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Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Mar 2016


Peaches and Petals is a monthly lifestyle box that sends you “fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern” items. You can expect items like fashionable jewelry, accessories, and beauty samples.

PEACHES & PETALS MARCH 2016 - packaging

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

PEACHES & PETALS MARCH 2016 - all items

The Susbcription: Peaches and Petals

The Cost: $19.99/month with free shipping (this is a recent price increase for new subscribers; if you’ve been subscribed already, your previous $14.99/month cost carries you until March 15. You can read all the details and get more info here.)

COUPON: Use code PEACHADDICT to save 50% off your first month!

The Products: “fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern lifestyle” items

Ships to: US

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PEACHES & PETALS MARCH 2016 - info 1

Each box also includes an info card that lists and describes each item in the box.

PEACHES & PETALS MARCH 2016 - info 2

They also include a sneak peek at a spoiler item in every box. April is going to have a facial cleansing brush! I KNOW some of you said you wanted to see this in a subscription box when we asked you in one of our previous posts!

PEACHES & PETALS MARCH 2016 - items 1

“Colored Me Inspired” Mug with Spoon – value: $5?

This mug is cute. It’s not my taste, and it seems like it could be a dollar store item, but a mug (especially ones with these little spoons) are always fun.

PEACHES & PETALS MARCH 2016 - items 2

Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow – value: $3

This is just an item I would never pick up for myself! I love doing my makeup. Plus, these have the darkest color by your lash line and the lightest by your crease, which isn’t a way I like to do my eyes (very basically, I like lighter tone/color all over, medium shade in my crease, darkest shade in the corner of my eye). To my surprise, these have some good reviews on amazon. I have somewhat sensitive skin so I was worried about putting such an interesting/cheap product straight on my eyes, so I tried it on my hand. The pigmentation is okay but it’d definitely need some blending on your eye, though, which seems easy enough with just your fingers.

PEACHES & PETALS MARCH 2016 - items 3

Stress Relieving Coloring Book – value: $3.99

Colored Pencil Set with Sharpener Lid – value: $4?

A grown-up coloing book is something I was hoping to see in a subscription box – honestly, they’re so cheap I’m surprised we haven’t seen them in any! And of course, they had to also throw in colored pencils. I like this little set. They’re cute and easy to just keep on your desk or something.

PEACHES & PETALS MARCH 2016 - items 4

Here’s a better look at the pencils.

PEACHES & PETALS MARCH 2016 - items 5

Sassy Fras Splatter Paint Bath Bomb – value: $6

Their website says this bath bomb is scented with “jellybean fragrance” and infused with grapeseed oil. I prefer to use natural products in my baths, so this will be gifted or swapped!

PEACHES & PETALS MARCH 2016 - items 6

Ultra-Slim Portable Battery – value: $15?

I love getting portable batteries (I know there’s been a lot in subscription boxes this past year). Personally, I can’t get enough – I stash them everywhere! In the car, in my diaper bag, in different rooms, etc… This one is definitely “ultra-slim.” I would say it looks like a typical phone battery in a metal casing. It came with a USB to micro USB cord, which is necessary to use it. I just wish there were some information on the specs – how many milliamps it stores and how many amps it puts out, etc.

“Enjoy Everything” Zipper Pouch – value: $3?

This is a cute little pouch! I like the pattern on it. It’s pretty small, but I’m sure I can find some use for it.

Verdict: I’m satisfied with this Peaches and Petals box. I know their description on their website says “vintage-modern items,” but I think they’re catching on that a general “lifestyle” box is probably better received/more in demand. The value this month adds up to about $41, but a lot of my value was based off of similar products I could find online or educated guesses. Overall, I’m happy.

What do you think about Peaches and Petals? 

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Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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Comments (19)

  1. Does anyone know when they typically ship? I paid nearly two.weeks ago and it still says unfulfilled next to my order..

  2. I actually LOVE the mug. It does seem cheap and was probably a $1 find, but I think its cute. I’m also a mug collector, so it was nice. I like the bath bomb also but I currently live in a house with no bath tub 🙁 Just showers. I also enjoyed the phone charger as well! It’s one of those things that I probably wouldn’t go grab for myself, but I should have. The coloring book was a hit also; I already have two and some pencils, but I love a variety. I also love the pencil container and the sharpener.

    I gave the fabric pencil case older to my niece. I was looking for one for her anyway, and I thought she’d like it more. Though, I could’ve used it myself. I also gave her the make up eye thing. I just don’t wear a lot of make up.

    I was very surprised and happy. I didn’t like Feb. review but I already bought March’s. I am very happy with what I got, but I think I actually need to declutter my life so I won’t be getting another one for awhile.

  3. FYI, the Eye Majic shadow pods aren’t typically sold individually. They’re part of a set with a variety of colors. For $13 you get 16 of them so the value given may be a bit on the high side of estimates.

