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Play! By Sephora July 2016 FULL CONFIRMED SPOILERS!

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Play! By Sephora October 2015 Subscription Box Reveal

We have CONFIRMED spoilers for the July 2016 Play! By Sephora subscription box! (Thank you SO MUCH, Shannon!)


Calling all warm-weather essentials and sunny standouts: this month we’re taking on the long days and haute nights with a sultry selection that will keep you chic all summer long. Soak up the best of the season with an innovative blotting sponge, a shine-boosting hair treatment, and more beachy-worthy finds.

Good to know: there may be variation in this box: an anonymous MSA reader posted full spoilers for this box on this original spoiler post:

Everyone will receive:

beautyblender blotterazzi™ by beautyblender®
NEST Citrine
Ouai Wave Spray

Remaining items will be one of each category:

Benefit Cosmetics Dew the Hoola Soft Matte Liquid Bronzer or
Too Faced Soleil Matte Bronzer

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser or
First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser With Red Clay

Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer or
Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer Pore Minimizing


What do you think of the July 2016 Play! By Sephora box spoilers?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I really want the Too Faced bronzer but I know I will probably get the Benefit since I have dry skin listed on my profile. =\

    • Go to the website and login, go to your beauty bag section and there will be an option that says Sephora Play products and will show you which you’re getting. Hope that helps. I have super dry skin and I’m getting the Hoola.

    • If you get the hoola i will trade with you, I’m getting the too faced.

    • I actually love the Benefit one, and have dry skin

  2. For those wondering if they will receive a box for July, I hope this helps: (proceed to 3rd and 4th paragraph for quick info)

    Dear Erika,

    Thank you for contacting Sephora regarding your PLAY! subscription.

    PLAY! by Sephora is a new program that is currently offered on a limited, invitation-only basis during a market test period. Select clients will be e-mailed with an invitation to subscribe to PLAY!

    If you subscribe to the PLAY! program prior to the 1st of June, you will receive the June PLAY! box. If you subscribe after the 1st of June please expect to receive the July PLAY! box.

    Upon further review of your online account, it appears you subscribed to PLAY! on June 15th, 2016 therefore will receive the July PLAY! box. The authorization you see for June 15th, 2016 is an initial authorization for the subscription. You were charged for your first PLAY! box on July 2nd, 2016. Charges will be applied to your account the 1st thru the 4th of the month.

    To confirm, you will be receiving your July PLAY! box. The July PLAY! box is currently out of stock and unavailable for future orders (Comment: so it doesn’t mean that if it’s saying out of stock on your orders, then you’re not getting it. Mine is saying Out of Stock, so she explained on her reply that newer subbers would not get it)

    All PLAY! by SEPHORA boxes should arrive by the 20th of each month (Comment: A solid date to look forward too, yay!)

    If you do not receive your PLAY! box by the 20th of the current of the month, please contact us directly via phone at 1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672). One of our Beauty Advisors will be happy to further assist you!

    If you have additional questions regarding PLAY! or need further clarification, we have provided a direct link to frequently asked questions below for your convenience:

    Sephora Client Services

    • Hope this clears some things out!

    • Whew I was worried! Mine is saying out of stock so I was wondering if I was going to receive it or not. I subscribed the same time in June that you did so it’ll be my first box!

  3. Although most of these items aren’t winners for me this month, I still love my Sephora box! Every box doesn’t have samples I will love and use, that is the subscription game. But Sephora sends top quality brands, which are definitely worth the $10! I think I am going to make drawer sachets with the bags, lavender and rose petals are everywhere right now. 🙂

    • Whatever you don’t use, keep it and use it as stocking stuffers!!!!

  4. I will say that the little bag is adorable this month !

  5. I subscribed play since day one. but got an email saying the July box is sold out and I’m not getting my July box in return Sephora gave me 500 points for the issue. really upset about it. any one have this issue

    • Wow, seriously? How is that possible?!

      • My guess? They added too many Birchbox exes this past month and overshot their supply.

    • LOL! me too i was so sad, my husband doesn’t get how excited i am to get these boxes, so i am so bummed wont get this one.

    • Did they only give you 500 points and no refund for the monthly fee?

    • I’ve been subscribed for some time too. I phoned to give them my new address in June, just to make sure everything updated OK.
      Whelp, my July box was sent to my old address anyway. Sephora screwed up. I hope whoever buys my house likes melted beauty products.
      I’m really sick about it. They refunded the box and gave me 300 points. Ugh!

  6. The thing about the boxes being customized (Box A for combo/oily and Box B for normal/dry)….. Someone posted an email on Reddit, which they had received from Sephora, and the email stated the “customized” boxes won’t begin until August. I HOPE I receive the “customized” Box B this month, but we shall see.

    • I have horribly oily skin but it has me listed as Box B 🙁

  7. So stoked for this!!!

  8. I was supposed to start Play this month but they refused my card for no reason. All my subs went through except this. So I called Customer Service and recieved such poor assistantance from them…they refused to change my information or run my card again and told me I would have to call my bank even though it obviously was a Sephora website issue and not a bank issue because my other subs have no problem taking my money and there was still plenty of money left on my card at the time. Then she told me I would have to redo everything myself on the site and I nicely and politely told her that I am not going to run around in circles trying to convince the company to take my money and to just cancel everything out. I also had a horrible experience with the entire upper management/hiring teams in one of their Las Vegas locations last year so there was still a slight bitter taste for the company itself left in my mouth. And now seeing this month’s bag makes me glad it didn’t go through. The only thing I would have liked was the bronzer. I’ve admired most of the boxes I’ve seen since February but I’ve decided once and for all that this just is not the company for me.

