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Wantable Intimates Subscription Changes + Price Increase

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Thanks Haley and Lily for letting us know about these upcoming changes to the Wantable Intimates subscription:Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 10.42.29 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 10.42.37 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 10.42.46 PM

FYI – if you are a current subscriber, or you sign up before October 24th, you will lock in the $40 a box rate. After October 24th, all new subscribers will be charged the $50 a box rate.

What do you think of these changes to Wantable Intimates?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got the email yesterday reminding me to fill out the new survey. My first collection of the new kind will bill in a few days.

    The new survey wasn’t very detailed. i did like that it seems to let you ‘opt out’ of “sexy” items. Disappointingly, however, the survey ignores tights/leggings/hosiery, which sucks… I love leggings and I’m really hoping to get some. And I’ve liked the tights I’ve gotten in previous Wantables Intimates boxes.

    Also, does anyone else find the socks options a little weird? The only height options are “Ankle, Knee, and Over-the-Knee”–but the picture for “Knee” are actually crew socks. I want knee socks, but I don’t really want crew socks. (And I know a lot of women who would want crew socks, but definitely would not want knee socks! They often aren’t accommodating for large calves!)

  2. I posted a comment earlier but I don’t see it, but anyways I just wanted to add that You can get VS pajamas for $50. And there was such a fun quality to want able boxes a year ago, I tried one again a few months ago and got black leggings (like a need another pair) and a cheap pajama set. Probably could have gotten the items for $25 or so at TJ Maxx, and chosen the exact style and pattern that I wanted.

    Lately, I’ve actually been buying a smaller quantity of bras and loungewear but I enjoy it more bc I treat myself to Victoria’s Secret when they have a sale or coupon.

  3. There is no way it’s going to be worth it. The past year has been horrible with them. I did not see the value in their boxes. Before it was my favorite box.

    Plus i was frustrated because i would a pj set and socks (not nice socks )and bloggers and other subscribers got the same pj set but with lounge wear or other higher value item. I must not be important to them

  4. I’ve tried many times to like Wantable boxes, changed my profile and added comments to many times to count. 10+ yet I’ve only been okay with some of the items in the box. Not happy, but just okay. Yes, the customer service, and shipping is amazing! Yes, they have a return policy. Yet last year in the winter i kept getting tank tops. When the high temp is 40 some days i wont wear a pastel colored tank top or shorts. Sizing even though they have tried to get it right has always been a bit off. Even though i’ve liked some of the items a lot, spend $40 and then $50 is not worth it to me. Rather go to a department store and find stuff that fits right and that i like on sale. If anything I wish they would have lowered the price to $35 that is what would have gotten me to resub, but now that they have raised it, and even at $40 its to high. No thanks.

    • I think our experiences with Wantables are so different (mine is overwhelmingly positive) is due to what kind of need the box is supposed to fill, due to our different personalities and situations. You are looking to have the perfect piece in the perfect size, color, season, price, at the right moment. I need to have the basics that get used up coming consistently. Before I started Wantables my intimates collection was in a sorry state. To start thinking about what I need and the whole retail experience (online or in store) to replenish it is so overwhelming I’d rather not go through it. There’s just so many decisions to be made, I’d rather not. So let’s say I need tanks, bras, tights, PJ’s and socks (do I really, maybe I can squeeze a few more wears out of the old ones). I now have to find the time (who is staying with the kids?, do we need to go anywhere else that day?, would I rather be doing anything else that Sunday afternoon?). I have to get ready (outfit, hair, makeup). What store do I go to? Do they have coupons? Is there a sale coming up that I should wait for? By the time I get to the store, I have to deal with crowds and endless choices and fitting rooms and lines. Oh my. I’d rather tell somebody – here’s $40, please send me a selection of basics, feel free to press me out of my comfort zone (I’m in Wantable jeggings right now, never saw that coming), but I do NOT like purple polyester tights, otherwise surprise me. And it works for me and Wantables. We’ll see if that changes in November though. And I don’t mind getting a pastel tank in winter – winter will be over in a couple of months, and that’s when I will wear it. Again, convenience, cute pieces and a surprise in the mail is what I need right now.

  5. I just got off the phone. I’ve learned that it’s always 3 items and falls in one or the other category. Underwear can be including with either but bras only with lingerie selection. A lingerie selection may be bra, underwear, slip or bra, underwear, hosiery etc. Lounge is everything else and still can have underwear. I made a few points feedback wise and said for example most women can find a pair of their absolute favorite underwear either comfy or more sexy for under $12.50 max. A $50 box just doesn’t support one of 3 items being a pair of underwear ever. I can go to any store I’d go to and get underwear of any style for well under $10 on sale usually if I have favorites and so the total being $50 for it just doesn’t add up. Most bras I can find again even my favorites on sale for under $25-30 unless you are holding out only for $50 specific type VS bras. Which as a Wantables customer you aren’t usually. Lingerie side will never be worth getting. Even if the brands are suddenly very high end brands and they aren’t going to be. The quality isn’t going up in these boxes it has be due to somehow losing money overall. Robes fall in the lounge category and slippers but for example what about the two matching sets of a chemise and robe that I’ve received just this summer alone? One half falls in each category. It’s not worth the price increase, it’s not worth being limited to three items (one likely always being underwear in the lingerie box), it’s not inclusive for women who may not like lingerie OR hosiery but really want bras and underwear. It’s getting more constrictive with definition of feminine undergarments. Knowing most of you gals knowing how to find great deals out there, how many of you can go to VS, Aerie, TJMaxx and get just as good quality (or better quality) items with selective sale shopping and make a better box every month that what you are receiving? They said they’d been getting a lotttt of calls today and a lot of people don’t like it. I said I would look at email but am likely cancelling. My initial call was because I kept a box I didn’t like and was promised a real fall box, with loungewear with long bottoms, and got a cheap bra and another short nightie again. They’re sending me a return slip to return the September box outright and I’m returning October. I’m so annoyed that she said “yeah the notes here say fall items even” and I got a nightgown that isn’t lingerie but sleepwear and it’s 40 degrees at night. I gather if you’re annoyed about new service model at all and call they will be juggling all the feedback received up until email goes out and if you want things how they were, now is the chance to let them know by phone. Expanding their size choices is great but that doesn’t mean get rid of item choice and go into an either/or. Shrug. Good luck, but I think I will be canceling despite the being locked in at $40. I can spend $40 on new pajamas or lingerie every month now.

