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Allure Beauty Thrills Box July 2017 FULL SPOILERS!


We have full spoilers for the July Allure Beauty Thrills Box that will be available for sale July 25th at noon ET! (Currently, the May box is still for sale.)

UPDATE: This box is available now! Buy it here. (Thanks, Angela!)

The box is $49.95 plus shipping.

Here are the full spoilers for the July 2017 Allure Beauty Thrills box:

What do you think of the first spoilers?

FYI – the Allure Beauty Thrills box is separate from Allure’s monthly subscription box – check out our Allure Beauty Box reviews for more info.

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Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (155)

  1. So we’re the people who signed up for an annual subscription supposed to get any bonus items?? I didn’t get any and so I’m just checking.. great box anyway

    • I have the annual subscription plus ordered an extra box for my daughter; no bonus items in either box that I could tell. But it is a nice box and I am super happy with the merchandise!

      • That sux. The May box had bonuses & it was $10 cheaper!

      • I ordered both May and July/Aug boxes and they were both 59.95 total. I did not order annually and I got extras in my May box, but not my July/Aug box.

  2. Is somebody there who knows when this box will be shipped? Thank you!

    • Ha ha …just got the shipping nr

    • It arrived on 8/10/17. Very nice!

      • Thank you! Enjoy it! Just got my tracking!

      • Goldie007, did you get any extras?!??

    • 😃 Was just about to ask about this!

      So far I’ve only gotten a tracking number for my May box order (bought at same time.) Unless they’re being shipped together 🤞

      • Got mine yesterday!

      • I think I’m getting mine tomorrow!

      • Have a nice unboxing!

      • Thanks! I’m hoping the 2 orders are shipped together 😍 It will be like Xmas.

        Plus, my monthly sub is arriving Wed.

  3. Anyone know the sizes, are these all full size???

    • Usually most are full sizes.

  4. Guessing the July 25 date is wrong for the Allure Beauty Thrills box.

  5. Super annoyed! Sitting here waiting for 22 mins for this to work. I give up, I guess they don’t want my money.

      • Phew! Worked for me. Yesterday was my birthday, so this was my present to myself. Thanks!

      • Yay! And happy belated birthday!! 🎂🎁🎉

  6. Can’t find the July box anywhere. Good, I really don’t need more beauty products. Not being able to find it has given me the strength to say NO!

  7. Ugh! I just clicked the link and purchased what I THOUGHT was the July box- but it was the May box which I definitely didn’t want 🙁

  8. Can’t seem to get to the allure beauty thrill July box available now. Only link I see goes to the May box that I already have. Anyone get a July one yet?

    • I’m having the same problem!! Can’t seem to find the July box. The May box is the only one showing

    • I called customer service. they said Use this link

      It takes you to the july box. They weren’t sure why other link wasn’t working

      • That works. I called and just got “Oh, it was supposed to be live. I guess just keep checking”. Also, I just noticed it’s $10 more than the last box.

      • Thanks. This worked!

      • Thanks!

      • but that link took me to the “subscribe to the magazine” site… bummer

      • Use the other link below it…there were two…but liz and people in this thread posted the new link.

      • Thanks!! This link works. Just purchased mine. Just FYI, total is $64.60 with tax and shipping.

      • Just ordered the box with the link Angela supplied. Thank you

      • Thanks for the link! Just purchased my first beauty thrills box since last summer. I think this one looks great! I wish I hadn’t also bought the Beauty Awards box too (and my husband agrees, haha).

    • i did.

      I called customer service. they said Use this link

      It takes you to the july box. They weren’t sure why other link wasn’t working

      • Thanks for posting! Anyone know if they’re doing an add on for the May box with this one?


    • It looks like May is still up?

    • wondering the same….. 🙁

    • I have been trying since noon and it still goes to the May box. Is this link directing us there?

      • Here is the correct link. Sorry about the delay!

  10. Do you have to be a subscriber to allure to get this?

    • No, just click on the blue highlighted ‘Allure Beauty Thrills Box’ wording link above. …the old May box order form still pops up (which may still be for sale too, until tomorrow 7/25 12noon).

    • Ordered my 1st BT box a couple of weeks ago – May version, arrived today. It’s massive! Lots of FS hair care, can always use, and the rest is a pretty nice selection. I calc’d RV at approx $316.