    • Oh and, for the record, I did go back to the site after I got off the phone and tried to reupdate all my information myself…twice…and it still would not accept my card. Such a disappointing experience.

  9. I’m totally excited about Play this month! I’m getting the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, the Blotterazzi, Ouai Wave Spray, First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay, Nest Citrine perfume, and Smashbox Oil Free primer.

    • How did you see exactly what you are receiving?

      • This sub is normally the same for everyone. This month there is variation based on your skin type. There’s a box a and box b. One for oily/one for normal dry. Only a couple of the items will be different. The bronzer/cleanser/primer.

    • That’s what I’m getting. Is the bronzer full size or sample size

      • Sample

  10. I keep reading complaints about this box. I’m so excited for it! Everyone complaining can give me the stuff you don’t want LOL ?

  11. Still no info on my box so have no idea what I will get :/

  12. Hey ladies, I have a question. If I cancel my Play sub, and I decided I wanted to rejoin, will I have to be in the waitlist again? Has anyone of you tried subscribing, unsubscribing then resubscribing?

    • Yes u will. I just called to cancel and that was one of their threats

    • I was re-wait listed and haven’t been able to get off the list again.

      • I’ve been with this sub since September. July 2nd I got an email about my payment info. I just moved so the billing address changed. I changed it for sephora but not play. I updated it on the 2nd. I emailed and called to see if I would get the box because I couldn’t see anything yall were seeing. When I talked to them on the phone I was told I would get this box. That was Friday. Today I just got an email that they oversold the box and I will not get one. Even though they told me as long as everything wad updated by the 7th I’ll be fine they lied. So no, you will not get this box.

        • I am in the same exact boat. Been a subscriber since September, moved at the end of June. Changed my address by June 30, even called to make sure everything was okay. Got an email today that I’m not getting the box because they oversold. It’s as if changing my address restarted my subscription.

          • You should be getting August. That’s what they told me but I went ahead and cancelled. If this is how they treat people who actually enjoy this box to give it to people who are just getting back at birch box and probably won’t stay then I want no part in it. All they offered were the same 500 as you plus another 300 because I told them I don’t feel valued. I canceled anyway, sure they say I’ll get august now but they also told me I’d get July since my information was updated within their time frame. I don’t trust them. Out of all my subs this is the only one that couldn’t handle me moving.

        • Same thing happened to me also!!! Same scenario!! I also moved at the end of June, changed my mailing & billing address with Sephora to be proactive in the middle of June in fact. Then I went on a cruise for the 4th of July week & when I got back had a email stating that my payment was declined! I was confused as I made sure that I had plenty enough funds to cover all of my subs until I got back. When I called to find out what happened they told me that even though I updated my address with Sephora & called to make sure it was done, that it didn’t cover me for the Play! by Sephora box. I was soooo confused because I’m like your the same company but the guy kept insisting that I had to make the change for both & I would not be getting this month’s box even though I made sure to take care of this issue before July! I was sooo pissed, then I saw the spoilers & maybe not as mad but I still did want my box. They did give me some points to compensate for the mix up however I feel they need to do better with linking your Sephora account with your Play! by Sephora account.

          • What’s worse is I updated the shipping in the play portion, but to do billing you have to “act” like you’re changing the card number first. When I updated the card is the same and since I didn’t see billing anywhere I figured it didn’t matter- some times it does sometimes it doesn’t. I told them since I can’t trust them I will cash out my points and shop at Ulta from now on. They didn’t seem to care so oh well. At least I can say the boxes from September to April were great. Ever since they opened to everyone it hasn’t been as good. I’ll stick to allure which I’ve been with for close to a year I think and ipsy which I’ve been with for multiple years.

      • I’ve been with Sephora since the first box but they cancelled me. I received an email to update my credit card on file, which I did, but apparently you have to delete your old credit card too even though it says expired. They cancelled my subscription because of this and now if I want to receive any more boxes I have to join the waitlist. The person I spoke with on the phone was awful about even trying to help resolve. I will not be re-subbing based on this and will stick with Birchbox.

  13. Lots of complaints…

    Lol, I think this is the best one so far. Hopefully, they continue to get better & better.

    • I think its the best one in the last couple of months, I’ll agree with that! 🙂

      • I can’t remember if this is my 3rd or 4th box, but yeah, a lot a lot better

        • I agree! The best box in the past few months.

    • Lol! If this is their ‘best’ I’m glad I bailed out!

  14. How do you get off the frickin waitlist?!? I’ve had THREE email addresses on the waitlist for MONTHS! Gaaaahhhh…. I really want this box ☹️

  15. every review I’ve seen on the blotterazzi has said its pretty much useless, everything else is pretty boring, I really had high hopes for Sephora I cancelled after May’s box which was also my first, it didn’t seem worth the wait and the 10 bucks to me, I have yet to see a month that made me wish I was back.

