! I’m not including the various promo codes in the number. Just the basics that everyone is listing. It looks like the Skintorials product is the extra item as I have it also and didn’t use any codes for it.

    (My extra gift promo item, a pink handled brush, is suppose to be shipped separately)

  6. This is my box. I’m kinda sad that I didn’t get an eye color but this seems to be pretty good.
    1 78861 Skinsorials:Norm-Dry Regimen w/card(G14
    1 74135 Lash Domination Mascara Sam BASIC V2-G1
    1 74016 DLX SAMP MMoxieL/G-SparkPlug-INBOX(G1)V2
    1 49587 Charcoal Big&Bright Eyeli
    1 60874 PT NeutralizingFoundPrimer1ozV2(G1)w/Box
    1 49588 Espresso Big&Bright Eyeliner w/Box (O1)
    1 75605 Chandelight Glow Rekindled-Bag (O1)
    1 59140 D/E Full Tapered Shdw&Blush Brush-V2(G3)
    1 78000 D/EPrecision Eye&Cheek BrushW/gold(G3
    1 58540 D/E Precision Eye & Cheek Brush (G3)
    1 77793 Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balm (G14)
    1 68635 BMReadyAOFC-ElationNoBoxw/SilverComp(G1)

    • I think the eyeshadow were the free gift if you used the code. My order is exactly like yours and I didn’t use a free gift code.

      • Lol ok so I’m not the only one that immediately searched their website. I don’t see an eye color on mine either. My order looks exactly the same.

  7. Oooh Mine finally shipped:

    Qty Item

    My Purchases
    1 78496 BareSkin SerumConcealer-MedGolden 6mlG14
    1 78495 BareSkin Serum Concealer-Medium 6ml(G14
    1 37741 EYELASH COMB #2

    Free Gifts when you type in codes
    1 78861 Skinsorials:Norm-Dry Regimen w/card(G14
    1 76658 LashDom PetitePrecision Mas basic sampG1
    1 75812 Eye Defining Brush w/soft pink handleG3

    Mystery Box +2 free mystery gifts
    1 26220 S NUDE BEACH Eyecolor (G1)
    1 26226 S SEX KITTEN Eyecolor (G1)
    1 74135 Lash Domination Mascara Sam BASIC V2-G1
    1 74016 DLX SAMP MMoxieL/G-SparkPlug-INBOX(G1)V2
    1 49587 Charcoal Big&Bright Eyeli
    1 60874 PT NeutralizingFoundPrimer1ozV2(G1)w/Box
    1 49588 Espresso Big&Bright Eyeliner w/Box (O1)
    1 75605 Chandelight Glow Rekindled-Bag (O1)
    1 59140 D/E Full Tapered Shdw&Blush Brush-V2(G3)
    1 78000 D/EPrecision Eye&Cheek BrushW/gold(G3
    1 58540 D/E Precision Eye & Cheek Brush (G3)
    1 77793 Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balm (G14)
    1 68635 BMReadyAOFC-ElationNoBoxw/SilverComp(G1)

    • I received the same in my mystery box. It seems like most of the items were in previous mystery boxes but aren’t found when searing BM’s website.

      • searching, not searing. LOL!

      • Yeah.

        I never ordered the mystery boxes before, but this time I needed concealer and with all the coupon codes everyone posted… I was just going to use them to get the concear at about 32% off… then at the last minute I added the mystery box.

        Most of it is discontinued stuff… but I spent $58 after tax on 19items!!! $27 of that are my 2 concealers (BTW, which would have regularly been $40)!!! Still comes out to be AMAZING DEALS! Especially when you consider how may brushes you end up getting.

        • Absolutely! This was my first box, so it’s a steal because I don’t have any of these items. Now if I order again and get duplicates, I might be a little bummed.