      • Are the products all full size?

      • All were full-sized in the May box, except for 3 items.

  11. If I subscribed for May box do I have to purcbase each separately

    • If you didn’t sign up for the ‘Pre-Sale’ back in April/May that was an agreement to purchase all four boxes at a lesser rate, you have to buy each Thrill box separately.

  12. This one is a little meh. I won’t be getting it. I miss the days when it came with salon haircare like Pureology and Redken. I haven’t gotten one of these boxes in a long time because they haven’t been worth it. If I’d only use a few things it’s not worth paying 49.95

    • I, too, miss those days!

    • funny i didn’t like any of the redken stuff they sent out may’s box was the worst and so was the dec box,this july /aug box looks good i may get it.

  13. It looks like some old stock included in here, some good but definitely drugstore brands not at all like the old times I guess we were spoiled and many new subscription boxes are up and coming well, I have to cut back anyway, don’t want to waste my money on new stuff when I still have to go thru the stock I have now…… I guess it is an addiction lol

  14. I still haven’t received the last box I paid for from them (they say they will send it but have yet to send tracking or anything), so it’s a little jarring to see a new box already. I love these things but I have had a major issue with the last 5? 6? boxes I have purchased. At least 3 had a product spilled, and they kept sending me the previous box like 3 times before they finally sent me the right one. And now the last box is MIA. I can’t tell if I just have the worst allure box luck ever or if they are trying to lose me as a customer.

    • I had a weird issue with them too. The first box i ever ordered was May. The tracking # never showed activity. Two weeks later i contacted by email and fwded them the tracking email that never showed movement if the package. They did send me another one, but they said they didn’t know when shipping happened or when i would get the tracking. HOW DO THEY NOT HAVE THIS INFO? Anyway, it takes about 7 days to get the tracking email and about 7-10 days for delivery. Slow as molasses…

  15. I have more products than I can use in 5 lifetimes, but this is the first box they’ve had in a while that I’ve actually thought had a decent value for $60 bucks. I’ll probably get one. One. Not Two. I have to type that out or I’ll buy multiples. Bad habit of mine.

  16. I too was swimming in product overload and then I got a wonderful card in the mail from the V.A saying they would be in my neighborhood to pick up what I no longer need. They left a lovely yellow bag for me to use with a card of items they would love to get and makeup was on it.

    I filled that bag and now when I try something and find it isn’t for me from shampoo to lipstick it goes in a bag for them. They come every other month and I feel so good to donate it and get it out of my house at the same time. Makes me feel less guilty about all the crap I spend money on

    • Michelle, can you give me more information about this? V.A. meaning Veterans Affairs? I will check into this right away, because I have a ton that I would be more than happy to let go of! That is a great idea.

      • You can also check your local women’s shelters. That’s who I donate to and they really appreciate it. Sometimes I still go ahead and buy these larger boxes even though most items are not new to me. It’s really an easy and less expensive way of helping them out.

      • I agree with dmg. Women’s and children’s shelters are always in desperate need of basic hygiene products, and beauty for job interviews and court appts. Was a foster parent, and found the majority of shelters near me are primarily privately funded, not enough gov’t support. Coloring books, reg books, school supplies, diapers, and of course clothing and shoes are also appreciated.

        Plenty of shelters are hidden to protect victims, so there’s more need than most people realize. Open shelters and state agencies will collect and distribute to those ‘off the grid’ shelters.

      • Speaking of beauty overload. I was addicted years ago, to the Q quarterly tsvs, loved to receive four boxes a year. While brands were good like Smashbox, eventually they cut back on quantity and variation between boxes. How many foundations can I use in a year? Learned my lesson, eventually, and now I never pre-pay for a year of anything. The deal sounds good, but odds are high that I won’t like/need one or more of the boxes. Now it’s month to month for me, which is why Liz is so awesome! Spoilers really help me spend wisely, and while I’ve just started, swapping is quite fun.

