Walmart Beauty Box Subscription Review – Spring 2016

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The Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly subscription box from Walmart. They feature brands you will find at Walmart, plus coupons.

FYI – They ask for your birthday at sign up to customize the box based on age. There are two options you could receive based on age: Trendsetter (under 35) or Classic (35 and over).

Check out my post on the Trendsetter and Classic options to see how to get both options.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Box: Walmart Beauty Box (Trendsetter Box)

The Cost: $5 (ships once a season)

The Products: Beauty samples from brands carried by Walmart. (I’m guessing coupons too).

Ships to: US only

Delivered via: USPS

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Colgate Optic White Toothpaste – FULL SIZE! Value $5

First item out of the box and we’ve already covered the cost – love it! Toothpaste is one of those items I don’t get too excited about in boxes, but I can always use, so this is a win!


Burt’s Bees BB Cream in Light/Medium – Sample

How did I not know there was a Burt’s Bees BB Cream?! Normally I don’t enjoy seeing sample packets in subscription boxes, but I couldn’t wait to try this! The formula smells great, has medium coverage (I like my BB Creams to provide medium-complete coverage), and it stayed in place all day! And the sample had surprisingly more than enough BB Cream for a full-use!

Considering the full-size is only $15 and I now have a $3 coupon, I think I will be switching up from foundation to this BB Cream for the summer – I love how light it feels!

Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Almond Nude – .08 oz Value $6.50

This is practically full size – and I was happy to see that it twists up just like the full-size version! The color is very wearable for me. It provides a sheer wash of color, some moisture, and not much shine – great for a natural look. Here it is swatched with the BB Cream:



Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer – 2 oz Value $2

I used to use this product all the time in high school/college! Since then I’ve found self tanners that are better for my coloring (tarte self tanners), so I’ll be passing this along to a friend.

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Subtle Lightening Shampoo – 2 oz Value $3

My general rule of thumb for hair care products is to avoid any that include sulfates since I color-treat my hair, but this one includes sulfates but also says it is color-safe. It smells great and I like the idea of enhancing my color with shampoo so I’m inclined to try it. If you have any expertise on if this is safe or not for color treated hair, let me know!



Curel Itch Defense Body Wash – 1 oz Value $.70

This body wash is made for people with dry, itchy skin. Fortunately for me, I don’t have that issue (thanks subscription boxes, for more moisturizers than I will ever be able to use), so this will get passed along or donated.

CeraVe Healing Ointment – 2.5 g Value $1

This healing ointment is pretty impressive:

No fragrance added, Dermatologist Tested, Dye-free, Hypoallergenic, Noncomedogenic, Phthalate-free, Steroid-free, Sulfate-free

And most importantly, it works well! The sample is pretty tiny, but a little goes a long way, so it works out!

Verdict: I am surprisingly impressed with this box! I don’t expect much from Walmart Beauty Boxes given the price point, but this box was such a win for me! All good sized items, and a great BB Cream discovery! What do you think of the Spring Walmart Beauty Box? What samples did you get?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got both Classic & Trendsetter boxes. What I wanted the most was the Nuetragena lippie and didn’t get one in either box :-(. Oh well.
    Both boxes had Colgate Optic White, Cetaphil cleansing cloths, CeraVe ointment, and St Ives Apricot Scrub. Classic box also had Jergens Wet Skin moisturizer and Banana Boat sunscreen. Trendsetter box also had John Freida Brunette shampoo, Aveeno body wash, and Burt’s Bees bb cream sample/coupon. If they continue to be this similar, I will have to drop one of them.

    • For me, this was a really disappointing box. I got toothpaste, 10 face cleansing cloths, deodorant sample, some qtips, and a small tube of St Ives apricot scrub. It was so much less than I was expecting. Hopefully this was an unusually bad one.

      • I thought the same thing, when I hot the same items ….I was so disappointed. I saw the review and a couple Youtube unboxings, and was expecting something a little better. I switched to the trendsetter, and hopefully the summer box will be better.

    • I must have got the classic box. Seems to have less items in it? Also I would’ve like to get the Neutrogena lip crayon. Really unequal boxes Walmart, kind a lame. I am thinking of canceling. I got Colgate, cetaphil wipes, CeraVe ointment (so tiny), St. Ives apricot scrub, Jergins wet skin, and Banana Boat sunscreen. Boo ?

      • I didn’t get the Jergens, the Cera Ve, or the banana boat. What a lame box.

