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Oui Please 1.6 Box Spoiler Pictures!

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New Subscription Box: Oui Please Box

Thanks to petitjete we have spoiler pictures for the Oui Please Vol 1.6 box:

What do you think of the spoilers?

Have you received your box yet? Let us know what you received! (I’m hoping mine shows up soon, assuming I get one! I received a renewal notice email that my annual subscription payment failed, but I didn’t think I would be charged again until I received 6 boxes in an annual membership, so I’m waiting to hear back on what’s going on).

If you are interested in subscribing, use coupon code OUINOELΒ to save 20% off a membership. (Regularly $150 a parcel, ships approximately every 2 months).

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Does anyone know, is the Oolution Glow Up a cleanser or a moisturizer? It doesn’t say on the tube, it doesn’t say in the magazine, and I cannot find any information on what, exactly, it is! Help!!

  2. I cancelled in December before by annual renewed. Box just arrived in TN today. Most contents are similar except I received a 1951 zipper pocket pouch that isn’t the cardholder size or the clutch–it is in between the two like a cosmetic size.

    Cosmetic 1951 bag in a matte pink $$
    Mirogole Sorbonne earrings $60
    Tassia bracelet $50
    Harems des send silk milk $30
    Histoires de parfum Vert Pivoive $40
    Oolotion glow up in a tube, not pump as shown $??, probably not $40. More like deluxe sample size
    Lebon toothpaste $17
    Ladure chocolates $25
    Carmelized walnuts (not macadamia nuts) $15

    $275 total plus whatever the 1951 cosmetic pouch is valued at-$100??

  3. So my box is similar to above but I didn’t get a candle or the cologne I also didn’t get the catalogue I feel like my box is missing stuff since it is missing the catalogue I’m super bummed can someone send me pictures of the catalogue I don’t even think that my box meets the value I paid for it πŸ™ since it doesn’t have everything in it my email is baneaners at thanks

  4. Got my box today..not a wow! Got the little 1951 in dark brown…boo… And of course earrings, little bracelet. A perfume,chocolates,walnuts a ,very tiny numerous 8 bracelet that would fit my dog and the oolution and the tube of lotion. I was ok with it until reading that others got the actual clutches from 1951 or the cute silver Node jewlery…now I am bummed by this box once again… Looked for a while that they were keeping items and values more similar…but after getting my last box from my annual subscription, no shipping confirmation yet….may not resubscribe! Perhaps Luxor has it right by sending everyone same items! Oh,well….

    • mine was similar to yours. it’s pretty good. but the 3 month wait kills it.

  5. My box is a bit different from everybody elses.

    I did not get either a 1951 card case or clutch. Instead, I got the tiger necklace which is done in bronze with a black satin ribbon. Not the gold chain as pictured but it is valued at $170 and is something I would wear though I probably would more likely wear with a chain. I also got the bracelet, and the earrings, the 1804 perfume, the harem des sems silk milk, the toothpaste, the glolution (which I had already gotten from French box), carmelized walnuts (not macademia nuts) and the ladures. I was happy since I already have a clutch. The total value was $447.

  6. I received my box and adore the slight variation in jewelry that I received. I will definitely renew despite the last 2 shipping delays. I have always felt that the items were unique, authentic, luxe & fun.

  7. For those of you who haven’t received your boxes yet, I bring hope: I just got mine and it contained an actual 9″ X 5″ 1951 clutch, not a card holder, in pink (I think the website calls it “bubble”). Listed value is $100. Unfortunately. The clutch has a small pen mark on the front, but I’ll see what i can do to remove it. I also received the earrings, pearl bracelet, silk milk, ollution, Histoires perfume, toothpaste, chocolate disks and carmelized walnuts. Box value wasn’t significantly higher than others at $377, probably because I didn’t receive a candle or a second perfume. I feared a ” bad box” as retaliation for both 1) cancelling my annual subscription and 2) writing a Facebook post strongly suggesting that they start being upfront with us about shipping, but my fears were unfounded.

    • I received the exact same box as you. I also cancelled my yearly subscription with two boxes left to go. I too worried that I would receive a bad box, if I got a box at all, but I did receive the pink clutch as well!