    • I donate my extra makeup, even half used to local theatre groups, high school theatre groups etc. they LOVE to get it! Even cleansers or wipes you don’t care for…

  17. I’m excited…there are only 2 things in here I’ve tried and that’s because I got them from other subs, and I like them both (The African Black Soap from Onyxbox, and the OGX from BeautyCon). I’m almost out of the OGX orchid oil that I got from BeautyCon. I do think this box, New Beauty, and maybe BeautyCon have the most items I consistently use up, even in full size. I prepaid for the year of this and have no regrets on that.

  18. Liking this one a lot. There’s plenty of products I’ve never tried or heard of even if it’s drugstore at least it’s the good drugstore stuff lol. Finally got charged for the Choice box today and the may thrills box should be here any day! I’m gonna have SO many products! I’m stoked! My boyfriend asks if I’m prepping for the apocalypse I just tell him “maybe I am”!

  19. I cancelled the New Beauty box so I think I’ll definitely get this. It is a lot of stuff you can get at Target, but still a lot that I’ve never tried and would use. And if mostly full size items, then $60 isn’t bad for the amount of items.

  20. So many repeats from last year. They got me last time with the year long pre-sale…not this time Allure!!! Lol. Still using up my toothbrushes and hairspray.

  21. Your soooo right! Boy.. I sure do love looking at my It’s bliss!

  22. I’m happy I pre paid ! Looks great I can’t wait to get mine!

  23. I actually just told my therapist the other day, about my subscription addiction and she wanted me to count everything in hopes that will make me slow down. She took the guess of about 200 products.. Not even close! I told her more like 1000. Well.. later that day, I went home and started counting, got to 1000 and realized I had way over that and had to stop counting out of embarrassment. After I hit that thousand and saw the huge pile I still had to count, she was right… it hit me. What a realization! I will never be able to use everything before they expire… but I still don’t think I’ll be able to stop. The only thing that was accomplished out of counting my products, was that now I’ll just feel even more guilty with every box I purchase…. Oh well..

    • look at all your “stuff”, decide what you really LOVE, do not feel bad, and think about either selling some that aren’t your favs, giving some as gifts, or another great idea, donate some to a woman’s shelter. I just got the idea about donating to a woman’s shelter on here. This shouldn’t make you feel bad about yourself- all of us want certain products in a box or subscription but not others- they are still a terrific deal. Just don’t wait until they expire so you don’t feel bad.

    • I can relate. I have way more than I need.
      It’s making me more anxious and disappointed instead of being fun.

      On the positive side I’ve found some great products and am taking better care of my skin but sometimes i feel like I’m just lonely and trying to fill a void with beauty boxes. :/

      • I totally understand the struggles. I had some health issues last year and discovered subscription boxes during my downtime after surgery. Soon 1 box turned into 10 and it completely spiraled out of control (pain medication + credit cards are not a good idea.) I ended up being out of work for far longer than the doctor said I would be and I just kept digging myself deeper and deeper into debt. Sub boxes used to bring me joy but it has now turned into anxiety. I cancelled everything besides the boxes I prepaid for. I’ve been slowly selling stuff off on Poshmark/eBay/Craigslist to try to pay off my debt. Even after all this I still check this website everyday and I don’t know if I will ever be able to give up Julep.

      • Yup, I had knee surgery and have been off work because it didn’t work the way the Dr thought it would and 1 box turned into 10!

      • That is exactly what is happening to me right now. I got diagnosed with breast cancer last year. I went downhill lost all my self esteem with my hair. It has regrow back now..but I still cannot work. I discovered these beauty boxes a few days ago… I have 8…wait 9 ..I just added Luxury scent box tonight. I have to stop. I should wait to see if I am going to like them. Lol at that.

      • Yeah, add me in too. I had several surgeries over the last two years and ended up getting addicted during that downtime too. I have an embarrassing amount of stuff too. Most of my boxes are prepaid at the point and I know I won’t renew at least one of them and I just let one expire last month.

        I have given quite a bit as gifts, and have sold a decent amount on ebay. But that almost makes it harder to stop because I do end up making back about half the money I spent. There’s getting to be so much though that there’s just not room for it really. And I know so have way more than I can use before it expires. I know exactly what void/s Im filling with this addiction but I do often wonder about others on here. anyway, thanks for sharing.

