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Little Lace Box Subscription Review – April 2016


Little Lace Box is a bi-monthly lifestyle subscription box for women. Each box is curated around a specific theme. (FYI – they also have another bi-monthly subscription called “Serendipity” that does not have themes, and it is sent out on the off months of LLB. So, if you subscribed to both, you would get LLB and Serendipity on alternating months.)

FYI – if you aren’t familiar with this subscription, make sure to check out our LLB reviews and comments on those reviews.

LLB APRIL 2016 - packaging

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

LLB APRIL 2016 - all items

The Subscription Box: Little Lace Box

The Cost: $59.99 for a single box (Ships every other month)

DEAL: For a limited time only, get your first single box for $44.99 – no code needed.

Also save an additional $15 off your first 6-month subscription with code MSA15 or save an additional $20 off your first annual subscription with MSA20! Learn more about their 3 day sale going on right now!

The Products: Fashion, beauty, or home items, with one item highlighting an up and coming designer.

Ships to: US

Delivered via: USPS

Check out all of our Little Lace Box reviews and the Little Lace box swap page!

Keep Track of your subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

LLB APRIL 2016 - info 1

Each box comes with a letter detailing the theme of that box. This box the theme revolves around New York.

LLB APRIL 2016 - info 2

The inside of the info card has the list of items and details and values of each one. The blurbs about each item are pretty cute/funny.

LLB APRIL 2016 - info 3

And here’s the back page of the info card. Along with the blurbs about the last couple items, they talk about the theme for June – “heavenly day!”

LLB APRIL 2016 - items 1

Rifle Paper Co Mother Daughter Mother’s Day Card – value: $4.50

I know I’m not alone in the subscriber world in adoring anything Rifle Paper Co. Their designs are always so pretty. I think this card is great!

Knot & Bow Party Confetti Packet – value: $4.50

This “single-serve” packet of confetti is cute – I’m not 100% sure what I will use it for yet, but they suggest tucking it into cards that you mail or tossing it on table tops the next time you host a party or get-together.

LLB APRIL 2016 - items 2

Stern Design Works Mini Brass Lead & Puddle Ring – value: $28

This item actually isn’t in the box because they worked it out with Stern Designs to have subscribers receive a code in an email to order their ring for free! This way it can be sized exactly how each subscriber wants it. I love this! You should receive your code within 48 hours of getting your box – if  you don’t, be sure to contact customer service right away! (FYI code expires on June 19th, 2016.)

Eco-Friendly Travel Laundry Bag by Vine Street Markets – value: $29

It’s nice to have an eco-friendly, 100% cotton laundry bag to travel with, in your suitcase or gym bag! This design is being exclusively released via Little Lace Box this month. I like this, but they say that, because it’s made with natural fibers, washing it isn’t really recommended. They suggest spot treating. However, it’s a bag made to put dirty, gross clothing into. I’m going to need to wash it. Ideally, I’d just toss it in with the dirty laundry I use it to carry. Because of this, I’m not actually sure I’ll really reach for it. Am I the only one?

LLB APRIL 2016 - items 3

Claudia Pearson Tea Towel – value: $16

I received Claudia’s Brooklyn design tea towel forever ago in Hazel Lane, so I’m really happy to have this one to pair with it! I really like the design on this towel, and the color goes well in my kitchen.

LLB APRIL 2016 - items 4

Bellapierre Precious 24k Gold Exfoliating Body Scrub – 10.58 oz, value: $80

Subscribers received either this scrub or Bellapierre’s Diamonds Body Butter. I’m glad I got the scrub because I already have so many body butters and lotions! This supposedly has 24k gold in it, but you can’t see it at all in the scrub. It’s possible it’s just a teensy tiny fraction of a gram just to say it has gold in it. That being said, it still feels like a very nice scrub! It smells like a light, lemon-y citrus scent. I may even keep this by my skin as a hand scrub, too.

