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Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review – December 2015

Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review December 2015 - BOX

Wantable Intimates is one of the subscriptions from Wantable, and it is probably my favorite box they offer. Like all Wantable subscriptions, you can heavily customize what they send you by filling out your preferences – and you still get to be surprised!

Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review December 2015 - packaging

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Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review December 2015 - all items

The Subscription Box: Wantable Intimates Subscription

The Cost: If you subscribed before October 24th, you were locked into the previous $40/box rate. However, for new subscribers (anyone who signed up after October 24th) the new price has increased to $50/box.

The Products: 3 intimates products based on your profile settings.

Ships to: US, Canada (additional $6), UK (additional $7) and Australia (additional $10)

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Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review December 2015 - info 1

Here are the order details of my box. Wantable recently added free individual item returns to their subscription plans, so you can send back any item(s) you don’t want and get the refund based on the “Your price” listing. (Returns are free for US subscribers). However, if you keep everything, you get a “$4 credit” to your account making your next box $46. If you return anything, you have to pay the full $50 cost for the next box (which, personally, I kind of don’t like! It feels like you, the subscriber, is being punished for Wantable not sending satisfactory items). 

Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review December 2015 - info 2

When you first sign up for any Wantable subscription you take a style quiz and you can get very specific about the items you want and don’t want. (This is the list of my loves, likes and dislikes from my invoice).

Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review December 2015 - items 1

Muk Luks Slipper Socks – value: $24 (My Price: $12)

These are cute, but they are size S/M, for shoe sizes 5-7. My shoe size is 11! They ask your shoe size in your style quiz so I really don’t understand why I was sent these. I contacted customer service and they said that these were actually mislabeled in their system so my stylist actually thought she was sending the correct size. I understand that, but, to be honest, a part of me feels like it wouldn’t be crazy to be a little skeptical of that because they’re labeled correctly as S/M on my invoice. Now, I don’t know how many different layers of “labels” in their system items go through to have it mixed up on her end but correct on my invoice, but it just seems odd.

Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review December 2015 - items 2

Lucky Brand Paisley Leggings – value: $24 (My Price: $12)

This is another item I am disappointed with. I first subscribed to Wantable Intimates a couple years ago. Back then you could choose “love/like/dislike” for leggings as well as if you liked basic, colorful, and/or prints. I tried, but after a couple pairs being way too short (and usually also way too big, since stylists would send me larger sizes in hopes they’d be long enough), I chose to “dislike” leggings and just not try to get them.

Thus, I was surprised to see not only leggings but leggings in PRINT (which I have never ever had as “like,” since they’re not my style). I checked the new and updated style profile since they changed it (along with some other big changes in their intimates subscription – you can read more details about all of that here) and there is no longer any option for your preferences for leggings at all. Which seems really poorly thought out if leggings are still an item they are sending.

Needless to say, aside from not being my style, these leggings were also too big, too short, and very thin/didn’t feel like very good quality. I also mentioned this to customer service and they made a note in my profile for future stylists to not include leggings (but like, why not just put that back in the quiz and make everyone’s lives easier?).

Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review December 2015 - items 3

Pajama Drama Slit Maxi in Peach Dream Stripe – value: $32 (My Price: $16)

This maxi is okay, but not really my style either. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of a maxi dress as loungewear. It’s also too short on me.

The Verdict: This is my second Wantable Intimates box since the big changes. Personally, I’m a little bummed that they lowered the number of items to always be 3, and raised the cost of the box by $10 to $50 total. To me, that should indicate that they’re ramping up the value and quality of the items they send, but so far (two boxes in), I haven’t seen that as the case, unfortunately.

Sometimes you can find items that Wantable sends on sale online so the value can be a little tricky to evaluate – personally, as long as all the items included are worth the subscription cost to me, I count the box as a win. I don’t know if you could tell (sarcasm), but I’m pretty disappointed with this box. I’m actually returning this whole box.

FYI, customer service’s response to my issues were to mark on my account that I don’t want leggings sent to me and they’re giving me the $4 credit so I only pay $46 for my next box instead of the $50 you normally have to for returning items. Earlier in this review I stated that I don’t like that system anyway (feels like subscribers get punished for the stylists not sending satisfactory items), so this solution didn’t leave me satisfied since it felt like the least they could do. I’m currently in the process of hunting down the email of someone a little higher up to talk to about my issues/concerns. Hopefully I can feel heard and they can get some clear feedback on what I think are some pretty off-putting aspects of their service design. And, of course, hopefully I can see some hope in my next month’s box.

What do you think about Wantable Intimates? What did you get this month, and what do you think about the changes?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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Comments (34)

  1. Thanks for the review, I was a subscriber in the past and was considering re-subscribing, but after reading your review I am staying far, far away! It seems they have made it less enticing to be subscriber MORE money for fewer items? No thank you!