    • That’s exactly what happened to me, too. I did decide to drop the Classic one for now. Maybe they’ll get it together one of these days…

  2. This box was better than the last winter box I received, it had way too many foil packs. The trendsetter box I received had Colgate toothpaste, John Freida shampoo, Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths (10 count), Cerave Healing Ointment, Aveeno body wash, St Ives Apricot Scrub and a Burts Bee BB Cream sample. So glad there wasnt any foil samples this time. Overall pretty happy for five bucks even though I didnt get the Neutrogena lip crayon like some others did…

  3. Well, WM did end up sending me a box and also gave me a refund so I certainly can’t complain about free stuff. But I will. This is a terrible box. I got the toothpaste, a sample St. Ives scrub, a sample Dove deodorant, a Dove body wash and the BB cream sample. I will use the toothpaste and the deodorant but have no use for the others. The BB cream is way too dark for my skin and smells terrible so I have no use for the coupon either. I thought the point of any of these boxes was to introduce customers to new products or products we might not be aware of. These are certainly not new products or brands. These are just crap travel sizes out of the metal bins by the pharmacy. Walmart needs to take a lesson from Target. They might also want to consider that subscription boxes appear on social media regularly so customers will know they are being short changed. This was my first WM box and I will give them one more as I do for all subscriptions but if there is no improvement, I’m on to another box.

    • Hilariously, I just got another shipping notice for another box. So, I was charged for one box on April 4, got a refund I didn’t request on April 7, they shipped one box April 12 and now another April 15. I wish this would happen with better boxes:)

      • Got a shipping notice for a 4th (yes, 4th box!) today and about an hour later it was delivered. So to recap I ordered one box, paid for one box, got a refund for one box and have since received 4 boxes. I double checked my card just to sure and there is just the one charge and one refund. The boxes have been arriving at a pace of one each week so I wonder what next week will bring.

        • Enjoy–hopefully you are getting different items each time 🙂

        • I received a mysterious 3rd box a while back and didn’t notice any new charges, but now I see I have been charged for a 3rd and 4th. Wonder how many more will show up? This is getting pretty ridiculous. The first two that I actually signed up for were not that great; there is no way I want to pay for more of the same.

    • When I get this one, if it’s like yours then I will def be canceling as it would be the 2nd chance. I’m apparently always gonna be on the last rounds they send out so I’m not optimistic anymore.

      • So a few thoughts for everyone who is complaining about the boxes. It sounds like Walmart went to Classic and Trendsetter to try and get people more targeted samples. Instead, it seems like everyone is just now subscribing to both boxes, which defeated the purpose and now they have to stretch the samples they have twice as far. Also, it seems the products sent are similar to what they sell at Walmart. Expecting high end cosmetics seems strange to me–that is what Birchbox and others are for. We are most likely to get drugstore brands in typical sample sizes.

        • I don’t think anyone is expecting “high end” brands from Walmart. If you read thru these posts most people are disappointed because their box is lacking. People who got their boxes early on got everything. These later boxes are sparse. These boxes can be a great deal. It’s a risk. I got a great box this month but last month I received one product and my box was very late.

        • Why give subscribers the option to order additional gift subscriptions if you don’t actually want to sell more boxes? If they have a limited number of products, they should sell a limited number of boxes.

          I have no complaint with the brands. I just think they should be sending samples of new products or brands that are new to Walmart, like the Target box for example. The box that was reviewed here has many items that are new. (The CeraVe ointment for example was also in this month’s Target box.) In the box I got only the toothpaste and BB cream were new items. The others were clearly after thoughts to fill the box.

          If I had gotten the reviewed box, I would have been very happy. I am happy I got a refund and didn’t actually have to pay for this box. I also would have been fine to get a refund and no box.

        • If they don’t want people subscribing to more than one box, they shouldn’t have the button right on my account page giving me the option to “Add another subscription.” And I don’t expect high-end samples, but it would be nice to see more consistency in the amount of stuff people receive. I guess Target does that so well because they limit the number of boxes they sell and are therefore able to give everyone the exact same box. At this point, I almost think Walmart should do that, too. Then there wouldn’t be such a contrast between boxes that are sent early and those sent later.

    • I got the same box as you!! I was like WTF. Apparently everyone signed up for this box thinking they were all going to be as good as this one and its not the case. i only got 5 items and was a little disappointed. I’ll use everything or my daughter will. SO it’s not a waste of 5$ but I got my hopes up for a few of these items and then didn’t get any of them.

  4. For $5 shipped I’m always happy with what I receive.

    • Hello, I just got my first box, I am happy with my samples, its a nice treat for myself, I was considering sending this sub as a gift to my sis, but she only has a mail slot, silly question…. is it always the same size box? The box I recd would fit in her mail box, so I was checking before I subscribe for her, thanks 🙂

      • Hi Tamara,
        What a nice thought to send this as a surprise gift! I have received four WM boxes, and all have been the exact size.