    • I’m getting:

      78861 Skinsorials:Norm-Dry Regimen w/card(G14
      1 78118 MarMoxie WildBeauty LG gld deco RR CapG1
      1 74135 Lash Domination Mascara Sam BASIC V2-G1
      1 74016 DLX SAMP MMoxieL/G-SparkPlug-INBOX(G1)V2
      1 49587 Charcoal Big&Bright Eyeli
      1 60874 PT NeutralizingFoundPrimer1ozV2(G1)w/Box
      1 49588 Espresso Big&Bright Eyeliner w/Box (O1)
      1 75605 Chandelight Glow Rekindled-Bag (O1)
      1 59140 D/E Full Tapered Shdw&Blush Brush-V2(G3)
      1 78000 D/EPrecision Eye&Cheek BrushW/gold(G3
      1 58540 D/E Precision Eye & Cheek Brush (G3)
      1 77793 Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balm (G14)
      1 68635 BMReadyAOFC-ElationNoBoxw/SilverComp(G1)

      One of those is the free gift w purchase. I’m less excited about brushes but overall seems pretty great. This is my first mystery box.

      • I guess it looks like we’re getting the same thing, except for the Gift we get to choose.

        LOL. I’m addicted to makeup brushes. I hate washing them all the time. If I can make it to the weekend w/o having to wash brushes in the middle of the week, I consider that a huge success. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I didnt see the free gift on my shipping order, so i called customer service and she said that only 1 code can be used per order, and there was a glitch that allowed people to use multiple codes, but its been corrected, and those who used multiple codes for multiple free gifts will not receive the extras, even if it says it on their order. She swore up and down this was the case. Im anxious to see if this is true, because i have my doubts.

    • I would be talking to a manager. I think that it is false advertisement for them to have it show up on your invoice and then you not receive it. It is not your fault that there was a computer glitch. I understand that there are sometimes issues that companies cannot avoid, however they should still uphold what their invoices are telling their customers they are getting.

    • I used the 20% off plus 2 different coupon codes (1 for eye shadow and 1 for a brush) and they were listed on my invoice. I just received my box today and they were both in there, along with all the mystery gifts (nothing coming separately). So, if it was a glitch to let us use multiple codes—they still honored them! Hope you get your extras too!

  9. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to ship these? I got a confirmation email on Wednesday, but when I check out my order online it still says “Not shipped”. I was just curious if they deliver 5-8 days after ordering…or if we need to wait until it is shipped before the countdown starts. Can you tell I’m anxiously awaiting my package?!

    • This is what I found on their website under their shipping policy link at the bottom of the page :

      Standard Shipping

      Processing Time
      1-2 Business Days

      Delivery Time
      4-6 Business Days

      Total Delivery Time
      5-8 Business Days

      I ordered Wednesday and mine hasn’t shipped yet. From what I’m told they use FedEx SmartPost so ofcourse that means it will end up being delivered by your USPS.

      • Mine was finally shipped today! It says its coming via FEDX Smartpost…
        Can’t wait! The email also listed out all your I just have to figure out what the last item with the silver compact is? Anybody know?

        • The Ready All Over Face Color in Elation, a pretty pink color, in silver compact.

    • I just received my shipping info.

    • I received mine today! It’s fabulous!

      • Did you receive the actually products? Or the shipping notice? If you got yours delivered already–CONGRATs.
        Can you tell me what BMReadyAOFC-ElationNoBoxw/SilverComp(G1)

        • I got the actual box. The AOFC is a really pretty pale pink color. It’s pressed, not loose minerals, in a silver compact
          It’s a great shade for me (cool toned) and very subtle color…which is why it’s considered an All Over Face color, rather than a blush.

    • I havent received shipping confirmation. It still shows unshipped online. I’m not too pleased with the slooooow processing of this. Maybe I am just spoiled. lol

      • I have been checking everyday, including today, waiting for it to say shipped. I even called and was told “no it hasn’t shipped, usually takes 1-5 days to ship”. Then 30 minutes later I got the email confirmation that it had been shipped…hopefully you get yours later today also!

  10. all gone ๐Ÿ™

  11. I called CS to ask if I could get both SUMMER and GIFT4U code gifts since they both showed applied until I got confirmation, when only one showed. She checked with supervisor and said only one gift applies per order. I would think this was very reasonable except other people on this site got both, so I feel like the policy shouldn’t change based on who you get on the phone. Also, I couldn’t use the new email subscriber code because it took several hours for it to appear. Oh well, nitpicking on a still great deal.

