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Macy’s The Spotlight Beauty Box Review – December 2015


The Spotlight Box is a brand new beauty subscription box from Macy’s! Each month the guarantee one full-size beauty product in addition to the beauty and fragrance samples.

This box is currently in beta mode, and the waitlist option isn’t available currently. Make sure to sign up for News Alerts at the bottom of this post to get an email when the waitlist opens again!


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).



The Subscription Box: Macy’s The Spotlight Box

The Cost: $9.99 a month

The Products: Beauty and fragrance samples, with one full-size product per box.

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your wishlist!

FYI: This box is currently in invitation mode. 


Each box comes with a beauty bag – this is a gold version of the bag sent last month.

Here are the items out of their packaging:




Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – 2 ml Value $4.80

I found this eyeshadow primer easy to apply with my finger, and it held eye shadow well throughout the day. (One thing to mention – this sample is a squeeze-out tube, but the full-size version has an applicator).

Lancome Definicils High Definition Mascara – .07 oz Value $9

I’ve sampled this mascara before, and I was happy with the length and volume of the formula, so this will be a good backup mascara to have on hand. (I actually prefer mascara samples to full-size tubes – I don’t have to worry about them drying out!)


Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium – 1.5 ml Value $3.35

Marc Jacobs Decadence – 1.2 ml Value $2.80

I’m not a big perfume wearer, so I’m never too happy to see perfume samples in subscription boxes. And if possible, I would like to see Macy’s stick to one perfume sample per box. That being said, I do love the design of the Marc Jacobs Decadence bottle!

Benefit Lollitint – 2.5 ml Value $5.70

When I first saw this orchid/pink shade, I didn’t think it would work for my skin tone, but I was able to blend just a few dabs into a natural looking blush. This wouldn’t work as a lip stain for me, but it’s a go for a cheek stain! (Swatched in last photo).


Anatasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in Undressed – FULL SIZE! Value $16

This lip gloss was also the full-size item in last month’s box – in a different shade. (Hopefully once this subscription gets out of Beta, they will not send repeat full-size products in back-to-back months). I really like the lip gloss from last month though, so I was excited to try this one. It has the same no-stickiness with lots of shine formula, and for me this one is a little more pigmented. (Swatched below).

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief – 7 ml Value $5.50

This is one of those products I’ve sampled so many times thanks to Clinique Gift with Purchase deals!

This moisture cream is fragrance-free and very hydrating/refreshing. It’s one of those samples that isn’t super exciting to get, but I know I will use it up completely!

Swatched Lipgloss and Cheek Stain:



Verdict: This box has a value of about $47! (And that’s without including the value of the beauty bag – which is really nice!) I think the value is great. Last month’s box was a better fit for me only because two of the samples this month were perfume, but other than that – no complaints!

I also love the brands Macy’s is featuring too.

What do you think of the latest Macy’s The Spotlight Box? (Make sure to sign up for email alerts at the bottom of this post if you want updates on this box!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (55)

  1. Does anyone know if this box still exists? It seems like it would be an amazing box…

    • Just got an email today reminding me that I’m waitlisted and to keep being patient lol. After Sephora’so Play opened up more spots, I’m sure they’re anxious for people to know it’s not a dead sub 😉

  2. I’m convinced I’ll be long dead and buried by the time they finally open this sub. Sub boxes like this irritate me to no end. I’m not getting any younger, Macy’s, so get on the stick!

  3. This is the message that popped up when I clicked on the Macy’s link:
    “We’re away for a little bit.
    Thanks for your interest in the Macy’s beauty box subscription program. At this time, enrollment & the wait list are closed.
    But don’t worry, it’s totally worth the wait! We’re busy perfecting the ultimate beauty box subscription program that will be available soon at
    We appreciate your patience & continued support— and look forward to having you in our glam squad soon!”

    • That message has been on their site for at least a month. Hoping they’re planning on doing moving forward with this sub box, because the couple reviews I was able to find, did look just as good as Sephora’s Play!

      I’m sub-boxed-out (with about 10 subs), however I did save room for one more, just in case this ever goes live.

  4. Any news on this box???!

  5. How do I sign up for an invite ?

    • Wondering the same thing myself…….looks like the waitlist is no longer available? Hmmmm

  6. I have spoken to the management team about this box and they have said in a few weeks those lucky enough to have signed up first will be getting emails of being off the waiting list. Cross your fingers your one of them. This is good news that they are really serious about this box unlike Sephora. Sephora promised a rollout in 2016 and when I just contacted them now it’s next year 2017. Really? So at least Macy’s is delivering. It may be a little slow but it’s working. I think the slow roll is to make sure they can deliver a quality box from reputable brands without causing a backlash.