  2. Just received my box and continue to be happy with them. I received the hooded shirt I had requested on Stream, slippers and tanks – definitely a ‘look’. But also, a personal note from the stylist, and a christmas card from the whole team. This is such a nice touch and seals my positive impression with them.

  3. I have had issues with them for months. I complain a lot and then get a good box and then back to the same. I got the same maxi in April, and I wasn’t a fan. I think I asked once if the stylists actually see the items that are put in our boxes, because they sent me a burgundy babydoll, and said it was hot pink. I disliked loungewear with the new plan and my first box included tights, a babydoll and a bra. I said in my notes, no socks and would prefer to not be sent a bra since I didn’t have the option to dislike. Tights and socks are not the same thing I have learned. I complained and was told it was marked that I don’t want tights. It’s funny that they claim that they are sending out a “look” or “outfit”, I wonder how great my outfit of tights (they were boot tights too, so they have that goofy sock thing at the feet), bra and babydoll would look together.
    Giving it one for month…..I’m really sad because I used to LOVE this box, and now it’s like “can’t wait to see how disappointed I will be” instead of excited.

  4. Wow, that’s a really disappointing box! I wonder if maybe they’re focusing all their energy on the Style Edit (and Fitness Edit) because they could make more money on those? I did the Style Edit twice and kept 2 things from my first box (one because I found it on sale and they price matched) and nothing from my second–it was a total miss on styles and sizing. I still get the Accessories and Makeup boxes sometimes, but I usually return at least two items.

  5. This used to be one of my favorite boxes, but I cancelled several months ago. The reveals here and comments are so disappointing. I agree with the Haley that it really was the least they could do. The brands and quality appear to be the same as when it was $36 and you got 4-5 items.

  6. I have to chime in here. I cancelled this sub a couple of months ago after 3 straight months of disappointment (and annoyance). The first month, they sent me something I LOVED in the wrong size!!! I called customer service and asked if I could just exchange it for the right size since they sent me the wrong size. I was told no, they don’t do exchanges and I would need to return it and she would put a note on my file so it would be sent to me the following month in the correct size. The following month, I did not receive it. Instead I received 3 things I had no use for, including the pink and peach maxi, even though I said I never wanted bright colors, only wanted neutral colors! Again, I called. I was told the item had been mis-labeled as a neutral color. I believe I ended up returning the entire box that month. Third month I was still not impressed, received those with and blue flower pajama bottoms, which I kept even though they were not worth the price quoted, and returned the other 2 things. Cancelled the same day. Ridiculous to “mis-label” items–I’m actually glad to hear Haley say that happened to her so I know I’m not the only one getting these ridiculous excuses. And the ONE item I got from them in that first box, the only thing they ever sent me that I loved, I never did get in the correct size. It was like a mean joke.

    • There was one box where they sent me something I loved a size too big (a super comfy button-down sleepshirt) and I asked to exchange it, too! But the CS rep also told me they don’t do exchanges but that she could put a note to include it in its correct size next box, like what happened to you. However, I decided to just keep it the way I had it. Interesting to hear you tried “psuedo-exchanging” your item and they didn’t even follow through.

  7. Aren’t we supposed to be getting a complete outfit now? Last month I got socks and 2 pr of pants. Then you get this. I haven’t received my box this month yet. I’m really hoping it will be better. I don’t want to cancel but I may have to 🙁

  8. I forgot to skip this month and was sort of glad b/c I wanted to see what they would send with the changes. I requested lounge wear and stated in my comments I would like something appropriate to wear with company in for Christmas. I did get the slipper socks and some fuzzy pants which were great for winter. however my 3rd item was a not matching very think cami. Not great for a winter lounge set at all. I sent the whole box back and cancelled. I really liked the sub box at first, but now I can do better waiting for a sale locally and pick out exactly what I want.

  9. Agree with value – can get these for much less at Kohl’s if i wanted to. Sent mine back too and canceled. All were inappropriate for colder weather and not “loungewear” as far as I can tell. 2 pr of leggings – wrong size and thin/cheap, no top to go with them, muk luks without tags (knockoffs?). Poor curation and quality . Even with the $40/$36 cost, no joy in opening box. Also, look at past boxes – same stuff for the past year.
    Wantable used to be pretty good, what happened?

    • I’m so glad I stopped getting Wantable earlier this year. I felt like at $36 the quality was pretty low and I had no interest in paying more.

      I actually found the Muk Luks slipper socks on sale at JCPenny and Wal-Mart for less than $7 so I bought them for stocking stuffers for my family!! I got them in my last Wantable last winter and love them even though they semi fell apart right away.

  10. About a year or less after wantable started I interviewed them for a article I was writing. I spoke with their PR person and one of the co owners. I’ll see if I can find that contact info for you. It’s gone down hill very fast and I cancelled them a while ago. I ended up giving them a bad rating in my article also.