      I never received a tracking email and it showed up today, I’m in Houston, TX.

  8. Honestly, I am wondering if they have “heard us” regarding the extreme variations in contents and value of past boxes. I received for the first time a box that actually looked like the review box shown on MSA. Yes I was surprised the 1951 Maison was so small but I have other sizes so actually enjoy the coin purse size. I am much more satisfied this go round than I have been with past boxes.

  9. I received exactly the box pictures above with Tuberose Histories de parfums, vanilla candle and a red 1951. Looking thru the little catalogue I notice that the contents don’t vary as wildly as the last few boxes so probably more of us will be happy this time around! My last box (in comparison to the other versions) was pretty horrible. I can live with this one. The earrings are very cute and the bracelet is very delicate but not microscopic (unlike those little chain rings, lol). I think I’ll just get 3 months subs to GlobeIn and be happy!

  10. Did anyone who had their account canceled or on hold actually get this box? I’ve emailed multiple times and still haven’t heard from customer service! This is supposed to be my 6th box and I’m worried!

    • I’ve cancelled and my box is scheduled for delivery tomorrow – it seems as if most people are receiving the same items so hopefully that will be the case. Outside of the shipping delays, I have truly loved each of the past boxes and may purchase them on a one-off basis instead of the annual subscription.

  11. This will be my first Oui Please box and I ordered month-to-month back in October using a coupon that made it $120, then put the subscription on hold when it was almost time to renew and I still had not received this parcel. I emailed them in December asking when the boxes would ship, and they replied citing the Paris terrorist attacks for the delays in the products being shipped to the US. At that point, they said the boxes would ship out to customers before Christmas.

    I did get an email on 2/1 with a tracking number (despite their vague response on FB when I asked if they sent out tracking number, this being my first experience). It’s coming from TX and due to arrive on 2/5 (I’m in CT).

    Even if this box ends up being amazing, I don’t think I will reactivate my subscription. It’s just too much time to have to wait between payment and delivery and I’d rather spend my money with a company that is more organized and communicative.

    • I will say that I am almost disgusted they mentioned the reason they were delayed was because of the Paris attacks- I work for a French company and we no issues with packages, ect.

      I think they have a great idea they just need to get their act together and based on all the comments it seems it may be too late.

  12. How do we cancel this subscription? I am currently on box 4 of a annual subscription, I want to continue and receive my full six boxes but do not wish to renew. Can anyone tell me where on the oui please site where to cancel? Do I just remove the credit card info?

    • I had this very question. I emailed them and they told me to cancel through the site. When I couldn’t find a way to actually cancel through the site, I wrote them back again asking for help and they canceled for me.

      • Thank you Orlee, I will contact them.

  13. I received the same box as above except a red coin purse and a different scent candle. The items are lovely, and it does not appear that they punished me for email my concerns about the delays, which I appreciated. (I have read some horror stories on these blogs about companies doing that.)

    The delays are unprofessional and frustrating, but two boxes in to an annual subscription, I have received two boxes with beautiful items well over the price I paid, so I am going to ride this year (probably two with their shipping schedule) out.

    I do feel that the spoilers they listed about 1951 Maison were extremely misleading. However, I purchased some clutches directly from the 1951 Maison site. The French sales are on now, so all the colors are on sale by quite a bit. With the extremely low exchange rate, I purchased several large clutches for ~$45 each, including delivery to the US.

    • Thanks for letting me know about the fact that they deliver to the US now! I got 2 XLs, 1 XXLs, 1 special twist chain and 1 regular chain for $228 with delivery. Paypal exchange rate was 0.881 dollars to Euro. I made sure to keep the actual goods under $200 to avoid duties.

      • I’m showing 36 Euros for US delivery to MA? Do you remember how much they charged for yours? tx

        • I bought 3 last night and shipping was 30 euros to California.

          • Thank you, when I went to check out the shipping cost changed to 30 Euros. The price dropped too on my clutch!!! From 58 to 46.

