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POPSUGAR Must Have March 2016 Box Spoiler + Coupon!

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POPSUGAR Must Have Box

We have a spoiler for the March 2016Β POPSUGAR Must Have box!

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 2.46.24 PM

The Product: Nanette Nanette Lepore Classic Rose Gold Watch

About the Product:
– The watch has a beige vegan leather strap and a white enamel dial with rose gold roman numerals, hands and face. Battery included.
– Sugg. Retail $55
– Designed exclusively with POPSUGAR Must Have.
– Nanette Lepore is launching her new watch category this month called Nanette Nanette Lepore and partnered with POPSUGAR to create an exclusive design as a first look into the new collection. Watch for this new collection on later this month.

And here are the themes for this box:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 1.33.53 PM

The themes are Feminine, Illuminating, Refreshing and Vibrant.

What do you think of the spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box. (Check out our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what has been in past boxes!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Very pretty! I just swapped away the Cluse watch and was kind of regretting it a bit, but I think I actually like this one better. Very nice item to include in a regular monthly box, IMO. (Even if the term ‘vegan leather’ hurts my head). πŸ˜‰

  2. Very pretty but I think I’m gonna keep the wooden watch from the luxor box and swap this one;)

  3. I subcribed with the friends & family discount and think that all boxes so far have been great for the price I paid.

    I’ve been laughing about the anti-vegan leather comments. I wonder how many drive cars with lethearete seats! πŸ˜‰

    You’ve got love marketing geniouses in order to appreaciate the irony…

    • How did you get the Friends & Family discount on the Popsugar box?

    • I was thinking the same thing but I said lather bags

  4. Really happy with this selection! Their jewelry picks seem to tend towards flashy, youthful. Nice to see a neautral, functional piece that works for most. (when did I get so old?)

  5. I’m excited for this one! I love watches and an glad that is vegan leather. Yes, vegan leather can look cheap, but it can also be great – deux lux bags are great. Real leather can look cheap, if not cheaper than vegan leather sometimes – it all depends on how much you want to pay.

    And I like the new website design too! Only thing missing is the MSA logo at the top of the pages so I don’t have to scroll up (like someone else mentioned before). It shows up on my phone, but not desktop computer . I don’t know how you guys do it all, but Liz and Eric ( and Buckles) are just awesome!

    • Thanks, Randi! πŸ™‚ We just added a MSA logo to the fixed navigation. Hopefully that works for you – but please let me know if there are any other issues!

  6. I don’t get it! It’s a plain watch with a cheap band and boring face. I’ll stick to my ecko drive with its pretty mother of pearl face and skip this….enjoy all!

    • I agree and certainly don’t see anything exciting about the echo drive to each their own!

    • Come on, not everyone shares the same tastes. No need to take offense if someone dislikes your watch, of all things. I’m not a fan myself, but all the excitement here makes me think I won’t have much trouble swapping mine. A positive to the negative. The world spins on.

  7. I already have a watch that I love, so I will be gifting or swapping mine.

    • what does everyone mean by swap? can u swap items if u dont like an item im very confused and new to popsugar must have please help

      • MSA has a swap site that you can get on the wait list to join and whenever you receive something from a box you’re not over the moon about you just swap it for something that makes you do the happy dance!! πŸ™‚
        I pretty much swap everything I receive just because I like to talk to the ladies and get stuff I’ll actually use!! HA!

        • thank you! i was very confused, yah i dont like this watch at all ima be giving it away

  8. I love this watch, but I had my heart set on a vibrating tampon. Darn you, Popsugar!

    • Ha! Best MSA comment ever

      • when I saw the spoiler words, the first thing that came to my mind was tampon too, didn’t think of vibrating but good call there! xx

    • Bwahahahahahahaha! ???

    • So did I!

    • Dani, you’re my spirit animal!!

    • ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!
      I have just, literally laughed out loud!!!!

  9. Not sure how this watch fits the theme of Feminine, Illuminating, Refreshing and Vibrant. Spring forward with a watch and maybe that’s vibrant.

    Nice watch for a monthly box! Just not for me, I have enough watches.