    Who doesn’t have a least 3 of those smashbox primers at this point? I seriously have more primer than I’ll ever use.

    Only thing I wish I could get is the perfume, as I like Nest scents. probably browse ebay to find one. 🙂

    • Re the primers: I have ~20 of the packet samples, and this will be around my 5th mini-tube sample. Virtually all of the packet samples I received from Ulta online purchases because I always check the Skincare sampler pack, and I ALWAYS get that along with something else. But, I’m not complaining. I’ll be using them all up when I finish my current primer, and at least I’ll have (I’m guessing) almost the equivalent of a full-size for free!

      • I don’t have any and have never used smash box or any other primer so I’m pretty excited to try it! The nearest Sephora or ulta is over 2 hours away for me so this is a nice way to try some of their stuff.

    • “Who doesn’t have at least 3 of those Smashbox primers at this point?” Me, me! (raises hand) I’ve been waiting to try it since I started getting into subs in Sep last year. Yaay for being a (relatively) new sub addict I’m still like a kid in a candy store.

      • Hi Anna C. I’m Anna D. I’ve noticed your posts echo my thoughts a lot lol kinda neat ?

        • Hello! I try to remember to add my last initial to keep things straight lol but I agree with your statement- I’m new also and like a kid in a candy store as well 🙂 I’ve been hoping to get that primer for a while, never used any primer and so excited to try it out! Yay!

    • Ha. I love getting primer. I live in AZ and wear make-up every day so primer is my lifeline. I get one in a box every time I am just about to run out so I am looking forward to it.

      • Can j get some tips on how you wear makeup in Arizona. I’m visit there and calor next month and I need to know how to wear makeup while out without my face melting off. Lol.

      • Southeastern US here – temps in the 90s and 90% humidity, so I hear you on the primer. Sadly, my skin hates silicones, and I’m beginning to think it would be easier to turn lead into gold than to find a matte primer without dimethicone. I’m pretty much resigned to having my face slide off by lunch time every day. At least until October.

        • Sarah you may want to try the Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm As your primer. The makeup artists are all raving about it. I have seen several beauty segments on tv shows with them talking about it.

    • The Oaui spray is my favorite hair product this summer. I’ve gone through half a bottle already. It makes my hair this really lovely texture.

  16. Excellent way to put that into perspective!

  17. Talk about not needing a bronzer. I’m black. Lol. If I was getting the powered one I could at least use it as a eyeshadow but I’m getting the hooks bronzer. No one I know even uses bronzer, let alone a liquid one. What can I do with it? Any ideas. I hate to have a product I can’t use.

    • There are a million trading sites all over Facebook. You could find a local one. Or buy into one of those subscription trading sites. Or post all your friends your trades. Most police departments will allow you to make trades there so that you know your safe you can also call ahead to the nonemergency number and they might have a closer location for you to do so. That way your not paying for postage. I know I’m in Philadelphia and I’ve done it.

      • Trading it around is a lot of work for a small sample. I can’t be running around meeting strangers and I’m not gonna hang around any police stations right now. Lol. just want to know a way I can get use out of a liquid bronzer when I’m already brown. Lol. Thanks!

        • Try applying it to your foundation, the illuminating bronzers add a subtle glow to darker skin tones but if its a matte liquid you can add it to the foundation to slightly darken the color so you won’t have to buy a darker shade of foundation for the summer, hope this helps

          • Okay thanks! I’ll try it when I get it. If it works with my foundation, that would be awesome.

        • I too got the liquid bronzer and I am black. I agree, it is a non-usable sample in it’s current form. Maybe we can use it as a mostierizer or primer before foundation. Oh my god, I can believe it was suggested to exchange at a police station, we’d probably be safer exchanging samples in dark alley, at least we’d have a chance to fight back.

          • This comment is simultaneously hilarious and depressing as hell.


    • I save up my unused samples and sell them 6 or so at a time on Poshmark. They actually sell fast, usually the same day or a max of 3 so far! I think make up and whatnot does way better than clothes on there.
      If you haven’t joined yet, you can get $5 with my PKDON code. No pressure, though. If you’re not interested in selling, you could also trade them. MSA has a trading program, but it took me like a month to get off the wait list.

      • Good ideas on the bronzers, I’m very pale and never use it but I do get a little darker in the summer so I will try this too! Thank you for the tip!

    • I got it too, also black. This is my 2nd time getting the liquid hoola and probably the 5th box to give me bronzer this summer (including their June box). My aunt is very light so I gave her the first hoola I got. I guess I’ll try to pawn this off on my mom (who’s also pretty light) or hope it swaps. I understand that these kinds of boxes are not catered to any specific skin tone or hair type, so I don’t mind getting things like this once in a while. Birchbox gave me self-tanner and I was so annoyed I emailed them, but otherwise it’s cool. However, there has to be another cosmetic that falls into the summer category besides bronzer. What about lighter, shimmery eyeshadows and lipsticks with spf? I’m sure if I did use bronzer I’d still be sick of it by now. That and salt spray have me rolling my eyes damn near out of my head.