    • I feel the same way, so much complaining about a five dollar box, I just don’t get it. This isn’t like Target where you get to preview the contents, we all know it’s a surprise when we sign up. And if everyone reads the reviews they’d know that the contents varies greatly. If variation is a problem, they should cancel their subscription. While I didn’t get the lip gloss, what I did receive was worth more than five dollars, and it’s all stuff I know I will use so I’m happy. We get so much lip gloss in boxes, I was happy to get something else.

    • Me too! For $5 w/shipping, you can’t complain.

  5. I got an email to please review the items in my winter boxes I received….HAHAHA I DIDN’T RECIEVE A SINGLE ITEM of what they asked me to review. I feel like a big joke was played on me…. I over paid for a sample item and foil packs. I have not received the spring box yet. I contacted them but nothing yet and based on people’s comments, I’m hoping I don’t get ripped off again anyway. I think I will email them again and let them know I will do a charge back on the other boxes because the photos and emails are nothing I received for winter.

    I thought when you signed up…I mean you have a profile, that you automatically get each season…that’s what the steps say… But commenters are saying they had to ask for it.

    • They responded as to “we are still shipping boxes weekly your scheduled to go out 4/29 you will be charge 4/27”. “Sorry you where unhappy with contents you did receive” “If you don’t want to be charged the next boxes that will go out, then you need to log into your account and cancel your subscriptions”.

      I’m really on the fence now being so late I really don’t want to pay for packets and a $1 item to be shipped based on the later recievings from others.

  6. Walmart needs to get their act together. Seriously. Some really marvelous boxes and some terrible ones… why can’t they make all pretty darn good ones and make everyone happy?

  7. I received the Walmart box and after opening it, it seemed as if the box had less products in the box than the previous one. I shrugged this feeling off until I saw this review. I did not receive the BB Cream, the Color Stick, Jergens Moisturizer, John Frieda and the Curel Itch. I’m not sure if these have been mistakingly left out or were purposely left out. Did anyone else experience this issue?

    • hi. I just got mine. I didn’t get half the stuff either.

    • I didn’t get the lipstick or the body wash. I’m definitely unsubbing from this one.

    • Me too! I received a couple of lotions, tiny sunscreen, and yet more facial wipes. The only thing I’m excited about is the toothpaste. Not excited about this one at all

  8. I didn’t get the color stick, but I got the rest. I do want to say fair warning to everyone, if you have super dry patches do NOT use the Jergens moisturizer! I have a patch of orange on my wrist that’s been there for days and I can’t get rid of it, because my wrist is super dry, but the rest of my arm isn’t.

    • I was not happy with this box… not only did I NOT get a Neutrogena lippy, I also didn’t get the curel body wash OR the John Freida OR any samples. Instead I seem to have received leftovers from prior boxes: the monoi after shower moisturizer, St Ives apricot scrub and a travel size hair spray. And I had to email them to ask about why my boxes had not shipped. Also, I get both boxes, trendy and classic – except my two boxes were identical. Big fail, Walmart. Huge.

      Believe it or not if the Jergens (or any self-tanner) gives you patches or streaks the best way to clean them up is a Mr Clean Magic Eraser and a gentle cleanser. Use a brand new magic eraser so you’re not getting anything else on your skin!

      • I subscribed to both types and got duplicate boxes as well! Argh!

  9. I finally got this email after multiple attempts to contact customer care. Does anyone know why I would have to email and tell them to ship me spring boxes when they clearly said I subscribed during the winter cycle. Why don’t they just charge and ship automatically as the new boxes become available? This seems very odd to me.

    Hi Paige

    I looked up your account and you have 4 subscriptions for the Beauty Box. 2 for Paige Couper and 2 for Peyton Couper. Both accounts were charged and shipped 2 Winter Boxes as the 2nd accounts were created on 3/3 while we were still in the Winter Campaign.

    Would you like 4 spring Boxes? It would be a Classic and Trendsetter Box for both (Paige and Peyton).

    The Classic boxes are geared for over 35 years old and Trendsetter under 35. However, there can be very little variance between the two boxes, sometimes only 1 to 2 items. It is possible that the winter boxes received for Classic and Trendsetter could have the same products as there are different versions throughout the Season Campaign.

    Let us know if you would like to be billed/shipped 4 Spring Boxes?

    Thank you


    Customer Care

    • It kind of sounds like they are just warning you that you are likely to get 4 identical boxes and double checking you are okay with that. Just a guess.

      • @Kristina, You are probably right. I just think it’s strange that I had to keep emailing them to ask them to send out my spring boxes when everyone else’s seem to have just automatically billed and shipped. On all of my other subs, you don’t have to email to beg them to send a box out. Once they have your CC info, they automatically bill and send a box at the beginning of the next monthly or quarterly cycle. I hope the boxes will be somewhat different from each other but you very well could be correct. Sigh.

