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GlossyBox Subscription Box Review + Coupon – June 2016


GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription box. They have the best packaging in the business, their products are usually deluxe-size or full size, and the value is usually really good too. The only issue with this box seems to be the late shipping – I would recommend just keeping that in mind and setting your expectations accordingly if you sign up for this box.

Sorry, I’m super late on getting this June review posted!

GlossyBox sent us this box for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


FYI: GlossyBox sends out multiple variations of the box during some months. So, there may be some variation between what I review and what you receive.

The Subscription Box: GLOSSYBOX

The Cost: $21 a month (save more with 6-month or annual subscription)

Flash Deal: This weekend only, use coupon code SUMMERFUN to get 2 free bonus boxes with your first month of GlossyBox.

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty products.

Check out all of my GlossyBox reviews and the list of the best beauty and makeup subscription boxes!

Ships to: US and Canada

GlossyBox-032 GlossyBox-031 GlossyBox-030

Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included. This month’s box is a collaboration with the Tony Awards and they included lots of “red carpet ready” beauty items.


Caolion Premium Hot & Cold Pore Pack Duo – .2 oz Value $3.40


This mask is a two part set:


The Blackhead Steam Pore Pack is an exfoliant and it has a slight warming sensation. You massage it into your skin for 1-2 minutes, then leave it on for 5-10 minutes. I found this to be gentle but also super-effective. My skin felt so clean and my pores seemed to be visibly clearer after removing it.

I would recommend a moisturizer after use, though, as it was slightly drying.


The Pore Original Pack is the cooling mask. You apply it (no need to massage it into your skin) and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. This is the mask that I could really feel “working.” It made my skin tingle and feel cool even a few minutes after I removed it!

Again, I was seriously impressed with how clean my pores looked after I removed it. I will definitely need to buy this mask set in the full-size!


Icono Milano Emotion Allowed Mascara – FULL SIZE! Value $19

This is a waterproof mascara, and it provides a nice natural look with excellent lash separation. Personally, I wanted a mascara with a lot of volume and length in a red carpet-inspired beauty box, and this didn’t provide that. But, if you want a mascara that adds just a little length and volume and stays put all day, this would be great.


SinfulColors Kylie Jenner Trend Matters Satin Collection Polish in Koral Riff – Value $3

(Colors will vary)

My first Kylie Jenner beauty product! (Has any tried her lip kits, yet?)

I like the satin matte finish of this polish, but this color might be a little too bold for my tastes. Here it is on:



Sebastian Professional Dark Oil – 2 ml Value $1


This is a thick hair oil, and a little goes a long way, so this tiny sample should actually last for a few uses! It added shine, fragrance and diminished frizz – I’m happy!


Sebastian Professional Sharper Fierce Finishing Hairspray – 1.5 oz Value $2.70


This is a ultra-firm finishing hair spray, so I think it is a perfect fit for the theme of the box. I tried it out and it held my hair in place well, plus it didn’t have that strong hairspray smell which is an added bonus for me.


LASplash Lip Gloss in Red Carpet – FULL SIZE! Value $18

(Colors will vary)

I couldn’t find this exact variation of LASplash lipgloss online, and the card says this is a GlossyBox exclusive, so that value listed is from the info card.

(To be honest, when I first saw the branding/packaging, I assumed this was a less-expensive drug store brand, so the value listed surprised me.)

Here it is swatched:


This is a bold, high-pigment, high-shine lip gloss. The formula is a little sticky, and the color is a bit too bold for me, but again I see how this fits well with the theme of the box.


TanTowel Half Body Classic – (2) Value $5 total

I’ve sampled these before, and out of all the self-tanners I’ve tried, they come out somewhere in the middle. For my skintone, so far my favorite self tanner has been from tarte.

(I’m glad they included enough towelettes for a full-body, though!)

 Verdict: This box has a value of about $52. I think the value is pretty good, but some of the items were a miss for me this month. The heating and cooling pore masks were an amazing discovery though, so to me this box is worth it just for that item alone!

What do you think of the June 2016 GlossyBox?

If you haven’t signed up yet: This weekend only, use coupon code SUMMERFUN to get 2 free bonus boxes with your first month of GlossyBox.


