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Play! By Sephora July 2016 Spoiler UPDATE

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Play! By Sephora October 2015 Subscription Box Reveal

We have a spoiler update for the July 2016 Play! By Sephora subscription box. It looks like this month may be the first box to have variation in samples. If you check out “My Beauty Bag” under your account section, you should see which version of the July Play! by Sephora box you will be receiving:

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 4.38.42 PM

I’m getting Box A – for Oily/Combo skin. (Box B is for Dry/Normal skin)

Also, an anonymous MSA reader posted full spoilers for this box on this original spoiler post:

Everyone will receive:

beautyblender blotterazzi™ by beautyblender®
NEST Citrine
Ouai Wave Spray

Remaining items will be one of each category:

Benefit Cosmetics Dew the Hoola Soft Matte Liquid Bronzer or
Too Faced Soleil Matte Bronzer

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser or
First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser With Red Clay

Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer or
Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer Pore Minimizing


FYI – I have NOT been able to confirm these spoilers. However, July Play specific links exist for each brand here:

I will post again when I can confirm the full July 2016 spoilers.

What do you think of the July 2016 Play! By Sephora box spoiler updates? Which box are you getting?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. If I update my information today july 5th would there be a possibility of my bag being changed? I got the dry/normal skin box and I have extremely oily skin. I can’t believe sephora didn’t even email us about updating our information, but does email spam if only I had known that the bags would be customized -_-

  2. I’m getting box B but I have oily/combination skin. Really need to check my profile again.

    • I have combination skin checked in my profile and I’m still getting Normal/Dry. I’m pretty upset about it – why customize if they aren’t paying attention to what they are sending? CS was totally unhelpful too… this makes me wonder about the future. :/

      • How recently did you fill out your profile? I know most subscriptions will pull your preferences at least a couple weeks before the beginning of the month, so this was probably determined mid-June. I assume next month might yield more accurate results.

      • We’re is everybody seeing what bag they are gettung, it won’t show me anything, except my past boxes. I don’t know what that’s about, and I’ve seen a few comments about sephora updating our profiles. What did they do I’m not sure.

  3. I am getting Box A. Which is great because I have oily skin. But as I was looking at my account, it occurred to me that I did not get my paid for June box :/ That really SUCKS 🙁

    • I had an issue with my June box too. I contacted them and they said I should have tracking the next day and it had just been picked up. I contacted them 2 days later since I didn’t have tracking and they told me it was lost in the mail and they refunded me. How does it go from just getting picked up to lost in the mail in 2 days? I was pretty frustrated to say the least. Contact them and you’ll get your money back.

  4. Am I the only one who can’t see anything using the specific links to each item?

    • I couldn’t either

    • I couldn’t either! Mine just says PLAY! by Sephora. There’s no A or B. ?

      • if you go the the desktop version and not mobile it will work

        • Thanks, Lisa! I finally figured that out last night lol. I’m getting Box A! Yay!

        • As of this morning, it does not. I saw what box I was getting the other day, but when I checked this morning to see if products were posted, Sephora had removed the Box A/B notation on our recent orders.

          • I seriously hope they’re not trying to redo all the boxes and our packages are going to end up late as a result of people complaining. They removed my notation as well. ?

        • I tried both, neither work.

          • They have different item numbers I think. I found on another forum that B item number is 1823459; A is different. Hope that helps

          • when i move my mouse over onto the beauty bag purchase the item number is 1823459. I just checked my profile to make sure my skin type was set to dry.

          • #1823442 Is oily/comb

    • Neither can I waaaahhh

    • I can’t see either.

    • No, mine also just says “Play! by Sephora” with no box specified

  5. I don’t get the dry/oily skin influencing liquid/powder bronzer thing. It’s about people’s preferences, not skin type. I have dry skin but I’m NOT a liquid bronzer person and would rather get powder one. And this Beautyblender product is clearly an oily skin thing. I’m hoping since it’s the first bag with variations they will figure it out in the future.

  6. I wonder how the Botterazzi will be packaged. I hope we get the actual carrying case for it!

    • Dunno either but that would be great. The case for it comes with a nice mirror inside the lid and ventilation holes under where the sponge sits.

  7. Is anyone else not being notified of which box they are getting? When I go into my beauty bag the Sephora Play Box is there and charged, but doesn’t say oily, normal, combo, etc. Who else is going to be surprised with what they get?

    • I can’t see mine, either 🙁

      • Mine shows on the computer, but not me phone.

    • Mine shows on my computer , but on my Iphone it does not.

  8. Is anyone else not being notified of which box they are getting? When I go into my beauty bag the Sephora Play Box is there and charged, but doesn’t say oily, normal, combo, etc. Who else is going to be surprised with what they get?

    • it wouldn’t show me on my phone, but on my desktop it does show me I’m getting dry to normal.