    • How did you contact customer service? The tacking on my box says it was delivered Saturday and I’ve been on the phone with the local postal service 6 times, with no luck. Last resort is to contact the company that sends these boxes but all I can find is a Contact Form. I sent one this morning and still nothing… Just wondering if there’s a better way?

      • I went on the Wal-Mart beauty box page and signed in. Down at the very bottom there is a contact link, which I used probably 5 plus times before getting a reply. Their general customer service phone # does not link to the beauty box which is apparently not considered a regular ordered.

    • I’m really confused, do we need to email and ask? I ordered winter. I have not been billed for spring yet either.

  10. Just got an email that my money was refunded so no box for me. But based on some of the later boxes, I’ll take my money back over a sub-par box.

    • And two days later got a shipping notice. I got the refund so if a box arrives, it will be free. Whatever.

  11. So pleased with the “spring beauty box”. Finally, a beauty box that has products I can use. Won’t be given any of these goodies away. I’m truly happy with the products they chose! Can’t wait for the “Summer Beauty Box”. Thanks Walmart!

  12. Note to self … next time, DON’T look at Instagram ahead of time to see what other ladies get in their Walmart boxes. I signed up for both boxes and got what I believe is the Classic box today. I’d probably be very happy with it if I hadn’t seen other (Classic) boxes ahead of time that were fuller and/or had other things in it that I wanted more. Oh well, can’t win ’em all! Maybe the Trendsetter one will be more exciting.

    • Nope I am now convinced the people who blog and do reviews get a different box than us regular Joes .my box looks nothing like the twelve people I saw open theirs on utube .my box is crap and I was looking forward to all the things I thought I was getting

      • I received the same box as Liz’s and I don’t blog or do any reviews.

      • I do think some of the “smaller” subs give better boxes to bloggers but not Walmart.

  13. I signed myself up, my sister, and then added my mom. Her birth year is 1961 and it shows her as getting the trendsetter box.

  14. I love the Walmart boxes. I receive the class boxes and for the life of me cannot figure out how to get signed up for both, which I would really like to do. I see where you can get an additional subscription, but do not see where you have the option of choosing if the additional subscription is classic or trendsetter. But for $5 you just can’t beat this. I just received my spring box today and it contained the toothpaste, Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths (10 ct), Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer 2 oz, St. Ives Apricot Scrub 1 oz, Banana Boat Suncomfort sunscreen spf 30 1 oz, CeraVe Healing Ointment (tiny). These are all things I can use, have used, or would like to try. The cleansing cloths will be especially be handy to toss in a swim bag or the motorcycle bags without taking up a ton of space.

    • Set up the additional box with a separate email. I keep a yahoo acct along with my more active gmail one. Then if you…like me.. are over age 35.. Put a birthrate for a mid 20s or 30 yr old. Also I clicked this additional box as a gift sub. It worked. Didn’t ask for additional billing etc. I received confirmed for both the Classic and Trendsetter.
      When I tried Liz way it came up 2 of the same. lol.. I don’t have the Liz magic. Thanks Liz for the idea of getting Both!! I would not have thought of it otherwise.

  15. i got the Trendsetter as well… But no Neutrogena lippie!!! =/
    Still it’s worth the $5

  16. I LOVE walmart Boxes, for me they have always been a win, because I love the little surprises and what I ALWAYS SAY: IT’S JUST $5 EVERY 3 MONTHS!, I don’t understand why people complain so much about this box… I guess I’m getting a little defensive right now lol, anyways I signed up for both and they are different each other, they both came with the Neutrogena lip pencil but in different shades: win-win!! Btw the perfect nude for me! I won’t see myself canceling this box anytime soon!

    • I think they may be complaining when they pay money for something and get less than the value of what they paid. That is not a legit business practice.

      • Plus, when you and I pay the same amount for something, but I get about half of what you got, it is disappointing, at best.

        • Yes, yes, yes. If the company claims they’re going to send you beauty products and new product, you have a right to be upset when they send you basic hygiene products that have been around 20 years. Also, if I wanted to spend $5 on stuff from their travel size area, I don’t need a subscription to do so.

    • I feel the same way, this box is for $5.00 usually it only takes 1 product to cover the cost of the box. No brainer dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. That burts bees bb cream is awesome. I immediately ordered it online, and will be using the coupon to buy another IF I can find it, my walmart didn’t have it. That shampoo was a miss for me, I saw no color difference and my hair was a mess tangly and dry, thank god my birchbox had a really nice shampoo and conditioner that saved the day. My box was decent, got the same as you short the lip product but I got two from BB and have the one in boxycharm so I’m good. Its five bucks and the toothpaste covered that. I keep the expectations low with this one.

