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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Winter 2015 Box FULL SPOILERS!

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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spoilers

Thanks to Michellemruff we have complete spoilers for the Rachel Zoe Winter 2015 Box of Style!

Each box will include:

Honest Beauty Lip Crayon and Makeup Remover Wipes

Our Heiday Leopard Note Card Set

Lelet NY Crystal Hair Pin

Marula Oil Rare Oil Intensive Mask

Marula Oil Rare Oil Treatment

Ciate Nail Polish

SOS Foot Petals

And this Alexis Bittar ring:


A custom gold-toned plated Alexis Bittar cocktail ring valued at $198.

What do you think of the Winter 2015 Box of StyleΒ spoilers?. This box is sold out, but you can use this link to save $10 off the Spring box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I totally loved the last two boxes! They were actually my style, especially the last one! Now, this box for me is a little underwhelming. BUT I really do think it’s because of the value of the ring! Which I do really love AB jewelry and this ring design too. I wear both metals, I like gold for holiday. Remember who Rachael is! I am a fashion girl, so I appreciate her little fashion emergency items, I haven’t yet used all of them, but they are handy to have on hand. Honest Co, I can skip that, will give to my daughter… But even though I DO wear hair extensions, I love great hair products and these are actually very nice and extension friendly to use. The hair pin is darling! Will look great on the side with a low pony or in side bangs. Fuzzy socks and more scarfs/beanies, I get that stuf from PopSugar boxes, I really dont want or expect that from Rachael.

  2. I guess I am the odd person. I love this box. I was never a girlie girl but I like to pretend from time to time. Everything in here is good gifts is nothing else. I don’t know if the hair pin will work for me but I know many friends that would love it. same goes for the ring if it doesn’t fit. I make a couple gift baskets for family members of make up and skin care products I get and don’t use. They are not girlie girls at all and like the pampering stuff I get them. So, I think this is a win.

  3. I’ve been on the fence about this box because of the price and while I always like whats inside the box I feel that I wouldn’t buy half of the stuff at a store if I was given the opportunity. You get your $100 worth because of the nice quality thing she puts in the box. I get that it gives you an opportunity to try things you wouldn’t normally buy which is why I’m still thinking about joining… we will see

  4. Got this for myself for my bday gift because I’ve had box envy in the past… But this is a bust for me, unfortunately. I have extensions so hair products really not needed. I’m overflowing with notecards I never use and the rest is just so blah.
    I’ll keep the ring but everything else is up for swap. Boo πŸ™

  5. Totally delighted with these spoilers! I liked the last box’s curation but it just wasn’t my style (I figure its going to happen), so I ended up selling it. This box I love everything already, and am most excited about the ring and hair pin. The cards I actually like and I generally hate leopard print anything. For the other stuff, I’ll echo another reviewer who hadn’t been that excited about the Too Faced lipstick at first in another box and now loves it. I feel the same way, so am looking forward to the hair/beauty products. Can’t wait for Tuesday!

  6. I will never buy another holiday box. I don’t wear gold or have any use for note cards, and gold seems to be all they include in holiday subs, along with Thank you cards. Those require people doing things for me or giving me things. Unfortunately for me when it comes to the cards, I surround myself with people that I end up helping and giving things to…Maybe I need a new crowd. Lol

    • Well give them the thank you cards so they can write you some thank you letters!! Sorry, just tring to find a silver lining πŸ™‚

  7. underwhelming holiday box ;0(

  8. Oh, thank goodness I skipped this box when I saw the obviously fake ugly ring. I HATE Honest Co. products except for the new Beauty line ( but that crayon was a giveaway a week ago, LOL).

    A hairpin? My great grandmother wore those in her bun. I would hate this box with a passion and would have wasted $100.

    I will get the Spring box though, as I live in a warm climate and also think she will have to stop it with the Honest Co. overload.

  9. My very first expensive subscription purchase, because I loved the Alexis Bittar Jewelry. Other items are kind of underwhelming. Three hair products, while 2 of them are almost the same??? Its not even trial-sized oribe :(. The rest is a common color of winter nail polish, foot petal, makeup removing wipes and cards. I don’t think a luxe brand name even count for wipes or foot petal. Most of these things are going to be on ebay or swap.

