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POPSUGAR Must Have July 2016 Box FULL SPOILERS + Coupon

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Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 3.41.20 PM

We have the first spoiler picture for the July 2016 POPSUGAR Must Have box!

Thanks to Nich for the email and sweetheartpixie on Instagram for the pictures!

The box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box. (Check out our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what has been in past boxes!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So glad I cancelled!

    • So bummed. Second really bad box in a row, and the one before that was when it all started going down hill. They used to be so great! Regretting signing up for 6 months at this point 🙁

      • I’m also happy I didn’t renew (or sign up for 6 months with that deal) after that May box that was terrible. June wasn’t for me, and neither is July. Last year, in August, I signed up for my first box and loved it. Maybe August will be good again!

    • Me too!

  2. I am not excited about this box at all. I just signed up for 6 more months and wish I could cancel now. I have a pool but no way will we ever use a floating swan to hold our drinks! I am out as soon as my subscription runs out. I can always try to swap for the few Items I want. I put the entire box up for swap last month and think I will also be swapping all of this one. Popsugar use to be so great. I miss that.

    • I am trying to find the swap that everybody mentions

      • at the top of the page it has a section for “swaps” Its right next to discussion

      • It’s waitlist only right nw

  3. I read the comments before I looked at the spoiler, and gotta say I don’t hate it like everyone else seems to. It’s way better than I was expecting. I get that pineapples are the new “in” thing, but I don’t understand the pin. Maybe I’ll put it on my beach bag. I have 2 giant swans floating in my pool already, so the drink holder matches perfectly. I like the scarf. I’m not sure how it says “summer”, but I’ll use it….in a few months. I like getting gift cards when I can use them to buy something I like. The cheapest thing I could find on trove was for $70. After shipping and tax, I don’t feel like $20 off is a deal–especially when most websites usually run promotions that save you more money than that. Overall, I’m still pretty happy with the box. It’s nothing I couldn’t live without, but I don’t feel like I wasted my money either.

  4. Yet again, I love my popsugar box! I spend every weekend at the lake and will tie a rope to that drink floatie and attach it to my floatie and won’t have to come in to shore to get a drink. Perfect! I love Michael stars scarfs, they are a very nice material and easy to wear. I wear the sarong as a sarong from last month so there is really no comparison between a scarf, and a sarong. Two different things in my opinion. I was just thinking I needed to protect my hair from the sun, so I’m happy about the hair product. I like pineapples, and will figure out something to do with the pin. Overall, another win for me!

  5. I doubt you could even swap all of this stuff. I’m so glad that I cancelled after last few months of disappointing boxes! I’ve just about given up on all boxes lately. It seems like they put the same brands in the boxes month after month. I mean how much Pur~Lisse, Nuxe, Sothy’s, Shoptiques, and Dermalogica can we possibly need/use? I’m so so so happy that I cancelled!!!! I would end up tossing anything that I couldn’t swap or give away! I don’t swim, have food allergies, done wear scarfs or pins, wouldn’t use the gift card or anything at all! I wanted to grab a mystery box and had to really restrain myself but am grated that I didn’t at this point. We all know their going to toss all of the junk they couldn’t get rid of. It’s heartbreaking to see everyone’s hard earned money just wasted on this horrible junk! I’m just shocked! I would hate to be Popsugar’s customer service department this month!!!

  6. Nope.

  7. Cute scarf. Don’t really like any of the other items.

  8. You guys! This is my first subscription box ever! I’m a mom of 2, 6months pregnant, on summer vacay from teaching and I splurged on a little ME thing. Where do I go from here? I was looking for fun! Maybe that sticker subscription would have been better? But I really want something to WOW me! Any recs for a seasoned mom and teacher on vacay?