      And I’m kinda glad for the joke about the police stations. I haven’t really laughed in a week, it was so funny thinking of black women meeting up with lighter (or white) women in precincts to get rid of bronzers. I have a son, so it was nice to realize I still have a sense of humor despite all that’s going on. ?

      • I too am so sick of bronzer and sea salt sprays. Also, I’m sick of mascara samples, I think I have enough to last 3 life times and I use mascara daily! As for the liquid bronzer, I add it to foundations that are too light (I mix on the back of my hand) and I have also used it to alter the color of cream blush, or cream eyeshadow to create new shades. I actually kind of had fun with that – I was able to deepen blush sticks that were to bright and made some otherwise useless eyeshadow sticks wearable. (They were useless because the colors were just not me and the bronzer made them less crazy looking – LOL) My sister said she mixed some with lipstick and created new shades. I haven’t tried that yet though.

    • The dewy lid look is in right now, would mixing this over another eye color product (maybe a shadow cream pencil style product) add that pretty wet dewy look maybe? Look at the MILK brand products on Sephora, I believe they have some eye colors that are really gooey slick looking but they’re kind of neat. It could make a really great finish over lids for doing a night out look or a natural looking kind of sun goddess look?

  18. Unfortunately I will use nothing in this box unless one of the cleansers is OK for dry and sensitive skin. This is my first month with Play and I will probably cancel after another month. I don’t think I’m the target audience for this sub. I know everyone is tired of birchbox right now, but they matched my preferences much better.

    • This will be my fourth month but I’m in the same boat. The only thing I’d want is the cleanser and I’ll have to cross my fingers it works for dry skin. I’ve gotten some before that say the do but then are too harsh. I really liked what was offered before they opened up the waitlist but since then I’ve been giving away nearly half of what’s in my box each month. Gonna have to unsubscribe.

      • I’m with Leah all of first aide beauty’s products are fantastic. I own most of them. I have really really problematic skin. I never break out while I’m using their products. And my super dry skin doesn’t get that peeling dry skin lock. Plus they have a variety of sizes for their products- travel sizes a lot of good purse sizes etc.

    • Hey Michelle, the First Aid Beauty Cleanser is actually great for dry and sensitive skin. I have dry and sensitive skin and really like how gentle that cleanser is. There’s no fragrance and goes on super soft and rinses really well for me. 🙂 I hope I get the variation in my box! Hope it works for you!

      • Thanks for letting me know! That makes me feel slightly more interested in this box ?

    • I have very hyper sensitive dry pale skin with very red cheeks and First Aid Beauty’s cleansers and creams are excellent for it. No fragrance added, very gentle compared to so many brands…they’re really good about that. The Oaui spray smells lovely (it’s really not overpowering, some people don’t seem to like the smell but it fades fast and it’s not a typical coconut summer spray smell), I’ve gone through half a full size bottle in a little over a month, I love the way it makes my hair feel and it seems to help soak up some oil (I have long, straight, thick hair and roots that get oily fast…it cuts down oil and it gives my hair a nice texture that makes it have more volume and less weighed down).

  19. While I don’t need a sea salt spray for my already frizzy hair, I’m still happy to receive a product from Ouai. I just purchased their hair oil, which smells SO amazing (it reminds me a little of Bobbi Brown’s Beach scent), and that purchase surprisingly tipped me over into Rouge status! I had absolutely NO idea I was even near spending that much at Sephora this year. It was quite the reality check & eye opener, but despite that it was a nice surprise, and it’ll definitely not stop me from buying anymore. 🙂

    Question for current Rouges:
    1) Do you really feel like you’re getting special benefits/treatments from being a Rouge? I’ve read about the added benefits, but wasn’t sure if they were really worth the $650 difference between VIB & VIB Rouge status.
    2) I purchased Flash shipping in January this year. For those that became Rouge while having Flash Shipping, did you need to call to cancel Flash shipping when its renewal time neared? I think I read I could cancel Flash now and get a refund, but I think I’ll eat that $5, but I was curious what would happen when next January nears.

    • I’ve been Rouge the last 2 years and I think it depends. The best thing is that you get full make up application completely free in the store (there’s a charge for non-Rouge members). I use this service for special events like weddings and parties. You also get a higher percentage coupon for sales (I think 20% off for November-time vs the 15/10% off for BIs) and you get to access some sales early.

    • I’ve been Rouge since it’s first year (because I am evidently a crazy person) and I’d say NO, Rouge is NOT worth it. It used to be a little better than regular VIB; you got free shipping on everything, an extra gift with your birthday gift, and we had extra special codes for nicer gwps. But now you can get Flash shipping for $10 for the year (Rouges get that fee waived. Yippee.), the extra birthday gift is gone, and there hasn’t been a Rouge-only code in forever – since the start of the year, I think.

      If you’ll use the free make-overs frequently enough, that helps. But otherwise, it’s not worth shooting for. If you just happen to get there without trying (like me), it’s okay. At least we still get the little Welcome to Rouge gift. Oh and we get first access to some new product releases.