  11. My sentiments are very similar to those of other posters. This used to be one of my favorite boxes – I was so excited to receive it. Now, I always assume that I am going to need to return items. In the past few months, I have received items from my dislike list – I’m always told that is a glitch in their system. I received the exact same cami (same color and all) twice in 3 months – another “glitch in the system.” As with your Muk Luks, every mistake is due to system errors. Either they have serious issues with their systems that they need to correct ASAP, or the stylists have gotten sloppy and the “system” gets blamed!

    I agree that despite the increase in price, the quality of the items has decreased, and they are still sending items that they’ve had for months. I received that same maxi months ago, despite repeatedly stating in the comments that I don’t like maxis. My November box also just arrived on December 10, despite the fact that I was billed a full month earlier). I too was surprised to see a pair of leggings in this box, given though I always marked them as a dislike under the old system (not to mention that they were cheap, scratchy, and ill-fitting). The box also included a very cheap looking pair of white socks. (As a side note, I have been told by Wantable that all boxes will now have either a pair of socks/slippers or underwear – which is why you are required to like at least one sock and one underwear style. So you only get 3 items AND one will likely be a cheaper item like socks or underwear. I used to regularly get 4 items, none of which were socks or underwear.).

    I also agree that the return system unfairly penalizes the customer for bad calls or even mistakes (items on the dislike list sent) by the stylist. I keep thinking that I will wait until I have used up the credits from returning and then cancel, but I keep returning every month, so I never catch up…! This has definitely gone from one of my favorite boxes to one of my least favorite. I feel the same way about the accessories box. I will give each box a couple more chances, then I will most likely take the loss of credits and give up.

  12. I love the leggings and they would totally fit me! Trades?? ?

  13. I got the same maxi dress in the summer. I feel like they don’t get new items in stock ever. I really want the slipper socks but not enough to subscribe to them again.

    • That’s interesting that you say you feel like they don’t get new stock. When I read that, I kind of thought that boxes like this feel like the “leftovers” of what people keep returning, you know? =\ But I agree with some readers who have said that this used to be one of their favorites. When I first signed up this was my all-time favorite box! I kind of hope a competitor will come along and take advantage of the market for a good loungewear box.

  14. I had two horrible months of clothing for warm weather when I made multiple emails and calls saying I expected cold weather items on September and October. I said I would try one more month on the new system, November. I was charged Nov 2nd or 3rd and did not receive it until Friday Dec 11. I made them hold my account for December’s box until I received November’s, without cancelling and having my cost go up from my locked in $40 a month cost. The new three item system has zero increase in value. I got some Rene Rofe pants and a tee pajamas and a pair of MukLuks. I did specifically ask for something like MukLuks so they did meet that request for me but only because I was so close to cancelling. They offered very little by way of customer service and the over a month delay to get me my package after charging me was absurd. Given everything I had to do, I definitely felt like if they valued me as a customer they could at minimum have given me my next box half off. Also my pj pants are the right size but the matching shirt is one size too small, which is weird, and the material is horrendous feeling. Like it’s that type of unnatural material you just know you will sweat in, even if it’s cold in the middle of winter.

    I got that same nightgown last spring/summer. I love it actually it grew on me.

    Aside from all that, my MukLuks are great, they’re black/charcoal/white but mine are a size too big. It actually looks like if you like the MukLuks, my size is what you need and your size is what I’d need! If you want to do an even swap, I’d be glad to list them on the swap site or however and trade for the right sizes. If you’re interested, just leave me an email address and I can contact you with my swap site profile for feedback purposes and also pics of the color/pattern.

    • Just noticed you are returning the box, woops! Well, same goes for anyone out there, if your MukLuks are too small and you want to even swap for larger size, just let me know!

  15. I stopped getting this box. It used to be fun to get. And if one thing wasnt your favorite it was ok because the box had other great items. I felt like i was getting a great deal. Then overtime the quality of the items were going down and the number of items. Then it became cheaper to buy the same items elsewhere. I was no longer getting a good value. I really kids the old wantable. It was my favorite box for a long time.

  16. The slit maxy may surprise you yet. It works great as a nightgown. I got it a few months ago and was very meh about it. Then one night I was scrambling around in the dark in the closet for something (anything) to put on for the night (didn’t want to turn on the light and wake up the baby) and grabbed this one. It’s great – it’s slim enough so it doesn’t ride up and twist around your body at night but the slits are high enough so you can still bend your legs. You can layer it – add a top with sleeves if it’s chilly. It’s also not too short to walk around the house in, in front of your family. The fit is slim but it works great for me. Give it a try. This is supposed to be a discovery service after all.

  17. $50 for clearance rack goods? None of it looks cohesive or well thought out.

