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POPSUGAR Summer 2016 Special Edition Box FULL SPOILERS

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We have full spoilers for the POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer box thanks to Ramblings of a Suburban Mom! Each box will include:


What do you think of the full spoilers? This looks like a perfect summer box to me!

Check out my review of the 2015 POPSUGAR Summer Box, and my review of the 2014 POPSUGAR Summer Box to see what has been in past boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So close to being a home run! I mean, I like it. A lot. But a pair of sunnies or a necklace would have hit this out of the park.

    • I agree!!

    • Received mine yesterday and am conflicted. I really love the items and think it’s a well-curated box but…
      the retail price of the items barely tops $250 and that’s $70 lower value than 2015 and $100 lower value than 2014 summer special edition boxes. Popsugar needs to excite, overwhelm, and “deliver the goods” since they’ve had so many disasters of late. And, if they are going to substantially drop the value, customers should have been made aware beforehand. Most companies are trying to do more for their customers with each successive purchase. Popsugar is doing less.

      • Good point. I liked this box but it seemed lacking in “something”.

      • It’s nice, but not what I expected from a Popsugar Summer Box. Any Special Edition box from them has always been way more than this!!! Popsugar is definitely going down hill FAST!!!!!

        • This is my first PopSugar LE box and I agree with many of the comments above. I love the bag and towel. Both of these items feel very high end and are items I will get a lot of joy using. And I know these two items well exceeded the box cost, so I shouldn’t feel shorted, but…… I will use the Corkcicle, but I would not have gone out of my way to get one. The candies are admittedly good and go with the theme. I know it is one of PopSugar’s things to put a food item in their boxes, so no real complaints there. The polish I find an odd color and I agree it seems like a throw in/filler item. The hydrating mist I am sure is nice, but I have several others and they take a long time to get through. Overall, I would have been happy if there had been one other “special” item. Jewelry, sunnies, a sarong, any one of those would have rounded out the box for me and made it feel more like a special, limited edition box. I talked myself into this box based on reviews of the two past ones, and I hate to admit it, but this one just does not measure up to the others.

    • So glad to NOT get sunglasses in this! But I would have loved a necklace also. Love this box! They followed the theme so well.

  2. I received a shipping notice from Popsugar on 6/16 that my box had shipped. Today 6/21 the Fedex tracking still only says label created waiting to receive. It takes about 10 days once it starts moving to arrive in Texas 🙁 I sent an email to customer service but no response. Anyone else have this happen???

    • Mine must be next to yours..i have the exact same situation, but mine is coming to Chicago

      • Same here. Shipping notice dated 6/16 and Fed Ex tracking still saying label created. Also shipping to Texas.

        • I am totally frustrated. I made contact by way of Facebook and was told they are trying to find out what is happening at the warehouse. Very aggravating. Also in Texas.

          • Same here, but I’m in NC. I’m really frustrated because I’m moving at the end of next week.

        • Just received reply to my email to Popsugar saying there was a delay in shipping from the warehouse but my box should ship today! Fingers crossed. Hopefully, this means all the delayed boxes will also be shipping!!

    • Same situation! I live in California and mine has been sitting in waiting-to-ship purgatory for a week now.

    • Same here. I am sure they use the same trick to run the labels to fulfill their promise of shipping out by 6/16, but running behind as usual. Personally I think getting a summer box at the end of June is kind of late.

    • Same here!

      Overall, I’m just “ok” with the box. I’m not unhappy, but won’t be excited for it to arrive either. I think just one more thing would have made the box feel like a better value. This is *definitely* *for real* my last LE box from Popsugar.
      The facial mist and water bottle are the two things I’m most excited about.

    • Yes! I’m so frustrated. I sent a message via Facebook and have had a response that they are waiting to see what is happening at the warehouse.

    • My shipping label was created 5 days ago and hasn’t gotten any further than that. I’m also still waiting on my regular June box from them. ???????

    • That happens with a lot of companies but I don’t think it’s their fault but rather the wording in Fedex’s notices. They get your hopes up only to rip your heart out when you see your package hasn’t actually left lol.

    • Same thing with mine! I emailed them this afternoon and I haven’t gotten a response yet…but I did get another update from FedEx that seems like it’s actually moving now and my expected delivery date is…June 27th.

    • Same for me, and I’m only 40 miles from them. CS said it would ship 6/16 too. It’s now 6/22 and still just a label. I wrote them again 2 days ago with no response. Seems late for a summer box, and I’ll be on my summer vacation starting 6/25. What a bust!