    • ? Want these

    • Funny, but now Sephora actually has opened up the waiting list and Macy’s hasn’t even sent out boxes to bloggers in months…

  7. FINALLY! A sign from Macy’s! Received a confirmation that I am on the wait list, but on the down side is that it could be a while before I receive an invite! But happy that Macy’s finally said something.

    • Received the same thing this morning.

    • Same here.. they must have done a mass email to everyone who signed up for info. Still on the wait list.

  8. Comment

  9. I absolutely loved it but could have done with one less perfume sample and something else instead aside from that I was very happy with it!

  10. Ugh. If this is to drum up interest, then it’s backfired on me. I won’t be sub’ing to this one.

  11. I would love this…

  12. Ugh, this is really obvious ploys by Macy’s to drum up interest in something we all can’t enjoy, I don’t see how this helps “figure out” anything. You can’t know what demographics are interested if you only open it to one type of consumer, and that a lot of the bloggers/ youtubers can easily be bought off doesn’t really give us an idea of how the process works, we also don’t know if us peons spending our hard earned bucks to buy a subscription would get the same quality. It would be nice if they would start opening a few markets, and to see reviews from people paying for the service. Come ob Macy’s Wal-mart has it worked out and they aren’t exactly your caliber. Not attacking MSA I love reading about new boxes. But I’m over waiting, launch it!! Even if its in small markets to test the waters.

  13. Please update me on a new developments with the Macy’s box

    • I love perfume samples

  14. I WANT IT NOW!!!! WHY THE WAIT?? ??? I’m ready to switch Ipsy for this one, I like it better than the Sephora one.

  15. Ok, I’m sold! This looks like a GREAT box to subscribe too! Why am I just now hearing about this box?! Great product selections!

  16. I personally appreciate seeing the beta unboxings as it helps me get an idea of what the box will be going for. so this looks to be a lot of, not surprisingly, what you find in the GWP kits at your local macys. I would be interested for $10/mo.

    • Agreed.. and I’m not sure what constitutes a pre-launch anymore.. I guess this one is kind of beta-testing.. a pre-launch would include info to sign up at a special rate for an “early adopter” kinda thing. This, though, is more like a tease. It looks like a nice replacement for the Ipsy bag I’m so over. But I can’t get this one. So I’ll likely replace Ipsy with something else. Macy’s is gonna lose prospective subbers by dragging this out too long and only sending boxes to reviewers. And I was just thinking the same thing Jen said, too… that it also feels like there could be a bait and switch coming with all these glowing reviews for a box no one else can sign up for.

  17. I think a pre launch is fine but as time goes on, you loose the I want it factor and it just turns into irritation. I don’t see myself subbing to either this or Sephora since I found other great boxes available right now the I’m happy with.

    • What I’m wondering is whether or not these will be as good after they finally launch. I know there are quite a few boxes that are in the habit of sending out different boxes for review purposes, and then when everyone else gets their boxes it’s not as nice.

      I know MSA and many other reviewers avoid that and try to review the same box everyone else gets, but I do wonder if companies who curate these boxes are starting to use pre-launch boxes to get around that. It’s not unheard of that they’d send out a few really good boxes before the full box launch and get good reviews to hype up the subscription and then start sending out less desirable boxes once they fully launch, so I’m a bit wary. I probably won’t sub to either box until I’ve seen a few reviews post-launch.

      • You basically just read my mind. Too many happy reviews for a box that no one but a reviewer can see.. makes me wary, too. I’ll have to see a few post-launch reviews. In the meantime, I have dropped a couple boxes and replaced them with others I can actually sign up for. Now. As in not ‘someday,’ Macy’s.

  18. Back in early November I had emailed Macy to ask or see if I could or would be able to receive one for my birthday which was on November 15 th. Hey trying never hurt anybody: ). I received a nice email back saying that they were sorry that all spots were taken already and that it would be able to buy in early 2016. Soo don’t cancel all subscriptions just yet because it may be a couple of months. Ohhh and I don’t think they should be putting the same items from last month but just different colors. The bag and the full size lip gloss. And the 2 perfumes samples, that is so sad…. And I love Clinique but that lotion has been out for like 2 years. I just have high standards when I think of Macy’s and the great brands they carry. Don’t you think that they would put more up and coming new items that not many have even seen????? This has made me sad….

  19. I understand that the boxes are being distributed in beta mode. I can’t find an accurate way to sign up for the waiting list! Either there is a link to the list and in reality, nothing is there. Or it’s a link with a message on the following page stating that the link isn’t working. I also poked around on the website. I found nothing there either! Can someone help me, please? Thank you.