LLB APRIL 2016 - items 5

Beekman 1802 Aloe & Iris Lip Balm – value: $16

Susbcribers received either this scent or the Wondermint scent. This lip balm feels and smells great! I think I would have preferred the wondermint but it’s still great. And besides, I have other mint lip balms – this one is something a little different!

Fat Witch Coupon Code

This coupon code is good for 15% off an online order at Fat Witch – good until May 30th this year.

LLB APRIL 2016 - items 6

Here’s a better look at the lip balm.

99 Problems Notepad by LLB – value: $4.99

(Sorry I forgot to snag a pic of this by itself!) This notepad was designed by LLB as an homage to Jay Z, who is from Brooklyn. I can always use more note pads and list pads so this handy for me.

Verdict: I calculated a value of $183.99 for this month’s Little Lace Box! That value is amazing. The items themselves didn’t personally wow me but I do think they are fun, practical, and well-chosen. I love that they’re letting subscribers buy the size of ring that they want! I’m definitely looking forward to June’s box, too.

What do you think about the April Little Lace Boxx?

Little Lace Box

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Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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Comments (28)

  1. Has anyone ordered and recieved the ring from the April box yet? It’s been nearly a month since I ordered my ring.

    • Carol, I’m in the same boat. I was thinking about it last night. Mine has also been about a month & nothing. I think I will wait until Monday & email them. ?

      • I also ordered my ring about a month ago and have not received it. They were also suppose to send me replacement items and I have not gotten them either. I emailed customer service because my scrub leaked all over my box they said they would send me replacements but have not seen anything. I guess I will wait til mid next week email about all of that.

    • I’m still waiting on mine as well. My order was placed April 28th, and my order history says “unfulfilled.” If it doesn’t ship soon, I’m afraid it won’t get forwarded to my new address when I move next month 🙁

  2. Anyone else having trouble accessing the page to get their ring? It worked before but now it appears website is down–I’m getting a “cannot find server” on all browsers.

  3. I really love LLB. It’s my favorite box to open. The curation always seems thoughtful and I appreciate that. I did swap the ring, but I’m keeping everything else. I love that they give codes for completely free items unlike Popsugar and their $30 tulips!

  4. I am really happy with the box. I recieved the body butter and tried it today and it was very moisturizing and not greasy (and I live in florida) it’s great. I don’t care what the cost of it is, it worked and glad I got to try a new one. towel, adorable. ring, love it. the laundry bag, I used it for the kids bathing suits, I washed it on gentle /cold and laid to dry flat and it’s fine. no issues. I even tossed it in a mesh bag from mighty fix when I washed it. no problems at all. I love this box.

    • Thank you Hildol, I’ve been on the fence about opening it up & try it or putting it up for swap. I got the Body Butter too. Does you urns have a scent to it at all ? I think I may try it!!

      • It’s very faint light citrus and I really love it. It’s so much fun trying fancy body butters :). Also on the insert card that came with the laundry bag it says it’s washable. Because it is cotton, it can shrink. To avoid shrinkage: If you wash cold and lay flat to dry, it’ll be fine.

      • Ok thanks so much!! ?

  5. I really liked this box and will use everything. The confetti is fun and will be sending it in a thank you card. I appreciate the thought put into each item and am always amazed that the value is more than I pay. I just signed up for Serendipity also and thanks to MSA for letting us know it was available. I have found the customer service to be as thoughtful as their boxes.

  6. The laundry bag does not have to be used for laundry only. Use it in your closet to organize intimates, or socks. Kids clothes. Small items for travelling. Pack away seasonal stuff. So many uses. I am a crafter and this is perfect for a project bag – I can stick a knitting project with all the yarns, needles and pattern in one cool bag (in fact I already did). I’m trying to move away from plastic bags and containers. I like the bag!

    • Great Idea!! ?

    • Lots of great alternate uses! Thank you for all the ideas.

  7. This is my first LLB box, and truthfully I’m kind of underwhelmed. I don’t wear rings, so that’ll be either swapped or gifted. Laundry bags NEED to be washed or they’re useless. Confetti? That leaves a card that’s a little cutsie, a tea towel, and an overpriced scrub or body butter. I’m debating whether to order the next box.

