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August 2016 Allure Beauty Thrills Box + Add Past Box For $24.99

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Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.09.32 PM

The August Allure Beauty Thrills will be available for purchase for $49.95 plus $10 shipping now!


And you can add the previous Allure Beauty Thrills box to your order for an extra $24.99:

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.05.22 PM


The August Allure Beauty Thills box includes:

What do you think of the item list for this box? I’m happy to see they are adding SkinFix to the lineup!

Check out our Allure Beauty Thrills May Box review to see what you can expect with this box. And if you are interested in Allure’s separate monthly subscription box, check out our Allure Beauty Box reviews, too!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got my May add on box yesterday. Same day I was emailed my tracking. No August box yet. Kinda happy to see that everyone else didn’t get them together.. at least it isn’t lost.. I hope.

    • Same here! I have an email in to customer service about this. I was also missing an item from my May add-on box.

  2. Received my May add-on box today. No August box though.

  3. My May add-on box was delivered today. No tracking email. I ordered both boxes on 7/26

    • This gives me hope. Thanks. Did you receive the August box at the same time?

      • My May box arrived today! Finally lol! I was surprised to see how big each of the items are. I thought they would mostly be samples, but they were full-size. Can’t wait to try them. No August box yet.

      • No. Only received May so far.

  4. I pre-ordered for the year in April and still have not received a shipping notification. Call CS on the 8th and they said that “it had not been pulled yet” but that I should be receiving a shipping notification at any time. Nothing as of this morning.

  5. I just got a shipping notification. The box weighs 15.6lbs, I’m assuming it’s Allure since I haven’t ordered anything else.

  6. When do they ship these boxes out? I have not received a tracking number

    • I’ve been wondering that, too. My credit card was charged two weeks ago, but no info at all on when the boxes will ship. I’ve never had a company charge me until my purchase was shipped. 2+ weeks seems excessive.

      • I received the add on May beauty thrills box today but not the August one? I did not receive an email to let me know it had shipped. Just came home and there it was.

        • Hmmm…do you happen to remember when you ordered it? I’m about to give up on mine and cancel the whole thing.

          • I ordered 7/26.

        • I don’t have any shipments pending from them in my fedex, ups or USPS accounts. Do you happen to recall which delivery company they used to ship the May box?

          It seems like there has been soooo much box trouble lately across so many different boxes (shipping delay, vastly different variations, damaged items, etc.). It’s been such a hassle, I’m starting to question my commitment to the sub box world! I’m not sure it’s worth all the headaches, CS follow ups, etc.

          • My box says USPS from Iowa.

        • Same happened to me.

  7. So, what happened to the pre-orders getting their boxes shipped right around the time of the general public sale? I’m not sure that was ever a guarantee, but it has always been that way in the past (supposedly another “perk” of paying additional for each box).

    After being told I was not a returning customer and the May discounted box was not available to me (even though I have done pre-orders 2 years in a row), I sent a rather nasty email back to Allure. A different rep responded and said they would allow me to purchase a May box. I’m not going to bother….just not worth it.

    While I get that they have to move their stock, I still think that someone could have realized that pre-orders should have been notified of this sale before the general public sale (or at least have been notified at all!).

    I think Allure has spread themselves a bit thin with this box and their monthly boxes. I’m still not sure how the sourcing for these boxes happens, but I think companies are getting hit up left and right to provide products and the well is only so deep.

  8. Here’s what I don’t understand. We all had a heads up of what was in the first box BEFORE the presale and before the first box even went on sale individually. I understand that they USED to have better items but I’m happier now with items I know I’ll use than items I might use. I’m reading comments of how people have wasted money. Ummm….how? The value of the first box alone was more than what we paid for the presale price of all three boxes. Yes, the May box being an add on with the July box is a new thing but one call to customer service or a quick chat online (which is always 10 times easier) and your May box is ordered for $25.

    • I wish! There was no heads up on what was in the box at the time it was first launched. Otherwise I never would have bought them!!

      • But there was. We get the spoilers about a week before they are even released for sale. Look back through the spoilers and look at the release dates. As for the presale, of course we didn’t know the contents of the second and third boxes but the value of the first box covered the price we paid for all three.

        • Spoilers were posted a day or two after the initial open of the sale. You can look at the old thread. If we had spoilers I don’t think so many would be complaining. There was spoilers open for the one box but not for the presale sale 199$. Atleast none ever posted here. On the day of the actual sale opened.