  12. This site is addictive. I just ordered this box on top of several beauty box subscriptions & barely ever wear makeup!

    • Man I am the same way. My make up game has totally gotten stronger since discovering this site! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. I was only able to use the codes IPSY and 15% off, I did have SUMMER in my cart for a free product but it got booted when I placed the order and when I called customer service they were very pleasant but would NOT add the free item back to my order because I used the IPSY2016 code (specifically). Boo that’s my bad luck. Jealous of you ladies who had better luck with customer service. I still got the mystery box for $21 and change so I can’t complain too much.

    • I had the same luck as you maybe we got the same girl lol!

  14. Are they always exactly the same products and colors? I snagged two, placed one order and then saw more coupon codes and went back for extra stuff! If I get a bunch of dupes I can gift them but I’d love it if they mix them up a bit.

    • I’m almost positive the boxes contain the same products. This will be my 3rd mystery box this year, and the first two were the same as those being reviewed, as well as the boxes received by those who commented on the products they received.

  15. Between the coupon codes and the FOMO hitting hard, I just couldn’t resist. ??

  16. Do the boxes generally vary? Btw, it wouldn’t let me stack summer and gift4u… Only one gift remained in the cart

  17. It wouldn’t let me use the !5% off. It kept saying that it was used to many times. Still a good deal.

    • I signed up for the site, and I never got the 15% off code. I called and she said it would not come for a couple days, and didn’t offer anything else ๐Ÿ™ I did use the ipsy code, summer code, and another code they gave me to get a free mystery gift valued at $14. So I ended up paying about $25 plus tax. Still not bad considering what you get. I am getting too many boxes, but there have been so many good ones lately. I am waiting for my GlossyBox buy one get two free, and my PopSugar mystery box still to arrive. I really need to put a stop to this. I am getting overwhelmed! Oh well, I will make some cute Christmas gifts for people this year!

  18. You gals are awesome! Thanks so much for all the codes! I loved my last box so I finally caved and ordered another one! Yay! So excited. Ty ty!

  19. Thanks guys! Y’all rock!

    I was able to add the 15% & 20% off codes to get my total with tax to $22.64. I added the Summer promo code as well but it didn’t show up in the email confirmation so I called and CS added it for me then added another deluxe sample to my order. I’m horrible with waiting for surprises so I asked her what my 11 items are and she told me so this is what I remember:

    1 eyeliner in Charcoal
    1 eyeliner in Brown
    1 Gold Handle Blush brush
    3 Eye brushes
    Moxie Lip Gloss in Sparkplug (pink)
    Primer (said it’s the color correcting one for redness that’s discontinued)
    Lash Domination
    Pop of Passion
    Candlelight Glow (I think she said that was in a silver compact)

    That was all I could scribble down quickly and I don’t know sizes if they vary. This will be my first order with them because I normally order from Sephora. Customer Service was EXCELLENT tho so I’m sure I’ll order again directly! So excited for all my goodies

    Oh and PS – the CS lady said that since I called so quickly after my order that if I didn’t like the items she listed that I could cancel and she would skip to the next order to see if I like those items better

    • Perfect! $25 for 4 nice brushes is great for me and so needed right now, everything else was pretty much a freebie in my eyes now!~

  20. Here are what seems to be the Mystery Gifts according to the account page:

    Mystery Gift #1: Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara
    Mystery Gift #2: Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss
    Mystery Gift #3: Big & Bright Eyeliner Pencil
    Mystery Gift #4: Prime Time Foundation Primer
    Mystery Gift #5: unknown brown color pencil (twist up)
    Mystery Gift #6: cosmetic bag
    Mystery Gift #7: (no info)
    Mystery Gift #8: (no info)
    Mystery Gift #9: Precision Eye & Cheek Brush
    Mystery Gift #10: Pop of Passion Lip Oil Balm (Christmas packaging)
    Mystery Gift #11: (no info)

    Hope this helps!!!