  8. I have a question with Brass Rings please! Does anyone know if these will Tarnish & what the care is for them??? Thanks in Advance Ladies!!! >>>>>>>>>> Also Haley your Review was Perfect & on Point. The only thing I swapped so far was the Laundry Bag. I too thought it was cute but not being able to wash a laundry bag is just Not fitting.

    • Over time they do tarnish, and the best advice I ever got was to rub lemon juice on it. Squeeze a little lemon juice onto a wash cloth and rub on the areas that are tarnished. It will look brand new again! 🙂

      • Thank You so Much hKC !! I think I’m gonna go ahead & order it instead of putting it up for a swap! That sounds easy enough to keep it shiny! Has anyone got their email Code yet for the ring? I revieved my box on Wednesday & I haven’t recieved a email yet❓

      • No problem Kristin! I hope you enjoy the ring. I got my code on Thursday and the email should have come from info at with the subject line Stern Design Works LLB Code.

  9. LLB and Serendipity are my absolute favorite subscription boxes. I love the themes that LLB curates. Everything is high quality and exposes me to new items that I may not have found on my own. The value of the boxes always exceeds the cost. They are fun, quirky at times, and items that I always use. I get giddy every time I open my mailbox and see a parcel from them. It’s a must have for me and I cannot recommend them highly enough!

  10. (Is it just me or was this comments section inaccessible until recently?)

    I agree that this box isn’t terribly NY. It isn’t even remotely Broadway. But I don’t particularly care. I totally get that strongly themed box is appealing for many people. But I personally care SO much more about whether or not I like the actual items in the box.

    The only thing I love here is the ring. But I do think I love it. I like the rest of the items reasonably well (okay, not the confetti.)

    The body scrub is stupidly overpriced (why oh why would I care if there’s gold in my scrub???) and it does almost offend me that Bellepierre would price it so high. But ultimately, it doesn’t bother me much since I’m not actually paying that. And the total box RV is still over $120 if you knock $60 of the scrub. And I love body scrubs (please let me get the scrub, not the body butter) so yay, that’s an item I expect to enjoy.

    As for the codes they send to pick out our own items – I LOVE that. I can understand why it might feel like a bother for some people. But they’re always 100% free (ahem. I’m looking at you, FFF) and it allows for customization that you can’t otherwise get in a sub box. I LOVED picking out my own vinegar and my own flowers and my own pillow. And I love that I get to pick out a ring in a size that will actually fit my stupid man-hands (for once) without the ring having to be too big for people with small hands.

    • Yes – so sorry. The comments section was mistakenly turned off for this post when it first launched.

      • Liz my box was Delivered on Wednesday Afternoon but I still haven’t had a email with the Code, I also have been checking Junk/Spam… Do you know when they are gonna send them by any Chance? Thank you in Advance.

    • I noticed that too! Glad the comments section is accessible again. I was starting to worry that the main site was becoming just as censored as the forum.

  11. I’m from New York and nothing about this says New York to me.

    • Personally, I was hoping there was something that saluted broadway in the box rather than just the info card. Has anybody tried the brownies from the place the coupon is for? I’d have to spend like fifty dollars on brownies in order for the coupon to almost cover just the shipping cost.

      • There was a sample in the Serendipity box last month and the brownies were nothing you can’t make at home or buy in a grocery store. Decent but NOT worth spending a fortune on or ordering.

  12. Haley, appreciate your candor and ability to consider usefulness of items when reviewing. I think the curator has a great eye for an eclectic mix of interesting items I haven’t really seen before but for the price it amuses rather than compels me to subscribe. I guess I am not the demographic they are reaching towards? The coupons and items which need an additional step to obtain are another deterrent. Laundry bags which can’t be washed and confetti packages along with $80. “Gold” or “Diamond” creams are for someone with a different lifestyle.
    But for a person who could enjoy this kind of subscription, I have to say, it is a great way to try and experience new things!

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