          • You are right. We did pay for pre sale before they released the contents of the first box. I guess I’m so used to having spoilers on every box. We paid the little extra so we didn’t have to deal with getting up early or making sure we were able to be available when they went on sale. We paid for the convenience. The value of the first box was $225. The pre sale price was $199. So boxes two and three are just free product. I really did compare these past two boxes with the three last year and I’m honestly not seeing the huge difference. There were a couple of big money products in the December box so I think most people are comparing these two to that one box. I’m personally happy. I’ll actually use 75% of these two boxes. Besides what’s the fun of a sub box when you always know exactly what you’re getting? The purpose of these boxes in the beginning was to be fun. Now everyone seems to be upset about not getting exactly what they want.

  9. I called CS last week and talked with a rep who was going to add the discounted
    May box to my pre-order. She took my CC info, but so far there has not been a charge. Anyone else call to get the May box added? Have you been charged yet?

    • I ordered the new Beauty Thills box along with the May box a week or so ago. Checked my account and there was no record of it, so I inquired thru their chat line. She said they are “in process” whatever that means and my account should update soon.

      • @Nan I think you and I purchased our orders on the same day (7/26). Both of my holds have turned into completed transactions so I’m hoping that means they will be shipping soon!

        • I hope they ship mine soon too. Thanks for the update.

  10. I wonder if the WEN product will still be included now that the FDA issued a safety alert on the product this morning. hmmm…

    • I saw that! Mine will be going in the trash lol

  11. I remember a time that these boxes would sell out in less than an hour. Here we are 2 days later and the box is still available. Hope Allure gets a clue that the boxes just aren’t that great anymore! They use to be a mix of high end to drug store items. I discovered IT Cosmetics and some other great beauty products through them. Now the items are just eh. They do have some value but not what it used to be. My wallet was saved from taking a hit! Lately I’ve noticed that a lot of the really great boxes are now just ok, like Glossybox. I passed on that recent deal too. Maybe now I’ll have a chance to really get through my stock pile of stuff.

    • Just out of curiosity I went to check and it appears both deals are still available. It’s been over a week now

  12. I prepaid and I added on May’s box because the cost to replace the items I use in the box is more than the entire box at the sale price. I think it would have been nice to have been offered the box at a discounted rate, but I do understand that Allure needs to unload it’s unsold products. Thankfully, I saw the deal here!

  13. Customer Service number is 877-356-9904
    I wonder how much money I will get refunded-should be 2/3 of what I paid for the 3 boxes since I only got one.

    • Should be around 120. I just got a cancellation email.

      • So they’re actually allowing you to cancel on the pre-paids?

        • I did.

          • Ok, well I’m going to try!! Thanks!!

  14. I ordered both boxes yesterday and my total with shipping was $84.94.. Not bad!

  15. I caved and got this box and the past box. $84.94 for both is a good deal. I’ll use a lot of the products – the rest will be given as gifts.

  16. Can’t find my other comment to add to but I think I just fully understood the extra $20 up front they made people pay and I don’t get that at ALL…if you preorder, you preorder. Starting to get why people are so angry now.

  17. I don’t understand the outrage. I think people are holding sub boxes to a different, unfair standard. When you buy a jacket for $50 at Kohls and it is discounted to $25 a month later, that’s just business as usual. Allure is a business. They charged a premium for the presale and those who took the offer knew they were paying extra for the convenience of securing all 3 boxes. Nobody at that point knew how popular the boxes would be. Prior boxes were hugely popular and sold out quickly. When the May box proved unpopular, they tried to move the inventory at a reduced price. Again, business as usual. Sure, it’s aggravating as hell to spend more money on something than your neighbor, but it happens literally every minute of every day and you can’t expect to be compensated for it every time or businesses would fold.

    • This was my first subscription with thrills. I based my buy on past boxes, however these boxes are nothing like those past boxes. I judge them on their past business and expect what they have put out as the same. This is business. They did not put out so I will not put up with it. Nothing unfair or unfair standards here.

    • I agree! If one wants very specific items – it is best to specifically purchase them. These boxes are often about the weeeee factor – getting a bunch of stuff in the mail – most of it a surprise. And for me that is the fun part – it is like a present! Regarding things getting marked down – that is what retailers do to sell overstocks. Of course – who doesn’t love a deal! But this (as well as other sub box companies) are businesses. It is not a personal slight.
      Personally – I enjoy receiving these boxes. They are fun! And they do have a good value.
      I absolutely love the idea that some have mentioned of donating what they don’t like. I have heard that many shelters are always in need of personal care items.