      • If you have at TON you know you won’t use, maybe host a ‘Girls Cocktail Night’ at your house!! Invite ladies from work, from your family, or on your block. Serve some wine and apps…and have all your products out to sell for $3 or $4 bucks! Maybe another friend sells something from home too and you can partner up? Like a LulaRoe person or candle person… Then you are together and having fun! No lonliness there!

      • oops. loneliness.

    • I’m curious… how long did it take you to count all of your products?

      A while ago I thought it’d be a good idea to catalog my products in a spreadsheet so I could have an easy reference to see what I have, as opposed to going through whatever box any type of given product is in, so I decided to start “small” and begin listing my lip treatments (not chapsticks or lip balms in sticks (those are their own category), but lip treatments I’d use overnight (oh, but this stash did include lip scrubs too)). Well, after working on it for a while (my guess would be at least 30 minutes) I was getting tired, so I decided to quit, and I quite shocked to see I had already listed almost 50 lip treatments! What an eye opener! I decided it was too much work, so I decided to just not do it. That was over 6 months ago, and it clearly didn’t phase me enough for me to stop! I’m cool with it though… it’s a harmless addiction, and the only one I have. 🙂

      • I do a “clean out” quarterly. This means I invite my mom, sis and a few friends over. The day before, I prep all the products I won’t be able to use. Whether because it’s the wrong color, ingredients, too many of one item or expiration pending, etc. Lots of things from Popsugar and FFF sales too! I serve wine and cheese. Everyone can take whatever they want, I ask that they donate a small amount to the German shepherd rescue (my fave breed) and everyone is happy and charitable. I’ve done this a few times so I never have too much.
        Just don’t expect anything from beauty heroes or art of organics in the give away pile. Those are always used! 🤗

      • That’s a great idea all around! Raise money for your chosen cause, share your treasures with your loved ones, and spend some quality time with people you probably don’t get to see enough! This post just made me happy.

      • I do something similar, but really just for stuff I don’t want. I tend to keep duplicates of stuff I like (unless someone mentions they’d love to try something, then I’ll give them one), and just move up products that will be expiring in the next few months. Last year, I brought stuff over in waves to friends for the holidays, and told them that was their Christmas gifts, and they could choose whatever, and however much, they wanted. I was originally going to create boxes for each of them, but I thought makeup, haircare, and skincare is so personal that I’d rather them choose what they wanted. They were over the moon, and a couple have already asked me about this year’s giveaway. 😀

        Btw, I love German Shepherd’s too! I’ve never owned a pure breed, but all of the dogs I’ve owned have been at least half German Shepherd. Every time I see a full German Shepherd, I still can’t help but see each of their faces in them. 🙂

      • Luna,

        I think you are my subscription soul mate! 🙂 Had a pure bread GSD and he was the best dog ever! Even for our wedding, we asked for donations to his rescue group in lieu of gifts. I don’t need anymore towels.
        All dogs are awesome!

      • I wouldn’t say that it’s a harmless addiction. I suppose it’s harmless if you have a lot of money and a lot of space – then yeah, it’s harmless enough.

        I remember reading in some book on space organization a while back something that wasn’t immediately obvious to me from the start: it said, prior to starting any collection, think of all the other work and expenses associated with it. I don’t remember which example it gave already, but let’s say if you are collecting something that should be displayed, that would include the money spent on display cases, the time to assemble them, the space to put them all, the upkeep, etc.

        At the time I thought of my clothes that no longer fit into all my closets and were spilling onto every surface in my apartment, and how much it would cost me to buy a large and good quality wardrobe closet, how long to assemble, the fact that I don’t really have the space to put it unless I throw some other piece of furniture out, and that helped at the time to stop hoarding so much clothes, I got rid of a lot.

      • I totally agree that it’s far from a harmless addiction for some. It’ll remain harmless for me as long as I continue to get joy out of it. 🙂

        I also have a lot of space limitations, and I hate clutter, so that helps tremendously when I have to consider whether I have enough space for all of my new sub box goodies. That’s actually one of the reasons why I’m taking a 6-month sub box break, and haven’t gotten any LE boxes this summer (with the exception of one that I instinctively bought last month, and the Allure Beauty Thrills box next month since I did the annual prepaid). It’s nice seeing some space free up for the next time I’m ready to join the land of sub & LE boxes. 🙂

      • I love this idea! I’m a former cosmetic exec and a pro makeup artist. I’m a total cosmehaulic! No one has more than I do! I have literally stacks of plastic boxes filled wth various items.. I do share, and sometimes donate, but I just love makeup. It’s so funny but I’m semi retired and I really don’t wear it everyday anymore but I can’t end my obsession!!! Lololo

    • I have been a sub addict for4 years. The first year was my worst. I was swimming in stuff and spent way too much money. When Liz started the swap site, it helped me a lot. I swap a lot of products I don’t need for those I want to try or stockpile my favorites.