    • Mine shows these same items. I’m bummed to get a cosmetic bag as one of the items, as I for sure don’t need that! Hoping those items that are still a mystery make up for it. ? Looks pretty good overall though. I would love to see some face products or eye shadows.

    • 1 74135 Lash Domination Mascara Sam BASIC V2-G1
      1 74016 DLX SAMP MMoxieL/G-SparkPlug-INBOX(G1)V2
      1 49587 Charcoal Big&Bright Eyeli
      1 60874 PT NeutralizingFoundPrimer1ozV2(G1)w/Box
      1 49588 Espresso Big&Bright Eyeliner w/Box (O1)
      1 75605 Chandelight Glow Rekindled-Bag (O1)
      1 59140 D/E Full Tapered Shdw&Blush Brush-V2(G3)
      1 78000 D/EPrecision Eye&Cheek BrushW/gold(G3
      1 77793 Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balm (G14)
      1 68635 BMReadyAOFC-ElationNoBoxw/SilverComp(G1)
      26220 S NUDE BEACH Eyecolor (G1)
      1 26226 S SEX KITTEN Eyecolor (G1)
      1 58540 D/E Precision Eye & Cheek Brush (G3)

      2 of those are from an additional 2 peice mystery free gift though, my guess is 2 from the final 3 items bc looks like im getting the same brush 2x

      Shipping slip ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I don’t see this stuff on my account page…maybe I need to be on a desktop? :/

        • i got it on the shipping conformation email

      • Thanks for the list! Almost all are repeat items, which means I’ve purchased too many of these. However I’m happy to get new brushes and pop of passion. I thought we were getting the Chandlelight powder but I guess it’s the bag, hope it’s that pretty clutch from the Chandlelight Kit. Oh and those eye colors you’re getting are pretty!

        • The makeup clutch is really pretty! And a great size, too! (A little bigger than a normal make up bag.)

  21. I’ve never used this line of product before but I’m excited to try them. What do you guys love about the products? What are your favorites?

    • I LOVE all of their eye shadows! They’re super pigmented and last for eons. I also am a huge fan of their pressed ready foundation! Really, any and all of their products are great if the color scheme matches your skin tone. You should be able to find a few new favorites amongst what they send ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks Beka! Excited to finally try them.

    • I have oily skin, so their mineral face products (foundation, blemish therapy, concealer, & mineral veil) are the only products I use. They provide really even coverage (doesn’t get cakey), and my face doesn’t feel greasy or weighed down like it used to with liquid foundations & concealers).

    • I love their original mineral veil, it feels luxurious. I love the Ready eye shadows (I wish they would include a palette more often in the mystery box!) and though I normally don’t like loose eye shadows, BM shadows always have beautiful colors and no fallout.

      • Thanks ladies! You’re the best!

  22. I ordered using summer and IPSY2016 and IPSY2016 did not register when my receipt came so I just emailed them to ask for help.

    Thanks for telling me about the box.

  23. If you missed out on your free gift, call CS and they’ll send you a free one! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Once I read this comment, I figured I’d give it a try and it worked! Nice of CS to do so! Thanks for posting ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It didn’t work for me no matter how nicely I asked ๐Ÿ™ boo

  24. I have a whole box full of unopened BM products from these surprise boxes, but you all talked me into it yet again. Wish they wouldn’t keep giving out brown eyeliners. The free Graphite eye color looks gorgeous! In a swatch I saw!

  25. I used my Ipsy2016 code, then added the 15% new email code, and the SUMMER promo, plus I love their blemish therapy and it’s on clearance (paid $12.24) got 2 of the metal eyelash combs for $8.82, and I picked up a new shade of the 5-1 BB Cream Eyeshadow for only $12.92 (reg $19).
    The box was $21.76 and I got 2 free mystery gifts and the velvet eyeshadow and everyone gets the skin care samples. Grand total…$55.76!! YES!
    Thanks to whoever posted the SUMMER code-& to Liz for the timely alert!