  9. looks like a pretty good box to me… but I’m not sure if I like having different variations (for FOMO), it almost makes me want to add another sub so I can get both versions.

    for those of you that have beautyblender products, do you have to use their cleanser? or can you just use a mild face wash? the blotterazzi sounds interesting and I’ll probably use it as long as I don’t have to buy their special cleanser.

    • Any liquid cleanser will work, I have never bought their brand of cleanser for any of my BB sponges including this one, and they work fine.

      • awesome – good to know!

        thank you 🙂

    • I use Dr Bronners bar soap… its like $4 and is pretty much the same as the Beautyblender solid but its vegan.

      • Yep, I’ve used their liquid version and it works very well.

        • Thanks Kris and Steffy for the info – might have to get that.
          And this is why I love ? MSA… so helpful and informative

  10. So if you don’t have anything under My Beauty Bag does that mean I won’t get one this month? This is my first, I got off the wait list on 6/21/16…

    • I was just taken off the wait list in July as well. My bag isn’t posted in My Beauty Bag either BUT I went to my account section just in the upper left where you can sign out and clicked it, about halfway down the page was a Recent Orders section with an order # that you can click on. I was able to see that mine is Normal/Dry. Hope this helps 🙂

  11. I’m getting the normal/dry version, which I’m happy with since I already have the Too Faced bronzer. It is a little weird to get liquid bronzer two months in a row but at least they are both great brands. Also getting the exact same Smashbox primer in my Allure box this month so I hope I like it!

  12. I’m getting the box for normal/dry skin. I’m very excited for my 1st box… My husband seen all the charges for my boxes this month and he was pretty upset… I guess I subscribe to, too many subs…But can’t wait for this one! I was on the waitlist forever.. Everything does look pretty good and I will use everything!

  13. It was already probably answered, but what products are in which boxes? Thank you. I tried going back to look, but I’m confused.

    I’m super disappointed to be getting the box for oily skin when my skin is combo, but more on the dry side. I also have very sensitive skin, so I’m worried about that.

    • The oily/combo box is receiving the Too Faced bronzer, the skin rescue cleanser, and the oil-free primer (according, again, to unconfirmed sources).

      • Thank you!

      • Thanks, this the box I am getting so I was wondering how people figured this out.

        Happy, since these were the products I hadn’t tried yet.

    • On second glance, maybe I am happier with the oily box. First Aid Beauty is a great brand and the red clay mask says its safe for sensitive skin. I also prefer the Too Faced over the Hoola.

  14. Overall I think the box is ok this month, I am just not looking forward to another liquid bronzer (it’s definitely weird we are getting them 2 months in a row). I don’t know why the dry/normal skin box would include that beauty blender item, maybe because it’s summer for sweating (or because they have bad reviews and no one is buying them) ? It’s definitely an item I won’t be using. I would rather get something targeted for dry skin.

    • I agree about the Blotterazi thing. I have no need for that. I would expect that in the oily box only.

      • I am hoping these spoilers aren’t final and maybe we won’t get it. It seems silly to have seperate boxes then give us an item for oily skin.

  15. Is my Play! Profile different than my Beauty Insider profile? I see where my Beauty Insider profile is – but can’t find a Play! Profile.

    I have combination skin that tends to be on the oily side – especially in summer, but I am receiving the dry kit. Honestly I prefer some of the products in kit A and some of the products in Kit B – so I’m okay getting the dry kit (I’m only sad to miss out on the pore minimizing primer).

    • Go to your account (on the website, not the app) and then on the main page, scroll half-way down to the “Play! by Sephora” box and you’ll see a link that says “Complete your Play! Profile”

  16. I am getting A, which I am really happy about! I am glad they are doing skin types 🙂

  17. I’m getting box B (normal/dry), but my profile states I have combo/oily skin…..

    • Same here. I really wish they would have looked into that more closely. I can’t use products for dry skin.

      • The same thing happened to me, so I’m pretty bummed out about that.

  18. Can someone tell me which items will be in the “B box?” That is the box that I am getting but cannot see the items. Thanks! 🙂

  19. How weird. I clicked on My Beauty Bag and it says no purchase has been made. I know I’m getting a box because under orders it said billed, but nothing about Box A or Normal Skin.

    • I couldn’t see which box I’m getting when I checked on mobile, but when I looked on my computer, it showed I’m getting Box A.

  20. Well that’s just great. Why didn’t they have us customize our accounts with that kind of info? I’m getting normal/dry and I am definitely needing oily. So I’m going to get a bunch of things that don’t even work for my skin?

    Not super happy with this.

    • They did have you customize your account when you signed up. It was in a seperate email.

      • Yeah, there’s also a “complete my profile” link under your play subscription area on your account, I believe.