  6. This is a hot mess idea and I will be canceling likely immediately after seeing the website changes on the 24th. Some of us just don’t want certain items which means a mix of items is necessary. They’re going to ruin their entire business model, increase price for new subs (there goes any of my friends trying it at my suggestion ever again), and then not deliver any differently on quality or overall style. This month’s box I got a hideous bra and a repeat of a nightgown and robe set I already have in a different color. This was after a month where I complained for the first time ever about how awful my September box was for me.

  7. Wait a second. When I read the email first, I took it to mean they will now send more coordinating items, and higher value. So instead of getting a pack of socks, a tank and a bra in mismatched colors (fine with me), I would get a matching lounge set. And higher quality items. And that was fine with me. But it now looks like my choices will be limited? And I cannot exclude frilly lingerie if I still want regular panties and camis and soft bras? That’s not so good. Until now this has been one of my absolute favorite boxes, and very few items have been not used. I guess we’ll have to wait until October 24 and see the new setup.

    PS We really cannot expect them to send six items of quality clothing in a $40 box – can we? I’d rather have higher quality and fewer items than one extra cheap disposable.

  8. This is definitely a case of “different strokes for different folks” lol. Unlike many here, I’m happy with the changes. I’ve wanted to try Wantable Intimates for a while now because they get rave reviews on their PJs (which is all I want since I have Adore Me) but they didn’t carry my size. Now that they do, I’m definitely signing up (before the 24th, of course lol).

    • Their pajamas are not that high quality. Every set I have got holes by second wash. They aren’t going to have magic new brands that are better, the lingerie and pajama world does relabeling. It’s the same items we’ve been getting. You’re better off spending that $50 on a website every month that carries exactly the style items you want in any size, I’d tell every lady that if you want loungewear you like, the quality isn’t increasing here but the relabeling and rebranding of old items is.

    • I loved them at first. Then realized all my pj sets ended up with holes in just a few months. I thought it was my washing machine. Then realized it was ONLY this subs items. So, I cancelled and put that money in to just buying what I want. I can get 5 to 6 items I want for $40.00 at TJMaxx, Ross, Macy’s, Jcpennys, and so on. This is just not worth it, at least to me.

  9. Ok. So for more money, customers now get less items and less choice. Yay…….

    • Pretty much. The price increase would be understandable if we got both “stories” each month and could customize the type of lingerie to be sporty/comfy for those of us who don’t want frilly/uncomfortable stuff. But to hike up the cost by 25% (for new subscribers, at least) and offer less customization and, in many cases, less pieces per box? Doesn’t make much sense to me! My guess is they’ve been making less of a profit on their intimates box vs their other boxes, and they’re trying to justify a price increase by changing their model for how they curate the boxes.

  10. Glad to see I’m not the only one confused! I read my email from Wantable about the changes and my only thought was “huh???”.

    • Same here! Glad I’m not the only one who needed clarification.

  11. I called them because I just recently signed up for the Intimates box specifically because I wanted new sports bras *and* lounge wear, but not frilly lingerie/bras or panties. So here’s the info I got: you get either 3 lounge wear items *or* 3 lingerie items, which you’ll indicate in your preferences which you’d prefer. But now I won’t be able to get lounge wear pieces and a sports bra in the same box. If I want a sports bra, I have to do the lingerie box. I’m not sure if I’ll still be able to indicate I don’t want panties, etc., (I have enough panties), though. Looks like they want to do matching sets instead of giving 2-3 sports bras. Bummer.

  12. This is bad news for me. I liked getting tanks, underwear, and socks from Wantables, but not lingerie. So, with this new change and judging by the picture, I’m guessing that each box will contain 2-3 “lounge story” items and 2-3 “lingerie story” items? For a total of 4-6 items?? Also, do ordinary underwear and/or ordinary soft bras count as lingerie? If not, then I’m guessing I’d have to cancel since lingerie does not have value for me. I get enough of it as gifts from my partner and from TJ Maxx, thank you.

  13. So do you still only get 3 items ? Or are you getting 6 ? I’m confused Liz help !

    • I’m confused too!

    • I’m confused too. Do you pick which “story” you want or do you get both? If you only get one, why would this cause the price to increase?

      • You only get one or the other (I called them and asked for clarification). That’s a good question about the price increase.

  14. Boo hiss! As a Canadian, the few months I tried this sub, I was struggling to find enough value factoring in shipping and exchange. With this increase, there’s no way I’ll get my money’s worth. Especially not when they count a pair of socks as an item and a pajama set as two items instead of one 🙁 I was going to give Wantable another shot one of these days but now, nope, no way!

    • I feel the same way, I used to have their makeup box, but I couldn’t justify the cost because with delivery and exchange, us Canadians don’t get nearly the same value as the Americans. I find this is the case for all the boxes I have tried and most of the ones I read about on MSA and other sites.

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