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Oui Please Volume 2.2 Box Spoilers + Coupon!

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Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.35.07 PM

Thanks, Julia, for sharing these spoilers with us! The theme for the Volume 2.2 Oui Please box is “Joie de Vivre.” And here are some hints on brands that will be included in the box:

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More from Oui Please:

This May, OuiPlease Members will be unwrapping Vol 2.2 Joie de Vivre! ‘Joie de Vivre’ is a classic French phrase that encapsulates what it means to live life to its fullest, and to approach each day with undeniable zest and effervescence!

In this box, you’ll be treated to a brand new, exclusive Kusmi Tea blend that has yet to make its United States debut! You’ll also discover a luxurious David Jourquin perfume and the most enviable French jewelry on the Parisian scene. All box variation will includeLes Interchangeables, fashion accessories embellished with luxe Swarovski Crystals, and what else? A Sencha & Bourbon silk and cotton beach cover customized with your initials!

With OuiPlease Vol 2.2, you’ll be stepping into summer 2016 with ultimate Parisian style. How très chic? Maison Lejaby Paris will be unveiling their Crystal Collection with us! Swarovski Crystals will make your May boxes unforgettable!

If you are interested in subscribing, use coupon code OUIJOIE to save 20% off a membership.


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. My box came today to my surprise !!!! I had no idea it had been shipped . This is the best one I have ever received ! I think this is my 6th box . The cover up is very high quality , and the info tag for it is super cool with little seeds on a tag . I received the cami/ underwear set and it is beautiful ! Just hope it fits me. Not crazy about receiving vials of perfume but they are presented in darling little bags with little cloths. Not sure what that is about but makes it more acceptable to me . The exchangeable bracelet is a lovely grey/lavender color and it is dainty and elegant with crystals … The soap is tiny but just a bonus for me at this point. The tin the chocolates come in is also unique and I will reuse it . Haven’t tried the chocolates but they loon delightful . I am so glad I had one more box on my sub! I was going to cancel and I would have been so bummed if I had suffered through several miss boxes for me and then missed this box ! It is a win all around ! Now I am at the place where I need to decide whether or not to re-sub for another year !?!! I don’t know if they will keep this high level of a box , or if they did it as a Hail Mary after so many disappointed customers . Ugh ! I am trying to cut back and now they went and made my decision difficult ? kidding , I am appreciative of this box , it is what I always envisioned this box should be!!!!

  2. I am soooo disappointed. They must have sent me the leftovers. I am done with any boxes over $100. I don’t know if it’s just me with high expectations, but every box that’s been over $100 has been a disappointment, and this one is no different.

    I didn’t receive any type of candy.

    No lingerie.

    I did receive a coverup that’s basically a piece of material. It’s nice material, but looks more like a scarf than a coverup.

    A tiny soap.

    2 small perfumes.

    The ribbon bracelet.

    A Lucky Team bracelet.

    A 3rd bracelet that might fit a child.

    The tea.

    Lastly, some balm.

    3 Bracelets! I’m sorry, but I expected better. I had resigned myself to the fact that the coverup was nothing more than a scarf, but I really expected the rest to be better than this. Honestly, I feel ripped off. I don’t know if I’m more angry or disappointed. Am I just expecting too much? *SIGH*

  3. Is the lingerie a guaranteed item? I love the Cami set and would be crushed if I didn’t receive

  4. Did everyone that received this box get a shipping email or did it just show up?

    • The shipping mail showed up the day after the box was delivered 🙂

      • Thanks for letting me know.
        Are you on the east or west coast. I’m trying to figure out when I should get my hands on this.

        • I am in CO 🙂

    • It just showed up today. I’m in new York state

  5. I am so excited! I just got home and there was a large box from Oui, Please waiting for me 🙂 I first read the magazine and fantasized about which of the options I would have liked, and although not all of them jived, I am pretty happy with my loot!! I am not certain if the total comes up to $410 as listed in the insert, but these are items I would not have purchased on my own. I got the following: (1) a Swarovski stretchable bracelet in light grey which is adorable!! I do not think i’d pay $45 for it, but I think it is perfect on the go in the summer!! (2) 2 x David Jourquin fragrance (kind of like deluxe sized spray), which was a bust for me as I thought the fragrance was too overwhelming for me personally, but then again, I am a light floral type of girl. (3) Mason Lejaby undies and matching tank top with crystals (the tank top is not the type you’d wear outside, lol!!). Both are gorgeous and sexy. Unfortunately I am 7 months pregnant, so I think I will put it in my undies drawer for the next few months until I bounce back to my usual body 🙂 I definitely would like to keep them!! (4) Mason Bossier chocolate petals which melted a little bit. I put them in a fridge to harden up and then my husband and I will try them. They do have colorants in them, but I suppose a little bit of it won’t hurt me. I would not buy them regularly just based on the inclusion of colorants. I do like the tin box in which the petals came, and will keep it after the petals are gone for other bonbons. (5) Harem de Sense “silk milk.” Again, I was not terribly happy about the ingredients, but I liked the smell of the moisturizer. I think I will keep it and use it just on my legs or arms. The ingredients are not horrible, I am just spoiled with organic stuff 🙂 (6) Cousu de Fil soap. It’s tiny, but it has decent ingredients in it. I would not pay $10 for it, but I will be more than happy to try it out!! (7) Sencha & Bourbon scarf/coverlet. I love it and it is not something I would buy normally. It is grey-subtly-turning-into-blue in color and large enough that you can use it to tie around your waist and make a skirt coverlet after the beach. It is dainty enough that you can use it as a scarf or a shoulder cover at a dinner. It is super soft and smells so good!! It has my initials by the corner where the S&B logo is located, and the initials are not imposing at all, so if someone wanted to swap it and the recipient did not mind having someone else’s initials next to a logo which is also an abbreviation, I don’t think anyone else would even realize that there are initials there. In any case, I am super happy about the coverlet/scarf; it is very classy, IMHO. A really cool thing about the tags that came with the coverlet is that it contains four pages with printed stuff on it, cute stuff, musings. Fun to read. Well, what I did not realize until I got to the last page is that the pages contain flower seeds!! You have to plant them, and the planting instructions are on the last page. I know what I will be doing tomorrow!! I just wish I knew if those are indoor or outdoor flowers, but I think I will brave them outdoors. Maybe plant three outdoors and one indoors, just in case. So, that’s my box. Even though I would have liked the other piece of jewelry which was listed in the magazine (the chain or a bracelet with natural stone) and the fragrance was a bust, I am still pretty happy with what I got. And can’t wait to try on those undies, haha! Will probably have to wait at least 4-5 months…