    • Well actually, most stores (including Kohl’s) have the option of giving you the credit if an item goes on sale within a certain period of time. Plus, my pre-order told me the boxes would retail for $49.95 PERIOD. Not that they might go on sale at a lower price. I should have been made aware of that option when I purchased.

      What I really find offensive (besides being told I am not a “returning” customer) is the fact that I wasn’t even offered a chance to purchase this discounted box. It would have been nice of them to do for those who either pre-ordered or paid full price for the May box.

      • If you pre-ordered the year, just call the customer service number (follow the link to the order page in this post & scroll down to the black section & the customer service phone is there) & tell them you preordered & would like to buy the closeout box & they’ll sell it to you.

        Most stores will make price adjustments for temporary sales (weekly circular ads, e.g.) but not clearance markdowns.

        • Thanks….I wonder if they sold out of those though already….(And I still stand with the thought that they should have offered that to us in the first place without asking.)

    • I completely agree with you. Allure’s a business, and it makes sense they’d sell the May box on clearance to get rid of it (which is unprecedented, that I can tell).

      I think my initial reaction of annoyance was due to the fact that the discount wasn’t offered to those of us who prepaid (calling CS to purchase the box doesn’t count since it was never mentioned to prepaid customers this was an option in the first place). After thinking about it a little, I was even wondering why I cared, because I wouldn’t have re-purchased May’s box anyhow!

    • I do not understand the outrage either. If they would have sold out in 2 minutes they would have been super excited to get the boxes that others missed out on. Which used to happen quite often. I have pre-ordered in the past some were good others not so much but it is a chance you take with these mystery boxes and part of the fun! Some times you win and other times you lose!

    • The thing is that Allure had set a standard over the past several years, and the boxes were so good that they sold out in minutes. So those of us who have always bought the boxes, or missed out on one, just figured that the boxes would be excellent as usual. Allure has downgraded their boxes, while charging more. That is what people are upset about.

    • For those of us who prepaid for all 3 boxes back in April, I think the outrage stems from us having to pay an extra $20 for the “privilege” of prepaying. I can deal with paying full price and them discounting any remaining boxes 2-3 months later. But something about paying the extra $20 on the premise that the boxes will sell out within hours–but they don’t even sell out within months kinda sticks in the craw a bit.

      • I have been buying the Allure Beauty Thrills (previously called Allure Beauty Box) for over 6 years. I think I only skipped one. The first box I bought was $39.99 with free shipping. When they started adding prestige brands to the drugstore brands, they really took off and would sell out in minutes, one time was 11 minutes! But they allowed people to buy up to 5 boxes. And of course people bought extra boxes to resell some items on eBay for close to the retail price. You could make your money back by selling 2 or 3 of the products.

        When Allure first offered the 3 boxes for $199 plus tax and shipping a lot of us subscribed. We were not told that the individual boxes would be cheaper than buying all three. We were paying a premium to have the guarantee of buying a box when so many people couldn’t get one. I never did the package deal again because I have always been able to buy the single boxes. Then Allure reduced the maximum purchase to 3 boxes, 2 boxes, and now 1 box which I think is fair. Then the quality and quantity of the items went downhill.

        One time a box did not sell out so Allure reduced the price by $10 and it finally did sell out. This $25 box is a new thing for Allure. The problem with Allure is you don’t know what they will do and their customer service is terrible as well as inconsistent from person to person.

        Sorry this is so long. I will continue buying the boxes on an individual basis if I like the selection. I also subscribe to the monthly Allure Beauty Box (previously Sample Society) and have had multiple problems there too. Allure needs to improve their customer service. The end.

  18. Anyone know what color the toppik is? I’ve used this before but it comes in various hair colors. I use the black and if I get blonde it’s a waste for me. It’s something that’s so color specific, I’m kinda surprised its in the box

  19. pls let me know what everyone thinks of all the monthly beauy boxes. i have subscribed to glossybox allure beauy box and birchbox. great samples and even if you find one you really like and it is hard to find a product outthere that does what it says on package like a miracle product. but let’s fce it the prices are the same as car monthly pmt. and you get tmpted to spend the money but let’s face it we all are not getting paid for jobs like models. so i you find a monthly box that if you like the product and want to buy it its at a reasonable price thks

  20. I had already decided this was my last time ever doing Allure big boxes and the Pre-order.
    Actually Allure Big Boxes ever. What a rip off!
    I am so mad right now that I :
    1. lost a bunch of money doing the pre-order
    2.the products were not near as good as they used to be in the past
    I used to be so mad I couldn’t get in on the first day of sales and would stress out but this is worse because I feel I have been taken advantage of!
    NO MORE!