    • The rose gold and pink seem pretty feminine? ?

      • Agreed (that the rose gold and pink seem pretty feminine).

  10. Yay! I normal don’t wear watches but I might just wear this one as jewelry piece because it’s so pretty πŸ™‚

    I actually ordered the February box but they miscalculated and ran out of stock earlier than expected. I was a bit disappointed but I think the March box looks quite promising!

  11. The theme makes me think of a maxi pad or tampon commercial lol

    • Yes! Thanks PS, for giving us a controversy that doesn’t involve the November election. πŸ™‚

  12. Psyched! I’m a watch person, can’t leave the house without one lol. Can’t wait to receive this awesome box! Seriously considering resub after my 6-month is finished πŸ˜€

  13. Very pretty watch and I think it’s a fantastic inclusion.

    Although with this, the Cluse watch from BoS, and the wooden watch coming up in Luxor, I’ll be swimming in watches! Guess I should start wearing them more than once every few months.

  14. The watch is so cute and classy and I can’t wait to…sell it on eBay! Lol It is adorable but I don’t wear watches, except for the Fitbit Blaze I intend to get in a few weeks, which would render this watch useless. But if you want it, I’ll see you on eBay! Haha

  15. I LOVE it! I bought a winter white Swatch to use for casual wear but needed a new neutral for spring and summer. This is PERFECT. I love the rose gold, so on fleeeeek! Awed that this is in a regular PS box – can’t wait to see the rest. Now officially my new favorite subscription box.

  16. This watch is totally gorgeous, and totally close to what I’ve been looking for! My main hope is that it doesn’t look too oversized on me (small wrists and hands). And if the strap isn’t removable well.. I’m going to a leather scrap sale soon and I won’t be opposed to jerry-rigging my own supple leather band.

  17. Well, that is just… hideous. My eyes skipped right by it to the little white dish and I was excited for a second, but then I realized. Yikes.

    Liz, the website updates look great, but the Target beauty box popup is inescapable now. Every time I close it, it only stays closed until I scroll up or down the page.

    • Thanks for letting us know. We’ll fix it – sorry about that! Glad you like the changes otherwise! πŸ™‚

      • How do we get to the home page again other than scrolling all the way up? I use to hit the my subscription addiction button in the upper left but it’s gone now. Love the new design though.

        • yeah, I miss that too

        • Thanks for letting me know about this issue. We’re going to brainstorm and get a solution live soon. I’ll keep you posted! πŸ™‚

  18. I only wear my apple watch so this is going up for swap… that makes me so sad…. I really really love this watch but hopefully someone else will love it more and use it more <3

  19. I love this! I am happy with the vegan leather aspect personally because I don’t wear leather. I know it may look “cheap” to some but for the price point of this box I think it’s great!

  20. I had to double check this wasn’t for a LE box. Super excited to get this watch!!!

    • I totally did the same thing!!

  21. OMG!! I did a double take. I received an email from Popsugar and like someone else said, I though they were sharing a Resort Box spoiler. I let out a squeal when I saw this was the March box. The watch is gorgeous, I LOVE rose gold (it will match my EC planner) and I actually needed a watch. I have two fossil watches but both have dead batteries. Looks like March might be just as good as February, which was by far the best box EVER!!

    • Super easy to change with batteries from the dollar store, FYI. (:

    • What Ms. Gonzalez said, you can also take it to a jewelry store and pay them to change it out if it has that special water resistant back close that requires the tools. Or maybe try taking it to a Fossil store too.

      • I know, and I have in the past, twice actually. But then they ran out again and honestly I am just bored with them I have had them for practically ten years now. Ready for something new! The rose gold is so pretty, and I have no problem getting a new strap is the “vegan leather” one doesn’t last. I just love the dial.

  22. YAAAASSS, honey!

    I’ve never subscribed to PopSugar because I never saw a spoiler that convinced me to sign up. But this one lured me in and trapped me. I’ve been meaning to buy a nice watch and this one is exactly my style. Plus I love Nanette Lepore. It’s an all around win for me.