          • Thanks so much for posting! I just ordered 2 for delivery to California. The delivery changed for me also from 36 down to 30 in the check out screen. I order XL Noir and L Royal. Paid with PayPal…total USD $158 (including shipping). When these arrive I’ll have 5 of these clutches…must stop shopping now…lol

        • Same for thirty Euros. It’s worth it though because with the US shipping, they drop the VAT, which amounts to 16.7% savings. (VAT is 20%, but 20% of underlying price, not of price with VAT).

          • Yeay!!!! Glad to help! It’s a nice surprise when the price drops because of VAT!

    • How do you get the site to show up in English? Forgive my novice skills… πŸ™‚

      • If you use Google Chrome as your browser, there are two little squares in the top right corner by the bookmarking star. If you hover your mouse over those squares you can select to translate the page. Google translate will then update the page to your set language.

    • When I’m on their site, I don’t get the option for shipping to the US. … any tips?

      • When you check out and add to your cart select Etats Unis. Which is the US in French.

  14. Hmm, I wonder why my post isn’t showing up…

    • Never mind, sorry!

  15. I received a TOTALLY different versions of this box. I got 3 pieces of jewelry. The earrings from MIRGIOLE, a bracelet from TASSIA CANELLIS, AND THE SIOUL ring from NODE. I got the coin purse in zebra, the harem de sens silk milk, the EAU DE PARFUM in AMBRE 114, the LEBON toothpaste, the candle from PETITE PARISIENNE, and BOTH food items… I was kind of perplexed when the box came in weighing almost nothing. Jewelry heavy, I guess. I shouldn’t complain, I suppose.

    • Sheesh, silly me! It’s the same, aside from the extra ring. Wow, I’m a coconut!

  16. In case anyone is interested…
    You can buy directly from Maison 1951 online and ship to the US now. Plus it’s sale time in France so all the bags are actually on sale.

    I bought the XL size in Devo gold, devo silver, and python noir, shipped priority to California (purchased last night and arrives by feb 8th) for 213 euros.

    They have other colors that are discounted even more than the ones I purchased.

    Just thought I would pass along since a lot of people seem to be disappointed and swapping for one is sometimes difficult.

    • Where do I go??? Thanks for the tip!

        Is their website and you can buy directly from there.

        • I’ve been trying to swap for a Lagoon blue 1951 with no luck.. finally caved and bought it on sale! High School French classes to the rescue! Who knew that my primary use of French later in life would be to buy things on the internet??

          • Yeay!!! Me too!!!! πŸ™‚

  17. Do not subscribe to this box! I am so glad that my year is over. I had a terrible experience with this box for the following reasons

    1. Boxes are shipped crazy late, and they don’t keep you in the loop as to what is going on

    2. All 6 boxes I received were LOW value. Not one was worth the price I paid.

    3. Received broken items that were never replaced.

    4. Box envy, hated seeing awesome boxes that other folks received

    5. Lousy customer service, they took forever and a day to answer, if they even bothered to answer

    This box, plus a few bad popsugar luxury boxes ( I’m looking at you Nieman Marcus luxury box 2014) ended my subscription box addiction. Every time this box would randomly show up it was like a painful haha you wasted your money remnder. You can take $20 to tj maxx and do better

    • Amanda,
      I 100% agree. This was the most regrettable $565 I have ever spent ($520 annual sub plus $45 junk restocking fee). No more annual subs or new subs for me. I would rather have box envy for a sub I haven’t paid for.

  18. I received my box today and it has the exact same contents as above (just a purse color variation). It does make me wonder if they are trying to make the boxes more uniform… I really love this box, but I did get slightly disappointed when the 1951 was a change purse (but, if I would have known it was a change purse from the start, I wouldn’t have been disappointed at all – and it’s still lovely!). As long as I get my full 6 boxes for my annual, I’m renewing. However, I might go month to month as I don’t like the uncertainty about the annual that I’m having right now ?.

    • Glad you received your box! Still no box for me. Basically I feel exactly the same. If I get all six of my boxes I will renew month to month. But I don’t feel good about the annual subscription.

      • Has everybody gotten notification? I still have not gotten mine and nothing on fedex radar.