      • I’ve been Rouge for about 3 years and totally agree with Tamara (not worth it). I have a makeup problem and easily make Rouge every year, but if I would never spend just to make Rouge. You don’t get any special treatment at the store, other than the clerk will say “thanks for being Rouge” (no extra samples or anything like that). During their % off sales, Rouges will sometimes get 15% while VIB is 10%, and Rouge also gets first access to the sale. You also get first access to some products. I’ve never had the makeup application, mostly because the station is in the center of the store and seems kind of chaotic. The Flash shipping is nice, but $10 also gets you that for a year.

      • Thanks for your thoughts! I achieved Rouge status by chance. I had no idea I spent that much so far this year. Ironically, I just became aware of Rouge status this year, and I thought spending $1,000 in one year at one store for only beauty products was insane, but here I am…, and I won’t be stopping anytime soon. 🙂

        Anyways, after reading about the added perks, I personally got the feeling as well that is wasn’t worth anything to attain, but if it happens naturally, then so be it. The one thing I’m looking forward to are the private shopping events. I hope those are worth it!

    • I have been rouge since the first year, I think it is worth it for me because I like all the special gifts w purchase. A lot of them are $35 purchase, but last week I got this where I can pick 3 fresh products, and I picked out all 3 lip products, 2 of them are the minis they actually sell, so my gift was worth probably $30. So I never buy unless there is a good code and I rarely go into the store. The downside is you have to be quick. Those go in a day or too. So I always have items in my shopping basket ready to go.

      • But all of those gwp codes are good for regular VIBs, too now. So there’s little point to getting the extra status.

      • I’m Rouge as well, and I too definitely have “a makeup problem” as Sara put it…lol. I agree with all of you in that it’s not that exciting of a benefit…if you get there, great, enjoy the extra benefits…but it’s definitely not worth spending extra just to try to get it. I do enjoy the special GWPs, but I think typically the special ones are for both Rouge and the lower VIB level, as well. I too try to only make purchases when there is a really good GWP code…either something I personally will use, or, at times, something I know I can sell on Ebay, to help fund my own personal addiction. 😉 I was really excited for the recent Fresh GWP…primarily for the little tin of lip balm. I chose my 3 free items and made my purchase, and then a couple days later I got an email that one of the items I’d “purchased” was out of stock…and guess what, of course it was the free item that I’d really wanted, the little lip balm. I’m really annoyed, both because I’m guessing they won’t replace it, and I’ll only get 2 items, plus really the ONLY reason I made the purchase in the first place was because of the cute little tin of lip stuff. Aaaargh. Serious first world problems, right? But anyways…back to the Rouge issue…the gift codes are nice, but are a serious incentive AGAINST buying in the store, as they’re only good online. I’ve never made use of the free makeovers…I probably should but it has just seemed like kind of a hassle…but it seems like if that’s your thing, it could be a nice benefit as well.

        • Your not alone, I love my free samples and hate when the one i eaaly wanted was out of stock, knowing they wont replace it.
          I think you have to be a real make up junkie to understand 🙂
          also the stuff at sephora isnt cheap so any little perk is nice.

  20. I think I would rather have the liquid bronzer than the powder but if the previous posts hold true, I’m getting the oily box, which means the powder. I will probably not use either cleanser honestly so I don’t care much which I get. Happy about the Ouia spray and the Blotterazi. I don’t care which primer I get really, I’ll use either one.

    I think I like this box overall so far. This is my first month with Play.

    • I’m opposite of you I would rather have the Too Faced Bronzer then the Benefit. I tried to get Sephora to switch me from B to A but they said they couldn’t and gave me 200 points.

  21. I think its a good box for $10 and can’t wait to try the salt spray. I use everything in the boxes and its i actually use it up versus it just sitting around.

  22. I really hope I get the Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer Pore Minimizing. I have tons of the Photo Finish regular foundation primers. I would really like to get a Benefit Porefessional sample. That is my favorite.

  23. HAHAHA exactly! I’m like please & thank you Sephora! Keep it coming. Send me Tarte every month I don’t care.

  24. EVERY. SINGLE. BEAUTY BOX. Primer. Primer. And more primer. As someone who has tried every primer under the sun and sees zero benefits of that extra step…I wish they would stop.

    • As someone who benefits greatly from primer, I say count yourself as lucky that you apparently don’t need it. 😉 Personally, if I don’t use a mattifying primer, my foundation has disappeared into the oil slick that is my face within a couple hours.

      • I have given away/swapped so many smashbox primers, and now I am getting one in my Play box and Allure. Hopefully, I am done getting them.

      • Right there with you, my oily faced sister! I am always searching for the HG primer that will keep the oil slick away. The irony is that I rarely, rather never, receive primers in my sub boxes. Those that I did receive did not work for me as they were for dry skin sufferers. The search continues….

        • LOL! I’ll tell you, my favorite primers don’t *usually* show up in sub boxes. Those include Hourglass Mineral Veil, Dr. Jart’s Pore Medic, Tarte’s Clean Slate Timeless, Smashbox Photo Matte Anti-Shine, and MUFE’s All Mat, which I think has been discontinued. Dr. Brandt’s Pores No More and Benefit’s Porefessional are also pretty good.

          Add some mattifying foundation, setting powder, and setting spray, and I can make it until noon before I need blotting papers!


          • Tarte Clean Slate is my fav too, and I’ve never seen it in a sub box. Maybe someday…. heck at this point I’d be happier with blotting papers instead because I’m about at my primer saturation level!

