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BoxyCharm August 2016 Spoilers!

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We have the first August 2016 Boxycharm spoiler from their SnapChat!

boxycharm-august-2016- boxycharm-august-2016-3

Each August 2016 Boxycharm box will include a Coastal Scents Blush and Bronzer Mini Palette & Brush Combo.

What do you think of the first August 2016 Boxycharm spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes too!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Laura Lee posted the rest of the spoilers today on snap.
    Aloette Time Repair Serum $48
    Dirty Little Secret Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick (Hers was red. They may all be?) $10
    Doucce Cosmetics Maxlash Volumizer Mascara $22
    Beauty For Real Shaddow Stx (it was a cream colored sparkly thing) $19

  2. Laura Lee posted the full spoilers on her snapchat!! (laura88lee)

  3. Ew, I don’t want this cheap junk. And while we’re at it I don’t want any revealed palettes either!

  4. Soooooo excited August will be 3rd month with boxycharm and I’m loving it !!!! Can’t wait to see what else were getting ???

  5. July is my 3rd BoxyCharm box and I’ve been really happy with the products so far. It’s my favorite beauty box. I love getting palettes, so I’m hoping I’ll love the Coastal Scents coming in August, because the colors look just right for me. Yes! Every beauty box for summer seems to have a bronzer. What I really need is a decent-sized SPF facial priming lotion (without tint please).

  6. Not too thrilled. I hold boxycharm to a much higher standard than all other beauty boxes. When they put in cheap, what I call children’s play makeup, I feel extremely let down. Boxycharm isn’t cheap in the grand scheme of boxes. I expect the best, quality products from them. Boxycharm helps me to decide which high end companies I want to invest in. Ipsy is onlying 10 bucks and they have had insanely great ipsy offers! I really hope boxycharm delivers with quality, otherwise I may just double down on ipsy.

    • I feel exactly the same way.

    • I completely agree with this. It’s not the type of thing I want in my box. I hope that the other items are higher quality.

  7. I Love BOXYCHARM! I Have Been Nothing But Pleased With All My Boxes. July Box Was Definitely Awesome!
    I’m Totally Addicted. ?
    Coastal Scents Is Okay. Good For Practice Makeup. LOL
    Looking Forward To Seeing What Else Is In August Box!

  8. I cancelled, at least for now. I’m on bronzer and blush overload. And I have so many brushes I don’t even use already. They need to come up with something amazing for me to resub. I’m taking a little sabatacle. I’m giving Allure and Play maybe one more month then possibly cancel them too. I need to start going through all the samples I’ve got in piles already.

  9. Oh dear, oh dear! I was going to cancel Boxycharm for a few months, and hopefully pick them up again during a black Friday special or something. I don’t think I can do it! Their boxes are always winners in my book. I knew it was going to be hard to cancel this one, but man, do they make it really tough!

    Urg! Every time I absolutely make up my mind to axe one, they get really good all of a sudden, as if they know I’m just about to leave! WTH! 🙂

  10. Yay – happy to get another palette. Boxy remains the King of Awesome, in my book.

  11. Not a fan. So very tired of bronzer in every makeup box. I don’t wear it (or blush). Think I might take a break anyway as I’m on product overload and have another Allure big box coming soon.

    • I went to Sephora for my PLAY! Time to learn how to contour. I showed her the bag of goodies I got and she said bronzer are excellent for contouring. We tried different contour shades and the hoola bronzer in my kit was the best one for me.

      I didn’t think I would ever use mine but now I’m going to experiment.
      So Victoria, before you toss, try it in another way. It may just work for you.

  12. I hope the brush doesn’t count as an item too. I’m still disappointed I got a brush instead of the eyeliner in last month’s box. 🙁

    • Don’t feel too bad, the liner wasn’t pigmented at all could barely tell it was on

      • This! I wish I had gotten the brush. There is zero color to the eyeliner. I used it, went over my waterline several times and there was nothing there. I used it on my arm and there was just a barely noticeable blue sheen. Totally useless.

  13. We just received blush a few months ago and a brush last month. Not impressed I just cancelled.

  14. I couldn’t be more happier with my last 2 months of Boxycharm and looks like August will be just as good. Being that its a palette and brush combo, Im hoping this counts as one item. I am having so much fun with my Ofra shadows and I can’t wait to play around with contouring. This brand is new to me, so even if it isn’t that great, I can still use it to practice until I can get my hands on better quality stuff.

  15. Boxycharm is my favorite box for the price. I LOVE it when they include Ofra products and while Coastal scents is not a favorite, its not bad either. I’m looking forward to this.

  16. I don’t use bronzers at all and am really tired of having to use them as eyeshadows. Why is it, just because it is summer, do all the sub boxes assume we all use/want bronzers?