        • I still have no tracking info either. They say they are shipping thru the end of the week. So I am hoping for something soon. I had an annual subscription and cancelled it prior to the renewal date so I hope I dont have any problems.

        • Mine is coming via USPS.

  19. I have held off on posting this to give the company time to make it right, but it has become clear that won’t happen . So here is my experience with this company… I bought an annual subscription starting with 1.2. Box 1.2 and 1.3 came and were wonderful, I always received a box with a value in the high side. I moved after 1.2, and 1.3 was sent correctly to my new address. For some reason, though, OuiPlease sent 1.4 to my old address. First, OuiPlease blamed their error on me, and then on FedEx. After spending literally hours on the phone with FedEx, OuiPlease finally admitted their error. The problem was that by this time, more than a month had passed, in the summer, and since 1.4 was a beauty-heavy box, I wasn’t comfortable using any of the products. OuiPlease agreed to take the box back, and extend my subscription. I received box 1.5 with no issue, and then out of nowhere, FedEx delivered 1.4 in December. I again contacted OuiPlease, reminded them of the issue, and they asked FedEx to pick it up. Mind you, that took 2 tries because first they sent FedEx back to my old address. Today, when everyone else was receiving 1.6, guess what I got? Box 1.4 again. At this point, I don’t trust this company one iota. I am frankly livid, and will be initiating a dispute with my credit card company. Oh and on top of this, they tried to renew my annual subscription with 2 boxes left. Luckily… My credit card had expired. So there you go.

  20. I would be surprised if this box lasted 6 more months. I believe they have a serious cash flow problem. While this box was due to us in mid-Oct, OP was stringing us along by promising multiple ship dates for months and selling extra items in different configurations at Christmas – to raise cash.

    I can deal with not getting the same items as everyone as long as there was still value for me. What I find completely unexceptable is the lies when delays happened starting about a year ago.

  21. I got the same items in the box pictured, with some variation in colors/scents. I’m happy with the box but they are asking for trouble when they advertise clutches and deliver card holders/coin purses. Had they simply said from the start 1951 leather coin purses, I think most everyone would have been really happy to recive one, now most everyone is just disappointed it’s not a clutch.

  22. Disappointed the 1951 Maison item is a coin purse, I was hoping for a clutch.

  23. This box looks so nice but I see that since I canceled last year after 2 boxes, that the issues w this sub remain the same. I never did get a “high value” box and so many others had the items I coveted. I ultimately just couldn’t handle the box envy. I hope everyone who is still subbed gets the items they want though! This one just never worked for me. Bummer.

    • Elle,
      This was my first Oui Please box, and from what I see in the magazine, the box you are looking at, which is just like my box except I got the cheetah hair calf pouch thing, IS as good a box as they offered this time. I don’t really see how there can be FOMO when comparing one box to another unless something really unusual happens with someone’s box as far as contents, such as OP left something out by mistake, or they are a blogger and got an extra piece of jewelry or happen to love the one skin item I didn’t get, which I would not have liked for my skin type anyway ( some type of facial ” glow” product). This is truly a WYSIWYG from the magazine to the box, IMO.

      If you like most of these items, or any of them enough to come back, I have a feeling that 2016 is the beginning of ” box equality” with this company. I know I could be excruciatingly disappointed with the next box arrival, and you can laugh and say ” I told you so”, but not with the variations in this one, as far as I have seen.

      • The problem isn’t the difference from the box included magazine to the content of the box but rather what was advertised beforehand and what was ultimately delivered, 4 months late.

      • Amanda – as this was your first box you may not be aware of the differences in value of boxes sent in the past. I personally received boxes that even using inflated prices barely reached $180 in value while others were receiving boxes way over $300 (though I totally lucked out with 1.5 and got one of the higher value boxes). I believe that this is the first time people have received similar value boxes. Having said that, maybe it is the waiting and wondering, but this is the sub box I look forward to receiving most of all πŸ™‚

      • Amanda,

        I truly hope you are right – so far ppl seem to be receiving the same items in just slight variations…I would never laugh and say “told you so”, I guess I just still feel burned by my experience. As the other poster commented, there were some really undervalue boxes coming out back then, and it became quickly clear that the FOMO wasn’t worth the price! I’m super glad that this could be a more “fair value” box for those who hung in there, including you! Enjoy! It does look like a lovely box, indeed.