    • So the beach cover up doesn’t have sleeves? I’m just trying to picture it. I thought this was going to be a full cover up. Disappointed if it isn’t.

      • Mine did not… It was more of a scarf-type of deal. Still loved it!!

    • It sounds like we got the same box, except for the color of the scarf! Great box! A shame they just got their act together as my sub is ending…

      • What color did you get?

  6. Ugh. I absolutely cannot decide! I just cancelled my PopSugar. Is it really worth $120 for this box?? I really want a customized cover up, but I’m on the fence about the rest. What do you guys think??

    • You should do it. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t. And at that price you will probably be glad you did.

      • Apparently I’m not hard to persuade haha. I can’t wait to get it!!!

  7. I just got my 2.1 box a week ago. This probably won’t arrive till August.

  8. If anyone doesn’t want the hard candies I am soooo available to swap!

  9. Eeek, I just subscribed for the entire year… I kept going between bimonthly and the yearly one, and if I were to do a bimonthly one for the entire year, I would pay a staggering $350 more (taking the discount they give for yearly subscribers and the OUIJOIE 20% coupon in consideration, which takes $130 off annual membership, but only $30 off the FIRST month but not the following months). At $86 per box ($520/6), the value is pretty amazing!! I just hope they don’t tank or go downhill now 😉

  10. I am so excited for the Sencha and Bourbon coverup. So glad I signed up for another year.

    • Has anyone been able to find one to see what they look like?

      • The only thing I found out is that they are “one size fits all.”

      • It’s basically a scarf.

  11. I’ve been looking at the websites for the products pictured above since I was tempted by these spoilers. Those bracelets that will be in every box appear to be made of ribbon, so not really jewelry as I consider jewelry…..

  12. Does that mean everyone will get the custom cover up ? Or just a few lucky people ?

  13. Who wants to take bets on when the next box will actually arrive?

  14. Not to be negative but…. if they customize the cover up (which I am having a hard time picturing) will that make them harder to swap? Not that that means everything but Oui Please items tend to be hot swapping items. I love the Sencha & Bourbon brand I have two of their scarves and the cover up is almost enough to tempt me but I will still sit this one out. The last few box spoilers were great and the boxes not so much. And after they promised 1951 items in each box and many were small coin purses I just don’t trust the box anymore.

  15. I have re-subbed again, love the Sencha/Bourbon scarf I received in the fall, so can’t wait to get a cover up! And I like most everything else that will be in the box and I used a coupon! Just hope it ships on time!

  16. I wonder if the items shown in those pictures will the actual items they’re putting in boxes. I recall a lot of us thinking we’d be getting Les Petites ponchos based off their early spoilers for 2.1. I’m sitting this round out.

  17. I was going to subscribe, but I can’t get the OUIJOI coupon code to work….

    • Put an “E” on the end of the code.

  18. ‘Coupon “ouijoi” does not exist!’ Any help appreciated.

    • I figured it out. The code is: “ouijoie”.

  19. I really wish the cover up was a for sure thing!!!

    • It says “included in all boxes,” so I imagine it is a for sure thing.

      Whether it will be in your size is another thing.

      • It did not say that about the cover up. That was about the tea and one of the jewelry brands. The cover off will most likely be more like the other scarves or the 1951 bag: some but not all.

        • The picture of the cover up says “included in all boxes”.

          • Thanks! I see that now:)

      • Tamara, if you go to your account page, you can customize your size for shirts, sweaters, socks, and shoes 🙂

        • True!

          But I also remember that T-shirt a few boxes ago that were two or three sizes smaller than marked. That XL I ordered might have fit my thigh. O.o

          • Oooh, that does not sound good. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed!! 😉

        • Just found out that they are “one size fits all.”

  20. If I sign up now, is this the box I’ll receive? TIA!

    • That’s what it says on their website!!

  21. Uhhh… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but based on the brands that are “included in all boxes,” I may actually get this one.

    … Maybe.

    But wait – Liz, whatever happened to your 2.1 review??? I could have sworn you said you got one.

    • Review coming! I’m late on this one! 🙁

      • No problem. 🙂

        Being late seems somehow appropriate for this sub. 😉

        • @Tamara! Perfect response! LOL

        • We need a like button. I would have broken it on Tamara’s post!

  22. I’m liking this – I love Sencha & Bourbon scarves so I would imagine that a beach coverup would be equally fabulous. And the jewelry seems a little different than their usual style, which is a welcome change. I’m excited for this one! I know some people were pretty disappointed with the last box so maybe OuiPlease will knock this one out of the park to lure some ex-subscribers back into the mix.

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