      • I never bothered with customizing my profile, because so far as I knew, there was only going to be one box for everyone. Judging by my item number, they’re sending me the oily box. I’m 54, and dry as the desert. I may be canceling this sub over this, if going forward they continue to have multiple boxes.

  21. This month looks pretty, I am just not a fan of liquid bronzers. I was hoping after getting one last month I wouldn’t be getting another one. The rest of the items aren’t too exciting but I will use them.

  22. Hmmmm…not my favorite box, but I’m excited for a little variety! The Nest perfume sounds nice, and I’ve been wanting to try the Ouai wave spray.

    • The Ouai spray is amazing. It’s the perfect feel, I’ve been using it over dry shampoo and it just leaves hair soft and amazing. It also doesn’t smell like any other product j have. I adore it.

      • Eeeee! Claps hands in glee! 🙂 I’ve been wanting to try this too! Thanks for sharing – now I’m even MORE excited! 🙂

  23. This is exciting that there is finally different options.
    I’m getting the dry/normal which is my skin type.

    Not looking forward to either of the bronzers or primers they both don’t work for me, but they’ll be good for swaps or gifts.

    FAB can never have enough of. Been a loyal fan to the line for years now and no product has ever disappointed me.

    BB Blot that is a nice product to try we will most likely just get 1 sponge in the cardboard packaging.

    Nest is a scent line I’ve been wanting to try out.

    Oaui seems interesting. I’ll try most hair products at least once.

  24. Im getting normal to dry just check im so excited this is my first box can’t wait to get it
    Im getting a primer on allure hope i don’t get one from ipsy too.

  25. I have oily skin, so I’m obviously getting the oily/combo box, but I also like the products in the normal/dry skin box, and have used 2/3 of the products already. For $10, I’m inclined to subscribe to a 2nd box. Sephora is currently accepting a 2nd email of mine, but I’ll need to think about it since I’m on a no-buy sub box for the rest of year (except for receiving annual pre-paids, and this one since it took me forever to get off the “waitlist”)

  26. Not too happy about that FAB red clay cleanser. I got it in an Ipsy a few years back and it was way too drying for use on my face. Ah well, that’s why we have swaps!

  27. I’m getting the B variation. This is going to be my first Play! 😀

    • This will be my first box too but its not telling me what box I will get ?

  28. Looks like I’m getting box a, what a relief. Not excited about bronzer tho, it’s not a product type I’ll use, but I’m still currently drowning in it due to summer time/sub boxes, sigh…

    • Same here. I’ll never need to buy bronzer again at this rate! Its ok though since I use it all summer so I don’t have to buy darker foundations if I get tan). I already have the blotteratzi and love it. It’s very easy to clean if need be (doesn’t pick up much if any of my foundation when I use it, just blot lightly) so even if its just the sponge itself its a refill for me so I’m happy! Don’t really need more cleansers but no biggie, will save for travel.

  29. Excited for Blotterazzi!!

    I already have the liquid Hoola and it’s so orange – not at all the color of powder Hoola. I dislike that FAB cleanser texture. And that Smashbox primed isn’t the best imo.
    Don’t care too much about the other items.

  30. Is the Ouai spray a sea salt spray? I can’t tell on the page. I have feelings about sea salt spray.

    Sea salt spray makes my curly hair look like I haven’t run a comb through it in months. It also makes it feel like sticky hay. I hate sea salt spray.

    • This spray works really well for curls, not too drying.

    • The Ouai has a really gentle texture in my hair. I’ve been using it as a second day hair refresher. It makes my hair feel super soft and the smell is amazing.

      • Good to know! That’s what I was wondering about – what to do with a product like that.

        About the FAB cleanser (for normal/dry, not the clay one) – It is really good. I already have it at home, but I’ll put the little one in the shower.

      • Good to know re the Ouai spray, I can definitely use something like that for 2nd day hair 🙂 Thanks!

    • Thanks ladies! 🙂

  31. Getting box A, but i would rather box B as i head box B comes with the liquid bronzer from benefit. Boo

    • That’s how I feel… after this box I may cancel..

    • I’m getting box B but have oily skin… wanna swap?? Let me know!! I’m also on the swap site 🙂

  32. Shows box B under order status. That works for me. I’m so excited for my Play box!!!!!! This makeup high-end products can be so expensive. I save so much with this box/bags makeup-skincare samples. I only have to buy foundation. I’ve got several subscriptions. This is so much fun. I’m a hairdresser and I tell all my customers about all the boxs/bags. Beauty is in my blood. I bleed eyeshadow.

    • @Dianne,
      I love your enthusiasm! I bet your customers do too!

  33. I am getting box A, im a little dissappointed because i would rather have the liquid bronzer because i already have a ton of powder. If anyone gettinh the liquid bronzer wants to swap im down 🙂

    • I’m getting Box B so I am down to swap!