  10. LOVE the AB ring!! And the hair pin is super cute too! The rest is just bonus IMO. Very happy with this box, WAY better than the last one!!!

  11. I’m on the fence about this box too. I bought it primarily because of the ring…..please let it fit!

    I’m not so happy about the beauty stuff. I already have a few beauty subs so I don’t need these things. I wouldn’t mind so much if they were higher end products. Not sure Honest Co. is up my alley (otherwise I would have done the Honest Co. subscription) and Paul Mitchell isn’t high end anymore (I’m old and I remember when it was a big deal, but now it is at CVS and my local grocery store….not that they aren’t good products, but not luxe in my view).

    I’ve had the foot petals and not sure they really do much (and I find that they actually make my shoes a bit smaller by taking up some space and therefore a bit more uncomfortable).

    This is my first month so I will stick it out until the next hero item (I think that comes out in time for me to cancel if I want to).

    I DO appreciate that the box wasn’t filled with a ton of warm winter items (it was in the high 70s here in So Cal today!!!!). But, I was hoping for something more “holiday” I guess.

    • confused, is paul mitchell is the box? OT, do you remember vidal sasson? or gee your hair smells terrific? hah!

      • Isn’t the Marula stuff Paul Mitchell?

        And yes, I totally remember Vidal Sassoon and Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific! I absolutely LOVED the smell of Vidal Sassoon (cherry almond? But more like Amaretto to me….lol!). Sometimes restaurant bathroom soap (or gasp, even gas station bathroom) smells like I remember it and I just love it!

      • The Marula Oil is by Paul Mitchell. I remember Vidal:)

    • the ring will fit, it is fully adjustable, it got cut off from comment above!

      • Well, not necessarily FULLY adjustable. If it’s designed to fit a size 7, it might not adjust to fit, say, a size 12.

        • oh, i did not realize that, sending good adjustable ring vibes to you! if you have an AB store near you, i am sure they would help you out if you have any issues, they are so nice! you could even call but let’s just hope it fits!!

          • I think I should be okay if it is for a 7 and a bit adjustable….hopefully I’m not yet at a size 12! (Oddly enough, even though the rest of my body has plumped up quite a bit, my fingers have stayed about the same….granted, I would prefer fat fingers and skinny thighs!)


          • Alas, I’m a size 12. It’s totally embarrassing. I’m not just overweight, I have big bones. If I was my perfect weight, I’d wear a size 10. Sigh.

          • Oh gosh….I didn’t mean to imply that a size 12 was huge. I was just trying to say that I’m glad that there is hope that the ring might fit me. (Btw.. I am more than just a little plump. I’m like super plump.)

  12. Hi Liz, can you tell me why my comment was visible earlier and now deleted?

    • Hi Lynn,

      It wasn’t deleted – it just had to be approved first to be visible to everyone. (It is approved now). I believe it wasn’t approved bc the email address you listed with that comment was slightly different that the email address for this comment, and when an email address is new, the comment has to be approved by admin before it is visible to all readers. Hope that makes sense – sorry for any confusion!

      •…I was so excited when I saw the spoilers I must’ve miskeyed my email the first time by accident! Thanks Liz! ?

        • Hey Liz, will there ever be an option to delete our own comment? I too have gotten upset from thinking my comment was deleted, left another comment about it, and soon after felt like a big dummy after I see them both posted one on top of the other lol. Just wondering if you were thinking about that too or if there’s an important reason for why we don’t have the option.

          Thanks! Keep up the great work!

          • I can look into it – we’ve just been using the standard comments from wordpress, so we’ll see if there’s something I can adjust! πŸ™‚

  13. Disappointed in all the beauty items. Was hoping for an accessory like last boxes instead of all beauty stuff and jewelry.

    • at least it is mostly skin care rather than make up on the upside! i wish instead of the nail polish + honest co, RZ sent an eye mask like a nicer version of one that you get on a flight + a small one truffle pouch, just something small yet more focused toward fashion – the girl who posted pic on IG, loves the ring! for those on the fence, wait until you see it IRL as you may like the ring a lot more in person! my box still has 7 more days to be delivered! always last as i am as far from callie as one could be in sofla…..xx

  14. Im loving the box!! I would never buy a hair piece like that but think it’s a fab fashion piece!! I usually don’t like beauty products in my lifestyle box but every RZ beauty product in previous boxes has been amazing. I can’t live without the Too Faced La Crema lipstick thanks to the summer box!