  23. I kind of liked this until I saw “vegan leather.” That term makes me cringe. It’s basically cheap vinyl or something. There is no such thing as vegan leather. It’s an oxymoron. I understand that people who are vegan like the leather look, but personally it just seems cheap to me. Hope I like the rest of the box!

    • That is hilarious “vegan leather” Rv $55? Nothing so great, so far.

    • Lol! Agreed, can’t stand that term!! Really like the look of the watch though.

      • Donna, thanks for the link, no wonder there’s that nasty stink with it! I wish people paid better attention to the hypocrisy of the whole thing. I’m glad they want to do something but I wish they wouldn’t go into things as blindly as they do.

        • Some people prefer “vegan leather” due to animal rights issues, not necessarily environmental issues. I don’t feel everyone who prefers vegan leather is being hypocritical since that is not the only reason one would prefer it over genuine leather.

        • But I do understand the articles final point.

        • It all comes down to deciding for yourself which is the lesser of the two evils.
          (sorry for the multi-posts, I wish I could edit prior posts)

        • I think you can’t necessarily fault them for it because it’s how the products are advertised. And that is a huge cottage industry. Would they like this watch if the band was ‘leather- like’, or ‘artificial leather’? Labeling it as ‘vegan’ appeals more to their emotions.

          Along those lines too, ( I have to thank Liz πŸ™‚ and MSA for helping me be more aware of the ingredients in cosmetics and skincare) I’m reading lately that ‘natural’, ‘organic’ are not necessarily what you think they are or that they are safer! Basic caveat: buyer beware!

    • Yeah, that term gets me too. Nice spin on vinyl. Not that I’m above wearing “fake” leather products but I wish companies didn’t use silly terms like this.

      • Calling it vegan leather just makes me laugh. That term also reminds me of another term – French terry. Fancy name for sweatshirt fabric πŸ™‚

    • I always associate that weird chemical smell with “vegan leather.” Since I wear a smart watch this is a meh for me anyway.

    • It doesn’t always seem cheap. Deux Lux bags almost seem like real leather.

      • Agree! I thought vegan leather was all bad until I got that fringe purse in Nina Garcias box and it is awesome. Fingers crossed that this watch is as nice in person, I love the picture!

        • it doesn’t seem fair to judge the vegan leather on this watch when no one has even seen it yet. You can’t make such broad assumptions that it’s going to suck or smell weird… Besides, even if it does have any sort of smell to it, so does dead flesh.. i mean, come on. If you really need to have dead flesh on your arm, you can buy a replacement watch band somewhere. They do sell them.

          • I totally agree about the smell. Even though I am not against leather, I can’t stand the smell of a leather goods shop. Just walking by and its strong enough to knock you out.

          • The smell is what they treat the leather with.

      • Agree. Deux Lux bags are so soft and definitely quality material.

  24. Is it possible to only buy one box?

    • Yes, just purchase it as a “gift”.

  25. AHH this is perfect!!! And I love, love, love that it’s vegan!

  26. I’m so excited!! I’ve needed a new watch for ages but all the boxes have leather ones, which I’m ethically opposed to. Thrilled to see a vegan leather watch–Love PopSugar!!

    • I agree with you. Just worried their snack won’t be vegan.

  27. I wasn’t going to do it. I was going to be good. But this watch is PERFECTION.

  28. Whoo! I’m so excited for this spoiler! Hope the rest is awesome too!

  29. The watch is cute, but why does it have to be fake leather?

    • For people who are opposed to it. And because leather is expensive.

  30. Darn you Popsugar!!! I am trying to quit, but you aren’t making it easy!!! Just purchased another “gift” box for myself. Two beautiful watches this month, Popsugar and Luxor πŸ™‚

  31. Love it!! Nothing something I “need” but it looks very pretty and I can always use another watch πŸ™‚

  32. What a great spoiler! I am excited for this month’s box. (It’s tempting to order one because the watch would be a great gift for someone I know…….but I don’t want to share mine)

    • *Order ANOTHER one….

  33. As a vegan, I’m so excited I can keep this watch! I won’t wear leather so it’s exciting that more compaies are stepping up and going with man made materials for those of us that care about the animals.