  34. I’m getting box B for normal/dry skin and I do have dry skin. I’m a little disappointed there won’t be a face spray or moisturizing serum, though.

  35. Mine doesn’t say 🙁

    • Mine either

  36. I’m super excited for this month! I didn’t love the last 2, but this one looks fantastic! 😀

  37. Getting box A. I’m kind of excited and hoping for the Too Faced bronzer.

  38. Mine says I’m getting a normal/dry box but my profile clearly states that my skin type is oily. Not happy.

    • Same here! ?

    • Same here! My profile says I have combo skin. Would have preferred Box A.

    • ditto! kind of tired of boxes asking for profile info and then seeming to ignore it.

    • Me too! I even checked to make sure. What the heck????

  39. I’m a bit disappointed. I clearly stated that I have combination skin, and they’re sending me the dry/normal kit from what I saw on my iPad. So I’m not particularly happy with this months kit. I’ll have to figure out what to do with most if not all of it.

  40. I am getting box b which is normal to dry skin…the combo skin seemed like a better match for me so hopefully off I change my preferences I will get that one next month. Sephora hasn’t really impressed me yet…hoping that changes soon!!

  41. You can only see which box you are getting if you are on their “desktop site”. I got to it through mobile using a Web browser and then going all the way to the bottom and touching “desktop”. I’m getting A which is perfect for me right now.

    • Thanks for the tip, Kellie! I tried and it told me I’m getting the combo box. Woot! I bet if you guys getting boxes that don’t match contact Sephora they would be able to either switch you or offer some concession? This is my first box (I too got in as I was cancelling Birchbox) and I told myself I would give it a month and maybe cancel, but for me it’s a great start and it’s going to be hard to part with I think. Such struggles. But my budget hates me. On a bright note, beauty bags and boxes have done wonders for my skin, my makeup collection and my popularity since I donate everything that’s not a good match. Hee…

  42. I was excited by the beautyblender until I looked up what blotterazzi was. They’re reusable blotting papers, in sponge form! That grosses me out so much. I don’t think I can use that. Maybe I can swap it.

    • Same. There’s also no way that I’ll be purchasing their sponge cleanser for just a sample sponge. I think that wasn’t a great idea on Sephora’s part. I would have rather had some face mist or actual blotting sheets.

  43. Can this only be seen from a desktop because it doesn’t show for me on the Sephora app?

    • Yes, had to go to my laptop, and it showed it there, but not on my mobile.

      • You have the option to view the desktop site from your mobile.

  44. I am getting box b which is the appropriate one for me. I really like what is coming. This will be my third box. I wasn’t impressed with the first one at all, but June’s was nice for just the Becca product alone….so happy with that. I hope they keep getting better and better as time goes on.

  45. sounds good! My daughter is getting the oily/combo box as well. I’m guessing that will be the second choices in the 3 extra items listed. I just hope they won’t be made in China 🙂

    • I think the Nana-China drinking game is about to be a thing.

      • That sounds fun. You’ll get drunk in no time and you can blame it all on me 🙂

        • I’d have to stop reading MSA first thing in the morning, though. 😉

  46. This would be a great box. Thanks for the post!

    I’m getting the dry -B box which is the appropriate box for me.

  47. Strange enough, mine doesn’t say lol I have to say though, summer time is my least favorite time of year for subs…bronzer here, bronzer there, bronzer everywhere lol enough with the bronzer already!!!

    • I hear ya, but I did like the bare minerals bronzer from last months box.

      • Seems in excess this summer or maybe I’m just noticing it more lol

    • Mine doesn’t show either and I hear ya and agree about the bronzer. I don’t use them so I wish bronzers and self-tanning products were opt in/out selections.

    • Mine doesn’t say either. It just says July box.

  48. Yay. Awesome box.

  49. Mine says I’m getting the normal/dry version even though my profile says combination skin… Hmmmm…I hope everything will still work ok for me :/

    • Same here. I changed my profile to oily so hopefully next month I don’t get the normal/dry box. My skin is normal to oily, never normal to dry.

      • I wish I was in the same situation! I’m combination but I tend towards dry everywhere but my nose and forehead. I wish I was getting the Benefit Bronzer (which I assume is coming with the normal/dry box) instead of the Too Faced, since I’ve already sampled that and wasn’t a fan, but oh well.

      • My box says oily but I’m definitely dry. Maybe we can swap 🙂

        • My profile has always said combination skin so maybe they feel these products are better for that then just oily skin. I would have liked to try the pore minimizing primer, but have never used any primer before so I’m still happy to check it out.

  50. I’m getting the normal/dry version!

    • me too! I’ve bought so much from Sephora that they know my skin by now! I would have questioned them if I was getting the one for oily skin.

      • Did you fill out your profile for the Play box? It seems like that’s what they’re basing the selection on for most people….

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