  18. I have not received any spring boxes. Does anyone know how to contact their customer service? I have tried the general customer service number and they gave me another phone number that I guess used to be for the beauty box, but now states it is inactive. It referred me to the help section of the website. I then posted several inquiries to the website asking for tracking or other information. I got no reply whatsoever, except a survey asking about my customer service experience. Any ideas as to how I can see why my boxes have not shipped would be appreciated.

    • Silly question but did you use the link on the Beauty Box website? Not the Walmart website.

      Bottom of the page there is a contact us link you click on and it opens up an email form to use.

      • I did (several times) but no one has replied.

        • Darn. Sorry. I was hoping it was just an easy oversight. 🙁

          I’ve had some arrive quite a bit later than others were getting theirs but this is just too late. Especially if you are waiting on both classic and trend.

        • You know Paige, the same thing happened to me, I wrote to them with the link they provide, and no reply, then I tried again, and they did reply, I was having trouble with my password, and they were actually very nice about it, use the link they provide, and just keep trying.

    • I haven’t received mine either. I emailed them twice at the beginning of the month and heard back from them.. they said they will be charging and shipping boxes within the first two weeks of April (even though their website says March and people have gotten their boxes in March…) Soooo I guess we are on the very late end of that spectrum ha. I’d check if they have charged you yet and then all we can do is wait from there :/

      • I haven’t received my box either, but I know where it’s at. It’s sitting in Las Vegas. My slower subscription boxes tend to sit there for a while (sometimes over a week.) I’m sure it has something to do with the cheaper 3rd party packing and shipping companies that some of the subscription boxes use.

        If you don’t already, I’d suggest signing up for My USPS. It has a good dashboard for tracking all your subscriptions and sometimes you can find out something is shipping even before receiving the email.

    • I had the same issue in February and emailed customer service and had a reply back the next day. They shipped me a new box and 2 weeks later the original one came. Win win.

  19. I signed up for both trendsetter and classic, but got 2 classics in the mail. I sent an email to Walmart Beauty Box customer service and got no reply. Who knows what I’ll get next time.

    • This happened to me with the winter box. It took them a while to reply, but when they did, they automatically refunded me for one of the boxes. They claimed it was a mistake, but they also said it’s possible for the 2 boxes to be nearly identical in the future.

  20. I signed up for a second box after receiving last quarter’s box so I would get one of each this quarter. Immediately after signing up in got a random box of junk. It seems instead of signing you up for the next box they’ll send you whatever left overs they have. I don’t recommend signing up mid-season

    • Oh, no. Thanks for the heads-up! I just signed up and was a little concerned I might just get random leftovers. You’ve confirmed that I’d better not get my hopes up. I’m guessing it’s probably too late to just cancel at this point. =(

      • Same here I just signed up last week and I’m hoping not to get leftovers will not get my hopes up either 🙁

    • Agreed and really hope that that’s what happened to me last month. Paid $5 for 2nd box of less than $2 in product and free packets. 1st box seemed off too didn’t get what others did. Giving it this last shot. Hopefully when I get them they don’t completely disappoint again.

  21. Okay, how do I know if I have the classic or trendsetter. I signed up for both. My items are way less than what is listed. I have:
    Colgate Optic White
    Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer
    Jergens Natural Glow
    St. Ives Apricot Scrub
    Banana Boat Sunscreen
    CeraVe Healing Ointment

    That is all that is in this box.

    • That is the exact lame box that I have and I believe it is the Classic. But, I am only guessing.

    • If you still have the email with your tracking number, there will be a code on under the order date it that tells you which box it is. The classic box will say “Beauty Box Ordered:
      WMS C3B” and the trendsetter will say “Beauty Box Ordered:
      WMS T2C” or something similar. I don’t know if there are different variations of each box, maybe that is what the number is, but definitely will include a “C” for Classicor a “T” for Trendsetter.

    • Yeah, that is the classic … I got the same thing today and wasn’t terribly excited, since I’d seen better (classic) boxes on Instagram. Hopefuly we’ll both get a great trendsetter box!

    • I got what you got except I didnt even get the apticot scrub : /

  22. All I got we’re foil samples and a sample size hair spray. It was my first box. Nothing that is any of these boxes was in mine. I seriously doubt if it added up to $5. Ill try Target next time. 🙁

    • Same here. I got a couple foil packet samples, a little tube of Jergens Wet Skin, which was also in my last box. Nothing that is shown here was in mine. Also, I signed up for Classic and Trendsetter and got 2 identical boxes. The combined total wasn’t worth $5. It was very disappointing. This is my 4th season with them, so it wasn’t a mid-season sign up either.
      What is shown here is what most people seemed to get. I figure I will allow once more chance. If the next box sucks, I’ll cancel.

    • Yes that’s what I got in the winter box I signed up for late.

  23. This was the best Walmart box that I’ve received! I changed to the trendsetter box after getting several of the Classic boxes and not using any of them. I also received the biore and the perfume sample in addition to everything here.