  21. I bought both. Some stuff for me, some for my sister and the rest for my local food shelf. Someone will love that toothbrush and a bunch of the other items.

    • Hi. Did you pay $10 shipping for the $25 May box?

      • I purchased both boxes as well and they only charged the $10 shipping once. My total for both boxes with tax was $88. They placed 2 holds on my CC for it. One in the amount of $62 and the second in the amount of $26

        • Me too. I ordered both boxes yesterday at the same price as you. No holds on my credit card yet, though.

  22. I also contacted customer service. Will probally not get a response. I told them they baited and hooked. Never again Glad to know I can refuse shipment.

    • Good luck! I emailed them too!! If they don’t send some compensation or somehow make this right I won’t preorder in the future. Lesson learned 🙁

    • I pre-ordered (2nd year in a row) and understand the frustration but it’s not really a bait & switch. The contents were never guaranteed and despite that this year they are pretty bad it was the risk we took. The issue I have with them is offering discounts for earlier boxes – they absolutely need to offer that deal to pre-order clients at the same time and should do it without having to call. I called pretty early on and spent a long time with the representative – they told me the extra box went through but as of yet no confirmation so we shall see. I will definitely not pre-order again just based on the contents of this year – the brands and value are not as good as they were in 2014 & 2015.

    • I pre-ordered 3 boxes only one time and never again. Most subscriptions give a discount for buying multiples but Allure charges a premium. Ridiculous! When you pre-order you end up paying about $10 more per box. And the quality of the boxes keeps going down.

      • Just got my refund! They charged me 45 for the first box and I was refunded the rest.

  23. Will all of these be full sized products or will some be travel/sample size?

    • These boxes are usually all or almost all – full size! No small samples in these.

      • Thankyou for responding! This will be my first one. When it was first announced it seemed too expensive of a gamble to me but I couldn’t pass it up once they added the deal for the last box.

        • You’re welcome! These boxes are great for staple items, that everyone uses. Body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. I’ve bought several of them over the years – just not in the last 2 years. lol. I did get this and the add-on this time tho! If you haven’t checked through it yet, look up the Allure Beauty Thrills review (on this site) from May 2016. That will show you a detailed list (with pictures) of the extra box! I had to go back and look and pretty excited to get that one for $25! 🙂

  24. Changed my mind and ordered the May box. Customer service was very nice. But, have never had a issue with them. I will give it to my sis. Her and my niece will enjoy it. She loves all things beauty box especially when she gets them as gifts from me. 🙂

  25. We are about to see what my experience with Allure customer Service is. I accidentally jumped the gun and ordered the May box my mistake :(. I was gonna suck it up and just order August too when I saw this post. They haven’t even shipped out the May order yet, lets see if they give me the price break.

    They are refusing to cancel the May order. The only option I have to do is to wait for it to get her in 7-10 days, refuse the shipment and wait another 14-21 days for a refund of the 49.99. I was on the fence with the monthly box, frankly the la Mer was the only reason to keep it. Phone rep’s last comment to tell me I better rush and order the August box with may deal now, because it may sell out before I get a refund (which I am not all that confident about) has sealed the deal. Allure and I are parting ways.

  26. At the risk of making people angry – I just want to say that this company – and others like it – are not being disloyal or providing bad service. They are in business to make a profit. And like any other company that has overstock – they have a sale. Check out Nordstroms, Macys, Target, etc. – just to name a few – they are always marking things down to move stock & bring in new items. And in regards to the new member promos that get offered – that is not a sign of disloyalty. That is an attempt to build a business. Now – I do love a sale!! But I also try to remember that the people that work for these companies are trying to make a living – they have rent / mortgage payments, utility and health bills, as well as various other expenses. Just like me.
    So – I hope that I don’t anger anyone….I just think that these sub boxes are fun. I could run to a local store and grab these items, but it is a pleasure to receive these items in a present like form. And if I get a deal -then great! If not – oh well. And if someone else gets a deal but I don’t – then yay for them! 🙂