    • I agree! The leather items in the Rachel Zoe boxes have kept me from ordering. I’m really excited about this watch – it looks very pretty.

    • I get the appeal of “vegan leather” for vegetarians/vegans. My 13-yo daughter is one and she broke down in tears when she found out the boots she’d been wearing and had gotten as a gift were actually made of leather. But I don’t think that companies include these products to appeal to vegetarians. Rather, man-made materials are much cheaper and “vegan leather” sounds much better than PVC.

      • I was just going to pop in to say this exact thing. It’s PVC and “vegan leather” is just a marketing tool that makes using cheaper materials sound more appealing. Great for everyone who is thrilled about it…but I prefer my “vegan” materials to be fabric instead of chemical.

    • woohoo! me too! PopSugar is so good at honoring the animals with so many of their products and food. One of the reasons I’ve stuck with them for so long.

    • I love Vegan leather! I have a purse Vegan leather & it’s so buttery soft!! But mine is going up for swap because I don’t wear watches. It’s beautiful tho I’m loving the Rose Gold!

      • I agree.. vegan leather is really nice. It isn’t like pleather these days.

        • No, not pleather, but it is plastic. Which is just as bad for the environment. I see if you have only animal ethics reasons for being vegan, but if you care about the environment, the impact is just as bad.

  34. The watch looks really good (my color scheme), and I love the versatility of popsugar. They never let you bore. Now I am thinking about keeping this subscription when my 6 months will finish.

  35. I absolutely love it! Thanks, Popsugar! Especially as FFF has ?.

    But yeah not sure how this fits our themes? Are we still getting feminine wash? I just want to know ?

    • To me this watch is the definition of femininity. Seriously, I don’t see how you can get more feminine than this. So I’m going to say this is “feminine”.

      • She’s joking. πŸ˜‰

  36. They also have a picture of Moscow Mule mugs tagged with #musthavebox posted on the popsugarmh Instagram page. That could be the refreshing item.

    • Just kidding, I just remembered these were in the Men’s holiday box.

  37. I guess this would be the feminine spoiler and I normally hate gold; but I love watches! I wear one everyday. I’ve never gotten a watch in a sub box, so I’m excited.

  38. I’m still super happy with my rose gold Cluse from the RZ box…that has a real leather band. Nanette Lepore is pretty high end so I would think that her actual (non-collab) watches will be real leather and higher cost and this is probably a cheaper version of what the brand will sell at Bloomingdales. But I guess that’s cool in it’s own way like a Target designer collaboration…just not for me.

    • I really liked the Cluse watch, but I don’t wear leather. Alas, I had to let it go… So for me, this is like the Cluse…but better because I can actually wear this one! πŸ™‚

    • I wear my black band Cluse watch every day but black is not very “spring.” Can’t wait to switch out to this one!

  39. Oh, wow! I’m really excited about this month’s box. I had signed up in January so I could get that speckled bin, with every intention of cancelling. But then the February box blew me away, and this spoiler has me at the edge of my seat. PopSugar might be my favorite sub box yet!

  40. It does look very pretty. I’m not a watch wearer but might consider keeping it as a jewelry piece – though I never wear pink so I’m not sure if that would work.

  41. LOVE IT!!!

    (Although I was looking forward to glow in the dark tampons)

    • Hahahahahaha!!

    • XD

  42. I love it! I can’t wait for the box!

  43. Illuminating: Candle? Highlighter?

  44. I couldn’t resist after seeing this spoiler! ❀️ Love anything rose gold! Even my engagement ring is rose gold!

  45. Very pretty!!! I got a watch in rachael zoe box and love rose gold. Happy to add another watch to my collection

  46. Love the watch! Which one is it on the theme – feminine?

  47. OMG I love this!!!!!!!! I had to do a triple take and make sure this wasn’t the Resort box as it looks so expensive! Omg favorite Popsugar item EVER!!!

  48. Thanks so much for reaching out and getting more information about this! I saw the spoiler, but couldn’t find any mention of the watch on the internet.
    I think the watch looks beautiful!

  49. I personally don’t need but definitely think its a nice item to include! Love rose gold. Seems like March is watch month!

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