How do subscribers rate GlossyBox?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (61)

  1. Are the people that are getting the crappier items in their boxes (sinful polish and shave oil instead of nuxe oil and lipstick) ones that bought the discounted subscription vouchers? I’m curious if the accounts are marked to get cheaper stuff.

    • Not me. I’m a standard month-to-month and I got the nail polish top coat and part of the Sabon duo (the lotion was missing). I was not slated to receive either the Nuxe or the shave oil.

  2. I’m pretty new to beauty boxes, so each one is a thrill to look forward to, and then open! This was my first GlossyBox, and because I love bargains, I got it with the 2 random free boxes from the past, making them $7 each.

    I saw that this said June on the box, and so I opened it first. I seemed to remember several comments here that they didn’t like it, so I was prepared for disappointment, but I loved it! I live in Hollywood, so I’m always happy to see companies celebrating entertainment (even though the Tonys are more Broadway.)

    Haven’t tried anything yet, but I got Sebastian Whipped Creme, which won me based on name alone. I got the blue denim Kylie polish. (No fan of that family in the least, but it’s a conversation starter. 🙂 ) I don’t have that many non-reds, so great to try it.

    I guess my mascara is half full, too. What a strange thing to save money on. Didn’t think about it til I read it here, but it has no pull about half way up. However I LOVED the info card, which tells you how to save and re-ignite old dried up mascaras. 🙂

  3. Did anyone get a mascara that had a tiny sample amount of product in the full size tube??
    Just wondering if mine was the only one. If the July box isn’t any better than the June box, I will be going with the Beauty fix. Seems like a lot of you have been saying great things about that sub.

  4. I tried to stay positive with GlossyBox, but June was probably the least exciting one for me. I received my lip gloss in “Sugar Rush” which looks much softer and better color for me. I also received Vichy water spray instead of nail polish and I prefer that as well. I won’t use the hair spray and tan towels, but I am happy to hear Liz’s review on the oil to tame the frizz. My July box is arriving in a few days, and hopefully it is better.

  5. I enjoyed this box, and started tucking into it as soon as I got it. Love the hair spray & hair oil a lot.

    The only thing I really wasn’t excited about was the tan towels, but I did like that they sent two.

    I haven’t tried those masks yet, but I am excited to have received them.

    Overall I’m usually very happy with Glossy. Typically, there aren’t more than one, maybe two items (if there’s a mascara) that I’m not happy with per box. I’m experiencing dreaded product overload syndrome, but I’m planning on keeping this sub.

  6. I really liked this box (once again, I see I’m definitely one of the few!). It came right before vacation and provided 2 things (travel size hairspray and waterproof mascara) that I would have gone out to buy anyways- so saved me some money there. I’ve never tried Tan Towels so that was an exciting find for me. Even though applying was a PIA, I found it gave me a nice even tan. My Kylie polish was clear with blue glitter. I put it on over another color polish and it was cute. My daughter picked it the last time I polished her nails and she loved it (she’s 3)! I loved the 2 step mask. The heating and cooling sensations were a little intense but my skin felt great after. I noticed the mascara was half empty also but because I use waterproof mascara so little (only for the beach or pool), it didn’t bother me. I figure I’ll only use it for the summer season anyways. The only total dud in the box was the lip gloss because I can’t wear orangey-reds, so I gave it to my mom. I haven’t even tried the hair oil yet although I like the size for traveling. All in all, to me it’s a great value for the $8-9 value I paid using the Gilt City deal. Although, I will caveat that by saying I would never purchase this box full price. Using a Black Friday deal, my BB sub comes out to about $7 per box and I think Glossy beats BB in value and usefulness every month. Especially with BB changing their points system, I’m just waiting for the year to be up and then done.

  7. I actually got a hair mousse in my box along with a shimmer blue polish. I wanna say I feel bad for people that got an annual sub cause it seems to me Glossybox has been running a lot of specials that consist of extra boxes. Last month I got a bonus box then cancelled this month I’ll be getting 3 boxes for the price of one! No annual sub can beat that! I’m certain I’m just gonna keep cancelling so I can get these awesome bonuses! It’s is worth it to me!