  24. I haven’t even received a shipping notification yet!!

    Now I am freaked out that they will have shipped it to my old apartment. Gahhh

    • I didn’t receive one either…just showed up on my door step today.

    • I just got the shipping notification and it says it will deliver tomorrow TO MY OLD ADDRESS. Which I updated like around Dec 30th? Plus the renewal email STILL has my old address. I can’t even with this company. I’ll be lucky if I get the box.. I’m gonna have to stalk the tracking and HOPE it delivers to our apartment’s front office instead of the new tenant’s front door. FML.

      • I managed to update delivery to go to the UPS store.. So there’s that. Guess I’ll be getting it Saturday ..

  25. I received the exact same items as the picture above. Only difference is the fragrance of my candle and the color of my coin purse. And just an FYI, my account is marked cancelled but I received my 5th box today and was told my 6th would still be coming.

  26. I started with 1.2 last March and just cx. It shows I was due for renewal 3/10. I splurged and got a second sub that started in June. I’ll be cx that one too. I am angry beyond words with their custome care. I had one of my boxes show up with 2 badly damages items. I took photos as instructed and emailed them. I assumed I would get replacements (they were the 2 most expensive items in the box) instead they sent me a tea and the smallest Ripauste both items barely covered the cost of one of my damaged items. ? I sent an email back expressing how upset I was and how that wasn’t the right thing to do. No reply!

  27. I paid for an annual subscription in the beginning with Vol. 1.1, and I never received a renewal notice. I hadn’t dreamed they would charge another year in December with a box still missing from the current subscription. Boy was I wrong. Three days after my cc was charged, I noticed it, and I immediately emailed Oui Please. They credited back the amount less a $45 restocking fee, which I don’t recall ever seeing prior to the renewal charge. They have since changed their terms again to reflect “a processing fee”. Last I checked, there was not a specific amount listed. I disputed the charge, but amex sided with Oui Please b/c they claimed I agreed to the terms, and provided the December email when I cancelled. I am a small business owner, and I would never treat my customers this way. I really don’t understand how they can get away with changing their terms and not give notification of the change. I wish I had an original printout or even one from December to show the constant changes.

  28. I had the same issue! This should be my last box and when I went to check it said pending cancelation. I made sure to delete my credit card info in case they tried to be sneaky and swindle me into another year, which they did try! They better send everyone their boxes still! I am not okay with being charged a whole year again when I haven’t even received all my boxes! This is definitely the last straw and I won’t be renewing ever

  29. Man. I would subscribe in a heartbeat if I felt confident I would get the high dollar value some, but apparently not many, boxes get. And, of course, if I knew the boxes would actually come. πŸ˜‰ I love the items in this box, but it’s just too much of a gamble!!

  30. I paid for annual at 1.1, I cancelled in December because I do not want to renew when I have not receive all my 6 boxes. My account says cancelled, not pending cancellation. I have emailed them twice last week regarding this box they still owe me with no response. I do not think it is right to renew every 12 months when all the promised boxes have not been fulfilled. Because in another year, we will be basically giving them a free loan of our money the way the boxes fall behind.

    • Mine says cancelled too (12/5). I Pm’d them through Facebook and heard back within a day. My box was supposed to ship Thursday of last week. I haven’t had a shipping notice with any box-big black box just shows up on my porch. This one is now 13 weeks after the last one. Always awesome contents. Just very slow.

      • I looked into my fedex account and there was nothing. I will try to pm them through fb. Anybody know how to dispute a charge that is that old?

        • What I did with Popsugar was tell Chase it was a prepaid subscription therefore the services were not complete and the product not delivered. They considered it an active charge since the services were not complete.

          • Thank you. Nelliebelle

        • They are shipping UPS

          • Thanks. Nothing in my UPS account either.

          • Maybe they use different services for different areas? Mine is definitely from FedEx.