    • if you love the too faced lippie, right now there is a LE holiday set on the too faced website for $39 and you can get 20% off, just google code! it may be TF20 but not sure! it comes in an adorable glittery small pouch (will give pouch to my DD but i like it too!) with 3 lippies, so they end up being like $10 each! HTH! other stores like sephora + ulta may have the set in store too – i too loved the lippie so much that i bought that set and then got the mystery bag too as RZ made me love the brand! xx merry, merry!

  15. I’m torn. On the one hand, living in a climate that gets cool but never *cold*, I appreciate that it’s not the stereotypical warm and fuzzy winter box a lot of people were expecting. BUT, I have short hair that doesn’t usually require a lot of extra pampering, so the treatments are a bust for me, as is the hairpin (no hair to pin). Everything else seems fine, but not especially interesting/exciting. More note cards. Sub boxes love them! Are they really trying to revive the lost art of letter writing or are they just an easy, generic, “girly” item to include?

  16. I can’t wait to get this box and how nice of them to send an extra gift for those who have been with them from the start.

  17. I’m glad I didn’t get this box.

  18. i love this item. Plus, I lived in SoCal for 13 yrs and it’s a winter box that would actually work there. All of you who want 100 scarves need to remember that a lot of her clientele doesn’t want that.

  19. I am completely underwhelmed with this box, I’m sure it will be a home run for some but not my style at all. If anyone is looking for the entire box, I’ll happily forward it unopened once it arrives, $115 incl shipping.

  20. yes!this box is for fashionistas.. whoever expected socks will obviously be disappointed..
    all the products are top notch , from the best brands. nothing is average for the average 100 we paid.
    i wouldn’t buy it for my mom unless my mom is coco chanel l:P

    • I think Honest is pretty average…it’s been in many subs.

      • Honest makeup!! Which sub again?

        • Honestly, it doesn’t matter if it’s Honest makeup or Honest soap…if it seems like something I can buy at Target I would consider it pretty basic. But RZ is besties with Alba so I totally get it.

  21. My box arrived this morning (all the way in Hawaii!!) and I received an extra gift for being with them since the start. It was so cute, wrapped separately from the box with a big ribbon. I won’t post yet what I received so that I don’t ruin the surprise for others!

    • Hmm, I’ve been an annual subscriber since the beginning and I didn’t get anything extra..

      • You should have received the Get Gorgeous makeup bag along with a note thanking you for being an inaugural member. If you didn’t, you should contact them.

  22. I think this looks fantastic! The ring is beautiful by a fabulous designer and the hair pin is very glamorous. The other items, the note cards (how cute) and Honest products look great! The foot petals are a lifesaver and she is a stylist, she always includes on of her essential products! Rachel Zoe boxes are geared towards fashionistas and every box has been a huge win for me!, so excited it has shipped!

  23. I’m seeing some comments about preferring a scarf, candle, snuggly socks, etc. While I definitely see the appeal of these kinds of items, they’re also things were see fairly often in other subs.

    One of the things that makes the RZ BoS special is their inclusion of *different* items – things we don’t see in other boxes. (Okay, we’ve seen some popularly used beauty items – I won’t argue that.)

    I expect to see candles, throws, socks, scarves, etc in PSMH and FFF. Her items are less expected and I appreciate that. πŸ™‚

  24. Wow wow wow
    So much luxe.. The ring , the hair accessories , the cosmetics.. Every thing is top of the line ! Bestest box ?
    Thanks Rachel Zoe once again

  25. So flipping excited! What a great box. Can’t wait to get mine. Those cards look adorbs. The hair pin – wow. Obviously beyond excited for the ring! For $100 this is the best box in the market.