  24. Man I’m so jealous about the lip crayon… I got everything else that’s pictured in this review except for the crayon. Plus none of the additional items some other people are talking about having received. I was really underwhelmed when I opened the box because while I love beauty and healthcare staples like are usually in this box, I like to have at least one makeup item, just for fun. Oh well. For $5, I really can’t complain, I guess.

    • If you are on the swap site, you can swap for one of the crayons. I put mine up for swap because I don’t wear nudes, at all!

  25. I got all of this plus some other items in my spring trendsetter box.

    In addition to everything in the review, I also received Biore Pore Cleanser in what appears to be a travel size, a sample of Vera Wang Embrace eau de toilette, and a foil sample from Neutrogena which had two different packets. One was for fair skin and one was for medium skin tone. It was on a coupon for Neutrogena Acne Cleanser, but I’m not entirely sure if it is a sample of that since acne cleansers don’t typically come based on skin tone.

    It’s very odd to me that there is such variation, even between trendsetter boxes.

    • It’s a sample of BB cream (part of the pink grapefruit family). I couldn’t figure out if the coupon was for the face wash or the actual BB cream… I’m with you, it was confusing! =o)

  26. I received this box but with some variation…I got a pink lippie versus nude and the express white toothpaste. But I also received other items above what was posted by Liz. I also got..
    vera wang embrace perfume sample
    biore baking soda pore cleanser 1 oz
    neutragena acne correct and cover sample card with $1 coupon
    loreal age perfect glow renewal sample card
    loreal true match $1 coupon

    For my classic box I received…
    same express white toothpaste
    same pink lippie
    cetaphil cleanser 1 oz
    jergens wet skin moisturizer 2 oz (I am so sick of getting this although its usually a smaller size)
    banana boat sunscreen lotion 1 oz
    aveeno absolutely ageless restorative night cream .5oz
    aveeno absolutely ageless daily moisterizer .5oz
    a different vera wang embrace perfume sample
    roc multicorrexion 5 in 1 with spf .17 oz
    loreal miracle blur sample card
    same neutragena sample card
    neutragena healthy skin foundation sample card with $1 coupon
    olay regerist moisturizer sample card with $3 coupon
    olay regenerist luminous cream moisturizer sample card with $3 coupon

    • I did get the jergens wet skin moisturizer 2 oz . I have never had it before and I loved it so much its on the top of my shopping list – loved the texture and smell!

      • I love that jergens lotion too, my sample is almost gone and was going to buy the full size (from Target I think) I hope I get another in the Wal-Mart box.

    • These sound like great boxes!!

    • your classic box sounds great I got nothing like that ,?

  27. I’m actually kind of annoyed at the variations between the Trendsetter boxes this round. In my beauty group, we compared. Some boxes (including mine) were short one sample from other Trendsetter boxes. For example, my box looks exactly like the box pictured in the original post but I didn’t get the lip crayon. Someone in my group got the same box minus the lip crayon but they received a Biore product instead. I’m not sure why I was shorted a product entirely.

  28. I just added the second box! No box envy for me, and for $5 it is a gamble I am willing to take. I wanted one of each, so I clicked the “this is a gift” box. I used two different random DOBs (1975, 1991) to ensure I would get one of each boxes. I think I am subbed to 15 boxes now. EEEk.

    • Weird only one of my boxes came

  29. I haven’t been charged for my spring box yet, but my winter box was pretty good. After all the reviews of people not getting much I was surprised to have so many great things. I’m looking forward to this spring box. It looks awesome. On the website it says everything is free and that we are just paying the 5$ for shipping so that’s awesome.

  30. I also got the same box as Liz(classic) but I got the crayon in Pink grapefruit and a L’Oreal serum sample and coupon too. Love my box! I got it about 2 weeks ago and I was one of the original subscribers-not sure if maybe I got the lip crayon because I was one of the first shipmements(?). Nonetheless, I am super happy for $5.

  31. I’m signed up for both boxes, trendsetter and classic, but only got one box. I think the classic. I have to admit I was happy to see a full toothpaste – that will come in very handy for me. I didn’t get the lip crayon either, but maybe that’s in the other box – if that comes. I was a little disappointed in the healing ointment because it came in the Target box too – oh well – one for my purse and one for home.

  32. I’m in the “classic” category, did anybody here received that variation? I’m just curious what’s in it.

    • I received both..I just posted above what came in the classic.

      • Thank you, sounds like a great box I hope I get the same! This will be my first box.

        • Actually, it kind of varies … I saw some people post their (classic) boxes online, and I received somewhat different things in mine. They ship them in batches, and I guess it depends which batch your box comes from. My classic box didn’t have near as much as Latasha listed above … a little disappointing, but still worth $5. 🙂 Hope yours will be great!