  8. This was such an awful box I canceled after receiving this box, but not in time to not be charged for July. Verdict is still out for me on whether I receive the Nuxe oil or not. But what makes me most angry is the fact that I wrote a review for the June Glossybox on their website and it still has not appeared. When I submitted the review a little box popped up letting my know my review would be submitted to be moderated. This was about 2 weeks ago. I believe that Glossybox did not publish my review because I left 2 stars on the review. Every single review for this box on the website is a great review (I guess they only publish the good reviews), while other independent sources (Reddit and comments on this website) have only said negative things about this box. It really angers me that glossybox is playing this censorship game. So glad I canceled.

  9. I was not thrilled about this box. the mask was fun, and there was enough of it that I could share it with my daughter, but it didn’t have miraculous effects on my skin (I’m not sure anything would given all the products I already use regularly). Still, it was fun.

    I did get a great Granite color for the nail polish that really works for me.

    But the other stuff was really a miss – and it has been hard to swap too!

  10. This nail polish has no place in a Glossybox. Putting it in a Birchbox would’ve been a stretch, but this is a $21/month box. Sinful is sold for $2/bottle near me, and it’s not a even a good product (I’ve tried several different colors that I received as a promotional thing). I feel like it was only cool enough for GB because it has Kylie Jenner’s name on it, which holds no weight for me. (In fact, it’s sort of a turn-off.)

    One of my Glossydots surveys last month was about GB in general, and I brought up this specific nail polish. Hopefully they’ll listen, and there’ll be no more cheap products.

    Also, I only got one tan towel and was wondering who the heck would only want to tan half their body! I mentioned that in the survey, too. Looks like I should’ve gotten two, so hopefully they’ll read between the lines that I only got one for my complaint to make sense.

    • I totally agree with you. This brand of polish should only be in a Walmart box, maybe Target (which it was a couple months ago), but that’s it. Same holds true for this lip gloss (which has a retail value of $2 based on another website, not $18). And the $1 hair oil – I know it was paired with the $2.70 hair spray but still…the combined set is still very low value. What is going on here??? This is a $21 box. It’s priced very close to Beauty Fix and yet they aren’t even in the same galaxy as far as quality and value goes. Yikes Glossybox…what are you doing to us????? Time to step up your game if you want to compete with the big boys!!

    • I agree with your comment on the Kylie Jenner product. Sheesh. And also a good point about the half-body tan towel. I will give mine away as I’ve never had good results with self tanners. The lipgloss is sticky … the Sebastian dark oil has a funky musky scent that I would never purchase. This is my first box with them … on a three-month trial … and I won’t be renewing. In fact, good opportunity for me now to alert them that I’m cancelling.

    • Holy cow, I just got my July Glossybox today, and I got a Sinful top coat! Really?!?

      • Yes me too but at least I can top that dull color I got from them

  11. I actually just signed up (I know most of the comments say they’re disappointed) but I thought that 2 free boxes on top of the monthly box sounded like a really good deal so I figured I’d try it and then cancel if I didn’t like it but I didn’t find a lot of information on their website about these two free boxes and when I completed my order it said absolutely nothing about two free boxes and only said I was ordering the one monthly box subscription… So I’m hoping that I actually end up getting the 2 boxes? I emailed them haven’t heard back yet but I just found it strange it didn’t add anything else to the order so now I’m wondering if it’s just saying you get 2 free boxes like the next two months? I’m not sure, If anyone knows please let me know!

    • I signed up for June with a free box deal. My bonus box came at the same time as my June box.

    • You have to enter a promotional code to get the free boxes. So if you didn’t enter that anywhere then you didn’t sign up for the promotion. If you did enter a code then you should be fine and get the free boxes at some point, I’m guessing.

    • I’m in the same boat. Thanks for the replies.

  12. It’s funny. I got almost the same box and loved everything. I thought it was the best one in a long time.

  13. Funny that this review should appear today. I was just doing my reviews for my glossy dots when I realized I hated this box. I had the Sam assortment as Liz but my polish was purple. I clicked on the chat with us link and gave my opinion of the last two boxes, including that I got 3 Nioxin conditioners missing at least one of the products on my card. I was offered a free product from a huge list. It pays to complain.

  14. Liz, are those masks meant to be used back to back or on separate occasions? I got that pore pack with my Sephora Tokyo bag and I haven’t tried it out yet.

  15. I cancelled Glossybox way back after a couple boxes because I didn’t like their cancellation policy. I was getting boxes too late to decide if I wanted to receive the next month, but it was too late to cancel without being charged and receiving the next month. I got two, cancelled and had to pay for a third, and never regretted it.