  26. All of these were applied to my order:

    Free sample with purchase
    Enjoy a 2-piece mystery gift ($28 value)
    Enjoy 20% off your purchase
    Enjoy a FREE deluxe bareSkinยฎ Serum Bronzer (with $75 purchase)
    FREE Full Size Gift with your purchase
    Enjoy a Petite Precision Basic Mascara sample (with any eye purchase)

    Code IPSY2016 has been applied to your order
    Code SHEER has been applied to your order
    Code SUMMER has been applied to your order
    Code PETITE has been applied to your order
    Code GIFT4U has been applied to your order

    I am shocked. That is AMAZING! I just became obsessed with this brand with the last mystery box and joined the club which is an awesome deal too!

    • How were you able to get the bronzer? Was that code SHEER? And did you have to add another purchase to bring it up to $75?

      Just curious! I put in IPSY, SUMMER and GIFT4U and they all worked…but looks like I missed 2 more!

  27. You guys are such a bad influence! I had to get it. It was written use the 15% off code. It said it had been redeemed too many times, even though I just got it.

  28. I broke down and ordered one. I skipped their last mystery box and I couldn’t skip two in a row. I was able to use the IPSY2016 and GIFT4U codes. Thanks for the codes!!

  29. I didnt do the new account stuff, just happy to use my old one lol. BUT summer and ipsy codes are AMAZING ladies! I got $6 off and a free full size eye brush!

  30. Is this the box that we get an invoice breakdown that shows what we’re getting?

  31. ***SPOILER***

    I called CS because my free gift was not on my order so they are shipping it separately! Yay!

    When I was on the phone with them they were reviewing my order with me and she started listing stuff from the box!! This is all I can remember from it…

    2 eyeshadow brushes
    2 eye shadows
    1 brown eye liner
    Some kind of face powder
    Bag (description was something like bronze summer)

    Sorry not much help but I wasn’t expecting her to list it off! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That sounds good to me!

    • Same here, I had to call CS because my free item wasn’t on my confirmation. She is sending it out free as a courtesy which is nice because they really don’t have to. It looks like if you add codes Ipsy2016 20% off and email sign up code 15% off the system will take off the free item. I’m not sure about the other codes.

  32. I couldn’t resist snagging one with all these coupon codes! Came out to $21.76 before tax.

  33. I havent tried much of this brand but ordered one to check it out. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I got it for the $21, used the 15% coupon from signing up and the ipsy2016 for the other discount. I couldnt stack for the free gift though. ๐Ÿ™

    • It does look like the free gift falls off, but it still says “Code GIFT4U has been applied to your order” under the “redeem it” code line. Not sure if it’s working or not…I picked my gift then added the 15% coupon code. So maybe I’ll get it?

  34. The coupon codes did me in. I was powerless in their grip.

  35. The free gift falls off your cart when you add the 15% email subscriber discount. Just FYI. I tried with the GIFT4U and the SUMMER code and both came off. Then when I removed the 15% subscriber code it automatically did the pop up to add the free gift back on. So it doesn’t look like those two will stack together. At least not for me, anyway.

    • Mine did the same but I called customer service and they are shipping me the free gift separately!

    • I was able to use SUMMER to add the free gift back in after applying the 15% code and the IPSY2016 20% off code.

  36. Holy cow, I’m an addict! Thanks everyone for the wallet saving tips!

    Original price $36

    IPSY2016 gives you an extra 20% off making it $25.60
    Summer gives you a free, full size gift
    Register, get an online code sent to your mail for an extra 15% discount

    Total: 21.76

    *Does a happy dance*

  37. I got one for $23.72 with tax and an extra eyeshadow. Thank you ladies for the coupon codes. This community is so cool.

  38. OK… I wasn’t going to do it – But I did. I feel like I got a GREAT deal on Bare Minerals products. Thanks for the promo codes!