  33. I just signed up for this and got put into classic. I can’t seem to add the trendsetter, even if I do a gift subscription with a birth year of 2000! Any suggestions??

    • I just signed up and was able to get both boxes by changing the birth year. Maybe try again?

    • How do you know whether you were put into classic or trendsetter?

      • Under account settings it says classic.

  34. I got 2 boxes. Box #1 came with Colgate high impact white, Dove dry oil body wash, Jergens wet skin, Banana Boat spf 30, Aveeno absolutely ageless restorative night cream, Curel rough skin rescue lotion, Curel itch defense body wash, Neutrogena color stick in almond nude and Cera Ve healing ointment. Box #2 came with Colgate express white toothpaste 1.45 oz. tube, 2 tubes of Jergens natural glow (fair to medium), John Frieda brilliant brunette shampoo and the Burts’s Bees bb cream sample.
    Over all I am very happy. I got the crap winter box with the dandruff shampoo. So I feel this made up for it. I gave the Cera ve to the guys that work for me and they are loving it. I own an auto repair shop and their hands crack and split open every winter. Nothing they have tried worked. Wish there was a coupon for that in the box.

    • Ha! I got the crap,dandruff shampoo winter box too! And that was all there was, besides a hair color brochure. I was so bummed about the winter box. Everyone else got so much stuff, that was decent. the spring box was a huge improvement. I definitely think people that receive their boxes later get way worse boxes. They need to divvy their stock up better. I was missing a few items that others got and I got my box a week ago. It’s disappointing when you see all the good reviews.

  35. I didn’t get the lip thing or the face wash!!!! 🙁

    • Me either 🙁

    • Me neither. I also did not receive the perfume sample many have received or the small samples and coupons. Oh well.

  36. I got the toothpaste, the Cerave healing ointment,and the Jergens natural glow moisturizer like you did. Then I got a Jergens wet skin moisturizer, Banana Boat Sun Comfort sunscreen and St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I received zero coupons-I was bummed about that part:(

    • Sadly, box twins.

      I presume this is the Classic box – awful for me. It will all be tossed in the trash except the toothpaste, I guess. Nothing I would use and no fun items like lippies, etc.

      I am signed up for both but have only been charged $5.00 so far. I’ll wait for Trendsetter and if it is just as crappy, I will be cancelling both promptly. :/

      • You could give these things to a shelter they would love them

    • Same box for me. I just received today. I feel I got the walmart scraps after seeing what everyone else received in their boxes. I am still waiting on my other box and if its not close to what others received, I will be cancelling. These scraps arent worth $5.

    • I got the same exact things as you. Really wanted the brunette hair lightning shampoo and lip crayon. I’m waiting on my other box, so fingers crossed!! Also, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want toothpaste and mouth wash in my beauty boxes!!

    • I got the identical box, too. Even though I am not super excited, I see the boxes as entertainment and get more enjoyment from waiting for and opening than I do from a fancy Starbucks or half a movie 🙂 It is my little surprise package and as long as I get one, I am happy!!

    • I got the same exact box. I wonder how they decide who gets which variation. Some people got their box weeks ago and I just got mine today. I’ve had the subscription for about a year too.

    • Yes,I received no coupons either,we must have got the same box

  37. I’m curious whether anyone got two of the same box again, if subscribed to both versions. Also wondering whether the lipstick might have been specific to one version or the other, since that seems to be an item certain people missed out on. Please reply so I can decide which version to sign up for first- I’m planning to get one early in the season and then the other later, just to see what happens.

    • My box was short three of those items. Not happy.I received the two versions, one was a success and the last one ( classic) was missing items. Not happy with the second but will keep both subscriptions.

    • I got both. I thought they were fantastic. Chock full of goodies. The only duplicate I received was the toothpaste, and every household can always use toothpaste. It’s only an extra $5 every three months – I say go for it.

    • I get both. They were very similar but not identical. They came maybe a week apart. Both had the nude lippy.

    • I got my winter beauty box (classic) early, and loved it. Went back later and ordered the winter box in trendsetter, it was horrible!! Hardly anything in it and not even worth $5 in my opinion. You might be taking a risk to wait.

      • I got a crappy late season box in winter, too. I had unsubscribed and then decided to resubscribe when I found out it was possible to get both versions. Unfortunately I didn’t realize they’d also send me another classic box in the same season, and it was worse than the first one. It does seem the earlier boxes have a better chance of getting the good stuff, but it’s still a gamble, since some people on this thread are already getting what sounds like leftovers. My thought was by staggering the boxes I might get less duplication, but it probably would increase my chances of getting another box full of nothing but foil packs and coupons. It’s hard not to be disappointed when seeing the good stuff others get, but I should just stay subscribed, and think of it as a $5 gamble. One day I may hit the jackpot.