    • I have 2 of the Smashbox Photo Finish primers from boxes, but I do like to use them. Mostly when I know its going to be a long day. I do find they extend my overall make up look. I’m over sea salt sprays. I’ve received so many and don’t like any of them on my fine hair. Hopefully we’re almost done with getting those since it’s about to be August.

  25. I was only on the waitlist for a week in June. I’m tenacious when I want something so I wrote an email and called with the suggestion that VIB ROUGE members should automatically be offered a spot in Sephora Play. 2 days later I got my email invite!! So excited for my first month

  26. My main problem with what we’ve seen so far in the Play boxes is that the brands and products are so ever-present. I’ve received a million samples of Bare Minerals, Tarte, Benefit, Smashbox, and Too Faced. I’m happy to see a newer brand like Ouai here, even if it’s a salt spray, but I’d like to see much much more of the newer brands and products. That’s what makes a Sephora sub box sound so exciting – they have access to tons and tons of newer products! How about some Besame, Neogen, Drunk Elephant, Omorovicza, Captain Blankenship, or any of the South Korean brands?? Anything I haven’t seen and tried a million times already!

    • Yes ! exactly ! I thought Sephora would have different samples but they seem to be doing the same boring samples as every other sub box. There are so many brands I would love to try out too.

      • the samples are dictated by the brands themselves, samples are considered marketing, and cost $$$ to make. So only bigger brands that can afford samples (and have the infrastructure in place to have them made) make them, thus that is what the samples boxes have to choose from.

        • I get that in general, but Sephora has a ridiculous amount of power in the prestige beauty market. The amount of exposure these brands get via Sephora is incredible. Perhaps when Sephora’s sub box has saturated the market more, these less common brands will want to include samples with them.

          There are a lot of less common brands that I discovered because of my Birchbox sub. Davines is the first to come to mind – and I’m pretty sure they’re fairly small since I’ve only seen the brand available for purchase at three stores (Birchbox, Barney’s, … and one other place I can’t remember. SpaceNK, maybe?) And yet they’ve been able to put out samples. In fact, I’ve discovered lots of smaller brands via samples in Birchbox (e.g. Air Repair, Cowshed, Juara, Malin + Goetz, etc), so I know it’s possible. I’m not even necessarily taking brand spanking new brands (though that would be nice), just something a little less mainstream.

          • Davines is an international professional salon brand, that’s why you don’t see in a lot of regular stores, it’s mainly sold at salons that carry the products. I first starting using both Davines and Oribe (also salon level) and they are sold very exclusively. I was surprised and happy to see that Birchbox sells both, but they are very well known brands on the professional circuit. The products are also pretty pricey, Oribe more so, and that certainly adds to the ability to produce very generous samples, like Davines does.

            Sephora’s box is still pretty new, I’ve been subscribed since the first one, and I can say there is at least one item in every box I am genuinely excited to try. When I first started with Birchbox several years ago, I felt the same way, but their sample diversity has gone way, way down.

    • Big brands have the marketing budget to make tens of thousands of samples. Lesser known brands not so much. Since Sephora isn’t doing variation in boxes yet, expect only big name samples.

    • YES!!!! Drunk elephant, glamglow, katvond, laura mercier, etc. I want to try the milk, supergoop and sweat products! I’m glad I’m getting first aid beauty stuff I can always use it (my fav). And I’m happy for any tools.

      • Allure has a Glamglow sample in their beauty box this month & last month Sephora loaded my bag up with Glamglow mask samples at checkout.

        • I went to Sephora A bunch last month. So jealous that you got samples I really want to try the gravity mod before I buy the big bottle. The black container I break out after using. But so far all of the other colors I love. I still want to try the new moisturizer. I’m not sure how I would like All over shimmer. What is your opinion so far?

          • The mask is super uncomfortable to wear (haven’t used my blue hydrating one yet) but I definitely notice my pores are smaller afterwards. It’s really expensive though for an all over mask because product goes quick if I bought it I would only use it for spot treatment on acne, not an all over mask

      • @Shannon – A few of the brands you mentioned have been included in some of the previous boxes. Glamglow was included in September’s box, Kat Von D was included in March’s box, and Milk was included in April’s box.

        • Hopefully, more of the lesser known brands will be included in future boxes.
          (They did include Briogeo (June’s box) and Belif (October’s box), but hopefully more. Briogeo was new to me, but not Belif.)

        • Thanks everyone. The kvd is always just the liner I’d like to play with some of her other items. The glam glow item was an old one and I was happy with the milk item which is why am super excited to hopefully try the other ones. I love that I get feedback from real people on this site it makes deciding to buy something so much easier.

          • @Shannon — Sorry. I agree the KVD and Glamglow items aren’t new products, but I just thought I’d let you know they were previously included , since you mentioned those Brands. Hopefully, some of the truly newer products, and newer Brands will be included in future boxes.

          • @d no worries I don’t know if you took that as I was being snarky. I wasn’t … Maybe a little jealous that some people got the items in other boxes but hey I can’t subscribe to them all LOL. I’m glad everybody responded. Some of the brands I did Miss.i’m just hoping for some of the items you can’t get samples for at Sephora. Like some of the newer items from Brands I mentioned. I subscribe to play and ipsy.