  17. This is not appealing at all. I cancelled. However, one of my eyeshadows was broken from my July box. Has anyone had success in getting broken products replaced when you didn’t continue the subscription? I contacted them when my box arrived, and they said they’d send a replacement in NEXT month’s box. Since I won’t be getting a next month’s box, I wonder if they’ll still send a replacement. I kind of think it’s poor business to wait a month to send a replacement anyway…

    • I have not had a broken product before cancelling but I did have a missing product before, in March’s box I think. They said they’d send it in next month’s box. April’s box arrived. No replacement product. I contacted them, asking why. They said it would be May’s box because I contacted them in April (it must have been the first couple days of April, but I had only received my March box on like the 29th or later and I’d emailed them on a Saturday and they don’t check weekend email).

      Long story short, I told them that was completely unacceptable, and they agreed to send the replacement product to me separately. And they followed through. So, I do know for a fact that they will send the product to you by itself, even if it takes some pressuring.

      • Thanks! I’ll make sure to follow up again.

        • Sometimes it does take persistence and being firm to get threw to these companies. Just figured this out with Allure. My box was sent out the 6th and on the 9th it got stuck in a place 3 hours from me. I emailed on the 20th that my box hasn’t moved since the 9th and should have been here by now and it wasn’t. They told me I had to take it up with the postal service. Well I wasn’t too pleased and sent a very not so pleased and firm response back saying they will send me a new box in which I had paid for, which was on the 22nd. I received my replacement today

    • They didn’t fix my broken one even when I stayed on with them. I canceled the next month.

    • I’m so sorry that must suck! But even if you do get a replacement for your broken eyeshadow there is a way to fix it. There’s a few youtube videos up about how to fix things like that. I think all you need is rubbing alcohol tbh. This way you’d have your new one and your old one as a backup! 🙂

      • Yeah, I know how to fix them, but this one isn’t fixable. It was all over my box. Not enough powder left to press. :'(

        • Oh I am so sorry! 🙁 hopefully they send you a new one asap! 🙁

  18. I’m hoping it’s just poor lighting because those colors look strange to me!

    • Liz’s link takes you to the coastal scents page, they look different on their website definitely not olive green.

      • Since the price of this is only $12.95 I’m excited to see what else is in the box (if over $100 value again)!

  19. I’m excited for this! I love costal scents from when I got a sample of their eyeshadows (I missed the box with the palette in it when I canceled for a while. I still find this is the best box for me!) This will be great for being on the go! Plus, I know someone who’s just starting her collection with this box, so this will be perfect for her to try out contouring and build her blush and brush collection.

  20. Makeup advice needed!
    At first I thought, ooh, I like those olive greens. I have dark blue eyes, and that color looks good on me. Then I noticed that it’s supposed to be blush or bronzer. Are greens the new red?

    • I use a LOT of the blush I get as eyeshadow. I didn’t wear blush until a few months ago and I really only like cream because I suck at blending it. I think it works great as eyeshadow!

  21. I’m actually really happy about this. Looks like it will be great for travel, without me having to decide what bronzers and blushes I want to bring!

  22. Just cancelled for August. I don’t like Coastal Scents products and that clinched my move to cancel. They even showed me the palette before I cancelled. Once I saw that, i most assuredly deactivated my account. However, I did enjoy July box if only for the magnetic palette.

    • I thought we had to cancel by the 20th? Am I getting confused? I don’t like Coastal Scents either! Boo!!!

    • Here’s what I do: I wait until Liz posts all the spoilers for the month. Then I decide. If I really want this stuff, I reactivate my account. They charge $21 and send me the box. Once I get the box, I deactivate the account again. Wait for the full spoilers of the next month. This way, you only take (and pay for) the boxes you really want. I usually pass on 4 or 5 boxes before one comes along that I really want.

      • I do almost the same thing except as soon as the current month ships I cancel. Love boxycharm for this reason.

  23. I like that it is a mini version. I like the colors…good for shadows.

  24. Is this brand all natural/ organic?

    • Heck no. Cheap Chinese stuff.

      • What’s the consistency of the products in the Coastal Scents palette? Do they blend easily?

      • HAHAHA yes! I cancelled and unless they blow me away with the other items (and that brush better not count as one) I won’t be re-subbing for this box unless the other items make it worth it. Coastal Scents ???

  25. Need to see the rest before deciding, on its own… Cheap filler!

    • True!!!! The coconut masks in June’s box was alone worth it for me!!!

  26. I’m definitely excited for this!!

  27. Oh goody it contains red 40. Is it too late to cancel???

  28. Love boxycharm.yess❤❤❤❤

  29. Meh….
    Does anyone like Coastal Scents? They seem cheap to me….

    • I’ve gotten their shadows and blushes in sub boxes before and I’ve been happy with them – I’d be happy with this.

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