  16. Instead of the nail polish I got full-size bottle of CLEAR by LUE, an herbal/natural acne spot treatment that retails for $15 (really, not just what GB claims). Between that, the Caolian pack, and the box itself (I love the boxes and use them for storage), I feel like I got my $9 worth from the Gilt deal, but GB is really not making a good case for keeping them once my year is up.

    • Also got the LUE and it smelled horrendous. Undecided about renewing after the Gilt city deal is up; I find the boxes are pretty hit or miss…

    • I thought that this month’s box had different stuff in it according to the spoilers. I hope it’s not like this 1 cause I don’t need anything in this 1. And wouldn’t use the lip color. But we will see.

      • Nevermore I see now that was junes box, that’s a relief cause I’m excited about the spoilers in the July box, and its my first box. So I hope I love it

  17. So I just got my glossybox for July. & what I wanted the most, that nuxe oil, I didn’t get. In its place I got some shave oil plus all the spoilers. Someone said here on MSA that glossy suddenly took off the oil from the spoilers & that they were wondering if glossy went back on what they put out & wasn’t sending the oil anymore. Usually when they put out spoilers, it’s something that will be included in all variations. Did anyone receive their July box & actually get the Nuxe oil?

    • I got my box today and the oil was included. Also the fango mask, setting spray and eyeliner from the spoilers.

    • No Nuxe oil for me. Got the shave oil, which is fine, but then don’t freaking release spoilers for something way better. I liked what I got (except for the weird spray water) but am pretty certain my July box was not the promised $60 value Glossybox was pushing.

      • Yeah, like they release these spoilers to suck you in to sign up … and then play the old switch game.

    • I was reading through the comments on their Facebook page and someone asked if everyone would be receiving the Nuxe Oil, Eyeko stick and nail spray. Glossybox responded that everyone would be receiving the Eyeko stick and nail spray this month. I’m still waiting for my shipping information so I will have to wait and see if the Nuxe product is in my July box. I”m just tired of the bait and switch!

      • Has anyone actually gotten their July GB yet or have tracking that is actually moving? I got a shipping e-mail on 6/14, and when I click on track in, it says a FedEx label was created on 6/13 but nothing more. I just find it weird that nothing has updated since then. FedEx is usually really good about updates.

      • Oh, I see some of you have gotten them. Sorry. I originally read those as knowing what was in your box (like Birchbox reveals).

        Still weirded out by the lack of shipping movement, though.

      • Sorry, those dates are supposed to be 7/14 and 7/13, not 6! It’s July, I’m not still stuck in June, I think.

      • My tracking number has the same thing. Anticipated ship date of 7/13 but no updates since then! Scheduled delivery is still pending. Weird.

      • No I haven’t, but they charged my card on July 4. I signed up for three boxes on July 1. They charged me on July 1 and then again on July 4. They sent me the crummy June box. That enough is grounds to end my sub when it’s up. But even moreso that they are so greedy to charge me twice in one month. Looks like they are cash strapped and need my money to keep the lights on, to me. That and the low-class products in the June box. I had seen some good reviews of their boxes before I signed up so am disappointed I didn’t do more digging before I succumbed to their offer. Back to your question, my “account page” says my July box is “packed” and waiting to ship. But no trkg. # yet.

      • I’m still waiting on them to ship mine with a label that was created on 7/13. I like this subscription but the shipping is horrid.

      • Contact customer service, since it’s been more than 10 days since tracking last “moved”. Be prepared for a replacement box to take a while, though. That happened to me in December, and it took about three weeks for them to agree to send a new box and then to actually send it. They just kept telling me to wait, even two weeks past the point when tracking stopped updating, which was mega frustrating. Long story short, it got lost between Glossybox and USPS. I ended up getting my December box only a few days before my January box arrived.

  18. I’m so happy that I am no longer wasting my money on this crappy box. 🙂

  19. I hate to be Debbie Downer but I have to cry foul on the retail value Glossybox posted for the LA Splash diamond lip gloss (I posted this when they came out with the spoiler and I’m posting it again now because I find it pretty agregious…). I found a set of 5 of the LA splash diamond lip glosses on a website called The Dance Shop of Logan (?) for $10. So that’s $2 each. It’s hard to tell the size from the photos or description but it looks the same as what we received.