      • I need to start swapping. I started to and then had a family issue so I herd to get back to it…

    • This is the most serious conversation I’ve ever seen on this site! It’s all very true, though. I cut back on the amount of subscription boxes that I have (I just have Popsugar MH, Walmart and Degustabox now). I used to sub to a lot more boxes, which mainly had beauty products. I’m surprised to find that I’ve actually managed to reduce how much I have by a lot in the past couple of months! As a result of the various subs I’ve had over the years, I’ve noticed that lately I have a better feel for what I actually need/want and have an easier time turning down new subs or even buying things elsewhere. I do think a lot about how I could have saved a lot of money if I used my money better, but I do enjoy so much of what I get! I’m not sure if I’ll ever truly be subscription box free.

    • This is the most serious conversation I’ve seen on this website! It’s all true, though. I have cut back on my subs lately (now I have Popsugar MH, Walmart and Degustabox). I used to have much more subs, which were mostly beauty based. I am surprised by how much I’ve reduced my collection just over a couple of months! I also found that after years of subs, now I am better able to determine what I need and want and pass up subs and other purchases (less impulse purchases!), so that is good. I do think a lot about how I could have spent my money better, but I do enjoy the things I have gotten from subs! I don’t think I’ll ever truly be subscription box free.

      • Whoops! Didn’t mean to post twice! I thought there was some kind of website glitch the first time.

      • Lmao I’m so glad I’m not the only one!

    • Thank you ladies for all of your stories.
      What a lovely community, now I don’t feel as lonely 😁

      • You’re in good company here. 🙂

    • Same. I know I have so much and I keep having to buy more shelves and bins to store it all but I don’t actually want to stop. i feel a little embarrassed by the number of boxes that arrive because they go to the office and I have to go pick them up. Makeup lasts longer than you think and if organized can look nice but skincare expiring does make me feel guilty. I keep ordering more so I can’t get a handle on organizing it all. I do try to give some of it away but I don’t really have a lot of people who are interested and it’s hard to explain why you’re just giving away tons of $ in makeup and skincare and sometimes makes people feel bad.

      • I can relate to a lot of what you said. I know I have a lot, but I also don’t want to stop because it’s fun for me! When the time comes when it’s no longer fun, and I start to feel “guilty” about any of this, then I have no problem stopping, because I’m all about not living in regret.

        Another reason why I halted my subs & online purchases for a while was because I realized I was spending so much on these things… one of them being constantly organizing & re-organizing all of my products. Usually, I relish in organizing, but I found that I was letting things pile up for a few days because it was no longer “fun” for me… it felt like something I *had* to do because of the constant influx of products vs. something I *wanted* to do.

        While my friends & family know of my little addiction, I would still be embarrassed if my friends actually saw my stash (even though I have everything organized & displayed nicely). Through discussions, they know I have a lot, but I’d still fear they’d judge me or something. And, I refuse to allow myself to be judged in my own home. Only my family has seen my stash, and they couldn’t care less, as long as they know I’m happy. They figure, we all have our own little obsessions & collections, and mine just happens to be beauty products! Plus, they know I have no problem with them shopping my stash if they need anything! 😀

        Last year I did a huge giveaway with friends, and a lot of high-end/luxe makeup was included (I always keep the skincare though!). Some were familiar with the value of the products, but fortunately they didn’t feel uncomfortable with being gifted probably hundreds of dollars worth of stuff, because they know I get them through boxes, and I paid only a fraction of their true RV. Plus, they know that I never expect anything in return, and I’m doing it because I want to. I know they truly appreciate & will use the products, which is all I hope for. I’m already looking forward to this year’s giveaway, but it’ll be a lot less than prior years since I’ve been a tad more selective on my purchases & subs this year. 🙂

      • Ooops… I meant to say that I was spending so much *time* on these things prior to me talking about all of the organizing subs require.