    • Egocentric Mom box. You can have it personalized between mom, pregnant mom, or mom with an infant. It’s a cute one but probably not for vacay…maybe FabFitFun. I have some items from there (Trina Turk bag, cute, soft yoga towel), Causebox is pretty cool (again I have some of their items up for swap also) but FFF and Causebox are seasonal not monthly. Ecocentric mom box is monthly…hmmm….honestly my favs are the ones I’ve mentioned above and I sub to a TON of boxes. I would avoid Oui Please at all costs and just pick up what you like from swaps only. It’s a lot of money to put into something…..inconsistent but beautiful. I did the year to Oui Please and the box before last they totally “forgot” to send me a box. ? They did add another to the back end of my subscription and send me an I’m sorry gift which was super nice…and I have to say, they do have the most beautiful looking and smelling packages out there!!! ? I would go through MSA and look at the reviews to the lifestyle boxes and see what would kinda fit your style even just a little. I’ve found that I go outside my comfort zone a little and it makes getting the boxes more exciting! ? I also stay away from reviews and spoilers for the boxes that I sub to so that I’m at least a little surprised. Lol!!! ? Good luck and have a great vacation!!!! ??

      • I’m signing up for Yuzen when it goes available again, I’m a mom with four kids and like the idea of a “spa in a box” to make myself more of a priority. I also signed up for serendipity and hope that will be fun. Little lace box looks awesome too. I thought I maybe would want pop sugar but after reading so many reviews, I’m not sure it’s for me either.

        • Yes! Yuzen! Very cute box!!! I want that one too! ? ? Just take my money now boxes! Lol! ?

        • Absolutely agree, I love yuzen

      • Oh! I know! White Willow, Aster Market, Little Lace Box (large box or serendipity box), Mama Bird, Globe In is cute, Zoe Box of Syle (seasonal ?), Luxor is super beautiful but probably not beach/vacation(ish), Luxe Pineapple Post (?)…I got nothing else. I’m always drooling over Covet Crate, Aster Market, Little Lace Box Serendipity, and White Willow! ? I’m gonna go broke with all of these cute boxes!!!!

        • OK. Cancelling PopSugar and going to research Yuzen and Little Lace Box! Thanks for suggestions!!

          • Mommy Mailbox also has the most beautiful and fun boxes!

    • Me too! I was worried that I was missing out?

    • Awwww….congratulations on baby #3!! Thanks for being a teacher. My oldest long graduated but I still have an 8th grader and a new kindergartener. I appreciate all the wonderful, dedicated educators out there. <3 Sorry you didn't like this box. Have you tried a book sub? I love those. Read a totally frivolous romantic summer book.

  9. I paid $35 for this box and I’m upset. The most expensive bag of chips I’ve ever purchased. Sigh…I’ve also canceled my subscription.

    • Pssh I paid $42 with tax so I am not thrilled. The only good thing I guess is that I have the box up for swap and people are sending requests, so I can make someone else happy at least. lol

  10. yep, not feeling it. Glad I didn’t get this one. Hope the two mystery all – star boxes are better. pfffft. The hair cream in this box, spoiler was really the only thing I wanted.

    • Well my mind is at ease I can easily skip this as the hair product is the only thing I’d want/ use out of this pile. And not getting the theme vibe here which I thought sounded fun. ⚡️Jet

  11. this screams millennial to me.

    • Good point!

    • Yes, agreed! I could be wrong, but I feel like they do try to target millennials which explains why I love this box – at least for their regular monthly boxes. The items definitely go along with the articles/snapchats that they post!

    • Millennial here and this is a big nope. Seriously, a pool floater for drinks? My 5000th scarf? And napkins? Really? I have always thought PSMH to be random and, while not completely dollar store, very kitzchy and sometimes tacky. There is usually only one thing I would consider buying in the box each time. I know it works with some people’s taste, but this is not me.

      • I’m a GenX-er and I love this box. But then again I’ve loved every PSMH box for the last 2+ years.