    • They may have changed things again.. but when I signed up I did notice that the page didn’t work on my mobile devices at all. I had to use my desktop computer or the sign-up box wouldn’t show up at all. The page address even included the “m.” to direct one to the mobile site but it didn’t work correctly on a mobile device. Macy’s is not giving me a whole lot of confidence with the faulty coding and the long beta-test being dragged out.

  20. As jealous as I am that I can’t have this one or Sephora’s Play box either, I appreciate the reviews posted on a possible future subscription for me. Honestly, these boxes are just getting started and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. So they’re kinda testing it all out for all of us so the best version of it goes nationwide 🙂

  21. I am on the wait list but this box does nothing for me. Still think Allure is one of the best for the price.

  22. This months box is just meh to me. Last months was better. I don’t like getting perfume samples and the fact that included two doesn’t make me want to sign up anymore.

  23. Some of you might say I’m wrong for saying this, but I think Liz should stop making reviews for this box, or type of boxes like these. It’s not fair for us the customers and subscribers. I love this page and everything Liz does but this is just wrong. Macy’s should not be here on mysubscriptionaddiction, at least until we are all able to join. (and to be honest, seeing this just upsets me)

    • Really? I am only half joking with the beta box thing. I would much rather see a pile of reviews so I know whether to bother. I am not really sure why this would be upsetting.

      • The review is not what upsets me. It’s whatever Macy’s is doing or not doing. I am not attacking or complaining about mysubscriptionaddiction at all, don’t take this the wrong way.

      • I think the beta testing is stupid- I mean, c’mon, Birchbox can handle nationwide shipping but Sephora and Macy’s can’t? I think what will happen is that rather than building excitement, the retailers will end up with fewer subbers than they could have had if they had rolled this out differently.

        But don’t get upset. Just roll your eyes at them scream “stupid beta testing!” and go spend $10 at Ulta or Nordstrom!

      • I’m over Macy’s now too. This post just pisses me off.

      • I’m glad MSA is doing what they were founded to do, I’m just pissed at Macy’s. If one more great company comes out and does this again I won’t even consider buying.

    • I understand how it’s upsetting to see a box you can’t have and know the only reason the people who do have them are promoting the future boxes. Complete box envy BUT I think the review should be on this website. This website is about reviewing subscription boxes and although you cannot buy this box it gives us an idea of what will be in boxes when it becomes available. I see it like this. She reviews POPSUGAR boxes that are no longer available to purchase because they are sold out but it gives me an idea if I’d like to join POPSUGAR. I don’t think it’s upsetting to see the review of a box I cannot have. The company is testing the water by doing BETA boxes allowing them to spend less money working the kinks out before opening it up to everyone. Now when the box goes live I’ll know I want to join because I’ve seen the beta reviews. Just like if there was a beta review for a box I wasn’t a fan of but possibly would have joined because I liked the description of what they said it would be like. Overall, I just wanted to give my reasons for why I think Liz should have beta reviews on this website just in case these comments make her think otherwise. 🙂

    • I love seeing these reviews!
      The whole beta testing/wait list thing is designed to build anticipation, and make all us sub addicts go crazy! I’m happy we get a few months to check out reviews before committing to our own subs. Maybe it will stop my paypal trigger finger when my own spot opens up. 🙂

    • Chrissy, it may be frustrating, but beta testing is an important part of any product. Just because it’s Macy’s [or any large store] does not make them an expert in shipping out a customized beauty box. They have to figure out what their market is and what sort of products they can source as well as what people want and think. They can’t just steal Birchbox’s business model =)

      I took a usability course, and actually got to make my own little faux paper website and then have “users” click around and pretend to use my pages. It was really interesting watching someone use my website because they interacted with it differently than I expected.

  24. I’m jealous of that gold bag. I wasn’t able to get in :/

  25. Yeah how do we get an invite? this box looks awesome!


    (you are killing us)

  27. I hate these beta testing boxes. C’mon. Just roll the darn things out.

  28. Liz posted a link on an earlier news item about the Macy’s box

  29. Maybe it is because I am on my phone…but the link put me on a description of the box…. but I couldn’t find a place to subscribe… Even logging into Macy’s and doing a search didnt help.

  30. The minute it was announced I signed up for notifications right on the Macy’s site but still have not heard a peep. No fun seeing reveals for stuff they won’t even let me buy! 🙂

    • I agree with you. I understand showing what comes in the box but this is the second box and no word on opening subscriptions. What’s the point of showing a review to something if no one can purchase it?

    • OK. My mistake. I didn’t read the entire email and didn’t see that it was Beta….Maybe putting Beta and big red letters at the to would help dummies like me who read the first two sentences…and skip down t the goodies.

      • Of course I don’t see anything on the link that says it isn’t available. I suppose it is some sort of marketing thing to make us all want it.. ;-0

  31. So how do you get a invite?

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