    • Most companies do not charge additional money to pre-order but rather discount to those customers as they are guaranteed sales. Also many companies that offer pre-orders such as Amazon do indeed promise that should the price of the item that you ordered come down they will reduce the cost to you to meet that price. When I make purchases from Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s etc. and the item I buy goes on sale they refund the difference to me. Allure could have repackaged there excess stock and offered “special” boxes at a special price as does FabFitFun which would have prevented the a lot of the bad feelings that those of us had when we found about about the general public being able to buy the same box we bought at a greatly reduced price. Keep in mind when we received the email offering the pre-order it was stated that the boxes would sell for a specific amount therefore we knew exactly how much more we were being charged for the privileged of being guaranteed a box. By lowering the price many of us then felt deceived because now rather than paying $10 or so more for that box we actually paid more that $30. This is not just a company reducing prices to clear out excess stock this is deception, disloyalty and just plain bad business practice. As stated earlier in this post offering themed boxes, i.e. Hair, Skin, etc at special pricing to use up the stock would have been the way to go.

    • Well said!

  27. I’m hoping neither of these sell out so when they have that November box maybe I can get all 3 of them for what $60-$25+$25=$110 plus tax

    • lol – That would be something! Now I’ll happily pounce on that deal! 🙂

      I suspected that they would eventually offer the spring box at a reduced rate, but not THAT reduced. Good for some of us who didn’t do the pre-sale, but Allure had to know this move wouldn’t please the presale (at the guarantee rate) customers. It also sends a message that you may want to take your chances and hold out on buying these to see how strong the demand is. If I’d known that if I’d waited 2 months I could get both boxes shipped for 25 bucks more, heck yea! I would have waited!

      I did get this box, but I didn’t add on the spring box. It was okay, but for me, one was enough. Now if they did the same for this box during the fall sale, I would absolutely consider it.

    • LOL, that’s good!

    • Great idea!

  28. This is what i wrote to them just now after finding this out…….

    Earlier this year I was suckered into purchasing your Allure Thrills boxes upfront with a so-called fee for not having to wait in line, miss an opportunity, etc. I thought it was a good buy and of course, you were happy to charge my credit card immediately.
    Got my first box, was okay — nothing to write home about. Then recently, I see that the opportunity is coming up to purchase the next round of boxes. And stupid me, I was thinking “How lucky I am to have pre-paid and not have to deal with trying to purchase a box”.
    Then come to find you all are giving people a 2nd box at half price?? After i prepaid for a “coveted spot”???? You all are just plain evil! Your company sucks and i am sorry i once thought highly of you all. Why don’t you refund the people that prepaid, the “fee”?? Or heck, throw in some extra stuff in their upcoming boxes. Its the least you could do for tricking us.
    I am not going to go thru the hassle of requesting a refund, etc so i will await my next few boxes since i prepaid for NOTHING special. But now i am debating whether to continue my monthly subscription box. I will though convey my disappointment in you as a opportunist company. And i will tell my story on whatever blog will listen. And to think i was gonna give my sister an Allure subscription box for her upcoming birthday. You lost many customers today I am sure of it.

  29. I did the presale earlier this year, and I think this offer of the May 2016 box for $24.99 is a huge middle finger to everyone who purchased the presale of all the boxes this year for just under $200. Allowing customers who did the presale to also get the previous box for $24.99 is a further slap in the face. Allure should either issue us presale customers a May 2016 box for free, or discount the August 2016 box to $24.99 by issuing presale customers a credit of $24.99.

    • I peeked at their Facebook page. I am surprised nobody is over there talking about all this. I have to agree with you, while its nice that they are giving an extra box at the lower price. If you don’t want another box…that sucks. They should a refund.

      • I think people are posting comments but they are being removed. I’m a pre-saler and not terribly happy but lesson learned there.

        What really ticks me off is that the email I received has no mention of the special offer. I found out here.

    • All I can say is…. Wow, Allure’s doing a stellar job this year at pissing people off.

      I also read that peoples confirmation pages are saying they’re getting The Bridal Box instead of the discounted May Beauty Thrills box. Hopefully that’s just a typo (but with Allure, a bait-and-switch wouldn’t surprise me at this point), and people are confirming they will in fact be receiving the May Thrills box.

    • I agree!! I also did the pre-order and feel the same way. We paid a premium to get the box that anyone can now get for 24.99….

    • What? That totally stinks. That just doesn’t seem right. They should be doing something to compensate those of us who took the gamble on the pre-order.

    • I’ve learned my lesson about pre-orders.

      On the other hand, for perspective, no one reasonable would preorder something in a shop then get outraged and expect an automatic refund if the shop’s inventory didn’t move as expected and they put it on clearance 2 months later….

      So, you know. 😉 They don’t owe us a refund because our predictive powers as consumers were even worse than their own sales speculation. That’s retail.