  38. Yes this was the first Walmart box that was worth the 5 dollars by far. I swear its been probably 2 years.I didnt receive the crayon which would of been even sweeter of a box but even with out I am a happy happy girl. Great Job Wamart Box or who makes them.

    • I don’t receive the crayon ether….

    • i didn’t get the lippie either but here’s what weird I got two I. My target box and liked both colors of lipstick

  39. I was very impressed with this season’s Walmart box! I got everything you did plus deluxe samples of a biore cleanser and Vera Wang perfume and foil samples/sample cards of a Loreal serum and Neutrogena foundation. I also got a lot of coupons. I think my toothpaste was a smaller size, and my lip color was a different shade. I think it was called Pink Grapefruit. Overall I was very happy for only $5. I hope this box is a sign of good things to come in future Walmart boxes.

  40. I’ve been looking for a good self tanner for my legs and face – nothing major or too dark, just something that will give me a little glow that’s easy to apply. Any certain tarte one that you’d recommend?

  41. I wish there was a men’s box. I’d get it for my Dad.

  42. How does this work? I have not received my box. I am subscribed and there is nothing updated on the site.

  43. Unless your hair is extremely damaged sulfates are fine for color treated hair, as long as you’re not using them every single wash… just alternate your shampoos. Most stylist use shampoo with sulfates on the back bar, whether they admit it or not.

  44. I loved this box! I have that dry, itchy end-of-winter skin so it came at the perfect time! I got the travel sized tooth paste with a travel sized face wash which was better for me since I’ll only use Tom’s toothpaste. I also got some Neutrogena cover up, which I hated. The Burt’s Bees is so much better! Did anyone else’s Cera Ve have the top practially off? There’s no seal, so I’m not sure if I should use it.

  45. I noticed on a shampoo my daughter uses that it had sulfates so I said you have color you shouldn’t be using it. Well yesterday she informed me that shampoo (Sebastian) the salon gave me that we ended up purchasing also had sulfate. However now the Redkin they sold me Friday does not and says sulfate free. My daughters says colorsafe and salon said the Sebastian was safe too. I think many are now saying colorsafe with sulfate in them. I know you shouldn’t have the sodium laurethyl sulfates. It’s getting confusing I try to stay away from “ates”, lol. I do have natural shampoos like the dr bronners and people don’t like that it leaves the hair ruff but use apple cider vinegar as conditioner and it’s also great for your scalp. ACV is the best conditioner for your hair. I try not to buy any other because I don’t end up using it. Friday they also informed me that washing my hair 3x’s a week was no good, use dry shampoos and try no more than 2. Washing too much strips color and is no good for hair and scalp …. I know but wasn’t aware no more than 2 washes a week. Color treated hair is also best washed in cool water, especially any party colors.

  46. It was a great box. I was looking forward to trying the Burt’s bees sample since I had just purchased the light and it was even for me a little too light. The light/medium sample was better but for some reason this stuff smelled like vomit. I liked the product but the smell really wasn’t good which is why I was surprised to read that it smelled good to you. Maybe it was just my sample because I never have a problem with smells but this one clearly was bad smelling.

  47. It was a great box. Liz, try the Curel body wash. It smells great and feels nice. All those anti-itch claims are probably bogus anyway, since you wash it off your skin. I really enjoyed it. The CeraVe is 65% petroleum jelly, slick and sticky just like pure petroleum jelly.

    • I agree itch claims are very bogus…coming from a household that deals with skin issues. The only thing that’s ever been effective or help is hydrocortisone cream or a prescription lotion that many pharmacies don’t really have anymore or insurance has now not covered. (Now an alternative over the counter which isn’t as effective).They have ingredients that help eat away at dead skin cells to improve skin as well as cut back on itching.

      • What was that cream called? I seem to recall being prescribed a cream that helped with my kp, but can’t remember the name.

        • It’s usually prescribed as a Urea Cream ( my insurance no longer covers and now have to use over counter version) or Lac-Hydrin Five Lotion which is very hard to find, one was ordering it for me and the cost was reasonable but then they called and said we can’t order it anymore. ?

        • Yes Kp in this house as well. Going to talk to the doc about vitamin A treatments because they have found out a lot about it. There is also a gel that cuts back on any redness. but the urea is def what you would have been prescribed.

  48. Mine came with all this except the lipstick. I was disappointed because I was looking forward to trying it.

  49. I was really impressed with this Walmart box. I’ll use everything and the value is great. When I saw the tanning lotion I thought of high school too lol.

  50. I have color-treated hair and I use sulfates all the time. (I also shampoo every day.) I don’t have any trouble at all. I just had a hair appointment yesterday and they said my hair was in wonderful shape.

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