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POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition For Her Box Spoiler!

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POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Boxes Available Now!

We have a spoiler for the POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Holiday For Her box. (Thanks, Nancy, Elise, Rebecca, and HappyWife for the head’s up!) Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 2.00.00 PM

Elizabeth Cole Adelia Cuff 

What do you think of the spoiler?

More on this box:

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Holiday For Her and Him Box

The Cost: $100 each

The Products: “The Special Edition Must Have Holiday For Her box will be one chic and stylish treat. ” The for Her box has a confirmed total retail value of $396.


(Check out my review of the Holiday for Her 2014 Box, and the 2013 For Her Box review to see what you can expect, and the review of the 2014 For Him box, and the 2013 For Him Box review.)


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. It’s pretty but I’m just concerned it won’t fit. I’d rather they send earrings or a long necklace, things that would fit everyone. Also now I am wondering if there are any other nice things in the box as this is a big portion of the value.

  2. Love the bracelet!!!! Glad I bought the box SO FAR!!!!! YAY!

  3. I would not have picked this out for myself, but I am excited to see it in person and judge it in person. I have a hard time assessing jewlrey online.

  4. I love the bracelet. I’d never pay that much for it so that makes getting this bracelet for $100 plus several more items so exciting. Plus I didn’t wear a lot of gold jewelry before sub boxes and I’m beyond glad I’ve been forced out of my comfort zone!

  5. I like it, but I don’t like it for $168, or even $70… I’d probably pay about $30-$40 for it. Maybe it’s prettier in person though.

    • Totally agree with you. I’m not mad about this spoiler. Just crossing my fingers that everything else in the box would be something I’m happy to spend $60-$70 of my purchase price on.

  6. I love it! I have very small wrists but I’m sure I can make it work. I’m a warm tone so yellow gold is perfect for me. Excited!

  7. I’m not disappointed with the bracelet… I agree that it is nice and I will definitely wear it… I am disappointed that the value is almost HALF OF the verified value. That means that the rest of the box is going to be the other $200… Why put so much value on ONE item?? Especially something that not everyone will like. I think I am going to avoid the other spoilers (if any)…. I will probably jump all over the GDNY box on Friday especially if they tell us what will be in it like GVC did….

    • hi, can you tell me what the GDNY and GVC box is thanks:)

      • I have no idea what GDNY stands for, but I believe she’s taking about the PSMH LE big being curated with the Today Show.

        GVC was probably supposed to be QVC. I think she may have had an autocorrect issue. 🙂

        • Aww thank you for the help:)

        • I did pass up on this, and choose the mens instead, only because of some of the spoilers i saw coming in my Fabfitfun winter box. and the great add ons. im hoping to see a spoiler for the mens box soon:)

  8. I am thrilled with this spoiler! I love bracelets and bangles and cuffs, and this will look awesome stacked with done fun bourbon and boweties bracelets for holiday parties.

    • Done should be some. Silly auto-correct.

  9. i like the spoiler! Hope it fits my small wrists. I wore the Ericsson Beamon bracelet from a few years ago quite a lot even though it was big on me.

    Why do people think they’re going to get actual gold for a $100 box? A bracelet with that heft in actual gold would be hugely expensive. The sub box world has a lot of costume jewelry.

    Those Swarovski crystals are going to be fabulous. Between this, NM and Rachel Zoe, I will have a lot of options!

    • For real, if that entire bracelet was gold, it would costs more like 1000 than 160.

      • right! people have these unrealistic expectations

      • Exactly!! Just to check, vI looked at QVC’s website (because they have both solid and played pieces at good prices) and cuffs like that go for about $150 to $250.

  10. I think it’s pretty, and the gold-colored metal with gray/silver beads makes it so you can wear it with anything. Because it’s a cuff, it’ll probably fit more sizes of wrists than a regular bracelet would – and can probably be adjusted a little bit.

    • Except with a regular (which I’m guessing means “chain”) bracelet, you can usually add a short extender (and they’re usually already adjustable.) Cuff bracelets like this are sometimes a tiiiiiny bit bendable, but also deform out of shape if you bend them at all.