    • I totally understand that situation. I think my extra makeup, both samples and full sizes, exceed 500 pieces, but it was only because I couldn’t afford more. Giving away, helps me a lot. I had to decide my absolutely want to keep. I just gave the ones I tried to friends and donated the rest. Donating to women/homeless shelter is really helpful because many on street can actually do basic grooming (I mean, it’s hard to find a job looking not the most decent).
      At the end of the day, I would like to suggest you to do whatever that would make you feel healthy and good.

    • This is something you never share with your therapist! LOL It is maybe more of a Spenders Anonymous type of thing… if you have that problem, but don’t tell them about your hoard! :0

  24. The NewBeauty is like dermatologist skin/haircare or lash/brow hair regrowth items I’m curious to try and this one is like practical drugstore skin/haircare staples . . . and I’m not pragmatic, so I prefer the NewBeauty. 😉

    • Christine, I agree with you. I looked at these products and these are bunch of drug store, target, and walmart product that I can easily walk to the store and buy if I need one. New Beauty is all about discovery and trying product that I probably never buy myself because of the cost.

  25. If your mostly into skin care.. Look Fantastic and TestTube 2.0 are amazing!

  26. Well.. your actually doing pretty good! In the beginning of my addiction, was subbing to 14 boxes every month, plus a bunch of limited addition boxes. Now, into about a year of my addiction, I was able to get down to 5 a month, plus one time boxes. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!!

    • I like when other people on here talk about getting buried under an avalanche of products cuz I think that might be me soon! Gotta say I love it though. At least it’s more than crappy bills in the mail.

  27. are these all full size products? if so, looks like a good box. I ordered the beauty awards box and they finally charged my card yesterday, so if you are thinking of cancelling it for this one you might need to do it soon. I would like to have BOTH!!! Haha- This is becoming an obsession for me!

  28. I like!! Totally considering canceling the Beauty Awards box

  29. Excited for this one! and happy I passed on the New Beauty one. Thanks, Liz!

    • I’m excited, too! 🙂 I think I’ll be grabbing this one!

  30. I think I have a problem! I have subbed to 7 boxes in 2 days. But I am loving this!

    • Omgosh! I feel you! Subscription boxes are so new to me. I had no idea about them until someone on my fb feed posted about beauty counter being in the Rachel zoe box. This has started an obsession! 😬I check Liz’s site constantly. Serious problem!

    • Yes!!! I know exactly what you mean. Mine started with my hubby getting me FFF for a gift. I loved it but I got impatient. I wanted something every month! So, I ended up with 7 “to try out”. Then I started stalking MSA and seeing all of the reviews and coupons and it was glorious! LOL. I am now sitting at 13, and 4 LEs and some other non sub, one-time purchase boxes. I have problem. But it is finally slowing down. I’m probably going to get the 5th Ave. Purple Box and then I’m done…maybe 🙂

      • I tentatively started with ipsy, added boxycharm, allure last week, the awards beauty box, added Sephora last week too and am eyeing this box too!Oh my God, i’m too much! But, my skin has improved and I feel better too!!! Oh, I forgot the 3 beautyfix months too! I unsubbed, because I had my appendix out- was trying to cut back. You have created a monster with this site!!!

    • I unsubscribe to a box then add more!! I got rid of Sephora and ipsy then added test tube, Macy’s and look fantastic. That’s in addition to my birchbox, beautyfix, allure, glossy box (only when its $10 deals), fabfitfun and then one off Rachel Zoe and popsugar boxes. I’m waiting for the Black Friday deals to add popsugar. I have a problem!!! I will never need to buy shampoo or sunblock ever again lol

  31. Looks great! Will love my box – yay!

  32. It seems like I haven’t bought a Beauty Thrills for a long time, I may have to get this one. Always happy to see that Degree in boxes, has been my go to since it was an item in probably my favorite Target box. The Paula’s Choice is good as well. The rest of the items will be new to me, too bad I can’t get away from bright pink lip colors though!