    • My fedex had 3 labels made waiting to receive. I hope I don’t get three boxes. but the weight was too light. I deleted them all because they were bugging me. ( seeing what is in the box the weight might have been right)

    • Also in Texas – also waiting on box to move! 🙁

    • I’ve had this multiple times…and I still get my box about 5-7 business days from the day the label was created. I just think it’s FedEx that isn’t updating their shipping. Popsugar has most likely sent the boxes and this is a FedEx problem, I’ve even had times where I’ll get the box on my doorstep and then a few hours later I’ll finally get the email that my box has shipped. I wouldn’t worry!

      • That’s kind of reassuring, thanks 🙂

    • Mine too – to Texas. Finally today it says it arrived at the FedEx location today – not supposed to arrive until 7/1 🙁

    • Yep same thing here. Estimated arrival date is 7/1/16. Taking forever!!!

    • I received an email from them today saying that there has been a delay at the warehouse in shipping my LE box and to make up for it, they are sending me extra items. I didn’t even write them to complain so I was surprised to receive this email. My box isn’t supposed to arrive until end of next week. I’m hoping the extra items will make it worth the wait!

      • That’s great, I’m curious to hear what they send you 🙂

      • They sent me the same email! I hope it’s good stuff 🙂

      • I got the same email and my box arrived today. There was nothing extra in the box, and on top of that my spray bottle had a broken top. Definitely the last LE box for me!

    • I typically get a shipping notice when they haven’t actually shipped it. It seems to sit for a while before any movement occurs.

  3. Hmmmm…I didn’t get this box, but if I had, I think i’d be OK with it, but not over the moon. The towel and the bag are clearly the main event, but I prefer the towel I get in Happy Rebel; less obviously beach-y. The mist should be lovely (ladies, I’m telling you: throw that baby in the fridge and spray it on when coming in from the heat, you’ll be hooked on face mists after that). The candy and polish both feel like filler items. Will try to swap for the bag and the mist.

    • Rose is an awesome essential oil smells perfect. I really need to get the Rose Hibiscus essential oil there are many Mists you can make with it that are great for the skin, but have to say this with coconut oil is my fav.

    • Loved the towel, but I’ll never use the bag or mist. I was kind of disappointed with some of the items in this box, but I REALLY wanted that towel! Haha! ^_^

  4. This is the first time I’ve allowed myself to splurge on a Limited Edition Box after eyeing them up for the last year and a half. I was careful, I looked at all the previous boxes to get the one I thought I’d like the most. I’m a little disappointed in this box after comparing it to previous summer boxes. Also, I just subscribed to both the regular PSMH box and the mini. The tote is gorgeous, and I really wanted one of those round towels. So ultimately I’m happy just for those two items, which totally makes up for the price. The canteen is a little annoying seeing that i just got a water bottle in my mini box. As far as makeup goes, I expected better than a bottle of nail polish. I’m wary of the polish because I have very fair, cool toned skin, so I don’t think that shade will work for me at all. A more universally flattering shade would have been better. The face mist intrigues me, but again, for the summer box I was expecting something more like a sunscreen, body oil, after sun lotion, or even a body mist. The candy is cute and something I’ll make use of. I just really hoped for a nice piece of jewelry like they have had in the past. FFF let me down in that department, the regular PSMH box has been letting me down, come on guys… I like my bling.

    • I agree. I too scoured the past reviews before deciding this would be worth it. Now, I’m underwhelmed. This will be my first and last Popsugar box. To add insult, it will arrive the 6 hr after I leave for vacation. Why would they ship at summer vacation box so late in June?

  5. Summer boxes are typically my favorites (I am really sad about missing out on the Happy Rebel summer box, but I loved FabFitFun, and last year’s PSMH Summer LE was a favorite). That being said, I think if I had bought this box, I’d feel like I got my money’s worth but I wouldn’t be WOWed. And on $100 boxes I like to be WOWed. Just me personally.

  6. I love every single item! This is definitely a summer box. I can’t wait to get the tote to use all summer and I am totally hogging the towel for myself. After my grubby boys tried to steal away my chevron Neiman throw I will be keeping my eye on this one. Perfect summer nail color, too. Yes I have hundreds of bottles but I always enjoy trying out a new brand.

    Total win for me. I am never disappointed with PS LE boxes (except the CDFA fiaso from last year but they refunded me) and I’ve been getting them since 2012.