    • Ahhhhh! I want to try Captain Blankenship. The products are beautiful and I will feel like a mermaid, lol. I agree, Sephora has some very interesting niche brands. We are familiar with all of these already.

  27. I’m pretty happy with this box overall. I am actually excited to get the wave spray. I have been dying to try something from this brand! I’m not excited about the primer tho. Nothing original about that at all. I’m also surprised that they are sending out a bronzer again however they tend to repeat themselves. I have a different TooFaced bronzer and love it so I’m looking forward to trying another if that’s what I end up with. I have yet to receive a perfume sample from them that I like. Maybe eventually I will? Beautyblender is one of those brands I always want to try but can never push myself to buy.

    • I’ve been happy with the Atelier fragrance samples that have been included in a couple of the boxes. I know Atelier isn’t for everyone, though. It seems you either really like Atelier or really don’t. 🙂

    • I’m also excited about the Ouai product! Worth the $10 in my opinion.

  28. After being on waitlist for months, I cancelled my sub after 2 months. Just was not into it. Allure is so much better for only 5 extra bucks.

    • That’s good to know because I just cancelled this in favor of Allure!

  29. im canceling. This is not good value for money at all. A handful of sample size products you get free with a purchase anyway

    • True, but you can only get one free deluxe sample with purchase. With this subscription you get 5 deluxe samples, plus 1 fragrance vial for only $10 (and a few of the previously included items have been full size, such as fiber face mask, lip products, beautyblender). The $10 each month also counts towards maintaining VIB or Rouge status. For me it’s worth it, but I appreciate other perspectives.

      • Thank you d, I appreciate your comment, but I don’t really classify the fiber mask as a full size item, and if it is, it’s still lousy.
        I just feel that there are much better value subscription boxes out there.

  30. This month is great!! Hoping for the too faced powder bronzer!

  31. I’m excited because I never tried smash box primer and I’ve always wanted too. I would have liked to see a lip product though.

    • @AnnaC Yay — someone who is looking forward to Smashbox Primer! LOL Just a joke, as most people are commenting how they have too many samples of SB Primer. 🙂
      Also, Sephora has included many lip products in the previous boxes, so if you continue your subscription, I’m sure you’ll be receiving lippies in future boxes!

      • Last month had two, a liner (Tarte) and a lippie. It wasnt my color but I liked the formula (Bite Beauty in Kimchi).

  32. This looks like a great box if you have oily skin. I have no idea how a powder bronzer is not for dry skin but a Bloterazzi is ? Plus we just got a liquid bronzer (I am not a fan of liquid bronzer) last month and a primer. Sephora has so many new/different items I would love to try but the selection this month just seem boring.

    • This might just be for the oily customer’s I was signed in and that’s the box I’m getting(Box A – If it’s true that they are sending out a slightly customized box). The pic I sent is from my Playdate RSVP page. Maybe yours will be different and that’s why the spoilers are coming so late. Fingers crossed for you.

      • This is my first month with Play, and I received an email yesterday saying there was a video but the link just took me to the Sneak Preview page…with no video. Do they typically release a video/tell you what samples you’re receiving?

        • Yes they do normally have a video. There’s typically a teaser video halfway through the month. Then when they begin shipping another video comes out with information on how to use the products. There was an email this month saying the sneak preview was out but there’s no video. Crossing my fingers it’s uploaded soon. They also have a monthly play date that you can Rsvp for but the link for this months didn’t let me in.

          • The teaser videos in the past really haven’t revealed any of the actually products, though. There used to be an actual pic of the current box each month that would show up on the “play!” page which would show just a corner of the box, and sometimes you could guess an item or two.

          • @d seriously that’s too funny. That would’ve drove me nuts. I’m already a nut about checking for the video for hints. ??

    • Blotteratzi is also good for when you perspire (excuse me, ‘glow’), not just for oil. That’s often how I use mine during the 100°+ CA summers.

  33. I love this month but I hate that there will be so many variations because I feel like I’ll be dissapointed with what I get since my profile says I’ll be getting the oily skin pick/selection. I would really love the too faced bronzer

  34. Omg that bag with the Popsicle and lip stick kiss??? So cute!!!! Love it all so excited! Thanks for the spoiler!!

  35. Please tell me that the Sephora sub isn’t getting ‘played’ out already?! (Haha, I am rather proud of myself for that pun there.) Primer, bronzer, salt spray….. over and over and over….. I don’t even use bronzer or salt spray! Am I getting over-subbed box bitterness or is this really too much repetition?

    • I agree with you. I’m fair-skinned with stick-straight hair, so bronzer and salt spray always go in the giveaway pile. I did read somewhere about using the bronzer as eye shadow, though, so I’m willing to give it a try!

      • it makes a natural crease. i use it + mascara when i don’t want to bother with doing a whole eyeshadow look, but want my eyes to pop a little extra

      • I’m an African-American woman with curly hair so I too have no use for bronzer or wave spray. This will be my third Play box. I loved May’s box and have yet to use anything in June’s box. I’m not excited about anything that’s in July’s box either. I’m going to give Sephora one more month to get it together and if August’s box is a disappointment like June’s and July’s then I can say with confidence that it will be my last Play box.