    • I’m a millennial and this is the worst box I’ve received since signing up last August. The month before wasn’t the best either

  12. Another easy skip, just like last month. Although I DO worry that they will stop giving out full spoilers in time to order that month’s box with all the skips and cancelations they’ll be having. I feel that theit boxes go down in quality after the offer the 6 month deals. With a few exceptions of course. Some people may love it. To each, their own.

    • I agree with you; I signed up for the 6-month deal and the last 3 boxes have not even been worth the discounted price. The value may be there but if it’s stuff that you are not keeping then it’s a loss. I definitely will not sign up again and just take it month to month.

      • Buyer beware! I used to just purchase a one time gift subscription if I liked what I saw based on the spoilers, but it looks like they got rid of that loophole because I got charged monthly when I did that last month.

  13. I can not believe they would give us a gift card for 20.00 off when the cheapest thing on the website is 70.00…..Not a lot of people have an extra 50.00 plus shipping to spend on a ring,and the rings are not worth that amount of money…..they could of gave us a better deal on the gift card or gave us a different gift card that made more sense in using….this is probably the worst gift card they have ever given us,only a very few people will use this card.

    • I have an issue with this too. Most of the time you can get store promotions that will save more money than this.

      • If you do like the style of the rings, go to etsy. I have bought a few and the quality is good and they are inexpensive.

  14. I thought it couldn’t be worse than last month (as far as what items I would use), but this is bad. I am really only looking forward to the chips! ? I suppose I’ll give my kids the swan for the bath! I really don’t need/want a pin, the scarf is almost identical to the sarong (which my only hope of wearing was going to be as a scarf), and I’m not sure the hair product is something I necessarily need. Plus, the gift card is only worth it if you’re willing to spend another $50 bucks (I’m not). Glad I didn’t pay full price, but with half my new subscription done I am not sure I’ll resubscribe after this.

  15. Cute but not worth it for me, I just want the Swan float! I have a pool and it would be so cute floating around freaking out the dogs lol. Of anyone wants to swap let me know!

    • I will swap for mine when I get it! Don’t have a pool and I don’t even know who I could give it to for a gift haha.

        • ugh I didn’t realize there was a waitlist to participate in swaps! oh well, maybe I’ll be “let in” soon but it seems like there are a lot of them on there already 🙂

  16. Luckily I like enough of the items that it’s not a total loss for me. I have an obsession with pineapples so I am very excited about that pin! ? The swan will be a gift for someone with a pool, and while I think they could have gone a little more crazy on the scarf (maybe something in color?? I mean it’s summer! Something Hawaiian-print even..) I will wear it. What about the mini?

  17. I dont see much of the theme in this box. Which items would fit in the retro, vintage and cheeky theme?

  18. hmmm it’s not terrible but it’s not good. i was excited about the retro and vintage themes, but where are they? the pineapple pin i guess is one of those? weird. also the gift card to that store is like worthless i can’t find anything less than like $70 on the site. oh and it would have been better if it had been an actual pool float what’s the point of a float for drinks. oh and one more thing that scarf looks like the sarong from last month? boring. okay it’s not a very good box at all actually :p

    • I guess you can’t ever have enough drab gray print scarfs !

  19. I will probably cancel my sub after this. July and June have not been worth $40 to me. Such a letdown since I’ve loved a ton of previous boxes that I saw in reviews.

  20. I would love the scarf in swaps! Remember me when you all post them! 😀

  21. I would be so upset if I paid $40 for that box.

    • I totally am 🙁

  22. I feel so sad about this box. I forgot to cancel after my black Friday deal ended in June (they gave me an extra month because of a shipping problem in December). So not only is this the worst Popsugar box I have received, but I paid full price….. so many tears ??????:( serious let down this month.

  23. That scarf looks just like the sarong from last month. What a strange “curation” decision.

    • Completely agree! I really like wearing scarves, but they are both so neutral – why not mix it up with one of them? Gonna have to cancel. This is the third box in a row that has been a BIG disappointment! 🙁

    • That was my first thought, and I’m normally super excited for scarves

  24. Total letdown.

  25. Really glad I didn’t pay full price for this sub and more sure than ever that I’m not reupping when my prepaid is done

  26. I was so nervous that after I cancelled my subscription I would have FOMO…I am not missing anything in this box. A pin? A little drink floater? I have more scarves then I know what to do with.