      On the other hand, I did order the discount box, still $25 shipped as a standalone for preorder subscribers (although the full price box wasn’t too exciting, stocking stuffers galore for $25 works for me!).

    • It’s Allure. Their idea of customer service IS a slap in the face. I even ended up with y box and still can’t believe the insanity. And double charging people, etc… some people probably get these as a cheaper eat to get months worth of product and needed the other cash for food or gas or something. Not everyone has that much laying around extra!!

    • I absolutely agree. I’ve contacted them and I have no doubt I won’t hear anything. I intend on canceling my Allure monthly and will not be ordering this box again. Fool me once, and I’m out.

    • This is not meant to sound rude at all, but I don’t understand everyone who bought it in May’s outrage? I get it feels bad to see someone get something you paid more for, for less, I’ve had it happen, but that’s emotion. How is this different than if I buy a new shirt for $50 in a store and 2-3 months after I bought it, it’s now in the clearance section and you get the same shirt for half price? You got the box at a certain time, other people are getting it later because they need to move inventory. Supply and demand. Why should their business model be different just because they are selling a subscription. You paid for the premium of having it at a certain time and a guarantee it was in stock. It didn’t end up selling out. I could wait two months to buy the shirt in the store, but they may not have it anymore.

      So can anyone explain to me rationally why the company actually owes anyone anything? (except allowing the people wanting to add the past box to their existing orders because the company is trying to clear out inventory, I don’t see why they wouldn’t do that since it gets their past stock sold)

      • Posted this above woops: “I think I just fully understood the extra $20 up front they made people pay and I don’t get that at ALL…if you preorder, you preorder. Starting to get why people are so angry now…” Okay so the $20 is a BS charge for the entire preorder, but I still don’t get the being upset about the rest. Are the people getting deal who preordered now people who just signed up for same 3 box deal? Then I get the general idea more. I haven’t seen any pricing nonsense like this with the tons of boxes I’ve subbed through the years. I’d be done with them just for the inconsistency.

  30. The $25 May box enticed me enough to buy.

    I like several items there but not most. And it’s so hard to swap, nobody even wanted to swap the little burts bee magenta rush with me. So I might as well purchase for myself, but it still a bit dramatic to buy two boxes that I’m not sure if I will use 10% 🙂 just because I cannot swap some of the thing.

  31. I was one of Allure’s biggest defenders doing the whole June box scandal, and now I feel like a fool for advocating so hard for them. This is a huge slap in the face to all of us who pre-paid for the full year of Beauty Thrills boxes. Of course it was my choice and there’s nothing I can do about it now, but there was no precedent to think they would ever offer these boxes at such a steep discount. Never again.

    • I agree. I just got off the phone with customer service and the representative’s attitude was pretty much, “it sucks to be you”. Allure charged presale customers an additional $20 above the cost of all three boxes combined and is now selling the first box for half off. We all basically paid for a nonexistent 4th box.

      • I will never again be a sucker for the Allure Beauty Thrills box!

      • I did the presale thing, I wonder if I refuse box if I will get a refund?

    • I agree with you and just posted this sentiment to their Facebook page.

  32. Maybe I’m a sucker, but I thought it was a good deal for both… with tax it was about $2 an item. That’s not bad at all! There’s lots I’ll use and whatever I don’t I’ll post for swap for stocking stuffers!

  33. I pre-ordered, and while I am disappointed that it seems it was not necessary since they are not selling out, I am still glad I purchased them. I seem to be in a minority that appreciates these for what they are – a great deal on a lot of basics. Definitely not the most exciting boxes, but I always end up using more than the cost of the box, and give items away and even swap some for things I want more.

    I called right now, and they honored the $24.99 pricing for an additional May box since I prepaid, so I am very pleased with that. Allure’s business practices don’t thrill me, but these boxes always end up being a great value to me.

    • The thing is, they should have at least sent an email to the pre-orders to say “hey, since we know you love our boxes, come get one for $24.99.” I shouldn’t have to hunt down the offer. Plus, what I would prefer is the option of getting a credit towards the next pre-order or something since I don’t want another May box. GRRRR

  34. I have never really understood the hype with these boxes since they are basic drug store items. I used to use Wen too, my hair didn’t thin or fallout but it got curly, which was so strange

    • It is just drugstore items, but the value is super high. I can sell off what I don’t need at a steep discount to the buyer and still pay for the cost of the box itself. It’s a great basics drawer filler.