  7. I’m excited about the round towel and I love that nail polish color (at least in the picture). I wish I hadn’t recently splurged on a S’well bottle, but I guess there’s nothing that says I can’t have more than one water bottle. I hope the bag is big and sturdy enough to use as a beach bag.

  8. Yay I dodged a bullet!! 🙂 Not my cup of tea.

  9. I’m kind of happy with whats there, though some jewelry would have been nice. I’m wondering how all of this adds up to the 8lbs showing on my shipping notice though. The towel is 2.5 lbs and the tote is .5 lbs.

    From Fedex:
    Weight 8 lbs / 3.63 kgs

    • Mine says the same weight and I was wondering about that too. Mine hasn’t moved since the first tracking list though. It’s supposed to be here by the 27th so I’m hoping they are right!

    • Mine is 7.9 Lbs/ 3.58 kgs I hope I am not missing anything in my box?

    • I just got mine—It’s a BIG box!

  10. Yeah something is definitely missing – I agree that in the past the value was over $300 and this is definitely not. I like the items and look forward to receiving them and I could always use a nice toner face mist (I love using them and its the item I always run out of). I am not excited about the nail polish because I have so many because of Julep, Square Hue, and my love for independent brands. I am actually going to start destashing my nail polish collection. I do love this color though and my lack of enthusiasm for nail polish is due solely to my over stock of polish.

    I like candy, but I don’t know that I like it in a box. I am excited about the round towel and the water bottle. I can use more of those. The bag, I am kind of meh about, but I will wait and see for myself. So I am happy, but disappointed that the value isn’t above $300.

    I usually love the summer LE and have purchased it for the last three years. This one is so-so compared to the ones in the past.

  11. I love everything in this box and was initially bummed out that I didn’t get it but then I remembered my backlog of face mists (I have yet to try them – I’m afraid they’ll destroy my makeup), reminded myself that I have three beach towels I hardly ever use, and am happy with my MSA Beach-Box bag for summer. I still would have enjoyed the box though – lots of treats! And sugarfina… (I was in one of their stores and they gave me samples – the best gummy candy I have ever had).

    • Its a toner mist too, so you can use it as a toner before you moisturize and after you cleanse your face. So you don’t have to spray it over your make up.

    • Toner spray is not the same as a setting spray/mist. This is part of a skin care regime and doesn’t go on after make-up.

    • I recently started using some of the hydrating face mists I’ve gotten in sub boxes and I have to say I’m a convert. I keep one at work to use when I need a pick me up and I have one in my gym bag that is perfect for a post work out refresh before I go home and shower. I never would have thought they’d make a difference but they do.

  12. This looks like a perfect summer box to me!

    I’ll be looking for it on ebay, so if you’re disappointed, please list it. (I’m not interested in buying from anyone in the comments though, sorry!)

  13. I like it. I love gummies and was actually looking online for a coral nail polish yesterday. I have to have it in hand to be sure but im thinking ill keep everything.

  14. They could have swapped nail polish for a nice sturdy designer brand visor and instead of the gummy bears have a nice ice cream bowl set with ice cream scooper from a brand name or kitchen appliance designer. That would have been my pick.

  15. I’m really disappointed. Nail polish? Are you kidding me?? I definitely don’t want that and the other items (besides the bag and towel) just don’t seem worth it. This was my first Limited Edition box and I think it will be my last. I love the regular monthly boxes, this was not worth the money.

  16. I’m so excited about this box. As much as trendy stuff is fun, I feel like I wind up not using it. This all seems so practical and maybe I just have box fatigue so that’s exciting me. Now, if only my box would move from “Label Created” to on the way… it’s been at “Label Created” since last Wednesday 🙁

    • mine is still at “Label Created” too 🙁

      • I’ve never seen a package sit so long like this? I’m starting to worry a bunch of them got mixed up or lost… hope not. I want to message them and ask but I had so many CFDA box problems that quite honestly I’m hesitant to even try with their customer service right now.

      • Mine has been sitting there for like a week. On the fifteenth I got the email but the tracking number wasn’t active until the seventeenth and it still says label created.

    • Same here ?

      • I really don’t understand what’s going on.

        • Whelp I finally emailed them I’ll post the response when (if) I get it.

          • Didn’t get a response but my box shipped out, maybe it’s a coincidence??