    • Good one Brie, but it begs the notion:

      Perhaps WE are the ones being… PLAYED… 🙂 lol

      I agree with you. Sadly, I’m planning on hanging in there a couple more months, but then canceling if there’s no improvement on sample size and variety.

      Urg! Yet another wave/sea salt spray! Please beauty box omniscient dude!!! Make it stop!

    • @Brie Yep, there’s been a lot of primers and bronzers, but no sea salt sprays yet (There’s been a B&b hair powder and a B&b invisible oil, but no sea salt sprays since the sub start in Sept). With that said, I’m really looking forward to trying Ouai’s wave spray. I haven’t tried any Ouai products yet, but I’ve really wanted to. Can’t wait.

  36. I am excited because this is my first Sephora box, and it looks really good. I already have the Too Faced bronzer and LOVE it – it smells like hot chocolate and gives a nice natural tan color unlike some other bronzers. Love the First Aid Beauty cleansers too…..

    • Seriously hot choc? that’s interesting. I’m going to have to start smelling the powders now. I didn’t think they were scented. Thank you for the info

  37. ???? Yay! Love everything & the bag is adorable! These bags will be perfect for keeping jewelry separated when traveling. Not excited by the salt spray but I think EVERYONE has sent one by now so hopefully no more 🙂

    • I feel the opposite about the little cloth bags! 🙁 (I will say July’s bag does look cute, though). I can re-use a couple of the bags , and give some away, but I have a feeling I’ll be tossing most of the future bags. Sephora started out sending the “play!” items in cute “gift” boxes, but changed to the little cloth bags in May. I liked that I could re-use many of the gift boxes or recycle what I couldn’t use. I understand it’s probably less expensive for Sephora to now use the bags, as opposed to the gift boxes they initially used. No real problem, but I would prefer the boxes!

  38. I really want Too Faced but looks like dry skin is getting liquid Hoola cr_p. Bloterazzi is way more “oily” skin thing than powder bronzer. Looks like nothing really excites me in this box. Hate being negative.

  39. The bag is different. It’s so cute. So excited!

    • Each bag since May has had a different design on it! (I prefer the gift boxes they used to use, though!)

  40. I’m grateful there’s nothing that will melt! All things I’ll use :o)

  41. The Blotterazzi is a win for me, that covers the box and the other items are a bonus! I have been wanting the Blotterazzi and now I’m getting it!!!!!

    • I’m wanting to try the blotterazzi, too. Plus the Ouai wave spray!

  42. This will be my 8th bottle of wave/salt spray received in the past 3 months. My hair is naturally wavy and curly. The only one that actually gives me more waves and curls was the Davines spray from Birchbox.

    • My family is sick of getting little sea salt sprays from me. I got a full size one from my Beautycon box that I’m keeping because it smells nice. I’m sure dry shampoo season is coming back soon.

    • Well at least you have the appropriate hair for it. I have fine straight hair and this type of product makes it look like a bird tried to make a nest in it.

      • Funny because I have completely different hair texture from you (mine is naturally wavy), and I feel the same way you do about sea salt sprays making my hair look like a bird’s nest. 🙂 I find the wave sprays are different from a true sea salt spray, though. Hoping Ouai works for my hair.

  43. I wish we would get our sub boxes earlier in the month that they are curated for. If this is specially curated for July weather/lifestyle – it’s silly that we receive the boxes in the 3rd or 4th week of July.

    Same thought for Allure!!

  44. I cancelled, so this month will be my last. I was not impressed with anything that was sent out, and felt as though I could find a better way to spend $10. I know I am in the minority here on both this statement as well as the fact that I only really liked getting the perfume samples.

    • This is my 3rd month, after being on the wait list for several months. I wasn’t thrilled with my first box, last month’s wasn’t quite as bad and this is okay. (I’m good with most of the items, but wondering how little they will be) I’ll stick around a bit longer. I’m disappointed that the items looked so much better, while I was waiting. Now things are so much smaller, even tiny.

      • I have to say the earlier boxes were bigger and better, but I’m still enjoying the sub for now.

    • Same so you’re not in the minority, unless I am too :). I cancelled as well this month.

  45. I’m so over primer…especially the the Smashbox. I have like 8 of them from sub boxes. I’m getting 2 or 3 just this month. : /

    • Not to get too personal, but if you have any issues w/chafing or even with shoes that rub in the heat, the Smashbox primer can double as a Body Glide type product to help prevent that. It’s what I use primer samples for since I already have a face primer I love.

      • Lol, this is how I’ve repurposed my excess silicone primer samples too! They’re convenient and I can wear dresses in hot, sticky weather without fear of ending up in rubtown ☺️

  46. I’m such a nerd I just got super excited by the shout out!!!

  47. I can’t wait!

  48. I’m kind of surprised that they would send another bronzer and primer after we just received each last month. But I am super excited about the Blotterazzi.

  49. I like it all and the bag is super cute!

  50. Excited about the Blotterazi! I’ve given them as gifts as everyone loves them, but never bought for myself. Everything else is fine. A little tired of wave sprays but this is the current “it” brand so will be fun to try.

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