  35. Okay, so let me get this straight. I prepaid for the 3 boxes. And for those of us who prepaid, not only was there no deal for prepaying for 3 boxes at once, but you actually had to pay an extra $20 for the “advantage” of prepaying (3 boxes @ $49.95 + $10 shipping = $179.85, I paid $199.95 up front.)

    The marketing strategy being that the boxes sell out very quickly, so prepaying guarantees you are first in line, and you also don’t have to remember to pay attention to their releases.

    So after having people pay an extra $20 for the privilege of giving Allure their money months in advance, they go and sell last month’s box for half price. Obviously because they have a ton of boxes left–the boxes that supposedly sell out very quickly.

    NEVER again, Allure. Fooled me once, though, that’s for sure.

    • I agree . . . this is ridiculous. I wrote an email to Customer Service, but don’t seriously expect to see a response. It’s a difference of $41.66 on the May box (pre-sale with postage vs. current deal – I live in a state with no sales tax).

    • I understand why they’re selling these boxes at half price due to excess inventory since nobody really cared for the May box…. which seems like this is the first time this has ever happened since the boxes have always sold out the same day they’re released. However, I think it’s really bad to not have offered a way for those who prepaid for the boxes to re-purchase the discounted May box without having to call CS (which they didn’t even mention was an option for prepaid customers). They should have just provided a link, only available to those who prepaid, to purchase it online.

      I agree… their business practices & CS are pretty annoying, however I’m personally going to just let this go and move on, because I wouldn’t even re-purchase the May box even if they did originally provide an easy way for prepaid customers to re-purchase the discounted box. I guess it was just the principle of the matter that was getting to me.

  36. This even with the deal is an easy pass for me… I bought The New Beauty Awards box, and It was a better deal for 49.95 and no tax or Shipping cost added.. This even with the deal and buying 2 adds up to 45 dollars a box for a bunch of stuff that is not near in quality and would end up being gifted, when I already have plenty to gift and Christmas is still 5 months away… Not to mention last thrills box there were plenty of complaints of being double charged… If they were 25 dollars each, I might consider.

  37. I purchased during the pre-sale. Thanks to those who mentioned calling, I was able to add the box for $25. I purchased the November 2015 box for my mom’s b-day last year and she loved it. So, I figure I’ll just send this extra box to her.

    • I wish I had a daughter like you lol.

  38. I just bought both even though I’m not entirely sure why I did. I guess I’m a sucker for good deals! I just hope I use enough to get my money’s worth! The $24.99 one was a great deal. That’s about as much as Beautyfix!

  39. I went for both boxes. My thinking was the same as Emily; what I can’t use will go toward Christmas gifts, bridesmaid presents, and donations. It’s $1.93 per item including the shipping so you can’t really go too wrong here.

  40. Okay, I had to buy the two box deal: some for me, some for Christmas gifts, some for swaps.

  41. Yeah, I just fired off an email to them. I’m not expecting much of a resolve but Allure has been shady this year. I’m sorry but the pre-sale is extra, and by doing this you pretty much do not care. Trust me I won’t do again and after this past allure box, which I thought was awful, I’ll probably cancel it also. There’s just way too many boxes with better customer service.

    • I called and as a pre-order customer they were able to add the May box deal. I’m with you though the boxes this year are just not up to the same quality as the last 2 years so I won’t pre-order them again.

      • True. I’ve been buying for several years and the value is not what it once was. While I ordered the half off deal, I only got 1 August box and I used to always buy 2 or 3.

    • I know I am in the minority but Allure’s customer service has been A1 to me!! It is for sure worth contacting them…I accidentally ordered the May box and they refunded my account within 2 days!!! Also I had something else cannot remember but I remember thinking they were good… Good luck

    • I agree. My last box left a lot to be desired. I too will be cancelling my Allure subscription!

  42. Sooooooooooo happy I didn’t pre-pay for all 4 boxes. I would feel so ripped off about now.

    That being said, I ordered both with this deal. No self control whatsoever. None.

    • Same

  43. well, dang. They got me for both of them! It was hard to resist the last box for only $25! It ended up being $90 since they added tax, but still a really good deal. I sure hope Allure learned their lesson with that last box. Even this current one isn’t as GREAT as they were 2 years ago, but better than they have been.

    I’d be upset if I prepaid too! I don’t blame you all that did! You should email them and complain, possibility get a partial refund or something!

  44. The May box was so bad it did not sell out. I did pre-order but would not want that box again even for $10.00. I don’t even remember what I did with most of the stuff. Think I put some of it on our “stuff” table at work for people to take. Going to love this current box. Out of the 22 items, only 2-3 I cannot use.