  31. Hi.. I just subscribed to the Oui box today. I’d like to know how often the boxes are shipped, and if they are currently only shipping the Winter Box? Is the Vol. 1.6 box that is being reviewed above the Winter Box from Dec. 2015? I am excited to receive my first box, but am not clear of when my subscription will begin or what box I should epect to receive.
    Thank you.

    • 1.6 was originally supposed to ship in October (the sub started in Dec and is supposed to be every other month). Right now it’s turned into more of a quarterly sub.

    • Here’s how it has gone so far – the first part is when it was supposed to ship (and the parentheses are when they did ship):

      1.1 December 2014
      1.2 February (early March)
      1.3 April (end of May)
      1.4 June (very end of July)
      1.5 August (end of Oct)
      1.6 October (beginning of Feb 2016)
      2.1 December 2015 (??????)

      • Thank you for sending the schedule of when the boxes are to ship and when they actually ship.

        I will update the comments if I receive anything about a shipping status for a first time order placed today.

      • There were quite a few who didn’t receive the April box until late June, myself among them despite being an original subscriber back to parcel 1.1. Because our boxes were lost, no wait, they were stolen, nope, they were having problems packing fragile content, no, they ran out of stock, nope, their stock was hijacked by customs, actually they just didn’t send them…it was a little hard to keep up with the evolving story. Lies tend to be like that.

        • Erin, you win best comment! Thanks @somanyboxes for the list—I had forgotten the time line….

        • Dear God….how are they still in business and why would any new subscribers sign up for this mess?

      • This is such a fantastic comment, somanyboxes. Thank you for putting this info in one place.

  32. Liz-
    I also had a failed attempt at renewal since my credit card number has change. I was a surprised and not happy because I was not expecting to renew until after I received 6 boxes. I’ve only receive 4 so far. However, I did not get an email regarding a renewal notice. I found out when went into my account to see if I had a tracking number for the current box (I did not). I sent them a message through their website and have not heard back. Please let us know how this issue turns out for you. I hope my last two boxes will be sent since I prepaid for them and are not being held hostage. I hate to say that but my faith in OuiPlease is not there. Thanks.

    • I would consider disputing the charge with your cc company… Don’t know if it’s too late for that though. I have only received 3 boxes thus far so I would hate to cancel on my account page and then not get my last 2 shipments because it shows I cancelled on their end…

    • Just got this email response:

      Thank you for reaching Oui Please Team. All annual subs receive 6 boxes. This is regardless of shipping delays, cancellation of the account before renewing or renewing before the current account has been completed.

      (And my box just arrived a few minutes ago). I didn’t have a tracking info email, though. Hope that helps!

      • Ooh, when will the review be up? The wait has me on tenterhooks! (;

        • Haha! I will try to take pictures and get it up tonight – tomorrow at the latest! πŸ™‚

          • No review yet, sadness.

          • Ah I am so sorry! Totally got behind today πŸ™

  33. Do we know if the Atelier cologne is a repeat of the fragrance from the 1.1 box? (and is it bad I’m most excited for the sweets!?)

    • The Atelier Cologne I got is Vanille Insensee. I wasn’t around for the first box, but I hope that helps!

      • Thanks! I’m pretty sure that’s the same as the 1.1 parcel, but I suppose if we were true Francophiles we’d be ready for a new bottle anyway!

        • It’s the same one. Not a good sign sending identical products in under a year.

    • Is it bad that I’m excited for the actual box the stuff comes in (as well as to be done with this subscription)?

  34. I sent them a message asking about the renewal and was told that they renew every 12 months whether all of the previously paid for boxes were delivered yet. That sounds really sketchy to me.

    The way to avoid it is to cancel, in which case your account shows as Pending Cancellation until you receive all the pre-paid boxes. I am now expecting to get all the crap boxes from here out, however. I can’t even begin to express my overall disappointment with my experience with this company and box.

    • Sorry to hear you are in the same boat πŸ™ I agree, it seems too soon to be charged for another annual subscription before getting 2 out of the 6 boxes from the previous year subscription.

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