  11. I can’t say that I’m excited, especially since this is such a big part of the value of the box, and it can be found for less than half what they’re listing at Revolve. Also, while I do wear bracelets every day, I have tiny wrists so cuffs and bangles are often way too big for me. I feel like this bracelet will be all over the swap site.

  12. I’m not upset over this spoiler, but not sure that it would make me order if I hadn’t already. I like the gold tone and I wear bracelets often, so this fits the bill. Depending how it looks in person, I may gift this to my mom.

    Also, as someone else mentioned, there has typically been a sparkly jewelry item, so I’m not surprised to see something like this.

  13. I love it!!!

  14. Typically they have a chocolate/dessert thing, comfy thing, one beauty product and a house item and this jewelry item. There can be still great things to come.

    • I would love to have all those, but they can skip the chocolate/desert item. I’m on a diet this year 😉

    • Yes to this!!!! Spot on.

  15. Last year they had a great deal that I took advantage of. With the coupon code Joy you got a free December box with the purchase of a Holiday Special Edition box. I realllllly hope they do that again. Full spoilers were up for the Holiday 2014 box around 12/8 last year and I made my purchase on 12/11 meaning that the code went up between that time.

  16. I have some other pieces by Elizabeth Cole. They are generally good quality. I like it, it is pretty and very much my style.

  17. If you take into account that it was $100 cost for close to $400 worth of stuff it make the bracelet about $ 43 and at that price I really like the spoiler. I have small wrists but thin cuffs like this can be adjusted to fit the first time on, or worn snug partway up the arm with a shorter sleeve. I prefer silver but the gray stones i think make it mixed so you could wear with other metals. And we still have 230-240 retail yet to be seen so i am really happy so far.

  18. I love this spoiler!

  19. I like it. I have a feeling it is something that is prettier in person. I remember not being inspired by the Kendra Scott earrings in a spoiler and now they are one of my favorite pairs of earring. 🙂

  20. Well darn. I’ve been so excited for this box, I ordered it against my better judgement, and now I regret the purchase. Not my style and it’s worth such a large chunk of the overall value…

    This may be the box that cures me of my Popsugar addiction.

    • I have the same regret! I should have waited for a spoiler. Gold toned and a bracelet? Two things I don’t wear. Wonder if it’s possible to cancel…

    • Oh no. . .this was the one thing I was hoping they wouldn’t do with this box (throw in one item that was a big chunk of the overall value, only to find that one item was listed at an overinflated price). When I clicked the link it offered 10% off for signing up for Revolve emails, so technically you could get this cuff for about $70 (over 50% off the RV Popsugar lists).

      Additionally, it’s just not my style. Staying optimistic though because there’s still about $229 worth left unspoiled.

      • the item is not listed at an overinflated price. it’s on sale on Revolve Clothing, the rv is still $168

    • I found that link, as well, and then I found the actual link from EC:

      The info on the site says:
      Swarovski Crystals
      24kt Antique Gold Plate or Silver Plate
      Closure: Cuff with opening in back
      It’s marked $168 there.

      This info makes me happier about what the bracelet is. At first glance I was a little worried/frustrated.

    • The metal on that bracelet is different.

  21. A cuff. Unsurprising.

  22. Very pretty, I like it.

  23. I like it. I think it will add the right amount of sparkle during the holidays. I share the same concerns about how it will hold up after the holidays. I can also see why it is an issue for those that purchase the box as a gift.

  24. I was hoping for a nice soft throw or something cozy like that. Don’t wear or care for costume jewelry as it tarnishes on my skin and I break out. Mine will def be up for swap. Maybe I can score one of my unicorn watch listed items.

  25. when are they shipping the boxes again? I ordered mine the day it was posted in here

  26. Costume jewelry… yuk! Too much of the box’s value. Oh I so regret buying this box already. That will teach me to wait for the spoiler.

    • Exactly. Hope someone will want it so I can swap.