  45. I’m not impressed with this box, and that’s a totally mean move to sell the previous for less then what a lot of people paid for before. And second The FDA launched an investigation against the Wen product it’s been causing hair loss to a lot of people so beware of that product.

    • Heard about that. I have been a Wen user off and on for years and never had any problems. Actually just purchased a gallon. But, I do not use it exclusively or excessively. IDK, it works for me.

      • Thanks trace for letting me know your experience. It could just be some people? I’m not sure I wanted to just let people know about the issue going on.

        • I think that investigation and the lawsuits are BS. They have kindof faded after all the hype a couple years ago. My sisters and I have all used WEN for years with no problems.

          • One of my co-workers noticed her hair getting thinner when she tried wen, everyone has a different experience, just because it didn’t happen to you doesn’t mean other people are lying

          • Ha! I didn’t say anyone was lying. I’m saying there are likely causation issues with regard to hair loss damages and WEN’s formula. Just like some people are allergic to certain ingredients in makeup. It happens, it just doesn’t mean the company is negligent or that the product is bad.

          • It is not BS. I lost more than half my hair after using wen and am one of the people sueing. Wen has settled for a large sum due to my medical records. If it was bs they would not be have had to pay out thousands and thousands of dollars to all the women this happened to. My hair is just now starting to grow back and for months i have had to wear a wig which wen had to pay for. They have to pay all my medical bills as well.

      • I’m wondering if it’s Wen’s recommended usage (i.e. daily use, and to only co-wash) that could be causing some peoples hair to fall out. I’ve never seen one of their infomercials or have looked at the directions on the bottle, but I do know that it’s highly recommended that people not co-wash their hair daily and only use a co-wash. Since it’s basically just a conditioner, sure your hair is getting mostly clean, but it doesn’t fully clean the hair so a clarifying shampoo should be used every once in a while. I think it has to do with the conditioner build up clogging the hair shafts which prevents the hair from growing. Who knows… this is just what I’ve read regarding co-washes in general, so of course there could be some damaging ingredient as well in the Wen products causing hair loss.

        I’m like Trace… I do use co-wash (and am excited to finally try a Wen product), but I only use one once in a while (3 times/month tops, sometimes less), and even if I don’t co-wash in a given week, I always do a clarifying wash weekly followed by a hair mask.

        • There infomercial and directions state that the more you use wen and the longer you keep it on the better it works. Thousands of women have experienced hair loss and wen has not bothered to put a disclaimer that you may experience hair loss at all. They are completely negligent.

  46. That’s cold….. (said by a pre-paid customer who loves awesome deals)

    I’m happy for all of those of you are able to take advantage of it though! 🙂

  47. Wow. $25 to add on the 1st box with no additional charge for shipping?? That’s pretty hard to pass up, even though the last box wasn’t so great.

  48. Wow beyond annoyed with Allure. So if you were a loyal customer and pre-ordered the boxes you are out of the $24.99 deal for the May box since you have to order another one. Really bad service – they should have given pre-orders and option of adding this box.

    • That’s such a good point – you’re paying upfront, paying more and being punished for it. That’s pretty bad.

    • I decided to call them about ordering the May box @58% off and they can add it to your pre-order (granted it took about 10 minutes to get processed). I didn’t really like the box but discounted I can hand it off to my niece to take to college.

  49. $90.04 total for both boxes. I hated the last one and skipped, but for $25, whatever. Comes out to $2.09 per item. Not bad. Not stoked, but content.

  50. Oh man. Not a happy camper at all. I pre bought for the year. I won’t be making this mistake again.

    • Seriously! Very very disappointed this year. I am never pre-ordering again!!

      • To all of us pre-payers… I just called customer service and they will refund me
        via check for the remaining 2 boxes. so there is that option.

        • Hey can someone give me the customer service number or email. I want to cancel my last 2 boxes!! Helen

          • Can we do that?

          • I sent them a cancellation email and let’s see what happens.

          • I just called and they are supposed to mail me a refund for the last two boxes. Helen

          • Where did you get there number or can u post it.

          • I called and asked for a refund because I was not happy with the box and they said it had to be initiated by a supervisor, but he would forward it. And he Did not know how long it would take. Don’t know if it will really happen or its BS.

          • My email response was that only “returning” customers were eligible for the discount on the May box. I guess 2 years of pre-orders doesn’t make me a returning customer. I won’t be “returning” after this.

    • Same here. Never again.

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