  18. I had also wanted to subscribe to this, but it was right before they changed to the new model. With the new model, I would never consider subscribing. It seems like you got a lot more bang for your buck the other way, an while it’s true that you couldn’t return items, the boxes seemed much more personalized than they do now. This whole box was a mess! Hope you get it sorted out!

  19. I’ve been looking at this one for a while. So glad I saw this review. You almost NEVER give bad reviews and I could tell you were really frustrated with this one. I hope you get through to the head honcho. You have a lot of pull in this industry. Any search for subscription anything you’re the first result. If anyone can make a difference – it’s you. Hope you can reach them!

    • Ashlyn – Thank you for that, but I’m actually going about this issue with Wantable as a regular subscriber (with my personal email account, which is what I’m subscribed under) in order to be treated the same way they should treat everyone and every subscriber. While I appreciate the benefits of being part of MSA can have as far as being heard or having “pull,” I really think they should make sure to hear out any subscriber. And making a difference would be awesome! Though something tells me that if they continue on like this, their number of complaints and unhappy subscribers will do that too! Thanks so much for reading!

  20. Wantable intimates was the first box that actually excited me and I felt that while it wasn’t the best deal, it was still a good deal for the convenience. Now with the price increase wantable is an obvious waste.

  21. Thank you for such a great service My subscription addiction! Reviews and comments like these really help us – the consumers! And subscription companies beware!! Step up your game!!

  22. I have skipped several months because the last 2-3 boxes I received were TERRIBLE. I received items that were totally the wrong size ( i.e. a 3x instead of an xl) and they definitely weren’t sized up because they run small. I also received panties that were on my dislike list and bras that were on my dislike list. I haven’t opted for a box since the switch, but I can’t bring myself to cancel because if I want to resub then I will pay the higher cost. However, Wantable Intimates seem to be going downhill so maybe I should just be done? Looking forward to seeing what their response is to you.

  23. What a disappointing box for you! 🙁

    I got that peach/pink maxi dress back in May (which seems to make more sense). It’s comfy for lounging because the dual slits are so high, but it’s VERY unflattering on me! Its hugs my stomach in the most embarrassing way.

    I got MukLuks from them once, too, but they came with several loose threads and a couple missed stitches. I tried them on to see what all the fuss was about, and the sole immediately started coming un-stitched. I suspect they sent out factory seconds. I hope yours hold up longer!

    I also received the paisley leggings this month, but I specifically requested leggings in the comments — I love them! I’ve already worn this pair out under a black dress. They are thin and short, but fine for layering.

    i also got a thick pair of leggings, in Barney purple with cream dots. I don’t think I’d ever wear them out of the house, but they do make good lounge pants. And I got a coordinating cream long-sleeve tunic, which is soft and lovely.

    Wantable is always hit-or-miss for me, and probably more misses or “mehs” than hits, unfortunately. But this month worked out well. I’ve actually had a bit better luck after the revamp.

    • Sarah, this gives me some hope to hear. In my comments for this box, I actually asked for tops/tunics or cardigans or something.

  24. I had to say goodbye to Wantable too. It was my first subscription box love but my last box was terrible. I added a note that I wanted warm, cozy and comfy items, I live in Wisconsin. I was sent a gown, I don’t wear gowns, but I don’t think I told them that so not their fault. I was also sent a tank top and shorts PJ set. That isn’t warm, cozy or comfy. Plus the price, IMO, was way out of line. $50? It all went back and I cancelled. I would only resubscribe if they go back to their old model. It worked, why fix what wasn’t broken?

  25. Aside from your very valid issues, didn’t they say that they were lowering the number of items and increasing the price so they can put together a “look” for subscribers? These are just 3 completely disjointed pieces.

    • Adding onto your point I received that same maxi BEFORE they made the changes. So clearly they are still recycling through items they had on hand before the big change which is a direct contradiction to Wantable’s claim they are sending less items so they can be of higher value/quality.

  26. This used to be my favorite box, which sadly I only received for a few months before the subscription model changes. I was not happy when they announced that you would have to pick between pajamas/loungewear OR lingerie/undies combos. I liked it better when you could specify that you did not want specific items (i.e. I did not want socks, or lingerie “outfits” like teddies, etc.). I gave the benefit of the doubt and waited to cancel until the new quiz went live, but it was no question for me in cancelling once I saw the quiz. It looks like I made a wise decision.
    I am with you though; I’ve never thought to wear a maxi dress as loungewear. That’s a little strange. Sorry the changes have been such a bust for you 🙁

  27. Before the changes, I would receive my box around the 7th of each month. Last month it was the 17th and now this month it hasn’t even shipped yet after being charged on November 30. When you add in the fact that all items last month were duplicates of previous items, with only the colors changed, I am seriously considering saying goodbye to my one time favorite box.

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