    • I’m currently using that Degree spray, which I got in a prior Beauty Thrills box last year, and I really like it! I’ve been using it for a while, and haven’t quite yet mastered how to spray it properly as to where a whole bunch of it doesn’t spray everywhere but where it needs to go, but I’ve developed a system of holding my breath, then quickly walking to the other side of my room once I’ve used it. 😀

      • Haha, that’s pretty much me too when I apply it!

      • I love the Degree spray, and am amazed how long it lasts.
        Btw, have you seen they have a variety that doesn’t stain white clothing? Degree Ultraclear I think it’s called. I need to stock up on that one. 🙂

      • I hadn’t noticed yet. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. Thanks! 🙂 I’ve been lucky in that this one hasn’t stained any of my clothes. I’m also amazed how long it’s lasted. I just try to use it in little spurts though, then run to the other side of my room to breathe. ha!

      • I do the same thing when I use that Degree spray ~ it has the power of a fire extinguisher!!

      • Hahaha!!! Yes it does!!!!

      • You guys must be really sensitive. If anything, I think it’s pretty mild.

      • I probably am! This is actually the first spray deodorant I’ve ever used.

      • Me too, lol!

  33. I’m loving this one! The last few were okay, but this one looks great by comparison.
    Loving all the new to me products from brands I know.

    Hoping the May box will be available as an add on. If that’s the case, this will be an extremely good value!

    I do concur with some: No Arm & Hammer!?!?! I many actually have to ‘buy’ a replacement toothbrush??? Scandal!!!

    Looks like we’ll just have to take solace in the mandatory inclusion on sea salt spray… :p

    • I agree. Hope I can get the May box at a discount!

    • But, we are getting another chapstick! I think I’ve gotten one of those in every box I’ve received beginning with the December 2015 box. 🙂

    • That was the first thing I thought “What, no toothbrush???”

  34. Yay!! I’ll be grabbing this one too!

  35. Yeah, I think so too.

    • Sorry, posted this in the wrong spot.

  36. I’m all in for this one. They have actually included a few products I want to try. Can’t wait until the 25th for this to go live.

  37. This is my favorite box of the summer. Many more items I want compared to beauty choice box. Can’t wait.

  38. Is the Paula’s show travel size or full size? Any ideas?

  39. i’m sorry if i am not reading everything, but are these sample sizes?

    • Almost everything, if not everything, should be full size. I’ll reach out to confirm sizes!

      • I’d like to know also the sizes.

      • Okay I am so new to all this but I definitely want in on this. What do I do??

      • When it goes on sale, MSA will post a link to the box where you can purchase it. 🙂

      • Great! Thank you for the answer. :-))

      • thank you, liz!!!!!! you, are always the best.

  40. Wow, this looks great !! I’m glad I skipped the new beauty box – I’ll definitely try to snag this one!

  41. I like this better than the new beauty awards box.

    • Hard not to, but those aren’t exactly high standards.

  42. It’s great that they offer full spoilers. But more drugstore stuff? Easy pass for me.

  43. Whoa, no Arm & Hammer toothpaste and Spinbrush this time?! Lol 😉

    • Oh, that’s right!!! I think this is the first box I can remember (since the December 2015 box when I first became aware of these boxes) where they weren’t in them. ha!!

    • I forgot to add…. watch them include them as extras like how they included repeats from prior boxes as extras in the last box. 🙂

      • Yeah, I think so too.

      • What extras did they add? I didn’t get the box last time.

      • I can’t remember all of the extras, but if you go to MSA’s review of the last box, they mentioned them there. They were all items from last year’s boxes, and everybody got the same extras. We call them extras because they weren’t shown in the picture (like the one above), mentioned as spoilers, or included in the booklet that accompanies the products.

  44. I’m glad I got the deal on all four boxes this year. These are all products I’ll use, even if they’re aren’t super exciting. Maybe they’ll throw in a few extras like they did last time..

    • It may not be luxe or high end, but I have to say out of all my box subs, this one is hands down the most practical & it’s chock full of stuff I’ll actually use/have used/will use again.

      • Agreed! Except for the press on nails. 🙂

      • At least they aren’t in this box!

    • I hope they throw in extras too! Even if they are repeats, they’ll get used! (assuming they aren’t press-on nails)

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