    • I should add that this is a for-sure Groupon item, in keeping with the overall dollar store theme….

  4. These items all seem pointless and random. There’s nothing in there u want or care about.

  5. I always like their boxes, there is always a variation. I always look forward to it because there is usually something in it that surprises me. For the price, I think it’s great.

  6. I keep watching this box, because I like the idea of its wide variety of items. Unfortunately, though, with the possible exception of the coloring book, once again this month’s curation screams “dollar store junk” to me. At $15 I might have been willing to chance that I’d like an item or two,but at $20 I’ll pass.

    • I agree with you Janet. I love the concept of this box and am looking for an additional monthly lifestyle box (I already get Popsugar) so I have been watching this one. One month it had me intrigued but since then it seems like dollar store type items.

  7. I’ve been eyeing this subscription and have taken advantage of the discount code to try it! I will be starting with April’s box, but this one was so cute and fun, I’m sorry I didn’t get this one!

  8. I’m still waiting on mine 🙁 I ordered it March 9th and they said it would ship the week of the 22nd. I got a tracking email but when I check the tracking, it says the number has been voided and UPS doesn’t have the package. So I’m a little disappointed so far. I bought it because I want the coloring book, pencils and mug.

    • I just called today to figure out what was happening I ordered the 6th because since the 23rd mine has said ready for UPS and hasn’t changed yet. I got told that a distributor shorted them and that I should see movement this week. I think I read an earlier comment from the middle of the month saying that was what they got told so I kinda don’t understand why it wouldn’t of been fixed already. Unless I read it for last month or something but I really think it was for this months box. I guess April is the new March. First time and maybe last time I’m getting the box. I’m happy I cancelled my subscription which is only because I wanted to see if I liked this box to see if I wanted to continue. I feel by the time I do get my box/ you get yours we will be able to see what’s in Aprils box.

      • I got my March box today, finally. I kept harassing them about when was it shipping and getting tracking. This was my first and last box, it’s great for $10, for $20 I feel a bit ripped off. It’s nearly all made in China crap. The coloring book is not as cool as I thought it’d be, like the ones at Target for $5 are great. The colored pencils are useless, there’s barely any color payoff. I can’t even figure out how to work the charger, what to do with it, there are no instructions. I don’t like the super plain packaging it came in either, it’s like a bulk item they got for super cheap. The eye makeup thing I can’t even get over, how strange. The mug is so cute and 1/2 the reason I ordered the box. I didn’t get the pencil pouch, instead I got a ‘What I Ate Journal’. It actually has a price on it, that says $8; but it’s a tiny pocket journal.

      • Oops commented on the wrong post I don’t know If you “sara” gets notified but if you do or you just come to look to see if someone commented look at 3 posts down.

      • I accidently replied to the wrong post just look 3 posts down.

  9. I thought that they did a nice job with this months’ theme. I received the Mandala Coloring Book– looks like there was also a Flowers one sent out. I do a LOT of Adult Coloring and there are 2 subs that I receive that are only for this– Adult Color Box and Art Therapy– both send a selection of books/ pencils/gel pens/markers each month(ACB is especially good for this). I have received some in random subs too: Dec ’15 5 Wacky Women, Taste of Home Winter Box, and Spring ’16 Konenkii Box, but I’m surprised that someone like PopSugar hasn’t jumped on this.

    • thanks for the tip on other boxes with coloring items! BTW If anyone got this box and doesn’t want their coloring book I am on the mysubscriptionaddiction swap page looking for one!

      • I really only wanted the charger and I thought the pencils were cute. I ended up getting wipes and nail polish though instead of the charger. I actually was just in big lots today and saw that the wipes are 2 dollars and I looked online and the nail polish was around 5 dollars. March was also my first and last box. The last time I called them which was when I got my box (around the time that you did) I told them that I was happy I didn’t pay 20 and that I canceled my subscription. I called them because I thought everyone would of got the charger. That’s what I thought would of been the semi big ticket item that was probably around 10ish dollars could be less. I asked them if that scrub machine (sorry I can’t remember right now what it’s called) that’s the preview item if it would be in all the boxes and I got told no. So, hopefully they didn’t understand my question because I have read a lot of reviews that have said that they are just ordering for the machine. Oh well at least I tried them out but never again. I feel like it may of all been worth less then 20 possibly 20 all together. Not worth the price at least I don’t think so.

      • Sorry, I replied to the wrong post if either of you read the comment and went. Umm why did she comment that on my post.

  10. I’m actually pretty excited for this! I am hoping mine gets delivered today so I can add that mug and spoon set to my daughter’s Easter basket. I keep a stack of coloring books and colored pencils next to the tv for Netflix binging so that is perfect for me! Also looking forward to the bath bomb. I usually end up breaking or losing portable batteries so I’ll have to remember to just store this one with the rest of our tornado preparedness gear. Thanks for another wonderful review, Haley!

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