  26. Another great Zoe box! Love it!

  27. Hmm I’m least excited for this season’s box. It looks ok, but not very exciting for me. The ring is not my style at all, nor is the hair pin. And nail polish never is. Everything else looks useful. Debating whether to keep some items and give away the rest or just sell the whole thing. I’m just picturing my idea of a winter box differently (candle, mug/tumblr, chocolate, cozy gloves/socks, tea hydrating face mask or beauty set, a luxe shampoo/conditioner, something else unique that I would know about if I were Rachel Zoe). Idk just seems kinda meh to me but we’ll see.

  28. ??? Mine shipped yesterday and I cannot wait to get my hands on it! I think Rachel put together another thoughtfully curated box! I can see a lot of use out of the ring and hair clip for upcoming winter weddings…love anything Honest Co…the polish color looks beautiful… note cards are perfect for post holiday thank yous. I’m excited to try the Marula oil products, and every box her lifestyle item always ends up getting a ton of use (she got me addicted to all the ways to use that style tape!) so I’m all about trying the foot petals. Thanks so much for the spoilers Liz…and for the AMAZING job you’ve done during this holiday season! You rock! ?

  29. I decided to renew my annual with OuiPlease and not renew Box of Style. OuiPlease had a little growing pains but feel that they have worked them out and I have enjoyed the unique products that have been delivered. Box of style has had nice items but not sure my style.

  30. I love this box!!! So luxe and indulgent!

  31. Hmmm… I have mostly positive reactions to this. My big problem with it is that there are too many beauty items and not enough fashion items. So that IS disappointing.

    However I do love that’s she’s including lifestyle/home items! I loved the notebooks from the last box (swapped for a couple extra sets) and these cards look good. I’m normally not a fan of leopard, but that pattern looks chic instead of tacky.

    I’ve never used a decorative hair pin, but am interested to try.

    I’ve never used Honest Co products, so that will be interesting. I love face wipes (but it’s hard to imagine they’ll compete with my Koh Gen Do.)

    For me, the success of this box will depend on whether or not the ring works for me. If it does, it will make the box.

    • Agree!!!! The success of this box hinges on the ring. The other stuff, I like but not a wow. If the ring and hairpin work out, I’m happy.

  32. I’m so surprised by the negative reactions to this box. For me personally, I think I’ll use everything in this box. I also think the value is amazing for $100. I think the brands are great and the Lelet and Marula brands are new to me, I’ve also always wanted to try out Foot Petals. Between the ring and the hair pin (something different and in an interesting shape) there is just enough shine to add some subtle sparkle to any holiday ensemble. I am once again thoroughly pleased with this sub.

    • I’m pleased too:)

    • I’m surprised by the negativity too, the box is worth over $400 and the most expensive item was known months ago. I get the same boring but useful hats, scarves, socks etc., from PSMH. Zoe’s box is much more luxe. The pin is fabulous, I know I’d never go buy a $98.00 hairpin so that’s an amazing, chic accessory. Ditto with the ring, was prettier in person.

      • For me, personally, I wasn’t fond of the ring when it came out (don’t wear much jewelry) but figured there was still a lot of value to be found in the box so I kept my subscription. I don’t know anyone who wears hairpins to gift that to. There is nothing in this box of real interest to me, nor is it terribly giftable. I ‘can’ make use of the oils I guess but have so many lip colors and nail polishes already. And the foot petals and makeup wipes aren’t something I’d use but not really “gifts” either. I was bummed I missed the summer box, LOVED the fall box (even though I didn’t care for the fedora) and had a lot of hope for this one. At this point, I’d rather just have the $$. That said, I haven’t even gotten my shipping notice yet so who knows.

        • Still waiting on a shipping notice too. Not sure why there is a hold up.

          • They blamed the delay on my shipping information due to the holidays. Ummm hello! This was a winter box scheduled for months to be shipped on December 1st. You knew about the holidays way before then!! I’m annoyed.

          • Hmmmmm…..not liking that excuse. I haven’t called to find out what my issue is yet, but would probably get the same response. And since others have already been shipped, not sure why the holiday (only Thanksgiving right?) would cause some shipments to be delayed and not others….especially since they said they were shipping December 1st.

            Didn’t people have shipping issues on the last box too?

            This is my first box.