  17. I am actually really bummed i missed out on this one. Hopefully i can swap for what i want! Or.. if anyone is wanting to sell their box 🙂

    • Mine hasn’t arrived yet – shipping confirmation arrived. Nothing in here speaks to me – so I would sell. Still new to all these boxes so not sure how this works. Got off swap list last week but been traveling for work.

      • Hi are you still wanting to sell? Email me aimeetran90 at gmail.

    • I will sell you mine at cost mskimmers at yahoo

    • What were you interested in from the box? I have a few items that I’d be willing to part ways with! 🙂

  18. Dang it. I bought this box as soon as it went on sale with FOMO on the brain. I saw those plates in the spoiler pics and got super excited. Oh well. I should have just bought the plates!! Will be selling or swapping whole, unopened.

    • Plates? Do you mean the round beach towel?

      • Sorry, not spoiler photo :/ It’s the one with the box (at the top of the post). It shows the Sage and Slim plates that were in a previous box and I thought for some reason they would be in this one!!

    • I would possibly be interested in buying this box from you!

    • Me 3!! Click my name to go to my swap link if you want to swap the whole thing 🙂

    • What does FOMO stand for? Thanks!!

      • Fear of missing out

  19. I am happy with the value… Since costume jewelry has no value to me, this box is definitely worth it to me!

  20. Yikes. Definitely underwhelming.

  21. I feel like it’s missing something, too. But I imagine that’s because the two biggest items were already spoiled. … I guess the tote counts as the accessory, which is kind of a bummer. I think I’ll like it, but it’s not quite as fun as jewelry.

    I was disappointed to see the face spray at first since I don’t use them. But the Breathe Deeply one from the regular box turned out to be a great room spray. So maybe it’ll work out.

    I’ve somehow managed to avoid every single box with a water bottle until now, so I’m kinda psyched to get this one. I wonder if we’re all getting white! They have done other colors I like a lot better (and a couple I can’t stand.)

    I kinda wish the gummies were actual cones for ice cream. That sounded really fun. But I do like gummies.

    Zero interest in the nail polish. It will be up for swap. I hope somebody actually wants it.

    Overall, I am tentatively happy with this box. I’ll decide for sure when I get mine.

  22. I’ve been wanting that Herbivore spray forever, so I’m happy about that… but I also feel underwhelmed by this box. The bag and towel are great, sure, and I like the candies and water bottle I guess… but for $100? This is my first LE pop sugar and it may just be my last. I feel like an idiot for spending the money. When the regular ones are disappointing at least they’re less than half this price. And when they’re good, they’re usually better than this.

  23. After doing the math, this box is only worth $253.44. Previous boxes were worth $320. & $350.!! ? Not cool PopSugar!! You owe us something!

    • This is my first LE with PS and I reviewed all the previous boxes before ordering. I am with you – feel like it is missing $100 worth of stuff. Was my first LE and will be my last.

  24. I love everything and can’t wait to get mine. I agree with what others have said about wishing it included a jewelry item. Usually the popsugar summer edition box has an amazing jewelry piece of some kind but what was included was useful and I am happy with it. Corkcicle is in about every boutique you walk into in North Carolina so I was excited when I saw it was included with this box without having to pay the full price of it. Good job popsugar. It’s nice to get a box where I do see myself using everything that is included in the box. If anyone is looking to sell their towel for a reasonable price please email me at

  25. I’m happy I got this box, but I was definitely hoping for some type of statement jewelry or a chic pair of sunglasses. Kind of disappointed. 🙁

    • I’ve been looking to trade the sunnies they had in the CFDA box if you’re interested!

  26. It is the 16oz bottle

  27. It feels like it’s missing something…after seeing the tote and towel I had box envy, but now that I see the whole thing I don’t feel as bad for passing so I could get Avenue A, since the towel and the tote are the only things I really liked (not that I need more totes). However, the curation is cute.

  28. I think I love everything but the nail polish. I’ve been wanting to try Herbivore for long time but could never justify the splurge so I might be most excited for that item. Have to admit that I’m not missing a jewelry item. Most sub jewelry is not my style and ends up sitting in a drawer plus it’s always way over valued. The ring and necklace in the RZ box are actually cute but the quality seems subpar (as exclusives often do).

  29. Ugh! I’m sick of sprays! i don’t use them! Don’t need the corksicle bc I just got a swell bottle in the CFDA box.

    i wish there was some Jewelry in this box!

    LOVE the towel and the candy though

    I’ll be swapping the tote

    • Ooh! I want the tote! Will be willing to swap or buy. 🙂

      • I’d be willing to swap the tote!

