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Oui Please Volume 2.2 Box FULL SPOILERS

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  1. So I was waiting for the “official”
    Review but I don’t think that will be happening, I guess? I loved this box. I got pretty much the same as the box pictured here, with the yellow and orange perfume, tan coverup, black crystal bracelet. Also I got the shower cream, black Crystal lingerie set, hand soap and chocolate petals. I’m very happy with this box, plus I love the actually box itself.

    I would love to see a review from Liz or Haley on this box.

  2. Finally received my box today. Nice but even though I try not to must admit I have a little box envy this time. Lower value and colors off for me on everything. No tea or candies. Perhaps next box will be my lucky box.

  3. After some hiccups with shipping, I finally got my box. And I have to say this is my favorite subscription box ever. The Sensa & Bourbon scarf is the most amazing fabric and I love that it has my initials on it. I wouldn’t have picked the color (tan) but I think I will love it – always good to try something new.
    Everything else was spectacular too. Les Interchanges bracelets were beautiful, really love how they look together. I feel like I got full value from this box and the customer service has always been friendly and prompt. I am shying away from an annual subscription based on other comments on here, but I think a coupon code would push me over the edge ๐Ÿ™‚
    Do boxes sell out if I wait too long?

    • Are you a plant?

  4. I received my box and posted pictures on Make-up Talk. This was my last box from my annual subscription and I will be renewing once another code is available. I’ve always really liked the curation, uniqueness and quality of the boxes even when I received a “down” valued box. This one included the Sensha scarf/cover up in a lovely light turquoise ombre, two bracelets which are really cute, two mini perfume vials, mini soap, large Kusmi tea in AquaRosa and Kaly balm.

  5. My initials on the cover up are confusing . They only have my first and last name so should be easy , however there are 3 letters ! The middle one looks like a r? The first one and last one are my first and last name , middle one is not my middle initial ! Wondering if this is part of their design ? Did anyone else get 3 initials with the middle one not being theirs? Just curious if it is just me not seeing something or what ?!?

  6. I am still waiting for my box. I wrote on June 9th and was told shipments would go out the following week. They recommended I sign up for UPS My Choice to get alerted to the package. I just checked today and there’s still no package in the pipeline.
    Anybody else not get their box yet? I’m starting to get worried.

    • I also have not received my box. I sent a second email last week and was told they are still shipping. Hopefully this week.

    • Just received tracking notification and should get box next Wednesday. Can hardly wait!

    • Did you get your package yet?

      • Not yet but I see something on UPS that says it will be delivered on Tuesday! It says it’s 7 pounds!! Is that normal?

  7. I ended up getting the Maison Lejaby set, the Sencha & Bourbon coverup in tan with a bluegreen tinge, a light lavenderish Les Interchangables bracelet, the Harems des Sens, Soap, and David Jourquin scents x3. Packing list total: $405.

    Overall, a pretty good one! I wonder if they ran out of the food items and subbed with an additional scent. I would have loved to eat those chocolate petals and maybe had one of the stone necklaces, but everything’s pretty usable at least.

    • Does anyone else’s poster always come with black streaks on it? I know some people frame them, but mine so far aren’t in good enough condition to keep. The back of the card is perfectly white though!

  8. This is what I received and I’m not that pleased. Will cancel for sure. Anybody want to swap?
    Cousu De Fil Blanc Soap Bar (the white bar)–$10.00
    Kusmi Tea AquaRosa–$20.20
    Kalys Honey Calanques Body Balm–$35.00
    David Jourquin Frangrance Discovery-Cuir Altesse (red pouch)
    Cuir Caraibes(blue pouch)–$30.00 for 2
    Lucky Team Bracelet Golden Brown w/gold charm–$40.00
    Andrea Chereau Solid Silver Bracelet w/stone(purple)–$70.00
    Les Interchangeables Bracelet (Pink)–$45.00
    Sencha & Bourbon Beach Silk Stole w/Stamped Initials(mine are sb; easy enough)–$130.00
    Total Value–$380.20

    • Mine was fairly similar but the stone necklace was actually a rather small bracelet. I am underwhelmed. My initals are not the “same” as the company stamp. Mine look like someone took a sharpie to the scarf.

  9. Annual subscriber and still waiting to receive shipping notice.

    • Did you end up receiving tracking since posting this? I still haven’t! Anyone else?

  10. I am still waiting on my box and I haven’t received a tracking #. I emailed their customer service to see what’s up.

    • I’m in the same boat. It’s my last box. I assumed they thought they sent me six boxes already, or maybe that I wouldn’t notice….

      • I worry about the same thing too! ?

      • I got a shipping confirmation about 2 hours after I emailed, and customer service sent it over in reply to my email today. Box is slated to arrive on Thurs!

  11. the box looks nice, but…… yet underwhelming.
    i received my box two days ago (no tracking info provided) it just showed up.

    once again i receive TWO small perfumes, the tiniest bar of soap and what they call jewelry which is a scrunchy with beading on it. maybe it can fit a child or petite person.

    i regret subbing for the second year….. 4 more boxes of repetitive items that disappoint.

    • Hi D! Did you get any of the big ticket items? I hope all of the boxes include the cover up & the lingerie ?

      • mine did have the lingerie, i have my size marked as an XL and the garments were XL however they are running small so i am going to put them up for swap.

  12. It’s a nice box but I’m still glad I didn’t re-sub after my year was over. They may do a good job with this one box but base upon past experience, they will be a let down in the next few boxes. I’m not counting anyone out but I’ve had more frustrations and disappointments with this sub than any other sub and I’d rather just by my French stuff on my own. I hope everyone is happy with theirs. Enjoy!!

    • 100% agree. Same here!

  13. Mine arrived today, no invoice. I received a Bangle Bracelet in orange
    Les Interchanges bracelet with crystals
    The Maisonlejaby top and bottom
    Sencha and Bourbon cover-up in green/grey (nice fabric)
    Kayla S body exfoliant
    Harem Des send shower cream
    Chocolate Petals
    And a tiny soap

    My best box by far!

    • Are the Bangle Up pieces as awesome in person as they look online?

      • The bangle up piece that I received is nice. Heavy though. I was in a rush so I didn’t have time to try it on. This is my 4th or 5th box and my others have been lousy! This one I can’t complain so much!

    • Did you get a tracking info from them? I’m still waiting for mine ๐Ÿ™

      • I never got tracking, it just appeared one day, with an email saying ‘delivered’.

  14. Based on other blogs I saw this seems to be the typical box which is nice. Only let down was the cover up is basically a piece of fabric- that is it, but good quality fabric. The lingerie set is stunning and a nice surprise!

  15. Fingers crossed for something from Bangle Up or Lucky Team!

  16. This is the first time I’ve looked at Oui Please box and thought, “I want that!”

  17. Well, well, well….is this a Oui Please Comeback?

    • indeed. was even thinking of subscribing, but thought, eh, would probably just get one of the nice things and the rest just the fillers (tea, fragrance)

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