  27. Its beautiful but I hope it fits my wrist as I am plus sized but if not my mom is going to love her added Christmas gift 😉

  28. I like it, but not sure if i $167.50 x (100/396) like it… (small wrists, silver preference, hard to casually gift since it’s very pretty but expensive). I wonder if they will have silver/gold variation?

  29. I like it!!! I’m super exited to see what else this box will include.

  30. My first reaction was that I liked it, but when I looked at it more, I liked it a little less. I’m not a fan of marquis cut.

    I’ll reserve judgement for when I see it in person, though.

  31. That bracelet doesn’t look like you can adjust it much, and I have small wrists. Hopefully the rest of the items will be better suited for me.

  32. Ahhh I love it! It’s exactly my style; I just hope it fits me (most bracelets are too big). That’s my only trepidation.
    But this spoiler makes me really excited about this box, since I never usually make such expensive impulse purchases….

  33. Definitely happy I decided to pass on this box. The bracelet is pretty but it just isn’t something I would wear. I also have very little wrists so I doubt it would fit me.

  34. It’s much prettier in the silver…here’s hoping that gold isn’t the only one they are sending out (at least I’d have a 50/50 shot of liking it, then!)

  35. I love this! It makes me even more excited about the rest of the box.

  36. Hmm… it’s not too exciting to see this big ticket item. I will pass this box. I am looking forward to my RZ box.

  37. I think it’s very pretty, but no one I need gifts for wears gold (and neither do I) 🙁

  38. Wow! It’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m super excited for this item!!

  39. Well there goes almost half of the box and I’m almost sure it will not fit me. I have little wrists and I have yet to find a cuff that fits me good. Will most likely be up for swap or purchase. ?

  40. Well that’s a big chunk of the box.

  41. Not digging it.

  42. I am undecided if I like this or not. I love jewelry, but Lori raises a good point with the possibility it could look like costume jewelry…and Caroline put it in to perspective really well when she said “it’s over 40% of the boxes value.” YIKES. So, it’s really high value, and it might not look that great in person. =/

    • I agree, I loved the spoiler when I first saw it but from reading the comments and realizing that’s almost half the value of the box ice become less and less impressed by it. (Especially knowing its on sale somewhere else for half the RV popsugar uses). Oh well, still staying optimistic about the rest of the box as this is my first LE box purchase.

  43. The picture on the product website makes it look nicer than their spoiler picture (I feel like this is strangely usually the case)- so I am decently happy. Maybe it will compliment the ring from the Rachel Zoe box and I will be glammed out for holiday parties?

  44. It’s cute, but I’m on the fence about it. I usually wear silver tones, and I’m also concerned the plating will wear off quickly. Also, I have really small wrists, and it looks only adjustable to a point. I don’t think it’s the right style to give to anyone on my gifting list.

    Also, I looked it up for a better idea about it, and I think I found it on sale for $68 (but in the silver tone).

  45. That’s over 40% of the box value Hmmmmmm. My gift receivers don’t wear gold…. crud

    • I’m with you, that is a big percentage and it’s cute but more costume jewelry cute and defiantly not $167.50 cute. How do these people come up with these prices. Also I do not wear gold and I do show they have this in silver so hopefully they will send out silver and gold. Well there is always the swap site.

  46. I love it…

  47. Unless it’s made from gold or silver, it’s going to look like cheap costume jewelry inside a month. So glad I’m not getting these boxes anymore.

    • I agree and for $167 (what they claim as the value) you can actually get a real gold piece. I really dont understand these high values on costume jewelry. I start feeling dupped with these boxes and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    • ’14kt gold plated cuffed. Swarovski crystal accent. Adjustable sizing.’

      Doesn’t say what it’s plated over though.

      • Likely brass.

      • Materials:
        Swarovski Crystals
        24kt Antique Gold Plate or Silver Plate

      • It says on their website:
        24kt Antique Gold Plate or Silver Plate


  48. LOVE that! Hopefully the rest of the box will be just as good!

  49. I like it!

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