  27. How large of a home pool do you have to have to need a floating drink holder? I mean, would you ever be that far from the edge of the pool that you couldn’t just leave your drink there?

    • We can’t leave our drinks on the side of the pool because the dogs knock them over or drink them. We usually float a bowl in the pool with fruit to snack on – now we can just make fruit cups and float them in the swan!

  28. It is pretty sad when the only item that is appealing to me is the bag of chips…

    • That’s exactly what I thought!
      so glad I had canceled

    • Funny! And true . . .

  29. I’ve had this sub for years and this might possibly be the worst box yet. I didn’t realize people still wore pins, especially a pineapple pin.
    Don’t have a pool so no need for the drink float. I’d like it if I had one but I think that’s something most don’t have a use for.
    I don’t need another brow product. Seems boxes have been going crazy with brow items.
    Scarf is pretty but I don’t get it being in a box with the other items. Plus, I have a similar one.
    Curation is not great this month.

    • At first I thought the pineapple pin was a pair of earrings, those would be so cute!!! It’s a teeny tiny pin… not too much fun. I guess you could pin it on a backpack or something

    • I’m feel the same way. I’ve been getting this box for 3 years, and I just canceled. Too in many of their recent boxes have been total let downs. I couldn’t even pull the trigger on the $20 mystery box of past items (supposedly valued at $100). So disappointed!

  30. Ugh… A complete bust to me… ?
    So far, most of my summer sub boxes are let downs to me… Guess summer’s just not my thing ?
    Let’s hope the mini will have some good stuff (at least for me)

  31. Sad. Just sad. My second box and it is not for me either. Where are the really awesome boxes I have missed in the past?

  32. This is a great box!!! Love it all!

  33. I am glad I didn’t renew a couple months ago when my December deal expired. There’s nothing for me last month or this month. I may add the scarf on my swap list though, but won’t pursue it enthusiastically.

  34. As an FYI, the float appears to be sold out everywhere so you may have luck selling it.

  35. I like the scarf – between that and last months sarong, it’s nice to see them switching it up and going with some more classic / universal colors instead of the signature cobalt blue.

  36. Don’t like anything.

  37. Thank you for once again saving me 40 bucks MSA ❤️
    This years boxes have not been my thing.

  38. Swsp my whole box

  39. Not sad I’m not getting it. The drink holder only makes me wish I had a pool! And while the other items are nice, there is nothing I even want to bother swapping for

  40. The only thing I’ll be swapping is the scarf – it looks too similar to the wrap from last month in my opinion!

  41. If I had a pool I’d get a huge kick out of that drink float, but alas…

  42. Um…..I’m not loving this at all. I don’t want any of that stuff.

  43. This box is so not me. First time i have been dissappointed. The pool drink float, pin and maybe hair stuff is going up for swap.

  44. OMG – love love love this box!!!

  45. Pintrill!!! Popsugar sure knows how to double-down on street style!! ??

  46. Anyone want to get rid of their pineapple pin? I NEED it lol!

    • I will be putting mine up for swap, pineapple pins are not my thing.

  47. I’ve never worn a pin in my life, so don’t know what to do with the pineapple pin (I could give it to a Psych fan I guess). Any suggestions? But, other than that, LOVE the box. It screams summer & has a nice variety of items. Good job, PSMH!!

    • Ha! Your comment makes me want to binge watch psych now

    • LOL I’ve been binge watching Psych (I’m watching it now)! I’ve always loved pineapples anyway, so I think it’s cool that they’re “in” right now. I would have preferred something other than a pin, but I guess I can put it on a beach bag or something…

  48. Love it.

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