    So couple that with $2.50 nail polish and two tan towels that very few people use and you have the makings of a pretty poor box. Never ever in a million years would I have expected that yet another hair spray sample and random mascara would end up being the “good” items in a $21 box!!!

    This one is a HUGE miss for me…oh well. ?

    • I HATED this box beyond words, it took all I could do not to throw it right in the trash. I liked the Sinful nail polish, I know its cheap, but I love it. I got a gross coral color lipgloss, couldn’t find anywhere online and found others for $3 online. I got the same mask, I was looking forward to the other one. I’m so sick of mascaras in boxes, how many can one person use?? I’m mad I paid $8 for the box, and feel bad for anyone who paid $21!

    • I agree 120 % I cancelled after this box what’s funny is I was sad because I love the box (the actual box ) lol

    • Each box Glossybox I see makes not regret dropping them. The products they sent this month seem more like a $10 box. Really, sending a Sinful color, which is more dollar store value brand.

    • That Sinful nail polish nixed it for me. They sell that at my drug store for a buck, and I really don’t like the fact that she put it on with a top coat in her review, which makes it look glossy, when it’s really one of the worst matte nail polishes ever.

    • I was gonna say that too, no way is LA Spash $18! Its dollar/drugstore at best every time I’ve seen it, and the np too is only 2.99 or thereabouts. Hmmm. And I hate tan towels personally so guess I made the right choice to skip this one thus far. I do like Sebastian hair products though so not a total loss.

  20. I did not care for the cooling mask at all. It “cooled” to the point of burning my eyes (camphor?) and I couldn’t wash it off fast enough. Also, I agree with Bonny – I am really on the fence about cancelling my Glossybox (as well as Birchbox) as both are more miss than hit, with, it seems, less and less for the money. What are other MSA’s folks thoughts on this box? Thumbs up or down? And Mary K – I so agree with you. Just putting your famous/infamous name on a product doesn’t mean it is a good product – or that you had anything to do with the creation/development of that product. I am so sick of that family. Other bigger issues in this world that need are attention more than to them. ((sorry to vent)).

    • June was my first Glossybox. I signed up with a deal to get a free past box. I got February 2016. To me, the February box was way better than June. I didn’t cancel or apply a code in time so for July I got charged the full price for a box. I canceled last week but am still getting July’s box.

      Glossybox okay to me but I really love other boxes more (Beautyfix, Julep Maven) and cost wise, it isn’t worth it to me to continue with Glossybox at the full price. I will keep an eye out for deals and probably will sign back up later in the year.

      For now, I’m looking forward to either saving that extra money or buying $21 worth of addons for my Maven box!

      • Agree. I use so many Jules products. I love the new lip shade.

      • Me too! Julep is my longest running sub, as in years without fail.

  21. I was just thinking about how I miss the days when Glossybox partnered with Bergdorfs…I think that was my most favorite box. The recent ones have all seemed blah. I even have a free one pending with Glossydots that I’ve never bothered to cash in.

  22. Liz, I would correct your assertion that the Icona mascara was full-sized. The TUBE (container) was full-sized. Mine was almost empty of product… It ended up in the trash anyway, because the “waterproof” assertion was complete bunk. A couple of tears, and it was down my face. Third crummy Glossybox in a row. Once my annual sub is up, I’m gone.

  23. That nail polish looks great on you! Lip gloss is perfect for the red carpet as well.

    • Thanks, Chris! ?

  24. I can’t be the only one who positively cringes when a Kardashian/Jenner product is included in sub boxes, right? I make a lot of mistakes in life, but I can at least sleep soundly knowing I never willingly contributed a penny towards that vile clan… (It doesn’t help that I hate that coral-toned red color, too.)

    • Nope, you’re definitely not alone I too find those people horrid ?

    • Nope, not alone. Same for Jessica Jimpson products. Just a turn-off. Sometimes private labels seem a little out of hand to me. I’d much rather see collaborations that keep manufacturing/product credit where it’s due. To each their own! ?

      • Same here. I get so turned off from this particular celebrity colab.

      • Yep. Same here.

    • You’re not alone! I’m with you.

  25. I received Glossy Box a long time ago. I cancelled last year because the items did not thrill me. I just subbed with the promotion ( free two boxes). Their boxes are so hit or miss. I’m spoiled by Boxy Charm and Beauty Fix, I guess.

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