    • RIGHT? I have gotten 3-4 bottles in the past 6 months of popsugar. WHAT is going on there?!

  30. When I clicked on the link to the canteen – it takes me to one that was only 9 oz… that’s tiny…

    • Update – POPSUGAR just let me know it is the 16oz version – $27.95 🙂

      • Ohhhhhhh! Thank you! That’s much better!!!
        Means that I am keeping it!
        TY! TY!?????

  31. definitely missing a jewelry piece or something. excited about the herbivore spray, towel and canteen though. all over good box, just wish there was an accessory.

  32. I’m happy with the towel, tote, and canteen but I guess I expected more from the rest of the box. I was really hoping for a jewelry piece or some accessory like a headband or sunglasses. I usually really like the Popsugar jewelry choices (maybe I’m the only one that gets excited about pompoms and tassels?). I’ll use everything but am the least excited about the polish. I’m picky about polish – usually only use the drug store gel type since I am so hard on manicures!

  33. Looks like a pretty good box, but I do have to agree that it kinda feels like something is missing – maybe a wearable (sunglasses, jewelry, etc), a home item or even something related to outdoor activities (thinking of last year when they included a game/paddles).
    I was hoping there would be something with either flamingos or pineapples on it 🙂
    I’ll probably use everything, I’m not real excited about the nail polish bc I have so much but at least its vegan and cruelty free.

  34. Yes, this is missing a piece of jewelry!! And ANOTHER water bottle/canteen?? There was the one in the mini box last month, the one in the Resort box, and now this one. While I always love getting new water bottles, 3 in a row is a bit much!

    • There is no water bottle in the resort box.

      • Sorry, it was the CFDA box

    • I was thinking the same thing! Bummed out by their lack of originality there 🙁

  35. I’d love the towel too if anyone wants to swap! 🙂

  36. I feel like it’s missing a jewelry item.

    Meh on the food item. I’d rather eat REAL ice cream cones than waste my carbs on gummies.

    Everything else is perfect for me personally

  37. I am so upset that this box sold out before I could purchase it 🙁

    • Selling mine at cost mskimmersatyahoo

  38. I like everything and will use them but it seems like it’s lacking…missing something that I can’t put my finger on. Glad to see others feel the same way.

  39. I love it and am very excited…everyone commenting about missing item…thinking jewelry piece, sunglasses or cover up maybe but getting so many cover ups and sunglasses now but overall a win!

  40. Seems like there is an item missing. Really low RV.

    • I am in agreement with you. … it feels like something is missing. …..
      And unfortunately, most of mine will be on the swap site. ….

      • Hoping we can swap! I would love this box! Are there items you are looking for?

      • What’s the swap site?! I’d love to join in on that. Thanks so much! 🙂

    • Agreed something is lacking. This may be my last PS LE box for a while.

  41. I’m sure Hat Attack is a great company, but I just can’t get past the fact that I’ve seen the EXACT same tote at target for about $20. Maybe a more unique design would’ve gotten me more excited. And I’m thinking the quality can’t be that much better to warrant the price difference, because looking at the straps alone, those thin leather straps are universally uncomfortable. They cut into your skin 🙁 but i really do like everything else in the box, I think the theme comes across well, too.

  42. I can’t believe I spent $100 on this. Super disappointed. This might be my very first popsugar box ever that I put up for swap completely. Of course it’s possible when I have it in my hands that I’ll like it and think it’s worth the money. Last year’s summer box was so much better!!!!

    There is nothing in this box that seems especially luxe to me, as I feel like the LE boxes should be. And please no more nail polish! At least nothing has tassels haha

  43. I love everything in this box, mine is on
    the way can’t wait!

  44. I would love the towel if anyone wants to swap!!

  45. Looks great! Can’t wait to get my box next week ????

  46. I like the box and it’s great for summer but I feel like something is missing.

  47. Really bummed I didn’t get this one! Looks great. Love the towel, the tote, and the canteen of course. If anyone wants to swap anything, please let me know 🙂

  48. Much lower RV than most of the special edition boxes, but it’s very well curated and definitely says summer. Items are useful and appropriate. I like it!

  49. *

  50. The canteen is something I would use & I love the bag. Anyone want to trade or sell, let me know. 🙂

    • I just put the bag up for swap – I have so many totes and this one isn’t my style. Open to selling as well.

      • I’m trying to swap my Avenue A Adidas smartwatch for the tote if you’re interested!

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