  39. Thanks! Fingers crossed for powders- the colors always work for me.

  40. You guys are killing me! With those codes, I couldn’t pass on this deal. I got the mystery box the last time it was offered and truthfully, I was underwhelmed, but it was only because I already have so much Bare Escentuals dating back 10 years or so for mineral shadows and blushes. Most of what was in the kit, I already own. I’ll try again though. I am interested in trying some of the newer things. I haven’t been been buying from them in recent years because I don’t need to. Not interested in their skincare, but if they still had their bath and body stuff, I would of been ordering still. They used to have a bath gel that I loved and repurchased, but it’s long gone now, sadly.

  41. if you are not a subscriber (I wasn’t) you can subscribe and get an additional 15% one time use coupon emailed to. Mine came in about 10 mins. It’s STACKABLE with the other two listed making it $21.76!!

    • Can you tell me what codes are available? Thanks!

    • I lost out on the gift4u/summer gift that was in my cart while waiting for the code. So weird. Unfortunately, they don’t have a chat option for customer service. Maybe they’ll throw something in anyhow….

      • When I added the 15% email subscriber discount, the free gift came off the cart. That might be what happened to yours too.

        • It looked like all three codes applied in my cart, but I was never able to choose my free gift, so not counting on that. Still, 11 items for 21.76 is a steal! Hope I like most of it.

  42. Dang it Liz, I did it again! Thanks for posting codes everyone. Got 20% off and free full size lip gloss. How could I say no to that?!

  43. I hope they put some of their new GenNudes in there because so far I’m loving those!!!

    • I doubt there will be any of those – they usually send products that they are discontinuing (or re-packaging). But, it’s still a great deal!

  44. I am a BareMinerals junkie, so I snagged one! Thanks for both of the codes – I was able to stack them and get 20% off, plus a free small radiance!

  45. GIFT4U lets you pick a bonus full sixed gift and they will let you stack codes.

    • Darn it, just finished my order and missed this

    • I just ordered one with the ipsy code, if only I’ve seen your comment sooner!!! Ahh I’ve never tried bare minerals before. I hope they don’t disappoint ?

    • The code SUMMER also gets you a free full size gift as well if GIFT4U doesn’t work. Looks like they have 7 full sized gifts to choose from. One is already sold out. They let me stack the codes too so I got a free full size extra and the 20% off! Thanks for letting me know they stack codes!

      • I was able to stack the 20% code, SUMMER, and GIFT4U! I only used 20% for my first box. I saw the other codes after so I ordered a second box using all three codes. The addiction is real!!! I have two daughters who will be more than happy to help me use the products. LOL!

  46. Thank you!

  47. IPSY2016 gives you an extra 20% off making it $25.60.

    • Many thanks! I just snagged one of these- love this brand.

    • Thanks!

      Oh god this site is so bad for my wallet. I went from having almost zero makeup to wayyy too much.

    • Had the willpower to pass at full price but somehow that all left after I saw this coupon code. Thank you!!

    • Your code tipped the scale for me and I broke down and bought it. Thank you (I think! ?)

    • Thanks for the promo code Darryn! Just got one!!

    • You are one awesome chick Darryn!!! Thanks so much! ?

      • Lol, thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Nice! I always forget about the discount codes Ipsy offers…. now their Ipsy deals on the other hand… checking those is a daily routine for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going to make it a point from now on to always check out their discount offers whenever I want to make any online beauty purchase from a specific brand. Thanks!

    • Thank you so much for the code!!! Just scored it for $25.60!

    • Thank u so much for sharing ! It made me decide to get it ! If anyone here knows any of the contents, please share (i dont know how people in the past were able to figure it out by the item numbers or something)

  48. Got one! By far, I think this is one of the best mystery boxes out there in terms of retail & personal value to me. I’ve always loved everything that I’ve gotten. I love the variety of products received, and am just amazed at the number of full-sized products received for the price of about two products!

    Didn’t they just do one though? I feel like I just bought one not so long ago. But, I’m not complaining!!! Maybe they should come out with their own sub!

    I actually tried to purchase this earlier this morning, but when I clicked on the email I received, it kept saying it was out of stock, despite me trying to purchase one within minutes of receiving the email. But, at least MSA’s link worked!

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