          • We are on the same page. They told me they were 100% positive it would ship by today, but if it hadn’t shipped by tomorrow to contact them… I reached out via email.

            This is my first box so it’s not a great first impression.

  33. These boxes get continually worse. Totally disappointed !!!!!!!!!

  34. This box will be my first, but not my last since I subscribed for a year. I’m disappointed. After the last couple of boxes, this one is a real letdown.

  35. This looks like a gorgeous holiday box to me. Everything is glam and pampering. The crystal hair pin is pretty and sparkly. Worn with the ring, it’s dressed up enough for any party.
    The marula hair products seem very luxe, I’ve never used them myself.
    I wonder whether there will be variations in the CiatΓ© polish and Honest Co lip crayon?

    • There are variations in the polish, not sure about the lip crayon.

  36. I’m so disappointed! I ordered a box for both my Mom and I and neither of us will get use out of these items.

    I’ll sell each box for $100 plus shipping if anyone’s interested. They’ll arrive next week.

  37. hmmmm…. not at all excited about the hairpin, note card set or foot petals… and not really excited about the rest either but i’ll use that stuff. i was hoping for like maybe a scarf or something for cold weather or even a house item! oh well πŸ™

  38. Love the hair pin, will use the shoe pads (not exciting but useful), like the Marula products, note cards okay, polis will probably be nice, the ring – not sure – need to see on my finger.

    • I really liked the last box, and her first 2 boxes seemed ok (I didn’t subscribe to the first 2 boxes) but this one is not worth the money. Another nail polish? A ring and hair pin that look like cheap costume jewelry and some beauty products? Why not a scarf or some nice wool and cashmere gloves or a scarf? Even the wooden hair accesory in the Nina hair box was more exciting than a rhinestone barette. The regular Luxor box is much better with its mix of nice accessories, home items, food and beauty products. I will wait to see what the spoiler item for the next box is, but if it is not exceptional, I will be cancelling my Zoe subscription. Despite everyone’s issues with Ouiplease, I still think it is better than the Zoe box.

  39. I was considering getting this box, now I’m glad I didn’t. I’m sure I would use everything but nothing wows me here
    at all.

  40. Wow, I was just going to order facial wipes and Joise Maran’s argan oil for my hair from Sephora. Awesome, I don’t need get those anymore.

    Hope to get my box sooner!!

    Thank you for the spoiler.

  41. Not exciting. A little nervous about the ring going too far up my finger for me to bend it without difficulty. We shall see.

  42. This will be my first box and I’m not at all excited about it. The ring and hairpin will probably never get worn, I don’t write many notecards, only use gel on my nails, don’t do my own hair at home and wear heels like twice a year. I hope I can swap this box for the Popsugar LE.

  43. Not thrilled. Trying to decide if I will sell my entire box.

  44. Haven’t gotten shipping notification yet but had to peek. Honestly, nothing in this box is terribly interesting to me. πŸ™ Hopefully I can get something decent on trade or money back off ebay.

  45. Looks like another fantastic box! Kinda bummed I missed out but oh well

  46. I want that ring so much! But I have only beauty products, no one’s going to swap me for it. πŸ™ So I hope eBay is glutted with them soon and I can pick one up for cheap!

    • I will swap for some beauty items sometimes. My ring might go up when I get my box in about 5 days.

  47. Okay I am a little bummed… Gonna swap some of these but I think it will be fun to try the oil products. I like the hair pin too.
    I doesn’t feel like an extra expensive box though… remember it’s supposed to be like $400 value since it’s the holidays? I was expecting something really surprising.

    However, I am still looking forward to receiving it but I’m still waiting for my shipment notice.

  48. Not overly thrilled with anything, but hopefully I’ll like it better in person.

  49. This look so good! I’ll use everything. I was hoping for a planner book but cards are awesome too. Another week before I get my box!

  50. Mrs. Zoe has done it again! So excited for this box to arrive. Liz, could you respond to my question about book subscriptions. I wanted to know which ones offer signed books. Thanks!

    • I would really like to know that too!


    • The ones I can think of beside indiespensible are square books program, Parnassians bookstore has a ya and adult program, RJ Julia signed 1st program, Alabama Booksmith signed first program.

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